Only You can do this

[thoughts from    ~burning woman~    ]

What are you thinking about, he asked, perhaps not totally sarcastically.

Off the cuff, I replied: “Peut-être que ça ne dit rien a personne d’autre mais pour moi, ç’a dit tout car je suis mon propre petit univers.”

He looked at me as if I’d lost my mind and was rattling a mindless reply in pig Latin. Of course, my fault, I’d never told him I could speak French. I hadn’t wanted him to hold that against me along with all my other faults he liked to enumerate time and again. I’d gotten used to it but lately I had begun to feel an itch when he started up. The itch was and is, growing. I took off my ring the other day and left it off all day. I felt something like freedom; an exhilaration and a further sense of daring. Could I live without it – him? Since then I’ve re-watched two movies, two stories that are favourites of mine: “Shirley Valentine” and “The Book of Eve.” Why not me?

Well, that’s a strange introduction for what I have to say but it does set the tone. You see, “he” is not an actual man, and I am not actually married – not now, though I have been three times the loser in that game – so just call it a parable. “He” is the world, i.e., the System, the Establishment. The slave owner, slave driver, boss, whorehouse owner, pimp, prison warden, judge and executioner. I am property, sometimes lucrative, sometimes entertaining, seductive, rebellious, victim, always slave. Though “his” methods for securing my presence, conformity and subjugation have varied, the intent has remained the same throughout the millennia. The point is that in “his” world I have no voice unless and until “he” chooses to acknowledge something I said. That only happens when it is to “his” advantage as when it bolsters “his” flagging ego. Or, as some of “us” have often stated, I could “grow balls” and act like a man, think tough, talk tough, act tough. I did try that on occasion and it didn’t go too well. Too much like cross-dressing for a man: only the few can actually pass the test, and what is left of the real ‘me’ afterwards? Where am I when I can no longer pass?

I’ve been feeling alienated lately and that feeling is intensifying. In my mind I hear a constant truism: I do not belong here. Don’t I know it. Just about everything about this world, the natural and the man-made causes discomfort, aggravates, irritates, grinds, disappoints, saddens and sorrows me. I am, as a self aware person, moving away from all the things that make earth the place that it is. So please don’t get me wrong, it’s not just what man does, it’s what this world is. It is primarily a harsh, cruel, unforgiving place. No matter how many examples of kindness among people; of supportive bonding and pairing between different animal species, sometimes even crossing the line between natural predator and prey, it remains that these cause us to wonder and reflect, not because such expressions of acceptance are the modus operandi of this world but because they are rare exceptions. I can “admire” exceptions like those as much as anyone else but there is no forgetting, ever, that exceptions prove the rule, and the rule is always the opposite of the exception. Exceptions do not lead to freedom!

Leaving the animal ‘kingdom’ alone (it is what it is and until a new nature is woven over this dying one there is nothing I can do about it) I focus mostly on Earthians. They are, primarily, a short-sighted, jealous, cruel and vindictive species. They possess little or no empathy and their pride causes them to whitewash, or boast of, their gross indecencies in interrelationships. In this respect I put war near the top of the collective pleasure felt by committing mass murder – for make no mistake: all wars are the grossest of crimes, after misogyny. There are no “just” wars. There is no justification for war – ever – period. Try to understand how utterly depraved one has to be; how mentally deranged and sick, just to entertain the thought of war, never mind to plan for it; to use it as entertainment in books, movies, games; to participate in it.

Back to that French sentence above. What I said was, ‘Maybe it means nothing to anyone else but to me it’s everything because I am my own little universe.’ Honestly, if I hadn’t discovered the ability to both, shrink and expand myself into my own universe I would have become lost long ago. I don’t have to imagine what it’s like living a life that isn’t mine, trying to make one reality co-exist with another completely opposite reality because that has been my life. There is what “they” wanted me to be and what “they” wanted of me, and there is the me that exists only for me, within me, surrounded by my self-made protective wall behind which the alien me retreats and hides.

I realize I have often, particularly in my early years, been guilty of projecting the false, blue pill Matrix slave me. I so wanted to fit in and it was actually quite easy until it began to eat away at my mind and destroy the real me. I had to make a break from that particular “dark side of the Force” reality and reconnect to my self, the compassionate being who had had no chance at guiding or teaching until I acknowledged myself as different than, and separated myself from, Earth’s natural and social reality.

How quickly then did the blue pill supports come tumbling down and how soon there was hardly anything left of those times with their jealous thoughts, their hate, their aggressiveness and insufferable pride.

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” Indeed, and how rapidly I grew beautiful feet because I brought good news, even if the System and those attached to it could not accept what I had to share with Earth as good news.

Let’s do a reminder of that good news. I call it living the compassionate life. That does not require any elaboration because compassion is self-explanatory to anyone who decides to live by it. There is no law, no method, no system, no religion or philosophy that can contain and explain compassion, it requires none of that. So is it any wonder that idea is not good news to any system that insists it must be in control of all ideas or concepts proposed to become the modus operandi of a world? The compassionate being already knows right from wrong from the get-go; s/he does not need intermediaries to explain how to proceed on this path. Any wonder any system would reject it outright? Why, it would make even governments obsolete, never mind God, and the plethora of religions and “charitable” organizations. No more law makers; no more lawyers, for where would there be contention?

I can go further: no more violence because, obviously, the compassionate being cannot do violence to another, choosing rather to suffer the loss in herself. Yes, choosing, from self empowerment, from certainty. No whining, no running to the police or the courts for redress, finding such within herself until the world is completely changed and there is no more violence. Yes, she could be killed but she’ll only come back and continue.

That is the under-girding vision that sustains the compassionate person. It is not pie-in-the-sky as some would think because she has already reached that place within herself, within her own little universe. Now all she does is water the surrounding areas with her compassion and watch as some of it actually succeeds in extinguishing the fires of violence.

Tell me you possess something better. Tell me there are other ways now being used that have never failed before and therefore remain legitimate. You won’t find any, but you will tell me that compassion as already failed because it was preached by the Buddha and others and went nowhere. I will reply, yes, it was preached, and yes, some went there, some died as a result, others were frightened or power-hungry and chose to create institutions in attempts to corner their concept of compassion. It became a religion… but it was no longer compassion. Compassion cannot be so easily entrapped. It was a fake claim. Collectives cannot be compassionate, only individuals can. Join two compassionate individuals together in a collective purporting to do compassion and they are no longer compassionate beings. That needs to be understood before the idea is rejected.

“Only you can prevent forest fires” says Smokey Bear. In the same vein, “Only you, as an individual, can be compassionate.”

13 thoughts on “Only You can do this

  1. rawgod

    If one compassionate person should meet another compassionate person while doing similar and equal acts of compassion, would that change them or their actions? Why? Or why not?

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Great question – you put your finger on the pulse of the matter. If they just crossed paths, doing whatever compassionate thing they do, it would not change them, nor would it strengthen them. Here’s the point: if they thought that by joining “forces” they would become more effective and institutionalized their efforts, then the “Matrix” moves in automatically because all organizations, institutions and collectives belong to the system. By moving their power into an organization, the power is transformed immediately into system power and now all the rules and regulations apply. Life, and compassion is life, cannot be institutionalized. That is the lesson Earthians have yet to learn. Their civilization can destroy and kill because it is not Life; it has motion but it isn’t alive. There is no heart at the center and there is no center.


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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yes, and so long overdue, Lara. It should be realized however that the patriarchy is going to go “ape shit” as it looses its power and energy, so we are in for some very rough times from here on, until it is over. The next half-dozen generations world-wide are going to suffer the most, that’s the sad part.


  3. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Having spent a few years witnessing the narrowness of mind, particularly in those who assert loudly they are broad-minded and found it is not restricted to one political party, religious belief system, social groupings, and so on I find myself slowly retiring to my own place. From here I will try to be of use to my family, support my friends and occasionally sally down to take written pot-shots at anyone I find spreading intolerance.
    This way my demons can be contained, subdued and eventually shrivel into dust.
    I will also weave a large flag to wave during the apocalypse, not sure of the colours yet but these words shall be inscribed thereupon.
    ‘Told Ya!’


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for further comments, Roger. As I’ve been saying for many years, the next level of social change must come from individuals. All collectives, all institutions, all organized groupings… yes, including all of civilization as a collective, are riddled with contradictions, decadence, immorality, fake claims, unfulfilled and un-fulfillable promises and massive, irreversible corruption. If, as some claim (not I but some) we are an evolving species on an evolving world, then it’s time to realize that we are past the “advance by collective organization” stage. All around us, our collective power groups are woefully failing. All that’s needed is for enough individuals to admit this truth and discover their own power within themselves. It may be too late to make much difference, for civilization as we’ve known it from our history books and as we are living it today, is collapsing while remaining on an unsustainable growth path. It is destroying itself by destroying the very world it has to feed from. It isn’t rocket science to figure out where that is going to end: implosion and chaos. (couldn’t resist pushing the envelope in a long comment…)

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      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Long comment is fine.
        Basically I agree with you.
        The problem has another facet, where folk think it is cool to be dismissive of everything official without trying to subvert and convert the organisation from within, which would be a useful transitional move. They somehow expect that their comments and lack of interaction is an answer, whereas it only leave opportunities for the venal and ruthless to have more room for manoeuvre.
        Essentially the paradox is. Individuals and small groups can achieve much, but the entire Human Race is flawed.


  4. selizabryangmailcom

    For those who believe in reincarnation, and I know Sha’T does, is humanity flawed because it’s in the throes of “learning”? Theoretically speaking (or more factually, for some) we’re here because we’re flawed and incomplete have “lessons” to learn. Once we’ve attained those lessons, we cease returning. Maybe some never reach that level. Maybe it takes eons for others, shorter for others still. In the meantime, while everyone struggles toward “transcendence” or even to partially move toward transcendence, the big picture we’re left with is the chaos of “school kids” all crammed in one schoolhouse, like Little House on the Prairie, all struggling to comprehend different levels of various personal truths at vastly varying degrees and speeds.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      A challenging comment. The people of Earth are certainly being offered the chance to learn, viz. the reams of philosophical, wisdom and religious literature on the subject. The difficulty in answering the “flawed” question lies in the fact that the opposite of “flawed” is perfection and perfection is an absolute value, therefore is not possible within a universe operating from the duality principle. What I mean is, no perfection is possible on Earth and even those who briefly glimpse it, as between two lovers, it will not last. The illusion will fail.
      Yes, I know about reincarnation, but is it a rule that everyone reincarnates? Not likely. To reincarnate, certain things must come into play. One, you would be chosen to be sent back because…???? whatever! Two, you “learned” enough in a past life to finally realize you had some say in your future and you actually chose to return, for whatever personal reason of your own, and such reason doesn’t have to make any sense, it just needs to be forceful enough. Example: I was imprisoned as a Resistance spy, raped, grossly tortured and killed at age 26 in my immediate past life – at the hands of the SS in Paris during WWII. My reason to come back was to somehow get even, to avenge myself on such men. That got me back but then the time distance and changed circumstances made the reason fade somewhat and I no longer sought revenge on individual men. Instead I focused my “anger” on the patriarchy and vowed to see it destroyed. So today, if someone were to ask me how I feel about that now, I’d say, that vow will live until the patriarchy no longer exists on the world. What has changed is how I am going about dis-empowering it.
      I think that one of the problems here is that many people reincarnated “here” are not from here originally and are quite lost in how to proceed. So they become “sheeple” and find something reasonably comfortable or familiar to hang on to, or follow after.
      That might explain the schoolroom chaos your mention. It might also explain why people tend to repeat the same mistakes over and over. Then of course there is also the mind programming, which most Earthians know nothing about and generally choose not to believe as even being a possibility. That is what “they(!) hide behind to pull the strings.


      1. selizabryangmailcom

        Whew! Head spinning! It’s a lot to consider, isn’t it? Thanks for the detailed reply. I do think there are glimpses of perfection, but I agree that it’s fleeting. I have to re-read your response and slowly absorb all the nuances, of which there are many! 🙂


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yeah, I tend not to hold back, just wait for the questions later. Feel very, very free to ask any question about anything I say. To explain everything I throw out would require… well, I received 20 years of intense teaching from 3 amazing Teachers and the way I made it useful for myself was to basically live two lives in one: work, home and socializing, sort of, on one track, translating the Teachers’ ‘thought forms’ into Earthian language and practicing what I was learning on the second track. So to explain in detail what I talk about, I’d need to write several ‘novels’ and even then I would barely touch the surface. So, take your time, see where it goes, particularly what hits a nerve or touches certain notes…


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