Of Rules and Rulers

[Thoughts from   ~burning woman~  by Sha’Tara]

“Beam me up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life down here.”  (Attributed to captain Jim Kirk of Star Trek – a line presumably invented as a joke, never actually used in the series.)

There is a kind of madness that began by a seeping in, then turned into a flood pouring out of the entire echelon of non-productive bureaucratic hierarchical groupings in every mega-institution on planet Earth, be it church, government, military, banking or corporate.

These non-productive types of exponential inferior intelligence (the truth of this easily determined by their performance) keep themselves as controllers and in power, not by coming up with useful ideas but by browbeating the generally smarter but brain-lazy makers and doers.  The controllers know they are too stupid to rise above what they are and too lazy, incompetent and incapable to perform any sort of useful labour so they must control the work force (or the followers of some religion or the patriots or the investors or the fans) to keep them from discovering they are more intelligent and certainly more useful than their superiors.  If you cannot rise above the level of your own incompetence you must keep everybody else below yours — by whatever means.

Here’s a classic way they have always used to control others.  They invent rules and by using these rules they can implement endless changes to systems, not to improve the systems, anybody can see that is not happening, but to force everybody else to remain on a level below theirs.  There has probably never been a time when this was more obvious that the present moment.

Let me describe how the bureaucrats go about creating new rules.  Since they are incapable of coming up with anything new, their “new” will always be based on something old, re-packaged and re-marketed to seem original.  Another “trade” deal; a different kind of Monopoly money; a change in interest rates; how about a carbon tax? A green fee?

At the corporation where I worked I called their creations “the thirteen and a half inch ruler.”  Like everybody else they were operating under the standard twelve inch ruler.  But why be the same as everybody else when you can be longer?  So they put their mini brains together and came up with a real winner: a thirteen and a half inch ruler.  A ruler a whole inch and a half longer than anyone else’s.  Fantastic.  Now each time their employees go out to measure, they are automatically ahead of the competition by 1-1/2 inches.

Of course we (that would be those of us who do the actual measuring) immediately encountered a problem with the new rule:  Was it now a thirteen and a half inch ruler, so marked?  Or was it a twelve inch ruler with the inches stretched out one and one half inch over the length of the new ruler? 

We asked for clarifications.  As to be expected they had no answer except for the usual: we’ll get back to you on that, carry on.  The “carry on” part was not debatable.

The above should be hilarious.  But when one realizes how true that is, it sobers one very quickly.  Think: the thirteen and a half inch ruler brains are the rulers of this planet.  They are the mushroom cloud; we’re at ground zero.  That is why all of us numb-nuts believe ourselves indebted to the thirteen and a half inch ruler brains to the tune of $184,000,000,000,000 or broken down, $86,000 for every man, woman and child on this world.

At this point though I’d have to say that the 13-1/2″ ruler brains are actually the smart ones. A tiny minority of ignorant pea-brains holds an entire world in hock to themselves just by claiming their right to an incestuously exponential lion’s share of everything.  For this inanely and insanely illegitimate claim the rest of the regular (12″) ruler brains are willing to kill other people’s children, or watch their own starve to death while debating which 13-1/2″ ruler brain should be their next leader.  

“Beam me up Scotty, you dropped me on the wrong planet!”


21 thoughts on “Of Rules and Rulers

  1. adamspiritualwarrior

    Hi Shatara. Im checking in here. I like your posts and have been following the Antierra Manifesto.
    There are various things on my mind but theres nothing to say. One or two sad things happened but nothing big. Really. I just hope. want, everyting will work out. Work out good. For us all, Adam X

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hi Adam! Things will work out the day we, as self empowered individuals CHOOSE that path of commitment and self sacrifice. Self sacrifice: now there’s a politically incorrect term in today’s miasma of selfishness, narcissism and generally twisted thinking, if “thinking” is indeed the proper term any longer.

  2. Regis Auffray

    “There is a kind of madness that began by a seeping in, then turned into a flood pouring out of the entire echelon of non-productive bureaucratic hierarchical groupings in every mega-institution on planet Earth, be it church, government, military, banking or corporate.”

    That really does summarize it all it seems to me. A “crisp” and lucid article that explains it well. Thank you for sharing, Sha’Tara.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      The point exactly, isn’t it. While the rest of the world is forced to work with the standard 12″ ruler, these con artists Ponzi schemers can keep stretching theirs since there is no legal limit by which they must measure theirs.

  3. Notes To Ponder

    Humanity at its core is fundamentally good, good people are honest and trusting. Enter for profit political and personal propaganda. Decent people wanting to believe their welfare matters are sitting ducks for the propaganda machine. Fear is the weapon of corporate/political greed. Technology allows media an unrestricted method for spreading misinformation, doubt and outright lies, all shrewdly calculated to deceive for personal gain. It’s beyond alarming. Yikes!

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      In that case, NTP, “good” people must be extremely naive. Yet I don’t buy that. They possess intelligence by which they can measure the deeds of their leaders, rulers and bosses. They can know, but I believe they do not want to know. No good person would, for personal gain, collude with forces that murder innocent children or helpless individuals for monetary or political gain yet they do it all the time and as a matter of fact. I would therefore argue that overall ordinary people, collectively speaking, are not good at all. For example, you mention the propaganda: good people are not affected by propaganda, it’s that simple. Propaganda works on fear, greed and lust – good people do not use such motive forces.
      Individually, that’s another story, but rulers/bosses do not interact with individuals, they interact with collectives at all levels, from the nuclear family all the way up to religions, nations, empires. I have maintained for a long time that “evil” always manifests at the collective level. If we became self empowered and walked out (literally and mentally) on all our collective systems we would change the face of earth in no time. Ditch the collectives,NTP, and you automatically dis-empower and dispossess all oppressive systems.

      1. Notes To Ponder

        Agreed 🙂 I made very broad generalizations lacking sufficient clarification. In retrospect perhaps I should have considered the complacency of those who consider themselves good people. At work – more to follow soon. 🙂

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for the clarification. Please note I don’t look for agreement, but I try really hard (and harshly, I admit) to get to the bottom of things. People are sheep, no doubt of that for me, and they only react when they’re practically in the frying pan. Further, they only react when their personal asses (and assets) are what’s being threatened or they can be convinced of the threat. They don’t care what happens to “others” as if somehow those others were not part of the equation. Thus the “sheeple” continue to be fleeced while fearing, hating and attacking each other, leaving the real predators to decimate them all. That is what has to change ’cause if it does not, then civilization is going down, lock, stock and barrel (which in any case I am convinced it is).

  4. franklparker

    I’m coming in, 12 hours after reading this post, to contradict some of your assumptions.
    You and I can both point to individuals who have, during our life times, gone from nothing – or very little – to billions. And those same individuals use that wealth in many ways that benefit others – from their many charitable foundations to the way they nurture, support, encourage and enable others to emulate them.
    Your ‘point’ about the ’13 1/2″‘ ruler is lost on me – in my long career in Engineering I have never heard of such a thing. Of course there are standards which products have to meet in order to reach the market. And yes, some unscrupulous people try to get round those standards. And some people object to the official policing of those rules, regarding it as interfering with their freedom.
    As I said on another post (not one of yours, this was on Facebook): it’s not the system that’s the problem it’s human nature.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Frank. Two things “in re-direct, you honour” as Perry Mason was fond of saying. One: the 13-1/2″ ruler example was strictly an analogy, not to be taken from an engineering point of view. It simple means that once you gain a certain level of power over, you can force those under to labour under a set of rules while you invent your own to benefit yourself, for example, Jeff Bezos and wife, richest creeps on the planet. Which brings up the second point: always look at HOW the rich got rich before getting all emotional about their so-called benevolence, which in most cases his simply another way of avoiding paying higher taxes; for instance, the highly questionable Gates Foundation. There you find a serious and nefarious human experimentation controlling agenda at work. Everybody should know this but when people look at the rich discernment is sadly lacking. Bottom line, if rich people were so good, the world would not be in the mess it’s in. It’s not the poppy farmer in Afghanistan who’s blowing up the Middle East.

      1. franklparker

        By not paying taxes, Gate’s and his missus are avoiding contributing to blowing up people in the Middle East! It’s a question of whether the US government’s spending priorities are more enlightened that those of the Gates Foundation. As for how he made his fortune, as I see it he got lucky and many people – employees of Microsoft and the millions of users of their software – have benefited. Same goes for Apple. Not so sure about Bezos, though!

  5. Hyperion

    You’ve given me a new analogy to use in my daily biziness life. I used to never miss a Dilbert comic strip. I thought the guy that did that strip was the all knowing, all seeing Oracle of business. He perfectly exposed how things actually work in the world. I often thought he was one of my coworkers. Uncanny. I like the 13.5 ruler, especially if it was evenly divided within the 12 inch cardinal points. Now that would add some fun to the parts and pieces industry. Men would not like it because their six inch nominal value would suddenly measure up shorter because the inch is now longer but for those concerned, an 8 inch long 12 inch ruler could be sold for a little extra money. We’d all buy one, just because. It’s that brain thing again. If we were truly brainless like viruses, we could continue with our virus like behaviors and only our natural programming would matter. It’s the halfwits, dimwits, and nitwits that make life difficult. If you are full witted you know better than to get yourself bifurcated in a conversation with a halfwit. I once read a statement that you can’t get a size 10 thought from a size 5 brain. I suspect our brain size measuring devices have been tampered with. Great post Sha’Tara. Always food for thought.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hey, great comment; you certainly got some mileage out of that off-the-wall concept! I’m always glad when that happens, even when the responses are anything but what I expected: then I’m the one who does the learning!!!

      1. Hyperion

        I do run away with solid concepts well presented. I tuck them under my arm and run for the absurd zone where I feel most comfortable. Certainly, I mean no insult. I sense the absolute correctness in the observation. What I see in reading your posts is a certain clarity but my own mind is a bit to chaotic ( energetically eccentric is the politically correct way of describing my personality) to find a way to contribute in a useful way. I actually feel the same and agree. You take it one step further by laying out the path, there it is, I can see it. POOF! I awaken in a self imposed rabbit hole and wait for the next post to ease me a little closer to the trail head. Don’t give up on me Sha’Tara, I’ll get there eventually.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I’m going to respond with something that will seem condescending yet is anything but. You’re already “there” or “here”, Hype for however your mind interprets it, or even if it quits on it, the bottom line is, it will be the correct approach (or get-away!). Our minds are never wrong, if only we would catch on an rely on that simple fact. However I see it, that is how it is, and if “I” see nothing, then there is nothing to see!!! Of course if everybody understood this, there would be no possibility of establishing any controlling system(s) and we would all be free, self-empowered beings and no one could make us function in ways that are anti-life. (Saturday morning post-raisin toast wisdom.)

      3. Hyperion

        I am really enjoying your Raisin Toast Wisdom. I get most of my prescient visions from coffee. That’s my melange spice. Neurological science (don’t hate me, please. I’m a creature of habit) has delved deep in the mind recently and many stunning things are being discovered about how that magic works. We know that most of what psychology believed about the mind isn’t exactly right and new approaches to the human mind is needed. I believe we’ll find what we’ve always known but we’ll know how the nano sized electro-chemical processes create who we are. I find it fascinating. Even more fascinating is we can replicate human thinking with quantum computing and machine learning. Those things aren’t being done in the open but soon they will be ready for prime time and we will barely notice the change because of precisely what you describe. We will not see it and therefore it will not exist.

  6. gserpent

    Great post Sha’Tara. It does not matter what size ruler they use. It’s all fake. Fake money, fake food, fake numbers, fake people, fake rights, fake reality, fake history, fake, fake, fake. So it takes a fake ruler to measure the fake. If it’s real they just hide it.
    I really want off this planet too. 👽

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting,g. It’s a funny thing, but no matter what “it” is, the moment “they” touch it, it becomes fake! The moment they touch truth, it turns into lies. Yes, I’ve had too many lives too close together lately on this world. I desperately need to give myself some time/distance from it. I know what’s coming (next 500 years or so) and I don’t need, nor want, to be here for that. I’ll return when I feel a genuine desire for positive change is happening here, if such becomes a serious choice. I predict that for such a choice to be made, the “man” species will have to experience a complete mutation. The current species is irredeemably mentally defective and failed. Harsh words that will prove only too true in time.


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