I Disagree – a short essay

[thoughts from an angry   ~burning woman~   ]

I Disagree!

Overworked,tired and in a mood: perhaps not the best conditions to write an essay but I have to ‘say’ this: I disagree. That’s it, and that’s all of it: I disagree.

Undoubtedly someone is bound to ask, “What are you disagreeing with?” To which I have to respond: absolutely everything.

“Explain? Clarify?”

I think that everything is a conspiracy, especially though, everything that is so easy to accept. I’ve been reading some about the manufacture of consent and I’ve come to realize that all arguments are manufacturing of consent, the effort to make another change her mind about whatever, and for whatever reason.

This brings me to commercials, or “ads” as they are so cutely described. What is an “ad” but a financially motivated effort to make you buy something you don’t need, or change the brand of something you’re already using? Okay, you tell me that isn’t manufacturing consent. People consent to believe because they desperately need to believe.

I’ve been unashamedly a conspiracy theory buff for a long time. It began, I suppose, when I became aware of how certain nations use false flags to launch wars, usually wars of regime change when a certain other nation wouldn’t roll over and beg. For a so-called democracy, in particular, to launch a war you need the consent of the Muggles. Now they aren’t that hard to move in the direction of mayhem, violence and blood, it’s in Muggle DNA after all,  but they still need to feel righteous about state-sanctioned mass murder. They want to know that they are right and anyone else declared the enemy is de-facto wrong. From wrong it’s but a tiny step to being evil. Then it’s easy to demonize them and then to massacre them. If they happen to have something worth taking it isn’t stealing, it’s just spoils of war. They forced us to go to war against them by not obeying our rules and now they have to pay our debts incurred in straightening them out.

It all fits together, one false flag after another, one war after another, then more false flags if the war is flagging (!) so the theater of war (ah, I knew I’d get to the entertainment part of it) can be moved around, or expanded. Are you bombing Iran yet, America, or are you thinking that maybe they’re fun to propagandize against but might not be so much fun to go toe-to-toe against in a real war? Maybe they’re not Grenada, huh?

You’ll think, everything isn’t about war, but isn’t it? What is racism, you tell me. What is misogyny, you tell me. What is throwing people into the streets who can’t pay rent, you tell me. What is taking public money from public education and health care to jam it into weapons manufacturing and into the pockets of the obscenely rich, you tell me. Whatever you want to call it, I call it war because thousands of innocents are dying because of it.

Predatory capitalism, the number one economic system ruling and ruining the Earth at this time is all about war. It makes war on life, period. When people spend their time discussing this monstrosity without taking action against it, they are manufacturing consent in that they want “me” to believe that P/C can be used for good.

That’s when I say, bull shit. To those I say, you will never convince me that it is possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end.

20 thoughts on “I Disagree – a short essay

  1. franklparker

    I’ve been pondering a lot lately about education, what we are taught, what we believe and how we sort “truth” from the morass of information with which we are bombarded. When does “education” become “indoctrination”? How do we tell the difference between propaganda and fact, especially when facts are presented selectively in order to infer a false belief?
    It seems to me that your determination to disagree with everything, at least until you have made a full, independent study of the evidence, is the sensible approach. At that includes my instinct to disagree with your analysis when it comes to the notion that there is a conspiracy to keep the human race at war with itself. Coincidentally, your essay appeared in my e-mail feed almost simultaneously with this from the historian Peter Ackroyd: “One result of historical enquiry is the recognition of transience; the most fervent beliefs will one day be discredited, and the most certain certainties will be abandoned.” https://wordandsilence.com/2019/07/23/history-is-an-accident/

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Frank. I do have ideas that most people reject automatically because I deliberately turn them to not fit the pattern. “Believe all things, believe in nothing” is not something people are comfortable with – mostly because it calls for full self empowerment and that in turn means one has to reason everything to one’s satisfaction. Transience is certainly the way of the physical universe, or what we can deduce of it. What should be of concern however is not that everything will end and new things will arise to take their place, but what happens in the meantime. We are ‘here’ in space/time for whatever reason, enjoyment, lesson, accident, I don’t know, but with our awareness we cannot, if we are intelligent and humane creatures/entities ignore the evil that is being done all around. We can’t make it go away, neither can we accept it. Hence the inevitable struggle and angst. Some of us, the few, live in currently relatively ‘safe’ countries but such safety is also in transience and may last a much shorter time than we like to think. Do we accept the call to ‘commit’ acts of compassion towards the less fortunate; do we close ourselves off from the world; do we go to the attack (as America is currently doing) to preemptively stop the needy and war refugees from seeking refuge ‘in our back yard’ so to speak? We are always the ‘in-between’ generation… (Sorry, this went on way longer than I intended.)

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      There are so many different kinds of wars, aren’t there. The confusing aspect of having to temporarily exist in a world that “chose” to develop through the concept of the predator and prey. Somebody sure didn’t think seriously about how that would develop. Such a system can only lead to entropy if the world in question is finite.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Carol. I used to belong to large social change and environmental organizations until I became completely disillusioned with their myopic outlook (that hasn’t changed). I decided to go it alone by telling myself on a daily basis that my stand or stance is actually more effective because it is changing me.

  2. Hyperion

    I agree with your disagreement. Does this make a quorum? Picking up poo by the clean end is a real challenge because we only have a 50% chance of guessing which end is in fact the clean end. I don’t like odds like that so I practice letting turds do their own thing without interference. I’ve always been fascinated by the fact most reasonable humans know precisely what is wrong with any situation and moreover they know how to make it right, but we don’t prefer to exercise the wisdom we acquire unless it results in capital gains. Then, we are like a hound dog on a ham bone to get ‘r done. Every good monkeyologist knows that monkeys are just plain naughty and if it’s true we are derivatives of those bad actors, it’s no wonder we are a bundle of misbehaving fools. I suspect some lonely galaxy traveller stopped by to refuel and like a lot of sailors when they get into port, availed himself to the local women who didn’t object in the least. Now, we have a conspiracy theory worth burning up the internet over. 😕😉

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Well Daniel I don’t have a problem with your alien conspiracy theory, except to point out that the alien in question actually created the women to satisfy his, shall we say, curiosity? According to less well known history, the resultant progeny which were called ‘Nephilim’ (giants of old, men of renown) were another of those unexpected results.

      1. Hyperion

        I think this is entirely plausible Sha’Tara and according to several internet news stories, the skeletons of Nephilims were uncovered by archeologists and of course there was a convincing episode on Discovery Channel that envolved a mermaid and some alien fellows. The evidence is mounting to the irrefutable stage; however, our collective ability to ignore mundane facts for a bit more titillation is also well documented. For myself, I really like Vampiric Goth Girls but I’ve never been able to figure out why. I was forced to take a plethora of unnamed experimental vaccines while in the service and it was during this period that I began to exhibit habits normally associated with Lupus Canis and Goth Girls were always out late at night during my perferred operating hours. I like conspiracy because there is an element of the unknown with all the knowns and it’s mystery that really powers the human universe. 🤩

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        In a world ruled by rank insanity, madness, foolishness, both educated and non-educated ignorance and plain stupidity, to insist that everything is a conspiracy seems to be the sanest path. If you live in a world operated by liars and a system that relies on lies to function, would it not be sane to say, “I don’t believe any of it and I don’t believe any of you!”? Ever our drive to survival in a physical body is a conspiracy, and pointless. Who can claim, and prove, that they have lived forever, or even for a mere thousand years? However we state it; however we walk it, every word and every step only gets us closer to death. Yet we fool ourselves by doing almost anything to “survive.” We are driven to want to live even though we know we cannot. We take others’ lives to feed our own and justify the unjustifiable. We – Are – Certifiably – Insane.

      3. Hyperion

        I can never say it so clear and concise as you Sha’Tara. I may be slightly off plumb myself having taken a bite of the non-existent apple of knowledge and banned myself from the insanity. I prefer my own madness to the pointless existence the world seems determined to live. I enjoy chopping firewood with you. It makes me feel like I have a purpose. There are billions of people that no longer understand the necessity of wood chopping and loudly condemn it for many reasons irrelevant to their own lives, but to the person who heats the winter home with a woodburning stove or fireplace, every swing and every clatter of the halved parts is another hour of warmth and life.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Wood splitting… the Peace River homestead provided many hours of such “enjoyment”. Can’t say that I miss it. Mind wood chopping however, that’s a different thing! I like exchanging ideas with you, you have a broad mind and a view of the world I can only dream of. There was a time, as a teen, when I thought that traveling the world would be the ultimate ‘trip’ but I saw things from a romantic view in those years. That was soon knocked out of me with kids and responsibilities. Later when I interacted with people who had traveled the world I was terribly disillusioned: I found out they had learned nothing! No clue, no idea. The people whose lands they had gone through were nothing more than servants, slaves, providers of various expected comforts and pleasures. These were all, rarely any exception, Christopher Columbus clones: th world was given to them to exploit and profit from. Then I learned how much of a carbon footprint those giant jets left over the planet and that did it. No more even thinking about going anywhere. I figured there was enough ignorance right here in the city of Chilliwack to satisfy even a die-hard Trumpite! Then I discovered astral travel and I no longer felt any urge to go anywhere, unless there was a serious need, something I could get involved in to help out in some way. So when you tell me about your personal experiences with strangers out there in the world, that’s always good. Fill in the blanks… anytime!

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for reading, Stuart. I am aware that I am now living in the end times of global civilization – no doubts in my own mind on this: there is no fix. It has to be allowed to die an execrable death in the same fashion it has so execrably despoiled and destroyed the earth and openly murdered billions of its inhabitants, humans and others. Only blind fools would sing the praises of this civilization and sadly there are still a lot of blind fools out there. There are also those who are deeply frightened by the thoughts of having to live through the coming apocalypse. The fools and the fearful would rather play pretend: “If I keep repeating, ‘It’s all good’ then it has to be all good. If I believe in fairies Tinker Bell won’t die.” But this isn’t Tinker Bell, it’s the Wicked Witch of the West! I decided long ago to simply face the apocalypse since it can’t be prevented or avoided. I’m not signing up to go live on a space ark either. So you’re on the Titanic and despite all assurances that it is unsinkable, it is obviously sinking. You start by remembering that a life on earth isn’t a survival exploit – the stats on that are quite impressive: one out of one dies here. There is no survival. So… you do what you can to help those around you who legitimately need help. You practice compassion, and you set your mind on the art of dying well. The circus can stay in town until the town dies around it but having experienced all there is to experience of the circus, I can leave, no regrets.

  3. Sha'Tara Post author

    Brutal honesty, as long as it is truthful, is usually the best. Cut to the chase, say what you mean and mean what you say. Thanks Neelam.


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