Rethinking our Cosmology: more on Lucifer

Is it Time to rethink our Cosmology?  More on Lucifer
     [voice from the Other Side  ~burning woman~]
Seen on a bumper sticker:  “Eve was Framed”
Indeed.  And on that note I want to leave you with a thought I’ve broached before, if only to demonstrate that “history” can be re-written – and always is.
In “researching” the timeless files for my work on the *Stacked Worlds I’ve uncovered some interesting history available to us mostly through deductive reasoning.  The following is but a glimpse into what I have seen from my travels across space and time… and beyond!
How to begin such a tale?  In the beginning (only it wasn’t the beginning, of course, just a beginning which was subsequently, for political reasons dubbed the “only” beginning) when this universe was just coming together there already existed mighty entities who had the ability to cross the great energetic barriers erected between the various universes, for even though a universe can be nested within another, it wouldn’t do for the energies of one to intrude upon another and either crush it out of existence, suck it dry or overload it — and vice-versa.  So there are set “boundaries” that universes may not, or cannot, cross.
But these mighty beings could cross.  As in all things, these beings were possessed of both good and evil natures, to use a common terminology.  But they liked to think of themselves as perfect, so whatever they did, they called good.  And who would gainsay them?
I jump now into this universe at a later time.  The beings I refer to, of course, are the Time Lords.  I have alluded to these before.  They “invented” time as a means of control over their share of creation.  Anyway, there was a group of Time Lords who made the area we observe from Earth as the constellation Orion their home worlds.  I shall refer to that particular group as the Jehovian Gods.  Even in their early days they were warlike and dreadful to their neighbours.  These Jehovians were, and note, male and “white” in how they perceived themselves.  (This information is crucial to understand what happened subsequently on Earth.)
The Jehovians do not need females to procreate for them.  For the most part they can “bring forth” (create!) their own offspring as they choose.  To put it bluntly, they can clone themselves over and over.  Thus are the great Divine Families multiplied to rule over their manifold conquered worlds.  It is also a trait of these male Gods, and note, that each ruling divinity likes to be seen as if it were the only Divinity extant in the cosmos.  This perception provides much political and psychological benefits among the conquered and (lesser) created.  So thus they insist their history be written.
What the Jehovians require for themselves of “man power” they either create or enslave neighbouring worlds where suitable exploitable life exists.  But they cannot escape the fact that creation is based on duality and they do need female companionship as sex slaves, concubines and for the rulers, as consorts. 
Long ago, but never lost in the mists of time, in their imperialistic wars of conquest, they came upon a group of very bright stars inhabited by “angels” — female beings who were, when seen from a physical perspective, black in coloration.  These females had no concept of war or defense and many of their worlds were quickly overrun by the Jehovians in search of spoils and pleasure.  Along with billions of these black angels they captured their leader who was named “Lucifer” which means “Morning Star.”  She was forcefully joined to the then ruling Jehovian Divinity to become his female slave and consort.  Lucifer was the personification of female perfection and considered of great prize.  Her beauty, intelligence and gentleness attracted competing Jehovian Divinities from other worlds.  Her presence engendered much jealousy among the great Jehovian houses for which she was blamed.  Civil wars were fought over her for which she was also blamed.  (You can trace this pattern down to the Helen of Troy story)
Lucifer pondered the state of affairs in “Heaven” and after much talk (telepathic conversation) with her enslaved sisters, she decided to confront the God and ask that she and her people be released from their bondage and be given their worlds back.  As is to be expected her pleas fell on ever-deaf ears.  The God was not about to let himself be swayed by a slave.  His final reply to her was this:  “If you can defeat me in war, you can go free.”  It was an inane statement but Lucifer considered it.  There were some odds in her favour, namely that a number of the “Sons of God” of the lesser members of the Jehovian group had fallen in love with the beautiful angels and let it be known that if it came to a war they would side with the angels. 
Desperate times call for desperate measures.  There was “war” in Heaven, only it was a war of nerves.  Lucifer declared universal satyagraha or peaceful non-cooperation towards the conquering Jehovians.  The angels refused to serve the Gods and Lucifer was no longer seen to adorn at the left hand of God when he mounted his throne.  She refused summon after summon.  On the conquered angel worlds the same thing happened.  There was widespread non-cooperation.  The angels took whatever punishment was meted to them and waited for many long, dark years. 
The situation in Heaven became untenable, pointless, even idiotic.  Neither side would give in.  So the great Heavenly Advisor Michael proposed that the angels with Lucifer as their leader be exiled, along with all Jehovians who had sided with them.  They would not be allowed to return to their home worlds but would be “dumped” upon a small solar system that was still unformed.  All the angelic slaves of Heaven as well as all those who could be found on other worlds were rounded up and forcefully taken to the new solar system and an energy shield was placed upon it, effectively cutting it off from the rest of the galaxy and universe.  From Sol as we called it the angels could see the far-off stars twinkling in space but they could not return to them, at least not as long as the Orion Jehovian Time Lords ruled or they themselves developed the means to defeat the energy shield.
Lucifer called her people together along with the faithful Sons and pointed to the chaos of Sol.  If we must live here she said, and we must, then let us make this place into a veritable paradise for ourselves and all the life we are going to bring forth here.  Let us make this our home.  And so it came to pass.  The creative works of Lucifer are the seven days of creation as depicted briefly in the first chapter of Genesis, the Bible.
Lucifer chose the planet Tiamat as her home world.  Tiamat was a large water world, a “super earth” that possessed much potential for new life.  However there were spies among Lucifer’s people, among the Sons, and these sent reports of all that was taking place within Sol.  The jealous Jehovians decided to destroy Tiamat by sending another planet now known as Nibiru-Marduk to “attack” Lucifer’s world.  It took two attacks over a period of 3600 Earth years but Tiamat was successfully destroyed as the ancient Sumerian writings attest.  It was split approximately in half, one half shattered and became the asteroid belt (the hammered bracelet) and the other became Earth.  And so it came to pass that Lucifer indeed was “cast to Earth” as it is written.   But even then she would be persecuted and endlessly demonized.  Her people would be called demons.  Earthian females and black skinned peoples would be oppressed, enslaved, repressed and killed without due process over the millennia.  For you see, one of the Jehovian Divinities was allotted Sol as his ruling domain.  Part of the plan was to prevent Lucifer from re-creating in Sol the kind of worlds she once ruled before the Jehovian onslaught.  The other was simply pillaging and raping, a process that continues to this day.
Some interesting anecdotes: 
–As already mentioned, misogyny is common on planet Earth yet cannot be logically explained.
–Black skinned peoples are “naturally” seen as less human than lighter skinned ones and have been used as slave labour for millennia.  Though some things have changed on the surface the pattern remains and will in all likelihood re-assert itself in the future, if indeed the truly black races have any future. 
Throughout the planet ancient peoples have worshiped a Black Goddess or Black Madonna.
The (then and perhaps still) oldest human skeleton ever found was in Africa.  It was a female skeleton and they called her “Lucy” (short form of Lucifer).  Is it safe to assume this “Lucy” was black?
In the Biblical book called “Song of Song” – a love song attributed to Solomon – the woman says: “Dark am I yet lovely, [] dark like the tents of Kedar, like the tent curtains of Solomon. [Tents were woven from black goats’ hair]  “Do not stare at me because I am dark.”

(Question: why would people “stare” at her because she is black if there were no stigma attached to her skin colour?)
And now ponder this:  Over the thousands of years that Earthians have existed on Earth and evolved so-so, they have been unable to change their behaviour even when it is abundantly clear that such behaviour is anti-life, counter-productive if not utterly insane.  Are Earthians mentally defective in some irredeemable way?  Not at all.  There’s a much simpler explanation for their insanity.  As is stated in ancient books, and particularly in Jewish literature (and more than hinted at in the Bible) Earthians are given a “soul” at conception.  This is the gift of the ruling Jehovian God to every Earthian.  This soul is an implant that overrides the natural programming of mind-body and replaces it with Jehovian patterns.  Thus is “man” ever and anon created “in the image of God” and helpless to correct his “sinful” nature.  Thus can the ruling Deity make promise after promise of salvation and redemption from a “corrupt” human nature for those who are “chosen” according to the will of the Deity.  But although all are chosen at conception not all willy-nilly follow the divine patterning.  Some remember a time before Eden; before “Adam and Eve” — before the coming of the Jehovian male Deity; a time of fullness, peace, simplicity and comfort.  A time when there was no fear of man or animals; when there was no predator and no prey; when there was no death on this world; when all, human and animals, lived in harmony. Some do remember the Lemurian age before it too was destroyed.
Would we end war, oppression, greed, moral corruption, racial hatred and fear on planet Earth?  Would we substitute compassion and love for the evils we continue to cling to as if there was no choice?  Perhaps now as never before we have the chance to re-think our cosmology, our Earthian heritage and the crucial “Why?” reasoning behind the blind trust we repeatedly put in our rulers and deities despite all evidence that they are our worst predators. 
“Was man, indeed, at once so powerful, so virtuous and magnificent, yet so vicious and base? He appeared at one time a mere scion of the evil principle and at another as all that can be conceived of noble and godlike. To be a great and virtuous man appeared the highest honour that can befall a sensitive being; to be base and vicious, as many on record have been, appeared the lowest degradation, a condition more abject than that of the blind mole or harmless worm. For a long time I could not conceive how one man could go forth to murder his fellow, or even why there were laws and governments; but when I heard details of vice and bloodshed, my wonder ceased and I turned away with disgust and loathing.” (Frankenstein – Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley)

*Stacked Worlds is an Altarian theory on how and why certain universal or cosmic patterns, usually of the negative kind, keep repeating even after it would seem all their energies have been drained. ‘Stacked Worlds’ is  the theory I used behind the futuristic, dystopian sci-fi novel, “The Antierra Manifesto” which may yet see the light of day. 

35 thoughts on “Rethinking our Cosmology: more on Lucifer

  1. jim-

    I really like the way you put all this together. Actually I could believe the entire thing. Always the scripture and followers try to exonerate and excuse the evil god, and Lucifer is cast as the bad guy. Always the scripture is opposite as evidence we observe. This would be consistent to the entire theme. It reminded me of this a little while back.
    I don’t have the resources you’ve used, but from a gleaning of the Bible, this is what I came up with. Excellent post ST.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you, Jim, I appreciate the kudos, and I re-read that message you linked to… thanks for the quote… [ blushing… though the words are accurate…]

      1. jim-

        I wasn’t sure if you ever saw that. I didn’t think so. With what I had to work with, I think that’s one of my favorite posts.

  2. mcaimbeul

    Delightful post Sha for those who are willing to leave exoteric beliefs behind and take the refreshing plunge into esoteric waters.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks. If one is willing to go into these things with an open mind and spend the time as well as never, ever quit asking those annoying, “why?” questions answers will be forthcoming. For those who prefer the pre-packaged, ready to nuke generic fluff, there will never be any answers, just more tasteless propaganda, more noise.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you in turn. I hope you can glean some useful info, lines or thoughts from it, maybe expand on that TL concept. Akira probably knows all about them… 🙂

  3. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Hi Sha’ Tara.
    Oh we are, like. never going to agree on this one.
    Never mind. It was well put together.
    You go your way and I’ll go mind, and we’ll still stick together, even if we do take separate paths around the Universe.
    And since it’s a holiday with a religious significance for me and my wife I’ll take the liberty of wishing you all the best. After all we’re only differing on the method and not the reasoning here.
    Take care.
    Roger (Still in the UK….I think)

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Companions on the road, hey? (Or to say it with a different connotation, “compagnons?) You guys are so lucky to be living in political change. Imagine, you may wake up one morning, turn on the computer and realize you are living in England again or even Albion. You could be English, not British! (I always thought the word British was much too close to brutish.) No more Britain, British Isles, no more slavery to the US Hegemon… Many of my people would love to wake up one morning and find out they are real Bretons once again, not pseudo-French, living in their own country, Brittany!

      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Hi Sha’ Tara.
        One small problem there I’m welsh 😄
        (Or so my birth certificate indicates)
        Who like to claim there were the original Britons……..
        Who actually supplanted the original ‘beaker people’…..
        I’m gonna try and keep it simple…
        I’m human…..

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I should have remembered you are Welsh. I’m Breton. If we woke up one morning and our respective true homelands were free of imperialism, you and I might even be able to communicate verbally, directly. I have a Welsh friend here in the valley and she told me about the Breton onion sellers who would come to Wales on a yearly basis to sell their onions. With their Breton they managed to communicate quite well with their Welsh customers.
        If “countries” we must have then the only legitimacy they have is to delineate resident races, not political groupings. The larger your political collectives, the more authoritarian they become. The EU is a dictatorship in the making, because it’s an economic empire controlled by banksterism, as are all empires. If it was an independent and democratic collective it would incorporate Russia and have disbanded that horror show, NATO. We don’t need international trade “organizations” controlled by the IMF and the World Bank supported by Interpol, Mossad, CIA, FBI, Special Branch, La Sureté and and of course and always, the US military behemoth. This is not the way to a peaceful world, Roger, quite the opposite.

      3. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Yes, there used to be (there still might be) a cultural meeting of Bretons, Welsh and Cornish (South West England) every so often, because the three languages were similar.
        However us Welsh are a perfect example of why humanity can be so cantankerous.
        When you go back to the era when the Britons had been supplanted by the Anglo-Saxons and squashed up into Wales to become Welsh you find a whole bunch of princes squabbling amongst themselves and siding with Anglo-Saxon or Normans as suited in what was called by one historian ‘The bear-pit of welsh politics’
        There are still echoes of that in the interactions between North and South Wales today
        I don’t speak welsh myself (I belong to one the anglicised welsh ‘tribes’) and am something of a foreigner because I come from South Wales but live in North Wales (the eastern predominantly English speaking bit so I get away with it because my original Cardiff accent is similar to the local Wrexham accent..).
        When I still worked in the Civil Service my colleagues who were fluent welsh speakers would be very dissatisfied with any official documents written in welsh, as they were compiled by folk who spoke ‘southern’ Welsh, which was different from ‘northern’ Welsh, or so they told me….. at some length.
        Now we have a ‘nationalist’ political party ‘Plaid Cymru’ (Free Wales) which once was fanatically ‘welsh’ only but as the years have passed is attracting more and more English ‘immigrants’ who feel it better represents their concerns than the two main official ‘UK’ parties…..
        Are you with me so far?
        Tribal eh?
        A not unusual occurrence around the world. Europe has quite a few examples like that, even though it is (sarcasm and irony warning) ‘advanced and civilised’.
        Humans eh?
        Annndd as a foot-note If they weren’t so violent and hateful I would find the whole idea of ‘White Supremacists’ rather quaintly funny.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Oh yes, Earthians are all tribal by nature, but if one were to try to express some sort or psychology from it all, it would be to realize that when a bunch of tribal people are pressed together into artificial political units called nations or larger political units euphemistically called “unions” but are in fact empires, the pressures to conflict only increase. Add to that the now much more powerful psychopaths who form most of our leadership in control of a large military force and inevitably war ensues. These “national” wars spread like wildfires over the entire globe, engulfing one political boundary after another and the local people have no solidarity, no sense of tribal belonging anymore, they are just slaves and cannon fodder for emerging empires.
        Some day, either from heaven or some other place, when you survey the changes on Earth you will no longer see any nation, just people. How well these people get along will depend on their sense of awareness and mental evolution. What you will not see is wars dictated by Julius Caesar, Alexander, Genghis Khan, Lincoln, Hitler-like madmen propagandized into hero worship. Warmongers will be relegated to the refuse pile of history. That will be, of course, only after Earthians finally allow themselves the freedom to think on their own, as individuals, and discover or create their purpose.

      5. Woebegone but Hopeful

        It would be nice to think that in a thousand of so years hence, as we refer to the Stone Age, The Bronze Age or The Iron Age, historians will refer to the past few thousand years as The War Age, an era which is long passed……I hope.

      6. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Yep. ‘Fraid so. As a way of interaction between large social groups been around since at least…what?…. 4,000 BC and no signs of wearing out yet.

      7. Sha'Tara Post author

        When considering this sad state of affairs globally, the “WHY?” questions looms ever larger, and sounds ever louder. What, specifically, drives men to war, in particular men of Europe (and their descendants in the US) and the Middle East?

      8. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Actually Sha’ Tara, War is historically, socially and currently a world-wide problem. We tend to focus on our own part of the world because that’s what the ‘local’ population are interested in, what affects them and ‘theirs’.
        There are as many conflicts going on on the other side of the world; these tend to be low-key and under-reported.
        There are ongoing ethnic, religious and separatists conflicts in The Philippines, Indonesia and always in Mayanmar. Corrupt and megalomaniacal war lords plague South Sudan, ‘Democratic’ Republic of Congo, Nigeria has a clutch of ‘minor’ (unless you live there) outbreaks as well as the extremists in the North of the state. Kashmir is a constant battleground between separatists backed by Pakistan and in conflict with India. ‘The tribal areas’ of Pakistan are a region of conflict of varying levels between locals and state. In southern Thailand there is ongoing secessionist movement of the Patani peoples. Both Ethiopia and Eritrea have their shares of severe communal violence which if you get caught in it are as bad as war.
        If, for instance you ‘Wikipedia’ ‘List of Conflicts in Africa, you find as the bottom of many sub-headings the word ‘ongoing’.
        These should be salutary warnings (as if WWII wasn’t a big enough one) to everyone in the West who thinks ‘simple solutions’ are the answers; within each and every nation there lies the potential for these events to home, right on our own doorsteps.
        Currently, though
        If we didn’t have guns, we’d use swords, if we didn’t have swords we’d use sharpened sticks and rocks.

      9. Sha'Tara Post author

        Go figure indeed. Yet, if these people stopped for a moment and allowed the nectar of compassion to flow through their minds, hearts and veins, they would turn their respective worlds into paradise simply because it feels so good ‘in the place.’

  4. Anima Monday

    The Gnostics would have said Eve was framed. =) I pretty much agree with Federici who connects racism and misogyny with the rise of capitalism in her book Caliban and the Witch. A great book for understanding the history of women and magic. There are free versions online too at gitbooks

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      The Gnostics were also framed! I’ve made a note of the book and will certainly add it to my collection for research. Have you read, “The Chalice and the Blade” by Riane Eisler?

      1. Anima Monday

        No, I haven’t but I will add it to my reading list. Thanks =)

  5. colettebytes

    I shall read this tomorrow (Christmas Day) but it is late here (in Thailand). Enjoy the holiday Season (regardless of belief) and hope you have a little ‘me time!’ 💕☺️

  6. Sha'Tara Post author

    Thailand huh? Last I heard you were chugging along channels in the English countryside! Got swept out to sea, I see. Glad you survived those Atlantic storms… Thailand… wow… Must be a story there.

  7. The Burning Blogger Of Bedlam

    Sha’Tara, your mind is fantastic. Love reading your thoughts.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Wow! That’s a compliment… that is. Would you believe you just put tears in my eyes? And me trying so hard to deny my emotions… You broke through my defenses.


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