Report to Galactic Headquarters

(a short sci-fi story… from Sha’Tara)

For: Leon Battera, Receiver

From: Apia-Di Loro III, Observation ship, OmaTe

Date: Cycle 286-87-1902 per Pleiadian Time Accounting.


I have discovered an ancient world sparsely populated by intelligent sentience. Per my orders, I am orbiting this world on six different parameters taking soundings and recordings.

The sentience speaks as-yet unrecorded languages and I have instructed my translator to begin working on it. However, due to the vast confusion of spoken languages, this may take some time.

The world has much water on it but much appears to be non-potable and what should be potable appears to carry unusual amounts of radiation and trace pollutants inimical to the local flora and fauna. Samplings of air quality also reveal high levels of radiation and an unnatural dearth of oxygen.

I have run my findings through my analyzer. This world will require personal investigation as it is obvious it experienced a terrible catastrophe as recently as five to ten thousand years ago. As per my orders I must ascertain whether this unnatural catastrophe was caused by an invasion, or by the locals themselves although at first scan, these people have no technology, certainly nothing capable of such devastation indicated by my scans.

There is evidence of very large cities having once existed, now nothing but ruins. There are no roads. The people, it seems, live in small villages of huts made from mud and grasses; in some places, from twigs or bones.  I have noted smoke rising from the mouth of caves also.

What happened here? My mind is burning with questions. I am leaving my AI in command and taking my lander down to the planet.

Apia-Di Loro: AI, have I taken all necessary precautions and availed myself of proper protection?

AI: All is optimum. Ready for launch.

I am landed in a hidden depression on a broad plain covered in coarse grass. First analysis: radiation poisoning but dwindling. There is a village of sorts some ways from my hidden lander. I am making for it. It is difficult to separate the bipedal humanoid sentients from many other sentients so proceeding with care.

Of important note: I come upon an inscription of sorts on a plaque. The plaque material appears to be some metal alloy and is very old. I set the translator to transcribe what can be seen of the inscription and while it is doing so I wander around, careful to retain my cloaking. I hear an animal bleat and over a small rise comes a young woman leading a dozen animals which my portable unit refers to as “goats”.

Another animal follows the young woman, or girl rather. The animal circles the “goats” and keeps them walking in a specific direction. It is called a “dog”. The woman/girl is known as a shepherdess according to my portable translator. Meaning: she has charge of the animals and the “dog” animal helps her.

I’m in need of some verbal communication to talk to her so I return to my translator by the ancient plaque. This is what the translator shows me:

My name is Do-ald Trum-. I am the Presid–t of the mightiest nat— on e-rth. I have the p-wer to –nihil-te any nation or allian–s of na–on- that chall-nge my -ill. My fing-r is -lways -n th- butt-n. Be afraid, be v-ry -fr-id. -istory wil- r-memb– me as t– gre–est, mos- power-ul man who ever lived- – am mak-ng Amer-c- gr–t agai-

It was enough to formulate a rudimentary understanding of the language. The computer had no problem filling in the missing letters. Accompanied by the translator I return to the shepherdess and her animals. Before I uncloak myself I study her. She is very thin to the point of emaciation and her hair is sparse and dull. Her limbs are obviously deformed, a mutation from the radiation. Her right leg is shorter than the other and that foot has no toes. Her left arm terminates with a few knobs that were meant to be fingers, approximately where the elbow should be. Her clothing is inadequate, little more than patched rags. I feel a great pang of empathetic sadness knowing this would be the case for most of her people.

I try to imagine hundreds of millions of such mutants surviving in the most primitive and terrible of conditions, prone to disease and sudden temperature changes, always hungry, and the worst of it: not knowing why they are thus being “punished”. 

Having some verbal communication ability via the translator, I uncloak myself slowly and pretend I’d been walking towards her, a stranger crossing the prairie. Upon seeing me, she stands abruptly and raises her stick. The dog gives a half-dozen perfunctory warning barks. Fortunately my female form takes some of her fear of me away and she waits, though ready to run. I signal I am unarmed and try a greeting through the translator. She remains mute, obviously uncomprehending. I try other words and I see that she is listening intently but not understanding.

Finally, I point to the plaque and ask who this Donald Trump is, or was. She looks at the plaque as if she never noticed it before and shrugs and shakes her head to indicate she doesn’t know. I realize then that her language has nothing to do with what is on the plaque and in any case she cannot read. I conclude then that these are survivor remnants of some terrible war, for war it had to be as I can easily infer from the contents of the plaque. These people have no history and what language they possess has only immediate survival value.

The girl is still standing, rigid and uncertain, ready to bolt. To help her relax I slowly turn away to disappear in the tall grasses. Ironically the dog creature circles me and coming to the plaque, relieves itself upon it. I think it a very fitting gesture even if the creature does not realize the symbolism of its act.

My dear Leon, I will give you a much more thorough report when I return to the OmaTe. Meanwhile, I need not tell you this is a terrible heart-breaker of a world. Let me know as soon as you can if I should remain in orbit here and if it is necessary for me to make other landings. More importantly advise me, please, on what Galactic Planetary Health Consortium plans to do about this discovery; if it will intervene on behalf of these people. They desperately need our help Leon.

More details to follow soon. I remain, your Apia-Di.

14 thoughts on “Report to Galactic Headquarters

  1. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Yep, that would be one ending.
    An other would be his name sinks into the folk-lore as a word for selfish stupidity.
    And the one I prefer
    ‘In this era due to the aforementioned polarisation of opinion the USA experienced a clutch of minor presidents such as Trump…..(other names follow).’ Paragraph ends.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Sooner or later, maybe not under Trump unless he manages to become dictator for life, the “prophecy” is going to happen… with, or without, nuclear weapons being used. The writing is on the wall and no one is paying attention to the translation, all they’re concerned about is there is graffiti on the wall.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        I’ve been reading a history of the Roman Emperors; Trump hasn’t got anything close to the skills to be achieving that. He’ll be in amongst a group of four or five who get mentioned on one page, either that on a short paragraph in between other more talented (that being a flexible words) ones.
        As for ‘us’. ‘We’ (the population) would to well to read the geological and paleontological records to get an notion of how things work on this planet.
        (Of course that leaves out the folk who insist on taking literally to the letter a collection of poetical and allegorical sermons and folk-tales with their own embedded warnings, which by the way have been translated from one language to another at least four times)


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for that comment, Roger. I think that there is too much focus upon Trump as an individual (crass, ignorant, venal, stupid, vulgar, user, abuser, opportunist, etc. a “not nice” person) rather than as an event, a historical marker if you will.  Tom Dispatch just ran an article calling Trump a presidential “pimple” ( Yes, as an individual he will likely pass into history mostly in irrelevance – unless he presses the red button with his pudgy little finger. Trump is swimming, or floating, or bumbling along in a flow that has been in the making since 1776. At this point in historical time Trump is the face of America seldom seen for what it is except for brief periods such as at the end of the Vietnam “war”.  The West does not like America being exposed to the light because the West has been profiting from America’s global hegemony for a long time, even those such as France who have openly despised the corporate, fascist, predatory capitalism represented by America’s corporations aided and abetted in their global depredations by CIA and USA military and “special” forces. Do you see where I’m going with this? It won’t matter when Trump ceases to be the face in the news even if he succeeds in totally destroying any positive remnant of America’s international face. There will be a new face and what was set in motion long ago and exacerbated under Bush Jr., Obama and Trump, will not only continue, but continue its exponential pattern of global exploitation, wars and homeland economic and social implosion. Trump is a very bad ad campaign that is running its course. It will be replaced with another, likely much more strident, than this one. The game’s afoot.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Woebegone but Hopeful

        I liked Bacevich’s comparison between Trump and the lacklustre drone Edward, those two would have got on very well.
        As I see it, and I’m certain history will back me up…
        America’s turn to be ‘on the stage’. Taking its place as did the Persian & Roman empires. Followed by the Ottoman, British, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch Empires (Russia had it easier, it was all overland for them). Nations have their time when they seem to dominate the world, and then pressures from within and without corrode their standing.
        The USA will pass, as have others. The manner of that passing is entirely up to The People.
        (Thought for the day.
        If it is announced the President has suffered a serious illness and has had to step down, temporarily and then it turns out he had a ‘stroke’, and won’t be coming back there’s a good chance he tried to ‘press that button’ and the folks in the background swiftly intervened)


    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yes, that would be a different and better ending, but it’s not how it’s going to end. Earthians have a historical propensity to throw themselves into hot water, hotter than many can stand. The earth will both, burn, and flood, a combination of man-made stupidity and natural consequences. I’m relying on my “prophetic awareness” to made such predictions. Not really predictions, just common sense observations.


      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Yep. All the warnings are there. Fossil records, fossil records.


  2. Phil Huston

    A touch of planet of the apes that’s not such a stretch and a little mad max where no one is unrealistically attractive or fit. Remember the Omega Man? This is far more humane, and unfortunately plausible. Even if it is ST’s doomsday themed 😉


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for that, Phil. Love your comment. What? Doomsday themed… lil’ ol’ me, all sunshiny and flowery and Pollyannishy? Aw…



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