Antierra Manifesto – blog post #4

Blog post #4

[This post is a bit longer; I chose to post one entire chapter dedicated to a brief explanation of the “stacked Worlds” theory that forms part of the background for “The Antierra Manifesto.”  This is for those interested in knowing whence came the inspiration for the story they are reading.]

Chapter 2 – Stacked Worlds – An Introduction to the Theory

“Yes there was a time in our pretended innocence when we were absolutely certain the terrible things our children’s nightmares and our prophets’ visions forebode could never be.  So certain were we of it we staked our lives on that belief.”

            (Voice from the Other Side – Sha’Tara)

At this point in the telling of this tale I need to break from the narrative from my An’Tierra self and briefly explain the concept of stack worlds, the supporting astral worlds existing in real time or in potential around all worlds inhabited by sentient life.  It is important to keep in mind at the outset that each stack world is separated from others by a dimensional barrier.  Nothing physical/material can cross from a core world to a stack world, or from one stack world to another.  I must emphasize this now.  It is also important to realize that each stack world is not just one lonely world in the middle of nowhere, but possesses, within its dimension, its own “heavens” so to speak.  Each world exists also in real space, with skies opening to suns, moons, stars; to deep space.  From the perspective of people living on worlds within that real space, a stack world is just another planet.  But that is only the physical image.  A stack world is not just another planet, either in shape or in purpose.

Let’s start with this:  imagine two spinning stacks of doughnuts going off into space from the poles of a base world, or planet.  Visualize these doughnut-shaped worlds each farther one smaller than the preceding.  How many worlds to a “stack” depends entirely on the basic moral expressions and mental development of the base world, whether simplistic (less astral support needed) or complex (many astral worlds created from the original potential).

Specific, powerful, absolutist types of energies flow from these worlds into the core of the base world following the “doughnut hole effect” created by the spins of each individual world in the stack.  The main carriers of these absolutist energies are, specifically the souls of the stack world inhabitants.  When someone dies on a stack world, the soul of the entity can only flow back to its core, or base world on which it first incarnated and from which it came.

Harmonious “energies” embedded in souls of dying individuals on the base world create the path the soul will take to the stack world that most closely match its state of mind at death.  For example the soul of a primarily religious person will flow across the dimensional barrier between its core world and a religion dominated stack world called “Theos” in the Earth stack.  Once there the soul entity will believe it has entered into its blissful “heaven” or Nirvana and will proceed to live out that reality, experiencing a euphoric sense of vindication; of salvation.  It will accept this without question.

One stack is made up of worlds that reflect what are usually considered positively charged energies, for example love, health, intellectual pursuits, technological advancements as manifested by the inhabitants of those worlds in various ways, always expressing to extremes as compared to what they were able to accomplish on earth.

Conversely the opposing stack is made up of worlds reflecting negatively charged energies expressed in extreme forms of vice such as greed, hedonism, violence, fear, hate and despair.

For planet Earth, imagine a total of thirteen worlds, the center, or base, being of course Earth.  The base world is by far the largest and densest and most complex; perhaps I dare say, the most “real” in the stack.  The base world, Earth, reflects its energies (in terms of Earthian moral choices) back unto its stack support worlds in two ways.  One, the sheer number and power of Earthian thinking and acts are broadcast from Earth and attracted, through the energy of their particular nature, to receptive astral worlds. Two, as already mentioned, when an Earthian “dies” its soul is naturally attracted to a world that most closely reflects the basic values it lived by on Earth, its beliefs, desires and various attachments.

ISSA[1] beings living on those worlds react to Earthian choices and input by plunging ever deeper into their own absolutism in terms of value system, thus feeding more of it back to Earth down the spin tunnel (doughnut hole effect); a vicious spiral that grows and expands unto the literal destruction of entire stacks, including their base world, or worlds in some cases.  There are known cases where twin (binary) systems exist within one set of stacks, sharing their mental energies much as identical twins do.   The variables in these systems are endless, as you may imagine.

That’s the rough outline of the model we are working from.  In this scenario, you have Earth, or any world inhabited by ISSA beings, crowned with symbiotic supporting worlds whose obvious purpose was initially for the single purpose of supplying a base or core world with what was hoped would be a constant balance of positive/negative energy.

But it did not work quite how it was meant with the unexpected advent of said “ISSA” life.  Though the concept was well adapted to normally evolving sentient life forms,  the sudden evolution of ISSA consciousness created massive imbalance through bad moral choices caused by stagnant or blocked spiritual evolution.

So stack worlds, by default, became a sort of holding place for any ISSA not advanced enough on the various intelligent-compassionate-empathic scales (or ICE scales as we know them) to be given free access to the outer worlds.  There was no place available for them to fit in the higher social order of those worlds, yet they needed places outside their base world to give them a beginning sense of life beyond death while allowing them to express themselves at the level at which they understood life to be optimum.

To complicate matters further many ISSA worlds were taken over and seduced by dark lords; those we refer to as the Time Lords, but who are commonly known on core worlds as gods; as well as by their inhabitants’ own propensity for choosing what became known as ‘evil ways.’  Thus many of those worlds inexorably slipped further and further from understanding, mainly through selfish use of corporate power and resorting therefrom to judgment followed by condemnation.

To get a basic grasp on how the concept of stack worlds functions you have to know that each world in the stack is absolutist in nature.  Each world is continually changing itself and evolving to develop a working whole from its basic, foundational vice or virtue, to the eventual exclusion of all others even if arriving at such a state would mean the disintegration of that world.  In the absolute sense, reincarnates (residents) on whatever stack world have no concept of compassion and there is no room in their thinking to allow any other to be otherwise inclined. In other words, these are choiceless worlds.

Two of these extremist or absolutist worlds you are already very familiar with, even if they remain completely beyond realistic explanation: heaven and hell.

Here is a very brief description of how “authority” functions on some stack worlds:

We consider the stack world of Agape as the highest of Earth’s stack worlds and the one Earthians refer to as heaven.  This heaven, like all absolutist worlds, is totally dictatorial in scope.  Imagine a world where every motive there is based on pure love.  Since love is not a determinable force but a totally subjective concept, it can’t make any sense in an absolute environment.  So what happens on Agape?

We already know that each stack world is absolutist, so living on Agape would be just as horrible as living on “Degol-Apsu” (the hate or hell world and lowest of the six dark worlds).

On Agape (the sixth or highest of stack worlds on the “positive” side of Earth) you will be loved, like it or not, and you will be forced to love all of it, however it makes you feel.  No option.  Even if totally stifling  to your sensibilities, you will be forced into love, or you will die from its unwanted attentions.  Basically, Agape lovers are worse than stalkers.  Their sole purpose is to make sure no one remains “unloved” or “unloving”.  Anyone who refuses love can be eliminated as a danger to the community of love.  The end result is obvious: Agape is capitally intolerant of any existential concept outside its extreme interpretation of love.

On Sumer-Tarzon ( the first world on the “positive” side from Earth) the ruling force is intellectualism.  This has lead to the development of a complex society ruled by intellectual tyranny.  Officially anyone can rule any nation on this world by passing a sort of IQ test.  In reality most ruling authorities are despotic and hold power through military force and oppression.  Thought control is the order of the day for any governing authority.  Any method that guarantees maintenance of the status quo is legitimately used.  Of course intellectual groups debate these methods endlessly and court sessions over dissidents charged with harbouring or sharing “wrong thinking” argue the finest points of the law day in and day out, but the end results are always the same: the methods are used, the dissidents are stripped of their rights and sent into slavery or if they are guilty of having attempted to spread their “wrong thinking” doctrine, they are executed.

On Deceptis (second world from the “negative” side of Earth) the basic ruling force is politics supported openly and without apology, by legalism, deception, lies, hubris.  The saying, “winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing” originated from this world.

On Capitalis (the third world from the “negative” side of Earth) the modus operandi is greed.  Money as a power determines how the economy is set up and how people live and die.  Everything on this world serves the ends of Money.

On Malefactus (the fourth world on the “negative” side of Earth) as you have seen and will see much more, the basic ruling force is misogyny.  Women are the slaves of men; there are no exceptions.  The following “Manifesto” concerns itself mainly with this world; the effects one committed individual can have upon such a place and to what end.

On Degol-Apsu (the hell world and highest on the “negative” side of Earth) the ruling force is hate.  How to describe such a place?  I will leave it to your imagination to do so.  Suffice it to say that this place does not lack its complement of souls, either entering it or leaving it to return to Earth with whatever dark thoughts one can but conjecture.

Earth possesses twelve such absolutist astral worlds; six in the negative plane and six in the positive plane to give a sense of direction here.  The ‘negative’ worlds exist in and foster darkness, or evil, in increasing singular measure as they stack themselves below your world.  The ‘positive’ worlds exist in and foster concepts of “light” in increasing singular measure as they stack themselves above.

All together you have a group of thirteen worlds related to each other and sustaining each other symbiotically in astral dimensions.  These “stack worlds” are astral projections that reflect their rather specific energies into Earth.  They act as filters and amplifiers phased to Earth mind projections: sustained by and in turn sustaining basic human desires and belief systems then “purifying” them of unwanted elements.

What upholds these worlds then comes directly from the people of Earth as they go about their daily, normal lives; as they die to be reincarnated on one of the stack worlds, to complete their lives there and once more reincarnate on Earth.  The concept is so simple, it’s difficult to believe.  For example an Earthian human who has tried to live a life of understanding and compassion but has yet to become totally free of Earth attachments (relationships, belief systems and unfulfilled desires for Earthian ways) may, after death, reincarnate on the highest of the stack worlds, which we call Agape.

Another Earthian who has believed in the supremacy of the male over the female; who has oppressed women and their children in a variety of ways, however legal and ‘moral’ and who has steadily supported teachings and systems that deny equality to women will in all likelihood find his heaven on the world I have already introduced to you: Malefactus.

Surprised you did not know this?  That your religions, gurus, psychics, scientists and others seem unaware of this particular set-up?  Don’t be.  This is the time when the dirtiest of secrets are going to be revealed and many will indeed be shocking.  Finding genuine “aliens” walking among you will not seem like such a big deal soon compared to what you are about to discover about yourselves.

Terrible things are about to dwarf your greatest current fears, all part of the process of awakening to a new reality – mostly one that is going to seem very harsh, one cleverly, craftily hid from your vision and understanding for the tens of thousands of years you have incarnated and reincarnated on planet Earth and her supporting astral levels.

Not that you could not have deduced it by observation, but only by deep searching within yourself and consistent questioning of all that you took for granted… but you have believed and thus never thought it necessary to do your own research on the matter.

We, that is those of us who are variously known as ‘change agents,’ ‘Avatari’, even saviours, cannot change the basic set-up.  No “outsider” can or as you have guessed, it would have been done long ago.  All we can do is choose the best “experts” available with extensive experience as incarnate ISSA beings on such worlds and send them to make whatever changes they deem necessary, or are able to perform.  For chosen ones to enter powerful base worlds, or any of their stack worlds to challenge the status quo usually means death, often violent.

You don’t normally find even the most empathic of these ‘avatars’ lining up to buy tickets to such places.  Still, they volunteer, some on a regular basis, crossing the dimensional barriers hiding these worlds and “dropping in” so to speak out of the blue.  Some arrivals are prophesied in an effort to legitimize the avatar’s claims and speed up the dissemination of the Teaching.  Some Avatari-Teachers appear as ordinary individuals who become extraordinary by their charisma or single-minded devotion to a process or a Teaching.

Many there have been on your world.  You’ve known some but most you never realize you have among you until they are gone and you remember something about her or him that set them apart.  Some attempt their changes by tackling the raw energies on one of your positively or negatively charged support worlds.

You have given these change agents many names and titles.  You’ve puzzled over them, ignored them, mocked them, imprisoned them and killed them, time and again.  Sometimes you’d change your minds and some of them you ensconced in your divine hierarchies, making idols or lesser gods and goddesses of them.  You’ve given them the title of avatar, saint, ascended master, sons of God, saviours or even Christed ones.  So you know what I’m talking about.  What you don’t know is why none of them have yet succeeded in setting you (individual “you” – not generic) free from your endless tendencies (addictions) to follow after evil rather than the obvious good you know you must do if your world is to ever know peace.

An entity from an “alien” world such as I who has spent many lives interacting with you as an Earthian may, if qualifications are adequate and/or the need serious enough, choose to incarnate on one of these stack worlds and express in such a way as to cause change to happen there so the reflected energies flowing into Earth will also change.  One may, for example, enter the farthest stack world on the positive side (the love world) and change how the love energy is misused there, thus changing the nature of understanding of “love” on Earth.  Or one may opt to enter one of the negative worlds and cause a shift there that will lessen, or even stop, its flow of negatively-charged energy upon Earth.  I call that our “butterfly effect.”

You may well wonder who it is that does the “choosing” or decides on qualifications for entering upon a base world or one of its stacks.  Well, the individual avatar does.  We are the ones who determine our own path; who possess the knowledge and the power that we know if properly applied will cause the change.  We choose to be the catalyst for change and often die in the volatile conditions we interact with.  We are the ones who carry the responsibility for our choices in all things.  Basically that’s what it means to become fully human, fully ISSA in nature.

I know that many from among you have already perished in the growing darkness of your world and great is the sorrow that your unknown, unseen, unheard friends and kin (such as myself and my people) experience because of these terrible events.  Hence why we are moved to intervene when we think we have something to offer that may prevent more catastrophe or reverse a process of downfall.  If only you could understand us and give us a chance to demonstrate the better Way.

Stacked worlds: a simple and unsatisfactory explanation of a complex situation. Likely I will find I have to do more explaining of this at a later date, when I’ve had time to adjust here and have a better idea of what I’m really supposed to be doing on Malefactus.

Now back to my Antierra persona and my story as it unfolds here.

[end blog post #4]

[1] ISSA: acronym for “intelligent, sentient, self aware” entity or being.

28 thoughts on “Antierra Manifesto – blog post #4

  1. Hyperion

    I have a feeling this could be an epic story. The sense of stacked worlds reminds me of the old Norse 9 world concept of different worlds for diferent levels of beings with humans being only one type living on Midgard and the gods living on Asgard and so on. I especially adored Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. This really put the story in perspective and now I understand the impact of Antierra’s journey to Malefactus. You have my Head Elves’ undivided attention.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Interesting that, since I know so little about Norse mythology. Could it be that these concepts reside deep in our subconscious and by whatever means at our disposal we seek to explain ourselves to ourselves as we unlock these old memories. I’m looking at our personal efforts,yours and George’s; at our works as we publish our “findings” here on WordPress and wondering all of a sudden, how much of our language is descriptive, how much interpretive and how much purely symbolic?

      I’m beginning to see that there is much of what we sense that remains impossible to describe in ways that “all” can see in exactly the same way as I can see it. Not possible. We must rely on our mind’s use of symbolism to communicate at the deeper levels, the levels that pull us away from hum-drum Matrix programming and into “Kwisatz Haderach”(1) realities and possibilities. Who limits us, Hype? We do!!! Sometimes I want to scream at a drowning world: ‘Come on, let’s break all the f*****g rules!’ How else are we to know how totally we’ve been subsumed within a programming designed but with one purpose: to continually disempower and destroy our humanity!
      “Kwisatz Haderach”(1): (From Frank Herbert’s Dune novel)

      The term originated from the Bene Gesserit’s prescient powers, and their inability to venture into a specific region of prescient knowledge. This region, though mysterious in nature, was known to be unattainable to females. Specifically, the spice melange allowed the Bene Gesserit to unlock genetic memory, but only on the female side. For reasons unknown, they could not see into the male side, and the very thought of trying was terrifying to them. Further, melange also exposed the Sisterhood (and others) to a very limited form of prescience – thoughts, feelings, images into the very near future, but no more.
      Bene Gesserit Attempt to Create the Kwisatz Haderach:
      The Bene Gesserit desire to uncover this knowledge and its associated powers drove them to initiate a long-running genetic breeding program that would yield a male with mental powers capable of bridging space and time, and that he would be under direct control of the Sisterhood. The Bene Gesserit knew that, not only would their Kwisatz Haderach possess Other Memory on both the male and female side, but that he would be able to predict the future precisely. He would be Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother, Mentat, and Guild Navigator, all in one being. After the emergence of this male – Paul Atreides – the term Kwisatz Haderach was also understood as meaning “one who can be many places at once”, and became synonymous with Paul. In time it also came to encompass his sister, Alia Atreides, and his son Leto Atreides II, since they all had similar abilities.

      The initial Bene Gesserit plan was to breed the daughter of Duke Leto Atreides to a Harkonnen male, which would produce the Kwisatz Haderach. This was to be the culmination of more than 10,000 years of careful breeding. This plan would have seen the end of the centuries-old feud between the Great Houses Atreides and Harkonnen, and placed a prescient, Bene Gesserit-controlled male on the Golden Lion Throne, the Kwisatz Haderach.
      Read more at:

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      1. Hyperion

        I am so captured by the Dune saga. I’ve read the first four books and now reading Heretics of Dune. Herbert was a genius in his ability to write in a captivating way that had tremendous insights into world and politics through the ages. He captures the beast within and the harshness of governing. He touches on the captured memories in our dna and how a piece of every ancestor and mutations create the next generation equally bent on the same natural impulses tailored to the times of their existence. He does an excellent job. Since we came from several small tribes that grew and mixed over time we all have common ancestry and dna. The concept of multiple dimension explained as different worlds has been with us since 25,000 years ago but most noticeable in the bronze age when world trade and cultural exchange occured world wide. It was the collapse of the bronze age that threw us into darkness and erased our advanced knowledge as humans fought to survive and expand their territory. We kept some of the religious beliefs without the benefit of understanding the origins. We have discovered much in recent years about our universe and our ancient multiworld dimensions exactly mirror every known Galaxy in the searchable universe. At the denter of our galaxy and the others is a black hole that is creator and destroyer of all matter. The mathmatical mapping of black holes is like multiple levels with a spiraling hole like a tub drain in each dimension. It sucks matter in and distributes matter in each dimension. It goes own to explain the cycling of old to new like rebirth of souls through the black hole. We are part if this pricess and deep in our lizard brains, we connect with it but on average lack the depth of understanding to describe it exactly so our collective minds seize on symbology to try to express what is deep in the center of the life spark of every cell in every living thing. I find the iChing and Yin Yang of all things is a perfect explanation of the laws of energy conservation and matter exist in stable balances and where the balance is unstable, you have the chaotic release of energy as the unstable matter naturally seeks stability by violently shedding energy and particles. Not many people know that all radioactive materials decay to lead. Lead is the ultimate stabile metal with regard to its atomic structure. Perhaps, the universe in it grand instability and epic battle for balance we find that distruction equals creation. A bit of a long ramble here, but I wanted to show these layers or dimensions are very real and the forces at play in the universe are known to us intrinsically, innately, it’s just that today few understand how to connect with it. I think you do connect Sha’Tara. Perhaps it is not necessary to understand precisely but to feel and respond and that will lead us to the truth.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for your comment, Hype. What “leads us” to the truth? A funny question, that. First, what is truth? Truth is everything; truth is nothing and nothing is impossible (read that both ways then ponder the one way I mean it) therefore truth is impossible… Can we be led to the truth? (note the sound of that little verb: lead – the most stable metal, ultimate balance?) I AM truth, and outside of me, there is none. Why? Because what truth exists outside of me belongs to you, to her, to them, to the cosmos… not to me. Their truth, not mine. This realization allows me to move in any direction I choose knowing that as long as it is my choice, it is the truth. Too egotistical? Actually it is the opposite. Could I be other than my own truth? Only if I “steal” truth from others but in doing so I enter the black hole you mention: I enter into one of my stack worlds and become a possessed creature; I reject my own reality in favour of another’s and I disintegrate myself. I become a believer. I spout other truths which can only be lies. How long before we grow up mentally and realize that all non-personal truth is a lie? But if I am true to me, expressing only me, and you do the same, and she does the same and all others do the same, all that we dream, imagine, image, verbalize, create… is truth – pure and absolute. This truth can then join up and create the mythical, magical future we sometimes dare dream of. This truth cannot be penetrated, or raped, with lies. It possesses the most fantastic immunity against anything untrue. This truth has to power of the innocence of a child.

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      3. Hyperion

        I could listen to you all day Sha’Tara. Though I do examine things in great depth at times, I’m conditioned to think conventionally if not careful. You are a fresh breath of new images and thoughts. Indeed, there is no truth but our own and for most that truth is simply the delusion they accept. I suppose that is just fine unless they are exercising their right to practice violence on those who reject their delusion. In this case, You need a good Genghis Kahn to establish bakance again.


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for your comment, Hyperion. Some day I hope to write out what I have learned about the concept of truth, hopefully in a way no one can misunderstand what I “truly(!)” mean. For example, and quote: “I suppose that is just fine unless they are exercising their right to practice violence on those who reject their delusion.” What is not understood on earth, but obvious on any mentally evolved world, is that there is no violence in truth. Violence is bred from lies, and people who spout delusions are not living in their own truth but sucking on lies promoted by liars and willy-nilly spreading those lies, even believing they are their own ideas. Truth (real truth!) is always genesis; always beginning, always giving birth and giving life. There is no lie in that. Predatory forces that feed upon truth to sustain themselves become lies that turn into violence. Genghis Khan was not a balancer but a vile predator, as are all those who suck off existing life to empower themselves, however they do it, whether through religion, government rule and militarism or financial dictatorship (capitalism).

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      5. Hyperion

        My own cynical sense of humor and betrayal trauma wants to say 90% of the human population is somewhere on the vile predator spectrum. The other 10% might be okay. I work in the measurement sciences where we are reminded daily that defying the laws of physics is hard work with a low success rate. What we call intrinsic truths or innate truths are related to measurement precision, accuracy, and repeatability with a known uncertainty expressed in percent of some nominal value. To me, this is the truth of our physical world. Virtually all known aspects of our universe can be expressed in a mathematical formula. Math is the true universal language and it speaks the truth unless of course you screw up and make a mistake and then you are a boldfaced liar 🤥. When it comes to human nature, even that can be predicted with excellent results keeping in mind there is always that percent of uncertainty. This is just a sidebar to your actual point, but it got me to thinking how, if at all, can truth be defined in a way that it can be known. For example, we know what a kilogram weighs because it is defined to a very tight resolution and accuracy traceable to sn international standard we all accept. But how does anyone define and recognize intrinsic human truth. Can that be done given the state of humanity?


      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        [Hyperion] That is something I’m going to have to chew on for a bit “to add to my knowledge of this world” as Antierra would say. Within the Altarian philosophy, truth leaves no room for error, or a “percentage of accuracy” providing it is always handled within “the Force” I call compassion. The compassionate being always and automatically knows what is true, what isn’t. That doesn’t make the CB perfect in thoughts, words and action, but s/he is always fully aware of any flaw, failure, predatory selfishness about herself. This does NOT APPLY TO ANY OTHER thus there is no room in compassion for any condemnatory judgment. Thus to measure human nature properly one has to commit one’s life to becoming pure compassion. That was the original purpose of inventing humanity and setting it out to become Life’s conscience within the created order; it is where we get the term “humane” from. The concept was grossly corrupted and it is up to us to re-invent ourselves back into our original purpose. The evil that is destroying this civilization is going to push us back (or forward!) towards our original purpose as we discover there is nothing else for it. That is the vision that sustains me here, this knowing.

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      7. Hyperion

        That reminds me, I need to catch up with Antierratonight. I seized on the compassion factor. It’s all clearer now. One thing I noticed in warzones that were active and unreachable by humanitarian aid, the suffering was immense but in this suffering of the innocent civilians caught in the crossfire was the most extreme examples of compassion, selfless service, and self sacrifice. These actions of coming together in noble ways resulted in speedy recoveries. The opposite was true when aggressive self survival kicked in. The violence in this condition knew no boundaries. I watched 12 year old children murder 8 year old children for the scraps of food they had. We were not allowed to interfere. The complete dependency on outside aid seemed to create more problems than they solved because it was never enough and the desperation created a criminal element that was much crueler than the war that was raging around them. I saw this same scenario in multiple countries amoung different cultures. There is a tipping point where chaos reigns supreme and that has to run its course before any real recovery can begin. In the grand scheme of earth time, it’s a little blip, but those things have a way of festering for decades after. It seems that conflict and recovery is the human cycle of life thrown in with a few other challenges like natural disasters.


      8. Sha'Tara Post author

        [Hyperion] Wow, so sad. I had heard of such things and did see a bit of it in documentaries but it’s still a shocker though it should not be. Al Qaeda arose from survivors of the US proxy war against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Kids with no parents, no schools, weapons and the only leaders, would-be revolutionaries, ergo, madness and with more proxy wars, way more weaponry, the madness spreads “like maggots upon the sands” to quote a Fremen fedaykin.

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      9. Hyperion

        Yes, what we have learned is we don’t learn from history or mistakes or its just we like to keep trying to make sure nothing has changed. I did like the Fremen.


      10. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yet the Fremen hated change and could not handle it when their world was no longer strictly speaking a desert planet. They died off or became irrelevant under Leto II, god emperor of Dune. Frank Herbert was a true prophet; he saw us with our “spice addicted” civilization becoming irrelevant to this world and absorbed by forces we still know little or nothing about today. Will Earth suffer the same fate as Arrakis/Dune?

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      11. Hyperion

        I think there is a lot of foresight or prescience in Herbert’a Dune chronicle. The decline of the proud Fremen seems to mirror most civilizations that faded from earth as a result of changes not well managed.


      12. adamspiritualwarrior

        Hi Shatara I didn’t know where to post this but wanted you to see it. Please delete it but please read first. You were right, your assessment instinct. I also have severed all things with this blog. Please see his reasoning why hes severed, there may be some interesting nuiggets for you there Adam

        As he has thrown a hissy fit and shown his true colours, I have decided to take my own advice and work on the inner energetic self so that I may best serve those that need my help. I will point out some things here in this blog about him that are dubious as a warning to others, but everyone can make up their own minds. His posted threat about a “formal investigation” isn’t what deterred me from posting on Aug Tellez WordPress anymore…it was his negative attitude and how he treats people.

        -Routinely subverts the top down, what’s above so below paradigm, by making DNA and genetics absolute priority. Here’s a hint…the ones most obsessed with genetics are the fallen controllers. They have toyed with humanities genetics for far too long. DNA is just an expression of what comes from above…DNA doesn’t create spirit, but spirit does create and manifest through DNA.

        -His obsession with technology. For someone warning everyone about the dangers of AI and technology he has no clue about the spirit and the energy levels and what they’re capable of.
        -Always dismissing his readers/followers questions and comments on his Word Press site unless it’s something that he doesn’t like. Here’s a hint…focus on the positive and help these people out. I stepped in to answer questions, based on my own knowledge and experience, because you were too high and mighty to answer your “friends”.
        -Threatening people that have reached out to help you is not a sign of benevolence lol. I asked you several times how you are and if there’s any way I can help…or at least to be a support. You showed your true colours.

        -Godlike Productions links were banned off the Aug Tellez WordPress page. We all know what Tavistock, Stanford Research Institute, and Airforce Intelligence do and how they play the alternate crowd. Airforce Intel aka., Secret Space Program. The SSP of which you claim to be a part of…which by your own words is still trapped in the false light matrix trap, are supposed to be the ones rescuing the others? Don’t make me laugh. Also, what is the hurry for you to get so agitated that not everyone jumps at your words to “wake up” and takes you for gospel. Could it be that you’re under pressure now that Michael has returned and your overlords need the harvest you’re bringing them.

        -Goode, Tellez, Wilcock etc are not in any way playing the good guy bad guy in an SSP drama. They’re all just putting out into the human psyche that there is an SSP as it will soon go mainstream and they needed “leaks”. Ones they could control. Humans or even advanced breakaway civilizations are not the top of the foodchain here. First you talk about the “stasis beings” as the closest to gods, yet then you say this is all in your mind lol. Those fallen angels/Anunnaki etc., are not the positive beings to be worshipped. The True Light God doesn’t want worship…only effort. En.Ki Lucifer and Marduk are the ones in charge of this closed off predatory system and it’s all controlled on all levels…no such thing as a “mainstream researcher” that isn’t pushing some part of their agenda…or your clone self really is MKUltra fooled, as you said in the beginning…you weren’t sure if what was in your head is real or not. I had DIRECT experiences…waking experiences with beings and stuff, it wasn’t all “in my mind” as yours was.

        -Overly complicated postings, most of which are regurgitated from previous postings, that most will not get. This is how the fallen play games by appearing to be smarter than the average person to imply authority. KISS keep it simple stupid. You get angry at your readers for “not waking up” and not understanding you yet you play on words and use words in a way that almost no one will get. Wes Penre pointed this out in his Thuban Dragon posting with the person using overly complex words until she “jokingly” admitted the truth…she was just harvesting people’s energy for her master’s for later on. I don’t agree with some of what Wes says but he does put in some truth.
        I’ll add more to this blog as I think of what else to expose about this person. Just like Wes Penre and his Thule society and David Icke and his pushing the benevolent reptilian agenda…trust no one. They are all playing THE GAME. They get you to lower your guard and then pull you in. Once you question anything you’re on their radar.


      13. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks Adam. I wouldn’t worry about it as I don’t think anyone following this blog is much concerned about “Augtellez” and their ideas. But if anyone is following and is into it, that is of no concern of mine. Whenever someone strongly disagrees with me, I let it go, and if it’s on another blog and I sense no posibility of rapprochement, I unfollow. Blogging to me means total freedom of expression. If it’s not the kind of ‘expression’ I want near me, I’ll say, in the inimitable wisdom of the great Harry Crumb, detective extraordinaire, “Believe what you will but don’t believe it here!” 🙂


      14. adamspiritualwarrior

        Thanks. I felt sad our disagreement the other month over his blog and my posting stuff etc and am glad things are now right again 🙂 X


  2. George F.

    Thank you for sharing your consciousness with us. This is, indeed, the beginning of an epic journey as you help me awaken to a new reality.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for reading, George. I’m glad it’s not a waste of your time; that perhaps some gem of “aha!” moment will help sustain whatever new explanation the work seems intent on pushing through.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. George F.

        I’m now emailing important blog…yours, Hyp’s, etc., to my cell phone to read during my working day. I don’t seem to be getting to my hard drive files often…and I feel compelled to keep up!


  3. jim-

    I bookmarked this yesterday as I was trying to get a good hold of your presentation here. I’m going to read it again tonight. Sometimes I need to think in things a few days to let it sink in and apply it. I think this deserves my best, as you certainly have provided generously. Thanks.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you very much for reading, Jim. I suggested at the outset that the posts could be copied and pasted into a file so the novel could be read at leisure and when necessary, previous posts could be scanned when thread is lost. Also my apologies, I totally forgot to post the section that explains/defines the terms and names used in the novel. I’ll insert that pronto…

      Liked by 1 person


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