Reblog: The Blue Pill Presidency

I just had to reblog this post from CounterPunch (more links pasted at bottom of this post) This is what I call writing… wow! One little tid-bit: ” We now identify with our captors – at least the ones playing the ‘good capitalist’ role, rather than recognizing that all the players in this absurdist spectacle of ‘Curtains for the Anthropocene’ are complicit profiteers of impending planetary collapse.”

July 19, 2018

The Blue Pill Presidency

by Jennifer Matsui

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Who would have predicted that in 2018, the FBI, the CIA, John McCain, Jeff Bezos, and now the monarchy would be feted as the vanguard of ‘The Resistance’ by the American ‘left’? Suddenly Trump’s presidency makes sense. To paraphrase a leaked Deep Squid memo from the deep swamps of Deep Space: “When they are forced to eat shit sandwiches around the clock, eventually deep fried vampire squid will appear delectable by comparison. Mission almost accomplished. Mwaah ha ha . . . !”

Our cephalopod overlords know us better than we do. After all, they created and control the devices that keep us under surveillance, and the algorithms that accurately predict at what point we will press ‘accept’ on the terms and conditions of a Trumpless, Squid-led world order that builds walls, empowers banks, oligarchs and polluters, while privatizing and militarizing everything that isn’t nailed down. We now identify with our captors – at least the ones playing the ‘good capitalist’ role, rather than recognizing that all the players in this absurdist spectacle of ‘Curtains for the Anthropocene’ are complicit profiteers of impending planetary collapse.

Fighting fascism is a noble and worthy pursuit. Unfortunately, we haven’t quite figured out how to do it. Flaming pitchforks or pussy hats? Collective struggle or individual belief in the power of existing institutions to rein in their own power? (Cue evil laugh track here) Allowing oligarchs, tech billionaires, war criminals, secret police agencies and monarchs to lead the charge is like treating a worsening chronic ailment with skin burrowing predator aliens from a deep space wormhole. Once you let ’em in, they will feast on your organs and prey on everything in their path. Don’t believe it? Just ask your local polar bear, honey bee or independent bookstore owner.

Notice how the Left establishment is suddenly enraged that a ‘classless’ dotard Bingo hall barker doesn’t know how to curtsy all proper-like on his tax-funded tour of Downton Abbey. Fancy that! Ten million slated to die of disease and starvation in Yemen? Whatever . . .

Before we all break out into a Beyonce led chorus of “God Save the Queen – She’s a Stellar Human Being – She Smote the Tangerine – Let’s Put Her Name on a War Ship’s Submarine”, here’s a little reminder: The old lady might look like she’s luring yet another loose cannon lunatic into a Paris tunnel with her super monarch powers, but QE2 would sooner submit to a golden Trump shower before she would relinquish her role in the feudalism that keeps her in jewels and corgis. The oaf in office is just another necessary evil the class system’s crypt keeper has to contend with for the survival of her undead progeny.

Post-Trump, we will never question the tentacled Master Race again, or doubt their wisdom. Eternal warfare and worsening poverty will be viewed through a ‘blue pill’ haze of relief. The nightmare ends. We are none the wiser, having taken the option to forget and move on. An escape back into reality, as the metaphorical ‘red pill’ suggests, would require a brutal confrontation with truth and the permanent discomfiture that comes with knowledge. Instead, we will once again swallow the same pill that transformed George W. Bush a beloved and unfairly maligned statesmen a few short years after his presidency unleashed those still burning hellfires across much of the earth. Her Majesty will once again be properly genuflected to by a visiting American head of state with better hair plugs.

FLOTUS will be decommissioned, disassembled, and sent back to the offshore factory that makes state-of-the-art Living Dolls for moneyed incels. With any luck, she will be rebooted as a life sized Barbie companion for a lonely 12-year girl old in Dubai. Worst case scenario: A shipping invoice mishap will have her sent to Barron on his 30th birthday.

The ceaseless bombing and starvation will continue under a different Twitter feed, and POTUS 46, after proving he can clip on his own tie before launching a nuclear strike on Iran will be embraced by woke folk, arms dealers, spooks and crowned heads of states alike.

After being hogtied and injected with near-lethal doses of absurdity, we find ourselves collectively hallucinating a tinpot tycoon blowing up Twitter one day, a giant orange clown in a diaper floating over London the next. Carefully sowed confusion will give way to an equally orchestrated acceptance of the war-as-usual status quo when the blue pill kicks in. A return to normal will be a much welcome steel-toed boot to the face.

More articles by:Jennifer Matsui

Jennifer Matsui is a writer living in Tokyo.


15 thoughts on “Reblog: The Blue Pill Presidency

  1. rawgod

    I cannot fight with much said above. But l can add Robert Mueller’s name to the long list of the non-inimical enemy captors. Stockholm Syndrome is setting in. “You the People” are waiting for a shoe to drop, but Mueller is going barefoot lately, in case you haven’t noticed. Jennifer Matsui has x-ray eyes, with a touch of Cassandraism to boot. She is handing you the future on a blue platelet. I advise you listen deeply to what she has to say. Chances are you might never hear her voice again…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment, rawgod. I’m not totally up on the Mueller enquiry. I do like Jennifer Matsui’s writing style, whether I see more of it or not.


      1. rawgod

        Mueller’s non-inquiry, if my prescience is working. He is making a big fuss, yet in my mind he has not said exactly what he intends to do about anything. Everyone is hoping he will bring DJT to his knees, and they are expecting him to do so, and maybe he will. But I do not trust him, because I cannot ever remember him promising to do anything but investigate. Investigate does not mean prosecute. Tidbits have been fothcoming, like indicting 18 Russians who may or may not have affected the 2016 election, but he knows they are untouchable, safe behind the former Iron Curtain. He has done what he is powerless to do, so big whoop. The only person that truly matters is Dumpy himself, and so far Mueller has done nothing in more than 18 months of pretending to do something.
        Meanwhile, Dumpty rails and whine and screeches about a witch hunt, as if he is scared of the Mueller probe, but in truth he is Mueller’s boss, and the leader of Mueller’s party. His railing just keeps the appearance of future impeachment strong, but is just sound and fury by my account.
        If I am wrong, and Mueller ever does anything to stop Dumpy, I will admit I was wrong, and congratulate Mueller accordingly. But if I am write… I hate to even think what if I am right…


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I think you are right about the Mueller probe; it isn’t going anywhere, much like a badly written piece.


  2. kertsen

    It’s a pretty grim picture but luckily most of us are still able to do the shopping , watch the latest videos , surf the net for interesting articles and if we are religious read the Bible for relaxation. If we want a bit more horror we can always turn on the news ; leave it on for awhile and there is Mr Trump reassuring us all is well.
    The human character has one blessed quality that it constantly denies and that is the ability to soon forget and move on. How many times do I hear ‘ Iwill never forget him he will live in my memory for ever ” and they are not being insider’s at that moment it is exactly how they feel.


  3. equinoxio21

    Have we fallen into the hands of Cthulhu?
    As rooms had impossible angles, some demons have impossible haircuts.
    Nyarlathotep has come back.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I had to do a bit of reading on those names as I’m not familiar with the works of H.P. Lovecraft.
      Oh boy, I could really go off on this tangent! Here’s a link you may find interesting… or not:
      Main point, why choose a lesser evil when the real evil is available? Or as some would say, “Go for broke!” This reminds me of a New Testament quote, Paul writing the the Ephesians, “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the powers, against the authorities, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” So much said or hinted at in such few words. I’m no fan of Paul of Tarsus, regarding him as the ultimate false prophet and inventor of the Christian church, but once in a while even master liars are bound to whisper the truth. Thanks for that comment… got me thinking, that.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. equinoxio21

        Cthulu for America? Now that was interesting. (I read a lot of Lovecraft as a teen. He is one of the greatest masters of horror…)
        And back to “chauvinist” Paul… yes, the authorities are growing and growing in power. Frightening really.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for commenting… that song, “The Times, they are a-changing” is taking on a whole different meaning lately, isn’t it.

        Liked by 1 person

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