Earth is a Forced Labour and Death Camp

[thoughts from ~burning woman~ ]

It may well be that prior to the advent of capitalism and prior to the establishment of the patriarchy that formed a global civilization, planet earth was as good a place as any on which to exist. Note that I am not saying “live on” or “survive on” but exist. To live means to have a purpose. To survive means to cling to life in the hope that it will give or provide purpose on the long run.

Only problem with that was, there was no long run and purpose seldom manifested in any meaningful sense. Those who gave themselves purpose without serving the Matrix, that is, the patriarchy and it’s exploitative, brutal methods soon found themselves hounded, hunted down, and when captured, “crucified” for attempting to bring about a change of methods to life on earth, that is, to man’s type of life, if it can be called that.

Based on my observation, I have come to the inevitable conclusion that man’s earth as defined by his capitalistic patriarchy is in essence nothing more nor less than a forced labour and death camp.

Do I really need to elaborate on that observation and conclusion or is this enough of a reminder that all of the greatest manifestations of social evil extant in this civilization can be laid at the feet of its “camp kommandants” who give themselves the titles of CEO’s, presidents, kings, queens, judges, professors emeritus, generals, policemen,emirs, investment bankers, popes, priests and preachers… any one who by some sort of decree holds the power of life and death over a subservient multitude.

Any member of the untitled multitude who decides to treat the elites in the same manner as it treats the multitude is immediately declared enemy of the people and put on a most wanted list to be eliminated. The rulers of the forced labour and death camp can kill any number of ‘the masses’ with impunity but the same does not apply in reverse.

The masses, trapped in this web of deceit and death learned long ago that to challenge and perhaps even dethrone the elitist apparatus was a very painful and bloody process that in the end only replaced one set of “kommandants” with another and surprise, surprise, that new set arose from the very forces that set out to upset and destroy the status quo. In other words, there is no way out of the camp except by dying.

And even then, that is not the end of it…

28 thoughts on “Earth is a Forced Labour and Death Camp

  1. rawgod

    Ah, S’T, you keep telling me I do not exist, or even live. I hate when you do that. And what about you? Do you exist? Are you alive? Or is your face a mere facade of who you want to be?
    I doubt we are the only ones running between the lines of what you call the Matrix, hiding here, strking quickly there, and running somewhere else. Yeah, I’m gonna die, sooner than later, but it won’t be because of those in power. It will be because my body will no longer be able to support me. Like in my poem Dedicated to the Blues, I will die alive…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, rawgod. I like “getting a rise” out of someone -it proves that I have encountered one more person who is questioning things, and is not a helpless member of the great unwashed masses who accepts things as they are and are the living dead, not alive, not even surviving, just enduring until that personal end. Can I make someone think about her/his own life? Can I trigger a thought that says, “Hey, what exactly is my purpose here, or am I just here by accident, no reason, no purpose, no point at all except to take advantage of a tiny slice of an exploitative system, make a little niche for a meaningless time, enjoy what parts a weak and short-lived body will allow because there is nothing else? Or can I, like her, give it some purpose?” When you have trained yourself to look upon the big picture, the movements of ideas and systems,symbolically represented by the movements of stars, or flocks of sandhill cranes, of refugees fleeing persecution or war, you have entered into infinity and from there it becomes impossible not to see the reality of systems, whether oppressive or benign, and it is impossible not for form opinions about them; impossible not to join them either to fly with, or to dismantle. That is the path of the avatar, the one who “walks between worlds” whatever these worlds be.

  2. jim-

    There are two types of survivors here. Those that don’t know any better and just live the dream, thinking capitalism and religion is the best, necessary options, and those that put on mask hiding and operating between the lines. Finding time alone in the hills is the only place to really be yourself. What gets me is this economic charade is another religion. People pretending to love it, but the moment they have the means or the knowledge they find a quiet corner somewhere and buy their way out. It’s a very distasteful life we live, but operating in the cracks gives us at least moments of hope to be ourselves.

  3. Sha'Tara Post author

    Thanks Jim. I think that as I replied to rawgod, there are those who choose and those who simply endure. Adhering to one’s traditions, sticking with our parent’s religion for example (in my case it was Catholicism) is not a choice. Leaving the tradition after giving it some long and painful thought based on observation of what works, what doesn’t, that is choice. I should add that just quitting because that religion has become pointless and gets in the way of additional time for sports or less guilt drinking and drugging isn’t a choice either, it’s more of the slipping into the pointless morass. If choice doesn’t entail great personal change and struggle, it’s just a choice between McDonalds and Wendy’s. I’ve had my time in nature too; there was a time when I thought that was the only way to regain sanity of mind, but then I learned to find that sanity right in the middle of the ‘war’ that city living has become. I learned to face it and transcend it. One day I said to myself, what if, given a violent turn of government, I was jailed for my views… how would I deal with not being able to run away and hide? So I taught myself not to hide because many of the people I identify with as an empath do not have the luxury to hide from their oppressors, those who would destroy their minds. We can still “operate through the cracks” but we are aware and we make real choices daily: that is what defines a human: the desire and the courage to make choices when doing nothing is so much easier.

  4. Regis Auffray

    A succinct and yet powerful article that “tells it like it is.” I wish I could disagree with you but then, I would be lying to myself. Thank you for sharing.

  5. George F.

    “…a forced labour and death camp.” Yes it is. This is the sad, sad truth. And we all know most of the population “can’t handle the truth.” I was meditating on this very subject last night as I was attempting to continue my story. I’ll will be addressing with this issue soon in my seemingly never-ending blog.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks George, for that comment. Synchronicity? And oh please never “apologize” for your “never ending blog” – indeed, may it be never ending – I do look forward to each new segment, I find much personal affinity to your characters, but in particular Paul and Akira. To go back a bit, when I first got the idea of Earth’s situation I wanted to write it down so I could see it in black and white. I was thinking that maybe after seeing it thus I would backtrack; that the comment would be an exaggeration. It isn’t, at least not to me, and it seems neither to those who commented. Not said from despair though, that’s the “part II” that I don’t know how to communicate because someone has to be there to grasp it. That’s why I ended with that quirky line, even then it’s not the end, as you know. There is so much more than Earth for us if we could just wake up to it… and accept what that awakening is saying instead of passing it off as a delusion.

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Good questions, George:
        “Is there a solution to this world of forced labor?”
        “Would eliminating Greed from all mankind do the trick? Money is the motivator, IMO. Who needs slaves if you’re not interested in profit?”
        I can see that your questions center upon the dilemma in your novel. How does one who discovers a great source of personal power turn it to making a better world? Is it by eliminating evil people; evil things?
        Did you ever see the movie, ‘The Gods must be Crazy”? An evil thing fell from the sky upon a small tribe of amoral humans and it began to do terrible things so that the head man had to take away the evil thing… but we know that despite his efforts, the evil represented by the Coke bottle was one of a corrupt rampant and spreading society that would swallow up his own world and change everything…
        Well, that’s not exactly my point. What we should know by now is that any force applied to ‘removing’ any perceived evil will only give rise to more evil. So, eliminating greed isn’t going to do it. We need more than that; we need to discover within ourselves that we no longer wish to live by greed. That’s one realization, but there are so many more! What else does our civilization offer us that we no longer need? How about personal possessions (that must be secured, protected, defended!)? How about pride? How about bigotry? How about exceptionalism? Assuming we no longer desire to live by, or profit by, any kind of evil, what then? Your question, “Is there a solution to this world of forced labour?” in my opinion, just my opinion, backed by a lot of thinking about it, is that the one and only workable solution is for each and everyone of us as a member of this Earthian human race, to choose to live our lives compassionately thus no longer giving any room for any form of evil to grow or even survive among us. The compassionate person can no longer harm another and evil is all about harming others in an endless variety of ways, even to the mocking of another by a stand up comedian, or of a player on a football field or in a hockey arena – anything from a casual put-down to a murder. We cannot eliminate evil, we can but transcend it, or so I am discovering amidst the exposure of my own hypocrisy… sigh!

      2. George F.

        Would eliminating Greed from all mankind do the trick? Money is the motivator, IMO. Who needs slaves if you’re not interested in profit?

      3. George F.

        After this brief discussion, I was able to write another blog post. Longhand. Now I just need access to my computer. It’ll be more on the relationship between Akira and Paul. You inspired me! (I never write longhand and I even did an outline. Rarely happens.)

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for commenting, George, and my apologies for being remiss in not responding sooner. Glad that this “energy of inspiration” is active between us, indeed. Take all that you can squeeze from it, after all I’m reading your manuscript free of charge… and getting a charge out of it!

      5. George F.

        You should get a charge out of the next post…when I can get some time at the keyboard…no later than Thursday. Thanks for reading and inspiring!

  6. jim-

    What gets me is how many people embrace it. “What other form of economy should we have”? “This is the best way to buy and sell goods, record transactions, etc. They go on and on with the history and how useful money is and on and on again, blah blah blah. It’s a level of conditioning I hate to watch. I abhor it.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Jim. Capitalism is an abhorrent concept because it relies entirely upon “gratuitous” predation. The predators: bankers, investors and what not draw out massive profits from a Ponzi scheme in which they put nothing of their own. This goes beyond the meaning of greed and exploitation. Only when people re-learn how to live with one another without the need to own anything will this global horror be eradicated. As soon as we have any form of ownership we fall into this trap again.

      1. jim-

        So you mean never. Thanks. Ya know, for every one that swims out of it 100,000 more join the foray. It’s deeper than religion.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        If we could recognize that ownership is a sickness! But it’s now a global dis-ease. “They” need us to own, to get attached, to things or other people so that they can take them from us or use our attachments to threaten or blackmail us.

  7. selizabryangmailcom

    It has taken a long time to brainwash the world into believing in the material world and the material life. I can’t even imagine how long it would take to undo that brainwashing. Unless some kind of cataclysm happened and there was a physical/emotional reset in the remaining mass psyche….

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your pointed comment. According to “the Teaching” (it’s not as ominous as it looks – 🙂 your thought is right on the money. There is going to be a cataclysm, man-made, and it’s going to bring man’s global civilization completely down. That is obvious to me already; has been for a while. As to your physical/emotional reset, that will follow the downfall of civilization. What is supposed to happen is the rise of a mutation that will quickly separate the old (current) homo sapiens species with the new mutation. What name it will give itself, if any, I have no idea but I would tongue in cheek call it ‘homo sapiens intelligensis’ since it will display and use a much higher level of overall intelligence than the current atrophied brains can ever hope to reach -if they even wanted to, which to all intents and purposes they have no intention of ever trying for. From my observation, if there was a ‘prayer’ to fit the current mindset it would be “Oh, please give me more toys and dummy my down so I can enjoy myself without being bothered by uncomfortable thoughts… thank you, whomever!” That prayer is being answered. This society is drowning and poisoning itself in its endless sea of useless gadgetry and weapons of mass destruction to go with the fun.

  8. Hyperion

    A lot of people would believe your blog is a time capsule of world events. It’s a wake up call to see us in that stark light. It is especially true that the liberator becomes the next tyrant. I remember reading Roman history a while back where it seemed every emperor was killed by his closest confidants because he failed to deliver what they expected and then the next guy was worse and required a certain amount of killing as well. Greed, wealth, power. Communism didn’t fix it. Democracy and Republics didn’t fix it. Religion didn’t fix it. Everybody wants to try socialism and let the gov parent through legislation and police enforcement. I’m not sure that will do it. Even socialist states need revenue and lots of it. Thus the corruption continues. I’ll stick to my agrarian theory where you live off of what you produce, work your butt off, and die early. Being dead is actually a reward for many people. 😬

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for that comment, Hype. You should “enjoy” my next blog post… no, not an Antierra post, though that too is overdue, but a kind of “follow-up” thought to this one.

      1. Hyperion

        I do look forward to it. Your posts always call for a deeper study of the subject. That is my favorite thing to do, to have my head elves awakened from their dull routine to examine things in a more thoughtful manner.

  9. Neelam

    Being alive vs Survival. While survival means giving away our personal power, being alive means cutting away from the mechanism that’s robbing our energy.


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