How Republics Die: William Shirer’s “The Collapse of the Third Republic” and its Relevance Today

As “The Secular Jurist” says, this is a must read. I don’t think I need to add anything to that, it’s all too obvious and self explanatory.

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As most of my readers know I am a historian who specializes in both the American Civil War as well as the years between the First World War and the end of the Second World War. On of my favorite authors whose works specialize in the latter is the late William Shirer, author of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Berlin Diary, The Nightmare Years, and maybe most importantly for Americans and Western Europeans today, The Collapse of he Third Republic: an Inquiry into the Fall of France 1940. 

The book is very pertinent for our time. Today, the American Republic faces a crisis that will determine if it will survive without becoming a totalitarian state in which the legislative and judicial branches are subordinated to the executive branch and an imperial presidency, and the overwhelming power of an elite oligarchy of industrialists…

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64 thoughts on “How Republics Die: William Shirer’s “The Collapse of the Third Republic” and its Relevance Today

  1. jim-

    Interesting parallels, but I stand with a prediction. We will have a new president in a couple or few years, then the losing republicans will be saying the same thing about the new president, just as they did Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush…There will be a peaceful change of the guard, then hell for them the entire term, by the opposition of course. I’m in favor of term limits ASAP. CONGRESS HAS TO GO IN TOTAL Although America is in the news all over the world, it is not the pillar of existence. Life will go on.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      A good thought there, Jim. I will say… ‘Hmmm’ and take a wait and see attitude, which is easy since that is what I’ve been doing politically since the early eighties. Again today as I was driving back from a day working in the back country and rather tired, I began to think about your midterms and reminded myself that “I am in the world but not of the world” and no matter who “wins” or “loses” (it’s considered more of a game than reality anyway) it will not make any difference to the long haul. The problem, Jim, is that it is man’s civilization that’s broken and utterly corrupted, not just one “nameless” nation. However when America’s light goes out there will be consternation world wide, not because it was such a light of morality and justice, but because of the pile of garbage it exported to every corner of the planet, from disgusting fast foods, deadly chemicals, gross conduct, cheap and corny entertainment to military and para-military interventions that a vacuum will be felt and strange, hitherto hidden dark tides will rush in to fill the emptiness. People already sense this and that is why nations like Brazil for example, are trying to stem the tide by securing for themselves a political situation that will take the place of the White House when it implodes. They don’t want to be left hanging on a rope that’s so badly frayed they know it is about to tear apart and leave them plummeting into who knows what greater horror. Fear and violence is the legacy of all imploding empires.

      1. jim-

        I hope your wrong, but this was a magnificent line–a vacuum will be felt and strange, hitherto hidden dark tides will rush in to fill the emptiness. The same things were said about Obama for eight years. My acquaintances in Panama were so
        Filled with the same rhetorical baptist/fundy worlds gonna end. We couldn’t stand to be around them any more.
        Well, if it does collapse we can sustain ourselves here indefinitely and all we can do is watch, regroup, and try another day. Great comment!

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks Jim. I wasn’t talking about some divinely mandated ‘world’s gonna end’ rhetoric here but the fact that “nature” (I call it life) hates a vacuum and whatever is drained must somehow be filled unless it is replaced with something else. The end of civilization is not the end of the world though it may well come across as such since it will at first negatively impact all of Earthianity. When a major power collapses the scavengers are quick to come in and take advantage of the chaos, unless a strongman rises up, such as Napoleon after the Reign of Terror. Until now, that we know from our written recorded history we haven’t had a global civilization collapse – we’ve never had a global civilization before so when this Titanic sinks practically everybody will be on board and there will be no rescue vessels to come to the aid of the passengers. God doesn’t cause the collapse of civilization, a corrupt, selfish and greedy species does. Price to pay and all that.

      3. jim-

        I understood you perfectly. Sometimes I rantble. Lol. True, even with the brain the void must be filled. It’s important to direct the acquisition of knowledge. With nothing to do the mind just makes things up. Probably why bored and lonely sheepherders came up with religion.

      4. jim-

        Hey Sha’ just so you know, Madhur who commented is a kid. He’s a smart kid— 14 year old physics phenom. His parents are both professors and he’s an atheist. He can be guided fairly easily with a little patience. Good kid. Can I have your email. Sometimes it’s productive to communicate behind the scenes.

      5. Sha'Tara Post author

        Sorry, again. I had no way of knowing I was responding to a youngster – although in all fairness and I’ve been there – if one wants to play in the big leagues, age is not a reason to be treated differently. However, I was not responding to a person but to an idea I found quite objectionable, however much is garners supports from physicists. These discussions make me think pretty deeply about stuff. First, I think that physicists should have to study philosophy and history as intensely as they study physics. Without a solid background of history and philosophy, physics, or any science, is a dangerous tool. Example: who are the real war criminals who are never mentioned after a horror war is ended (or moved to another theater)? Scientists. Without full collusion of scientists, particularly biologists, chemists and physicists, WWI, WWII, the Vietnam war, and the current wars in the Middle East could not have and could not be… fought with the devastating killing force against helpless civilians they have demonstrated and continue to do. Example|: who invented and developed phosphorus bombs whose use is listed as a war crime by the International Criminal Court and banned internationally yet is currently being used by American-backed forces in Deir Ez Zor, Syrian province? (
        Remember operation Paper Clip that surreptitiously brought in Nazi scientist war criminals into the States to further research into nuclear weaponry and rocketry. And that’s just the war side. I haven’t touched on GMO’s and Big Pharma which also depend entirely on scientific research, testing and development.
        Consider that as my reason why I have no respect for system science and scientists, and why “science” as it is currently being used, is utterly untrustworthy. That being said, for me the attack field is as wide open as is yours against organized religion: why should I believe anything a criminal system would try to “teach” me? When “science” cleans up its act and washes the innocent blood from its hands and can convince me it has done so, I will reconsider. Until that happens, not a chance. At this juncture science is much more the criminal than any religion. Food for thought, perhaps? I shall refrain from further comments (on your blog, Jim) for a while.
        It was an interesting ride…

      6. jim-

        Aw, I hope you stick around. It’s not an issue really, I just thought it would give you some perspective. I’ve encouraged him and corrected him in the past. He’s pretty cool for his age and it’s good to test his ideas. No worries from me. Just thought if he responds it could be a teaching moment. That’s all.

      7. jim-

        And btw, great comment above. I concur. Food for thought. That’s why I like having you around.

      8. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for commenting,Jim. I know I can be a bitch but some things just need to be brought into the open to be looked at. Too much hides in the shadows on this world and those fat shadows fertilize a lot of growing trash.

      9. jim-

        I get you. As with everything though that is made for a useful purpose, it is also adopted to an evil. Science has created a hell of a lot of good, ending with even greater evil. If quantum physics ever figures out entanglement for good purpose, it will probably become the worst weapon in history.

      10. Sha'Tara Post author

        Neither science nor religion can be moral arbiters. That reposes in the mind-heart of mankind alone. The modern problem as I see it is that “science” gets “awards” among people fed up with organized religion and does not get scrutinized. You say science has done a lot of good… but is that a true statement? Whatever “good” it may have accomplished it has brought us to an era of overuse of resources, consumerism, obesity (oh yes, fast foods require scientific formulae to exist),massive extinction of none-Earthian species the results of which cold be horrific, we can’t know; poisons in food and water, and overpopulation. We rejoice when a cure is found for this or that thus allowing more people to live and live longer lives, then we plunge into extermination of members of our own species with gusto: wars, oppression, displacement, enslavement, genocides. Without philosophy; without morals, how can we address consequences which our scientists set in motion with their short-sighted drive to “create” new stuff?
        We, as a species, have a very serious problem on our hands which neither religion (we know this from history) nor science which has no conscience and which is totally compromised and prostituted to the military-industrial complex, man’s #1 enemy, can ever resolve.
        If not religion nor science, then what shall we use to pull ourselves out of the deadly mess we are in? I have been proposing that we choose, through free will/self empowerment/detachment, to become compassionate beings. It is innate to our nature (we have it in us to be compassionate); it doesn’t need degrees or money to work; it is not dependent on any belief system or non-belief for that matter; has nothing to do with gender or age or race. As a power, or a force (think the Force of Star Wars) it is the one thing we all have in common.
        However we are programmed against using it properly. We have been given an artificial concept to use instead: love. It does not work but we absolutely refuse to consider the fact of the matter.
        Quote: “If quantum physics ever figures out entanglement for good purpose, it will probably become the worst weapon in history.”
        I’m sorry Jim, but that last line doesn’t compute for me. Is there another way to put this?

      11. jim-

        Short answer? Lol. Quantum entanglement is generating paired photons. Once it is paired, it is essentially as an exact copy, no time or distance can un-pair them. When one particle is then analyzed, the other particle copies it. So essentially after the particles are a pair, one can be transmitted 10,000 times light-speed (no one knows how, but it works and has been done) So, in the end, you step into a booth, the computer analyzes you and generates pairs to your atoms, transmits the copies to another booth on say, the moon, then opens the second switch and allows the original to regroup with the copy(They want to be together, but one can be held back manually) Essentially though, you are no longer you, but an exact copy of you. The Chinese are ahead in the game and have recently completed a 16 Qubit entanglement. Qubit is a quantum bit of info. Your just 1’s and 0’s to the machine.
        Quantum computing will also be 10,000 times faster than light speed and more powerful. Since nothing is as real as we think it is in the quantum realm (99.8% empty space) you’re probably not more than a teaspoon of solid matter, it becomes imaginable. We’re still a hundred years off though.
        Personally I think they’re looking beyond the mark, where the ancient Egyptians and meso Americans before Cortez had likely harnessed the natural energies of the earth. I think science is trying to beat the matrix at its own game. The programmed want to beat the programmer (whatever that is)

      12. Sha'Tara Post author

        Ahhh… good thing I didn’t try to figure that sentence out on my own. I’ll need to re-read, of course, and analyze it for the inevitable questions that arise from the concept, but hey, great answer, thanks.

      13. jim-

        I would imagine from your astute analysis, this would be, could be, therefore undoubtedly would be used to inflict pinpoint horror without warning. And I would agree.

      14. Sha'Tara Post author

        I’m thinking here… and wondering with a snide “Beam me up, Scotty” in the back of my mind. And… speaking of mind, what happens to that in the “duplicating” of physical properties process? Some people who are happy to have reduced themselves to nothing more than atoms would probably not miss not having a mind when finding themselves cloned “on the moon” or wherever. Perhaps they’d be blissfully and unknowingly happy as a tabula rasa. The one good thing I can see from this effort is, clone me all you want, as many times as you want, wherever you want, but the real “I” won’t be there. I’ll be observing.

      15. Sha'Tara Post author

        Just one question (to which an answer may be irrelevant) is why call it ‘entanglement’ rather than duplicating?

      16. jim-

        Electrons get (en)tangled together. The duplication would take place at the end or the process.

      17. jim-

        I’m gaining interest in the lost senses we crippled moderners have accepted as the most advanced In the history of the world. Our brains have atrophied, our senses dulled and corrupt, and we’re trying to make up for it with some science.
        This may go three ways for me at this point of my journey. All, none, or a bit of each. I think there are some untapped Human mental Resources we have deleted from our menu by greed and ego. I want to learn how to undo the damage. I have had a couple of experiences that make me want to unlearn being in this mold, and recapture some ancient ways. Things were much different than we can imagine 5 -10,000years ago, much more advanced, and much more connected.
        You know how you know something, but no not what to call it?

      18. Sha'Tara Post author

        Oh yes indeed, I know about the thoughts without words. The “Teachers” never spoke to me in words, they used what I called ‘thought forms’ – packets of information like zip files. In a timeless “moment” such a packet could contain enough information to keep me unraveling for days since I needed to translate it into words to make sense of it.
        I agree that modern man, fed up with corrupt and meaningless religious rituals has to some degree turned to science to fill up the gap left by a departed god. (Many of course simply gave themselves up to hedonism and narcisism – dead end paths.)
        When I unraveled the concept of “compassion” (which I eventually compared to the Force in Star Wars but without the dark side) I began to suspect that this was much more than just another virtue. I examined it under my mind’s microscope, with help and guidance from the Teachers and realized this “thing” has been a part of us, as Earthians, since our last mutation. We had never had much of a chance to make use of it as we fell into a mind trap invented by the Matrix to keep sentient races enslaved to themselves.

        Without compassion which is a necessary part of a functioning human being, we could not attain that level of awareness. We could not realize any of the “good” things we knew we were capable of. With each generation, robbed of our freedom, we became less and less human, sliding towards a dark side of power we both loathed and were mesmerized by. We were seduced by a life-destroying force and we learned to love destroying living things, including ourselves. Consequently we rallied behind psychopathic leaders and used them to justify our murderous lusts. “I acted under orders” and “the Devil made me do it” became real excuses for all sorts of anti-social behavior and violence that has turned to family violence, mass shootings and genocidal madness.
        Quote: “I think there are some untapped Human mental Resources we have deleted from our menu by greed and ego. I want to learn how to undo the damage.”
        I’m just pointing out a possibility for exploration. I think your idea that “it could go three ways” is spot on. The way I have approached it is with the “slogan” given to me by Teacher YLea: “Believe all things, believe in nothing.” So, nothing to defend, therefore it should spell the end of the need to resort to violence within myself.
        The ancient ways were violently snuffed out by servants of the Matrix (System, Civilization, whatever is anti-life) and we can no longer use them: they are defeated. We must come up with our own new ways to counter the evil. We can do it but “how” is a long story and a torturous individual path for everyone of us.

    2. adamspiritualwarrior

      Quantum entanglement can occur even with eye contact. It is important to not get sucked in give eye contact to people with bad energy, just cut them off don’t give them your eye contact ,even though they might try and provoke you to.

    3. jim-

      I can see how with evil eye you may consider a transference of energy, and my wife would immediately agree with you. Physics feels like it can be used to describe human nature, like the sex and spies analogy, but rarely hits a perfect match when you break it all down. I have an exception of course, and Sha’ Tara, if you’ll allow me, this is one of my favorite posts.
      At least I’m hoping I’m right.

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        I like people posting links to their blogs here – it’s a great way to expand our interaction. I checked out the post and left a comment.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Roger. I feel like such a hypocrite posting recommendations for books that I simply do not have the time to engage myself. I hope people realize I’m just trying to push the cart a few miles further than it would have gone without my effort…! I’m literally drowning in “good stuff to read” here and it’s Fall, early winter which means my kind of service (work) is at its peak demand. Wow and ouch! 🙂

      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Not at all Sha’ Tara. There’s nothing wrong with raising a respectable author’s profile. If fact in these days it is more important than ever.
        Fahrenheit 451…..
        Keep up the good work

      2. Woebegone but Hopeful

        You’re welcome Sha’ Tara.
        I have a pile of books and e-books to work through and lists of books to get (categorised under various subject matter)….Of course spending more than 15/30 mins a day reading might help clear the backlog!

  2. Hyperion

    I thought the article and book did a good job of showing us who and what we become in time. Empire change is inevitable. None have survived the test of time because what built the empire and made it strong cannot be sustained as the empire grows apathetic, weary, and corrupt. The common thread in history is human nature and it is our nature to seek power, control, and wealth without regard to government, politics, and economies. Strange as it is, we know from history the outcome of every collapse and yet we march to collapse with our banners and ideologies of remarkable insignificance held high as if that will feed us, shelter us, and protect us from external predation and desease. On the good side, it’s another chance to relearn valuable lessons and try again to reinstitute positive virtues and humanity in the next iteration.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Tanks for your comment, Hyperion. Quote: ” On the good side, it’s another chance to relearn valuable lessons and try again to reinstitute positive virtues and humanity in the next iteration.” I heard a co-worker today express similar thoughts. He was saying, ‘we’ve had it too good for much too long and the younger generations have become soft, helpless and uncaring.’ Time for a massive shake-up of society. Since we never voluntarily choose to clean up our act or throw out our hoardings, the clean up is always forced upon us. When we come out of this one (it’s going to be a major one) there will be many less of us but that remnant will have passed through the fire of the forge and will have gained strength of character and new insight. Who knows but they may even have evolved/mutated into a compassionate and empathetic species.

      1. Hyperion

        Love this comment Sha’Tara. It truly is the forge of fire that builds character. It’s amazing what we can achieve when we work together. The extremes tend to bond people instead of break them apart. Let hope there is a Spring after the Winter for us.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        There is a truism about life: there is always a spring, however harsh the “Winter of our Discontent” which must lead us to commit social suicide when forced to confront our deliberate corruption and collective guilt as a society.

      3. Hyperion

        I used to believe that at any givin time we were only hours away from anarchy and all it took was a cataclysmic event that put us in desparate survival mode. I have since learned that it takes very little time to shed our humanity but there always remains a large number of people that will hold on to their dignity and positive virtue and they will find others of the same character. It is this group that has always led humanity out of the darkness in tiny islands of people that eventually spread as the anarchy subsides. Having fought in three wars in countless locations, I have come to see how dark we can be and how it is those who hold on deliver us from that darkness. That is where I place my hope and trust for the future.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: “… it is those who hold on [who?] deliver us from that darkness. That is where I place my hope and trust for the future.”
        I do neither hope nor trust, however from my own perspective, being necessarily one of those you will be putting hope in and trusting in… I know exactly what you are saying. I believe (sense, perhaps or intuit or even know) that this failing Earthian species will reach a crisis point soon (two-three hundred years) and from that will evolve a mutation; literally a new species, that will be compassionate and naturally empathetic. Cross-breeding between the old and the mutants will not be possible so this entire race of violent misfits will kill itself off or die off from diseases and famine.

      5. Hyperion

        I know there is a lot of separate and independent views that support you in this vision of the future. Some of those views come from reliable sources. It is not just a conspiracy theory. We are entering an era of the earth’s 6th extinction as hundreds of species collapse around the world every year for natural and human caused reasons. Years ago, my geology professor told us that the natural earth had a way of self cleansing her wounds. A million years is not a long time in earth years and we know she has recovered on five ocassions before. She’ll do it again. We may not be so lucky. But if we hold on, we will evolve.

      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        We have mutated before, witness the infamous “missing link” which Darwinists are so desperate to find and never will (Oh, they will fake it, never fear!) and we will do it again. The part of my life that has no validity in the system world is an ability to cross time – past and future. I “have been” in our (or mutated descendants’) future, a thousand years hence, and things have drastically changed. “Then” the earth is about to be left to her own devices as the new Earthian humans are getting ready to leave earth to reclaim their rightful place among other star people. Fantasy, science fiction, right? Well, no: it will happen that way because even in this miserable physical form we have never been able to completely adapt to this world. We don’t belong here. Almost everyone of our ways screams our inability to adapt to or understand this world.

      7. Hyperion

        I love your mind, Sha’Tara. Is that okay to say? I agree with every neuron and dendrite I can access. You are much better at expressing it in clear and concise language. I tend to just wander around in my head with adverbs and adjectives stuck between my toes. But, yes, I believe with all that I am and ever will be that you are right.

      8. Sha'Tara Post author

        Sure, it’s OK to say anything… and what can I say in return? Thanks, Hyperion. I try to share/leave behind some of the points, thoughts, ideas the Teachers made me contemplate. It’s always good when someone “gets it”. It’s also sobering to realize that just a few hundred years ago I (and not a few others!) would have been burned alive at the stake as a blasphemer. I was hanged as a witch in England in the 16th C… The things they used to do to us, I wonder often how secure we really are from such times coming back, and with a vengeance. Of Earthian nature nothing has changed. You could call our modern experiment with democracies little more than a bit of political correctness that many people are avidly wishing to overturn according to the current global political climate.

      9. Hyperion

        To think the burning of the Wise women was nothing more than a religious hat trick. Before the Wise women were an integral part of the Germanic Tribes, even in England among the Saxons and Welsh. It was the spread of darkness and Christianity that deemed any trade or power outside the dogma of the church at that time to be punishable as blasphemy and heresy. Do you connect with past lives? We have more ignorance of the truth now than even then. In many places the populace in riot or turmoil could easily overwhelm local security forces. Uprisings have set many countries into intractable conflict. Yes, I think we are on the edge.

      10. Sha'Tara Post author

        The one piece of “realism” people love to talk about but give no credibility to, i.e., believing in the “it can’t happen here” syndrome, is that civilization is on the edge. What is not seen is that such “edge times” are counted in decades, even hundreds of years, not in days, months, or the life expectancy of a presidency!
        Oh yes, I am quite aware of past lives. My last one ended in torture at the hands of the SS in Paris in July of 1943. My name was Helene Matthieu and I had been an active member of the Resistance. Something ironic from that, my father in this life was also an active member of the Resistance at the time. I didn’t know him, of course, but I would have been 3 years older than him at the time… He survived, I did not, but had I survived I would have been, I think, 29 years old when this current “me” was born in 1946. Of course had I survived that would have changed everything and “Helene Matthieu” would not be a past life, or so logic dictates.

      11. Hyperion

        I’ve noticed that most of the people who see an imminent apocalypse are not people who have lived through historically hard times before or had an extended family of elders that had survived wars, economic collapse, or other extreme challenges they could learn from. Those that have lived through dark times know of the resilience of humanity. As a species, we are definitely survivors. The beast within is a powerful creature in the absence of healthy social constructs. During one of my deployments, the local population was starving to death. We tried to give food to the children that would wait on the side of the road for our convoys. We had to stop handing out food because older kids would kill the younger ones for the food we gave them. That is gut wrenching reality of what we become in order to survive. I am often rebuffed for my historical explanations of current events. But it is those centuries long threads that tie the present to the past. The Religious wars of the present started nearly 20 centuries ago and still further back if we wish to expand the root causes of conflict in the world today. It’s ingrained in our DNA now and subconciously steers us toward easily predicted outcomes. Yet we still march toward the flame. You are only the second person I’ve ever met with deep connections to their past lives. Mine come in what I call waking dreams. My oldest known connection was Sparta, then Thracian in Romania, then Norseman in Scandanavia, Normandy on to conquer England then civil strife became the move to America since 1610. I used to scare the crap out of my parents and grand parents by telling them about my memories which were quite accurate even though there had been no way for me to know these things. My paternal grandmother sat me down one day and told me not to talk about what I knew because I would be hung as a heretic. That scared me into silence most of my life until recently when I took a DNA test that confirmed everything I knew. In the autumn of life, I’ve ceased caring about acceptance and relevance and anyone that wants to hang me for being a heretic is welcome to try. That’s my Spartan-Thracian-Viking-Norman-American revenant soul speaking 😉. You are a fascinating person Sha’Tara. I am pleased to be one of your students.

      12. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for commenting, Hyperion. I don’t think “they” hang people for heresy these days, but they have other ways of disposing of enemies, whistle blowers and truth seekers as current history clearly demonstrates. Truth seekers are murdered in cold blood with the blessings of many authorities; whistle blowers are jailed, hunted down and disappeared. For us we matter little for the time being – we’re but crazies, fringe dwellers. Like Hamlet, this pretend insanity is a good way to survive the unofficial purge of the days. Our fictions are seen as cheap entertainment, not as tools for change, thus the powers that be do not feel immediately threatened. The days are coming however when just typing and sending these words will bring the door crashing down. People are so brainwashed and blasé not to recognize the evil of these times and they will once again be caught in fragrante delicto with their pants down.

      13. Hyperion

        Thankfully, my grandmother’s fear was never realized but it was a lesson in dont be different and if you are different, be invisible. That too is pretty much gone. I still think the largest majority of citizens are not aligned with the far right or far left and just want to stay out of the fray and live their life as they see fit. They are the invisibles. But, I have seen retribution take many forms and in the last decade it has been clear who and what organizations are playing that game. Many are simply too powerful and off limits to scrutiny. Without that oversite and true transparency, there is no stopping the corruption that follows.

      14. Sha'Tara Post author

        True that. The trick is to lose that deep, mindless fear the Matrix wants us to constantly live under. I don’t regret taking the red pill, even if I can’t remember when that happened – maybe in stages, likely begun in my last past life. Death by slow torture over a period of almost one year can have a profound effect on a person. The current “security” organizations operate freely and completely outside any accountability to government authority – we’re in it just like Russia under Soviet hegemony; Spain under Franco; Italy under Mussolini; and of course Germany under Hitler and his SS and Gestapo. The difference, in pretense, not in substance, is they haven’t had to openly declare the dictatorship yet.

      15. Hyperion

        Oh yes. There are no innocents, only better liars. It would be so intriguing to hear your story of past lives and what you learned from it. Of course, it’s intensely personal but so remarkable. I know precisely when the veil was lifted from my eyes. It wasn’t a moment but what led up to a moment and I had a sort of transcendance from one awareness to another. I finally started expressing everything through writing stories and putting them up on a blog and twice I deleted the blog and walked away but I kept coming back and now my current blog has only my recent stories. The rest are kept in the cyber basement. But, ultimately it helped me express the darkness I came to understand and project to the future how it would shape my life. That gave me a lot of peace and let me see a little clearer.

      16. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: “That gave me a lot of peace and let me see a little clearer.” I was thinking about that thought all day today, looking back over my life, the angry times and the more peaceful times like today, for example. I don’t have the time or the energy to get into the discoveries of my mental ramblings, but I understand that the more I remember that I can remember past lives, the calmer I become and can touch the concept of peace, not the kind people talk about, but the peace that undergirds all of life. It’s difficult if not impossible to “see” it in normal circumstances.

      17. Hyperion

        I work in the research and development field which is a mental journey of discoveries all its own, I do go long stretches without truly connecting with anything outside work and the interim between work and then something will trigger me and it’s off on a deep dive into my inner or outer universe. For me, that’s my paradise. That’s where my restoration takes place.

      18. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for that comment, Hyperion. I honestly do not want to be anyone’s teacher, but if you can pick up some useful stuff in my wordy output, so much the better. Just remember, no guarantees or warranties! 🙂

      19. Hyperion

        LOL, well universities charge a lot of money and they have mastered the art of taking your money and filling your head with horse poo at a greatly inflated price. You offer truth for free. That’s a bargain.

      20. Sha'Tara Post author

        Sure… and you can pick and choose the curriculum and I seldom run tests, nor do I hand out degrees – I let climate change do that.

      21. Sha'Tara Post author

        Did I typo “tanks” for “thanks”? Maybe a subconscious reference to the fact that this species is about to tank? 🙂

      1. Hyperion

        I’m thrilled my thoughts actually resonated with you in some way, Adam. As a spiritual warrior, your path is strong.

  3. Phil Huston

    Painting works of research with a broad point to support one POV or another renders the author’s pretense next door to farce. As was said above, term limits and lobbyists need to go. And rolling current administration hate into some sudden dark shadow of hell regarding Americans abdicating their rights to the moneyed and ruling class, read the literature from the early 20th century. This is over simplifying for the sake of making erudite noises about wealth inspired anarchy while ignoring the divisiveness inspired by the far left. What we need to learn is where the common good is best served, not the demands of either end.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      When “one end” becomes extreme and its presence unbearable, there necessarily will arise a counter strident “other end”. We live in a world that moves through the principle of duality, whether we like it or not. There is no actually middle ground except for those parts that cross each other on their way from one side to the other. So it must be, so we learn to live with it. I already know that “the far left” is often so far left that it is part of the far right. Blue wave, red wave? It only matters how much evil one or the other perpetrates upon general populations and the planet.

      1. adamspiritualwarrior

        My version of Burning Woman site observable to me in England, no Like button is visible. There are many comments id like to like, but cant.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I really don’t know what causes that at your end; here the “Like” button is clearly viaible, and there are 16 “likes” on this post… Often when I start having problems with some blogs I follow, I “unfollow” then click on the green “follow” pop up – bottom right side of page – and that seems to reset the thing. You may want to try that, it only takes a few seconds…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Maybe, just maybe, more and more people will decide to start making significant personal choices about the things that really matter, wherever the promptings come from.


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