Dialogue with a Teacher

[thoughts from ~burning woman~ by Sha’Tara]

“I would be a catalyst for change, a change agent.”
“Why?” She asked, her back to me. She seemed to be staring at something beyond the horizon only she could see.
“Why?” I replied, “It’s this world, Teacher; it breaks my heart.”
“So you would change it then?”
“You understand how change happens, do you not?”
“I think so… but there are so many ways…”
“No! Not if you desire good change. Yes, many ways to bring about change that nurtures unhappiness, misery and endless grief. But the good change, how do you make that come about?”
“I do not know… I simply do not know how.”
“Very well. I am going to reveal some ancient wisdom to you, then you will understand though it may change your mind about being a change agent. Have you ever fallen in love with someone? Ever been so in love that nothing else mattered?”
“Yes I have been, long, long ago.”
“Can you recall your feelings of that time?”
“Somewhat, yes. Pure madness!”
“Madness yes, but all good change comes from that sort of madness. Life proceeds from that madness. Children are born because of it. Now for the great secret but first you get one guess: where does this madness originate? What is its genesis?”
“Trick question, Teacher? I honestly do not know.”
“Such a seed can only be found in one place in the entire universe: in your heart. You must mine for it, extract it, grind and polish it, love it above everything else, desire it more than anything else then give it out freely and completely to the world you wish to see change come about in.
“Know this, that once you give it away you must die. You know the truth of it, “unless a seed falls to the ground and dies it will not produce fruit.” You were taught this when only a child and you remember that lesson. Of all the lesser teachings you received from your tribal parents and teachers, you kept this one and one other.
“Now remember this also, my Avatar, there are many ways to die. Dying is easy but there is only one way to live: with compassion through complete detachment. You understand?”
“Yes Teacher, I do understand.”
“Does it make you want to change your mind?”
I was very slow in answering her, not because I was unsure about my choices but because the moment was so charged with “sacred” energy. I suppose she would have said my reply was predictable.
“On the contrary, Teacher, this is an affirmation. As to that second lesson you alluded to, I remember it well also…”small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”
“Be sure to remain on it.”

50 thoughts on “Dialogue with a Teacher

  1. Phil Huston

    If you could do one thing in the whole universe for me it would be to stop this – “She asked,” and “I replied.” You don’t need them later, why on the front end? I can’t do anything about your propensity to show an uneducated or slave class person speaking like a pirate in a bad movie, but I can get you to stop this. Better writing makes the world go around. If you want your point to get across, please get out of its way. Asked after a ? is redundant in the extreme. “I replied’ – we know that, because you replied. All of that, like adverbs, and then, when, etc soften your point. If you have to use trite catchalls, rewrite. Or remove them all before you publish and see where you need elbow grease. Or let it land a punch.
    You AREN’T like anyone else. You are awake. There’s no need to write like everyone else. Contact your higher being, click into vessel mode and get out of the way. “Seemed to be?” Stop. That’s you projecting. She is or isn’t, no seem to it. You, of all the internet weirdos, can spin a story because you hear them in your head, where they really come from. Put the fear aside, tell them straight up. No prisoners. If the Earthians can’t handle it, find them another parable. Even the great parable-ist dropped the adverbs and the throwaways. For grins, go read some Luke. He was selling a message and there was not a “Seemed to be a reed swaying in the wind” anywhere.
    He said, boldly. 😉

      1. rawgod

        I am a decent reader, and I had no problem with the “extraneous verbiage.” It did not detract from the message for me, and I thought it suited what she was trying to do. (I have in the past complained about certain writing traits “I” saw as problematic, eh, S’T, but “she said”s and “I replied”s are a classical writing style. They keep you aware of who is saying what. Without them, if your old eyes miss a quotation mark, you lose track of who is talking, and you end up lost in the speeches, rather than paying attention to what is being said.
        S’T and I are from a different writing period than you, from the sounds of it. We take our time. We have no reason to rush.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: “We take our time. We have no reason to rush.” I kind of like that. Often I need to create images of “how” people in a conversation are posing or posturing while talking. It’s not like a video where body moves can be seen. In text they need some describing. I did check out Phil’s link ‘nice to meet you’ (I didn’t write that by the way!) and found it too dry, difficult to follow.

      3. Phil Huston

        If I’d been talking to you I’d have addressed you, he retorted. You have no idea how or what I write or what time or editing constraints are involved, so keep your nose out of it. “Classical” my ass. Find dialogue tags in the Canons of Rhetoric for me. That’s Cicero, from about 50 BC. Modern criticism seems to find a black hole between then and the 19th Century. Only because so few people could read. We could get in to Speech Act Theory sometime. This is not the place. ST writes well, has a vivid imagination and is only steps away from owning the page instead of sitting on it. If your response is in the White Knight realm, forget it. ST carries her own water and we go back and forth on style all the time. Please, remember when you make an assumption, even on the internet, how that word breaks down at the middle vowel point.

      4. Phil Huston

        Well told. Only retards argue on the internet. Often, when deciding to intervene, wisdom requires one to first discern if there is a true conflict or damaging intent.

      5. rawgod

        That particular “R” word is offensive, to say the least. Which is far worse than anything I may had said to you. You couldn’t leave it without trying to get the last word in, which accomplished making me an enemy for life. Hoping you are happy now.

      6. Phil Huston

        This appears to be a case of 1) someone looking for an argument that isn’t there, and 2) poor perception accompanied by an obvious case of if the shoe fits. Anyone engaged on the web in such a way is a retard, including myself in that frame. Anyone with your class of animosity and the ability to read intent where there is one is no loss as a friend, or otherwise. Jeez, man, who pissed in your post toasties? You chose to insert yourself in a conversation in a confrontational manner, full of insinuation and assumption of your superior ethic which I chose to call out as such. If you read “you’re a retard” into that, whew, seek professional help. There is no “last word” simply a compliment and a bit of advice about, read this very carefully so as not to misconstrue, keep your fucking nose and opinions and assumptions based on ignorance out of other people’s communications unless you are invited. Opinions, my non friend, are like assholes. Everybody has one. Some people are one. Nobody needs to share. I await your misinterpretation of that, at your leisure. Or not. Your call.
        Hey ST. This is as good as politics and religion!

      7. Sha'Tara Post author

        Can we let it go now, Phil? Personally I’m still in that “place” where I felt/sensed the vision from the Teacher and I need to focus on that last warning re: the road that leads to life, “Be sure to remain on it.” I feel I’m being tested.

      8. Phil Huston

        Indeed. And indeed. I wonder, though, when I dream of that million dollar invention, if there’s a market out there that would support a product like chapstick for the behind. You know, for when they get all chapped and raw? The applicator is already perfect, however one would need to not confuse them…because, like ommaGAWD, right?

      9. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thank you rg. I made a sort of reply that I hope will calm the waters and all will be well aboard our little WordPress canoe… 🙂

      10. rawgod

        Sorry, S’T, but while you were writing this, PH added a little something I will not accept from anyone–espevially a self-professed professional writer. He obviously likes the word, he used it is another comment to you, so he is intentionally out to start something. I won’t give him that pleasure, but I will never speak to jim again, no matter he be a whatever he thinks he is.

      11. Sha'Tara Post author

        I fully understand that. Thanks for not making me feel like I’m in the middle of something I had no intent to create. Damn those “egos” all to hell!!!

      12. rawgod

        Sorry, Sha’Tara, but I will be taking a sabbatical from your blog for awhile, nothing to do with you.

      13. rawgod

        Hey, S’T, do you remember your re-blog on FGM you did awhile ago? I cannot find it. I should have reblogged it then, but did not for what were stupid reasons. Can you remember the name, or where you got it from? I want to reblog it now to go along with the two posts from Reality Decoded, thanks for leading me there.

      14. Sha'Tara Post author

        It’s got to be in my dog’s breakfast of a blog… I’ll try to trace it – I usually keep an email file on all my posts and reblogs to Burning Woman. If you remember any keywords you may want to try a search there yourself. I’ll check my email files.

      15. rawgod

        By the way, do you have more than I blog? While going through your posts today I saw a whole lot of titles that Word Press did not send my way. And you aren’t the only one. I’m signed up as following, but only some posts are being sent. Very peculiar.

      16. Sha'Tara Post author

        No, just the one blog. I don’t understand that at all. BTW, I’ve gone through my entire email file list for 2018 for Burning Woman and didn’t find any reference to the issue you mention. Yet seems to me there was. I wonder if it is “buried” in an article dealing primarily with another issue…

      17. Sha'Tara Post author

        I got an idea, something I’ve had to do periodically with the same problem, now that I remember. I “unfollow” then I “follow” again, thus resetting to default. I notice that if I “unsubscribe” from comments on some blogs, then it’s either nothing shows up on email, or only some posts do. Try starting from scratch. Unfortunately that won’t give you the missing posts.

      18. rawgod

        You did a reblog, and I know I commented on it.
        Well, thank you for looking. I should have done the reblog then. Though now is the time I need it.

      19. Sha'Tara Post author

        Easy on rg there, Phil, we’re all on friendly terms here (well except for the politics which I’m trying hard to stay out of). Also this is a blog and as such, public, so anyone has an open invitation to put in their two-bits. I take advice from everybody until I have time to pick and choose which works best for me. I like the advice you give me. Others probably benefit from it also. rg was giving his own opinion of how he experienced “Dialogue.” It isn’t a polished piece, I know that. For me it is a powerful statement of my state of mind last night. The writing style is secondary to the message – yes I know you did acknowledge it by alluding to the gospel of Luke (my favourite gospel by the way) and for a lame excuse, I wrote it out after some moments of deep meditation, quite late and my mind was filled with the impact of the vision, not with English grammar. All that said and done, I must say ‘thank you’ for taking the trouble to remind me to ride on the syntax track, not beside it. You should have been a professor – or maybe you were?

      20. Phil Huston

        Ah, no. I was a prophet, though, believe that. Not in the biblical sense but the definition. I don;t do internet arguments because even if you “win” you’re still a retard for being involved.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Can’t argue with you there, Phil and thanks for the reminder. Although I’m “leery” of mechanical writing that is more suited to assembling instructions for a crib from IKEA and I like the poetic nuances of pauses and repetitions, perhaps in some cases, depending on mood and inspiration, a Luke-like parable axe is better than “The Highwayman came riding… riding… riding…”

      1. Phil Huston

        Poetry is language, not tags. Mary Shelley managed desolation and isolation with story telling, not 19th Century idiomatic stylings. You know what I mean. If it needs a non involved breath, write one into it. Said is fine, occasionally required. Asked and replied are ALWAYS redundant. Like from the school of redundancy school. I mean really, walk up to the butcher and say “Do you have any fajita chicken I ask you?” Maybe doing a non native speaker dialogue. “Hey! To you I ask are you blind or stupid or maybe only both when you walk in front of fast skating girl and not look?”

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes, I realize. Did I ever tell you that English is my second language and that in my one and only first year of college, called “Grade 13” at the time here, I ended up with a failed grade in English: I managed a 37% – that was my last attempt at trying to work my way through academia. So, coming from the French writing style (from reading the classics, not modern stuff) I ended up translating French into a very personal style of English which was anything but prosaic. You could have grown exotic flowers in my writing. When I accidentally come across old high school stories and poems of mine, after some serious cringing I happily send them to the recycling can. Sadly the habit of colouring my writing has not magically disappeared, no matter how many hundreds of hard sci-fi novels I’ve read… in English! N’importe, ç’a vas toujours. On se comprend, oui?

      3. Phil Huston

        “Colour” is the gift most extraordinaire no? Sa seule la connerie péripérale qui doit aller, oui?
        Google did that for me. Close enough for jazz, no?

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        I think Google needs some serious remedial French lessons. I’m curious to see the original in English, I can’t make this out. “Conneries” is a nasty word, I’m surprised Google uses it.

      5. Phil Huston

        It was supposed to be something like it’s the peripheral bull poop that needs go. Google is far more tasteless than even I. But Elmore Leonard once said don’t let what your mother will think of your language interfere with dialogue. Color i# the beauty of words, it’s the rules and the norms that get in the way, no?

  2. Woebegone but Hopeful

    That was beautiful. Like soft wind through long grasses by the sea. Messages on the breeze brushing against everything in their path, never stopped

      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        My pleasure!
        Just came to me reading your words. And those words flowed out as a result
        (Will be catching up on your ‘book’ you sent me, hopefully in the next few days…been heavily into a re-read of Vol II, for typos, syntax punctuation etc)

  3. Hyperion

    Wow! I enjoyed the conversation with the teacher. The conversation afterward was unexpected, but one learns best from differences in point of view.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Hype. Yes, the detour was unexpected, I totally didn’t see the “Construction Ahead” sign. 😉

      1. Hyperion

        The ocassional Belly Bucking and nose tweaking is good for the grammar. Eyeball poking is a little much but it does happen with dialog tags felt passionately. Since I’ve become a regular net inhabitant, I can no longer shoot tresspassers and feral grumpkins that trample my adverbs and root up my carefully planted grammatical mistakes. I’ve just let everything go back to nature and welcome all flora and fauna to enjoy what they will.

      2. Hyperion

        It’s all good. I enjoyed Dialogue with a Teacher and the lesson, especially the last line was something that will stay with me, even get passed on to the grandkids. I thank you for that.

      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for the comment and “approval” Daniel. Methinks we will need more of that straight and narrow in the days to come.

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