15 thoughts on “Re: Comments

  1. Lisa R. Palmer

    Yay!! Welcome back, welcome back!

    *reaching out to shake the comment sections’s hand enthusiastically*

    Things just haven’t been the same around here without you!


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hi Lisa, it’s good to “be back” although I have been here all along if mostly posting segments of my novel, “The Antierra Manifesto” … which reminds me that another segment is due, and I also “owe” you a comment on your latest post… yikes! Either I’m following too many blogs, or I’m getting old and slow…

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  2. Hyperion

    Oh, I thought you hid the comment section to avoid my boisterous bloviations. Wowzer, I take a long nap and you are way ahead of me now. I have some serious reading ahead. It’s going to be epic commentary time too. 😁


      1. Hyperion

        Yes, we must practice and keep sharp or we’ll start accepting anecdotal evidence as historical fact. The Empire is lost once that happens.


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