Williams Lake Volunteer Project, week 2 of 4

[thoughts from    ~burning woman~    by Sha’Tara]

I feel too exhausted to write anything but it’s Sunday and I am bunking in a church basement, above which there is a “service” replete with raunchy wall-shaking rock-n-roll noise that passes itself off as worship “music.” So I’m out here in my van with my own music emanating from ear protectors because even out here at the end of the parking lot and with all windows closed the horror still penetrates. Well, that’s the world and that’s how madness has managed to pass itself off as normalcy. The programming has adjusted to make insanity seem sane, torture as entertainment, insulting performances as the highest form of praise for insane gods and equally insane followers.

Beginning of week 2 of a 4 week stint, today is a bit cooler due to a combination of light cloud cover and thick wood smoke. Yesterday ashes were carried on the wind, the smoke was eye-burning and the sinuses were not happy. It sprinkled a bit during the night, settling the ash blow but not the smoke. No matter which way the winds blow, there are wild fires all around… The West Coast is burning.

We are currently “processing” three houses for people who literally lost everything in last years wild fires. I’ve been working on framing the third house. Next door (almost) to this work site is one of the other houses I worked on framing over a month ago on my first venture in this part of the country. The outside is almost completed and it is a very pretty house.

It gives a true perspective of the “endless struggle” for survival through perpetual rebuilding as we rebuild burned-out homes surrounded by more of the same, in smoke and ash and more fires. Thus it will be as more of the earth is devastated through climate change and accompanying wars and man’s stubborn and stupid unwillingness to take responsibility for causing much of this negative change.

There is more. Two nights ago about a thousand dollars worth of lumber were stolen from our work site by locals. While this kind of theft is common practice among the predatory Earthians, hence all the resources spent on security to protect ourselves from one-another, it also goes to show how the creatures remain irredeemable. Our work sites are clearly identified as volunteer labour. They know the materials are purchased mostly from funds donated by individuals, many of whom can ill afford it. They know the situation, that these houses are being built to replace losses the owners could not recoup. They know, they know, they know, but they don’t care. They are just like their leaders and rulers: it’s all about me and if I can get away with it, I’d be a fool not to help myself, fuck the losers.

I could have entitled this “fuck the losers” because that is the real motto of Earthianity. We take advantage because that is the first rule of our type of survival. We steal because we can. We rise to the degree that we can push others down. We make ourselves feel good to the degree that we can oppress and push others to serve our desires and greed and we do not ask how the losers feel about it: it’s their role to provide.

While I’m sitting in this church parking lot I remember how many such parking lots I’ve walked through, driven in, parked in, then walked into the “sanctuary” to find God and along with that, a solution to man’s depraved nature. I’m made aware of the futility of it, and the vile hypocrisy. It’s all about entitlement, isn’t it. I’ve read the bible in a desperate attempt to discover the nature of God and I found it: God made man in his own image, and in that nature, as it expresses itself today, is God. To those who believe in God I say, seek not in institutions, books or theological arguments to find God: look at your species and how it interacts with others and with its environment. There is the mind of God in action.

For those who do not believe in God, nothing changes. The nature is the same. Atheists, by and large, claim to be superior to those still in bondage to religion but they are not. I have found no difference at all. Same Earthian hubris. Same sort of attitude summed up as “Après moi, le Déluge!” Their God is a mix of science (whore of the military-industrial complex) and their messiah, replacing Jesus, Buddha or Mohamed, is Darwin; promises of eternal life replaced with self-assurances of blissful annihilation.

What I have found, not only in this life but in remembrances of other lives, is that the Earthian creature is incapable of living empathetically. It does not understand self empowerment, the necessity of compassion-based self-sacrifice, putting others constantly before the self, or self-denial. Despite the clear and present evidence that its ways are bringing forth its own termination and perhaps that of this entire world, it refuses to take personal responsibility for any problem.

Quote: “A man who is used to acting in one way never changes; he must come to ruin when the times, in changing, no longer are in harmony with his ways.” ― Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince.










30 thoughts on “Williams Lake Volunteer Project, week 2 of 4

  1. adamspiritualwarrior

    Im sorry for the theft of your timber, ive been compelled to comment reading midway through.
    Don’t get disheartened in the face of such despicable behaviour. I have to admit it wold be wonderful to catch them in the act and mete out some instant justice to them. But taking a more compassionate higher vantage point. I suppose they know not what they do.

    I don’t feel comfortable challenging things you say because of….your memories returning and this means you must have perspectives insights I just don’t . But heres some snippets ive read recently my thoughts.

    Your use of the term Earthians”, perhaps theres something wrong with that, its not summing up the situation were in properly? Ive read recently Shatara that since whatever went down during Atlantis and Babylon, major interdimensional advanced technology stuff, and the fall of man etc, theres an Adamic race and a PreAdamic race. we are all organic portals because of the fal of man. However, it seems the preAdamic 3 billionish don’t have souls and don’t have access to any higher chakras higher self. The Adamic race of which theres 3 billionish, do but until they ”awaken” are like empty containers just like the preadamic race.

    This seems a complex spiritual war and even though I don’t like to challenge things you say as you have accessed memories I just haven’t, your use of the word Earthians makes me feel somethings wrong with that description. BTW I am aware what you say, the soul is an enslavement implant and probably the nerve electromagnetic bundles chakras in our bodies too. an extension of that, I do expect you will say that the Adamic race themselves are still part of the problem type of thing. Its a quite long read but if you are bored if the weathers bad and have time this is interesting https://outofthisworldx.wordpress.com/2016/06/30/piercing-the-veil-of-reality-organic-portals-soulless-humans/

    I hope you stay warm have a comfortable night sleeping in your van. It is very inspiring and wonderful what youre doing, rebuilding homes as a volunteer for people who have lost them, you have my admiration Adam. I don’t rebuild homes for people but do what I can where and how,

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      When time permits, I will check out that link. As for the term “Earthians” that is simply to differentiate the people of earth who are programmed to think of themselves as human beings when in fact none of those who support their Borg-like collective are. They are pseudo human but as long as they believe that simply because they are shaped as they are, and are a sort of intelligent sentience putting them automatically in the category of “human” without having to individually qualify for that level, they will likely never make it to that higher category. As a reminder, one glaring failure of Earthians to qualify as legitimate humans is simply this: humans do not kill. Further, a real human never takes advantage of the weak, never exploits or oppresses, never harms, never threatens. A true human always and naturally seeks equality and justice. A true human is empathetic and compassionate. Any behaviour that does not meet that criteria is not human behaviour (nor animalistic) but something akin to what would be recognized (in a properly civilized society) as demonic.

      As for Atlantis and Babylon, these times and civilizations have more to do with invading aliens known to the Sumerians as the Anunnaki, than with Earthians. It’s a very long story, one that the soul programming of most Earthians would prevent them from considering, never mind accepting or researching since much of that history must be drawn from our own remembrances of past lives (which the soul programming is in part designed to prevent) – we have no written history of observed events of those days. If we cannot remember but still want to know, we are at the mercy of story tellers and “fiction” will rule the day. Each and everyone of us must break through the “Time Lord” (known on earth as “the Lord God”) programming; admit and accept that we are eternal; that we have past lives then dig through our remembrances and re-create relevant aspects of our pasts (plural) so we can discover what happened to us, how we fell and why we became the sickly, short-lived predators and perverted creatures that we are and slaves of forces we ignorantly worship or serve.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      You’ve got that right, George. Best election motto yet, and the beauty of it, it fits every candidate in the elitist dictatorship of the duopoly.

  2. jim-

    Here the problem lies. When 4 billion abrahamic adherents live by the idea that someone is going to judge the earth, wipe out the sinners, and restore peace (that never existed through religion) we delay personal responsibility for our actions and deny the earth it’s glorious existence by consuming all that they can with no care for the They actually welcome it and pray for the end to come in their lifetime . That is the problem with religion. The Hindus have their own massive pollutions in the name of religious worship as well. Science is not our god at all, just a plausible explanation that helps us have more by using less. General relativity took 100 years to have the technology to prove it only last month. Religion has had 5000 years and nothing to show but misery handed out in hoards to every place they planted their flag. Then they send missionaries to places that only need our help because we showed up in the first place.

    1. jim-

      But, on that note thank you for the blunt criticism. We all can do better no doubt. Breaking from a system of oppressed/ingrained cruelty is a start at least.

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Ah, Jim, I’ve been on both sides of the fence and for me I realized that it takes faith, either way. So I developed a personal “mantra” to remind myself how I wanted to “flow” through this world so as never again to fall into any sort of belief system. That was and is: believe all things, believe in nothing. There’s a great freedom in that. For example, I know that “god” exists, but I don’t believe in god. That’s the same as saying I know that Joe Nobody is president of Lower Slobovia but I don’t believe in Joe Nobody. God’s existence is irrelevant to me although if I were to categorize god I would put that entity as my number one enemy, as well as the number one enemy of mankind and this world. There is a long history behind that enmity.  Nevertheless that does not stop me from working with Christians if the work is in accord with my life’s set purpose.  If I refused to team up with this particular Christian organization (MDS: Mennonite Disaster Service) I would be giving up an amazing opportunity to really accomplish some good in a community struck by a natural disaster, such as floods and/or wild fires. They have the resources, their overhead is very small and they get things done. Best of all, they don’t preach. Their idea is demonstrate, not talk. It still takes a lot of flexibility on my part to participate, but I look at the long term results: people who lost everything at least get a house back, and sometimes other stuff, like a vehicle to commute to work also.

        If only people could forget their petty differences!  The greatest problem with Christianity (perhaps as opposed to atheism) is their incredible success in the past that catapulted them to the top of the power pyramid and instead of realizing how utterly illegitimate that power was, they kept on thanking their god for it and pushing forth their oppression, extortion, the horrors of church sanctioned slavery, torture, crusades, wars and genocides against those who chose to not believe in their religion, or who simply didn’t see the point or provided fodder for the machine. Overall they fell into the very trap their supposed Lord Jesus clearly warned them against.

        Having said that, I know enough about human nature to realize that should atheists form power institutions based on Atheism, the same process would take place -of that there can be no doubt. That is why I oppose both stances.

        One does not need to be an atheist to oppose the lies of Christianity, just like one does not need to be a Democrat to oppose the filth that the Republican party has become. One simply relies on one’s own integrity through self empowerment and thus one remains free.

        I think that is what Henri David Thoreau discovered…

      2. jim-

        Interesting take. I have not chosen sides either but felt some clarification was in order. I don’t like being grouped in with anybody and have chosen my own path by my own observation. I am an atheist, but have never read an atheist book and the ideas I write are my own. Whenever two ways are presented, they are usually two wrong choices. I refuse to pick sides and ignore almost all politics—news or blogs. Although I do not believe in any gods, and I certainly can’t go against my personal knowledge, observation, and conscience by acquiescing to the masses. Mostly everyone thinks they are unique and calling their own shots and then ascribe to a religion that monitors their every thought and move, providing a prepackaged salvation one size fits all. . It’s a contradiction and when most people are going a certain way, I find it is best to go the other. I appreciate your candor in dialog. I have to concede that secular humanism has pressed for greater equality for all, while religion has dug in their heels at every advance. That I don’t tolerate well.

      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for that reply, Jim. Sometimes I think that Religion (capitalized as in a Power) is aware that it is currently fighting a Battle of the Bulge, and we all know what happened to Nazi Germany in that last ditch effort to push the Ally wave. A short-lived Pyrrhic victory, if it even was one! Who knows? What I do know is that it is pointless to argue against faith because there is no logic in it. To believers I just tell my story and since I already know theirs, there isn’t much they can respond to except, ‘How do you know?’ to which I reply, ‘The same way you know.’

      4. jim-

        That is better than boiling over everywhere. Thanks for the insights and I’ll ping you later.

    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for that pointed comment, Jim. I think my reply to your “PS” comment probably serves best as a response. Just on science though, I think that ex-religious people, now atheists, have switched beliefs, from you know what to “science” but what do we really mean when we bandy the term ‘Science’ about? Without massive input from Big Money and the MIC, where would “Science be? What I see happening is “Science” becoming increasingly the tool of destructive forces rather than constructive. Science is DARPA and Big Pharma. Science is drones, dirty nukes and prescription drugs piling up faster than the bodies they cause. Science brought us global warming and the plastic pollution that is choking our waters. Science is behind the massive exploitation of mineral and lumber resources. Science is technology that is making the grossly wealthy ever more wealthy as they use technology to destroy, not to build. Need I go on? Yes there is another side, but it’s a long way behind and won’t succeed unless it too gets on the capitalist bandwagon of planetary plunder and war – where profits are.

      1. jim-

        Nicely done! Agreed. Everything to mentioned tends to create more human misery than health. I live a minimalist life and simple, is simply perfect—for me. I’m using a quote from you tomorrow and a link to your page. It’s been a pleasure.

  3. jilldennison

    Your posts, though I don’t get time to visit often, always leave me with so much to ponder. First, hats off to you for what you are doing. Second, a pox on whomever stole the lumber that was to be put to good use helping those who have lost their homes. I cannot offer much, but would like to contribute a few dollars to replacing the lumber, if you will email me how I might do this.

    As an agnostic, no I don’t consider myself superior to those who follow a religion. I don’t necessarily believe in a god, certainly don’t believe in any god who would denigrate any because of skin colour, religion, gender identification, race, ethnicity or any other ‘criteria’. It is this that turned me against religion at a relatively early age … the “we are right and everybody else must therefore be wrong” attitude. I don’t pretend to know if there is a higher being or not, but I know that every religion I have looked at had a false sense of superiority that I cannot endorse. And in all honesty, if one asks questions and expects answers, it is damn near impossible to believe. Doesn’t make me better, it is just who I am.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      You have a heart of gold, Jill! I am of those who believe that the best “charity” is that done locally. Instead of sharing your meagre resources way out here, may I gratefully and thankfully suggest that you donate whatever amount, to your local food bank or such? This is a church-sponsored mega project with a lot of “tentacles” through the community and the many churches. They’ll make up the loss, I’m sure, through appeals, or even through insurance, if that applies. I just “work” for/with them because it’s a handy way for me to express my desire to give, within my abilities, and as long as they don’t mind having a non-believer in the woodpile, well, hey…! I know that statistically it’s the poorest of the congregations or responders who donate the most (the widow’s mite and all that) but that is the way it’s always been. When the billionaires “donate” millions, its usually a tax dodge (they give of their abundance as Jesus said and I could add, of what they’ve stolen from the poor and their customers) but that ostentatiousness that so impresses the sheeple, is just that. The real money comes from those who earn it. There, I had to say it. Thank you very much for your generosity, indeed.

      1. jilldennison

        Thanks Sha’Tara! I shall do that, then … we often donate a bit to the local homeless shelters and soup kitchens, so I’ll kick in a bit more this month. You are right … I know people who barely make ends meet, yet they are more generous than many wealthy people. What makes me sad is to see those who can least afford it donating to the mega-churches, where it only goes to further the wealth of an already-rich televangelist, rather than to helping the poor.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for taking the time to comment, Jill, I don’t know how you manage it, honest. Quote: ” What makes me sad is to see those who can least afford it donating to the mega-churches, where it only goes to further the wealth of an already-rich televangelist, rather than to helping the poor.”

        It is maddening, that.  It was just as bad in the Catholic church. The millionaire televangelists just re-worked the lies and upped the ante.

      3. jilldennison

        Thanks Sha’Tara! I wish there were time to always visit all my friends’ blogs and comment, but sadly, like the rest, I only have 24 hours in a day. I pretty much gave up sleeping, so I have more time than I once did, but as I get older, I seem to move slower, think slower, so it is always a juggling act: laundry or a.m. blog post; cook supper, or write a ‘good people’ post; eat or dust furniture; sleep or read or answer email! Another 6 hours in a day would really help!

        Yes, it is maddening and … makes me wish I had born a wolf instead of a human some days! Those darned opposable thumbs seem to have gone to the head of mankind and made him arrogant!!! 😉

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Hi Jill… Hm, not a wolf, you’d be an endangered species… Oh! What am I saying? Thanks to greed and corruption in the high places, we are an endangered species! I suppose it is deserved though I feel deep sorrow for the innocents.

  4. franklparker

    Hi Sha’tara. On the whole a good piece. As you know, I am as sceptical about your claim to be an alien, and therefore different from the majority of ‘Earthians’ as I am of religion. But when you say that all Earthians are “incapable of living empathetically” I ask you to look around you at your fellow volunteers on that project. Are they not Earthians? Are they of the same ‘alien’ race as yourself? How do you know? I believe there are many Earthians that live empathetically engaging in activities for no material reward whenever they find their fellow Earthians in difficulty. We are all of us creatures with conflicting needs, desires and motivations. In some of us selfishness is the strongest of these. But that is by no means true of all of us.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Frank. In a sense I agree with you – MUST AGREE WITH YOU. It is true to some degree that not all Earthians are totally self-centered and selfish. But you see, if we were having a philosophical discussion here, that is exactly the problem that many spiritual leaders or masters, have had to grapple with and no matter what system they put forth, they failed because, yes, all Earthians are essentially selfish! We are a contradicting species. We tend to treat better, provide assistance more readily, make exceptions and allowances for special people in our lives we do not allow others. Our love is exclusive and limited. We set up limits and boundaries. Take it all the way and next thing you know we are sending people to extermination camps and gulags and we can justify it.
      We don’t like being told that we are essentially “evil” because we don’t want to go there, it’s too deep, too dark, too “not feel good” and we like to feel good about ourselves. Self judgement is very unpleasant but it’s all part of gaining self empowerment. By judging myself I gain the power to judge everything and everyone. Not to condemn, but simply to discern right from wrong. All Earthians are “sinners” to use an old religious term. That is, one way or another, sooner or later, we think, say or do something that causes pain, embarrassment, loss or suffering to another. Whether consciously or unconsciously, if we do not practice constant self-judgement such a situation may remain unresolved and we will repeat it. We may even enjoy the moment, gloat or brag about it.
      In “my world” this pseudo human species I also call Earthians is coming to an end. It has failed, morally and mentally. It will mutate and a new species will arise from this, people who will understand Life as it is meant to be lived; people who will eschew any “power over” and who will not kill, period. They will be empathetic and compassionate to a fault. The lion will sleep with the lamb; the child will play with the cobra. That is “my” future as I see it. Sorry about the long “diatribal” comment, Frank.

  5. Lisa R. Palmer

    I was recently lamenting a similar series of thoughts. It seems as though many who were previously moved by acts of compassion (as compared to a life purpose of compassion) have begun to realize that the small portion of the pie that the majority must share is shrinking faster everyday. Moreover, the only ones who seem to be “successful” are those who have decided to put themselves first. Together, those two realizations seem to be driving even the “kinder” ones to become grabby, taking what they want or need, while they still can…

    In honesty, I have considered such a course myself. But whether my higher Self, or my conscience is to blame, I have found it doesn’t work for me. The things I “grab” at disappear the instant they are within grasping distance. So I have had to accept that I will continue to give, in good conscience, until I have nothing left. It is who I am…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Quote: ” So I have had to accept that I will continue to give, in good conscience, until I have nothing left. It is who I am…”

      People like us, well, that is where we end up.  Thanks for the reminder. You’re right, that is who we are, however pointless it may seem at times, I know it isn’t.  Lovely comment, Lisa.

  6. mmcwriterblog

    Wow!! Bang on! I liked reading every word of this post Sha’tara therefore I read it twice. Your writing contains so much valuable information and truth. I look forward to meeting up with you when you return.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you very much for your “yeah-hah!” comment, Maryvonne. It would be very good to meet up again. I should be back end of August, or 1st week of September… ‘the good Lord willin’ and the cricks don’t rise!’

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