Antierra Manifesto – blog post #30

[begin blog post #30]

“May I continue with this story Doctor?”

The Doctor’s response is affirmative, even eager:  “I am certainly intrigued, Antierra.  Do continue.”

“According to Altarian research in the matter, and something I can vouch to be true from personal experience, when an ISSA dies, it vanishes, disappears, and there is no contact with those who remain in the vacated dimension.  Death is the process that separates the mind from the body and sends it automatically and without recourse into another dimension.  Few have ever been able to cross that barrier and contact the “dearly departed” and even when that has been claimed, the likelihood of the contactee being in fact the real “dead” person sought is astronomically small – perhaps nonexistent.  As an incarnate on Túat Har I have experimented with the process of contact with the so-called spirit of the dead.   I have made myself available to this experience but never have I been successfully contacted though I have been aware of such attempts being made by “someone” or “something” not of the current dimension I was in.

“To give an example. The psychic mind probe on astral travel seeking dear aunt Julie is wide open to spirit entities who sense the expectations found in the probe and can easily mimic the images.  Aunt Julie shows up, looks right, and says all the right things to the psychic who in turn relays them to the paying client.  But there is no Aunt Julie.  No secrets are shared.  The hidden cache of bonds or gold is not revealed.  Platitudes are exchanged.  Nothing more than expensive and time-wasting navel lint gathering, in my opinion.

“The only thing that is likely to happen is the essentially evil entity attaches itself to the psychic probe and, as a jump scout shuttle attached to a destroyer being “sheared” across a dimensional barrier makes the jump with it, the spirit entity jumps back into the psychic’s dimension and joins the growing host of ghosts, demons, spirits and other disembodied entities who haunt these worlds and seek bodies to inhabit and control.  These are not Avatari who can manifest material bodies from thought; these are failed lives driven by selfish and depraved desires.  Some of the more powerful of these failed lives manage to inveigle themselves into the minds of leaders, teachers, philosophers and engineers on various worlds…”

The doctor interrupts at that point to set me back on track.  “You were going to explain the small space ships we found free-floating in our space.”

“I am sorry to take such a round-about way to get there but yes doctor, I haven’t forgotten your initial question. 

“During the Melkiar invasions (there were a series of them) the USC lost thousands of their ‘jump scout’ crafts which they sent in convoy formations to attack the Melkiar ships.  When the Melkiars broke up a convoy and disabled some of the ships, they “fumigated” (killed all biological life on board) the captured ships and propelled these across various dimensions, not destroying them but saving them for some future and still unknown reason, perhaps simply because they were no longer a threat to them and they considered these crafts as having been liberated from their biological controllers and could now go on their merry way through infinite space, as relatives of the Melkiars, or as their children?

“Obviously some of those crafts were “pushed” into this dimension, where you found some free-floating in deep space and which Koron eventually appropriated to its own purposes to further its development of interplanetary space flight abilities, I presume?”

He nods affirmatively and smiles. 

“To make this part of the story more understandable, I’d like to explain about the USC’s propulsion system that can take physical objects across dimensional barriers.  The future of human survival, even on these stack or relative worlds, may depend on greater awareness of this process and consequences of its growing usage.”

“I’m much interested in that.  Please continue.”

“In one of those sorties, a wolf pack of thirty USC war craft engaged a Melkiar main ship who had just translated.  After a violent battle that claimed twelve USC crafts and all aboard, the remaining attackers were able to penetrate the Melkiar force-fields and disable their craft.  In a coup that will likely remain as the great heroic deeds of those wars, the USC troopers boarded the main ship destroying the Melkiars who became helpless when the central computer was blasted with controlled charges of singularity grenades.  The captured ship was taken back to a Federation space port and USC’s finest engineers were put to work on it to discover its drive properties, particularly their ability to just appear and disappear in colourful displays of lights resembling aurora borealis.  The question had always been: “Where do they come from and how do they just disappear without trace?”

“There were those who were convinced that Melkiar ships were able to “fold space.”  The now-famous Paul Shearing, a Leptan physicist who lived his entire life doing research and experimentation in low or zero-g space stations, was called in to study the Melkiar ship.

“Shearing, whose mind it is said functions more like an AI than a human, was able to identify the drive mechanism that caused these ships to vanish and reappear at will.  He experimented with smaller versions of that drive on a UTW craft, using insects and small animals to test his theory that no biological life would survive the “dimensional warping” effect of the drive.  He was correct.  All biology aboard the craft terminated.  After much additional research and re-design he was able to create a new drive as effective as that of the Melkiars but whose effects did not kill the biological occupants of the craft.

Pieta Olnava, a researcher-engineer in parallel worlds theory, a reincarnate who had been a political/religious prisoner killed in a prison camp in Túat Har’s North-East Coalition and partner in a triune marriage with Shearing, offered to take a test drive of the redesigned drive.  She successfully crossed a dimensional barrier in her small craft and returned it to its exact departure point. 

“The Shearing drive was perfected by the Shearing team, Paul, Olnava and Associates.   At first it was installed only on the larger UTW ships.  Great ovoid vessels called space arks were built and designed to accommodate a single gigantic Shearing drive mounted on their underside.  The vessels were sized to house tens of thousands of humans and entire cross-sections of lifeforms from worlds under attack, these remnants to be scattered throughout the then unknown space, hoping that some would escape the Melkiar devastation.

“Behemoth class warships of the USC were equipped with dual Shearing drives and auxiliary standard fusion drives and sent through dimensional barriers to intercept Melkiar ships, blowing them to smithereens when they announced their arrival with their typical light show.

“But that was still not enough to turn the tide.  The huge attached drives were cumbersome and useless in combat.  When not actually active, they were a drag upon auxiliary power systems.  Also they required maintenance which these ships’ crews could not perform under almost constant battle conditions.  If they were damaged in combat, the ships became sitting ducks to Melkiar attacks.

“Then came the revolution that would change the course of the greater galactic human movement.  The Shearing group invented a detachable drive with an x-ram configuration that would engage the ship and boost it into required velocity for the “shear effect” to take place.  Once the shear accomplished the ram pulled away to await the return of its ship, or any vessel equipped to accommodate the detachable x-ram drive.  These automated drives were also equipped with a devastating auto-defense system that would vaporize any unauthorized traffic, including unmanned missiles, entering its scanning field in over a hundred thousand kilometer radius.  Detached, the drives settled into preordained tight orbits around space station, moon, asteroid or whatever world to which it arrived, thus adding their awesome fire-power to the defense perimeter.  Once a ship had been propelled across the barrier it used its dual rear mounted standard fusion auxiliaries to function in physical (normal) space.  These are the same basic drives your “desert ship” is likely using.

“X-ram Shearing drives were installed and controlled by the USC in critical positions within any dimension the USC and UTW federations had ships, ready to propel crippled, retreating or returning ships to their home worlds or send new waves of destroyers and the behemoth planet crushers against the invaders.  Thus were the Melkiars defeated and the wars ended.

“That the Melkiars never caught on to what had happened says much about their computer mindset.  They were incapable of meeting new threats with instant decision-making.  They needed home-based direction.  They could not evolve or adapt to meet changing circumstances.  They could only increase their current efficiency linearly, as any computer does.  They could not alter the basic programming, could not evolve.  When the humans developed a superior drive, the Melkiars were defeated.  Another aspect of their faulty programming: it did not make allowances for retreat or surrender.  Once outmaneuvered or outmatched they could only stand, fight and be destroyed.

[end blog post #30]

16 thoughts on “Antierra Manifesto – blog post #30

  1. Hyperion

    This part sent my nerdy boy self into spasms of technological delight. Antierra is definitely a threat to the Malefactus Patriarchy. Not only can she out fight them, she is way ahead intellectually too. As the Melkiars were defeated, so will the Patriarchy of Malefactus, if that is the goal. Naval lint extraction with metal chopsticks is loads of fun when the weather is too bad to go outside, but I find folding space across dimensions a much more worthy endeavor.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Comparatively speaking, the Melkiars, despite their hugely superior technology were much easier to defeat than is (will be!) the Patriarchy. The Melkiars were essentially robotic cross-dimensional uniquely programmed invaders rather than predators. They were destroyers who once their prey destroyed, moved on. The Patriarchy is (was-will be) the Melkiars creator and to my knowledge it infects the entire universe. It is an anti-life power that originated with the appearance of the Time Lords. The Patriarchy is he ultimate Establishment from which emerged the three standard enslaving concept we currently live under: religion, politics and money (banksterism, capitalism, corporatism). When people like Antierra, Al’Tara and “myself” (in much lesser terms!) speak of change and solutions we are not talking about the destruction or elimination of the lesser powers of organized religion, the state or the institution of money. We are looking at the source from which these controlling evils emanate and it is that source we know we must contend with and defeat. Earth is a hot spot of conflict between forces vying for supreme control, but it is only one of an uncountable number. The pseudo-humans of Earth are no contest to their controlling evils since they remain programmed, docile or easily subdued. There are true, much more advanced, humans however that are giving the Time Lords a very bad time. That’s what’s behind the curtain.

      1. Hyperion

        This is an amazing and relatable story. I sense the teaching it conveys. Although, in many cases, I know only what you have written and it will take a little time to fully understand because, like the doctor, my earthian environment has had its effect on me.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Even in the most dire or impossible of conditions, people prefer to think of their world as essentially safe, good, comfortable, and basically operating as it should. This is why anthropological climate change, for example, is not getting the attention that is needed to prevent massive ecological damage and near extinction of the Man species. The people don’t want to take responsibility for who they are and what they have done. If a fix is needed they expect that some sort of inevitable miraculous or technological intervention is going to happen. If such intervention isn’t in the offing then obviously the problem isn’t serious. I don’t know what the word is for that kind of reasoning but it is certainly certifiably insane. As they say however, in an insane world, insanity is the normal.

      3. Hyperion

        I think denial, transferance, and rationalization are the mode of the day. We’ve added bold lying to ourselves as a wonderful coping mechanism. Extinctions are a fine way to make big changes. Pandemics work as well. I hate that we have to go through that but it seems the only way to return a little focus to our collective existence.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        …and I think you are right. If we but scan our history we see how it was massive disasters that brought on the greater positive changes. This world of man has been rocked to sleep and it’s going to take an earthquake for it to awaken. Of course to awaken in the middle of a quake doesn’t give much of a chance to make drastic changes: they are made for you or you are dead.

      5. Hyperion

        This is one of the undeniable truths of our existence. I like to think of Pompei as an example because of the people’s mindset of the time. We are now able to see the immediate collapse of life in great detail from natural disaster that was obvious long in advance. But, they were more comfortable in the outcome of their belief system than the facts of nature. Now their bodies are frozen in plaster casts where they fell. Those few that fled and survived were left forever changed.

      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        Ah yes, Pompeï. Pseudo history claims that the people joked about the volcano’s plume and used it as their weather vane.

      7. Hyperion

        I can imagine that happening. I’ve followed along with all of the Nat Geo articles on the discoveries in Pompei since the 60’s. Recently, an archeologist was able to use names found in records and engravings at Pompei to trace the population movements south away from Vesuvius. The Romans kept good records that survived across time and using a computer model, was able to match records to specific individuals that survived and continued to thrive with long family lines. Interesting stuff.

  2. Woebegone but Hopeful

    An interesting commentary on the flexibility of the living mind over the AI mind. You’ve captured the nature of the debate which has been going on for some years now in a very colourful and enthralling allegory

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you Roger. This “proves” that my years of tutelage under the Altarian teachers were not wasted and they were eminently real. Altaria, as I have mentioned before, is a hidden world that was physically moved out of this universe into a place we call the Nexus where it remains outside the controlling influence of those we call the “Time Lords” who invented time as a control mechanism, controlling motion in space much as banking controls the flow of money. “We” still believe that the Melkiar invaders were inventions and “children” of the Time Lords, as we believe that the Time Lords effectively control most of this universe. “We” also believe the Time Lords imposed the patriarchy upon sentient worlds and that both it, and the TL’s, are nearing the end of their own “time” if you will. However the caveat here is that “near” could mean thousands of years or it could happen quite suddenly. I was taught to understand the greater universal movements by being a keen observer of the happenings on Earth: as below, so above! I therefore understand that man’s current patriarchal civilization is a product of Time Lord investment in the affairs of this world.

      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Whereas I can’t agree in the detail I can appreciate and respect the overall context and perspective.
        To steal a few lines from Hamlet:
        “There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, / Than are dreamt of in your philosophy”

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks Roger. I never ask, nor expect, anyone to agree with me on the things which only by following a similar path as the one I have chosen, can make any sense. However, I do like to point out when what I know, and what I find being revealed by another keen mind, seem to dovetail, however temporarily. That has nothing to do with being “right” but with the miracle of symbiosis, if I may use that term in this context.

      3. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Good point Sha’ Tara.
        When I used to engage in trying to be reasonable on an Amazon ‘forum’ (aka scream & shout site) on religion I used to just ‘love’ the ones which started off with ‘You are wrong’
        In a Cosmos 14 billion years old and at least 50 billion light years across (sort of) and who know who many other levels of reality someone can say in all innocent certainty ‘You are wrong?’….. Frib, but there were some limited folk there (on all sides of the argument)

  3. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Sorry for the delay (y’know me, drifting off into another dimension). They can have their space, just don’t intrude on mine.


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