The Age of the Dictators

[thoughts from ~burning woman~ ]

Tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of an intervention that not only saved my physical life but sent me off on a 180 degree tangent from what I had been. That can only have meaning to myself, of course, or perhaps to anyone who may have been touched by some of the thoughts and ideas on expressing life which I have spouted quite regularly and annoyingly. After all, who wants change that turns all the known and relative comfortable on its head? Better to stick with the tried and failed, follow tradition. Tomorrow is “Good Friday” as declared by the Roman Church many years ago and subsequently adhered to by all of Christendom. That the concept was stolen from the very “pagans” the Church despised and massacred is of little consequence: we have a TRADITION!

That out of my way, I want to write a bit about some recent observations of the global political processes. Lots of noise and bloody foolishness bandied about as the overcrowded numbties of Earth increasingly go for the jugular over their beliefs and traditions. Not so different than previous slices of historical drama except that now we can “participate” in the processes globally through satellite feeds and the quasi-ubiquitous Internet.

I have noticed a serious difference however, and I call it ‘The Age of the Dictators.’

Man’s civilization is of course familiar with, and his history replete with, dictators but what makes this age different is the global and successful wave of political power grabbing by psychopathic and sociopathic billionaires or military leaders able to circumvent democratic constitutions written to prevent this sort of thing from “ever happening again.” Fledgling democracies established through compromise with totalitarian powers of business, banking and the social security state in the last couple hundred years are being systematically dis-empowered and disarmed by the returning totalitarians.

Temporarily sidetracked, the forces of dictatorship slowly but systematically burrowed into the democratic forms of government, buying stooges, corrupting ideals, installing preferred leaders, developing armies of constitutional lawyers to challenge existing laws that protected the people, particularly the most vulnerable: women, children, the working poor, racial minorities and changing rules that allowed all and sundry to vote, thus in a small way making their voices heard. The stooges of totalitarian power are now overtly active in eliminating free speech and destroying all vestiges of a so-called free press. More: in the USA in particular, 50% of the nation’s income is now barrelling like a train without brakes into the military and much of the rest finds its way into the pockets of its billionaires while a flaming racist and sexual predator rules the country from the White House.

War criminals, torturers, sexual predators, perverts, corrupt billionaires, these it would appear, form the preferred choice of voters in most democracies yet we know that it is ownership of the propaganda apparatus and manipulation of polls that have made this possible. Well, some of us know this but of course those who are trained to react to a ‘score’ as if an election was nothing more than a playoff take it at face value that their team won or lost the game and they’ll have to wait another four years to attend another playoff in which their team with better management, stronger or sexier players and richer sponsors, will have a chance to win.

That’s what democracy and the “popular vote” has become: sports teams, playoffs and a final score.

The conclusion was foregone when this began happening decades ago. No one can change the course of events now all hope and talk to the contrary. Unknown to the spectators of the democratic playoff game was a much more powerful team some have labelled “the New World Order” to be politically correct, to be sprung upon the bewildered spectators. It was funded and manned to crush all opposition and usher in the Age of the Totalitarian Dictators. It’s team consisted of the most mentally weak and morally corrupt psychopaths and the owners made the rules for the final playoff.

The people never clued in that “participatory democracy” did not begin and end at the polling booth but had to be a 24/7 commitment to an ideal. Too bad and so sad: goodbye democracies. Now we lose everything. Now we go to war against one-another and against our natural environment. Now we bleed, suffer and die. Now we pay the price for our apathy and woeful ignorance of the kind of forces that have always manipulated us to kill and die for their enrichment and entertainment.

Let’s follow the leaders and go out on the streets to cheer the final winners, our Dictators.

24 thoughts on “The Age of the Dictators

  1. jim-

    Not sure if you’ve ever seen this but it says it better than I. It’s 4 minutes. Well said my friend. I trust you are well…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Very well said, indeed, and I also watched his video on “universal” humility. Despite all evidence to undermine support for Earthian hubris it continues unabated from the sublime to the ridiculous; from the merely nasty to the grossly murderous, all to in the end possess nothing but a eulogy, maybe not even that.

      1. jim-

        I’m a little like you. Frustrating that one can actually know what we know and in the next breath dispense cruelty of any kind. All the fighting is over is nothing at all—a mote if dust

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Bottom line should be that “everything” has to do with life. We must learn to respect life and in the process practice that which the wise always knew, that to have and to know life, one must be ever willing to give life, i.e., give others their freedom to choose what is best for them. No one has any right to impose anything on another, least of all freedom since that is an oxymoron.

  2. TheCovertAtheist

    There are certainly a few dictators popping up in recent times. One wonders if we will end up having another big war again between superpowers. Part of me thinks: surely we will know better? But the other half screams: no we don’t!

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting. We are already knee deep in global impact trade wars and these always precede military “interventions” so we can be certain that global conflict is indeed on the near horizon. Earthians do not learn as each new generation is born with a new programming implant (you know that which no one wants to believe they possess) which by and large wipes out any memory carried from past lives (you know, that which most also do not want to believe they could ever have experienced) and all there is to remind us is our skewed histories which many don’t even have access to. It is impossible to truly know what hasn’t been experienced and because of the “blank space” in peoples’ minds, real war has never been experienced. Ever wonder why each new generation thrills at the thought of “going to war”? Lambs to the slaughter but they’ve never been in the slaughter before… or they cannot remember and they cannot “feel” anything except the madness of the moment, like falling in love and it is the same dis-ease. It could be called ‘falling in war.’

      1. TheCovertAtheist

        Yes you are right about the whole memory thing. The new generation quickly forgets the horrors of war, that is, except for the victims who never forget. Unfortunately the victims usually don’t choose war, and those that do choose aren’t the victims.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        … and in keeping with tradition, when they are no longer the victims they become the perpetrators. Just like the internal combustion engine: the crankshaft turns, a piston goes up, a piston comes down and it can only go up again and when it reaches that highest point of compression, “Kaboom” and we’re off and running… I always think of earth as a crankshaft, it helps understand the madness that creates its motive force.

  3. theburningheart

    Well said.
    We may not see it, but it’s our moral obligation to be telling it as it is, even if it seems nobody cares.
    Day will come when things will be better, so keep the spirits up, and continue the good fight.

  4. hughcurtler

    The age of dictators, as you say, has arrived. And it will become more and more repressive as global warming creates a series of crises that require attention by those in power. Our Republic no longer even resembles a Democracy as it has been taken over by the wealthy and self-absorbed. We vote for the candidates the corporations decide are acceptable and pretend we are a freee country. I have no idea whether the majority of the world leaders are psychopaths, but you may be right.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Hugh. I am often guilty of using hyperbole in making statements but when I review my comment, I look at what can be seen/known of “the facts” so-called and I feel justified. Fight fire with fire. All propaganda is exaggeration and so much of our current ‘in-feeding’ of information is blatant propaganda including much of the news – which I try to avoid as much as possible. That said, I observe that powerful psychopaths are indeed pushing up the ladder of world leadership. No need to even name them, their names are not relevant, their words and acts are. The trick of the psychopaths “trade” is to make her/himself believable and socially likeable, even when openly causing mayhem, pushing corruption and indulging in violence. They have an uncanny way of sliding their guile into the mind of the public by saying what the public has been programmed to believe. Think Hitler, think Trump. However ridiculous everything about them and their personalities is, they come up on top. Trump is going to win again, that’s a foregone conclusion. Look at “Nut-and-Yahoo” the criminal Israeli prime minister gaining power, not losing. That says it all. Now the counter forces will get serious and they will be communicating over the missile launching screens. Two words now: get ready.

  5. George F.

    grabbing by psychopathic and sociopathic billionaires or military leaders …Well said! Tell me more about your intervention…that, I believe, might be the story…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you George. As for my story of that intervention, just pop over to this recent blog post, See if that explains it enough to get the gist. What has to be understood is that such “interventions” which I believe happen to ALL but aren’t all given their due, are totally personal in nature. They only apply to the individual being gifted at that time. If the human (Earthian) mind is open and receptive, then the work of intervention can proceed and the individual so gifted can use it to change herself. What I have seen unfortunately is that “intervened” individuals too often get sucked back in the Matrix through organized religions and New Age “false” teaching, going off on tangents looking for health, wealth, happiness, twin flames, soul mates, ridiculous “past life” memories of having been famous characters, and encouraging each other is such wasteful past-times while the individual makes no effort at changing herself and the world goes on burning… Ooo… judgmental, aren’t I?

  6. selizabryangmailcom

    I actually don’t even have the force of will to comment tonight; I just feel drained by circumstances.
    But I enjoy your posts, as always……

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for taking time to comment. We all get bombarded with similar information and thoughts and it becomes overwhelming at times on how to respond, or even to respond at all. I get an average of 80 emails a day, most from people concerned about racism, misogyny, the current trends towards fascism in failing democracies like the USA, Canada, Britain and of course all the shaky ones we are so eager to destabilize. I get “information” on vaccines, prescription drugs, America’s endless wars, predictions on global economic implosion, climate change, “les gilets jaunes” protests, the latest “threats” from outer space, the latest horrors perpetrated upon helpless minorities… you know, all the things I could just wave my hands at and fix if I wanted to, or throw money (I don’t have) at!

  7. Hyperion

    I have felt the same for a very long time and I get to see it from the inside. There are a few errors in the figures given, not that it makes a difference to the point being made. The Obama administration was the best programmers ever. His worshippers and outsiders that plugged into the scam dont see the irreparable harm he did. He believed strongly in destabilizing America in order to put into effect his vision of the New World Order. He was successful, after 8 years under his subterfuge, we are irretrievably doomed by the insane battle between a megamaniac and the Obama sheeple. The enemies of the West are emboldened and no longer fear the long lost power of the West. China and Russia have had a 1500 year relationship that survives today and their combined power, cunning, and political will could destabilize the entire world within a week and topple over 250 sovereign nations in 60 days with little impact to themselves. We think our economic ties will prevent such a thing and we miss the fact that it is our dependence that will bring us to bow and pledge our swords to the new rulers. Nations can be conquered without a fight in that slow turn from self determination to absolute dependence which is so popular these days. Food, water, shelter are greater weapons that can change allegiances overnight. One thing I would like to point out is that the total defense budget for America is less than 1/3 its social services budget. The free for the poor programs are unsustainable. The military is the easiest department to control. America spends about 1.5 to 2% of its GDP on defense (moving target) and the other Western countries spend far less. When the schizophrenic old gal goes down, she is taking the world economy with her. The Dark ages will descend on us again and that will be our clue to rebuild in a better way or perish. I’m just going to attend to my garden until the raiding parties show up and after a brief struggle, I’ll get the eternal rest I have earned.

      1. Hyperion

        LoL, actually, I learn a lot more from those that disagree with me. I need their perspective or I’m back to being a flat earther. I do like to throw myself out there and it never hurts my feelings when soneone throws me back over the fence. It’s the discussion that matters most.

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