An Unexpected and very strange Dream

[as experienced by Sha’Tara]

There are those of us who are born dreamers. No, I don’t mean wishful thinkers but people who have unusual dreams that require serious interpretation. Is the dream a revelation? Is it for me of for some other person? Is it a “generic” prophecy, and if so, how to properly “download” the message file that it may then be presented to that lucky “generic” crowd?

Do I have to mention that I use the word “lucky” tongue in cheek? How many dreamers have had their dreaming career cut short when they kept saying things the lucky recipients did not want to hear, or which their leaders took exception to?

Water under the bridge and all that… but here’s a dream for you that should, perhaps, leave you scratching your head, as it did me, and continues to “do me”.

That was last night. I was having what must have been a peaceful sleep and the evening before was quite uneventful although I did try to watch a movie called “Captain Fantastic” which I could not finish. So what happened?

The dream. First, the scene: a steep hillside and it is quite dark though it is full daytime. I’m walking past a large black building on my left, climbing uphill, searching for some kind of path although the territory is not totally strange to me. Coming up behind me huffing and asking me to wait is…

You won’t believe this: none other than Donald Trump. To say that I’m shocked (in the dream) is an understatement. I don’t know what to say as he approaches. He puts his right hand on my shoulder and says, “Thanks for waiting, thanks a lot. Look, I know this will seem crazy but I want you to listen to me very, very carefully. First, I need you. I’ll explain why but let me just say that I know all about you, and your feelings towards me in particular, and all politicians. Also that you are no fan of America as an ideal. OK? Now please let me talk. I don’t have much time.”

“I’ve had a revelation (the word he used was different but it’s the best I can come up with) and I’m in terrible shock. All my life I’ve been a taker. I still can’t believe I’m saying this but it’s true. Now I’m in a position to reverse this. I want to be a giver, both in my politics and my personal life. I don’t know where that will leave me but I feel I have no choice in this. I repeat, I need you to help me because you understand what such a shift means.” He turns and motions to an individual I cannot see. “My assistant wants to speak to you. I’ll wait.”

A woman appears and approaches me. Is it KellyAnn Conway? It could be, looks like her but she does not introduce herself. She takes my arm and leads me into a dark brush-filled area, stops and looks straight in my eyes. She says words to the effect: “The president is in shock and I’m at a loss on how to handle this situation. We, I, have come to you because we, I, know I can trust you. If I can convince you to help us through this transition, I know you are essentially incorruptible and that you will do it, not for us and not for the opposition but for the people. This is all about people, not politicians, not elites, not anybody special. I, I mean we, no, the President (the way she said it makes me capitalize the title here) wants to turn everything around. He says he knows he has to, but has no idea how to proceed. Who would believe him? Who would trust him? I feel like I’m assistant to the Grinch who stole Christmas and is awakened on Christmas day by all the little Who singing happily as if nothing was missing. The President want to return Christmas to the people. He needs you understanding and your help. Will you help us? Long ago you wanted a chance like this but now that you no longer care we know you are trustworthy.”

I would have liked to be involved in more of this dream but I think the shock of it actually woke me up. I lay wide awake for a long time, forcing myself to remember the details in the dream and what they might mean. I got the symbolism of the “Black House” as how I would see the White House because of the corruption it houses. Also the entire sense of a very dark day is how I perceive the global situation we are in. The brushy area represents the political mess. Beyond that, having Donald Trump and KellyAnn Conway asking me for help even though, yes, I know what such a revelation as he explained having experienced, does entail, is a bit more than much. But then, what’s self empowerment for in the end?

Was my mind playing a really sick game, or is there something going on, even if in some altered reality? Is compassion challenging me to “love my enemy” in this scenario? What sort of personal power was I being offered?

Who is the message for? All bets are off but I’ll accept opinions!

46 thoughts on “An Unexpected and very strange Dream

  1. Lisa R. Palmer

    Wow! Just wow!

    I can’t possibly “know” what this means, but I’m hoping for a bit of that generic prophecy you speak of. I agree with your interpretation of specific elements, in the sense that it “feels” correct. As to the rest…?

    Two things. First, I also have received “messages” of this sort, implying that Trump, while still a vile person and unconscionably dirty politician and businessman, will somehow wind up doing “good” for people as a whole, not just the elite. I can’t imagine how that could happen, accidentally or on purpose, but the repetitive nature of the message has encouraged me enough to soften my outlook to a “wait and see” perspective.

    Second. It is said by many (not me’s) that this global shift in consciousness is happening, and will happen, to everybody. It is no longer a choice. People will adapt to the new way of thinking or pass on quietly. Even the most despicable among us will change. That being said…

    The question before you, Sha’Tara, an avatar of compassion, is “are you prepared to accept these people – all of them – into your new world view? Can you (or will you) extend that “helping hand” you generously offer to someone you KNOW has never had a “good” intention in their life, except to serve their own needs? If Trump represents all that is wrong in this world, symbolically, are you still capable and willing to set aside your personal feelings and work (with others) toward a common good, even if those “others” are the epitome of the system you have fought against most of your life?

    In that broader sense it includes everyone, even those not seemingly “worthy” of your aid, for there will always be those in more need, and more deserving of your time and effort. So is your brand of compassion truly judgment-free, helping any who cross your path needing you, or are you starting to make conscious choices about who and when to help? Is this dream asking you to re-evaluate your priorities and your personal integrity?

    I ask these questions because I caught myself falling asleep last night doing just that. Images of people crossed my mind as I was drifting off, and as each one did, I “heard” myself criticizing something they’ve recently done. After a dozen or so, it suddenly dawned on me that I’m really not liking people these days. I mean, at all! I still love them in a universal sense, but I want nothing to do with them! And then a voice I didn’t recognize cut across those musings, demanding to know, “then why are you still there?! If you think so little of humanity these days, why don’t you leave already?!”

    I couldn’t answer that… because I honestly don’t know.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Tough questions here, Lisa, but I’d expect nothing less from you. It would appear the challenge was to/for me and these popular characters more like stage props. I think it was a “let’s bring her up short on her claims” by presenting me with a Hercules-size chore. How deep does my commitment really go, beyond the words, the feelings, the tears (yes, I get those too!) and my sometimes certainty that I am going somewhere with my stated life purpose? If I accept the dream at face value, jump in with Donald Trump and KellyAnn to do what I’m asked to do, I have to accept that we are as good as dead. If the move is legitimate, the forces aligned against such a move would be swift to act to stop it. It always seems to come down to this: is my life honestly on the line for this? Is it a total commitment, no ebb and flow of a seashore but the steady flow of a great river? OK, forget the poetry… am I as sincere deep inside as I make it look in words? From that viewpoint, the dream is a head’s up. An unexpected quiz to see what I’ve really learned. Thanks for your deep insight, Lisa. I appreciate it very much.

      1. Lisa R. Palmer

        Sounds like you’ve had some deep insights of your own. I can’t help but respect that. Sometimes it’s difficult to maintain that level of commitment when we see so little return on our investment. Thank you for reminding me that it’s not about the results, but about the work itself.

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Interesting how that comment of mine got truncated. “A gre, hm, I can’t figure out what it was I thought I wrote, so I’ll just add a “e” and leave it at that: I A gree.

  2. jim-

    I know you know my feelings about dreams being unreliable due to several factors, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt as I do not have your talent for such things. There are two ways to unite people. One is to lead them by example, helping them see through their divisions to move to a better way. The other is to cause so much damage that the people are forced to unite or be devastated, like WWII. I would guess Trump would choose the latter, but who am I but a third party non-political observer? He wants you to believe in him even though he’s a divider. Same as abrahamic religions. Who else preaches peace and love but the outcome reality always leads to more misery, no matter the intent?

    1. Woebegone but Hopeful

      Have to say here. Communism, Socialism, Nationalism, Liberalism, Conservativism, Hinduism, Buddhism and so on and so on. It’s not so much the song as what the singer does with it. Take the German ‘Deutschland Uber Alles’, it was written as an appeal to the peoples of all the separate German states to come together as one folk, in other words ‘Germany over your petty quarrels’. Then the Nazi’s hijacked it and it became associated as notorious anthem for hate, instead of Unity.
      All systems and messages are open to abuse and perversions. Discernment is vital

      1. jim-

        As you so astutely produced a third way, that is the trick we all have to live with. Present evil as good, or use good to manipulate human psychology for self servant evils, often out of ignorance. My guess is a Trump can’t change his stripes.

      2. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Sadly I doubt it. Trump is a fellow with a ego and not much else. History shows that sort manage to get ‘somewhere’ but very rarely do they stay and even rarer will they admit to getting things wrong.

    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      A pragmatic viewpoint, Jim, one I’d expect from you, and certainly food for thought also. This isn’t a “dismissing” comment at all, I am listening.

    3. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yeah, I can follow that argument. People are more likely to unite by reaction to damage being done to the polis by the elitist apparatus – the standard cause of all violent revolutions. War however is a different animal. A leader can move a people towards war with promises of more and better, or with the fear factor. Those who react to the warring party, the defenders, then fall in the second category.

  3. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Who know for sure? Once in sleep the and free of physical constraints of sights and sounds the mind can go in all directions.
    You may have been sending a message to them, pleading for them to change their ways and reach out, the conscious mind can have trouble getting the true nuance of the images seen as dreams.
    Keep on with them. You never know

      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        You’re welcome Sha’ Tara
        Messages. They come in all shapes and sizes and from all different directions.

  4. colettebytes

    This is most interesting Sha’Tara, but I do not have any insight, other than I do feel that DT is a master of deception. If that be what goes on here… Then you are a threat to him and his disciples. How interesting it would be if DT starts sidelining people for special handling?

    I notice that FEMA are testing the system so that DT can send messages to every cell (mobile) phone in the US…

    News item posted 15th September
    Twitter is pretty busy with this.

    FEMA to test ‘Presidential Alert’ system next week via @NBCNews

    1. colettebytes

      Sorry, sent before I finished. I just wonder why DT seems to be wanting to invoke his Presidential powers to do this?
      It is a Presidential right to do it (messages cannot be blocked) but no one ever has before now! Just what is he up to, I wonder?

      1. colettebytes

        Just in case you don’t go to the linked report… It ends with…

        “The test is supposed to take place at 2:18 p.m. EDT on Sept. 20. Under the Warning, Alert, and Response Network (WARN) Act of 2006, cellphone users cannot opt out of the presidential alerts.”

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I’m thinking out loud here, if Trump is on the losing end of a short streak, perhaps he just wants to play with as many “presidential powers” as he can before he’s kicked out of the sand box? What next, the nuclear launch button? That would be another “presidential power” no other president has yet exercised.

      3. colettebytes

        You read my mind Sha’Tara. I made a comment about the cell phone test on Jill’s blog… And finished with “Tiny fingers like big red buttons!”

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Knowing “when” couldn’t anyone turn off their phone at 2:15 PM, then turn it back on at 2:30 PM? Then what? “You have one new message. To hear your message…”???

      5. colettebytes

        Might be possible to avoid it… The reports that I read, say that the phone does have to be on. I find that a bit weird?

      6. colettebytes

        I don’t know… The NBC report could be speculative… The test might just be a standard thing… But now he knows he can use it!

    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      You wrote: “How interesting it would be if DT starts sidelining people for special handling?”  Would it reveal too much of my conspiracy theory leanings if I said, “I’m sure it’s on his TO DO list.” In that case then my dream was a warning, as in, beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Let’s see how my “psychology 101” works here.  If a thoroughly corrupt person says ‘I know you are incorruptible’ that means s/he is really saying, ‘when I’m done with you, you will be as corrupt as I am.’  Yet as the dream makes clear the characters knew I’d been tempted by easy and corrupt politics and religion in the past and knowingly walked out of both… Perhaps a reminder not to rest to comfortably on old laurels.

  5. franklparker

    I know nothing about dreams or their interpretation and doubt the validity of any attempt to interpret them. I would respectfully suggest that this one probably arose from your preoccupations and amounts to either ‘wishful thinking’ or, more diabolically, you asking yourself something along the lines of “If given the chance, would I be up to the challenge of solving the DT problem?”

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment Frank and yes I have often wondered, given the power and no serious or dangerous opposition, i.e., I could actually do what I want to do without asking permission, how I would go about solving our mega 21st C social problems. I do know this: they are solvable. On your other point, can one indulge in wishful thinking in a dream? I can see it in subsequent interpretation, but not within the actual dream. At least I’ve never come across that before and I have had many “esoteric” dreams.

  6. Regis Auffray

    All I have to say is that your dream is/was awesome. It sure makes me wonder and ponder. Thank you for sharing. It makes me realize I know nothing.

    “Be well as you will” and please do help The Donald.

    *Régis (Reg) Auffray*

    *Email:* *r *

    *Website: ** *

    *Facebook: ** *

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for that interesting view, Regis. Life has taught me that everyone knows a great deal more than they are aware of but some denigrate their knowledge, some hide it, some exaggerate it and in every case it is wasted.

  7. katharineotto

    I believe wholeheartedly in the power of dreams and have been studying them all my life. There is such a thing as group dreams, too, or messages sent to many people, in one form or another.

    I think your interpretation is interesting. As the dreamer yours is the most valid one and a good jumping off point for deeper consideration. First, it occurs to me there’s no real hierarchy in dreams, such that you can talk to Donald Trump or KellyAnn Conway directly, without intermediaries. The way it comes across, it sounds like he’s thinking not so much about himself, but of the larger problems that concern us all. He is possibly looking for help in solving the larger problems and is in a good position to make good ideas happen. In that sense, helping him helps everyone, even if he gets credit that critics want to withhold.

    If nothing else, he has stimulated a lot of discussion and communication between and among regular people, but the issue really isn’t about him. In a larger sense, by trying to understand what’s best for all, you are helping to solve his problem, too. Posting this dream is one step in that direction.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you very much indeed for your comment Katharine. I had similar thoughts but, well, my “modesty” prevented me from going there. Your thoughts make me think in terms of a catalyst. From Wikipedia: “Catalysis is the increase in the rate of a chemical reaction due to the participation of an additional substance called a catalyst, which is not consumed in the catalyzed reaction and can continue to act repeatedly. Often only tiny amounts of catalyst are required in principle.” That could be another way of looking at the dream. Isn’t any one of us with a dream of a better world who enters into the process of change actually a catalyst? For example, the revolutionary leader increases the rate of change in a gradually more volatile political condition.

      1. katharineotto

        Your dream has been working on me since I wrote the above, and I do indeed believe you are functioning as a catalyst. I believe Trump is also a catalyst, in that he is rattling so many cages, but he can’t control outcomes. The outcome (or outcomes) depends on how we as Earthians deal with the changes. We do have the opportunity to uplevel individual and group experiences, maybe with a little help from our more evolved, extra-terrestrial friends, whoever or whatever they may be.

        Maybe in a group-dreaming mode, we can dream up some visions of the kind of society we would like to inhabit.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for your comment, Katharine. Quote: “Maybe in a group-dreaming mode, we can dream up some visions of the kind of society we would like to inhabit.”  I really, really like that thought.  Imagine…

  8. rawgod

    Hey, S’T,
    If this were my dream (and I have had many weird dreams of late) I would ignore it until Trump makes a public disclosure that he is going through a sea-change. I personally do not think he is capable of changing, even if he wanted to, but I try to always give a person the benefit of my doubt–everyone is not only capable of change, but in my mind must go through such a change at some point in their life journey. Trump, though, does not appear to have reached that point in his life yet. He is still incapable of taking responsibility for anything he has done or failed to do. Taking responsibility, IMO, is the true test of a person’s state of mind, and their level of consciousness. Trump has shown no sign of either. But that is only my opinion.
    I’m afraid, to me, your dream sounds like wishful thinking. My question for you, if Trump was really asking for help, why did he need an assistant to back up his own expressed desire? I think this shows a total lack of self-confidence, which is already a trade mark of his. He is lying, but hoping he can convince you to come over to his side. How that would help him, I have no idea. But realistically speaking, it would be a victory for him if he could turn even one opponent to his way of thinking. It would be like convincing a sincere atheist to believe in god and religion, something he could brag about to all his Trum-pets and psychophants.
    Beware the mouth of the gift-horse!

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Taking one sentence of your comment: ” Taking responsibility, IMO, is the true test of a person’s state of mind, and their level of consciousness. Trump has shown no sign of either. But that is only my opinion.” I agree that taking responsibility is the test. Unfortunately (for us all) I think what you stated is not just your opinion, but blatant fact. Would that it was but an opinion! As to your last paragraph, on the surface of things there is nothing there I could disagree with, except perhaps whether one can indulge in wishful thinking within a dream. Thanks for that thought provoking comment, rawgod.

  9. Carol A. Hand

    Love your dream, Sha’Tara. (It inspired me to finish the most recent poem I posted – it took me weeks to write.) I have often contemplated how difficult it must be for people to withstand so much ridicule and negative energy hurled their way. It must make it near impossible to do anything other than escalate one’s callousness and denial of reality. Is it really possible for someone in such a position to awaken and begin the excruciatingly painful journey of healing? One cannot know, but healing isn’t possible unless someone chooses the path themselves. It’s not one cowards or the faint of heart are likely to take…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Carol. Having experienced the life changing “moment” back in the early 80’s I can empathize with anyone who is suddenly struck by that kind of lightning while in the process of seeking meaning amongst growing disillusionment with one’s current involvements and liabilities due to inability to be in all places at once. It is dangerous to believe one can set the world on fire for one could find themselves with the power to do so, to wit, Hitler, Donald Trump; many others in our history. “There is a path that seemeth right unto a man but the end of which is death.” Depending on our mental “make up” we react differently to these individually apocalyptic moments. Like the Force of Star Wars we are offered both sides of it, the dark and the light. When challenged on making my choice I chose compassion as my guarantee that I would never be tempted by the dark side. Those who consciously and deliberately choose the dark side must then live by it. Can they change again? Probably not in this one life. I now consider the people in my dream to have been symbols of the “collective unconscious” (i.e., these were not individuals but society) seeking a way out of their choice of the dark side. The dream ended before I could commit to helping and for good reason: I could not help “him” (them) for they are bound to a choice from which they cannot, collectively, escape. Only as individuals can a choice be made and from that place, no one else can intervene in the process and no amount of “prayer” to whatever divinity (more collective power) can affect the outcome. Cold, hard, harsh individual choice from which one lives, works and dies come hell or high water.

  10. Phil Huston

    I saw an interview with Paul McCartney in which he said very matter of faculty that dreams were gifts and not to ignore them. This was in response to where Let It Be came from, as well as the melody for Yesterday and many other things in his life and if you got dreams, run with them. I am a firm believer in the cosmic radio/muse/force/Holy Spirit and the alternate reality of some dreams. Not the ones that wake you up because you need to pee, but the ones where you are an active participant in things and events you are unfamiliar with like you belonged. We won’t go into chats with the dead.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Dreams have played an important part and role in my life. As for chats with the dead, I have those almost everyday – they’re everywhere around here, on sidewalks waiting for lights to change, in buses, trucks, cars; in food stores and restaurants and sometimes they even come to the door with a big book and pamphlets and want to chat. I read somewhere recently that our egregious “ancients” got their idea of hell from observing people around them. I rest my case.


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