Fossil Fuel Subsidies

How do you reblog comments? I don’t know, but I know how to use copy and paste, so here’s some interesting pasting.  You’ll see a link to Counter Punch at the end of the comment so you can follow up if interested.  With our local price of gas at $1.57.9 dollars a liter, the following begins to make sense.  Why be satisfied with tax payer guaranteed subsidies when you can gouge the same public at the gas pump as well?  Who ever heard of rats saying, “OK, that’s enough!” They will squeeze the lemon until the very pips squeak.

❝ The United States has spent more subsidizing fossil fuels in recent years than it has on defense spending, according to a new report from the International Monetary Fund. The IMF found that direct and indirect subsidies for coal, oil and gas in the U.S. reached $649 billion in 2015. Pentagon spending that same year … Continue reading Fossil fuel subsidies even greater than military industrial complex — Eideard

“The military is the linchpin, playing a pivotal role intensifying the climate crisis.

Consider the basic facts. The US military is:

+ The single largest institutional consumer of fossil fuel in the world;

+ The most powerful global force securing oil and protecting oil infrastructure;

+ The leading director — along with the big bankers and fossil fuel giants — of the elites’ plans for dealing with the coming crisis. The military and big corporations are not in climate denial — they are in control — and plan to keep it that way as the climate deteriorates.

+ The war machine’s enormous consumption and strategic capture of fossil fuels and their behind-the-scenes management of the crisis hints at its true role: sponsor of big oil and co-creator of the climate crisis.

The dominance of fossil fuels and the supremacy of the US empire rely not on victory in war or on market savvy or “value added” to the economy but on their political power. That power makes destructive and wasteful industries extremely profitable. The Oil Empire relies on massive public funding, carefully crafted exemptions to law and immunity from the economic, social and environmental damages they inflict.

The military can only maintain the fiction that it protects our security by concealing its role as destroyer of the very things we really need to survive: a healthy environment and a democratic society. ”

13 thoughts on “Fossil Fuel Subsidies

  1. jim-

    Wherever you see a comment with a time stamp under it, touch the time stamp and it will give you the option to copy and paste the link to it. Now I’ll read your post.

  2. rawgod

    I am not about to say much, but Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a huge blind spot in his vision. Being a pastor of a church, one can see quite clearly why. MLK, for all his understanding, was unable to look at the role religion/god played in the creation of the military complex/materialism/fossil fuel industry. When god gave “man” dominion over all things earthly, he gave men the right to own what was not theirs to own, or theirs to exploit. Religion, especially the christian religion, is the biggest capitalist corporation on this earth. It has its claws in just about every nation on earth, if not every nation. And it does not want life to continue here. Its practitioners forget that life has to remain (the meek shall inherit the earth, after all) after the rapture to support heaven and hell. Without life, those empires cease to exist.
    If we are going to lay blame, let us lay it where it is due: religion, capital, and authority, what I call god, gold, and government. These are the three worst inventions of humanity. Rid the earth of them, and you will have peace, equality, and freedom. Isn’t that what we most want?

    1. rawgod

      I wanted to leave this message on the counterpunch blogpost, but could find no place to put it there. If anyone knows how to place it there, please do me the favour of moving it. Thank you.

    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      Couldn’t agree more with your comment, rawgod. I’m not sure at all though that ‘most’ actually want peace, equality and freedom, unless these come on their own terms, if you know what I mean. To have peace, equality and freedom you first have to have full self empowerment thus disempowering the three great evil powers you mention. You have to have full individual detachment, i.e., no possessions as John Lennon says in “Imagine.” You have to have a mind clear of any bias towards any other individual. Finally and absolutely, you have to be a compassionate being. The price for peace, equality and freedom is way beyond what most Earthians are willing to pay, or even realize they must pay.

  3. Hyperion

    I think the blogger gives government and military far too much credit toward working together for a common cause using institutional intellect and bold plans. One only has to study what is happening in the world’s governments and the debilitating decay of the militaries to see it is not intent but a unconsidered tertiary effect of blind hog blundering. Just keep in mind that the government and military are comprised of a nation’s citizens. If one wants to lay blame, start there.

  4. Sha'Tara Post author

    I think there is both. There is intent but not based on any sort of common sense which then results in what you properly call blind hog blundering. Those who have want more and they are driven, and drive each other, to get that “more” whatever the costs as long as those costs can be passed along down the line to everyone else not of the billionaire club. As to the military, it exists solely to defend the status quo, the elites, the bloody plaything of the really bad dudes. Where there is militarism there you will always find true hell on Earth.

  5. colettebytes

    Not a lot to say really. In my ideal world, there would be no military. I do not believe in good guys vs bad guys. It is all shades of grey when it comes to military actions. The people recruited into the forces are mind washed and institutionalised. The few who do retain some sense of compassion beyond the ‘training’ into a fighting machine, do not last long. Many end up as forgotten, broken veterans with PTSD and other ailments. Fossil fuels power the machines for now, but the over ruling cheiftons will replace people and fossil fuel machines with self powered AI robots and that will be an even scarier prospect.

  6. Sha'Tara Post author

    Technology has long surpassed man’s ability to understand it or control it, and even if they could, few would bother as long as they believe they’re being either protected, enriched or entertained by IT! The AI machines will continue to tolerate puppet chieftains to “govern” the masses, but these puppets will have less and less to say as to how that governing is to take place. For AI to rule, it was necessary to wait until enough people put their faith in “science” to accept whatever dictates came from this upstart puppet god of science. “Scientific” man is ready to destroy the world, and itself, if science brings it about. This is where Earthians are at now. Everywhere you turn, under every power system, it’s greed first, then power over. As AI takes over actual control of the planet it will be total power over (quasi-absolute totalitarianism) with greed and beliefs in old invisible deities becoming less and less meaningful. Watch China lead the way for AI’s rule and listen to the growing voices praising that dictatorship, perhaps seeing it as the saviour of civilization. History would, of course, like to show us what comes after but nowadays history is just another pile of fake news.


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