A Short Walk in a Denied Reality

[thoughts from ~burning woman~ ]

Billions of mind slaves are daily driven to do “stuff” no normal person would even think of thinking about or doing. These slaves are whipped along their self-destruct path by a tiny bunch of psychopaths who have arbitrarily placed themselves in charge of the planet and declared that all of it belongs to them. It’s always been that way but it seems to us the more obvious today. Yet this untenable situation is not just tolerated, but the majority actually approves and quite often cheers on their predators.

Being, in my own estimation at least, reasonably intelligent, such a fact forces me to ask, “Why?” Why do people put up with this deadly charade? Why do they allow the psychos to eat them alive while destroying the only world they, and their children, have to survive on? Why can’t they collectively say, “Enough!” without having to wait until they’re all starving to death, or dying of various preventable plagues to plunge into pointless bloody revolutions?

Every question is based on an answer, not the other way around. So taught the Teachers. When I ask “Why?” I don’t expect to hear an answer, I expect to find one depending on how I ask the question. It’s like pointing a rifle at a target. The rifle isn’t going to find and lock on the target, I have to do that first. The target is the answer I’m shooting for.

Why are people so dummied-down and collectively stupid as to accept being their own worse enemies? I asked and replied to myself, over the years, “Think!” The answer was rather obvious: propaganda. Official lies is another name for it.

Which begs another “Why.” Why does propaganda work? That was a bit more complex. Well, people are predisposed to accept the propaganda and to reject any other idea that doesn’t fit into the official lie. That’s the basis for the success of brain dead organized religion, the deception of government (in any guise) and the banditry of banking.

Which brings up the next “Why?” Why are people predisposed to lean favorably to official lies and reject common sense? The answer to this third and last “Why?” is where people go running for the hills, their collective ears solidly plugged with any substance found so they won’t have to hear.

The answer is as simple as it is unacceptable to the rank and file: programming. How to put this simply?

Basic foundational question: What is an Earthian, that *ISSA creature that insists on calling itself “human” when it can’t even demonstrate a humane life; that creature that revels in gratuitous violence? It is not a natural creature and it’s lifestyle proves it beyond any shadow of doubt. It is totally dependent upon its life-sucking systems to remain alive – and that is no contradiction: being alive does not necessarily mean being alive.

Take away all of the “benefits” or “advantages” of civilization this very day then come back in a year to count the ones still alive and functioning as normal, natural creatures.

The Earthian creature is a cloned and programmed entity, designed as a slave to serve masters. It can’t help itself. If it breaks free of one master it will seek another and begin serving again. It cannot imagine itself as a free and autonomous creature. In fact it resents the thought of real freedom because that entails taking full responsibility for all aspects of its own life without relying upon social support systems.  Wild animals can do this because they have more free intelligence than Earthians hence why Earthians are programmed to kill off the wilderness: nature is always a threat to Cyborgs.

Being unnatural, it cannot comprehend nature so must rely on its masters for its survival and knowledge. This is where it get truly touchy. The creature is “endowed” with a wonderful thing it calls a soul. Even among atheists the concept of “soul” keeps its validity. It is variously thought of, or spoken of, as some natural aspect of the creature or a gift of the gods, or God; the repository of consciousness or mind.

All of which is of course total BS – in capital letters.

The real story?  The soul was designed as a controlling implant. It is used to motivate and to generate and maintain an endless array of repetitive and cycling belief systems within the implanted ISSA creature. It is programmed to keep the creature believing in “something” (basically anything at all) that is always superior to itself, something that holds the carrot and the stick. The foremost of soul laws are: obey and never question. The ever-present hope is that through obedience one receives the carrot and not the stick. When the creature sees others getting the stick it doesn’t hear their cries; it hears the propaganda that says, “Hey, they deserve what they’re getting, they are disobedient.” The nature of that “disobedience” is not questioned. Or they hear the other line: “They are the enemy and must be subdued or they will come “here” and take what you have.” If it wasn’t pure programming control, how many would fall for those inanely simplistic explanations that condone theft, mass murder and genocide?

Some say, I don’t believe in the soul like that’s supposed to be an answer. Not believing makes it go away? Closing your eyes to danger makes the danger go away? Billions of Earthians are crowding the world with their heads solidly stuck in the sands of denial hoping that denial will make the bad go away. Billions have their minds hacked on a daily basis, filled with dis-mis-information, salivating when the soul message dings and passing social media lies with likes and hits and clicks blissfully unaware they are frantically contributing to their own demise.

Isn’t it time to wake up to reality? Isn’t it time to realize if something has never worked it isn’t about to miraculously start working just because we are approaching dire straits? Protests, wars, revolutions, changing of the political guard: none of that is going to resolve our current dilemma because it never has.

Time for something truly new, like new thinking; like a new idea?

*ISSA being: an intelligent, sentient, self aware person.

31 thoughts on “A Short Walk in a Denied Reality

      1. mcaimbeul

        Indeed, I always enjoy your thoughts. My doctorate is in esoteric belief systems so they’re right up my alley so to speak.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes, such a doctorate would definitely help you relate… even if I never think of my thoughts as esoteric, just not popular, hah!

  1. sherazade

    Tempo fa – successe realmente – che un pastore perdesse centinaia di pecore spinte e stracellate in un burrone soltanto da un cane impazzito.
    Apatia, mancanza di orizzonti, incapacità di organizzarsi, soprattutto mancanza di cultura portano a quel degrado morale e vitale in cui ci troviamo.
    shera 🌷

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      It seems, Shera, that the majority has chosen, probably subconsciously, to let itself slip into total dependency upon support systems and subsequent decadence.

      This is the way the world ends,
      not with a bang but a whimper

      TS Eliot, The Hollow Men

      Sembra, Shera, che la maggioranza abbia scelto, probabilmente nel subconscio, di lasciarsi scivolare nella totale dipendenza dai sistemi di supporto e dalla conseguente decadenza.

      Questo è il modo in cui il mondo finisce,
      non con un botto ma un piagnucolio

      TS Eliot, The Hollow Men

  2. Hyperion

    There is a lot to think about here. My work with isolated tribal persons points to what happens when there is zero formal education or wide scope experience with dense civilization. The truth is each individual becomes less self aware and more self sacrificing. It is essential to survival to have the group’s acceptance and to fill a rigidly prescribed role. We might say they live in ignorance like savages, but they are far more happy in their lives because they master life as early as 12 years old and build experential learning on a finite number of life supporting tasks as they age. Some tribes that were more easily contacted and subjected to influence from civilized society disintegrate rapidly into dependent poverty. It’s a touchy situation but from my observations of people who are not exposed to high level thinking and their life is consumed in survival tasks and ritual remain happy and well adjusted within their group. Another observation was if the group gets too large it devolves into more stressful existence because of strain on resources and a lack of identity in the selfless service acceptance role. In otherwords, gaining acceptance becomes difficult as the potential for being recognized for contribution to the group diminishes. This isn’t a well founded sociologist theory, it’s just my observation because I was able to observe the mechanics of how simple nature based groups operate. It isn’t a rule for all insular groups, just in those I observed. These people can even seem cruel but they are wholly natural in their actions and motivated by the same basic senses and emotions that people are motivated by in dense populations. This is why I think in many cases people accept their lot in life and however mislead, they tend to continue on with whatever gets them through the day. The depopulation of Europe due to pandemics and war actually led to a restart of society and gave birth to the golden age of art and discovery before entering the next phase of wars and growth of government power as crowding began anew. My thoughts on individualistic existence is a powerful draw for me. I see myself mentally insular but physically, I’m not likely going to move to an isolated nature area. In this case, I live freely in my mind, but I still live among those who feel less free and only sustain their status quo. Perhaps what we see is our true nature when subjected to the stress of crowding and meaningless competition for resources and seemingly random means of success when success is also meaningless.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I read and re-read your comment and I agree with you. While small survival tribal groups seem to find fulfillment in their simple lives, the opposite is glaringly obvious among the citified technology-saturated crowded billions.

      1. Hyperion

        I think you hit it dead center. The crowded dysfunctional metropolis life is anything but simple and fulfilling. We’re always in overload while piling more on the plate.

  3. Regis Auffray

    As ever, you make much sense. Now, I am even more depressed. I am doing nothing. I thought I was born to live in this place. I do not want responsibilities. I did not ask for them. I did not ask to be born here. I guess I just don’t get it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Régis. Sorry you feel depressed and that my expressed thoughts added to your burden – not my intention. When I point out problems in the Earthian social order or explain why an end is decreed, in this case the end of Earthian civilization, I don’t just smugly go away. There are still choices, there are always choices, right to the very end. If someone says to me, ‘I am doing nothing’ then that is an admission and recognition that there is something to be done! What that is, is dependent upon each individual’s situation. Certainly change is mandated and action called for in these times. Even saying, “I choose to not give a s**t” is a choice, a totally legitimate choice. If that is what the majority chooses then no one has any right to deny them their choice. I can observe the results of such a choice – and it is the main collective choice at this time – and I can express how I see the consequences of such choice acting upon the collective whole – in this case, how it is bringing it down. There is no arm twisting involved here, just suggestions for those individuals who may choose to change their “I don’t give a s**t” to “I choose to change the way I look at things.” You will find that throughout my dystopian views of man’s future there is a key for those who would seek a better way. That key, which is certainly hanging in plain sight of anyone reading this blog is compassion. It’s the only thing powerful enough to enable us, as individuals, not as groups, to awaken from the nightmare of an imploding civilization and that new path that will not lead one back into the traps of the Matrix. This key and how I try to explain its working is what I inwardly call my “stupid talk.”

      1. equinoxio21

        I saw the original “shooting of the experiment. Dr Cashman our behavioral sciences teacher in Grad school showed it to us in one class. 16mm and all. Impressive. 🙂

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        When I first saw the movie, it scared and sickened me because I realized the same program of psychopathy and slavish obedience runs in all of us although we try to hide it with a veneer of so-called civilization. Case in point, anyone who supports or cheers for war has already demonstrated their psychopathy publicly.

      3. equinoxio21

        Agreed. Though… understanding the mechanisms of submission to authority (the distance between the order and the execution, the symbols of power, e.g. the white lab coat, etc.) makes it easier to identify. And resist.
        Bon week-end mon amie.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes, of course, but the “they” do not want to sheeple to ever realize the kind of people who seek to enter the “security” services such as police, military, border patrol or any official job that means packing a gun, i.e., automatic authority over any citizen.

    1. madraallta

      there is another one called the stanford prison experiment that was so horrible in the end results that it ended prematurely. The people acting as prison guards became very brutal. they filled the role and enjoyed the pain they inflicted on the prisoners. They liked their role of jailer to a helpless victim. Evil resides in all of us. it depends on our choices and actions as to if it emerges and takes control of us or if it makes us embrace that evil side or resist it. that is a universal effect of the human heart and mind. It is the greatest of challenges to not embrace our dark side. That is just my two cents.

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes, I’ve also watched the movie they made of this. My conclusion is always the same: we are not what we believe we are but products of a controlling Matrix. Propaganda works not because of how it is presented but simply because it taps directly into the programming, by-passing normal human intelligence, common sense and empathy. Now then, how to get 7 billion individuals to recognize this and do something about it?

      2. equinoxio21

        Thank you for your two cents. I actually experimented that in the Army. I got a week’s arrest for questioning the Captain. So I would do my day’s work, have dinner and report to the camp’s jail at 8PM. The guys on watch were my friends. One or the other company. But the minute they locked my cell door, I became “a prisoner.” Treated as such. Then at 6AM, the next watch would open the cell, and I’d be the Corporal again. 😉
        I believe it has to do with cognitive dissonance in a way. If I got a week’s arrest (no access to the reason) I must have done something wrong. So the wardens act accordingly.
        Thanks for your two cents.

      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        We know we are born with this sadistic nature. Some use it very early on in life, others consciously or subconsciously control it or hide it well, yet it is never far away. No one should be surprised at this by now, surely. The question to ask is simply, “Why?” Why do we have this nature and how could it possibly be a product of natural evolution? That is one of the main reasons I nave never bought into the theory of evolution. Adaptation, sure, but never evolution. Back to the question of psychopathy: how many people, I wonder, are actively exploring this sickness within themselves and doing something to eradicate it from their mind/heart???

  4. madraallta

    i found this quote from the scientists that did the Stanford Prison Experiment fit my comments above very well. stated better then i could for sure.

    “How we went about testing these questions and what we found may astound you. Our planned two-week investigation into the psychology of prison life had to be ended after only six days because of what the situation was doing to the college students who participated. In only a few days, our guards became sadistic and our prisoners became depressed and showed signs of extreme stress. Please read the story of what happened and what it tells us about the nature of human nature.”


    –Professor Philip G. Zimbardo

  5. gserpent

    Our minds are infants. Yes we were created as slaves and the programming to obey is there. But I have been wondering for quite some time how the cataclysm of Tiamat broke us. I mean it literally broke the human race. At a time when we, this new human creation, were just days old, the world was destroyed. I try to see it like if a toddler or baby survived armageddon by themselves, how would this child grow up. I think we chase one master after another because our minds as a race are broken. We are scared. A post traumatic stress disorder if I may. If we bring an animal home that was saved from being abused or from a war torn area, the animal may seem to get better but things will trigger it. It will never be the same as it was before. It will look for comfort in anyone who seems to want to take care of it. Because of the the true history of this world humans look to be taken care of and look for comfort. We are fragmented and the majority do not know how to put the pieces back together. They want someone or something to put it together for them.
    Just a thought.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I too believe that to be totally accurate as to describe the Earthian mindset; that desperate need to be accepted by someone, something, to belong, to be loved, to be cared for ultimately. As Tiamat was fragmented, so was it’s human race and others on it. A deep and abiding fear was born within the survivors of the impact. Would the current descendants give that scenario some credibility they would be empowered to better understand themselves and come to terms with their self-destructive behaviour as a species.


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