Cadet Bone Spurs Couldn’t Be Bothered to Go So Now He’s Forcing the Vietnamese to Go

Sorry, couldn’t stop myself from reblogging this one (What, another one of THOSE?) Why yes, as long as little is being done to rectify a sick situation, “THOSE” will keep showing up. This one shows what a ponerologist psychopath does when s/he becomes a powerful political figure. Now we cannot pretend any longer that Trump isn’t a dyed-in-the-wool white supremacist racist, Nazi, Zionist, Wahabist, twisted ponerologistic psychopath. A ‘man’ who should be in a straight jacket is president of the most militarily powerful nation on earth… isn’t that kind of scary?

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Then They Came – Senselessly and Truly Friggin’ Unbelievably – For the Vietnamese


What fresh hell is this? In yet another mindlessly cruel, deeply racist, utterly pointless move aimed at – what?! distracting the masses from the dumpster fire engulfing him? Flexing his psychotic muscle by trying to find more people of color he can traumatize – the Trump administration (sic) wants to deport certain Vietnamese refugees who may or may not have committed any crimes but they’re not quite white so really does it matter? According to The Atlantic, Trump et al – many suspect Nazi ghoul Stephen Miller – have unilaterally re-interpreted a 2008 agreement between Vietnam and the Bush-era U.S. that barred the deportation of any Vietnamese arriving here before 1995, when both sides re-established diplomatic relations. Having once considered reversing the agreement, already deported a few people…

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