Subject: Co-Evolution

[thoughts from ~burning woman~ ]

Begin with a simple vision of a past long lost to your DNA, unthinkable to your history.  A past when certain intelligences moved away from their worlds, scattering in the infinity of space and time.  Some cross a great barrier and find themselves in this universe, a very young and strange place full of chaos and rage.  The wandering space travelers are now the ancients on the scene.  They attract precocious, hungry, predatory life-forms.  These young energies infest the ancients’ minds and a symbiotic relationship ensues.  In exchange for their wisdom, the young ones give the ancients new energy.

A new being develops in this co-evolution.  And the great galaxies; Magellanic Clouds and nebulae continue to be born and in turn to give birth to lesser systems, some swarming with incoherent, chaotic, life.  Truly, some parts of this universe are nothing if not one great big Saturday night party that is so much fun no one wants to go home…

The new being observes the cooling of worlds and the settling of new life forms.  It discovers and uses mitosis to become many. It follows its instincts and chooses a variety of new worlds to inhabit.  There is another Diaspora and most lose track of others.

Uncountable years later…

In the Sol system a small world is birthed from the death of another, a water world that soon teems with life.  The new being comes hither and observes.  “I will leave my seed on this world,”  it states.  And it does so.

The seed becomes known as human, though it is but pseudo-human.  The new seed being having yet to give meaning to its existence sees its world as a place to control, subdue, conquer.  It chooses to be a predator and to fight for its right to exist on its chosen world.  Over time it discovers it has no serious challenger among the many predators of its new world except for its own species, disease and death.  It beats out the odds against these through the use of its female counterpart as a birth mother.  She gives birth without restraint and population increases exponentially.  All is well.

Not really.  The pseudo-human can’t seem to adapt to his new world.  Whereas nature tells him of balance he chooses to set himself up as ruler above nature.  He chooses an artificial lifestyle to sustain himself.  Except for small vulnerable groups who made the effort to adapt themselves to their environment, “man” as he has come to think of himself, refuses to do so.  Those who adapted are enslaved, poisoned, killed and their way of life destroyed.

It’s history, at least the last part unavoidably so.

However much I tried (I remember quite a few “tries” I call past lives) I’ve never been able to fit in “your” world.  Your thoughts are not mine; neither are your ways.  I despise your values (or lack thereof) and equally despise how easily you are mind-enslaved by individuals less intelligent than yourself.

Your rulers; your leaders; your bosses; your healers; your teachers: all of them, almost without exception, are exploiters.  All of them lie to you.  Teachers do not teach: at best, they instruct; at worse they indoctrinate. Those who would teach are not allowed.  Your religious gurus are in it for the money and the glory.  Your politicians, ditto.  Your legal interpreters, well, is there another lawyer joke out there waiting to be constructed?  Your money launderers you call bankers: what role do they play but to enslave you further to their artificially created and maintained global debt load?  What about your great corporate businesses?  Surely, based on their commercials they have your best interest at heart? (Sarcasm!).

Conclusion: you are not of this world.  You never adapted to its ways and are moving further and further from such an adaptation.  Sadly, you have no other world to go to either.  Heaven and Hell (as options) are just mirror images of Earth — as below, so above (and so further below!).  What else is there?  If you are but body, you end up in the flames of the crematorium or rot in an underground box.   Death is the one predator you cannot conquer, not ever. May as well have never existed that those billions you destroyed in your egotistical greedy madness to conquer absolutely nothing could have had the life you denied them.

Co-evolution ensured your survival but it did not prepare you to adapt to any particular world.  How others like yourselves have fared on other worlds, in other galaxies and other universes, I won’t say because it would be meaningless without your own willing participation in such explorations and your acceptance of what your “visions” and “dreams” would tell you.  Knowledge comes from information and experience.  I can give you information.  I cannot give you experience. Information without experience is poison.

If you would know who you are (as a species and sub-species) I suggest you look at yourself using a mental scalpel.  Open yourself under your own microscope as you interact with others like you and with your environment in general.  Watch how you think about “others”.  Watch what you say.  What you do.  What you buy.  What you use.  What you eat.  What you wear and why.  What you use as shelter.  Watch carefully who it is that speaks through your mind: is it you, or is it someone, something, you trust/fear more than yourself?  Are you the product of someone else’s thoughts and ideas?  Watch carefully.  Decide then if what you observe is what you really choose to be — and you would not be anyone or anything else no matter what — or if you wish to become something else.  If so, what else?

You are the product of co-evolution.  Your past is so deep and distant; so full of weirdness that you would be scared to death to see what you used to be.  To arrive here you have mutated, changed and changed.  Now you can easily see you were never prepared to live on this small world.  You don’t have a clue how it functions in relation to the real you.  You don’t really know what to do with yourself when confronted with Earth.  But you know how to exploit. You know how to forcefully take and you revel in destruction and killing. You express yourself for the most part in mindless rage.

Imagine you wake up one morning alone and naked in some Earthian wilderness.  You realize it’s your city’s exact location before there was any human being there.  You’ve lived here, as an alien, all of your life surrounded by all the artifacts that make your puny, meaningless consumer life possible.  Now there’s just the naked physical you and the real world: nature.  What about you will determine whether you live or die?  The alien part, that which has never tried to adapt, will be helpless here. What natural part of you can you awaken that may save you in this scenario?

Debate all you want about evolution versus creation.  But the only thing that matters is, can you adapt to this world before you push it beyond its ability to support you, even should you choose to meet it at its natural level?

If you are annoyed by my use of the pronoun “you” in speaking of Earthians, I want you to know that I am not one of you.  I can interact with you quasi-normally (according to YOUR rules, not mine) though you have certainly pushed me to my limits and beyond many times, but I cannot join with you through any of your recognized, legalized, accepted relationships, beliefs and performances.  I won’t play possum with my mind and allow it to atrophy as a trophy to some Power, whatever you wish to call such.

I come from cosmic infinity and to the Cosmos I return.  The stars of your galaxy, of northern and southern hemispheres are but dandelion and buttercup flowers in my current life’s front and back yards.

25 thoughts on “Subject: Co-Evolution

  1. George F.

    “Death is the one predator you cannot conquer, not ever.” Uh, we’re working on solving the death problem as I type. No wonder you like my blog. We agree! My latest post up is, with the evolutionary seed talking to dad…then it all comes down…but yeah, I’m in full agreement with your world view…

  2. George F.

    Watch how you think about “others”. Indeed. They are all others if they are not a mirror image reflection of myself. Curious you wrote about this tonight…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yeah, the timing is interesting. I see all others as “others” and never a reflection of myself. I’m different – not better, not worse – just completely different. I see myself as a detached individual, disconnected from the sea of collectives “others” seem to prefer to living individual lives. I am an alien. I know this deep within myself and I live with that constant reality. I’m a mind being, not a physical entity. My interactive reality is a thought reality. Others to me are “thought packets” – disguised as physical entities. I see “pretty” or “nice” or “strong” or “ugly” or “depressed” or “evil” or even “mindless” thought forms when I observe or interact with people. Animals to me are physical beings though. When we evolve to being fully human we will be mind beings. Our physical reality will be but temporary conveniences and we will no longer have to die to change body preferences. That’s my world.

      1. adamspiritualwarrior

        This is a very good interesting comment as are many on this site. That whilst reading feeds into the subconscious mind and helps deeper learning and feeling understanding……just whats going on.
        Your comment elsewhere about how you as Helene Mathieu, your father was also in the WW2 Resistance, alive at the same time…..seriously mindblowing.
        I wonder who your father is now? Maybe someone in your current life you do or have interacted with somehow. What would be very very interesting Shatara is if your father from then was around now and his memories could get activated and you could remember each other and chat. This would be very incredible and would be beating the memory wiping ancient interdimensional technology infrastructure that’s been around us. And would (hopefully) be a joyous reunion for you both. And also. If this kind of thing can happen more and more it seriously begins to remove the fear of death because for me, fear of death, I don’t like the word fear now, I have no fear. But my dislike of death is not because of my Adam or other personality death. it is the loss saying goodbye to loved ones. I understand now that fear of death is one of the major ways ”they” control us.

        Also Shatara. I have read elsewhere on certain blogs, places such as India etc, there are reports of individual Consciousnesses who have escaped the Memory Wiping that happens in the artificial astral realm fake heaven maintained by advanced interdimensional technology positioned around Earth. They reincarnate and its clear they have strong memories of the past life. They’ve evaded the memory wiping, why I don’t know.

        Could this be an indication that the Reincarnation Trap Memory Wiping technology infrastructure around us is beginning to weaken get disabled? Could your own red pill awakening and regaining memories in this life, also be connected to this possible trend do you think? Its being seriously discussed in a lot of places that Earth’s Magnetic Fields are artificially created and maintained, not natural, and the weakening magnetic fields widely reported, might mean the memory wiping soul reincarnation prison planet trap is weakening about to bust open too? Interesting thoughts.

  3. jim-

    I feel a yearning for the deep past of our ancestors who once did adapt and live in harmony. There are ways to do what we need to do as a species that don’t wreck everything in its wake. It’s been done before, but sadly we’ll likely never return to it. There have been great civilizations that lasted millennias that left no trace of their high technology but a few stone monuments. Ours will be a legacy of garbage. Our conversations have reminded me who I am, and where I’ve been. Thank you for helping me work things out.

    1. jim-

      Not so sure both sides don’t share equally in this. Science has enabled the destruction, feeding those that have ideas worth dying for. Science has no wisdom, will do anything at all for money or notoriety. They’ve handed over little buttons that can destroy the entire world, to the toxic who strive for positions of authority.

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for commenting on that Jim. See my reply to Frank on how I view “science” in this picture. Science itself is but a tool, but the scientific fraternity has by and large been seduced by the glitz of money and power and scientists forgot the high level of responsibility they acquired to go with their knowledge. It’s all corrupt now.

    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting Frank. The “pro lifers” are undoubtedly the ultimate hypocrites on this world. The religious ones are rabidly pro-war and will kill to stop others from expressing a counter view point. The “era” of Trump has brought that out into the open. As for science (also presumably of the pro-lifer category) it could have been the tool Earthians would use to reconnect to their natural environment by developing their technological civilization along eco-nature-friendly ways. Science could have demonstrated how power is meant to be shared; how gender is meant for peaceful interaction… so much we could have done. But we lack understanding in what I understand is called “the humanities” and we fail to make the necessary connections so that our civilization could sail as a luxury liner instead of a rotting rat-infested and barnacle-encrusted derelict. We were so easily seduced by predatory religions AND predatory capitalism aided and abetted by a coerced or bought science.

      We have failed, Frank. Oh yes, we will, or some will, frantically go about patching the derelict’s hull; some will risk their lives to scrape off the barnacles; some will even invent better rat traps but none of that will save the ship. Much of the critical damage is below the water line now and the ship will go down. What remains of the Earthian passengers of the good ship “Civilization” will bounce about in their life rafts on the high seas of hopelessness until they land on strange and unwelcoming shores and once more establish a new civilization. It is my understanding that a much different civilization will arise from this.

  4. Maria Wind Talker

    On point, the ancestors understood more about life, the cycle of nature, life death and respect for all life than most of the people breathing in the toxic air today. im with you on this too…

    ‘I’ve never been able to fit in “your” world. Your thoughts are not mine; neither are your ways. I despise your values (or lack thereof) and equally despise how easily you are mind-enslaved by individuals less intelligent than yourself’

    Blessings to you dear one. ❤ xx

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you Maria! Of course you would understand this… Statement of fact and nothing to feel superior for, or ashamed of, that some of us are truly aliens and strangers on the face of this world. I probably spoke words that many would, if they could, or had the opportunity. We are the wild strain, the “mutants” who cannot be penned in the sheeple fold. You and I are the lucky ones these days, they used to torture us to death not so long ago, and they always knew how to find us too; we did not need to walk around with horns or wearing halos, we just couldn’t hide from the hunters of the Matrix.

  5. gserpent

    Well said Sha’Tara. I love it. I am with you. I feel very alien here and no matter how much I try this place will never feel like home. I have begun to wonder why the hell I’m here. lol Then I have to remember that the mind of the human race is an infant. This young mind has been through the worst with the cataclysms. The human mind is fractured and wants so bad to feel whole, but this world will do whatever it can to keep that from happening. So they look for security from any snake oil salesmen that comes alone with religion, government, self help or science. For the ones that still feel insecure they offer all the drugs and alcohol you want. It has been going on so long that personal responsibility has just about disappeared. I think we are to the point where the human race is addicted to instability. Once things are stable for a little while they have withdrawals and sabotage. I’m glad there are still a few like you around.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting, gserpent. For whatever reason beyond reason, some of us are either born awake to the shenanigans of the “Matrix” or system or status quo, or awaken to such at some point in our lives. It is by our subsequent thinking process and our viewing of Earthian reality that we become aware of our alien status. We simply cannot fit in. I tried, I really tried. I thought once that being such a minority, the majority had to be correct but their correctness constantly violated my awareness of the purpose of life. Basically the normal Earthian, however much they protest to the contrary, are avidly anti-life.

      Today is November 11, the day set aside to “celebrate” the war to end all wars in 1919. Since we celebrate this day it must mean that we have not, as a species, taken up any weapons against each other since that famous day…

      I have spent my life utterly opposed to war and to any and all efforts made at justifying it, or to those who participate in it. Participating in war is the ultimate anti-life statement any intelligent, sentient and self aware being can make, volunteering for it being the lowest such a being can attain. Yet what does the majority do? It makes heroes out of those we called ‘baby killers’ during Vietnam war protests – as indeed that is what they were. How can anyone live within such a dichotomy? Brainwashing and the traditional emotional response to some morbid, never-explored fear.

      While on the topic, I need to remind whomever may be reading this comment that my reason for referring to the people of Earth as Earthians rather than humans is that, according to the Teachings I was under for about 20 years of this life, a human being does not kill; does not take life nor shed blood for any reason. The act itself is impossible for a real/true human being. That is how humanity is recognized outside this fractured world. There are real humans scattered throughout this universe but very few Earthians can make the claim to be a part of that human race and those who belong to it need not make the claim, it is made for them. How goes that saying again, “Narrow the way and small the gate that leads to life and only few find it. But wide is the way and large the door that leads to death and many enter therein.”

      1. gserpent

        The constant wars are built into our DNA. Our ego mind is our alien mind. I don’t know what else to call it. They were our creators. In ancient texts all over the world, like Sumerian, Irish, Greek, Egypt and India, wars and fighting were constant among them. They gave us their mind and DNA. Wars and fighting are built right into the Earthians. So is the need to be ruled over. We love to be told to go fight someone.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I understand and agree – your view/vision/story is mine also. I know exactly how we got here, and it wasn’t by crawling out of muck and mire to shed gills and webbed toes… if anything it would have gone in the opposite direction. Honestly how can people believe that tripe when surrounded by real, physical evidence of “alien interference” in the affairs of earth? Ah, but the Matrix hates being exposed to the light so the programming runs overtime to “debunk” any talk of alien presence here. Modern “science” promotes a patently false “conspiracy” theory of evolution and we are the ones labelled conspiracy theorists. Will wonders ever cease? 🙂
        Here’s a quote from Stephen Wright… for a chuckle:
        “The other day I got on an elevator and this old guy got on with me. I was going to the fourth floor and pushed ‘4’. I asked him, “Where are you going?” He said, “Phoenix.” So I pushed ‘Phoenix’. When the doors opened, two tumbleweeds blew in, and we stepped out into downtown Phoenix. I said, “You’re really the kind of guy I like to hang around with.” He said, “Well, I’m going out to the desert, do you want to go?” I said, “Sure.”

        “So we hopped into his car and drove out to the desert. He told me that he had spent most of his life working on a research project for the government trying to find out who financed the Pyramids. He worked on it for 30 years, and they paid him an incredible amount of money. He told me he was pretty sure it was a guy named Eddie.”

      3. gserpent

        Lol. I love the joke.! 😃
        This place teaches in religion that we are the best god can do, so he made everything for man. Man rules the world and universe. Just bow to god he is you only superior. In Darwinism we are taught we are the top of evolution. Nothing is more evolved than us. This is why people don’t want to accept aliens. The lie that we are the most evolved and gods favorite comes crashing down. GET OVER YOURSELVES WORLD! Lol.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Indeed. Look at the billions who believe in created gods… but that’s OK because organized religion is a part of the Matrix as it keeps the sheeple brain dead. How else could the system maintain itself but through systematically created ignorance? Predictably those who leave organized religion when they finally have to admit its a Ponzi scheme, scam and bad fiction, turn around and create a counter religion and counter gods – science and technology – looking for a different kind of salvation. “What fools these mortals be!”

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Phil… there’s probably enough “unpleasantness” in Pleasant Ville these days to keep everybody happy…


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