Traveling in Space, an Essay

[thoughts from ~burning woman~ by Sha’Tara]

Quote: “To travel in space you must leave the old verbal garbage behind: God talk, country talk, mother talk, love talk, party talk. You must learn to exist with no religion, no country, no allies. You must learn to live alone in silence. Anyone who prays in space is not there.” — William S. Burroughs

Perhaps one of the hardest “lessons” for the Avatar to learn is to proceed as if one were utterly alone in space; in the universe; in the Cosmos. To cut off all ties with all the known, to refuse any thought of neediness. To realize and accept how absolutely necessary it is to never open one’s thoughts to, or ever utter a single word of, any sort of prayer.

That is what it means, primarily, for me to be self empowered. Of course the argument immediately turns to the fact that my life is circumscribed by all the things needed to make that life possible. Yes, those things are there indeed. But the Avatar knows that they are not there to make her life possible, but to surround her with chains and to eat her flesh, then her mind. That is what it means to live in a predatory system.

That does not invalidate the earlier claim that I must not allow a word or thought to express neediness. That is done by refusing to enter any debate, support for, or defense of, any system purporting to be “for” me. To believe that a religious, state or financial system is there for me is akin to the steer milling about in the loafing barn believing that the agri-business that owns it is there for its survival and long life. An Avatar must be a bit smarter than that. To know how the System operates and what it uses as fuel is certainly the beginning of wisdom.

I am free to discuss with anyone the state of the economy, or regime changes and resource wars; to commiserate over on-going genocides and people’s fears over their particular nation’s political trends or the death of a friend or happiness over a planned trip or wedding or birth of a child. In all of that I must remember that I am no longer a part of it; that whether it impacts large numbers or one individual it does not affect me in “that” way. I must remember to remain emotionally detached from these issues with the understanding that if it turn out to be a problem, when it approaches me; comes home to roost, I am expendable in the next step: providing what help I can muster for the losers, victims and survivors.

There is much (deliberately infused) misunderstanding about detachment. It is usually understood as a state of not caring. In fact it is the opposite: only a detached and self empowered individual can truly help another. When I approach someone in a detached state I am pure giving; the needy predator within is effectively shut-out. In a detached state I can see a need and know what has to happen to alleviate it. I know what my personal resources are and how best to apply them to the situation. Having learned not to express neediness, any other-than-myself “help” avenue is closed off. I take full responsibility for whatever I am about to commit myself to doing. For the Avatar that can translate as giving up everything, including one’s life. So be it because at that point it’s all about me, and I am in control of my own life.

Giving up one’s life in service of others: is that such a big deal? In a crisis where so many are losing out; where many poor are literally dying on the streets of the richest countries and richest cities, is it “extraordinary” for an individual to participate fully in becoming part of the downfall? The Avatar’s question is, why should my life be worth more, or be more precious to me, than his, hers, theirs’? People in general tend to talk up a good game about love. Everybody except me seems to be in love with love. But what does that translate as, when push comes to shove?

I’m sure if I lived in a theater of war and attendant atrocity I would see real examples of love expressed courageously by many. But as always, I would know that such examples, such efforts, are not usually motivated by a changed and permanent mindset but rather by circumstances. That’s the problem with love: it is dependent, weak, transient and exclusive.

The self empowered, detached, responsible Avatar eschews love as a too uncertain an emotion. To live as if one were already dead so as to function fearlessly the Avatar requires something much more reliable than an emotion. Enter compassion.

Again, as with detachment, there is much misunderstanding about the concept of compassion. Generally it is considered to be just one of a list of ‘virtues’ a person should exhibit, such as decency, love, caring, kindness, patience. Certainly nothing wrong with expressing such but honestly they have little holding power. A change of circumstance can drastically alter the response. This I have seen.

Compassion is never circumstance-dependent because it is entered into by self empowered personal choice. It is a personal commitment to a way of life and it is inclusive. It may well be what the Buddha had in mind before his teachings were hijacked into a religious enterprise, before it became “Buddhism” which, like any religious enterprise, possesses no power to change anyone’s mind. Compassion, before it can be claimed by anyone, must become the purpose of one’s entire life with the ultimate goal of the individual becoming pure compassion, however many aeons of time that may encompass.

To be compassionate is traveling in one’s own space, living alone in the silence of one’s sacred self-awareness, able to filter out the shallow and ever present ocean of socially-induced noise.

14 thoughts on “Traveling in Space, an Essay

  1. Hyperion

    We are in love with love and we see it everywhere, even where it doesn’t exist. Compassion? There is a rare bird we try our best to avoid. The last lines really grabbed my focus. I ask myself, where am I in that sojourn?


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Daniel. I’ve been slow replying due to other commitments. Earthians are easily seduced by feel-good concepts, love being at the top of the feel good propaganda list. As for compassion, if the concept is misunderstood, it too can fall in that same trap but then it isn’t compassion. I think that anyone who sincerely seeks the path of compassion can know what’s real, what’s fake.
      As for that last line, that’s for the individual to figure out his/her priority.

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      1. Hyperion

        No problem at all on the timing of replies. I always try to reply as promptly as I can but life gets in the way sometimes. I do believe kindness and compassion will save us before love will. I would like to see compassion extended to our natural world and all its Flora and Fauna. In this case we are ensuring our survival by ensuring nature’s well being.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Ah yes, such a good and important point: we do need to extend/express compassion to the natural order – it is what has, is and will continue, to keep us alive, not our politics, religions or technology. Leave nature to her own resources and take away everything else and many of us would survive. Do the opposite and none of us survive.

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      3. Hyperion

        I do believe nature is the great mother. Our synthesis of natural things used to sustain us are actually poisoning us. Not everything is bad but the grand scope of our direction away from nature except for commercial purpose has weakened us biologically leaving us ripe for mass die offs from hunger, thirst, desease, and acts of mass desperation such as the massive migrations that are taking place across the globe. The signs of weakening infrastructure are everywhere. But, we can count on the human spirit to endure where possible.


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        I think the citified, central heat/airconditioned and commuting lifestyle along with the growing array of “necessary” vaccinations and prescription meds has effectively destroyed most people’s immune system. I see the result of this all around me in an aging population, people in power scooters, wheeled walkers, leaning on shopping carts dragging oxygen bottles wheezing and coughing their way through box store aisles. And that’s just the people who should know better. Amazing what the propaganda of predatory capitalism has done to its consumer slaves.

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      5. Hyperion

        I honestly see our greatest enemy in that predatory capitalist profiteering that has developed psychological tools that lure us to our doom and we gladly flit into the flame.


      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        Man’s ability to enter deeper reasoning as regards his social systems and their consequences upon his species and the planet is deeply flawed. That, IMO is by design, but to understand that, or to accept the creature is pre-programmed necessitates the acceptance of a primary creator/cloner/inventor/designer, take your pick. I’ve spent a great deal of my philosophy delving in attempts to discover what lies behind man’s lack of deeper understanding. I came up with a few ideas which I’ve expressed in essays and stories. Many now accept the theory of a flaw in man’s ability to think clearly but most are still blaming the creature rather than considering there could be an actual active or living source that maintains this condition. You know yourself being a scientist/philosopher that if there is a problem no working solution can be arrived at unless the source of the problem is identified and dealt with. I had to test my theory within myself to discover that there is a solution; that the programming can be aborted – long story.

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      7. Hyperion

        I agree. From my work which is 100 percent objective, I am drowned out by people that interject false logic, anecdotal evidence, social engineering, and other traps that divert scientific truth into little more than fairy tales. I look at the atomic structure of the mind and back away to the molecular interaction, then bio systems and how they interact. Individualism evolves because there is no “clone” or 100% mirror image, even in identical twins there are many differences. But, the humsn machine is a very predictable entity because yhete is enough sameness that probability projections of any action of interest is highly accurate. Still there is a standard deviation and in that deviation is the vastness of human potential. Neuro-science is advancing in leaps and bounds but all science is hijacked to work for those in power or with wealth to shaoe an outcome of their choosing. I was taught to use root cause analysis and study tertiary effects of every outcome studied. That is no longer done for one simple reason. Time is money and no one wants to pay for the time to search origins or see the effects of any study. It is simply make it, sell it, watch for trouble. The human mind is the center of it all. Remove the brain and the being ceases to function. In that mind we are quickly discovering how it all works down to the atomic exchanges of ionic particles and packets of light energy. Some discoveries are startling and leave us wondering if religious ethics should be followed or ignored. No one likes being burnt at the stake for discovering the truth. Add to that the rampant corruption of science by egoists outright lying to gain fame and fortune and you have a very untrusting population because the science fact does not match the science fantasy the masses want to believe. In other words, its a damn mess out there. I’m working on things that would evolutionize how we live on this planet and those things will be household technologies in ten tears. Everyone will use it and few will understand it. All we have yo do is look at a 1950’s car and then my Car that is self driving. I put in the address I want anywhere in the US and the car will drive itself to that location. It will sense its surroundings and it knows the speed limits, weather and road conditions and adjusts as necessary. I still have to hold the steering wheel as a safety precaution and in some cases I may want to override and pass the car in front of me or take a side trip. So that exists today versus 1950. There is goid and bad that cones with this technology because for everything a machine does that leaves the human out of the loop, the human looses that ability because the mind tends to only focus on the learned traits and fades the things no longer needed. We can draw any conclusion we like from that. It doesnt matter the varacity of anything, we will believe what we want and truth or fact has nothing to do with it. My observation of the day. Tomorrow it will be sinething different so dont worry, I’ll be fine. 😁


      8. Sha'Tara Post author

        When I write of “end” I never mean termination of the species, I mean end of oppressive/predatory Systems and of course of those who profit from them or support them in some way or other. It’s happened before. We’re poised at the cusp of our own civilization’s downfall. As an “immortal” such an awareness does not cause me angst but as an empath (of sorts!) I feel for the coming victims of this massive change. With out intelligence we could have chosen to change the direction we are in but we did not and now it is too late to change our mind. The threshing machine is engaged and fueled up to keep going to the end.

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      9. Hyperion

        I think the reset of modern civilizations is going the way of the Aztecs and Inca’s. The great Zulu nation and the Zimbabwe people of the 1800’s waxed and waned as did the Romans. Yet we can still find people today with their bloodline reaching back to those historic civilizations. Truthfully, every civilization from the dawn of collective tribes have never been static, they rise and fall and rise again. It will happen. It wont be pleasant but it will reshape the human race and the rise to oblivion will begin again. I’m not really interested in participating but if it comes it comes and eventually, I’ll be forced to eat my neighbors. I better start making sure they are well fed.


  2. sloppy buddhist

    “A change of circumstance can drastically alter the response. This I have seen.”…

    …like any religious enterprise, possesses no power to change anyone’s mind …

    …able to filter out the shallow and ever present ocean of socially-induced noise…

    …thank you for your words Sha’Tara 🤓☺️ many smiles hedy



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