A Bit of Wisdom from my El Issa Days

[essay on compassion – by ~burning woman~ ]

El Issa’s name should not be new to those who have read some of my blog articles. I’ve mentioned her work in my life, her teachings on compassion, on detachment, on servanthood to the point of voluntarily giving one’s life for another. Some will even remember the dream I related where she described to me how she healed her world in the darkness of her Shadowlands.

I came across a book some years back called “The Gods of Eden” written by William Bramley. Seven years of intensive research by this man looking for the answer to his life-long question: why do humans indulge in war? culminated in this book. This is what struck me as I was reading today. I am going to quote some parts from Chapter 12 entitled “The Jesus Ministry.” This passage is about the so-called “lost years” of the life of Jesus.

Quote: “Several years ago I happened to see an intriguing film documentary by Richard Bock entitled The Lost Years. The film suggests that Jesus journeyed to Asia where he spent his teens and early adulthood studying the religions practiced there. One source from which the filmmaker drew this remarkable conclusion was the “Legend of Issa,” a very old Buddhist document purportedly discovered in the Himi Monastery of India by Russian traveler Nicolas Notovitch in 1887.

According to the Buddhist legend uncovered by Notovitch, a remarkable young man named “Issa” had departed for Asia at the age of thirteen. Issa studied under several religious masters of the East, did some preaching of his own, and returned to Palestine sixteen years later, at the age of 29. The significant parallels between the lives of “Issa” and Jesus have led to the conclusion that Issa was, in fact, Jesus. If true, such a journey would certainly be omitted from the Bible because it contradicts the idea that Jesus had achieved spiritual enlightenment solely by divine inspiration.

If Jesus was an Essene (a point already made in Bramley’s book) and he traveled to Asia under Essene sponsorship, and if the Essenes indeed followed an Aryan tradition, we would expect Jesus to be sent to study under the Aryan Brahmans of the Indian subcontinent. According to the legend of Issa that is precisely what happened:

“In his fourteenth year, young Issa, the Blessed One, came this side of the Sindh [a province in Western Pakistan] and settled among the Aryas [Aryans]…”

Upon Jesus’ arrival, “the white priests of Brahma welcomed him joyfully” and taught him, among other things, to read and understand the Vedas, and to teach and expound sacred Hindu scriptures. This joyful reception quickly turned sour, however, because Jesus insisted upon associating with the lower castes. That led to friction between the young headstrong Jesus and Brahmin hosts. According to the legend:
“But the Brahmins and the Kshatriyas [members of the military caste] told him that they were forbidden by the great Para-Brahma [Hindu god] to come near to those who were created from his belly and his feet [the mythical origin of the lower castes];
“[…] But Issa, disregarding their words, remained with the Sudras, preaching against the Brahmins and Kshatriyas. He declaimed strongly against man’s arrogating to himself the authority to deprive his fellow-beings of their human and spiritual rights. “Verily,” he said, “God has made no difference between his children, who are all alike dear to Him.”
“Issa denied the divine inspiration of the Vedas and the Puranas [a class of sacred writings] …”

I don’t need to quote more. Anyone interested can find this book and read it for themselves. The point I wanted to make here was that I’ve discovered why El Issa’s teachings so closely and intimately paralleled those of Jesus still found in the Christian section of the Bible called the “New Testament.” In nature, they are the same person.

Incidentally, because of my intimate relationship with El Issa I’ve come to understand why those teachings mean so much to me and why I think that applied properly, with detachment and true self-empowerment they have the power to change the direction man has taken and bring this world to a true “new age” of understanding and peace – without Earth having to go through some horrific aspect of “Armageddon.”

A conflict ends when one of the protagonists discovers compassion and finds that she or he would rather die than cause harm to another. Indeed the basic teaching of El Issa to me over the years has been, “Far better it is for you to give your [physical] life for another than to take another’s life to protect yours or that of a loved one. Life is much, much more than most even have an inkling of.”

War is our greatest sin, our greatest folly, our greatest downfall. But according to “Issa” it is not inevitable. Each one of us has the power to end it – right now, without any need of further interference from so-called divine beings, or for that matter, aliens. Who but us knows this place best? Who but us has the most to lose if things continue as they are today? Seems to me it is foolishness to expect some unknown entity to care more about this world than we do.

A thought: How do we know when we are truly free? When death is no longer either feared or desired as release from responsibility or from pain.

Think about this: as people, we expect nature to provide for us. When we believe that nature is a bit slow in responding to our expectations or entitlements, we force her hand. We’ve been doing this for millennia and with so little negative reaction that we’ve come to think of it as the proper way to proceed. Force and violence is good, waiting, nurturing, sharing and accepting is bad. We made ourselves into violent creatures and from our violence we became vile creatures with no intention of changing.

Now ask yourselves this: what would happen to the world if we all became compassionate beings “overnight”? Then ask, “Why not? What’s preventing me from choosing compassion as my sole modus operandi? Is it because I’m afraid, a “chicken shit” or because I too believe that might is right and to not use force to get my way indicates that I am a weakling?”

How could you (generic) wage war in a world of compassionate people? How could you cause pain or harm deliberately as a compassionate being? How could you accept social injustice? Racism? Misogyny? Imagine the joy felt as a world as we inexorably x’d out our long list of societal evils?

Well, there’s no magic in it, is there. I’ve made that choice and I hope that it shows a bit even on this blog. I’m an ordinary member of the great uneducated, unwashed, never heard masses. No better certainly, hopefully no worse, morally speaking, than any other. That being said, as I’ve said it before, if I can do this, anyone can do this. It’s a matter of choice and if you (generic) choose not to consider becoming a compassionate being, what does that say of your character? That would be a frightening admission!

The offer is simple, the consequences from accepting can save a world and possibly billions of lives.

Too much to ask?

Quote from the fantasy novel, “The Sword, the Bow and the Staff” by Sha’Tara: … “The strongest arm isn’t the one who can throw fires, move storms, overthrow a fortification or destroy an army.

“The strongest arm is the one that cradles a child; that picks up a broken body and heals it; that wraps itself around the grieving and provides comfort; that blocks a blow meant to harm an innocent. That is the strongest arm.

“The second strongest arm is the one who can wield the sword, throw the spear, shoot the bow, pull back and notch the wire of the crossbow or manipulate a staff but only in the service of justice.

“In the end it comes down to humility, courage and compassion.”

66 thoughts on “A Bit of Wisdom from my El Issa Days

  1. colettebytes

    Very well defined Sha’Tara. I certainly would lay down my life rather than take another, no matter what that ‘other’ does and in what evil purpose. I have terrible pangs of guilt when I accidently kill insects. I go out of my way to rescue bees and wasps or other small things in trouble. Compassion brings a respect and care for all life, regardless of form. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Lovely comment,Colette. Compassion awakens empathy. Empathy feels what the other feels. On a world as violent as this earth has become, being an empath can be a difficult and troublesome way of life. We are surrounded by predators, from the invisible viruses to the corporate and military magnates and madmen, and psychotic leaders with their pudgy fingers hovering tantalizingly over the nuclear button, all greedy for power and money. When we choose not to respond violently to these life takers there is no one to show us the way, or how to deal with our own feelings. We must internalize and use our personal machinery and energy to work it out. If your internet connection permits it, check out Lisa Palmer’s post today: https://theotherhoodofone.wordpress.com/2018/10/27/permission-to-cry/

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        There is much to be deeply saddened about, certainly. I am thankful that the Teachers explained the non-personal, non-stressful way of sharing in the sadness: through sorrow. I can plunge myself deep into various sorrowful conditions of the world yet suffer no personal stress from it. I call it learning to survive as an empath in a violent world. How I wish I could explain this to people with the clarity the Teachers used with me. If only we were not afraid to feel the world’s pain and received it in a non-debilitating way. Again being reminded of the path of the WindWalkers, those who walk between heaven and earth; those who see and seek to understand…

  2. hughcurtler

    Fascinating parallels. The core of the New Testament is, as you suggest, that we love our neighbors as ourselves. That means all other humans. The central idea of love (rather than hate) is the common thread here. Well said.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Hugh. Depending on which type of love one is talking about, yes, that concept could be used, if with great circumspection – love has so many misuses, misdirections, mis-meanings. I believe that when we begin to trust our own power enough we will discover that we can only, truly understand what we mean by love when we practice it through compassion. Love has seen women burned alive as witches. It has fired up bloody crusades and kept the most violent wars going. It has led to men and women killing each other over choices of partners and has been at the root of many genocides because love can so easily morph into man’s greatest evils to justify them. The same can never be said of compassion: it is an incorruptible force, perhaps the only one we have at our disposal and perhaps why we have such a difficult time not “marrying” it to love every time we talk about it. We actually feel more comfortable with something that can be corrupted; morally speaking we are bungee cord jumpers. As a philosopher you may appreciate why I insist on separating and differentiating compassion from love. Love of neighbour isn’t actually love, it’s compassion, or the intent of it is. How many different kinds of love did the Greeks recognize? How many different kinds of compassion are there?

    2. rawgod

      Actually, Keith, our neighbours are not only humans, but all living beings. To “love” our neighbours would be more thorough were we all to be as Colette describes above. All lives matter. Cutting grass is a matter of concern for me, because I have no idea what beings are living in the grass, getting sucked into the blades. But more than that, pulling weeds bothers me too. Weeds have as much right to life as anyone else. But if I let my lawn go wild I get fined by town council. It is a dilemma I face every year, and many times during the year. Life needs versus human needs, why are we so incompatible with nature? I will never understand…

      1. rawgod

        Oops, sorry Hugh, I get names so mixed up these days I forget who I am talking to. And sorry to you too Keith, if you read this. Old age is affecting my memory…

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        One of my “heart breaking awakening moments ” was mowing a hayfield on the homestead and cutting through a rabbit nest. The mower cut the legs off the baby rabbits too young to be able to run away. I had to kill four of them. That was sixty years ago and it remains a nightmare. It is the stigma of being an Earthian. Even if unintentional that was murder.

      3. rawgod

        It was, and still is. I have my own “”murder” experiences that still haunt me. Kids are capable of great horror. Only we can forgive ourselves, no one else can. And since we cannot forgive ourselves, we never get forgiven. But we learn, and that is the most important thing. If we learn!

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: “But we learn, and that is the most important thing. If we learn!” So well put once again, rawgod. Indeed it all hinges on the learning part. If we just feel bad about a sick act of ours, then gradually forget about it until we are ready to repeat it, we’ve learned nothing.

      5. colettebytes

        Oh, that is sad. As you say, unintentional. It reminds us that much of the stuff we invent (machinery etc) is actually harming other entities. Compassion shows us our mistakes so a great source of teaching/learning. I am sorry that you have had to live with that memory, as it is hurtful to your psyche, but your compassion allowed you to act to end any suffering and that exonerate you.

        My own experience of an unintended death was of a baby gecko. My husband had seen one, barely larger than a piece of string in the primitive bathroom of a lodge in Thailand. When I went for a pee, I was wearing flip flops and in the poor light, did not see the gecko on the concrete floor. I felt nothing underfoot, but as I sat… I saw the poor flattened creature beneath me. The life gone and body limp. I cried all night over that one.

      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        It is sad, the “damage” we cause, so much of it inadvertently. Were we true empaths we would be aware of our interactions and we would be able to avoid causing the harm. Sadly our ability to think doesn’t reach very far and we miss the bigger picture. One thing I learned from my mistakes and that is, that I do care. It’s not just something I write about, nor is it wishful thinking. The other thing I’m now convinced of, it’s that the whole predatory system that rules this world is a gross and grave error, as is death, as is anything that causes pain and suffering. That is something we are going to have to fix or our developing empathy will destroy us.

  3. Lisa R. Palmer

    This is so helpful, Sha’Tara, in better understanding your “compassion as a life purpose” path. Thank you! I want to say more, but right now I am “listening,” still hearing the gentle tones of your voice as you lay out this choice before us…

    Peace and love to you today… ❤

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for taking the time to respond in the midst of your own tears and struggles. If I “tie” this with your own post (https://theotherhoodofone.wordpress.com/2018/10/27/permission-to-cry/) I see how approaching the tear storm through compassion shifts it from the emotional personal to the more global; from the painful to the sorrowful. I discovered long ago that feeling sorry for myself is a very painful process that wants to lead me into depression whereas choosing to throw my own problems into the universal basket expands my awareness and shows me the other side of sorrow: joy, as in selfless joy where “I” matter only to the degree that “you” matter in my heart.

    1. sherazade

      ops… Credo si riassume in questi tre sentimenti l insegnamento di Gesù cosi come definito nei quattro Vangeli apocrifi.

      Bellss lavoro cara sha ‘Tara🌷❤

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Grazie per i tuoi commenti, Shera. Personalmente credo anche che, essendo cresciuto nel mondo del fedele cristianesimo, mentre insegnavo ai miei genitori a ignorare le interpretazioni classiche e lo stile di vita controcorrente visibile, concentrandomi sulle parole dei vangeli. Questo consiglio mi è servito bene. Mi ha fatto uscire dal cristianesimo e mi ha anche aiutato a sviluppare uno scopo significativo e funzionante per la mia stessa vita. Mi ha anche insegnato l’indipendenza del pensiero e dell’azione attraverso l’auto-responsabilizzazione.
        (Thank you for your comments, Shera. I personally believe that also, from having been raised in the world of staunch Christianity while taught by my parents to disregard the classic interpretations and the visible counter lifestyle and focus on the words in the gospels. That advice has served me well. It got me out of Christianity and also helped me develop a meaningful, working purpose for my own life. It also taught me independence of thought and action through self empowerment.)

      2. sherazade

        Sono completamente d’accordo con te.
        Have a nice weekend ..here in Rome bed time with Wind and Rain.

      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        Cette fois je peu me servir de mon francais pour traduir: Autodeterminazione.
        Sono completamente d’accordo con te. ***Autodetermination. Je suis completement d’accord avec toi. …!!! Merci,Shera.

  4. rawgod

    Hi S’T,
    I spent years comparing Christianity to Eastern religions, and there are many crossovers from Eastern to Christianity. Unfortunately I cannot remember them all anymore, but some are very obvious, especially certain words and ideas that never existed in ancient Hebrew. Reincarnation becomes rebirth, Krishna becomes Christ, nirvana becomes heaven, and so many more. Anyone looking for them can find them.
    And compassion leads us to many attributes considered weak or unChristian. It really is a sad state of affairs. But our time is coming, despite Trump and all those like him. I was listening to some political expert on the radio the other day, and even he recognized that Conservatism is battling for its life in a war it cannot win. The world is changing, people are changing. Life is changing. We (our ego-selves) might not see it, but better times will come.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I don’t doubt that better times are a’coming but my personal “awareness” time frame is not very comforting. It says we have now entered into an age of tribulation that can last up to 800 years. I’ve got two reincarnations planned for that time… I’m so hoping I’m wrong on the timeline. The only problem with a shorter tribulation is more people will die (that famous die-back that seems unavoidable in common sense) in that shorter span of time because it means we will be resorting to endless and global wars to settle our differences. Assuming no interference by either divinities or aliens my time frame seems to most logical.

      1. rawgod

        My own feeling is in the 2500s. That’s a long way to go, no matter what, but time will tell, if we don’t start a new time system in the meantime. A nuclear war could change eras, but I prefer we do not go there. It could destroy most higher lifeforms…

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        It feels weird, doesn’t it, to be able to wander like that into the far future and wonder? I guess that makes us observers but how much “responsibility” do we personally have towards such a future? This business of “walking between the worlds” or between heaven and earth is fine but so often I wish I could make up my mind to walk into one or the other and be done. I get tired of watching, don’t you?

      3. rawgod

        I don’t watch so much as I feel. Everything has energy of some kind or other, and something in me senses that energy. Then I feel directions, and follow along to where connections meet. I can also experience a lot of psi-energy, telepathy, precog, remote seeing, affecting weather, and I cannot remember what else. When I am energy-sensing, I try to contact others, or give them extra energy in a time of need. Unfortunately I can seldom control these things, but occasionally I can. If I could get in fulltime touch with the talents I have, I think I could help the world–but I could also unwittingly hurt people. I never want to go there again, there is too much to control.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        I think, (operative word here,’think’) I understand. There was a time when I firmly believed that in order not to waste my time I needed to be in control of whatever process I thought was the one to lead to world into a brighter tomorrow. But you are so right about that: control is not the way to go. Is there any legitimate power? If there is I haven’t found it. Force is different in my world. There is something natural about it whereas there is none in power. I think some of us are born with an innate working of “the Force” -much like the Jedis of Star Wars. I know I had it and pursued it until it eluded me because I was turning it into power. I turned against it for many years, satisfying myself with playing with the offerings of ‘the world’ – earning money, creating a family, joining and fighting for causes until that petered out to nothing. Then it came back to me in my early thirties. I was experienced enough then to understand a bit of it and use it in a less “bullying” way, eschewing the power, looking for it to change me, not the world. I discovered the gift of detachment, then self-empowerment and decades later I chose to call it compassion, make it my life’s purpose and went from there. We’re different in approaches but in the important part of our spiritual evolution, I think we’re on the same page.

      5. rawgod

        I think so too, but I wasn’t talking about power over others, but just power over nature. I am able, at times, to cause weather to change its course. Basically, I bring winds to blow away bad weather. One time, though, the wind needed to blow away the bad weather was very strong, and it blew over trees and downed power lines. From about Chiliwack to Vancouver there was severe wind damage, including at least one death when a tree fell on top of a moving car. That was my fault! After that I learned I had to confine the winds to the upper atmosphere, but that was where planes and birds flew. There were just too many things that go wrong when trying to set something else right. One cannot foresee everything, and that is what I mean by control.
        I don’t expect anyone to believe this story, or others, but they are true. Weather predictors could never explain the sudden changes in weather. I could.

      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        Your story, rawgod, reminds me of the movie “Phenomenon” with John Travolta. Also reminds me of the battle of the Wizards in Tolkien’s Two Towers. Certainly not the kind of power I would want to touch.

  5. adamspiritualwarrior

    Your 20.09 comment about the rabbits. I understand, feel, get how you feel, eve n if its 60 years later. I understand. Ive had a kind of similar thing, back to the 1990s, someone I watched I was working with out on a construction job, small birds in a nest were in the brickwork that was a small extractor fan plastic outlet. And the birds had made their nest in that.
    The person I was working with, who was clearly a cold uncaring unempathising bastard. Siliconed a front grill over it and I could hear the baby birds screaming screaming screaming inside and I felt very sad back in the 1990s. But I lacked confidence and self awareness back then, and buried my feelings reactions; And assumed this person must have known best.
    Many times over the years , this has come back to me. Incuding September 2018. Regret.

    If it was Adam now in 2018 id have been up those ladders and rescued those baby birds. I regrt I didn’t stand upto my boss n the 1990s and save them.

    So I understand a bit, how you feel shatara, adam.

  6. Sha'Tara Post author

    Thank you sincerely for your sharing, your sympathy and empathy. I have made a sort of peace with my “crime” of course. One way was to become a vegetarian. Another, kind of chicken-shit way, was to quit farming (agriculture) because it has become such an intensely cruel, competitive and in so many ways pointless enterprise, particularly regarding the quota business and a basically criminal dairy “industry.”

    1. adamspiritualwarrior

      Youre welcome
      Youre right, farming is fu…ed up, its cruel, and both animal and crop farming, is run from the top by evil beings with evil intent, who are anti nature, anti human, anti good, and their agricultural policies are designed from the get go to degrade the environment and human health a cause chaos and mayhem and ruination and depleted topsoils and demineralisation and poor food. Theres some kind of evil plan in place going on. We must hope that the increasing awakening biodynamic where standards go beyond the ”organic” label which apparently is very inadequate now. Increasing numbers of small homestead growers will reverse this big agriculture evil.

      I was also very very concerned and sad(I don’t allow myself to get shifted too far from my balanced internal state even though theres lots to get upset about), to discover that cows in abbatoirs, are ALIVE when theyre hauled onto the slaughtering table suspended and are dismembered. How hard can it be for them to peacefully knock the cow out first? This is extremely evil and lazy of those in the industry. So yes modern farming is rotten.

      Im not a vegetarian.

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Not much to add to that! The whole meat “industry” is a world of torture which could be ended overnight if people realized that being vegetarian is a healthier way of life. The System did not got so powerful by being stupid. It feeds people pain, suffering, sickness and death deliberately. Those juicy portions and pleasant smells hide death. The fast food industry may well be the greatest killer of all today.

    2. adamspiritualwarrior

      Jack Kruse New Orleans Neurosurgeon whos way out in front in my opinion FWIW, this man is on the ball and one to watch , hes got this world sussed. Blue light from screens and non native EMFs and the 5G rollout. Dr Jack Kruse and his razor sharp insightful comments are going to be instrumental in the coming times of realisation when the 5G illnesses start hitting, as vital dot connecting information coming from a medical professional who has AWOKEN AND HAS THE HIGHEST MORAL VALUES AS AN EXAMPLE TO HIS PROFESSION , the coming Class Action lawsuits , Jack Kruses deep intimate quantum biochemical knowlege of what the blue light laptop and smartphone screens, do and are driving ALL diseases now, plus an indoor life, and a lack of sunlight, is why cancers, obesity, multiple sclerosis, and other automimmune diseases, are in overdrive now. Kruses facebook comments are going to be food for the Class Action Lawyers.

      Ive digressed. My point I wanted to make was. Kruse has said somewhere said that I think ties in with Biodynamic farming ideas, farming, crops vegetables need must be done with sunlight exposure. Vegetables grown under man made artificial lights are bad for us.

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Wow, not that I hadn’t read this stuff before, but I almost shut down my computer screen when I read that! 🙂

    3. adamspiritualwarrior

      Lol, well, when I get around to locating ordering the blue blocking films for laptops and phones, I’ll put the link here. Also sunglasses he says are bad, and the suns frequencies are great. Now in 2018, everybody has been made to think the sun isn’t that important. And the blue light indoor lives LEDs etc. Things are actually quite fixable on an individual level .
      For instance too, special blue blocking glasses are recommended after sunset if in front of computers and artificial light. He says fire lights tge only safe light after sunset. Morning sunrise UVA rays until 11AM are tge most powerful for healing and health and the ancient Egyptians used strategies to maximise UVA absorption in buildings and methylene blue pigments on buildings. As it’s so precious.

      I read too, in Chicago , restaurant workers reported much better health when Osram ‘black light’ full spectrum frequency lightbulbs were installed. Led lights and blue light are driving all disease and I think Microsoft and Samsung and Apple know this.

      But there are interesting preventative measures we can do. He says too to avoid UVB skin DNA damage, eat a big breakfast, as it’s tge circadian clocks in our brains, liver, skin, muscles with melatonin are where it’s at.
      Also if a body is loaded with too much omega 6 vegetable oil and not enough omega 3 fish DHA , not from supplements, tgeyre toxic, but fish seafood. Then skin cancers happen. But if the 6:3 ratio is 6:1 or 10:1, then the sun doesn’t cause cancers. Blue light ages the skin breaking down collagen. Sunlight rejuvenates.

      So those are interesting snippets off the top of my head.

      1. adamspiritualwarrior

        And the melanomas and other skin cancers are caused by blue light overload, he says.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for all that info, Adam, but I was doing the tongue-in-cheek thing there. I never get too excited about the nefarious effects of new technology, at least not until thousands start falling dead on their keyboards, or their eyeballs pop out and get magnetically stuck to their computer screens. By now I’ve heard just about all of it, from chem trails to weird sounds to gmo’s that twist your guts to every sort or cancer, obesity and even brain dummying down from eating too often at McDooDoo…

        Yes, I know technology is pushing our immune systems to the limit, hence why the great increase in pathological studies and prescription of drugs but one must remain cool, calm and collected. We’re on the deck of civilization’s Titanic and it’s starting to slant to starboard, cap’n… but panicking isn’t going to help anyone. I intend to carry on, stiff upper lip and all that British rot, and lend a hand to as many people around me as I am able. When the time comes to slip below the waves it may not be with a smile but it won’t be with a whimper either.

        The thing is, people are programmed to choose toys and pleasure over health and common sense. I’ve committed myself to work on defusing the programming because that has to come first. After that, who knows how much, how little of our current technology we will really need, huh? Key word: NEED. How much do we really need to live a truly good life? We’ll never know until we become free thinkers and we will not be free thinkers until we are free of our programming. We need to destroy the source code that feeds our programming, that should be priority #1 but since the entire complex of civilization depends on it, it is very well hidden; deeply embedded. Religion, the State, Finance, the military industrial complex, all our sciences and all our collectives are totally dependent upon the source code.

        As we draw our living energy from life, so the Matrix draws its energy from the source code. Our own individual soul programming is indirectly linked to the source code. Who originally wrote it; who upgrades and updates it? Hah… another story from the bowels of hell… which no one but the freed thinkers could ever believe so there is no use belabouring that point.

    4. adamspiritualwarrior

      Hi again Shatara I don’t mean to distract from this Issa topic thread. If I knew of an off topic place I could send these comments I would but nevertheless im mindfull not to send too many veering way off the Issa topic. I agree with what you’ve said. Especially this.

      ”Yes, I know technology is pushing our immune systems to the limit, hence why the great increase in pathological studies and prescription of drugs but one must remain cool, calm and collected. We’re on the deck of civilization’s Titanic and it’s starting to slant to starboard, cap’n… but panicking isn’t going to help anyone. I intend to carry on, stiff upper lip and all that British rot, and lend a hand to as many people around me as I am able. When the time comes to slip below the waves it may not be with a smile but it won’t be with a whimper either. ”

      Shatara. maybe we are in a transitional universe? Shpherded by benevolent entities with advanced technology. Maybe we wont slip below the waves. But via our internal frequencies, step onto a second luxury yacht cruiseship and many of us rescued. Interdimensionally speaking.

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Well, it’s a “maybe” isn’t it! I don’t mind ‘slipping below the waves’ for a time but as the Terminator said, “I’ll be back!”

  7. jim-

    Not too much to ask at all. I’m in! Hey, I have a friend from India who is Brahman. We WhatsApp frequently and about two weeks ago he was lamenting about the caste and having to fund his sisters dowry, he had no life if his own, etc. In his twenties, living at home under his parents rule, his life arranged by another. I asked him what would happen if he married a Sudra and he couldn’t even fathom the question. They still have mercy killings for such things, even today. I can imagine Issa wasn’t too popular. The caste needs to go, but it’s the Brahman that need to make it happen. Not a chance.
    I have another theory about the missing 17 years. The story of Joseph parallels in a hundred different ways—everyone knows the story was a type and shadow of Jesus —except the slavery. The comparison is never made. Why not? He was also very protective of children which leads me to conclude other things. You ever hear that take? Very nice post. Looked three times but my own blog blew up. Glad I got back to you.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yes, it was in spam, go figure. Gave me a chance to delete a bunch of spam… anyway, what can I say? Some of us (all?) we live within a story, a story that has many sub-stories. Jesus is a story, as is God, as is, well, everything (that’s my opinion, OK?) Sometimes (all the time?) there is a main story and lesser characters in it create their own story. The story, and sub-stories, are constantly being re-written, the agendas being endless. Jesus became a powerful character when several characters and their lesser stories were coalesced into his. He isn’t just a re-written part of Hebrew-Jewish history, but much, much more, as you have pointed out so many times on your blog. He’s an evolved composite. Had the (fictitious) story not been seized by a major publishing house for power and profit (Christian Publishing Inc) this evolved composite could have been of great help to us. We may have been able to see the gist of the teaching and asked the anguished question: can we, should we, emulate this, win, lose or draw? But CP Inc was having none of it. It used the story, having realized its power, to build itself a Tower to Heaven: the Roman Church and the rest is the corrupting, and another re-writing, of a popular story. The Jesus character become more and more of a modern cartoon, less believable, less meaningful.
      All this to say that when we argue over such things as faith and religion, we are arguing over the contents of fictional materials in books. We’re not discussing life, except when we point out how such contents have been used, either to enhance life, or to destroy it. In my world there are no facts unless they are preceded with the word “temp”. Issa is part of a story and El Issa is part of another story and somewhere the two stories crossed exchanging information which I then became aware of in my own readings and thinking. I liked some of it and I thought, yes, this could give me a life purpose. I’ll try this. And that’s it. Moving stories can do that.
      So? All religions are stories and most of them have crossed paths and exchanged information. How that new information played out in subsequent books became increasingly dependent on Established Publishers. There is no doubt that Christian Publishers Inc are a powerful house that gained its power from deep mining plagiarizing. Perhaps the key to its success is that it has never attempted to be original in any of its offerings. Have you seen the movie, “The Invention of Lying” (Ricky Gervais)? Now there’s a story.

      1. jim-

        I’ve not seen it but will keep my hulu-netflix eyes peeled for it. Sounds interesting.

  8. adamspiritualwarrior

    You speak fluent French and Itallian? Impressive. Do you speak French because of remembering youre previous life as Helene Matthieu and accessing knowledge of French that way? And Italian too?

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Oh no, my friend Adam. Sorry to give the wrong impression. I do speak and write French – I was born in Brittany, France, and I am a fluent ESL’er, with a bit of “get by” Spanish but my Italian, for the most part, is Google Translate, as I usually make a note of. You may have noticed that when I respond to Shera I usually post both, my comment in English, then the Google translation in Italian. Only once in a while does Italian provide a close match to my French and then I forego the translator. Thank you for asking, for your interest. I like curious, questing minds.

  9. katharineotto

    I read this post a couple of days ago and have been thinking about it. Just read the latest comments.

    It occurs to me that a big component of compassion is patience. You say that our greatest sin is war. That may be true. Does that make man sinful or immature? I believe we have both commented about humankind’s immaturity, and one of the most salient features of immaturity is impatience. Those who want to force changes, who want to speed up the maturation and evolutionary process, who want immediate gratification–these are the ones most inclined to make war.

    I think of humanity as akin to a group of children who are not intentionally bad but un-directed, making mistakes and hopefully learning from them. It seems the patience we (try to) have with children would be useful with adults, too.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Katharine. Patience is indeed a necessary component of compassion. However, and unfortunately there are always those annoying ‘howevers’, if you read whatever ancient writings are available to us you will see that patience has not been lacking. You will also note that wars are not fought against evil people, but for power and profit. Wars are the tools of bullies and psychopaths. Note that currently there is a global retrenchment happening; people drawing back to totalitarian regimes and “fascism” as the preferred form of government over themselves. The latest: Brazil, electing, if by a small majority, a military man who favours torture among other sweet ways to deal with undesirables and perceived enemies. The US we already know which direction that’s going. Where will the German winds blow when Merkel steps down and the Christian Democratic Union loses? My educated guess is, further to the right. We haven’t had a nuclear war, as predicted since the 50’s because, well, there has been patience, and the continuing offer of rule by democracy and negotiated settlements. Has mankind taken advantage of this hiatus? Not in many ways. Those not busy fomenting new conflicts have spent their energies sucking the life-blood from the planet and the working poor.
      I’m sorry but I see patience as a very weak link here. Europe was patient with Hitler and he used it to build his military might and go off a-conquering, wiping out millions of people in his mad wake. Patience there was totally the wrong move. You can’t be patient with a creature that historically has used it to oppress and enslave.
      It is wiser to accept the truth, that any Earthian collective with any kind of power becomes intentionally evil. The problem then? Collectives, any and all of them. Donald Trump, like Hitler, is nothing but a blow hard. But he’s not alone. He has his base “base” which he uses as a whip to force his will even upon those who hate him. He formed an evil collective within the collective he falsely represents and that’s how he remains in power. All right then, who, or what, is that base? Disgruntled individuals who need someone to blame. Sure, but how do they perceive this? Through programming. That is what needs to be faced, studied, learned and understood. Earthians are a programmed species that will always perform according to their programming. You could have a thousand years of peace and almost utopian life on earth and with a tweak of the programming the whole thing would blow up and all the old evils; the old “ressentiments” or resentments would flare up everywhere.
      We don’t need more patience, Katharine, we need to find the source of the programming and cut it off. We will never do that until we admit such a programming does in fact exist. Disconnect the creature from its programming, then it can be taught, not before, not ever. That’s what I’ve been shown while being used as a guinea pig to demonstrate the truth of it.

      1. adamspiritualwarrior

        Hitler it seems was a Rothschild. Like many high profile politicians, if they don’t have the Rothschild name, doesn’t mean anything. Blair. Mandelson/Mandy. Nicola Sturgeon. Angela Merkel Hitlers daughter.
        Donald Trump. I like Trump, and all the goodies hes offering and im in favour of a Wall.
        Yet im aware too, his Jewish illuminati and extensive bloodline background. And I have it on good authority, Trump is Enki. Because the universal law of Free Will must be respected, the Grand Trump Deception to get humans to give consent, I can see the Trump deception playing out. I hold out a faint hope white hats have got into Trumps avatar and hijacked it in a game of brinkmanship between good and bad factions but on balance, I sense Trump is Enki. Just thought id throw my two penneth in here.

      2. adamspiritualwarrior

        Angela Merkel stepping down this week. I wonder if that’s significant? That the evil Rothschild faction might seriously be on the back foot?

      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        Sorry (again!) Adam, but that lineage thing is another theory I don’t follow. No interest in it, and no time at the moment either! Have fun with it.

      4. katharineotto

        So where’s the source of the programming we need to find? How do we find it? I believe paradigm shifts only occur when people are ready to accept them, and that is a maturation process. It’s possible a crisis must happen to speed things up.

      5. Sha'Tara Post author

        All conspiracy theories aside, “they” now know how to counter paradigm shifts, so that will no longer work, not that it ever did, at least over our written historical times. Even the wipe-out of major flooding and mini-ice ages did not change the Earthian nature’s programming. This next “real” change must happen to us individually. I’ve done mine and that’s all I know. The main source is unavailable to us in our current state of development: we don’t know how to astral travel as avatars or “Jedis” to confront humankind’s deadliest enemies. There is however a local source we all can have access to, but only individually: the soul implant. No Teacher, or guru or whatever claims made by some spiritual teacher, can touch an individual’s soul so to neutralize it or remove it, that’s up to each and every individual by whatever method they can dream up. The soul implant cancellation is all part of the process of self-empowerment, without which no amount of “change” here will do anything at all but create illusions and false hopes. We are running out of time on this world yet very few, relatively speaking, are seriously aware of it. The majority believe in their gods to save them; a growing number are for eating, drinking and being merry; some for taking financial advantage of changing conditions and some for putting all their eggs in the science basket, the very same growing number who scoff at the idea of a soul. I have been writing and speaking about the soul implant for, say, thirty years now. During that time, how many read, or heard, maybe a thousand? Of those, how many thought there could be some validity to the idea? A half dozen? I’m being generous. How many actually went through the process? 1 that I know of. Maybe those of us aware enough to sense the wrongness of things should accept the “fact” that the Earthian species has proven itself not viable.

        I was told there were others spreading the same message and that, for obvious ‘security’ reasons (not man-type security, much more serious than that) we would never meet or know one-another. So, no collusion, no comparing notes. Well never mind that. What must happen is for INDIVIDUAL Earthians to realize there must be a very good reason why they keep repeating the same deadly mistakes over and over, so often acting in complete detriment to what they instinctively know would be the proper way to act, yet helpless to stop themselves. War and genocides are prime examples of Earthian programmed madness that goes beyond stupid and illogic. Another: mistreatment and enslavement of women and children. These things are wrong, they know they are wrong; their greatest moral teachings tell them they are wrong yet they remain ever helpless to refrain from engaging them. They must come to realize that they are dealing with a kind of mind-programming. Then they must discover, for themselves, how to turn it off.

        If the programming is not turned off, that leaves us with one last option: a mutation, one born “of spirit” in whom the soul implant has no effect. That’s what I’m looking at now, a new species to replace this current one that has been weighed on the scales of time and testing and found grossly wanting.

        One thing we can certainly be sure of and that is, the Earthian creature will never willingly choose to change its own nature. That’s what religion was supposed to accomplish and a lot of good that did.

    1. adamspiritualwarrior

      Oops too many hyperlinks it went into moderation. It was just to say the Sun Cruisers GalacticFleets are helping.
      Galactic Command fleets are constantly monitoring and stabilizing the tectonic plates and earthquakes with global consequences will be prevented

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Sorry Adam, I did not approve that comment. I unsubbed from that website too. Much of that information either makes no sense to me, or contradicts what I already know as true for me. From my information, earth is being monitored, yes, but it’s all hands off for everybody out there. There will be no interference because it happened in the past and we ended up with a global patriarchy responsible for billions of deaths and likely to cause way more. If we want “change” that benefits us, it will have to be the kind that benefits all of life on this world and it will have to come from us, not outsiders. We’re in charge and whatever happens, it’s our call. Time to smarten up, maybe?

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