Detachment to Life

[thoughts from   ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

“I’ve always felt that what we are taught of detachment at home is an illusion.  I think the ancients know this too, but let us discover it on our own.  They equip us to go with a story that makes sense only until it is tested.  A truly detached ISSA*, seems to me, at this point at least, is an oxymoron.”  (Antierra monologue speaking of her teachings on detachment while on her home world of Altaria – Antierra Manifesto)

Once the basics of one Earthian incarnation have been experienced – surviving, satisfying desires, experimenting with physical senses, what’s left but death, or entering upon a quest for the greater meaning of Life as a self aware being? 

If one chooses “death” which to me means going on repeating experiences pointlessly, then that’s that.  If one chooses the quest, there has to be a sure way to enter into that which guarantees one will not fall back into such silly behaviour as being a sports fan, chasing the opposite gender for sexual gratification, “making” money, hating, fighting, killing then dying to find out it was all a chimera.

Seems to me the way to freedom is opened through detachment.  What keeps us enslaved to the wheel of the System is an array of attachments each one justifying and strengthening the other. It behooves us therefore to relinquish all our attachments to the things this world offers more as bait than as satisfaction (since none ever completely satisfy, and that should be a very broad hint). 

OK, so I want to learn the meaning of Life, not just the meaning (if there be any) of one little incarnation on this little world but the meaning of Life as expressed through an infinite and timeless cosmos: that meaning! Only a free being can ever hope to enter into such a quest.  Attachments are all those things, big and small, that translate as chains, shackles, stanchions, locks, doors, walls, perimeters, limits that take one to termination.  In this situation, death becomes the final attachment. 

Before one tackles the difficult concept of death, one should consider the pattern of lesser attachments that enslave us to our body and its world and how we are connected to the pattern.  As long as a single attachment remains unexplored and connected, death remains the final enigma. Yet unless one can know all about death, even if the words to describe this certainty do not exist, the quest for Life remains closed.  Death was invented to create the impression that there is no such thing as “Life” as an infinite concept; that “Life” had been conquered. All attachments are lies and death is the final and greatest lie of all when living under attachments.

How then does one person achieve a place of total detachment?  As said above, it isn’t easy.  To my heroine (granted she is under extreme stress in that part of the story) it seems impossible.  But nothing is impossible! Impossible is just another attachment!

Detachment, once decided upon, comes through self empowerment.  All my choices are mine and I take full responsibility for the results.  Sure, there will remain many little itches of attachments, like cold sniffles or skin blemishes, but my immune system is self empowerment and that is how I heal myself, as much and as many times as it takes.  I learn not to repeat stupid or pointless moves. I learn to be satisfied with an experience that I know will not improve the more I do it. 

Prayers will not be answered with greater alacrity or better overall results.  Hockey games won’t improve. TV won’t demonstrate a higher level of intelligence. Cigarettes or booze won’t taste better. Crossing borders won’t become easier or safer and sex… well I think we all know the answer to that one.

I learn not to waste my time on the treadmill or the merry-go-round and I learn to use that salvaged time to better my understanding.  If I have any problem on how to direct this new understanding, I cradle it within compassion thus guaranteeing a successful continuation to the quest I am on.

Yes Antierra, it is possible to become totally detached.  You have to learn to take the broader view of the concept.    

*ISSA: acronym for intelligent, sentient, self aware


16 thoughts on “Detachment to Life

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Frank. From my experience, and certainly as a result of years under the tutelage of “the Teachers” true compassion can only manifest when/where there is no attachment(s). Basis of compassion is inclusiveness, thus no possibility of attachment. A child is a child, not “my” child, the value (to the compassionate being) is the same, the difference: none. Within compassion no life is more valuable, or worthy of care and protection, than any other life. Attachments lead automatically to exceptionalism and that is a great sickness of mankind.
      As for death, it is the final and greatest attachment by making one only more aware of the preciousness of life. Very few people accept death with equanimity and of those, most are lying about it. Reluctant acceptance, perhaps at best, and a lingering hope, however much a pinprick, there they just may be something beyond so “life” can be re-engaged again. Death is attachment to life. If there was no attachment involved at all, death would deserve no mention at all.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yes, of course that is always possible, just not most peoples’ choice. One can enter into these events with the idea to expand one’s mind; to get a greater understanding of what it means to be alive and how to project that into the infinite and eternal cosmos.

  1. rawgod

    Hi, S’T, more fine thoughts from the burning woman. Death is but a door to whatever is or is not on the other side. If you believe in the possibility of reincarnation, death is but a step through a veil, and there is no reason to fear it. If, as many atheists think, death is the end of all things, then there is no reason to fear that. But there are so many visions and levels of even those things, people who think themselves reasonable do fear death. So, too, though I don’t know why, do so many of the people who believe in religious rewards–and punishments. They are often those who are most afraid to die.
    Like with most other things in this world, whatever happens is what happens. If there is nothing, we will never find out. If we find out, then there is something there, and we will learn how to deal with it. I have yet to hear anyone complain about being dead on this world. Fear is just another attachment…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yes I always found it strange that religious people are so concerned about “losing” their loved ones when they all have their Jesus-guarantee eternal life insurance in their hands at all times. I didn’t get it until I came to realize that modern Christian faith is really nothing more than a social club pretending to a hope of avoidance of hell. The fear remains since all that undergirds their “faith” is a sort of cheap grace that even their own New Testament condemns. I don’t like the idea of dying either, having come too close to it on occasion, but I realize, like yourself that the fear of death is the final attachment. Also with age comes some wisdom; the realization that physical death is inevitable and preferable to long drawn out living death in a debilitated state. Then there is the condition our civilization is in that reminds me that death at this point is not a bad idea at all. Further, with past lives memories and sneak previews of my own future as well as the odd cross-dimensional travels, these have created a jump-off point filled with intrigue and fascinating possibilities.
      “Careful you must be when sensing the future, Anakin. The fear of loss is a path to the dark side. Death is a natural part of life — rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. Mourn them, do not. Miss them, do not. Attachment leads to jealousy, the shadow of greed, that is. Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” (Yoda to Anakin Skywalker, Star Wars)

  2. Akhila

    I am free from the colors of happiness, it never excites me.. but griefs can haunt me though suppressed most of the times.. so maybe I have miles to go before I can reach a state of detachments

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Akhila: in my experience, detachment does not inure me from feelings, whether of happiness or of grief, they’re just perceived differently. Sort of like experiencing them as in a movie – there is a word for that sort of experience but I can’t think of it at the moment, an indirect feeling.

      1. Akhila

        I don’t understand shatara how you could think about detachments separate from emotions/feeling

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        That is an easy one, Akhila. Think mind over matter. Emotions/feelings are of the body, heart, brain. They are not a choice, except when fed and nurtured in which case they will fester. Detachment is a choice that comes from self empowerment, also a choice. The emotions/feelings will still throb for a time below the surface but the detached individual will not acknowledge their presence and they will go away. If some event triggers them again, they will try to resurface but in the face of non-acknowledgment will once again disappear and leave the self empowered being to her own life and choices. The battle, if one wants to call it that, and it is for me, is always between the body-based autonomous system (reflex responses) and the self empowered mind which must always impose itself upon the body-based system. Some call that body-based system the ego, not a term I’m comfortable with, but perhaps useful in this context.

      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        Take your time, Akhila… and also, there is no compelling reason to respond if there is nothing to respond to. All these things are ideas floating on the ether to play ball with, then go on to another game.

  3. Hyperion

    I can detach for as long as I like but I also like to attach and neither seem to cause me any issues. I’m weird like that.

      1. Hyperion

        Ha ha ha ha! Nasty isn’t my thing but, you never know about those other 4 billion people. Hyperion takes chances but, not me. 🤭

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