Forget Everything you know, or Think you know

[thoughts from   ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

I don’t make new year’s resolutions, that’s usually a given, but some years end in such a state, or condition, that they require some serious re-thinking.  For me that has meant two things: this would be a year of living frugally (yes, there’s always room to do some trimming, but it’s mostly about distancing myself from consumerism and banksterism) and of spending more time searching for better answers to the serious questions of life.

So I started with blogging by deciding I’d post an entire novel bit by bit, or blog post by blog post.  I’m not sure yet how many posts there are going to be, but my goal is to put one up ever two days. I thought that would be enough, not too much.

The reason to do this is less about the novel, more about a change of pace.  I’m going back to some of my original ‘teachings’ that warned me to eschew politics so you’ll see much less of that.  What I will probably do with those in-between days will be to post some ideas; some thoughts; on how the world of man (in particular) looks to me without being framed in politics, economics or religion. 

“Forget everything you know, or think you know,” is a good quote to start the way, followed by “Everything in the universe is created by our own mind. Our mind is the source of all phenomena. Form, sound, smell, taste, and tactile perception such as hot and cold, hard and soft—these are all creations of our mind. They do not exist as we usually think they do. Our consciousness is like an artist, painting every phenomenon into being. Once you have attained the state of the realm of no materiality, you will have succeeded. The realm of non materiality is the state in which we see that no phenomenon exists outside of our own mind.”

Do I agree with that? Not really, and it depends on which side of the great divide we are on, and even then, it depends on how we feel about it all.  When I was writing the novel, “The Antierra Manifesto” I was trancing much of it. I wasn’t so much putting a book together as I was remembering a slice of my own history. In other words, I was experiencing it knowing it was something I had been, and would be, involved in.  I was traveling back and forth from the future back into this present, aware that all of it was an aspect of me.

Now then, if everything in the universe is created by our own mind, who in her right mind would have ever created such a world as “Malefactus” (T’Sing Tarleyn)? Not me certainly.  Would such a place be attractive to some people? If yes, then here’s the interesting question: if I did not create such a hell, then somebody else did, either when my back was turned, or there was nothing I could do to prevent it at the time and having discovered it I’m stuck with it.

Here then is my conundrum: Does it matter that our mind is the source of all phenomena if it still manifests as one great big whole and each one of us is a puny helpless nothing in its midst, throwing our personal efforts in the works with as much effect as say, a gnat that crawled aboard a nuclear submarine will have on its guidance system?  

I see things that are glaringly wrong, but only so to me, and perhaps some victims of a particularly abusive system, but the problem is I am not the one who is creating the system and I cannot undo it. Point: it is most emphatically not in my mind!

So I’m told to enter into a state of immateriality where nothing exists outside of my own mind.  Oh sure, all well and good, but I’m still that same mind face to face with an abusive system.  I cannot take that system, bring it into my own mind and vanish it!

My conclusion at this point is that reaching a point of immateriality is only going to make materiality all the more poignant and strident because I will be observing it from a state of mind.  As a compassionate being I will be just as involved in the material inasmuch as I feel all of the life within it.  It will keep calling me back, whether I can do anything to help anyone, or just sit and cry… or laugh, or until I have learned how to return into the material and dance and die with it.  

This much I have learned.  If we choose to activate our compassion mode then we will live through infinity but it will not be to disappear from the material since that is after all what gives us the only reason we can come up with for existing as human beings. Our compassion will keep bringing us back to our material worlds but each time we will learn to approach them with greater, more meaningful joy and sorrow. 

32 thoughts on “Forget Everything you know, or Think you know

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you Regis; I appreciate your comment. Always good to know that a little piece of personal “wisdom” isn’t just another piece of boring newagey trash!

  1. rawgod

    As this is a long post, I am going to reply in tidbits. Tidbit 1: Please do not forget everything you think you know. Re-examine each thing, definitely, but some things you do know, and they are worth keeping. Some other things may be capable of taking you elsewhere, or giving you a different understanding of what you think you know–retain those also, until you find their use, or until you are sure they are useless. Be cautious, everything you think you know was learned for a reason. Be super-critical, please. As ever, some things are not what they seem. Don’t throw the baby out with the formula bottle…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I think I know what you are saying. Sometimes however, one arrives at a place that demands a burning of bridges: you cannot cross until you commit to not going back. If the bridge is so slight it will not take extra weight, like a back pack (all your know or think you know) then the back pack stays behind. It is, presumably and after all what we are supposed to do when we “die” and cross the divide. I have had a very few such crossings in this one life and in retrospect I could only gain by ditching what I knew in favour of what I was going to learn. Put it another way, you cannot fill a cup that is already full. But I’m open to hearing the rest though I’m across the river so you’ll have to shout a bit louder!

      1. rawgod

        I did not suggest you hang onto everything, of course get rid of what is now worthless. How much of your life’s learning do you figure is really worth keeping? 1%. More? Less? How much is going to go across that great divide with you? 0.001%? Maybe, if you have led a good, useful life. During a lifetime you gather many bits of learning that you will probably never use again, especially once you leave this life. I am just suggesting you might throw out a valuable bottle that can be used for something other than formula. If you just chuck it willy-nilly, you won’t have it when you really need it.

  2. rawgod

    Tidbit 2: If everything in the universe is created in your own mind, then possibly you do not know your own mind as well as you thought you do. Given the first phrase above, there is only you in the universe you experience. Therefore, look at the universe you created, and trace it backwards until you find the source of what you saw, or still see. All the detective shows say, Follow the money. In your case, Follow your creation.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      [rawgod] That’s interesting. I’ve spent a good number of years trying to work that one out but in the end it was another ‘faith’ dead end. At 72, and with a lot of help, I’ve come to the necessary conclusion that I am the creation of my own space, but I am most certainly not the creation of the cosmos, the universe, the galaxy or even this little world. So in interaction with materiality, and with the collective thought of all others I cannot do much and this is humility talking, not laziness. I would do much if such was within my means but even if I had such manipulative power I could not use it without violating the rest of the great will. If the great will turns to evil, as it is wont to do, then it must suffice for an avatar to withdraw from adding to this burden of sorrow, and in those places where she can do some good on a one-to-one basis, that is where she knows herself to belong, and where she will be found working.

      1. rawgod

        Ah, you gave up on your own condition that you are creating your own universe. But how did you do that, and why? At first you were accepting responsibility, now you are negating it. It’s a fun thought experiment, but not of much use in a world considered real outside of yourself. The adding of a burden of sorrow is also an interesting concept. One can say that helping someone is interfering with the lessons they are trying to learn in this incarnation. And that negates compassion. To act, or not to act, that is the question. What are the consequences? Either viewpoint can be successfully argued, if you believe the world has purpose. This is why I prefer chaos theory. It is your action or inaction that causes the next event. You re-accept responsibility, whichever choice you make. Your decision changes the future, one way or the other. Choose. Count yourself important.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        [rawgod] I must say that if it is chaos you like, you made an impeccable choice of Earth. My people call it a world of chaos, Tuat Har in their language, and it’s a chaos that penetrates through every aspects of it, from its core to the very entities that try to shepherd and guide it. All the greatest ‘why?’ questions seem to get lost here. Today’s answer well mean nothing tomorrow. Such chaos, unless corrected, remains its Achilles heel.
        There may have been a time when I thought I could ‘create my own universe’ but experience and observation taught me otherwise. I create my own self-empowered, sacred place within all the rest. My place is my place, it is not ‘mi casa es su casa’ as the saying goes. No one can enter here for it contains concepts that would be inimical to any one else. That said, what about the rest? That’s where self awareness (me among the rest) comes to play and I chose to activate my compassion template to do this activation. I can enter ‘your’ world on my own terms; I can decide what is wrong with it and choose what I am going to do about it based on my own template of reality. Is someone in pain? Are they crying for help and can I provide that help? Then the next move is already happening, there is no thinking required. That’s how that works. There is action and no question asked. I think that is the difference between those who walk between the worlds and those who use this world as their base. We have a different perspective.
        Should I count myself important? That word is a double edged sword and as applicable to me I would most surely avoid it. If others chose to think of me (in their lives) as important (to them) that is their choice, but it does not dictate my purpose or path. When I go to bed alone at night, before sleep comes, I think about stuff. Often I think about the day and the many ways I could have lived it better, more compassionate, more openly giving. Then sleep comes and the next morning will find me with increased resolve to do what is right according to my compassion template.

      3. rawgod

        “Should you count yourself as important?” It is a double-edged sword only if you count others as unimportant, or more important. As long as all are equally important, there is no sword at all, edged or non-edged.
        Others can bring swords, or bullets, into my universe, but the worst they can do is kill me–temporarily. But they cannot stop me.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        [rawgod] As long as you know where you are going and it is exactly where you want to go, it’s good that you know nothing can stop you. I don’t have that kind of super powers… I can be stopped, perhaps not forever but nothing in these worlds is ever a given, not for the wanderers.

      5. rawgod

        Ah, but where I am going will be as much a surprise to me as where you are going will surprise you, and so on. It’s all a matter of perspective. I am alive until I am not. If I ever reach the point I am not alive, I will not know it. As long as I know I am alive, I am immortal. I dare anyone to prove I am wrong.

      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        [rawgod] Sorry but I never meant it as a kind of challenge to you. According to your comment, you are going wherever you know not until such time as you are no longer. I’m fine with that, rawod, but for me, I need direction in order to move in some sort of predictable, quantifiable way. I don’t wander through this universe and beyond without purpose. I do know where I am going and yes, I expect there will be more surprises along the way than I have already met. It is the nature of things. Thanks for commenting and enjoy your immortality.

      7. rawgod

        I do. I wasn’t feeling challenged, I just thought I wasn’t being as clear as I might have been.

  3. jim-

    As with many of your posts, I have to give some of it a little time to stew. One thing has bothered me lately, what’s the rush for mere belief? They make it sound like some emergency. Reminds me of modern marketing techniques ” sale ends at midnight tonight, don’t wait”!! It it’s true, it’ll be true tomorrow too. If it’s a good deal… it will always be. The rush to latch on to the first feel good has stunted a great deal of thought.
    I really like this post. Your own thoughts! So many are just posting links these days. I like real! Genuine. Thanks.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      [Jim] Thanks for commenting. That is an excellent point, that rush to believe; to convert, to give it all up to faith, and I think I have some idea why that is but namely two. The first and obvious is that organized religion, even if it is gaining in “numbers” is seriously on the ropes and the only thing it has to keep itself afloat until, perhaps, a new pre-religious political movement happens (good luck with that!) is to push and push and push the faith angle, particularly to the thinning ranks of young ones who may soon be the only ones left to support the dying monstrosity. The second obvious reason, much like the first is, religion anywhere in the world is now an adjunct of capitalism in which to not grow is to die. Only $$$profits matter; the “adherents” are grist for the mill, suckers against whom any method to get them to fork over their money is simple business. The more successful the con artist is, the more $$$ in the off-shore bank account.
      That’s my two-bits worth. I too enjoy personal ideas from real people, with a strict minimum of links, pictures and especially videos (I usually remove those when posted). For those who want to entertain each other, surely there is other social media available for that purpose.

      1. jim-

        Ah, how silly of me to forget (momentarily) the capito-religio complex…I guess that’s why you’re here—thank you kindly

  4. rawgod

    Tidbit 3: If your gnat aboard the nuclear submarine sticks itself to a torpedo so it cannot fall off, and you launch that torpedo, how far off target will the torpedo be after it travels half the distance towards the target. Maybe 1 degree. And then by the time it travels another half of the remaining difference, another degree. Each remaining half it travels it deviates another degree, and another, and another. The target is huge, the torpedo not so much, the gnat infinitesimal. Yet the target is totally missed. How important is that gnat? Immensely.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      [rawgod] Way to go! I knew you were going to pick up on the gnat thing, and really, that is a reasonable argument. In fact it may well be the entire argument being used by Antierra in the story I am currently posting. So yes, there is two ways to look at this: the gnat can simply assume there is nothing it can do and live out its short life in the submarine staying out of the reach of that rolled newspaper… or it can find its way somewhere where it could possible make a course change. This reminds me of a movie absolutely everybody should watch, a few years old now but totally relevant: “Oranges and Sunshine” Oh the things we can do when we are so sure there is little or nothing we can do…

  5. rawgod

    Tidbit 4: If you can see a system, and know it is wrong, you may not be able to change it by yourself. If you remain silent, you are supporting the system by omission of action. However, if you call attention to the wrongness, you have at least taken a step, and affect someone who can take another step, and so on. Never underestimate your own value and importance. Try. Always try. You may succeed. Do not try–you always fail.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      [rawgod] Thanks for your further comments. As Yoda would say, “There is no try, do, or do not.” Yes, of course one does, one acts, once one has chosen to become a compassionate person. The ways of expressing such a force are endless, from one’s mind to one’s words to one’s action. The compassionate person/being cannot remain uninvolved, but it remains that the many are not compassionate – and that is the part of “creation” that the compassionate cannot simply overturn. The gnat may change the course of the missile but it cannot “vanish” the missile… or something like that.

  6. Phil Huston

    2018 needed a serious dose of refocus. How it got away from me is a long series of events that I absorbed like a bumper car ride instead of deftly manuevering.
    On thta compassion thing I have a freind who is compassionate, wouldn’t have you think it of them so their take on compassion is duty to be humane. No martyrdom, just duty. However we call it, take it for another ray of sunshine in the cosmic sky.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting Phil. Yeah, 2018 was nuts so best to leave it out there for a squirrel to bury and chew on later… As to compassion, I agree with your friends: it is becoming “human(e)” For me it began as a shock: it was a call to literal martyrdom (my story) but then the example was turned on me to explain that compassion is a way of life, not something you do once, then you die (or retire from) and its over. So now it is a way of life that I could not make sense without. I can no longer understand any person not being innately compassionate. I see it, all the time, but I no longer understand it.

  7. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Hi Sha’ Tara.
    Firstly I am going to have to print out your previous posts and read them as a whole, it’s the only way I can catch up.
    Secondly I may not agree with the detail but I strongly sympathise with the sentiments you are putting out here.
    I will elaborate:
    It is common these days for folk to adopt the fall-back position that it is the fault of someone else ‘Politicians’, ‘Massive Corporations’, ‘The State’ and so forth. All have which have some credence.
    (A) As the people of some states in Europe begin to embrace the same ideas which lead to misery, death and destruction in their homelands from the beginnings of the 20th century and climaxed in the 1940s and
    (B) as WE the people of the UK fail to comprehend it is us who are responsible for the Brexit mess for not compromising. Then it is time to say.
    WE are to blame too! So don’t complain about the mess, WE were responsible for it.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Bottom line, yes, it is time for all people to take responsibility for themselves; to become aware, to learn the facts of a situation and to act rationally and intelligently. When it is simply not possible to know all the facts then one must go deeper to uncover them, however unpleasant. How important is “Brexit” in view of all the crap happening all over this world? As you know I despise the USA and yet how much of a personal effort would I invest in fighting an “anschluss” of Canada to the States, something that has come up time and again but there was no need since Canada basically did whatever Uncle Sam demanded, and still does? I wouldn’t fight it because I already know that in essence, Canadians are no different than Americans. The vernacular used is “same shit, different pile.” Some Canadians would object to that but overall, in what really matters, there is hardly any difference. So why worry about it? A few years and it may well be there is going to be no EU and someone saw the writing on the wall. If it’s trade, then just have trade. If it’s better laws, make your own better laws and enforce them. No one needs bigger unions, they just need more common sense. Bigger unions only make for bigger dictators even if they call themselves ‘democrats.’
      As for the novel, if you want to I can send you the 11 sections currently posted together on one email, but I’ll need your email address again, I tend not to keep those. Send request to and I’ll be glad to forward. It would make it easier than copying and pasting a dozen WordPress blog posts… 🙂

      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        I’m just cussed angry about the whole business Sha’Tara because of the levels of ignorance being displayed and poor attention to history…..My grandchildren will suffer for this vanity project.
        Yep I will e-mail tomorrow, 11pm here and I’m shutting down for the night.😴😴

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes, I can see where you are coming from now. I wonder if the new style fascism that is spreading its poisonous blanket over Europe is the distilled villainy of villainy my old history teacher spoke of.

      3. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Yes Sha’ Tara. ‘IT’ is coming back, as ‘IT’ has done in so many centuries before.
        Behind every ‘heroic noble freedom fighting cause’ (sarcasm) is the dirty little secret that when ‘they’ get in power any minority within their realm get persecuted.
        I read histories of very late 19th century and early 20th century central to eastern Europe and the violence of the new states against their minorities and I find myself wondering if ‘Gee, maybe the Austro-Hungarian Empire wasn’t so bad’…that’s sort of crazy.
        The old poison has leaked out of the bottle, cracked with age. Memories have faded and lessons forgotten. The beast grown thin and wiry has slipped out the bars of its cage. The shadows of clouds of intolerance and ignorance blot out the sun.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Just as Tolkien “predicted” when he wrote about Morgoth Bauglir in the Silmarillion. While Melkor (Morgoth) was kept prisoner of the Valar, his beasts in Angband continued to multiply under the mountains of Middle Earth and when he escaped and returned, he just had to empower them and send them out once again to decimate the land. We could learn much from reading those kinds of stories, but then we’d have to decide they are more than entertainment… All of them are our own stories. My dream, my goal, is to find the source of man’s programming that keeps the creature ever repeating its worst mistakes. Well, I have some inklings about that but one person, maybe a dozen or a hundred perhaps among 8billions…

      5. Woebegone but Hopeful

        I have suspicion it lurks there beneath the surface in all of us; the battle is to keep it there until it withers away into dust.

  8. jim-

    I do like the story. I have to comment on your comment to rg.
    I am the creation of my own space. The thought of that gives me a little shiver, actually. Moving through this world, a foreigner in a digital space of waves and time plodding through endless holograms. We may be all that’s real here at all. I’ll think on it.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting Jim. If I understand your “shiver” – it’s perhaps due to things I take for granted from my “alien upbringing” versus what people of earth can yet grasp. It’s not a put-down, it’s how it is, like I can paddle a kayak through a rough and tumble river (not usually as calm as the little side channel you see on my front page!) while many people would flip and drown. That said, I find the safest way to push through life is to create my own space, i.e., to surround myself with my own, very personal, understanding and acceptance of everything. I don’t do collectives, I do self empowerment. How I see what I see is how it is until I no longer see it that way, then it becomes something else. It’s the same thing, really, as my “believe all things, believe in nothing.” It’s the only freedom I can ever have. If I trust in my own created space, it means I don’t have to rely on anyone else, singular or plural (collective) to create that space for me and if it fails me, I can’t blame anyone else. By the same token I will not take responsibility for whatever anyone else chooses for themselves: that’s their business. If our realities clash, then there is a problem, but perhaps, since neither are previously entangled, we can, like intelligent adults (and throw in compassion from my side at least) work it out like two ships pushed together can reverse thrust and move away. The main point is that my space is inviolable. No one has any right to enter therein without my permission and the more I learn about the mind realm, the less that permission is ever granted. Mine is a closed mind space. I will step out and meet anyone, anybody, any entity, in neutral territory, but no one comes in, neither through guile, promises, force or love. I’m going to leave that here for now.


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