John Bolton Military Threat Endangers World Peace.

I’ve reblogged some of Jerry’s posts before and I know that he does his research. A little bit of truth, however unpalatable to some, should always be welcome in the midst of all the bought and paid for (commercial media) fake news.


by Jerry Alatalo

“Locked and loaded.”

any serious world affairs analysts around the Earth share the following interpretation. United States President Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton’s threat of military action against the elected Syrian government of Bashar al Assad signals an imminent “false flag” chemical weapons event inside the last remaining terrorist stronghold in Syria – Idlib.

The last (most recent) Syrian false flag (filmed by the White Helmets) occurred in mid-April on the outskirts of Damascus in Douma. It was subsequently shown to actually have been the theatrical filming of Douma residents being washed down with hoses, where no chemical weapons whatsoever were present. After a White Helmets member acted as one who’d yell “Fire!” where there was none in a crowded theater, creating uncalled for panic … he yelled “Chemical attack!”, – whereupon his White Helmets co-conspirator started filming.

The White Helmets video of the non-chemical…

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9 thoughts on “John Bolton Military Threat Endangers World Peace.

  1. stolzyblog

    I would have to say that this looks to me like pretty unconvincing drivel. Maybe Jerry does his research as you’ve said, but it is not in evidence here. His admitted ‘theorizing’ about the Skripal nerve poisonings in Britain is pretty ridiculous and certainly has no ‘research’ that he’s indicated anywhere to back it up. It’s easy and fun for some to cast Trump and US policy in the light of the sole pupeteer controlling and orchestrating all conspiracies in the world, but it has nothing to do with reality. That’s the central issue with conspiracy research — the person loses themselves in an endless ocean of questioning every possible surface fact as though nothing could possibly be what it seems. I’ve met too many out of touch conspiracy buffs in my time. And I’m no pollyanna.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Perhaps… and perhaps… but conspiracy theory or not, do you believe that the US-European hegemon has the right to destroy nations in regime changes aimed at facilitating exploitation of resources for the banks and corporations regardless of how many millions of innocent lives are destroyed in the process; regardless of the flood of refugees created, floods which by the way did not happen before regime change began? Look around, Robert, and do think about that aspect before jumping on the back of would-be conspiracy theorists. I am one of those, no apologies. I’d rather be looking under rocks than ignoring the rocks and saying they’re just part of the natural landscape regardless of how many lives are shattered on those rocks. Speaking of how “easy” it is to point the finger at the US and other arms makers and sellers, how do you hide NATO and some 900 military bases all over the planet which have no business being where they are? How do you hide the trillions of $$$ used to bolster military presence world-wide while the nation this presence is supposed to protect is falling apart structurally, industrially and certainly morally?

      1. stolzyblog

        Well, no. Why would I believe that the US-European hegemon has the right do the things you have listed? Why on earth? What I was responding to was a pretty poorly written and reasoned piece you had championed which made unsubstantiated claims. What has this to do with the litany of charges you just made now? Nothing, far as I can see. The issues originally raised were that the Skripal poisonings were somehow staged (by agents of said hegemon) and that the Syrian gas attack was likewise theatrically arranged. That, and exactly only that is what I find to be nonsense and unpersuasively argued in the piece you’ve championed. In fact, not argued at all, merely stated as opinion.

        The contrast here is not between looking under rocks versus ignoring the rocks. It is between maintaining one’s reasoned level-headed approach to truth WHILE looking under rocks and thinking about things. And it is exactly this quality, and this alone, which I find to be lacking in the article you’ve linked to. By bringing NATO’s trillions and 900 military bases into the discussion only clouds the point. Articulate your conspiracy solidly (without flying off into side topics which justifiably upset you) if you want it to be taken with some seriousness. No?

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I wasn’t going to respond to that, then I realized after re-re-re-reading, that you were serious! As in, I won’t accept facts unless you can demonstrate “factually” that they are indeed facts. Sometimes Robert, people with an open mind simply know truth when it hits them in the face. It’s like the story of the weatherman and the blizzard. The weatherman says today is going to be a crisp, bright, sunny, if a bit cold, February day, so you go off with the snowshoes to enjoy the sunshine and halfway through the day, however much your faith in the weatherman holds, you are hit with a howling north wind, snow clouds have whipped in and you find yourself in the middle of a blizzard. The fact that the weatherman says it’s a nice, clear, crisp sunny day changes nothing: the blizzard doesn’t listen to the weatherman. There is this really nasty part of me that simply knows when something is true, even if all the “facts” claim otherwise. We should know by now how “they” operate, particularly in the realm of disinformation so there shouldn’t be any surprises when something happens following “their” script. Facts? “They” can fabricate “facts” faster than I can type and the brainwashed sheeple will eagerly swallow their lies while unilaterally rejecting any evidence that could prove detrimental to their beliefs. And I repeat, yes, I am a conspiracy theorist and I would be ashamed of myself if I wasn’t, considering the kind of world I live in.

      3. stolzyblog

        You seem to have little understanding for what I am saying even though I have said it twice. So I am at a loss what to tell you. The existence of disinformation specialists, which is undeniably true, does nothing to relieve us of exercising our judgement in all situations. You should realize that I have not said I will not accept facts unless they can be demonstrated. I have said we have a responsibility to assess facts intelligently — not accept them. So, let us stop abstracting here. If it is your position that the Skripal murders were staged by other actors, and if you want to present this as a ‘fact’ which somehow only people with an open mind can immediately recognize as true, then you have many problems. You would need to explain why I, for example, do not have an open mind according to your measurement. You would also need to explain why I, for example, can see the ‘truth’ of the fact that the Skripal murders were conducted by Russian operatives on British soil. And finally, if responsible, you would have to say why you think these things, specifically. Not try and justify them because conspiracies are rampant. It doesn’t matter whether you are a conspiracy theorist or not a conspiracy theorist, because it is not important that you have theories. What matter is what you know. What I know – is that neither you nor your pal have said anything to shed light on the opinion that these ‘facts’ were staged. And unlike you seem to imply, there is nothing obvious about this case which would smack any open mind into seeing that the truth is that they were staged somehow. It is really clear. All you are arguing is beside the point and not grasping what I think or have said.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for the suggestion, Carmen. Tom Dispatch has been a regular to my in-box for years. I’ve reblogged a few of his articles also. Thanks also for that great comment you gave “the Padre”!


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