Thoughts on Thanksgiving

[thoughts from ~burning woman~ ]

Monday morning. Blank screen. Emails read and responded to. Breakfast of protein powder mix, raisin bread toast and a few sips of hot coffee. Drab grey drizzle day, same as yesterday.

Thoughts pounding in my head, no particular order. Climate change is raising sea levels world wide; is it man-made? The science bloc increasingly thinks so; some have theories. Religion has doctrines, science has theories. Both are right. Both continually change their beliefs without ever admitting they were ever wrong.  It’s how the faith is propagated.

Remembering weird dream. Young, still on the old homestead. The father and eldest son have invented a machine to travel space. All must get on board and leave. Ever the practical, I look around and find many things left undone, tools not locked up, as well as house and sheds. I argue about it and set out to secure the property. My phone rings, I don’t answer, keep on working. Then comes the call of nature. After that I think, ‘It’s too late now, they will have left.’ I’m hoping I’m right – I realize how much I don’t want to go with them. I want to stay here and take care of things. The space machine I think is a very dumb idea. I say to myself, ‘It’s not how it goes, it’s not how we should do things. You don’t just leave.’ I walk down a city street, past a restaurant. I go in and recognize the owner, I’ve worked for her, waitressing. I lose my favourite ball cap and go look for it. An old man has it and is admiring it. I say, ‘That’s my hat sir, may I have it back please?’ He seems not to understand so I snatch it out of his hands and leave. I can’t wear it because I already have a hat on. I feel a great deal of confusion and uncertainty and the dream ends.

There are people in this world who are empaths. I’ve read about them and met some. They are people driven to take care of others but in most cases they can’t take care of themselves. They don’t understand themselves. Their lives are a mess, as are their homes and their finances. They don’t eat properly and have a great difficulty deciding what to wear. It seems as if their own person is a dilemma to them. Give them someone to care for however and suddenly they come alive, they are energized. They know the right and wrong words and action. I have maintained throughout my “aware” times that to be an empath on such a world as this is difficult, if not impossible. To function, something has to give. These empaths forget themselves and live according to their calling. Then there are the non-empaths who want to emulate them, who choose a path of service and turn into machines. It becomes a profession, a job, and there is no healing from their hands, even if they are taught proper bedside manners, they are transparent by their lack of heart. I try to keep my own place clean, and to wear proper and clean clothes but when it comes time to clean I have no heart for it. I need to be needed. That’s how empathy is measured if indeed it can be measured.

I wonder sometimes, well all the time, if the world is in as much of a mess; as chaotic; as my mind insists it is? I shouldn’t have to wonder, the evidence is all around me. Can I trust that evidence though, or am I too sensitive to the pain and suffering to the point where I no longer see or sense the pleasure many derive from the way they live their lives? Perhaps it’s a question of awareness. Do animals realize their dwindling numbers, the decimation of their particular species? They cannot express themselves as we do so we can’t know, but are they even aware of their loss in the face of human encroachment? Are we the ones who are supposed to be aware for them? Yesterday I saw an ad for a store that sells all sorts of hunting and fishing equipment. It’s a popular store but I don’t shop there. I have gone in that store and I smelled death and it made me sick. That’s the problem with being an empath.

I spent a lifetime working for others. When I got a job, it was basically my life for 42.5 years. Now I’m retired, have been for a few years, but the “call” is still there, as if next morning I will get up, eat, get ready and head off to work. That’s the normal and it’s been interrupted. I can’t get used to it. This is Canada Thanksgiving weekend, day 3. Fortunately I have a job to go to tomorrow morning that will probably take all day. So a bit of the “old normal” to rely on.

Perhaps, from someone else’s point of view things aren’t as bad as they come across to me. Perhaps what’s real is actually what’s fake? Yet I must ask, where are the birds? Many birds pass through here in the Fall migration yet this year there are so few and basically they are the ones who reside here year round. I’m thinking that those fires that have raged through and devastated so much territory north of here are responsible. Millions of nests would have been burned in the fires and many adult birds fallen prey to the thick smoke and died too. There are many, many unfelt costs to our mindless expansion and raping of our wilderness. There are many warning signs being given to us to mind our ways, but are we minding?

I read a terribly sad story this morning about a terribly abused child who for years relied upon his faith in God to see him through his ordeals. Later in life, sick and broken from the earlier abuse, he finally realized no help would come to him from God. He said he walked out a final time from his church with tears in his eyes, realizing he was alone, had always been, would always be. I have done the same, for similar reasons, even if the “abuse” wasn’t on me in this life, it was in my past life, and I can feel the abuse that so many endure at this very moment. That too is me and no escape from it. What will this man do now, finding himself alone? Will he find another broken life to share with and limp along to death? Or will he discover self empowerment? I could make a bet on that were I a gambler.

Who am I? I am an empath. I am everybody, I am Nobody. I borrow feelings, or rather they come to me, as thread for my needle, and I patch and patch and patch but my civilization is a tattered rag.

Mt. 9:16 “No-one sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment, for the patch will pull away from the garment, making the tear worse.”

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  1. sherazade

    Solo un pensiero: reale o irreale non è univoco ma varia di volta in volta a seconda delle sensibilità individuali di chi le vive.



    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Shera.  Translated: Only a thought: real or unreal is not unique but varies from time to time depending on the individual sensitivity of those who live there.

      Would that be in reference to climate change, or to how a person feels, how sensitive a person is to, well, whatever the situation? Not unique describes it well and indeed, how things are perceived depends entirely on individual awareness (sensitivity as you put it.) Some of our “higher” sensitivity can be linked to experiences, some to choice of lifestyle?

      Translator: “Sarebbe in riferimento ai cambiamenti climatici o al modo in cui una persona si sente, quanto è sensibile a una persona, beh, quale che sia la situazione? Non unico lo descrive bene e in effetti, il modo in cui le cose vengono percepite dipende interamente dalla consapevolezza individuale (sensibilità come la metti tu.) Alcune delle nostre sensibilità ‘più alte’ possono essere collegate alle esperienze, alcune alla scelta dello stile di vita?


      1. sherazade

        certamente no ai cambiamenti climatici che sono ( purtroppo) un dato di fatto oggettivo.
        Alla seconde domanda rispondo che certamente a mio avviso la ‘consapevolezza’ passa attraverso il nostro vissuto.
        Vorrei chiarire che sensibilità è qualcosa di innato mentre la consapevolezza fa parte della crescita anche culturale dell’individuo.

        ciao Sha ‘Tara da Roma … sole primaverile …


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        IMTranslator says: certainly not to climate changes which are (unfortunately) an objective fact of fact.
        The second question I answer that certainly in my opinion the ‘awareness’ passes through our experience.
        I would like to clarify that sensitivity is something innate while awareness is part of the cultural growth of the individual.

        hello Sha ‘Tara from Rome … spring sunshine …
        OK now I understand. Indeed we become aware through experiences, but for that to happen we have to be “mentally awake” to take stock of our experiences; to analyze them and grow or make changes from them. History shows that, although there are many experiences, little is learned, hence “awareness” is slow and dodgy and often it even moves backwards, as witness our current political and economic times.

        Hello back, from sunshiny Chilliwack, B.C., Canada.
        Translator: Ok ora capisco. In effetti diventiamo consapevoli attraverso le esperienze, ma affinché ciò avvenga dobbiamo essere ‘mentalmente svegli’ per fare il punto delle nostre esperienze; per analizzarli e crescere o apportare modifiche da loro. La storia mostra che, sebbene ci siano molte esperienze, si impara poco, quindi la ‘consapevolezza’ è lenta e dubbia e spesso si allontana, come testimoniano i nostri attuali tempi politici ed economici.

        Ciao indietro, da Sunshiny Chilliwack, B.C., Canada.


      1. Bélanger Robinson

        Some time ago you mentioned during a response to another post that I could ask you a question if I liked. I hope that still true.
        Do you think that some people who feel things deeply learn to tune those feelings out because of the pain associated with the state of the world? In other words, the information is just too depressing. One more, please. Do you think that some of that knowing is just an ability to read things well? I struggle to fully understand whether it is a borrowing of feelings, as you mentioned, or whether it is keen observation and then knowing how I would feel in that situation. Just curiousto know what you think.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: “Do you think that some people who feel things deeply learn to tune those feelings out because of the pain associated with the state of the world? In other words, the information is just too depressing.”
        First, without indulging in false modesty I readily admit that I can’t answer your question “wisely” but since you only ask what I think, that makes it easier. To your first question, yes, I think and even know, that many people learn to tune out because they can’t take the pain they are causing them. I’ll use myself as an example: My first full bore foray into trying to understand, unravel and solve some of the world’s greatest problems ate my health and brought me to the edge of suicide. Long story short, I found a better way through self empowerment and detachment. Now I could “see” the problems and I could still “feel” the conditions extent on the planet, but I could approach all of it from compassion and I discovered how to shift pain and suffering, which are very personally felt, to a greater generic sorrow. I also discovered that sorrow is the dark twin, or lover, to joy and that they exist in parallel, one in the light, one in the darkness. The only way these two can know, or touch, each other is through the compassionate empath, thus the observant, knowing person becomes the living bridge between the utopian state which is our birth right and the actual hell in which most creatures exist.

        Quote: “One more, please. Do you think that some of that knowing is just an ability to read things well? I struggle to fully understand whether it is a borrowing of feelings, as you mentioned, or whether it is keen observation and then knowing how I would feel in that situation.” The knowing itself comes from a higher developed sense of awareness, as yet a very poorly developed sense among Earthians. As to “borrowing of feelings” that was a kind of poetic imagery. The empath doesn’t manufacture all those feelings s/he gets, they belong to the world one lives in, therefore it can be said those feelings are borrowed. How would a keep observer of the reality of earth make one feel? That can only be known through the experience. No one but yourself can know this and no one but yourself can understand it. This “heart-mind” touching of reality is the purifying sacred fire through which an ordinary Earthian discovers what it means to become a true human being. Though it is a sustaining state of bliss, few there be who can comprehend such a thing, it just seems like a complete contradiction.

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      3. Bélanger Robinson

        Thanks for responding! Have you ever read Pedagogy of the Heart by Paulo Freire? A professor once told me that it is “my book,” and while I do know to some extent what she was talking about, she did not understand that both fatalism and utopian ideas live inside of me-a true contradiction, to be sure-and that I struggle to keep a watchful eye on one so that it does not consume me. Somehow, hope wins out for me (at least up to this point), but that does not mean that I have not seen some very dark days that have resulted from a certain kind of knowing (I have had a number of depressive episodes). I now understand, though, that my knowing has made me far more forgiving of humans. I continue to expand in how much gray area I believe exists in the world. That does not mean that I think something is morally right or wrong, but that I can see how a person might have arrived at that very place and time, and very often I can attribute those decisions to a lack of knowing versus resulting from a bad person.
        However, I have noticed that I do close myself off to certain people and certain situations. When I can take it (the state of the world) no more without negatively affecting my husband and children, I purposefully limit my interaction with the outside world, or try to focus on more fun things (i.e., make blog posts, play with my dogs, take pictures of flowers, or make a new dish). I have to do this because if I don’t close off all of the noise, so to speak, I will spiral into complete misery. Those fun things never hold my attention for long; I always feel bad for closing down. Before you know it I will be off on some new quest for knowledge that will eventually leave me unhappy again, but that I cannot avoid being drawn into pursuing.
        At any rate, I feel like a contraction all of the time. But for me, somehow that makes me feel like a bad person.
        Perhaps I need to learn to just live with the idea that I am complicated.
        Thanks, again. It sounds like awareness may be strange in the big scheme of human behavior, but it does not necessarily make me strange (emphasized). :0)


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        #1: “Have you ever read Pedagogy of the Heart by Paulo Freire?” – Sorry to say, no I have not, though I heard about it plenty, particularly in the days of interaction with Central American CIA oppression and subsequent refugee situation. Perhaps you may have the time to talk about some aspects of the work that are meaningful to you? May as well use blog space, plenty of “room” on it and others may find the information useful or interesting…?

        #2: “she did not understand that both fatalism and utopian ideas live inside of me-a true contradiction, to be sure-and that I struggle to keep a watchful eye on one so that it does not consume me.”  – The compassionate, empathetic being can only be a contradiction, to herself and others, on a world as twisted as this one is.  I don’t see how that can be avoided without compromising to the System.  Being aware of the “contradiction” can only mean one is aware the quest for knowledge is real… Certainly it is not a negative condition.  We can use the imagery of the gambler: know when to hold, when to fold, when to walk away.

        #3: “It sounds like awareness may be strange in the big scheme of human behavior, but it does not necessarily make me strange”  – Did you know that there are but an infinitesimally small number of humans on earth? The insistence on people here to be called ‘human’ is unbelievable hubris. The very first clue that someone is not human is lack of empathy, particularly the insistence on killing others for any and all reasons, and the killing of animals, either for pleasure (sport) or food. A human being does not eat meat, nor fish, nor insects. Vegetarians, were they not as war-mongering as the rest, would come close to being human. But then they’d also have to be compassionate… self empowered… and live in complete detachment.  Hmmm! :-\ So “the big scheme of human behaviour” doesn’t exist much on this world. People are pseudo-human and the Teachers call them, as they should, simply Earthians.

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      5. Bélanger Robinson

        You always offer me something interesting to think about. My fatalism at times has led some of my colleagues to refer to me as the nihilistic Buddhist. But it’s not exactly nihilism. Rather, my rejection of the “system” is seen by others as nihilistic.
        I may write some about Freire’s musings surrounding fatalism. Thanks for the suggestion and encouragement! Writing also helps me to think deeper about issues.
        I will keep working to be human😊 Lord knows that I don’t want to be only an Earthian.
        I also liked the Kenny Rogers reference; I’ll remember that when I feel bad about myself. Maybe I can learn to have the same compassion for myself that I have for others.
        You are awesome, Sha’Tara! It’s always a pleasure 😊


      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        In regards to being perceived as ‘nihilistic’ – I’ve had that label tacked on me quite a few times, along with negative and contrarian. I fully understand why Earthians would feel that way about us: we don’t give them much, if any, wiggle room for their assumptions, their false hopes, their reliance on leadership misdirection and their new religion, science. Lacking the big picture of life which they reject out of hand as without proof, what have they got left but some nebulous hope in some sort of positive change to their systems? When you tell them that it won’t work because it’s already been tried and has obviously failed, they get tense, having to idea of what would constitute a truly new and original way to move on from here. Yet they are the ones who readily admit that to keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is the definition of insanity. They will admit they are insane but they will not admit that they are wrong! More food for thought! 🙂

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      7. Bélanger Robinson

        Absolutely! And I never mean it to be mean spirited; I am simply trying to show them a pattern of unuseful behavior.
        I was going to mention to you yesterday that I think people like us are big picture people versus the kind of thinking that a friend of mine calls “bean counting.” 😊


      8. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for that comment. I think that Earthians are afraid of the really big picture and that is because their soul programming won’t allow them to believe “in” it. An Earthian operates by faith; it needs to believe in something or someone but it will only believe in what its programming says is legitimate. The funny thing is, faith can be in anything – God, a national anthem, a system, for example the current fad of trust in science and technology which are struggling to compete with that old time religion. How “big” is the big picture? I call it the cosmos. Faith people can believe in a cosmos also but only as long as that doesn’t demand any specific image that could replace any of the current controlling factors of divine-based religion; state or money (man’s evil trinity of powers) When an individual begins the suspect s/he can operate without faith in either or all three of the classic powers, the programming goes ape-shit and the mind goes through wild fluctuations until the base program has asserted itself and the individual made a choice to, say, leave religion to serve money, or science. What’s important to the system is that nothing has escaped, there’s just been a lateral movement, from one box into another.

        But what does it mean, say, for me who no longer has a functioning soul implant (I’m thinking you may have read about that on this blog…??? – if not I’ll need to do some ‘splainin’) to talk about the cosmos (I usually capitalize it, Cosmos)? It means the ultimate big picture. It is infinity and beyond eternity. It is Life and “her” relationship with all that is and that is to be. No limits and nothing impossible. An abode of a believing in God individual, called heaven, would not be more than a pinprick in such a concept as the cosmos. Even now we are creating this cosmos, learning how to examine, then manipulate energy, becoming aware of misuse of it leading to entropy (death) and how we will counter that in the immeasurable future that will no longer be future but… all that is. Even now we are teaching ourselves to live our personal lives outside the entropic rules of time. But time is a big part of the soul programming and that is why programmed individuals cannot comprehend the cosmos because it literally means timeless infinity. A programmed entity cannot meaningfully engage a life that does not have death or termination in it. Now we get into the concept of attachments… so I’ll quit here.


      9. Bélanger Robinson

        Yes! It’s un examined faith in a fictitious thing. And when they figure one fictitious thing out and so can no longer believe fully in it, they simply find another one to commit themselves to. It’s mind numbing.


      10. Sha'Tara Post author

        I think the word commonly used to describe this sort of change is revolution… hence while we do move forward, we use a circular motion guaranteeing that nothing will ever change. There’s a lot of talk these days, particularly if you stick your head in a Christian vs Atheist debate, about physical evolution. Can’t we have mental evolution for a change?

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      11. Bélanger Robinson

        Agreed! Sorry for the delay. I had a very busy weekend and did not manage to get to a response yesterday.
        I wanted to add something to the response of another comment made by me previously, but I was interrupted by part of my display crashing to the ground at the farmer’s market :0), so I did not get to finish my thought.
        When I wrote my dissertation years ago, I truly became aware of how flawed science is in terms of reaching something close to truth; science is easily manipulated, even if researchers are unaware of their manipulation. I also found that participants were manipulative at times, making the “truth” hard to locate. Again, I don’t even think that the participants were necessarily aware of the manipulation, although I had one participant outright tell me that he lied to me because he did not like the subject matter and wanted to “screw up the results.” I was almost destroyed when I realized that not even “facts” are facts. I had put my faith in something unworthy of my devotion (as you previously mentioned), and that was a hard pill to swallow, so to speak. However, I also have a hard time with utter chaos, especially in our new time of Trumpism and all the nonsense that Mr. Trump (and his foot soldiers) attempts to further. Perhaps that is were the “nihilistic Buddhist” nickname comes from. I find it hard to “believe” in anything. The Buddhist part of the nickname comes from my decision to stop wanting anything, especially from the system of academia and from my scholar colleagues. Wanting leaves me completely disappointed. I agree that it would be lovely if we could delve deeper into what prompts us to believe in things that don’t hold out to be true. I include myself in that statement. I am fairly sure that I am at the beginning of this exploration. Whatever I currently believe will likely show itself untrue with time.


      12. Sha'Tara Post author

        Buried in work and comments here on WP but anyway, here’s another two cents’ worth: Quote: “Wanting leaves me completely disappointed. I agree that it would be lovely if we could delve deeper into what prompts us to believe in things that don’t hold out to be true.” Now just think about this (it’s what I’ve been shown, so “fact” for me): What if we are born literally programmed to respond to stimuli in a certain way and chances are we would seldom if ever break the pattern? Going deeper, what if this programming is accomplished through our “soul” – an implant we receive during gestation or at birth. That soul thing is a precious thing for the programmers/controllers, so there’s another reason why, particularly in organized religion, there is so much negativity against abortion, or against any sexual process that does not produce a life capable of being implanted… and why killing in war is OK. It doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to be part of the programming. Just a thought. Someday this species may wake up and wise up to its programming. What will be done about it… probably very little because then it would have to admit there are controllers that are not human and we are their mind slaves. There’s the rub.

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      13. Bélanger Robinson

        Please don’t every feel pressured to respond to me; I know that life can be demanding.
        I am going to respond to this is a little while because I have to head off to more work. Additionally, I wanted to say something in response to your comment, but I cannot for the life of me remember the word for the idea in my head at the moment. I’ll be back!


      14. Bélanger Robinson

        I honestly can’t think of the concept right now. It’s not exactly schemata theory, but sort of along those lines. Maybe you know the word for it? When people are incapable of creating something that is outside of what they alread know. Sort of the way “aliens” resemble people because that is what we assume they would look like. Our brains limit what we can imagine, so we assume they have eyes, mouths, limbs, etc., and we assume those features are relatively in the same places as human features. Anyway, your thoughts made me think of that concept, whatever the name.
        As soon as I can complete all of my employment related work this week, I am going to attempt to write about being faithless, which to me is not about being atheist or not. Rather, it’s kind of related to that programming that you referred to in your response.


      15. Sha'Tara Post author

        I have to stick with “programming” – best I can do. When a questionable intelligence is programmed it will follow the preset. Some of the points you make about aliens are called anthropomorphism. We imagine things as what we are familiar with. Not the same as programming though and personally I think that’s a good thing as it allows us to “move forward” and not get stymied trying to interact with the bizarre. I would imagine an alien much as we are but allow that my image is a symbol, a place holder and an actual alien might be completely outside anything I could imagine. All my encountered aliens are very Earthian looking.


      16. Bélanger Robinson

        Thanks! I knew there was a word for it. I meant that I wondered if our limited ability to break the preset pattern could be the result of our limited ability to imagine something new. Maybe the limit is part of the programming?


      17. Sha'Tara Post author

        Again I have to stick with the programming (or pre programming) concept. I have nothing else to explain irrational Earthian behaviour. I think you are correct, that our limited ability to imagine something new is part of the programming. If we were allowed to trust our imagination, giving it free rein, we would not be so pathetically easy to control and manipulate by people we know are dumb, ignorant, greedy, selfish and often repulsive. Yet they make themselves into leaders and we follow them. That’s pathological.

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  2. franklparker

    Hi Sha’Tara. feel that I must challenge these sentences: “Religion has doctrines, science has theories. Both are right. Both continually change their beliefs without ever admitting they were ever wrong.” Both are right? Not really. Religion certainly is not, and Science, sometimes, is not.
    Change their beliefs without ever admitting they were wrong? Again, not true of science. Scientists change their beliefs when new evidence becomes available and they admit they were wrong in the assumptions they made based on incomplete evidence. The followers of a religion rarely change their beliefs, despite evidence that makes their belief seem irrational to everyone else.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Frank. That “both are right” was tongue in cheek! The truth is, neither are ever “right” when it becomes matters of faith. I don’t know that “science” ever admits being actually wrong, it just goes on with some new and improved theory but leaves the old stuff on the books. Nothing is ever resolved and whatever is believed through scientific theories today will be seen as a ladder of progress, even if that progress has no real goal in sight. Science (generic) would fare much better with me if it hadn’t so conveniently allied itself with the military industrial complex – which is destroying the planet and could not exist without its prostituted science and scientists. The biggest problem I’ve observed in the push towards a non-spiritual materialistic-scientific world is full speed ahead, there’s money, hence power, in it, and damn the torpedoes, or consequences on the long run. To me science is Napalm. Drones. ICBM’s. Chemical weapons. Dirty nukes. Consumerism. Amorality. Artificial intelligence destroying natural intelligence. Blatant and screaming irresponsibility towards the future of nature and real people. To me, and that is a personal opinion though many others have voiced similar concerns, science is the new Religion of the Age. Our clear and present danger of environmental collapse wasn’t caused by religion, or even the state, though these got their pound of flesh from it all, but by capitalism aided and abetted by science. Science gets a “Fail” grade in my class.


  3. Lisa R. Palmer

    Hmm… I want to respond to this post, but I don’t know what to say…

    I could address your thoughts on empaths, but mostly I agree with you. As I do with almost all that you say here. So, no “response” is really needed, except to say, “yes! I agree.”

    Yet that does not feel adequate…

    I will say that the profound confusion you have described here has been haunting me as well, revealing itself in the oddest ways, and in inconvenient moments.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Lisa. These are not good times for empaths (well, were they ever?) but we made it to here; we managed to make some serious changes within and we became much more aware of our greater surroundings (outside of this little world) so we gained much even if it seems as little. Now we finish the course and, at least for myself, I say, “I’ll be back!”


  4. wolfess

    Salutations my friend! Are you surprised to see me???? You spoke of a lack of birds in your neck of the woods … they are here in Hamiltonia; along with the bees (yes!! bees!!!) and Monarchs!!!!
    Last fall Cranston and his brood (crows) came for a visit and stayed a few weeks — I put out that awful pink slime that comes in a ‘chub’ with a bite of hotdog stuck in a raw meatball of the slime. They get so excited about it that as soon as I leave the meatballs on top of the mailbox they are swooping down to grab them!
    Yesterday Cranston flew over while I was outside and said ‘hi’; our cardinal couple came up to the porch to get some suet-breakfast; Scaredy-cat woke from his sleep in the chair on the front porch, and Freya kitty came up and rubbed on me b4 she ate the food I had put out for them.
    Summer here in Hamiltonia has been exquisitely strange — with the bees and Monarchs and crows and our mocking-jay* that makes every sound under the sun (he even barks like Frodo my schnauzer); not to mention my trio of Mourning Doves who return every spring. *We have a number of bluejays that grab peanuts out of the box to fly back to our wooden fence in the backyard and break open their peanuts — if someone had told me they do that I would never have believed them … but I watch them do it so now I know! We have squirrels — wolf, red & black, oh my! — that tell me every morning they are there for their daily ration of peanuts and bushy tail; after I do my morning chores I sit in the living room and watch them. 🤔🤗

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Quite the wildlife. Must be a different world than mine! Here if you feed the birds be prepared for a long, drawn-out war against rat infestation, they take over everything if there is anything left outside they can eat. But even so, with all the bushes, the park behind the house with a small river flowing through, this is the place for birds, normally. No, it has to be the fires.
      Can’t find Hamiltonia on the web but you mention cardinals so you must live in the east, perhaps in Hamilton, Ontario? Not likely it’s the one in Australia…

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      1. wolfess

        Actually ‘Hamiltonia’ is my own creation of the street we live on in Nebraska — we live on Hamilton St in Omaha. When the prictator became not-our-president we decided we didn’t want to live in the U.S. anymore so Hamilton St became Hamiltonia!
        *Last year I had to take my Civic into the garage b/c a mouse had moved in (to the car) and CAUSED $400 IN DAMAGE! Now I’m wondering if the creatures I feed are responsible for that mouse taking up residence where he definitely was NOT wanted … And what were Freya and Scaredy-cat doing INSTEAD of dealing with my mouse issue … inquiring minds want to know! 😼🤔


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        That explains the reference to your alien land. You were fortunate to get off with only $400 damage. Quite often when mice make their homes in a car, or motor home, it’s a write off. They chew all the wiring for their nests. Good news: maybe, if we have a serious plague of mice they’ll recycle all the plastic… We had a rule on the homestead (northern Alberta way back when there were still unicorns and BigFoot roamed the distant mountains) and that was, if you want any work from the cats, never over feed them. They need to get hungry to hunt with purpose otherwise it’s just a hit n’ miss game… ‘Oh look, a mouse.’ says Freya. ‘Where?’ replies Scaredy with a yawn. ‘There, heading for the car.’ ‘Oh yeah. Car’s dirty shit, I ain’t goin’ in there.’ ‘Maybe we should wait until it comes out?’ ‘Boring!’


      3. wolfess

        Thank you for the amazing ‘word picture’ you painted of Freya, Scaredy, and that damned mouse! 😼😺 You made my day!


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