The Prophet Spoke Again

[thoughts from ~burning woman~ by Sha’Tara]

The Prophet spoke once more in the latter days, long after any had been and these be the things she said into the minds of those that would listen.

I am not bringing any good tidings, she said to them, therefore it is entirely up to you whether you listen, or fail to listen, for the message will be given even if only the stones of this world, the pavement of its streets or the girders of its highrises hear it.

You will have noticed that your world has changed once again, and in that change it has turned against you. You speak amongst yourselves of climate change; you debate whether it is the works of your own hands, of the world itself or perhaps a combination of both. You do not know and while you are confused, refusing to face the music you yourselves ordered to be written upon skies, seas and lands, you cannot dance. You but plod, and you weary yourselves with petty thoughts of greedy corporate executives and bankers, corrupt politicians and the endless charade of religion. Thinking yourselves wise, you have indeed made yourselves fools; the duck thinking to survive the winter in a child’s wading pool.

You seek answers where there are none! You deliberately ignore your history to fall ever and anon in the same trap your ancestors fell in and died in. You continue to believe that if you replace this puppet with that one; this god with another; this system with a more “environment friendly” one, you can carry on with just such light brush strokes on the old canvas; that you can carry on with no self-sacrifice, no purifying of heart, no transforming of mind, therefore no essential change.

But know this, if you cannot see it for yourselves: your canvas is rotten, even to the frame that holds it together.

That is the sum total of my tidings, to do with as you see fit. I did not come here to make the change for you, I came but to give warning. If you care about each other and particularly if you care about your own children, you will listen. If you do not, I may as well once again take the name of Cassandra and die in the fall of your great and impregnable city.

Is there any hope? I don’t “do” hope, but I am addressing people who believe in such things. So, look about you, anywhere, and see if there is anything truly new rising from your world; from within your many systems: anything you would bet your life and the life of your children upon? Anything that cannot be bought and sold in the global marketplace or corrupted beyond recognition in your high places of government, banking and worship?

Every prophet is mad, I as much as any other who has ever dared incarnate on this world and in my madness I dare imagine that some of you will ponder this and cry out, ‘Yes, we can see how it is coming apart,’ and add, ‘what should we then do?’

As I said, I am not here to give you answers, that was not part of my job description.

Let me remind you that everyone like myself who has come before and given you strict guidance and rules of conduct has been an abject failure because the teaching was imposed, it did not arise from within yourselves, thus it was powerless to change you. Go ahead, read your prophets, the full time, the part time, the ones you defamed, tortured and killed. You could do worse than re-reading “The Prophet” by Khalil Gibran. Read other way showers and rule givers and go as far as pondering the voices of those who called themselves saviours and see what you find these many years later.

I will give you hints though, even if it violates my strict self-imposed mandate. Simple hints. First, your civilization as you experience it and as you’ve known it throughout your very short history, is finished. Its days have been measures and found wanting.

Its very nature is inimical to the concept we call life. It has exceeded its limits to growth. It feeds entirely on bloodshed and destruction and many there are who profit from this and many more who rejoice in the results. That is its greatest sin from which it can neither be healed, or ever rise again.

Second hint: if you would do something that has a chance of bearing fruit, though it likely will be but for yourself as an individual, choose the path of the compassionate being. “How” is entirely up to you.

Quote: “A dominant myth is inclusive, in the sense that people feel lost without it. They can’t attribute any sort of human activity to anything else but the myth. They can’t see their way past it. They feel stymied without it.” (Jon Rappoport) and my added comment: “And what is civilization but a dominant myth?”


12 thoughts on “The Prophet Spoke Again

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, McC. Good to see that some do grasp what sort of spirit upholds the message and do not feel threatened, belittled or played up to by it.

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thank you. I suppose the choice is always present but the path I chose seems pretty definite!

  1. Hyperion

    I do admire The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. I bought my copy in 1973 and still have it. The words still ring as true as they did the first time I read it. You do have that same voice. The strange thing is everyone I know understands the situation and knows what must be done. Ragnorak, Armageddon, the Inca Serpent, the Great Flood, all whether myth or not has sat on the shoulders of humankind since the beginning of written language and yet we march to the flames and fan them as we approach. The sixth great extinction has begun and the only thing that will make it inconsequential is if we destroy ourselves with violence, greed, and powermongering first. The cycle of extinction is real and maybe it’s that knowledge that gives us no reason to change. It’s like the people on the Titanic after all the lifeboats were away. My morbid anecdote for the evening. I’ll be okay tomorrow.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Hype. Although the ‘warning’ isn’t entirely of my doing, I’m more the messenger in these episodes, yet it is never my intention to create morbidity or despair. There is always a light at the end of any tunnel I may delve through to the future. But since as a people, a species, a civilization, Earthians will not change as they have shown time and again, the light is a long ways away and the road to it is fraught with many perils few will survive. The possibility of bringing the light closer still exists but fades with every passing year that the old ways continue to rule. A few more years and the “great die back” as it is being dubbed will be inevitable, unavoidable, irreversible. Such a pass is all the more likely as people refuse to believe it can happen and continue to trust in divine chimeras or in a science that is in complete lock-step with the old order.

      1. Hyperion

        I agree. You say it in a more concise way and my own eccentric mind no longer can hold on to thoughts or information but I do appreciate how you have waded through the morass to the single point of it all. To me, I see our dark side in constant opposition to the light and your pendulum example was spot on. We tend to always over correct in any attempt at change, swatting at sweat bees while elephants stampede through the village. We have this lame excuse for failure called the fog of war. There is no fog only self serving morons in charge creating a muddled attempt at show of force in front of very unimpressed enemies. But this is a small microcosm of what is going on across the old empires of the east and west. I could ramble on, but the sickness of short sight and a powerful hedonistic itch tends to blind us from any meaningful progress. The systems no longer allow for dynamic leadership that provides a moral compass toward a better way. I don’t see how the world’s population can be saved and I don’t think it should be. As one, probably irrelevant example, after the black plague emptied out Europe already falling into obscurity from the collapse of Rome, we have a period of quiet followed by a complete change of how we arranged every detail of life and society. It gave us the Rennaissance and freed the people from the terrible reign of Kings. Now, we fight another battle which we are ill prepared for. I think the overpopulation of any flora or fauna creates a negative imbalance and that overpopulation is self correcting by the simple fact, it cannot be supported at the tipping point of feast to famine. It’s a horrendous thing to see, but it is as natural as the air we breath and inevitable. This is my general thought. And I think there are those who will rise above it all and survive. They will seed a new and better way forward. We are due a cleansing, a purification if you will. While it sounds morbid and dark, in reality, it is the most natural thing the world can experience. There will always be room for altruistic and benevolent means with love in every form at our fingertips. It will prevail. Just my one cup of coffee thoughts for the day. Personally, I like your views a lot better, so give me a little time, and I’ll get it eventually.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: “I think the overpopulation of any flora or fauna creates a negative imbalance and that overpopulation is self correcting by the simple fact, it cannot be supported at the tipping point of feast to famine. It’s a horrendous thing to see, but it is as natural as the air we breath and inevitable. This is my general thought. And I think there are those who will rise above it all and survive. They will seed a new and better way forward. We are due a cleansing, a purification if you will.”

        Pretty much my view. We are due for a planetary cleaning, purification and massive reset. I see no way around that, however terrible it’s going to be and honestly, I welcome it as should anyone with two brain cells to rub together. If you live on a finite world within a finite environment you just cannot keep growing nor should you expect to be able to, however you tweak your technology. As a species we should have been focusing all our thoughts on limits to growth beginning at the very least immediately after WWII. The UN could have been the great coordinator instead of the losing adjudicator of which was is legit, which isn’t that turned it into a paper tiger with wet noodles for teeth. Now, much too belatedly we are half-heartedly contemplating our climate change problem, arguing like school yard kids over it. It’s just one of the trees that is pulling civilization down, but just one, and we’ve pigeon-holed it as if, should we be able to solve it, we will have saved the day. Can’t see the forest for the trees sort of thing.

      3. Hyperion

        Agreed. I served on a UN mission and it wasn’t until after the UN was booted out of the conflict that the lives of the innocent were saved from the butchery. The UN is an expensive impediment to peace and problem resolution. We have allowed it to come under control of some unsavory regimes now capable of spitting in our eye after they accept the millions in aid. I can understand the unwillingness of the US to cooperate in mandates that on the surface appear legit but are really spiderholes set to emasculate us. We lack the intestinal fortitude to pull out and let it die on the vine.

  2. Sha'Tara Post author

    I know this isn’t the popular view but I am against any and all ‘over-arching’ and controlling system. What is the UN but another failed empire? As soon as ‘they’ allowed some power groups to lord it over others – the “security council” (and what a joke that’s been) it was game over. It became the nuclear arms club under the pretense that it was to control each-others’ proliferation. Pure hypocrisy. Nuff said here, I’m also determined to keep politics out of here, they’re just poison. (Not expecting a response to this unless you have a burning desire to: work on your novel instead, we’ll all benefit the more that way.)


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