Antierra Manifesto – blog post #64

Yes, many of the women are frightened by my words and the ideas they create in their minds.  I have to keep reminding them that they are going to be killed violently regardless of what they do. 

End blog post #63
Begin blog post #64

“What have you got to lose?  Some of you here will be dead next week, see?  You are afraid of whips, of torture, of punishment, of being taken down into the inquisition’s dungeons, but what is the arena after all?  Isn’t it all the same? 

“Here’s a truly revolutionary idea for you.  What if all of us, all the women, all the girls, of T’Sing Tarleyn were truly strong and courageous and if we could all communicate telepathically – I had to explain my new terms very carefully to them – we could do this: we could, in one day, stop doing all that we are doing for the men who think they be our masters. 

“Imagine, you can imagine, I know, because you are afraid of what may happen, that takes imagination – so imagine what would happen to this World of Man. It would collapse, fall, because women supply everything here.  We do most of the work and we are the main source of the economy.”

I keep on throwing these thoughts at them, confusing them and angering them.  I can hear them discussing my words in hoarse, low tones at night in the cages.  Some pass questions across to me, thus all become a little bit enlightened by the simple expedient that they must carry the exchanges across the floors of our cages.  Some are excited at the possibilities, others warn of dire consequences.  Predictably the greatest argument against my teaching is that girls and women would be tortured horribly all over the planet.  They would all be killed for refusing orders from men.

“My come-back is simple if quite ineffective.  “But what are they doing to us now already?  Are they not killing us everywhere?  Are we not sex slaves, worker slaves, fighter slaves with no right to life?  Are they not raping our girls, our ‘daughters’ as if they had no feelings?  Hurting, torturing them all the time?  Ask all the young ones here, how many have not been gang-raped?  Beaten?  Have electrical shocks applied to their vaginas, nipples and lips just to hear them scream?

“Listen, don’t you know why men love to make you scream in pain?  A woman’s voice is a necessary part of a man’s life on any world.  But here they won’t let you speak openly.  And they don’t let you sing at all under pain of death.  These men are sick from not having your love, your gentle, naturally healing  touch and from not hearing your voices.  They hate you because of their laws, not because of you.  Every day you are all around them, naked and beautiful and desirable – and they cannot have you as nature intended.  They can only desire and when their urge is too strong to hold back, they violate their own taboos on sex and they rape you.  No love for them, ever.  It is not allowed.

“The only legal way they can hear you is by hurting you.  Understand this.  It’s not only the women who are slaves on this world.  The men are even more so than us.  They want to love us but their laws and social ways forbid them from doing so.  They want to hear us sing – we have such beautiful voices!  But they cannot, ever, hear us.  So they live in their own kind of hurt, of terrible and deep heart pain – just like us! They close themselves to what is natural and normal and they live malevolent, angry lives.  They too have forgotten what it was like before the black metal demons came.  Now they blame us for their pain and they hurt us trying to make themselves feel better.

“Now listen to me on this.  Do you think I be more courageous than all of you?  Yet I speak of these things to all and do not fear.  What if one of you was to tell the men what I am telling you?  Do you know what they would do to me?  And do you think I don’t know that?  I’ve already been down in the torture dungeons and hurt more than I ever was fighting the men.  Yet as you see, I am not afraid of them.  It’s not because I am stronger.  As my young friend here pointed out to me, they will kill me too and that soon I think.  They get tired of us old ones.  We become too tough and not so much fun.  They know we kill efficiently and not so much money is made on the bets against us.  So they will do something soon and I will die there, maybe in the next killing orgy.”

I can hear their intake of breath and the terrible silence that follows my mention of the orgy.  We never speak of that terror, never.  Yet again I broke one of their rules by showing them I was ready to face my death that way.  I have to show them I am more than just another strong fighter.  I have to give them hope before I die and when I do they must know that it is not the end of me.  I am thankful for my training in Altarian logic.  And many other things these poor people do not have a clue about yet.

To all of this, much more and repetitively, Tiki listens.  I can feel her tensing at times, and wanting to speak but even here in these dreadful compounds there is an order.  When the older women engage certain topics among themselves, the young stay quiet.  They are expected to listen but may never interrupt.  Those who do are quietly but viciously “punished” by the older ones in the training compounds.  When they are punished, they know why.  Thus the women discipline ‘their’ children even under these circumstances.  Of course of those we are given, we can discipline freely.  They are our slaves.

End blog post #64

16 thoughts on “Antierra Manifesto – blog post #64

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for following along with the “Manifesto” Jim, and for your meaningful comment. Glad to see that you and Neelam see the parallels between “Malefactus” and Earth. The Patriarchy rules.

  1. Neelam

    This is a revelation that women avoid. You’re right. Women are valuable to men as long as they bear their burdens. Women are valuable as the sex toys, childbearing machines, money making machines, slaves of kitchen and bedroom. She is not supposed to be free from men and their “favours”. The meaning for her existence lies a man’s penis. Violent death? Possibility for EVERY SINGLE WOMAN.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Women are programmed to accept a subservient role to men, to be submissive and to endure the horrors of the Patriarchy as if they were normal. Some will believe that much changed for women in the 1900’s but as we can readily see today, those gains were false flags. Overall women are no better off than they’ve ever been even if some can afford makeup and pretty dresses – when economic troubles happen who are the first to suffer the consequences? Who are first to become unemployed, under-employed or grossly underpaid? Who has to worry the most about feeding the kids and providing a roof over their heads? If war happens, or an invasion, who becomes the ‘spoils of war’? And violent death for women and girls? It is so common, unless it is truly gruesome it hardly makes the news any longer. As you say, and bottom line, women still survive at the sufferance of men. That is the hidden reality that drove me to write “The Antierra Manifesto” in the hope that a few more would see it… and some have so it was, and is, worth the effort. Thank you sincerely for your pointed comment – I hope that many will read it and think about it.

      1. Neelam

        And I like the plain honesty in your post. Have you read my post, “Women : The Repressed” ? I highlighted the slavery of women under the patriarchal society.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        That was an older post I missed. I read it just now and in it you pose the question I’ve asked myself all of my life, quote: “A WOMAN BEARS THE BURDEN OF PREGNANCY , THE EXCRUCIATING LABOR PAIN AND YET SHE IS SEEN AS THE AGENT OF PERVERSION AND EVIL ?” And to that I added the question, “How can that be when every one of those men in the patriarchy had a mother, and most also sisters and female lovers. What’s with this dichotomy, this madness? How can this be? So I went looking deeper and found some bits of very ancient taboo history that I talk about on the ~burning woman~ blog. Search “Lucifer” if you have the time or inclination – that’s going a very long way back!

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Hedy. I walk the dark paths of many worlds by choice but joy and peace, though it may seem contradictory, are never far from me since I carry those within myself, not as external expressions. Believe all things, believe in nothing. My own name is a compound, Sha being short for Shallom and Tara meaning Earth. I believe that peace and joy are our natural state and the darkness inherent to our current manifestation as Homo Sapiens is an aberration. I didn’t learn this by eschewing the imposed darkness but by engaging life as much through sorrow as through joy. Life manifests as duality and “power” fills those who understand the two sides of “the Force” as it were. Once both sides are equally known and accepted, then remains the choice of which side to serve. That is where wisdom creates vision.

      1. sloppy buddhist

        Well I think and reflect on your thoughtful words so yes thank you Sha’Tara sometimes I’m wordless 🤓☺️💫 have a joyful day

  2. deteremineddespitewp

    Herein lies a tragedy.
    Slaves will seek out lower slaves.
    In similarity to the White Trash of the southern USA states who vilified and attacked the Afro-Americans just so they could have a scrap of illusory superiority.
    And who are programmed to ensure FMG is carried out. Why the mothers and grandmothers of the girls?
    Who has to suffer all the physical side effects of chemical contraception, morning after-pills and so forth…Women of course.
    The abhorrent cowardly machine of the inadequates who think themselves as True Men continues.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your further comments on this topic, Roger. When we know the source of a problem chances are we can fix it. But what happens when we only suspect the source but our information will not let us explore this further? It is undeniable that misogyny, as well as racism and slavery, are underpinnings of man’s current civilization. If there horrific evils were to be eliminated completely, in all of their forms and facets, civilization in its current form would crumble. I think that such an event, though very “painful” would give man a chance to rethink himself and move away from his need for imposing violence against and upon others. But man’s current civilization is the product of programming and to change that we would need to, first of all, admit that we are being “forced” to act against our own best interests, that such is the result, not of an innate sinful nature but an alien programming, then expose that programming and shut it down, trusting in our humanity to show us the proper way to interact with all others, including with the world we rely on for our survival. I’m not so naive to believe that this particular “brand” of Homo Sapiens Sapiens is ever going to do this from and kind of free choice.

      1. deteremineddespitewp

        From a world view there is a war going on at many levels for Tolerance and Equality. Naturally there is a reaction against this by the forces of Privilege and Ignorance in which many ‘ordinary’ people are complicit. These are currently on the rise.
        To my perspective, as I have said before, comes from the problem of still being in thrall to the basic survival instinct mixed with an imagination which conjures threats where there are none and also breeds hypocrisy.
        The solutions require education, general improvement of the living conditions and the mobilising of the working populations into constructive work to repair and replenish the environment.
        Here is where I become part of the paradox. This would also the require the incarceration and re-education of those elements which remain violent and disruptive…and you can see where I am going, a strict and dedicated regime to ensure this is so….
        And here my plan falls apart, because such a regime would have flaws (people) and would eventually only be concerned with a hold on power.
        Nature will therefore have the last word, adapt and evolve or become extinct. I cite fossil records.
        There is of course always Hope.
        I hope

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Let me turn that around a bit: Equality and Tolerance versus Privilege and Ignorance. Yes, there has always been a war between those, but of greatly unequal sides. History demonstrates much more Privilege and Ignorance than Equality and Tolerance!
        When Privilege and Ignorance go to war against Equality and Tolerance, I don’t see that these are atavistic traits based on survival of the fittest. Rather these are certain groups exercising their privilege to wage war against those of less status or power to use, abuse and enslave them for personal benefit and pleasure. It is lust running amok. It is Earthian nature exposing itself for what it is and no amount of counter force or laws can change that. Nature’s forbearance will decide if man’s lusts can be allowed to proliferate or if an end to his depredation is called for.

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