I’ll Forgive you, Eddie

(I do have a short story for the March Blog Battle “Dusk” but this isn’t it!  I was in a mood so I wrote this out tonight… go figure.)

Short Story – by Sha’Tara

I’ll forgive you Eddie, just as soon as you give me time to work this one out. I mean, the lying, the cheating, the way you’ve made me feel cheap in the eyes of our friends while boosting your bottomless pit of an ego and sucking the life out of me.

First, I have to go back over time and find that place, not in the photo album but in my memory, where I found myself truly “in love” with you; that place where I said “yes” when you asked me to marry you. But there is no such place, is there, Eddie. I said “yes” because I was pregnant and I’d call that duress, wouldn’t you?

How did you make me pregnant, Eddie? Do you remember your little trick at the Christmas party? Sammy told me how you put the date rape drug in my drink while I went to the ladies’ but years only later, Eddie. I remember the shock of discovering that bit of truth about you. Why did you stick around after that? Did you feel guilty, or was it the fear of being exposed by your own friends who knew what you’d done? Fear, wasn’t it. You felt obligated to marry me because it’s how we did things in those days.

Why did you stick around after our baby boy died of crib death Eddie? Was it because I brought in good money from my legal secretary job while also providing the house wife bit? So you had a comfortable place to live when your contruction jobs went soft? A safe base from which you could go out to bars, bowling alleys, race tracks and clubs to have fun, screw and gamble our money away? So you’d have someone to beat up when something pissed you off?

Hey, don’t make that face. Did you think I didn’t know about the affairs? You fucked my best friend Vivian and she finally admitted it because she felt guilty she said. But you Eddie, did you ever feel guilty? Does a rat ever feel guilt? No. It’s not in its nature, nor yours. You’re not just a rat Eddie, you’re a cockroach and I’ve been thinking that it’s time I did something serious about my pest problem. Time I returned the favour for that date rape drug thing, the beatings and my suspicion that little Alfred had help in his crib death.

You’re lying there on the floor beside the couch and wondering why you can hear what I’m saying to you but you can’t get up. It’s really quite simple: you’re having a heart attack. OK I’ll admit to having helped it along by playing with your prescriptions but you won’t be blabbing to anyone about that. That’s why I became a pharmacist after quitting the legal profession; this is so much more fun. There was no point seeking redress through legal channels, you’d eaten us out of house and home back when and even if you went to jail you’re the type that would just ooze through the bars to walk the streets again.

I’m sure you wondered why I invited you back into my life after all these years but you couldn’t resist a free B&B and you’d always considered me stupid, all evidence to the contrary. I have to thank you for accepting my invitation to come in out of the cold for old times sake. A softy, me, right? An easy mark, that’s me again. Oh you ignorant, vile, murderous imbecile, Eddie. I made it my life’s goal, after I got rid of you, to get even with you. No, not exactly even, just one step further. I felt I owed you that much.

What’s that you’re saying? You want me to call an ambulance? Oh but I will, I promise. That’s all part of the plan. I just want to watch you die in pain and agony first, is that too much to ask? What? I didn’t get that but I’ll assume you said that you understand completely. Thanks Eddie for agreeing to help me fulfill my lifelong ambition. I’m going to sit by the fireplace, have a glass of our favorite wine and watch you die.

Here’s to us, Eddie. I’ll forgive you when I see you in hell you bastard.

23 thoughts on “I’ll Forgive you, Eddie

  1. rawgod

    This was more than the mood to write, S’T, this was the mood for revenge. There is no compassion here. This is the venom of the Black Widow spider. Good work.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks rawgod. Definitely no compassion but perhaps a metaphor for the way the oppressed of this world subconsciously feel about their oppressors.

  2. Nowhere Tribune

    Eek. My first thought was that Eddie needed to realize how good he had it and act accordingly, but maybe not. Lesson for me–don’t be Eddie. So, what’s Vivian up to these days?

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Vivian is divorced and spending the rest of an unexpected inheritance somewhere in the Caribbeans… or so my muse informs me. 🙂

  3. Maryvonne

    Okay, Wow! I loved this one! High five for your main character and too bad for Eddie. I wonder if she used succinylcholine (agonizing death). Sha’Tara you are such a good writer. I only hope to be half as good with time. Thank you for posting this story.

      1. Maryvonne

        Hey Sha’Tara! Yes, we definitely are due for a get together. Lots of good water holes here. I will call you or send you an email on the weekend.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks and I’m holding you to that, kiddo. Just the two of us will be fine, but invite anyone else you want, no matter. What matters is touching base.

      3. Maryvonne

        Okay, we’re on. Just the two of us would be just fine. I would like our conversation to centre around writing. I will be in touch.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hey Mary, while I’ve got your here, can you look up to check if there is a “Like” button at the end of the story? I see one, but a blogger couldn’t find it. Just curious before I go and bother the “happiness making” people at WordPress. Also, can you tell me if there are still ads, or no ads, at the end of the post? The funny thing is, some of the stuff readers can see, it seems the blog owner can’t see. Go figure. If you don’t have the time, it’s OK, we can use our cell phones and check that when we get together.

  4. Phil Huston

    The b&b line is right up there with the very best. I know a couple of Eddies, how scary is that? I told one of their stories to someone who could only say what a ghetto idiot assed idiot. I found that succinct. Not on par with your flame, but still…this could become the sperm donor baby daddy anthem that changes something.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for that comment, Phil! Once upon a midnight dreary… ugh! I was an active Christian involved in prison “ministry” and I too rubbed shoulders with some quasi-Eddies – safely behind bars, thank my lucky stars. Thanks for the kudos, means a lot.

  5. franklparker

    No like buttons on your blog, Sha’tara. I liked (loved!) the story and all the comments. Did somebody say something about a dish best served cold? As someone else said in the comments you are such a good writer. I’m saving all the Altierra episodes to red when it is complete.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you very much, Frank. Glad you liked the little short monologue! 🙂 It is a good idea to stack up the blog posts until the entire MS is blogged – it’ll be a while! – but it will read like the novel it is then. I checked on the blog and the “Like” button is there along with several gravatars of “Likes” including yours!?!? I’ll re-check and see if I can identify any glitch. I might have been on the wrong page… Thanks again.

  6. wolfess

    The picture your words painted after Eddie’s ‘heart attack’ (in quotes b/c I don’t see how someone without a heart could have an attack) gave me just the teensiest orgasm as I have known men like Eddie — but haven’t we all? — and end brought me great satisfaction!

    Pwr 2 the DELIBERATE peons!

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      OK, maybe it was a Hart attack! Yes I’d say we’ve all had our Eddies some ways or other but many are in denial about it because to admit it would be to take some responsibility for “what comes next.” Glad for the tickle! 🙂

      1. wolfess

        I agree, but I’d rather take responsibility for my life and decisions than stumble thru my whole life with blinders on — I guess that makes some of us the exception to the rule 🤔

  7. Hyperion

    Hi Sha’Tara! If you heard someone rummaging in the backroom of your blog it’s just me trying to catch up. Great story here. I love these pieces where the rat gets it. So many rats, so little time…


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