Antierra Manifesto: chapter headings

For those who are keeping a file of Antierra Manifesto novel blog posts, I thought it proper to include a list of the entire novel’s chapter headings. This will prove highly useful in navigating through the files later and if some get mixed up (something computers love to do) you can quickly determine where each blog post numerically belongs.  Of course each one should be properly numbered but still, it’s good to keep it tight until the entire novel is assembled.  

(Hint: if you file by date, don’t trust the computer, use this format: yrmody (year-month-date) for example, today:  190113 (no hyphens, no dashes, nothing between the numbers)  This ensures that files will always be in the correct numerical order.  Put the number at the front when creating the filename.)

For example, today’s file will be   190113-Antierra Manifesto-chap headings
If I wanted it to file itself at the top of my blog post list which began on 181229, I would write 181228-Antierra, etc. (For what it’s worth, hey?)

T’Sing Tarleyn – Chapter Headings

Prologue  –    Terms, Usage
Chapter 1 –    Incarnation

Chapter 2 –    Stacked Worlds – An Introduction to Malefactus
Chapter 3 –    First Step – Survival
Chapter 4 –    First Fight
Chapter 5 –    “Tiegli”
Chapter 6 –    Life in the Cages
Chapter 7 –    Established
Chapter 8 –    Questions Without Answers
Chapter 9 –   The Young Trainee
Chapter 10 –  Deirdre of the Sorrows
Chapter 11 –  The Mercenary
Chapter 12 –  Some Questions that have Answers
Chapter 13 –  Galactic History – The Melkiar Wars
Chapter 14 –  The Forge
Chapter 15 –  Politics or How a Woman Gladiator Exercises
                         her Voting Privileges on Malefactus
Chapter 16 – To Save Deirdre
Chapter 17 –  If One Woman Escapes
Chapter 18 –  Trainer, warrior and worrier
Chapter 19 –  “Ich Dien”
Chapter 20 –  Goodbye until the End of Time
Chapter 21 –  The Inquisition: Warmo’s Dungeon
Chapter 22 –  Conversation with an Android
Chapter 23 –  A Very Dangerous Plan and a Confession
Chapter 24 –  ‘Bionic Woman’ faces Malefactus
Chapter 25 –  Measuring time by Losses
Chapter 26 –  Tiki Tells a Story and Antierra Remembers
Chapter 27 –  The ‘Teaching’ Begins
Chapter 28 –  Vengeance as a Redemptive Act
Chapter 29 –  The Teaching Continues: Power in Simplicity
Chapter 30 –  The Gift: Doing ‘Right by Wrong’ (Compromised Morality)
Chapter 31 –  The Forever Change
Chapter 32 –  The Fight of the Beasts – Part One
Chapter 33 –  The Fight of the Beasts – Part Two
Chapter 34 –  Aftermath – Fear – Petition for Execution
Chapter 35 –  Training Tiki: Clumsy Attempt on my Life
Chapter 36 –  “Stupid Speak” in the Cages: More of ‘The Teaching’
Chapter 37 –  Tiki’s First Arena Contest: Love Speaks
Chapter 38 –  One Woman Fights two Drooks; more Teaching
Chapter 39 –  A Daring Escape Plan Revealed; more Troubles
Chapter 40 –  The Great Escape and Aftermath
Chapter 41 –  An Execution Order is Signed; a Killing Orgy Schedule
Epilogue —  A report from researcher and chronicler for the Supremacy,                                 Michele Dellman


5 thoughts on “Antierra Manifesto: chapter headings

  1. Hyperion

    Helpful indeed and kind of exciting to read the chapter headings. Oh, just as a coincidence, I have your name tattooed on my right arm in a scroll over a yellow rose across a red heart in a bed of autumn leaves. I had no idea in 1983 when I got it, you would blow me away with this story 35 years later. Totally worth the wait.


      1. Hyperion

        Yes, I saw the name at the bottom of the table of chapters and thought well, who would have thunk it? Gosh, hope you aren’t insulted.


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