The Alternative Path to Everything

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The Alternative Path to Everything
[thoughts from   ~burning woman~  by Sha’Tara]

I’ve been asked to share some of my personal thoughts on the deepest issues concerning mankind and coincidentally the planet the ruling species lives on. It appears that “finally” there are some sincere and credible individuals who care about man’s plight and the plight of the one and only world we have to exist off of so this makes my tiny effort somewhat meaningful, or so I feel anyway.

What have I got to add to the cacophony of words and ideas surrounding such massive issues as misogyny, racism, endless war and now anthropological climate change? What are my credentials and why should anyone pay heed?

I’ll tell you right off: none, and no reason, beyond the fact that I have lived a long but observant life here. I have participated in life with a view to causing improvement through personal commitment, discipline and serious change. When I was still a child I personally experienced some of the “wrongness of things” upon my own body and upon my mind which made me a different person. I lost my childish trust in humanity and its institutions and vowed to find a different way to live my life.

No matter who or what you are, where you live and under what circumstances, that’s where it begins: a turning away from all the normal; the tried and failed; the endlessly false promises of better days ahead. Realizing that as long as “the system” remains essentially untouched no significant change can ever happen.

I began with total rejection of man’s values; I began with honest despair and I seriously toyed with committing suicide from about age eighteen to thirty at which point I was determined to end it. I took steps, acted on them… and received an intervention. Obviously: I’m still here.

That’s when I met the Teachers and my life made a one hundred eighty degree turn. After being healed of a serious debilitating physical condition I was challenged: change your thinking and you will have a new life. They would explain things to me and set up situations in which I could test their words against my Earthian reality.

I don’t need to go into details. It was gruelling and inescapable. Everything had to change – everything. No more believing IN anything. No more attachments to anyone, or any ideology, religion or tradition. These things did not disappear, I just chose day by day to see them differently so I could understand rather than just accept “the way of it.” There was no longer any way of it.

How serious were these Teachers whom I called the Altarians? One example: I had to involve myself in a life-for-life trade, offering my own life in exchange for another woman held on “death row” ostensibly for having committed adultery in a Sharia law controlled country. She had three young children, mine were all grown up. It would be a just trade. I did that, putting myself on death row for about two and a half years until she was exonerated. I can tell you these Teachers are very serious and they are now “my” people, not the people of Earth.

I learned to become a free, self empowered individual. I learned that no problem can ever be resolved unless the source of it is uncovered and dealt with, i.e. destroyed. I learned that it is literally impossible to bring about any meaningful change within an existing institution, or condition because of its inherent corruption. I learned that it is impossible to scrape clean a corrupt system, you can only annihilate it and present your reality, your world, with something entirely new.

So now, so near the end of this life, what do I offer this world? Nothing. But it is in this ‘nothing’ that a wise person finds everything. I do not offer anything new and certainly no alternative technology that would make our current conditions ease off enough that we could continue fooling ourselves that with, say, the elimination of fossil fuels, we can continue to play. The more the “System” is tweaked the worse things will get.

So here’s my gift to you, from me, from the Teachers and from your ancient sages, saints and philosophers: refuse to accept them and sign your certain death warrant.

One: change your personal ways completely. Stop believing that you can fix or renovate anything. Your civilization has reached an irreversible state of entropy. Write that on a wall as a reminder.

Two: force yourself to become a compassionate being without any excuse, ever, for failure, and you will fail miserably but the point will be sticking to the exercise. Compassion – not love. Do not let yourselves be fooled any longer by things that have never worked.

Three: learn what it means to live a detached life. Learn that being detached means to practice being an empath. Learn to shed hot tears for your world rather than for one “loved” individual or group. Forget the “we are the world” or “we are one” Matrix bullshit. We are not “one” and never can be. We can however be the Watcher, the Compassionate one, the one who stands alone, detached, and feels it all without cringing away from the burden of it.

Four: reject! Reject utterly all things to do with the “System”; all of its manifold institutions. Reject God and all other deities and associated beliefs: they are all inventions of the Matrix. Reject Money as a power source, the only power it has is what you give it for it is a god in its own right. Reject all your politics and political systems for they too are gods. Reject history and traditions: more lies to create dissensions.

Five: Recreate yourself in your own image. Be who you choose to be and that is the final reality. Whatever you want to be, be that and accept the consequences of your choices. If you choose good, be good. If you choose evil, be evil but do it as a self empowered individual.

20 thoughts on “The Alternative Path to Everything

  1. madraallta

    well done! you have lots to offer Sha….you too are a teacher! as well as a student…you have a lot of wisdom and it would be a shame if it was shut off or stifled. thank you for your wisdom and the gift of words you have to give to us who are yet students!!

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you. I have no intention of being anyone’s teacher, guru or way shower but sometimes that is how it translates. If I ever, even for one moment, thought of myself as a teacher the awareness of such responsibility for another would overwhelm me. Whenever I’ve been in a situation where another thought of me as a teacher I would always correct that impression thus: “I am no teacher. If it seems as if I know what I’m on about, or if it looks like I know what I am doing then imitate that, copy it as best you can and eventually you will become better than me. That is what you must aim for, always.”


  2. jim-

    I have some grand ideas too, but it’s usually bigger ideas that are not even on the table. Why would anything change when most people are grateful it’s not worse and think merely surviving is a blessing?
    The training must begin in clearing all the preconceived slates we’ve been handed without asking, as you so perfectly stated.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      If only people would come to realize how important to one’s life is seeking and developing personal empowerment which leads to personal freedom. We are so programmed to “believe” that we need someone else, something else, in order to become the person we would rather be. My once-upon-a-time hero, “lover” divinity, Jesus (assuming he existed, I’m not going to argue that point) was not someone who freed you, but was about forcing you to enslave yourself to the old Hebrew/Jewish divinity, Yahweh whom according to the bible is one of the most horrid and horrible divinities imaginable. It took me decades, precious decades when life is so short here, to finally realize I had been totally conned, not just by the various religions I worked in or flirted with, but by the very “god” I wanted to give my life to unconditionally.

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      1. jim-

        The manipulation through faith is deep, from the top to the bottom. If any part of it were actually true, I think the game would be over and faith would cease to exist. But this type of faith demands zero evidence for the scam to work the human-mental perception predicament so masterfully played. That is the con. Complete and total whitewash with zero evidence. Even the outcomes to living it’s precepts creates the opposite effect that is promised. But faith before and without knowledge is the trap. Then one spends decades of their life trying to measure up, prove they’re not crazy or a sucker, or manage to figure out the details with someone breathing down their neck telling them what it’s supposed to all mean—and it never comes to fruition. Whoever put this in play was either a genius observer of the human condition, or as lucky to hit preacher pay dirt as Jonathan Edwards and his preaching.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I don’t think it was an accident. This was carefully developed and systematically applied in the format we have come to know to this particular sentient race. In my opinion it all hinges on deliberate and on-going programming. When people decide they’ve had enough of the con they’ll seek the source of the big lie, find it, destroy it. Until then they will continue to pay the piper even if the piper never once played any tune asked for.

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      3. jim-

        I don’t think it was an accident either. Someone finally figured out the psychology behind us, and created “it”. On top of that the only resistant genotypes were killed. Not much fight left after 1000 years of swordplay. The compliant genes are the huge majority remaining.


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yeah… “they” want a level playing field, that is, one great big pen filled with the braying sheeple. Yet even after all the culling, and the on-going martyrdom of those who would bring change, some of us will never be rounded up, branded and live happily in the Matrix’ loafing barn! I am so “out of there” Jim.

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      5. jim-

        You ever feel like dipping your toe back in the system, keep some handiwipes nearby. It feels pretty icky.


      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        To paraphrase the false apostle Paul of Tarsus, one needs to put on the full armour, only not of God, but of self empowerment and self knowledge.

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      7. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thank you sincerely, Jim. I get a bit “tear jerky” when someone says such things of me… they always seem undeserved, and probably are. Great encouragement though.

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  3. sherazade

    “Rendendosi conto che fino a quando “il sistema” rimane essenzialmente intoccato, nessun cambiamento significativo può mai accadere.”

    Ma in contrapposizione possiamo lavorare su noi stessi Praticando – e sono d’accordo con te – i 5 principi che tu elenchi poco alla volta giorno per giorno.
    Un passo avanti all’altro diventano un cammino.



    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Grazie per tu commento, Shera. “Un passo avanti all’altro diventano un cammino.”
      It needs one’s total commitment, or dedication to this personal change. It must supersede everything else. {Ha bisogno del proprio impegno totale o dedizione a questo cambiamento personale. Deve sostituire tutto il resto.}


      1. sherazade

        “It needs one’s total commitment, or dedication to this personal change. ”

        Step by step! ( una sfida difficile in un contesto che chiede /pretende altro)


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment Lisa. The physical leaving aspect is not up to me or perhaps it is and I’ve still got things to learn and do. I do have powerful feelings about being done with this world, at least for the time being, say a few hundred years of break since I know I must return, but when I express such as ‘I’m so out of here’ I’m speaking of detachment, from both, the ‘special’ people and from all aspects of collective regimentation. I deliberately avoid participating in those things crowds, groups, mobs, cliques, believers, fans, followers etc., participate in and insist all must be a part of it. I refuse the “we are all one” concept again because observation clearly states it isn’t true. Back in the days we called it antiestablishmentarianism, though it is much more than that. It is learning to say ‘no’ to every siren call of a society in disarray and learning to walk where no one has gone before so that when this body gives up I will barely notice the shift, just keep on walking.

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