Antierra Manifesto – blog post #65

(In which Antierra faces her most challenging arena combat to-date which she hopes will score a very important point for the empowerment of women in Elbre.)

To all of this, much more and repetitively, Tiki listens.  I can feel her tensing at times, and wanting to speak but even here in these dreadful compounds there is an order.  When the older women engage certain topics among themselves, the young stay quiet.  They are expected to listen but may never interrupt.  Those who do are quietly but viciously “punished” by the older ones in the training compounds.  When they are punished, they know why.  Thus the women discipline ‘their’ children even under these circumstances.  Of course of those we are given, we can discipline freely.  They are our slaves.
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Chapter 28 – Vengeance as a Redemptive Act

Through Tiki I have been contacted by the female Cydroid who works as a goronda in the kitchens.  The Koronese “sting” operation on Warmo and his infernal inquisition has been successfully concluded, details to be given to me in the future should I require them.  Yes, XBA9 was tortured to death as was expected and his “re-cloning” (at astronomical cost to Dr. Echinoza and his associates on Koron) was immediately implemented when XBA9’s death on T’Sing Tarleyn was confirmed and officially accepted on Koron.

I am told that the King ordered a secret raid on Warmo’s dungeons following the death of a “terrorist” whose activities the King wanted to know more about.  All the victims of Warmo’s torture, alive, dying or dead but still on the stakes, were taken out into a secure courtyard for official examination.  Warmo was arrested on a technicality to do with a health code violation.  Apparently he failed to remove the decomposing bodies of his victims and keep the floors and walls disinfected and a member of his entourage got sick from accidental contact with the bodies.

Again I must point out the twisted logic on how laws are used in pseudo-ISSA societies.  I saw many such inanities when dealing with “environmental” or “health” related issues on Túat Har.  There never were any doubts in my mind then that the endless legal subterfuges used by the courts to hide real crimes through the prosecution of misdemeanours would inevitably result in the great die-back.  There never was the will to tackle the real problems because that would have exposed all the powers that be and all the rulers, leaders, CEO’s including the great heads of organized Religion.

But back to my story here.  The “member” in Warmo’s employ – one of the Cydroids – blew the whistle.  Another Cydroid, a member of the King’s legal counsel group, laid the charges against Warmo.  After short deliberation and the additional startling discovery that the “terrorist” was a confidant of the King and friend of the court, Warmo was officially pronounced guilty.  As you know, all crimes on Malefactus are capital crimes.  Warmo was given the chance to redeem himself through a fight to the death in the arena.  He naturally jumped at the chance and when he was told I would be his opposing fighter, he apparently raised his fist in the air and yelled, “I finally get to kill that bitch!”

All the men in the compound, from the overseer to the medics, are aghast at the bold move by the King and his counselors in reaching down into the official inquisition’s affairs and condemning “the” Warmo.  The man is well known in Elbre.  Before the previous King gave him the position of chief torturer – it is well known that the King used to go and watch Warmo work and sometimes provide him with interesting victims for the fun of it – Warmo had been a drook.

His reputation was so that no owner of female fighters would enter them against him and he had no more takers by the time he was promoted to be the King’s Grand Inquisitor.  He killed with precision and mastery but more, with utter malice.  Warmo was (and remains) a consummate misogynist.  He literally tortured opposing fighters before killing them.  No one died quickly at his hands.  He would entertain the crowds with blows and cuts, to maim and disfigure after he’d tired his opponent.  Even if the fighter quit and lay down to die, he’d continue beating and cutting as long as he could make her endure.  He never sexually assaulted his victims and the story spread that he was a eunuch.

Well, maybe I’ll find out.  In the case of Warmo, I’m going to be utterly “human” in performing my own ritual with him in the arena.  Yes, I know I should not be so cocky, that anything can go wrong, that I am supposed to be a new person with a new outlook on life and that I need to be humble in all things.  Sure, I know all that, just as you know all that.  But again, there is that which I call compromised morality.  This is not about me, even though I will be the center of interest and attraction.

This is much more than personal.  This fight is a social comment and a political statement.  It is of paramount importance that my purpose is not to survive an arena fight against a powerful drook, but meant to avenge his victims, particularly the female ones.  I must be more than the ultimate fighter; I must also be the consummate actress to demonstrate that I am indeed the avenger.

In exacting vengeance on Warmo I will be causing the deliberate humiliation of a once “great” man and performing an elaborate execution by torture to be done by a woman to a man.  This must be seen by all, and reported openly.  This is my ultimate dare and my chance to make these males see what a fearless, self-empowered woman can do.

Even if after the fight I am publicly flogged to death or otherwise killed for my temerity, for having dared flaunt my womanhood towards a man, I must do this.  The law is clear on this: the penalty for a woman demonstrating power over a man (other than in the handling of weapons, of course) is death.  The choice of death, if it comes on that day, will be given to the crowd to decide.  Not likely will it be a mercy killing.

Nevertheless, there must be no doubt that I am meeting this monster in my own capacity as monster.  The meeting of Beast Warmo and the Desert Beast.  The stakes will likely be the highest the gambling  world has ever heard of.  The betting will go ‘through the roof’ as the saying went.

I have two weeks to prepare myself for this event.  It’s not that either Warmo or I need that time, but the longer the event is delayed, the higher the stakes will rise, and the farther the news will reach so betting will take place in all the major centers of Elbre, and perhaps even beyond.  This is “play off” time and the Big Money will be in evidence everywhere.  This also means that in the meantime, fewer women will be fought in the arenas as the money will be hoarded for the main event.  That also is a great victory to me, although I can see an uglier side to this as well.

I hear the King has decreed there is to be but one fight in the arena of Hyrete on that day, regardless of how quickly it ends.

Also, the day of the “Fight of the Beasts” as it is billed is to be a kingdom-wide holiday.

I wonder how that will affect the non-fighter women and girls in the kingdom?  They won’t see any holiday; in fact they will have a greater load to bear as a result of the partying, visiting, merry-making and the various needs for exotic pleasures and entertainment.  There is also the very real danger that should the fight cause great losses of money, and I am the one who causes it by killing the Warmo, innocent women will bear the brunt of reprisals in a surge of hate and anger against women in general.  This is, after all as I have already said, a world at war and in any war it is always the innocents who suffer the most.

Tiki and I speak of the coming fight.  This girl is no fool.  She understands her world and moves within its twisted ways with a skill born of breeding and necessity.  If it’s information she wants, she gets it quietly and quickly and she deduces much from what is not being said or publicized.

I don’t have to explain the Inquisition or Warmo to her.  She gets as much as I could tell her from her contacts which she has naturally developed as she works the kitchens, the yard and the cages.  By now everybody knows her and she has had many offers to leave me and share younger flesh in other cages.  She could do it, if she wanted it badly enough.  Yes, she belongs to me, in a sense, but she could “trade” herself for another, say an older trainee who wanted to ingratiate herself to me for special training.  This old human trading for advantage, for favours, is found everywhere except in the most advanced and evolved world touching the top edge of ISSA consciousness.  No matter where I’ve encountered this process, I’ve always found it particularly repugnant.

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  1. Hyperion

    Seldom do I get to read about or even partake in events with wide ranging tertiary effects that those effects are so diligently examined as in this chapter. For those that do see or know the results of their actions, it can be a terrible burden to bear if those effects are counter to the desired effect. I know Antierra will choose well, her course of action.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      For those of us who are “cosmic” travellers it becomes easier, if not second nature, to choose wisely one’s course of action. Antierra is my alter-ego in a future I have seen (obviously) but more as a spectator than participant. Do you remember Aenea’s quandary (Rise of Endymion) as she was growing up on the ship while at the same time fully aware of the terrible ordeal that was awaiting her, an ordeal she could either by-pass, or accept but had to accept because she had already committed herself to that future and was caught in its tidal wave? Antierra knows why she manifested on T’Sing Tarleyn; she knew what she was getting herself in for, at least to some extent (because I TOLD HER!). She hadn’t fully realized the horror of that world and particularly of the fighter compounds for we cannot truly know what we haven’t experienced “in the flesh” so to speak. “Choose wisely, Antierra, for me, as your one true and little-known to you disciple, will inherit the consequences of your choice, or choices. I too will get to know the feel of the sand in the arena.” This may not make much sense here, but if I could explain, in Earthian words, the concept of “partials” or linked minds, it would help. Brains can be linked with other brains with hardware, like devices can link through a process known as ‘Bluetooth’ but that breaks when a brain is damaged or destroyed. Minds however, are cosmic in scope and eternal. Linked minds remain linked until one or the other breaks the link – it’s a choice thing, no one can affect that except the actual participants. From here, in this “long past” I can be aware of my mind-link to Antierra and Al’Tara. My name gives that away! By recording what I pulled back from our future I am simply assuring that these future beings, these future me’s, can look back ‘over here’ and draw information from this time. Complicated? Only to those who don’t know how to play the game. Crazy, impossible, pure speculation with no proof? Only to those still caged in their Earthian soul programming and who believe that their cage is their safety and freedom. We are star beings with immense and unlimited potential, if we but decide to activate that part of our super-programming.

      1. Hyperion

        I do indeed remember Aenea’s quandary. A lot of what you write has basis in recent discoveries that agree with you. It’s like science has discovered the worm hole you have known about and traveled. Certain personalities are far better at sensing things than others but all entities intercept the vibrations of all other entities in the universe down to living organisms and humans too. It’s there all around us and we can plug in with a little practice. Of course, when you expose the size 5 brain to size 10 concepts, you often blow a fuse.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thank you for “validating” my craziness, Daniel. I did have a lot of help from the Altarian Teachers over many long years and much of the information they planted in my mind still comes out, bit by bit, as I seek to understand how physical/material “reality” is both, dependent upon, and an outflow of, cosmic reality. Where do we who can walk between worlds, fit into this? I still don’t know, but more to the point, I don’t know what the ultimate point is, if there is one!!! Arrrrgh!

      3. Hyperion

        You aren’t crazy at all Sha’Tara. You are a finely tuned mind. Crazy is denying the undeniable while accepting lies with open arms. While I can’t help but think in terms of the science I am connected to as a vocation, my mind is more and more leaning into the creative side as the logic and math side dies. Having both sides of my brain engaged in a world that usually can only use one side or the other has labeled me crazy by those not blessed with a balance of both. I tell people I’m not mad just eccentric. To me the physical universe is not so complicated, what makes it so fascinating is the permutations of all the basic building blocks and how those combinations create energetic outcomes too numerous for the human mind to comprehend. The human body shares a fraction of those building blocks that are found in suns, planets, and energy transforms. It is precisely the same, not one muon, boson, or proton of difference. Yet we function as an entity far different than a star. That is the beauty of the universe to me. There is no impossible only undiscovered or misunderstood. You have the privilege of communication that humans are too afraid to accept. I’m sure it can be isolating but in no way should it turn you away from that unique ability and experience you have. It might be possible that the point is there is no point simply an outcome that will lead to further evolution in the many dimensions we swim through. I’ll throw this on the table. Think of a river that runs through a gorge. All the forces of nature over time create continuous change in the geography and life of the river. These forces are random and chaotic to us but all such systems over time form patterns which means they are only chaotic to human uderstanding and not chaotic in practice and application. The river runs through the land obeying the laws of physics and nature yet it is always dynamic and never in a state of quiescence. We are exactly the same although our mind understands this fully, our consciousness desires quiescence. Quiescence in life is death and even then the forces of nature are dynamic in transitioning our death to our subcomponents to be reused in another form. Our mothers used 10 billion year old materials to construct us in the womb according to a blueprint she was given. The rest is damned fascinating stuff to me. Simple stuff and certainly no secret but that is boring and we need stimulus to expand our thoughts and so we make shit up and often lose our way in a forest of make believe. I embrace the forrest of make believe and also immediately recognize the true physical dimension. I live happily in coexistence with all my human failings. It’s all the other people in the world that struggle to live happily with me. 🤪

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: “The human body shares a fraction of those building blocks that are found in suns, planets, and energy transforms. It is precisely the same, not one muon, boson, or proton of difference. Yet we function as an entity far different than a star. That is the beauty of the universe to me. There is no impossible only undiscovered or misunderstood.”
        In my philosophy, such as it is, it’s “believe all things, believe in nothing.” What is reality? It is everything we can think up, imagine, write about, describe in drawings or paintings; everything encountered in dreams, lucid or ‘normal’. But that’s only the beginning, that personal halo of awareness that surrounds an individual. Reality is everything. So why should an intelligent (???), sentient and self aware species be afraid of reality revelations, whatever they be? “Nothing is impossible.” – one of the cryptic lessons from the Teacher YLea. There’s a double meaning to that. One, all things are possible, as you say. Two, it is impossible for there to be nothing. Everything is something, so why be afraid of what we can’t understand, or what we have yet to discover or encounter? Fear, that’s the key to our enslavement: we are meant to live in fear within a dictatorial status quo in order that we never question it, or challenge it. God, Government and Gold though bitter enemies to each other have joined bloody hands to keep us in bondage to their perennial enslavement of our minds.

      5. Hyperion

        Beautiful pearls of wisdom, Sha’Tara. I think my entire life has lived in that child like desire to discover, explore, ponder, and imagine. My introversion is extreme but I’m not anti-social it’s just the greatest part of my waking hours are spent in seeking the power within and it doesn’t rely on the good grace of others to feel whole and satisfied. I see what you describe everyday. It is a double edged sword at times but for me it allowed me to go places and do things that fear often prevents. I never felt fear in the popular description because I didn’t fear death nor did I fear life and so I could take risks that compelled others to back away. I felt concern, and awe. I managed these emotions with exceptional training, skill development to mastery and willpower to push myself to take the next step. I never stopped learning and didn’t limit myself to favorite things to explore. Naturally as I stepped forward, I found myself more and more alone but I didnt see that as a disadvantage. Fear is the mind killer. I think the only thing that actually drove me to the brink of losing my emotions was the loss of loved ones. For me, that was devastation on a grand scale, but I learned to accept it as a natural part of life and so it has no power over me anymore. The grief is real but the devastation is no longer a part of my life. This has given me a perspective on all things that isn’t right or wrong. It just is. My Reality. I like your explanation of reality because it is an intrinsic truth of human life. You would be happy to note that your view delves into the newest discoveries in the quantum world. As distasteful as it may be, the altered realities can be explained by science without emotions or other human modifiers. It is very true that every life is lived in a different bubble. No two bubbles are the same and yet in our minds, for psychological reasons we believe we share the same bubble and when there is irreconcilable differences, we can’t deal with it. It is true that these bubbles can adhere to a common thread but they retain their descrete form. You recognize the individuality and the problems associated with adherence and common causes which are just altered realities that clash with others. Sadly, we are willing to crush, kill, destroy, maim, and cause all manner of suffering to force acknowledgement of one altered reality over another and this starts with two people and moves on to entire continents of populations. We are deep into the quantum mechanics of the mind and great discoveries have occured in the last three years that in time will migrate to common understanding. Will it improve things? No, not in the general populace but for those who wish to know and practice healing, the new knowledge gained will make that possible. Recently, an experiment to clone a human and monkey was sucessful. The thought was that we could raise organ donnors instead of harvesting organs from other humans and cadavers. The problem was the ofspring from these genetic clonings would have human like consciousness. As a pure solution to a global problem, it seemed a solution much needed, but the experiment was shut down because the moral question of slavery and suffering is more powerful than the right to live at the expense of another. I add this to say, we have the capability today to create new species and give them human qualities to do our bidding or serve us in predesigned ways but should we go down this road? This would certainly bring about consequences we can’t imagine. So it may be better not to open the Pandora’s box of knowledge and to live in our created imaginations of the truth until we are all conquered and put down by death, which is not a bad thing at all.

      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: “we have the capability today to create new species and give them human qualities to do our bidding or serve us in predesigned ways but should we go down this road? This would certainly bring about consequences we can’t imagine.”
        The thing is, we can know exactly what the consequences of that would be! Homo Sapiens is the result of just such an act of “vandalism” against a natural creature. If people were permitted to know their real history they could come to that shocking bifurcation in the natural development towards their eventual humanity; that intervention that changed everything for life on earth and doomed all of it to eventual termination. A new species was indeed lab-created to serve a master race. It was intended that it would remain a docile slave. “Useless” or “dangerous” parts of its new brain were closed off so it would remain unable to think for itself. It was to be the perfect servant. But then something went “wrong” as nature inexorably took over and the creature became fertile, able to reproduce on its own. It’s progeny changed, some reverting back to its original state, some moving “up” to even challenge its master race. Those were the ones who today are the ruling and destroying “masters” of earth. That’s the short-short version of man’s history, the one that actually happened. We’ve tried and tried to figure out who we are, where we came from, why we are, where we are going, but as long as that crucial information is withheld from us, or we deliberately refuse to face it, we are accepting our own doom as a failed experiential species.

      7. Hyperion

        I think to close the case, we could blame it on free will and God. I have felt we humans were an aberration since I was a child. While the natural world follows its own rules, which could seem cruel and merciless to us, we are a combination of the beasts of the world and something totally out of sync with every living entity on the planet. There is something very unnatural about us. I do believe we are a failed invasive species. We upset the natural order of everything. We are the virus that kills the host as a secondary stage in the reproductive cycle. The next stage to our successful elimination of life on the planet seems a bit nebulous to me. Bit we can all be proud that we have confirmed life on the moon, also an invasive species from earth as a result of a failed science experiment. Now the Tardigrades lives or better sleeps on the moon waiting for the conditions to reactivate it. Since nothing on earth is known to kill the microscopic beasts and they can live for eternity in self imposed suspended animation, we will likely see the moon become a hazardous environment to visit due to the voracious little water bears that inhabit every nook and cranny. Hmmmmm, wouldn’t that be an analogy of how we got our start. A little foreign virus from somewhere else that found bipedal hominids a great place to hang out and explore the local RNA. Maybe make some changes so things work a little more in favor of the virus. Killing the host is not a bad thing, it allows the virus to spread to the next host higher up in the life cycle. Maybe those explorations for new inhabitable planets is the next step in the plague’s journey.

      8. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: ” While the natural world follows its own rules, which could seem cruel and merciless to us, we are a combination of the beasts of the world and something totally out of sync with every living entity on the planet. There is something very unnatural about us. I do believe we are a failed invasive species. We upset the natural order of everything.”
        This has been my observation also, and nothing to date has caused me to change my mind on that, rather the opposite. As for the plague journeying on, I have “information” that assures me this solar system has been put under quarantine and nothing of the kind of life that could propagate “us” is allowed beyond. Machines are allowed through as they pose no threat, being irradiated before they can go “out there”. They are encouraged because they provide feedback for Earthians that could, miracle of miracle, make them realize they have to change their attitudes and viewpoints before they can travel outside this system.

      9. Hyperion

        A quarantine. Nice. That means we have one shot to get it right or soon the illness will have run its course.

      10. Sha'Tara Post author

        That’s what “they” have told me. Either we mutate and change, mentally and morally, abandoning all that we have of our past or we end here. In my previous comment I used the words, attitudes and viewpoint, but that was pure error. Attitudes and viewpoints can change back. What is needed is a mutation, something that cannot change back. My apologies for not being clear on that.

      11. Hyperion

        The mutation is absolutely possible. It would only take three generations to establish a mutation of any level of change from bately perceptable to acomplete biological overhaul. What imperils every effort is the environment and social construct the new hominid lives in. All of the socialogical and psychological trappings that filter 90 percent of the population into a compromised mental and physical state and the other 10 percent in a state of irrelevance regardless of a positive or negative existence. If we reverse that and then have a relationship with nature like native Americans of the past or indigenous uncompromised natives of South America (nearly extinct now due to contact with “civilization”) a sort of instinctive self policing use of natural resources, then we have a chance. I think attotudes and viewpoints are necessary components after the fact of mutation. So, I think you express it holistically and generally in a way all us unenlightened folk can grasp it. To me, it is a beautiful salvation to an ugly turn in human history. The thing is Sha’Tara, it’s possible. This is not farfetched. We only need to allow it to happen by recognizing it’s the only way to have a future.

      12. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for taking the time to post such a detailed comment, Daniel. I’ll try to be brief (who, me? Say what?) and clarify. A “mutation” has as its purpose the very aim of being no longer controlled/brainwashed by the “Time Lord” patriarchy which is currently upheld by a virulent predatory capitalism in the process of “eating up” our world. So no amount of fear based, or greed based, propaganda will have any effect upon the new mutation. That’s point one. Point two, of critical importance, is that this mutation (of which in some way I and some others are precursors and path makers) is NOT focused upon returning to nature at all! Quite the opposite. The mutants will be the first wave of liberated star people of Earth. Our focus is on the stars, i.e., totally forward. We are excited about more blending of technology and artificial intelligence with our own physical nature. We are NOT “goddess” or “Nature” children. We are self empowered ISSA consciousness free to look at the Cosmos and prepare ourselves to engage eternity and infinity. If you wish, we are truly aliens of a type of humanity this world has never known. The shenanigans of a dying Earthian civilization is of little consequence to us apart from the inevitable sorrow we must all endure as this corrupt and purposeless civilization destroys itself and drags down billions of innocents with itself. This is already well under way and nothing anyone can do to stop the coming tidal wave. I am sorry to say that the (intended or not) victims of civilization’s implosion cannot be saved; they can only be mourned. Nothing anyone does will slow down climate change. Nothing will prevent a great increase in military interventions in the affairs of every nation on earth. Nothing can prevent the coming resource and “space” wars. Earthians have not succeeded in developing a purpose for being and I would challenge anyone to counter that claim with verifiable facts, therefor they have left themselves wide open to self-destruction. Life will not endure that which serves no purpose, that I have learned.

      13. Hyperion

        This is truly inspiring commentary Sha’Tara . I generally never include the cosmic connection because it is impossible for most people to wrap their heads around. I get that. I spend most of my vocation delving into the tiny particles that make the physical universe possible and then I and my compadres in crime find ways to enlist the help of those those particles. When I say nature, I mean this planet in better hands and in balance as much as chaos will allow. The earth is not the enemy but from our egoist point of view, we hate everything that doesn’t serve us or is more powerful than we are. I’m working on a technology that I will bring to fruition that produces 14 million volts for approximately 5 years before it fades in power. The substance weighs a gram. This gram can out produce our own sun in power and energy. This isn’t going to be installed in smart phones to help teenagers teleport to the pot shop and back undetected. So, perhaps that isn’t such an interesting thing. I say this to say, if the next form of ISSA wishes to live in the stars or on the event horizon of the universe’s largest black hole, then it is possible but only for people who not only can imagine it, but know how to make it happen. Those are few people indeed. When we talk of purpose, I feel you strongly there. What is the purpose of a mosquito and why do we need them? Perhaps their only purpose is to serve as a vector for disease. Some purpose, right? Humans are the same. Our purpose may be as vectors to spread our disease thus killing the host. I’d like to think there is an alternative and you have provided that alternative. Leave the planet to die and in our new form return to our place of birth in the stars. I am already looking at man made elements that can outperform our sun in a way we control. And now, to find a purpose for it. Let the imagination run wild. We already know precisely what we will do with this new device. Others may venture further in time.

      14. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks Daniel. That technology you are working with is not “new” even to earth. The Anunnaki (Oh-oh, the programming dings a warning bell here: you can’t believe these people exist, not part of the curriculum and taboo!) possessed it and there remains many constructs that proves its existence. The people of Earth have been exponentially re-inventing the old wheel as technological development piles on development ad infinitum. Power is limitless and as you say, it belongs to those who know how to make it work. Behind a long and torturous social and military history of this universe are entire civilization who had, and have, the power to relocate entire planets, even suns, when the need arises, usually to avoid being overwhelmed by superior alien forces. The Altarians with whom I have exchanged many thoughts, are of those. They were once of this universe but were forced to relocate their world into a “non” place I call the Nexus, basically within a space between universes. Frank Herbert was aware that such places and “non things” existed as we learn in Chapter House. The Anunnaki are what I refer to as space pirates and they do pilot their world through this universe, or at least this galaxy, invading, plundering, moving slave entities about from world to world. It’s what they did to earth and we, that is the non-aware and securely programmed “Muggles” are their legacy. They were/are a violent and misogynist patriarchy with a self-centered religion in which the head honcho, “Anu” is the number one deity. The god we sometimes know as Yahweh, or Jehovah, with his deadly magic tricks (alien technology) was one of those. I Am that I Am is their motto. Whatever exists they claim as their own or that they “created” it. That’s that part. Next, they have not succeeded in subduing the entire universe of sentient life. (Think Star Wars, the Empire and the Rebel forces for a moment.) Some of us (a few of Earth included) know the real hidden history and live with that knowledge. We travel “time” as rebels and we have “contacts” with those who know how to manipulate power – as you speak of. When the time is right for ISSA consciousness of Earth to leave here, they will have been here to help us develop the technology required to lift up a dozen mega cities containing all ISSA consciousness in the form of humans from the planet. But we will not be leaving a dying world. We will be relieving Earth from a terrible burden and returning it to nurture its natural lifeforms as was the original intent. Some ISSA beings will remain behind for a time to observe Earth’s recovery; to make records of the transition and whenever possible, or needed, to help in that transition. These humans will be ambassadors only with no permanent home here. When their work is done all traces of their and our passage here will be obliterated. Earth will once again be a world teeming with life, all of it evolving naturally and (I hope!) without further violent interference. You see, we will not be claiming Earth as our own world – it never was so that would be grand theft – but we will fly off with our self-contained cities to form a either temp or permanent wheel world somewhere in space safely out of the reach of Time Lords and their minions and enforcing fleets of star troopers. Sci-fi, right? The best way to cause people to denigrate progress is to use it for entertainment, as has been the job of sci-fi writers and producers of “space” type movies. As long as the truth remains in the realm of entertainment for the brainwashed it will never be taken seriously. Want to hide something, hide it in plain sight. Get an agency like NASA to front for it and it will remain hidden behind the televised and advertised shenanigans.

      15. Hyperion

        I really think you could turn this into a story of epic proportions and it could all be true but sold as Sci-fi for the masses. Hiding in plain sight is what my previous story about the Black Dragons was about. We are tracking each other. I’m all for it. Space Pirates. Whata life that must be. I’m reading Heretics of Dune at the moment and the non-ships are mentioned early. Untrackable even by prescient beings. I’ll keep reading. Chapterhouse is next.

      16. Sha'Tara Post author

        Heretics of Dune… yes, of course, now that you remind me, that’s where we are introduced to the concept of non-ships that cannot be traced, as if they did not exist. Does the “weird old couple” show up in “Heretics” or does that happen in Chapter House?

      17. Hyperion

        I’m only 1/4 through the book. No weird couple yet. But they afe raising another Duncan Idaho ghola and a young girl, Seanna has been taken in as

      18. Sha'Tara Post author

        In the language of your “Agony of Ecstasy,” Seanna is the new “Worm Master” is she not?

      19. Hyperion

        Yes, it seems so. She is currently held captive on Rakis by the priests and treated like the new savior. Her plot has yet to unfold for me.

      20. Hyperion

        There is something about Herbert’s style of writing and the story that just captivates me. The Honored Matre’s are making the scene and they seem a little militant. I’m interested in how the Bene Geserit will handle the competition.

      21. Sha'Tara Post author

        His Dune series is masterful, I must have read them at least 4 times, and I watched the movies (I still like the first better). Some deep thinking in there. The honored matres, ah yes, quite the “ladies” those. Remnants of Leto’s Fish Speakers and other female rebels against the god’s 4000 year tyranny. The clash between H. Matres and Bene Gesserit is a classic work of sci-fi.

      22. Hyperion

        I can’t wait to get into it. It’s picking up page by page. I actually bought the entire collection to include the books done by Brian Herbert. There is an official Dune website that gives the proper order for reading all the books completed after Frank’s death. What a loss. Frank Herbert was a heck of a writer and a visionary. Between FH and Dan Simmons, my lit-mind might be permanently altered.

      23. Hyperion

        I couldn’t agree more. I think a lot of synpases and dendrites were rewired through those pages and many more to go.

  2. Sha'Tara Post author

    Quote: “when you expose the size 5 brain to size 10 concepts, you often blow a fuse.” I had to laugh at that but it’s so true! Then the zombies walk around with their blown fuses and can’t fix themselves. So they put on MAGA hats, buy assault rifles and the rest is… history.

  3. deteremineddespitewp

    With Warmo echoes here of some of the facets of the ‘show’ arrests and trials indulged in by both Nazis and Stalin’s machine in which someone who has fallen out of favour is arrested for some ‘crime’. Themselves echoes of other ‘trials’ and ‘justified excecutions’
    Warmo …how close to the insult ‘worm’?

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Obviously the Warmo’s arrest and show trial is an inside job. Warmo needs a legal way to get at Antierra and destroy her and this is his way to that end. It is a show of force between the ruling male power and Antierra’s empowering influence among the women fighters and through the grapevine, out into the kingdom of Elbre. Warmo and his supporters are absolutely certain of the outcome, that Antierra will be publicly humiliated and killed. This is a political move, not just a showdown between two undefeated fighters. This is intended to secure male dominance for ever.

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Ah yes, on the subject of the name, Warmo. To his enemies, “Worm” would come to mind, but to the hierarchy his name is a title: Warmonger. Warmo represents the ultimate, deadliest enemy of the female principle on Malefactus. He literally makes war against women, and against any one else who demonstrates the least liking or attraction to, a female, or females.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Nothing to read here! This was just an additional “explanation” from me as the author, not material actually found in the manuscript. It’s something that the astute and interested reader would figure out for her/himself if they had the entire manuscript, on paper, in their hands.
        The segmented blog post approach makes that very difficult to “get” as it breaks the continuity. With some planning it’s possible to offer a blogged novel in individual segments that link without losing the thread. Phil Houston did a great job of that in “The Hot Girl” when he was running it. It would have to be pre-planned, in serialized format.

      3. deteremineddespitewp

        It could do:
        Suggestion with a foreword or prologue as if narrated by someone associated with Antierra personally or as a archivist or historian.
        I am working on this with Vol 3 of The Precipice to explain the proliferation of characters and groups all working to their own agendas, and why they all end up in a mire. I never hold with the all-seeing, all-clever, Plan-Up-My-Sleeve characters who only get inexplicably foiled in the last chapter (unless they are a hero of course)

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        More to think about. When time permits and I plunge into the sequel to “The Manifesto” (Already begun but on hold) I’ll have to consider the segment/scene/blog post approach. Thanks for the suggestions, Roger. Hope that process works well with “Precipice Dominions.”

      5. deteremineddespitewp

        Only to happy swap ideas.
        When the idea forms into a narrative and thence into a book all sorts of possibilties arise.
        (Of course nothing goes smoothly)

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