The Ruling Class Fears Trump

Another of those annoying articles that demands to be read, but with an open mind. We’re not out of the woods yet, my deal little Hansel and Gretel, in fact we are deeper in than we’ve ever been, and both, the Wolf and the Big Bad Witch have eaten most of your bread crumbs so there is no finding the old path back home again. Are you up to forging a new one?

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On July 4th, American Exceptionalism, and Ruling Class fear of Trump
Danny Haiphong, BAR contributor
11 Jul 2018

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The ascendancy of Donald Trump to the commanding heights of US imperialism has been a chaotic experience for the ruling class. Trump’s lives in the trash-heap of the ruling class and has been deemed “unfit” to command the machinery of the state. His thievery is wholly unexceptional. He is an old-fashioned liar and cheat. But he is petty in the eyes of the ruling class, a small man who is impossible to brand to the masses. He is a fool, but not foolish enough to simply go along with the imperialist program. One day he is cutting taxes for the rich and keeping migrant families apart and the next he is signaling détente with Russia and Korea. Trump is a headache to the ruling class even if he is no savior for…

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15 thoughts on “The Ruling Class Fears Trump

      1. rawgod

        It was waiting moderation. If I can find it I will copy/paste it into your comment section.


      2. rawgod

        Looks like she moderated it out of existence. I unfortunately do not remember all I said at this moment, but I will re-read the blog when I have more time, and see if I can remember my main points. Meanwhile, it saddens me to know my writing stinks.


  1. ELLE

    So tough to see these big decisions being made by so little of a majority. “Trump is a headache to the ruling class.”


  2. katharineotto

    I read Wolfess’ blog but decided to comment here, instead. She refers indirectly to “the ruling class,” which is a term I find offensive. As long as people believe in a “ruling class,” it will exist. The first step to de-fusing its power is to deny it the credibility it seeks.

    I thought Obama was hired by his handlers to bankrupt the US, but he didn’t succeed. The dregs of US government have passed on to Trump to finish the process. However, the system is being propped up by all those regular people who have come to depend on it, through retirement portfolios controlled by Wall Street and by government jobs and government-granted contracts, to name a few. How many people will stand up in defiance of the system when their jobs depend on it?

    Wolfess refers to black and disenfranchised people, but even they perceive the government as benefactor, or potential benefactor. Those who don’t, who live outside the law and the system, or those who work the system to their advantage, may be the smartest of us all. As the song says, paraphrased, “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.”


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I totally understand how you feel about the term “ruling class” but indeed, as long as people let them enjoy their privileges at the expense of the polis and environment, they will exist as a class. One of the most anti-ruling class revolutions of Europe was the French revolution (celebrated July 14!) but within two decades the country was solidly back in the hands of the remnants of ruling class that had escaped the guillotine by fleeing to England or by hiding. Napoleon brought everything back, with a vengeance. In the West, the ruling class, or call it what you will, rules by default through fake democracies. In many other places it rules by police and military force, but regardless, it rules and it lives off that rule. The only way to remove said class is through the wholesale destruction of this patriarchal civilization – providing it is not replaced by something equivalent, or worse. So, who’s talking about a new civilization, and who’s got any idea what that would entail, starting from scratch, with not one iota of the old one imported in the new? If anything at all is kept, the corruption of the old will reinstate itself in the new and nothing will be gained on the long run.  I already know beyond a shadow of doubt that the current race of homo sapiens sapiens is spiritually, mentally and morally incapable of energizing a new way of interaction with itself and its natural environment. First you will need a mutation to create a new species, then a new civilization will ensue.  

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      1. katharineotto

        My distaste for the term “ruling class” is not personal. I just believe it’s dangerous to think in that social stratification mode, because it legitimizes it by passive acceptance.

        I may have more faith in people than you do, in that I believe the drop-outs of current society are creating so much drag on the system that they will pull it down, like termites working on the foundations of a house.

        We shall see, or maybe we won’t live long enough to see it.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for your comment, Katharine.  Quote from you: “My distaste for the term “ruling class” is not personal. I just believe it’s dangerous to think in that social stratification mode, because it legitimizes it by passive acceptance.”

        For anyone’s “thinking” to affect collective, global reality, it has to be focused to a point I can’t fathom, or achieve. If I only could, a lot of people would wake up in the morning to a fairy tale landscape to live happily ever after.

        What keeps the elites, or the ruling class, well, ruling, is not thinking but lack thereof, don’t you think? (pun intended!) If people thought about their reality, rather than swaying back and forth between suffering it and pleasuring themselves in it never seeking to understand it, methinks they would soon throw their “sabots” in the “engrenage” and walk off the job! They would realize that whether enjoying themselves in Disneyland or slaving in a sweat shop, all they are doing is feeding their ruling class.

        Personally I don’t “think” in social stratification, I observe it and call a spade a spade. That reality already exists, and will continue to exist, not because it is thought of as a reality, but because it is a reality.

        In Rosaliene’s post on “A Nation Unmade by War by Tom Englehard” you say, and quote: “That we the people have been played for fools, and continue to be played for fools, is hard to admit. It’s even harder to know what to do about it.”

        For those who think, and who know they are being played for fools, it isn’t hard to know what to do about it. What’s “hard” is appropriating and activating a whole new way to interact with others, including our entire eco-system. That unapologetic new way exists in the mind of all intelligent sentience. Then you run across the brainwashing which is essentially a crude but effective form of denial.

        It’s not from lack of “thinking” that change isn’t happening, it’s just that the ruling class, in this case all Earthians none excluded, have not yet reached the crisis point where no choice remains but to ditch the capitalist lie. For that to happen, and it must, you have to accept an interregnum of terror, a kind of “non-divine intervention” Armageddon.  Billions will die, many in most painful ways and still, for a long time (hundreds of years) into the debacle, they will continue to believe; to take sides; to pray; to hope for alien intervention, enslaving themselves to endless wars and endless schemes… whatever, anything but making personal change or believing in themselves as individuals.

        When the species mutates as a result of stress and forces it understands nothing about; when it can finally realize a world without capitalism and without predators or competition in which sharing of resources and space is a natural outflow of awareness (as empaths) then you will have entered into a new age, not before. I’m told the process has begun, and likely it has. What will happen at first is, the original mutants will be ferreted out, singled out for elimination and the change process will continually be side-tracked and slowed down. Eventually, as in “Water World” or “The Chrysalids” the mutants will survive and change their world, not with old methods, but by discovery of new places and new powers within themselves.

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      3. katharineotto

        I appreciate the patient explanation, and I can’t argue with predictions. I don’t make them, and I don’t believe in them.

        I do believe the words we choose are important and create their own reality. Does a “ruling class” exist as a fact or as a thought form? If you are “fighting for peace,” aren’t you still fighting, with all the violence it entails?

        You’ve stated before that mutations must take place, but I’m not so sure. Genes are constantly turning themselves on and off, and we have many more genes than we understand.

        Agreed that social stratification exists, and I would contend it exists by implied or explicit agreement among all the groups, but does it have to be vertical? Couldn’t the stratification be horizontal, such that each individual and group gives and gets equal respect and dignity?

        Growth does not require catastrophe, and the “capitalist lie,” as you term it, is one of many lies we have taken on, to one degree or another. The maturation process, as with a plant, is only stilted by catastrophe, although I’m sure there are exceptions.

        The “mutations” you refer to may be nothing more than changes in perception, or humankind’s learning to use heretofore undiscovered abilities.


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        As Rosaliene says, the choice is yours, Katharine. I’ll just say this: class is only too real. When I worked for Coca Cola (42 years) I worked for a class entity that used taste, pleasure and advertising lies to get people to hand it their money. There was no room in that for any lateral movement. Then there was the Teamsters’ Union which made the job worth keeping in terms of wages and benefits squeezed out of the Coke pyramid of power. But that too was a vertical relationship. Many times the union openly sided with the corporation (presuming political deals and money under the table) and we were left high and dry after a bitter strike. That was real, not any thought form. As to mutations, much said, nothing proven about the sudden appearance of Homo Sapiens Sapiens and the equally sudden disappearance of Neanderthal. We could blame climate change or the aggressiveness of HSS for Neanderthal’s demise, but what is responsible for the sudden appearance of modern man when we realize that the first HSS dressed in a suit with minimal training, could manage a bank, or in a uniform, could drive a bus? What to say about our current “de-evolution” in terms of social, mental and moral values? Are we facing extinction, or fast becoming slaves of our technology, including a take over by artificial intelligence? OK, no predictions, right…

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      5. katharineotto

        Coca Cola? Now I understand much better why you hate capitalism. Coca Cola is a particularly loathsome company, even if it did endow one of my alma maters (Emory).

        But hey, I can see trends, too, but we are only a wink in time, with no real knowledge of what went before or what will come after. Have we degenerated, or are we merely more aware than we used to be of motivational forces? I happen to like indoor plumbing, but I also have to acknowledge it took a lot of cooperation among the people and elements to make it happen. Is that a good or bad thing?


      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        I had to smile at your question: /”//Have we degenerated, or are we merely more aware than we used to be of motivational forces?” /I think both, actually. What I mean is, the sheeple may be more aware that the shepherd is not their best friend, but not able to self-empower they are forced to obey the shepherd even when it becomes obvious that he’s leading them to their death. “Just don’t let it be my death, not yet!” As Snoopy would say, “I don’t want to die… I’m too me to die!”  So when the shepherd says, “Well, if you kill those other sheep for me, I’ll protect you.” they go and kill those other sheep. “Stupid is as stupid does, my momma always said.” (Forrest Gump)

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