I Had to Write This…

I had to write this…
[thoughts from   ~burning woman~  ]

Just finished watching, for the umpteenth time, the movie, “The Statement” (2003) with Tilda Swinton and Michael Caine.  Basically another story of hunting down Nazi murderers of innocent and helpless Jews in WWII, this time in France under the fascist, heavily pro-Nazi Vichy regime led my Marshal Petain. 

The point here is that these mass murders happened 80 or less years ago – one Earthian life time and here we are, poised to do it all over again.  Isn’t that just fantastic how quickly we forget our ignorance, stupidity and murderous mob tendencies just to start again? 

Granted, we haven’t yet quite decided which race or class of people are going to suffer our wrath, but we’re ready to “do it”.  Most likely the educated and well-informed voting mob will pick on people of some sort of colour to slaughter. Refugees, they’re pretty safe, not too dangerous.  The Muslims, well, that’s a different matter, they tend to fight back. We’ll definitely need the police, the Security state, maybe the army on our side for this. It’s but a matter of putting the right people in government to pass the laws to legitimize the slaughter and that’s never been a problem.  The problem is motivating those still sitting on the fence.  They may have to be our target this time.  Great, those stupid liberals won’t expect to be a mob’s target: sitting ducks.  

You see? That’s how it goes.  The circles just get bigger, nothing essential changes.  And why is that? Why doesn’t anything change and why do we put on the rose coloured glasses and insist that somehow, yes, things have gotten better? Was the 20th Century with its two devastating world wars followed by endless wars and the cruelest form of exploitation of resource rich emerging countries really better than the Hundred Years War?  Is that a rhetorical question or what?

What is our problem?  I’ll tell you, and I’ll keep telling you, as long as I have breath: our problem is that as a species, as a collective, as a “civilization” we don’t give a damn. We are not the least empathetic, though we can be so easily conned by our various propaganda machines into believing that we are, indeed, kind and loving “at heart” and that it is only the few; the minority; that is psychopathic and loves war and killing.  It isn’t. It’s a very, very big majority that is in love with violence and that never gets enough of it. If you don’t believe me, check out the internet and video games. Check out how much money derives directly from violence or the promotion of violence.  

Not all violence means bloodshed and death, though we certainly enjoy doing that best. Violence is everything that causes some sort of harm to others; to another – human, animal, plant or planet, for one’s selfish benefit or one’s enjoyment.  We need to get that very clear in our head for it is the same as what religion calls sin: the inflicting of pain and loss upon any “other” for one’s own satisfaction, benefit or pleasure. 

There is but one antidote for this Earthian condition that is destroying this world and possibly much of the biological life on and in it, and that is for all *ISSA beings to choose to become compassionate.  How many times have I said that? Doesn’t matter because it’s like the wind in the leafless cottonwood trees here in winter: sound and either you like it or you don’t like it, but the wind doesn’t change its tune whether you’re comfortable with it or not.

I’ve been following the current protests highlighting climate change and elitist rip-offs called the economy and assessing the chances of such protests actually accomplishing anything at all. My conclusion is predictable: the protesters are going nowhere.

Oh, what a terrible thing to say! Of course they’re going somewhere; they’re making some politicos change their minds… wow! Problem with that is, these mind-changing chameleons are opportunists. They can see the tide flowing in and they are just smart enough to move the blanket, the umbrella and the cooler a bit higher up on the beach. Still same beach, same picnic, same people. They’ll be safe from the rising waters and who cares about those who are already up against the cliff? Their problem.

If there is one thing activism has taught me back then, it’s that to address one “big” problem it is absolutely necessary to address all “big” problems. You cannot address climate change without addressing global poverty. You cannot address poverty without addressing over-population. You cannot promote alternative sources of energy if you are not condemning consumerism outright. You cannot blame right-winged politicians for screwing the planet if you are blinding yourself to the fact that your “left winged” politicians (the ones you would happily put back in charge) are as corrupt and often more so.  You cannot address justice if you are not, first, dedicated to destroying your billionaire elites – and I mean destroy utterly.  You cannot address and hope to make a dent in any of the above if you are not primarily committed to stopping all wars, genocides and where police operate out of control as in the US, stopping all government sanctioned mass murder.  You cannot in all honesty address and oppose any of the above if inside yourself resides one ounce of racism, misogyny, bullying and oh yes, patriotism. How many realize that patriotism is fanaticism that leads to terrorism?  It’s always been that.

Finally (this has to stop somewhere) nothing at all will ever change as long as there remains one Earthian anywhere convinced that s/he is entitled; if particularly blessed in some way or is superior to anyone else.  In other words, until Earthian pride is completely subdued by humility… we are doomed. We were taught; we were given chance after chance; we know right from wrong and as long as we choose wrong we can’t expect that anything will ever come out right. 

“We knew that the Earth was flat, we knew that we were the center of the universe, and we knew that a man-made heavier than air piece of machinery could not take flight. Through all stages of human history, intellectual authorities have pronounced their supremacy by ridiculing or suppressing elements of reality that simply didn’t fit within the framework of accepted knowledge. Are we really any different today? Have we really changed our acceptance towards things that won’t fit the frame? Maybe there are concepts of our reality we have yet to understand, and if we open our eyes, maybe we will see that something significant has been overlooked.”Terje Toftenes (take from the film “The Day Before Disclosure”)

*ISSA: intelligent, sentient, self aware

61 thoughts on “I Had to Write This…

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Exactly, and perhaps not even that as in my personal case I am known for being taken advantage of, something I would not do to others.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Ah, missed that, sorry. And thank you again for commenting and putting the tough questions forward. Made me think. Makes me think – good job.

      3. rawgod

        I love it when people think. Gives me hope for humanity yet. If only we are allowed the time to succeed!

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      As rawgod stated. It’s the greatest lesson I think we have yet to learn and take to heart, as a people. But without developing empathy, how can we ever hope to get there? And how can we become empaths if we are not innately compassionate first and foremost? When I think about the practice of compassion, particularly at this time, I’m reminded of an old joke: “We the willing, let by the unknowing have done so much with so little for so long we are now qualified to do anything with nothing.”

  1. maria wind talker

    I feel your frustration. Its like banging our heads on the wall of apathy. Since me early teens ive said that ‘the world will be better without humans’ and i still feel that today. apart from now I feel maybe a handful of caretakers should remain to at least help the animals especially pets that will be left without their human companions and maybe injured. Some to clean the oceans and the rest of the crap that us humans have left as a legacy to all our mother provided us with. Recent scientific research has given us 13years till tipping point, no return. How crazy are we as a race really? The earth has been here 4 billion years (ish), and humans manage to feck it up in 200years!

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      The exploitative predatory system we freely call ‘the economy’ (actually a totally meaningless term used by economists, of course, to give credibility to a system that has none) is greatly dependent upon the apathy of the entitled and the remaining gamblers hanging out at the entrances to the voting casinos. Frustration? It’s not really frustration, it’s trying to find ways to communicate the reality we have literally fallen into, a reality based on lies. We are being lied to exponentially; we are being bombed, shot, starved, dispossessed, poisoned, mis-educated, mis-directed, mis-governed, threatened, economically skinned alive, buried under un-payable, unsurmountable phony debts owed strictly to the richest elites for the privilege of living on a world they stole from us (and all other lifeforms) and now own outright according to their bankers’ Ponzi schemes. How does one tell someone else who is convinced they know it all that they know “sweet Fanny Adams” as was said in my parents’ generation, of what they are on about?

  2. George F.

    Well said. …” in love with violence and that never gets enough of it. ” Round and round it goes. Never learn. Lather, rinse, repeat. We need to introduce an entirely new consciousness to make a change. I’m working on it.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yes, I know you are, in your own impeccable way, and this comment is meant as another encouragement. I didn’t comment on your last chapter as I thought I’d just skip through the…
      you know. Keep writing!

      1. George F.

        Welcome to the Jungle 2 is up, more violence, so I won’t expect you. I’ll be getting back to the lab soon. Thanks Sha’Tara!

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Go for it, George. I don’t want to come across as squeamish – in these worlds where violence is endemic, you could not write a believable tale of change without some violence involved, particularly from those invested in the current system. I’ve written equally, perhaps much more violent episodes in my novel, The Antierra Manifesto. I’ve been debating pushing it along on this blog, but… it’s over 400pp long… yikes! I suppose I could post it in chapters and have a schedule of posts so the thread isn’t lost. It worked reasonably well for my email list a while back, maybe it will work here too. Also, this being a no-copyright blog, that poses a problem for a purely sci-fi novel… I guess a private announcement that “this novel” is copyrighted would do it… I’m thinking, I’m thinking… but once I start it will take up most of my blogging – don’t want to crowd the aisles…

      3. George F.

        Forget about blogging your novel…focus on publishing it, either traditional or indie. I’ve just started reading a book rec’d by another blogger called “How to grow a novel.” and I’ll be trying to take my own fiction to another level in 2019. As I frequently discuss with Hyperion: WP=training wheels.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes, I know what you are saying about publishing but as indies, those who publish for the most part, their works sit gathering e-dust on e-shelves unless they launch themselves into heavy propaganda and promotion of their own works. I worked for 42.5 years for the great propaganda company, Coca Cola and I’m fed up with “promotional” material. Still, considering it…

  3. rawgod

    You know I love you, Sha’Tara, but where are your extra-terrestrial buddies, and what are they doing to help us? If they know how to help us keep from destroying our world and all the living beings on it, then they are as guilty as us for that destruction. I am not saying “rescue” us, that teaches us nothing. But I am saying “help” us, because we obviously need it–and by us I mean every living being on Earth.
    Meanwhile, I think you answered your question about who goes next–the world’s rich and elite classes. Until we rid the world of those who care only about themselves (and possibly their families), we will never make the type of progress that needs to be made. Unless we can show them how to make money doing it!

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      If a teacher trains someone to be a good lawyer it’s not the teacher’s prerogative to go into the court room and plead the graduated student’s first case. It’s my job you are talking about and I’m “trying” to do it within the parameters the Teachers set up for me. I suppose I could say in my defense that I sow the seed. I did not create to soil conditions; I don’t make the weather and I do not fertilize, weed nor will I reap. Undoubtedly the Teachers are busy instructing others as I have not heard from them in over 1.5 decades. Legitimate teachers do not interfere in the affairs of a planet, world or system. They find a path through the minds open to them; they teach whatever those minds can absorb or quite a bit more (!) and after giving a bit of advice, move on. I do have “watchers” who periodically remind me I’m being observed and weighed as to my thoughts, words and deeds measured by what I’ve been given, but it’s total non-intervention. We hear “truth” and we either accept or reject – red pill/blue pill. The force and the power to create change is already packaged within us, ready to be opened. Most people, rawgod, will not open the package, either out of apathy, fear, false beliefs, choosing instead to take their chances with their known (D)evils. To the alien minds I’ve known, an ISSA choice is sacred and inviolable. Besides they are savvy enough to know that all change agents sent to earth to create powerful change were seduced or killed. All of their “systems” were hijacked by the Matrix, the best known being Christianity. My parameters as a change agent exclude all efforts at creating alternative systems of power, or collectives within the Matrix and as we know, no collective today will be allowed to function freely outside the Matrix, probably none ever have. Only a self empowered (free choice) individual can function (in, or as, a mind) outside the walls of the Matrix. We operate as one, not as one plurality, as one singularity. What is a singularity? …

      1. rawgod

        In this case I would expect a singularity to be as all beings working together towards a common goal. Humans do not know how to act as a singularity except as each their own singularity. We do not know how to combine all into one. Despite the need to act as a singularity in the changing climate scenario, we are not all of one mind, which we need to be. Without common telepathy we are locked away from each other, and therefore unable to make the leap from individuals to singularity.
        Your watchers, just watching, is also hindering the ability to create a singularity. Where is their ISSAlity if they can watch a whole planet be destroyed by its own ISSA species, of which we are not the only one here on this planet. We are taking away the choice of others to live. They are taking away the choice of others to live. This is not to be endured.
        Look, I know the human species does not deserve to be a part of universal life, but that does not give us the right to end all life on this planet. Non-industrial species have evety right to exist in this universe, but will not be extended that right if we are allowed to continue to be the greedy individuals that we are.

        Stop us! Don’t destroy everything because of us…

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        [rawgod] I lost track of which comment I replied to between cell phone and computer, that “sync” thing should be called “sink”! Unfortunately rg, we’re caught between a rock and a hard place. We’re not alone, but where do our essentially ignorant loyalties lie towards those we cannot see and whose existence and power we do not acknowledge? As below, so above. Look what happens when a super power decides to intervene in the affairs or other nations? Regime change, revolutions, endless violence. “My” people have no power to intervene in the affairs of this world an if they tried they would light a fire that could destroy the galaxy. They are not warriors, that is not their way. As it’s always been, it’s up to us to deal with our problems. The “scriptural” promises of divine interventions were made by our most vile enemies: the Jehovians, that family of oppressors that includes the “Christ” or Jesus of Christianity. Any intervention must mean some sort of holocaust, as so picturesquely described in the book of Revelation. They only know how to work through war, violence and bloodshed. These powerful entities who already destroyed an entire world, Tiamat, in order to take over control of this solar system, couldn’t care less about life in general, never mind the life on a small, insignificant planet on the far edge of a galaxy. Earth is meaningless, except as a local seat of power for a TL (Time Lord) ruling Jehovian. If a world seriously rebels, they can blow it up.
        The change some of us wise enough to look for can only come from within ourselves, as individuals. Only the self empowered, de-programmed individual is no longer a mind slave to the TL hegemon, though our bodies remain trapped in their time and death web, like an animal in one of those “humane” cage traps.
        We should have clued in by now, no outside help is forthcoming until we accept its possibility and literally, within our minds, provide the safe landing such help would require.
        When I accepted their presence in my mind I had to agree to take full responsibility for my own life and place in this scheme of things; that what I thought, said, wrote and did, mattered.

      3. rawgod

        I have not agreed to anything, including a so-called social contract. My only method of contacting your people is through you, so I use what is available to me. I am not scared to ask, nor to accuse. Doing nothing is as bad or worse than doing the wrong thing. Unless one tries, one cannot succeed. To watch one species destroy the home of trillions of other species is to commit meg-genocide as surely as to throw a planet-busting bomb our way, whether they have one or not.
        My loyalty is to life, and no one and nothing else, as should anyone’s loyalty be. Life is the only thing of value in our cosmos. I have said it before, I will say it again–there is nothing! without life. Absolutely nothing!

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        [rawgod] That’s a truism, certainly. There is spirit (for me) as a source, but I would consider that as part of life, not apart from.

      5. Sha'Tara Post author

        [rawgod] In redirect your honor, as Perry Mason would say, and speaking of singularities, I found this on a Blogger blog: http://consciousnessunbound.blogspot.com/

        Awakening Our Higher Mental Powers
        I’ve been tracking what I call human singularities—people who embody rare and extraordinary talents—like Joseph of Copertino, or Arigo, or Lurancy Vennum, etc.. I’m trying to paint a composite picture of what I believe is our latent super-humanity. All the strange manifestations must have some purpose, some meaning.

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        I’ve been attempting to carry on a discussion about one’s truth on another blog and decided to give it up – lack of, what shall I call it, maturity? Broader understanding? Unwillingness to look under the proverbial rock? But I’ll tell you this, as my personal truth, this is solid: aliens (so-called for the time being) invented us for a specific purpose just as surely as aliens invented Akira for a specific purpose which she is gradually discovering and expanding upon. That is exactly what happened here. Cloned alien creatures, programmed for a specific purpose and to be kept as ignorant slaves were interfered with by a certain element of benevolent forces (the forces of Lucifer) and gifted a human mind. Many things changed for the mutants after that, including overthrowing their slave masters. But (sadly or???) they did not, could not, integrate themselves to their prison planet. At first they tried to break away; to develop space flight so they could “follow” their alien makers, conquer them and take over their planet, called Nibiru. The aliens who still had control of the Earthian “soul” re-programmed them at the last minute (see the Babel biblical story for a cartoon view of the crisis) and stopped development of Earthian technology dead in its tracks at that time. Thousands of years later, though without our ability to communicate and riddled with insurmountable social and environmental problems, we’re hopelessly flirting with that old technology again. But we cannot get out. Earth remains trapped inside a vast girdle of deadly radioactive belts that cannot be breached (hint: no one every went to the moon and survived to tell the tale, that’s all NASA propaganda! Gagarin never went into deep space, Soviet propaganda, in collusion with NASA – and there never was any “cold war” except in the Media and great Ian Fleming fiction.) The only biological creature to go into deep space was the doggie Laika, and it died, but since Earthians have absolutely no compassion, it was OK to kill a dog to make a multi-billion dollar commercial and keep a multi-trillion dollar “cold war” competition going. There is nothing strange or surprising that Earthians, but for “natives” or those who went “wild” and became the native races, cannot and desire not, to become integrated to their resident planet Earth. We do not belong here and if we give up “space” in dreams or attempted technology, we give up on who we are. That, all things considered might not be such a bad idea, but the problem is, without our artificial technology and equally artificial lifestyles, we cannot exist in cities and our 8 billion number would have to be pared down to around one billion at the maximum, probably less at first due to the massive depletion and poisoning of arable lands, water and air currently extant in the natural environment. In the vernacular, we have royally fucked ourselves; painted ourselves into the proverbial corner and there is going to be no rescue. We have ignorantly and stupidly gone way beyond any sustainability. Our problems scream this truth daily yet we continue to scream back, “fake news! fake news! MEGA, MEGA, MEGA! (Make Earth Great Again) Biggly!

      2. George F.

        benevolent forces (the forces of Lucifer)…care to expand on Lucifer being benevolent? I’ve not heard that before…

      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        [George F] Quote: “benevolent forces (the forces of Lucifer)…care to expand on Lucifer being benevolent? I’ve not heard that before…” That is a very long story of which I have recorded but some highlights. I’ll find what I have written in my files and reblog it here. Meanwhile just to assuage curiosity, all you ever hear in this sector is the demonizing of Lucifer, who as a by the way, is female. She was the queen of that sector of our skies we call Orion. When the Time Lords invaded this system, she had no defense against them. She and her entire people were enslaved. She was forced to become a concubine of the TL head honcho. After long years of slavery, and the love and beauty of her “sisters” having “seduced” a large portion of the TL’s army, she launched a desperate rebellion to break free. “There was war in heaven” and the forces of Lucifer were defeated and she and her followers were cast to this backwoods system which they proceeded to fix up and make habitable… very long story, as I said, but we are completely a part of it to this day. That war never ended and continues. Just to prick your ears when wondering about our gravest problems, the Luciferians were a matriarchal society, and, please note: black of skin coloration. The TL’s are a violent patriarchal, warlike, domineering and enslaving system of white skin, and in this system “we” call them the Jehovians. Our racism and misogyny comes from our real gods, the Time Lords; it is in our genes. If we had ever been allowed to know our history we could know what we are, and why we do the things we do – but our past is closed to us and the programming will not allow free thought on the matter. We are as much the slaves of the TL’s as are the Luciferians at this time and as long as we are kept in the dark; as long as we find it impossible to believe any of this… what can we possibly do to counter any of it? Nothing except continue to provide energy to spin the wheel that maintains Time Lord hegemony over us.

      4. George F.

        I’m taking notes. This is a fascinating world view, one I hadn’t heard before, and these ideas may be incorporated into my story. I love it! Give me more or post a link to where and when you blogged this!!

      5. Sha'Tara Post author

        OK George, new post up on ~burning woman~ referencing part of the story of Lucifer as it mostly relates to this solar system. Enjoy. I may find more yet.

      6. franklparker

        Quote: “aliens (so-called for the time being) invented us for a specific purpose” sounds like just another version of creationism to me – and I think you know where I stand on that hypothesis!

      7. Sha'Tara Post author

        (Made some edits)
        [Frank- I have to write the name or comments don’t seem to thread!] quote: ““aliens (so-called for the time being) invented us for a specific purpose” sounds like just another version of creationism to me – and I think you know where I stand on that hypothesis!
        Of course I know that. We’ve all got opinions and ideas, some based on better info than others. I would rather never engage unverifiable topics, but this quote helps me remember, I’m in good company: ““Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. “Marcus Aurelius”
        My mind absorbs all information, as in, believe all things, believe in nothing. Nothing is written in stone. Creationism (very bad word) cannot be so easily dismissed based on the evidence we ourselves spread around. We could never be naturally evolved creatures as evidenced by our unnatural choices for existence. Something severely twisted is driving us to destroy ourselves, and if you read my comment to George F, you’ll get an idea how I got to figure it out. I had help, mind you. Logically, we cannot be naturally evolved creatures, can I say creatures? 🙂 Naturally evolved intelligent creatures could never so utterly despise and denigrate their own natural environment as man does – that simply can never add up. I could list all the unanswerable “why?” questions here, as I’ve done time and again, but they will show up again. I want answers and within all that man proposes, not a one is satisfactory.
        What is “creation”? The making of something out of nothing, as Christianity claims? No wonder thinking people reject that concept outright – it’s childish ignorance. But then we’re faced with the evolutionist dilemma, where does it all come from? Well, maybe we shouldn’t care about the source, but more about how it got to be so f****d-up? So twisted? The way I see it Frank, creationism or evolution, we’re in a mess that fighting over terminology isn’t going to fix. We should be working at discovering what programs our mindset that we cannot stop destroying our world mostly for the sake of warlike preparation. I just read on a post that the military is “Americans’ most respected institution.” That’s a wow! there. unimaginable. Not education; not health or welfare; not religion (well that would be a good thing); not government, but the endless preparation for global war that currently eats up 50% of America’s government income.

      8. rawgod

        If you mean me, George, I only entertain the possibility for S’Ts sake. And for my science-fiction background. S’T firmly believes her experience, even as I firmly believe my experience. But I don’t expect anyone else to believe my experience. My apologies if I am wrong, but I think S’T does expect others to believe her experience.
        But as I just said to her, though we come from different viewpoints, we arrive at the same conclusions, so how we get there is no matter. Her way will appeal to some. My way may appeal to others. And still other ways will appeal to still
        others. No way will appeal to most, as we are looking for humungous changes which most people are unable or uwilling to look at.
        We cannot helpbut look there, and everywhere…

      9. Sha'Tara Post author

        [rawgod] I know this comment is not addressed to me but I see myself totally agreeing with you here. Here you’re saying much the same as I said in my previous reply to you. Different points of departure, different paths, same arrival point.

  4. Hyperion

    Food for thought as you give us the panarama that evolves into a different view of the same landscape each generation. Flourishing in the great sea of apathy is the success of greed, power, and wealth. That has never changed although the implementation becomes more efficient and greater in scope with each generation.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      …and that is what has to break. People need to open to their individual power source and learn to operate from that basis. That means ditching all reliance upon governing forces, whether religious, governmental (heavy emphasis on the mental there!) or financial/economical. We have to stop listening to the endless litanies of misdeeds of all the miscreants who run these corrupt institutions and turn on our own “flashlights” as the “legitimized” predatory collectives increase our world’s darkness exponentially. We need to free ourselves as individuals, one by one; pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps, however contradictory that appears: it isn’t. It is doable when we stop asking permission to express our own choices outside everything we were ever taught to believe in. The first things to go must be the really big beliefs, like God, religion, leadership, bosses, owners, money, war, enemies, and the need for some kind of “protection”. At the moment we are the mice begging for protection and help from the rats by petitioning the rodent trap manufacturers.

      1. Hyperion

        “At the moment we are the mice begging for protection and help from the rats by petitioning the rodent trap manufacturers.” I like this analogy of where we are at the moment. There are so many indisputable facts pointing to the tipping point of civilization into the cauldron of doom and yet we can ignore it all for a false narrative on every major subject. Only the strong shall survive belongs to a very small population of the world.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        [Hyp] good comment. Only the strong will survive. How that plays out will depend a great deal on who “the strong” turn out to be.

      3. Hyperion

        Very true Sha’Tara. A new cycle of the climb to power, then control, and finally the hording of wealth in whatever form wealth takes on begins and perhaps in a millennium, Splinter tribes with their own codes of honor will form the bubbles of civilization and a renewed march to oblivion. If we bipedal hominids are lucky to survive, that is.

  5. rawgod

    Resposible anarchy, spiritual atheism, gutting the three Gs (god, gold, government) are alĺ themes I have bèen promoting for ýears. As I have often said to you, S’T, we come fŕom different directions, but we end up in the same place. Right and wrong no longer matter, presence is necessary, and important. But until we create that singularity of purpose, nothing of consequence can or will happen.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      [rawgod] Quote: “until we create that singularity of purpose, nothing of consequence can or will happen.” To explain further how that actually works, well, this is where my words fail me utterly. We [plural] can be as one, but only when I [singular] become my own singularity. The key, and the problem, is that on mental levels not understood by Earthians a personal choice is inviolable. At the same time it cannot be forced on anyone else – well, that should make sense. However, a singularity absorbs its surroundings until all is “the” singularity, or so I understand it. This creates a dichotomy: if I succeed in making myself that singularity, is that supposed to swallow up the rest into “me”? That would be a horror show beyond all horror shows because that would make me ‘God’. So, to prevent this happening, we are protected from absorption. We retain our person hood, our awareness of self under any and all circumstances. Total possession of our mind is not possible though control is possible. To follow on fixing our problems, we, as individuals, must each decide to become our own singularity, total independence in self empowerment. As you say, death of the three ‘g’s’ or religion, the state and money. Earlier you decried lack of intervention on the part of the Teachers and the Watchers, and I’ve just tried to explain why they are impotent in that area. They were/are able to work with me because I am completely mind-opened to their presences and input. I trust them implicitly. Does every ISSA being have her or his own Teachers and Watchers? Why not? Are they the only way to greater awareness and “spiritual” or mental evolution? I would strongly argue against that. It is but one way that is innately right for me, so why would I not use it? But to clarify, when I “push” my ideas, it’s not to control someone else’s mind, nor to imply ‘my way or the highway.’ It’s to present the fact that we already are fully equipped to solve all of our social problems, but as individuals, not as a collective civilization. It’s to point out that all our collective fixing efforts have only gotten us deeper in the hole and we should wise up to the fact that it is the collective effort that is the problem. That kind of thinking goes against the grain because it violates the programming that insists that “where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in their midst.” (Jesus for those who don’t recognize the quote.) We know that has never worked except in destructive ways. “To be or not to be… do we dare endure through painful change, or do we quietly leave the scene… commit suicide, of mind or of body?
      To be, or not to be: that is the question:
      Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
      The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
      Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
      And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep;
      No more; and by a sleep to say we end
      The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
      That flesh is heir to, ’tis a consummation
      Devoutly to be wish’d. To die, to sleep;
      To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub;
      For in that sleep of death what dreams may come
      When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
      Must give us pause: there’s the respect
      That makes calamity of so long life;
      For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,
      The oppressor’s wrong, the proud man’s contumely,
      The pangs of despised love, the law’s delay,
      The insolence of office and the spurns
      That patient merit of the unworthy takes,
      When he himself might his quietus make
      With a bare bodkin?

      1. rawgod

        Humanity, indeed life, has not had the power to induce a singularity of purpose since the event that inspired the tower of babel story. What such a singularity of purpose is, IMO, unimaginable in most current minds, if not almost all. But I do not see individual singularities as ever having the power to work together hand-in-hand to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. There is no need of becoming a god, or even “God,” to do that. What it takes is an awareness of a need so great as to become obvious to every individual singularity that success cannot be had if even one such singularity holds out from being part of a collective singularity, elsewise there is no collective singularity. It has to happen naturally, not directed in any way. But it has to happen soon. Our time constraints are getting shorter all the time–if it reaches zero before this singularity of purpose can come into being, it would be very hard pressed to ever happen!

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        [rawgod] since the singularity can only take place individually, not collectively, our chances are basically nil. However, not everything is as it seems. We’ve survived other changes and we will survive this one, only not with this civilization and not with our programmed current mindset. The external change we are going to experience is not accidental, it is designed to change our obdurant mindset; to break our reliance on our programming.

      3. rawgod

        I will not accept that. And there is no such thing as non-accidental in my belief system. The universe, the cosmos, develops through chaos. There is no director of this cosmos, nor can there be. If there was, there would be no reason for life, except for that director’s entertainment. And how would such a director be entertained by something she/he/it already knows the outcome of. Nothing but chaos makes sense.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        [rawgod] I think that discoveries of our modern physics are in full agreement with you on this. I confess, I have a great deal or problem with the “chaos” concept, perhaps due to sensing the definition in my mother tongue, French, and probably in part due to my upbringing in the Catholic church. I remember reading Frank Herbert’s problems with that concept also as he developed Muad’dib’s philosophy and the unleashing of chaos upon the known universe, the “jihad” that would plunge the universe into a dozen years of terror and bloodshed. Yet neither could he live with the alternative, an alternative of enforced peace his son, Leto II would “inflict” upon his universe for 4000 years. I do realize that chaos makes the most sense but it takes a very high level of intelligence and compassion to interact humanely within such a concept. That’s where we fail abysmally as pseudo-humans of Earth.

  6. sherazade

    In Italia la situazione politica è molto pericolosa perché abbiamo un ibrido di due partiti entrambi ideologicamente deviati.

    Si sono accordati avendo la maggioranza di gente individualista è ignorante Lo slogan è stato “sconfiggeremo la povertà e ” l’Italia agli italiani”. La sinistra ha perso paurosamente e noi che ci abbiamo creduto e forse crediamo ancora in un mondo equo solidale e rispettoso ci troviamo senza una linea guida che possa fare da barriera.
    Stanno morendo le voci di quei pochi sopravvissuti e ancora vivi dell’olocausto e gia si mette in dubbio la parte buona e quella marcia sostenendo che i morti sono tutti uguali.
    Io credo che la morte di un partigiano non possa avere allo stesso livello della morte di un fascista, di un aguzzino

    Ti abbraccio cara Sha’Tara. All my wishes for you .


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Translation: In Italy the political situation is very dangerous because we have a hybrid of two parties both ideologically deviated.

      They agreed that the majority of individualistic people are ignorant The slogan was “we will defeat poverty and” Italy to the Italians “. The left has lost frightfully and we who believed in it and perhaps still believe in a fair and respectful fair world we find ourselves without a guideline that can act as a barrier.
      The voices of those few survivors and still alive of the holocaust are dying and already the good part and the march are questioned, claiming that the dead are all the same.
      I believe that the death of a partisan can not have the same level as the death of a fascist, a torturer
      _____ History is cyclical. Or as they say here, what goes round, comes round. Or, you reap what you sow. Also known as karma. Many ways to say that we keep repeating our gravest mistakes, even if at times we manage to make positive change (western democracies for example) but the great mistake these so-called democracies made was to continue warring, or the acceptance of war as necessity. Here, the “left” was no better than the “right” and it was a foregone conclusion that in the end, both would fall again into dictatorships, imperialistic behaviour or even the return of Medieval “royalty” rule. Of the revolutions, of the wars, few or no lessons remain. Even written constitutions are now ignored, how much more the sacrifice made by those called ‘partisans’ to overthrow the tyranny of their day.
      Translated for you: ______ La storia è ciclica O come si dice qui, ciò che gira, viene. Oppure mieti ciò che semini. Conosciuto anche come karma. Molti modi per dire che continuiamo a ripetere i nostri errori più gravi, anche se a volte riusciremo a fare cambiamenti positivi (ad esempio le democrazie occidentali) ma il grande errore commesso dalle cosiddette democrazie è stato continuare a guerreggiare, o l’accettazione della guerra come necessità . Qui, la “sinistra” non era migliore della “destra” ed era scontato che alla fine entrambi sarebbero ricaduti in dittature, comportamenti imperialistici o persino il ritorno della regola della “regalità” medievale. Delle rivoluzioni, delle guerre, poche o nessuna lezione rimangono. Anche le costituzioni scritte sono ora ignorate, quanto più il sacrificio fatto da quelli chiamati “partigiani” per rovesciare la tirannia del loro tempo.

  7. equinoxio21

    “Folly and ignorance, the common curse of mankind.” Old Will said with his usual foresight.
    He should have added: “no memory”. Yes, we are ready to go at each other’s throats again.
    War is probably the only and ultimate destiny of (in)humankind… Tsss.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Merci pour ton commentaire, Brieuc. Beyond sad when any intelligent person knows it’s all about monetary profit. Your guess, “Oh, and 60 million dead the last time? I figure 1.5 or 2 billion next time.” is probably accurate, depending of course on the severity and spread of the next global war; how many nukes are used for they will certainly be used this time.

      1. equinoxio21

        Yes unfortunately they will be used. The mad man is dying to use them. He knows he won’t be affected. Anyway… ne desperons pas: bonne annee!

  8. Sha'Tara Post author

    Thanks for commenting here, Henry. Yes the people of Earth are fools, fools for making so little effort to see the obvious for themselves and going along with the official propaganda. For taking the easy way down.


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