Antierra Manifesto – blog post #61

Yet despite the gargantuan problems the race created for itself, it propagated like a veritable disease all over the planet.  Yes, you can live, you can function, you can learn with incomplete data.  It gets you started.  That’s all that’s needed for life to move forward: a volitional push.  It needs to be inseminated.  Wildly.  Seeds thrown to the winds of change and chance.  Without plan or forethought?  I still don’t know how to answer that question but the two naked lovers on their sweaty bed are answer enough.

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[begin blog post #61]

I know this sounds crazy, but many lives ago I already knew that “life” was a resolvable conundrum through logic simply by removing the linearity of time from any equation.  Past and future become interchangeable, depending on your current needs.  You can “travel” across these impossible dimensions without disturbing anyone else’s current process.  Those who do so were known as the Avatari and on certain worlds they were called WindWalkers, those who walked between “heaven” and “earth” or more accurately between the worlds of spirit/mind and of physicality.

Here are some thoughts that may help clarify the conundrum for you. 

You cannot exist in two different places at the same time in the same dimension, but you can exist as identical “mind entities” in any number of the same place if in parallel dimensions.  Clarification: the same place, same time, but separated by the dimensional shift.  The greater mind of the Avatari can choose to inhabit any of the identical minds in any of those dimensions. 

Another explanation of dimensional shift: think of a dictionary as your cosmos.  You want to go from, say, the word “accrue” to the word “write” but they are separated by a thousand pages in two separate volumes.  You can do it like today’s commuter by reading through each word and flip through the thousand pages – travelling normal space/time, going from one volume to the other and continuing until you get to your destination. 

Or you can “bore” a hole through the thousand pages of the two volumes, travelling only three or four inches to go from “accrue” to “write.”  That is the Shearing drive effect.  It is violent and invasive.  You could also, if you knew exactly where to “re-enter” simply slip your finger from the word “accrue” (you dis-incarnate or ‘die’ at “accrue”) and gently let the book close, run your finger down the edges of the two volumes until you come to the page with the word “write” and enter there (re-incarnate) without changing anything within the books during your process.  This is how the Avatari do it.

So now you’ve just crossed one thousand dimensions if each is a page, or about one hundred thousand dimensions if each is a word entry through two universes if each book is a universe.  Impossible?  Nothing is impossible except what is thought to be.

Another you, or several other “you’s”  whom you may, or may not, be familiar with or be aware of, can exist in the past and the future without interfering with your present awareness.  An adept can get information from these other “selves” and use that in the current incarnation. 

Finally, it must be accepted that yes, the chicken can lay the egg from which it is hatched.  That is not a riddle.

However strange this may sound to linearly-thinking brains, this is how it is.  Life is not bound by any ISSA’s ability to understand events in the time/space continuum.  No amount of prayer, positive statements or deniability living will change an iota in the processes on the event horizon.  You have to enter in and join the dance.  Dance macabre or the Tango, that is your choice, but you must be familiar with the steps within both type of dances.  Life insists on that.

Duty calls, I must leave you with those thoughts for the moment.


Subject: About king Jestor: an addendum

The following bit of Elbre history relating to old king Jestor Tassard, is reprinted here with permission from the titular estate managers of Michele Dellman, historian and chronicler for the Supremacy.  Dellman is currently in out-space transit to Minora de Oro to record and analyze conflicting statements issuing from the bloody aftermath of the religious rebellion put down by order of Grand Admiral Chang-X.  The Grand Admiral is facing a court-martial on Pax Nova where he must currently reside pending his hearing and the analysis of the “MD” report from Minora de Oro.  At this point, all we really know comes from the commercial news sweep Fax-Net.  Their reporters claim that millions of unarmed civilians were targeted by sub-sonic waves and killed while attending mass peaceful demonstrations against the military curtailing of their religious observances. 

 Minora de Oro is one of twelve worlds within the Supremacy granted and guaranteed by Galactic statute the charter of full religious freedom without any interference. Under the statute, Minora de Oro opted to be ruled by a theocracy. It is, however, no secret, that Chang-X who boasts an ancestry that goes back to Túat Har, specifically to the Communist regime dictator Mao Tse-tung, nation of China in C-20,  holds nothing but the deepest contempt bordering on hatred for the observance of any religious ritual.

 For more information on the early life of Chang-X, see Rise of the Supremacy – Its Military Strategy – Melkiar Invasions and Aftermath by Michele Dellman, freelance journalist and Supremacy chronicler with contributing annotations by Deles Kotmallo of Parnako. The following report is intended to help the reader understand how Elbre was ruled and what that meant for the women of that land, in case there are still doubts.

 End blog post #61

30 thoughts on “Antierra Manifesto – blog post #61

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      You’re welcome George, anytime. Hopefully it makes sense for you. And thanks for reading through this rather ‘dry’ part of the novel.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      It was a long ‘struggle’ to get here, to believe enough in myself (my alter-ego Al’Tara) to trust myself and launch myself ‘out there’ despite all the brainwashing, the propaganda, the ‘it’s just your imagination’ built up against it. Think Wright brothers in the spiritual/mental dimension. But once I tasted the freedom of space and beyond then I knew what we are capable of outside all the societal taboos and the ‘thou shalt not’s.’ I followed the Teacher YLea’s advice: think real. If you can imagine it, think it, picture it, write it, talk about it… what else can it be but real, even if in some less or little known dimension? Never mind what ‘they’ say, follow your heart. Are you hurting anyone? Are you denying anything to any other? No? Then why hesitate?

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Total coincidence about the Wright Brothers and I thought that too when I read your backgrounder. Synchronicity is for real and we’re swimming in it.

  1. George F.

    And the way you described the way Avatari’s is exactly the way we’ll beat the “faster than light” barrier…we won’t be actually traveling faster than light, we’ll be bending time and space to simply step across to the next word. Brilliant post Sha! Lots to think on here.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks George. That is how we break the barriers, beat the time-imposed limitations. It may seem scary to be able to “die” in one place to “birth” or simply “appear” in another but that too is part of the slave programming. The greatest fear of our elites (think Bass) is if we could suddenly “disappear” from their mind or actual prisons, from their grasp. They know (we are conditioned not to see this) that without us their lives are utterly meaningless. Their life energy is sucked entirely from us. Their money and power are only good if they can expend them oppressing and suppressing us, otherwise all they have left is to turn on each other and devour each other and after a brief moment it’s game over for them. We don’t realize this because we think they are like us, that they have their own supply of life energy but they do not: they are the living dead. We disappear, they die, it’s that simple. But as long as they can frighten us into enduring their abuse, they can suck our life energy and have a pretend life, a life that is only worth living if they can take more each day: they can never have enough, not possible. Hence why their systems always collapse into corruption and mindlessness. That is the intended ‘lesson’ of the women’s lives on T’Sing Tarleyn or Malefactus.

  2. colettebytes

    I do get this.

    I also get the return to the image of two people naked on a bed.

    Is humanity a mass experiment gone completely wrong? And what is salvageable from the aftermath?

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Disclaimer: this comment/reply comes from my personal “mind” files, not from Google search or other social media source, nor from officially accepted history.
      Fact: Homo Sapiens as this current display of inhumaneness in overwhelming numbers is called is not a naturally evolved species. Common sense from observations of the species’ performance clearly demonstrates the fact. Was it ‘created’ then? Yes, in a sense it was. It wasn’t just an experiment though, anymore than the development of AI is today’s experiment with non-evolved ‘life’. HS was more invented than created, and for a specific purpose: to serve as a slave species to an ‘alien’ species that was then using earth as a base, an extension of their space empire and mining it for its gold primarily. These aliens whom I call space pirates needed expendable worker slaves intelligent enough to take orders and man complex machinery. After much experimenting they achieved their goal by mixing the DNA of local proto-human bipeds and their own. A new species was invented and the consequences would prove deadly for the aliens. In time the new creatures rebelled against their makers and kicked them off the planet, for despite great care, Draconian repression and dummying down, the Earthians had multiplied like rodents and some had been put in charge of alien technological centers and labs. Alien technology was turned into weaponry. The aliens, always small in number, finally had to abandon Earth and after doing as much destruction of their space technology as they could, fled with their lives. Earth became the world according to Homo Sapiens, the World of Man. Man wrote the subsequent history of Earth turning the race’s remembrances of “makers” or “gods” into religious mythology and the leaders put themselves up as the “translators” of divine will and worship. Like their departed “gods” the leaders of man took on the role of slave owners of the females, children and conquered groups. They also gave themselves the right of life and death over everything they ruled or otherwise controlled. Despite climate changes and other setbacks such as plagues and a number of diseases that decimated HS communities here and there, the species proved to be able to recover rapidly. Over time they back-engineered the “gods'” technology and thus conquered a world they were not suited to live in naturally, by simply abrogating nature’s rules and creating their own unnatural civilization of imperial conquest, enslavement, war, genocide and massive exploitation of nature. And… here we are.
      To your second question: Nothing, absolutely nothing, is salvageable from man’s enslavement of nature and his innate hatred of all that is natural and relatively peaceful or peace seeking. The same “history” that gave me the answer to your first question also gives me the answer to your second one. Homo Sapiens has come to the end of HIS rule of earth. His unnatural ways, particularly his egregious ways, his violence, corruption and greed, has brought him to the end of his unintended run. Soon, perhaps already in small and hidden numbers, a new mutant species of ISSA beings is going to arise out of man’s debauched terminal ways and take over. This take over will be gradual, silent, non-violent, irreversible, despite the massive persecutions that the dying HS will unleash against them. These mutants will be real humans, not Earthians. They will be what some already refer to as star seeds. Their self imposed mandate will be to take Earth’s humans back to the stars and re-discover their real roots.
      This is but a tiny glimpse into the “awareness of mind” I have been (lucky enough? chosen?) to be given. I do not expect Earthians to accept this possible development since their programming is designed to prevent them from understanding why it must be so, but for the very few, reading this may give a “a-hah!” moment and a sense of purpose entirely non-existent in any aspect of Homo Sapiens civilization.

  3. Hyperion

    The lid is lifting, the contents are appearing in the light let in. I find quantum theory currently applied in many physical manifestations of my daily work being addressed here. Linear tme is purely an invention of modern humans to add synchronicity in daily life. It didn’t exist nor was it necessary prior to 4000 years ago. Humans lived naturally in multi-dimensional and coexisting times. Linear time is just an accepted aid to modern living. Without it we would descend into chaos. Linear time is a useless measure when we study our universe and contemplate others. The scientific world has moved beyond the clock. We accept that past-present-future is individual and not collective. Individuals perceive linear past-present-future as a simple way of navigating their physical world and life span. But my past is another’s present so to speak. In quantum computing we now have accomplished folding time and no longer use the old bit/byte negative and positive digital state to transfer and translate data. We do all things simultaneously limited only by the speed at which the system can operate. We still must observe the intrinsic laws of physics as constraints but defying those laws to find new laws is an everyday occurrence. I dare say we know the secrets of the universe and human life’s direct tie to the universe in action. That is not to say we know everything and have solved every mystery. No, but we are unraveling those mysteries and breaking the physical constraints daily. Your descriptions are not far from scientific fact. Let us just say that you have the innate ability to explain hyper complex things in a language we can all understand. Your way is far more human and enjoyable than pouring over the results of peta-bytes per second of streaming data and making sense of it all.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Quote: ” Linear time is a useless measure when we study our universe and contemplate others.” It is, totally! But people see it as an aspect of universality, as if “life” couldn’t exist without it. Yet time is life’s number one enemy on this world. Time limits whereas life has no such limits. Time is the enslaver and the reaper but what it reaps it has no use for. Question: how can an intelligent, sentient, self-aware being ever develop a meaningful purpose within the boundaries of time? If you cannot take it beyond your time-imposed “death” what meaning can it have? So life is treated like an organized sport, full of boundaries, nets, goal posts, balls thrown back and forth, all regulated by rules upon rules upon rules which ensure that nothing ever changes. When the rules are broken we scream, yell and demand “reparations” from the rule breakers since the game makers don’t give our money back. Barbarians? Oh yes.

      1. Hyperion

        Indeed, we are needlessly constrained by baloney we invent for ourselves. This explains why the Age of Reason was quickly voted out and the Romantic period began, which was ultra liberal and focused on the individual pursuits rather than intrinsic facts thus irrefutable logic based on baloney. Totally makes sense to me 🤔🤥

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote from your comment: “This explains why the Age of Reason was quickly voted out and the Romantic period began, which was ultra liberal and focused on the individual pursuits rather than intrinsic facts thus irrefutable logic based on baloney.”
        If you have time, could you re-write the above so it will make sense to me as well? I don’t get your point here, Daniel. I.e., what is “irrefutable logic based on baloney”?

      3. Hyperion

        LOL 😆 sorry Sha’tara. My American slang gets the best of me at times. I’m making fun of the attachment we humans have had to untruths. We have all kinds of logic and reason to support biblical facts that allow us to rape and pillage with blessings, but the real, innate, intrinsic fact is the hardest thing for humans to accept. So basing one’s life on lies is the low grade sandwich meat called baloney or balogna. Not very nutritious but it fills the hungry stomach. In the historical phases of European Society after the western Roman Emoire fell, the plague came, and devastating wars left the countryside depopulated and infrastructures destroyed, the rule of kings was fatally wounded. The people returned with a vengeance for life creating the Rennaissance movement and other movements but the Romantic period was especially noteworthy for the pursuit of individual expression of the arts and human relations over the rigid constructs of the previous age of reason which fostered philosophy and science among other things. My point was to poke at this powerful movement to judge others harshly for not following suit with one’s beliefs that cannot be supported by any known facts. By irrefutable logic based on baloney, I’m talking anout standing on lies as the benchmark to judge others. America is rife with this and it has become a near insatiable sexual lust to destroy other innocent lives with complete fabrications sold as truth. Its worse than when humans were ignorant and superstitious, burning women alive because someone said they were a witch. My apologies for going of the deep end with my mental shorthand. I will endeavor to do better.

  4. deteremineddespitewp

    A challenging offer to bring to the debate on the ‘Whole’ of Creation/Cosmos.
    The mature sector of science accepts we are still scratching at the surface and would be distressed if we were claim we knew ‘everything’.
    Antierra’s discourse on Time and the possibilities inherent in the multi-dimensional concept of Creation / Cosmos requires the reader to open up their mind beyond the narrowness of a simple Three Dimensions. This takes some hard work, because as creatures we are used to using senses which are wired to ‘three’.
    In relation to the narrative the ‘addendum’ definitely adds another layer to the whole and a back-story which goes way beyond Malefactus.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks again Roger. As I was writing, invariably some “bits and pieces” of back history kept intruding so after a while I learned to accept that and include some of it in the narrative. I did try not to “pad” the story with too much “history” to keep it going. I kind of hit the “Frank Herbert” conundrum – how much “history” and philosophy to add without overloading the carryall, i.e., the actual story/action. I realize if I went for a publisher I’d have to shave down a lot of the non-action stuff. Nowadays, readers like the “wham bam, see ya mam!” kind of entertaining writing, substance be damned. All part of society’s decadence.

      1. deteremineddespitewp

        Quite rightly so Sha’ Tara.
        From the military perspective, except in a few very intense situations (Stalingrad- Normandy-Hue for instance) action comes in sharp bursts interposed by inactivity or shuffling about from here to there.
        For the very challenging and complex worlds of the Antierra Manifesto a few interludes of histories and ‘stepping back’ to look at the bigger picture make sense.
        If folk can’t follow dialogue and the exchanges between folk as people, then they an’t reading proper (sic)

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