Something about Today and the Future

[thoughts from   ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

Fact: Climate change (CC) is real and getting “realer” by the day.

Fact: Most national governments are subsidizing the fossil fuel industries like there is no tomorrow. (Because they know there isn’t one.)

Fact: A few people (relatively speaking) are concerned; a few love to use CC as a convenient topic of conversation and ranting; most remain content to see consumerism on the rise and honestly either don’t have a clue about climate change (i.e., what it means) or don’t give a flying f**k about it. I’m being observationally honest.

About CC: does it matter if it is a natural event or if it is anthropogenic (OK, man-made!)?

It does only in the sense that, if it is a natural event, nothing man does will make an iota of difference – it will run its course and how “deep” or how “high” it runs is outside of man’s control. So, there is no “option one” here.

If anthropogenic then man has a degree of control over it. He can change the focus of his technology (or ditch it altogether if changing it is too slow) and watch billions die horribly as their citified infrastructure no longer provides the means for health care, food, shelter, heat, water, sewer or and he can watch billions die from fossil fuel (FF) pollution and environmental collapse. 

Any attempts to re-focus global technology from FF to “renewable” or “clean” or “green” technology using the existing template dictated by predatory capitalism is, of course, hopeless. Capitalism is a totally predatory system. To use it, you have to present yourself to the bank with a predatory plan, or a sub-system that will feed the insatiable main god’s appetite for living prey. Anything that intends to curtail the god’s food supply will be mocked, delayed indefinitely, changed, or it will “fail” to meet certain “standards.” If it is economically viable however it will be allowed to proceed and the end result will be no better and likely worse than what it replaced. Do note: the problem isn’t the pollution but the accompanying mindset.

My opinion after a life time of involvement in environmental issues and social change, is that “man” as a species has simply overreached itself through greed and heartless corruption and it is reaping what it has been sowing for thousands of years. It needed only the higher numbers combined with an inhuman and inhumane science and machine-based technology heavily favouring oppression and destruction to bring itself to its own ignoble, fully deserved,  demise. 

If I really feel that way, and I most certainly do, then what words would I have for anyone who does care? Not much, except to say that the future isn’t annihilation, nor on a dead planet nor in some religiously concocted heaven, hell or nirvana. 

“You offer no alternative yet you speak as if there was a future for us?” would be a logical question.

Answer: there always was a future; there always will be a future. What we are living in now is the future we have made for ourselves. It was a short-sighted, dead-end future but it promised so much in terms of power over others; in terms of money and sex and other sources of self-gratification, we felt it was worth the throw of the dice. So we made our Faustian bargain with time; we were loaned stacks of “free” tokens to play with and we’ve played them all and the house won. Now? Now all we have to do is walk out of the casino – it’s about to go down in flames – and figure out how to create a new future – without the “free” tokens (which by the way are nothing more than insane debts of valueless currency owed to non-existent capital power structures fronted by psychopaths).

That’s what self empowerment means. It doesn’t mean smart inventors (and investors) figuring out how to keep your swimming pool filled when the water is running out. It doesn’t mean a hundred, or a thousand “Greta Thunberg” or “David Suzuki” or more political and elected advocates for some Green New Deal (or voting for them); or more never-binding international treaties on CC.

For me it has meant changing my lifestyle in specific and observable (demonstrable) ways. That’s “my” lifestyle, not anyone else’s. Self empowerment is not leading campaigns to change the world, or setting up alternate energy corporations within the existing religious/political/capitalistic agenda. It is all about changing me so I become the change I wish to see. Yeah, old and corny saying but quite valid nevertheless. 

If you still have a couple of minutes, here’s something from George Monbiot… a well-researched journalist with a few very meaningful comments on our times. 

Fossil Rebellion –

Fossil Rebellion

Posted: 12 Aug 2019 04:50 AM PDT

In the midst of climate breakdown, governments around the world are funding and protecting the fossil fuel industry

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 7th August 2019

The tragedy of our times is that the gathering collapse of our life support systems coincides with the age of public disservice. Just as we need to rise above self-interest and short termism, governments around the world now represent the meanest and dirtiest of special interests. In the United Kingdom, the US, Brazil, Australia and many other nations, pollutocrats rule.

The Earth’s systems are breaking down at astonishing speed. Wild fires roar across Siberia and Alaska, biting, in many places, deep into peat soils, releasing plumes of carbon dioxide and methane that cause more global heating. In July alone, Arctic wildfires are reckoned to have released as much carbon into the atmosphere as Austria does in a year: already the vicious twister of climate feedbacks has begun to turn. Torrents of meltwater pour from the Greenland ice cap, sweltering under a 15°C temperature anomaly. Daily ice losses on this scale are 50 years ahead of schedule: they were forecast by the climate models for 2070. A paper in Geophysical Research Letters reveals that the thawing of permafrost in the Canadian High Arctic now exceeds the depths of melting projected by scientists for 2090.

While record temperatures in Europe last month caused discomfort and disruption, in Southwest Asia they are already starting to reach the point at which the human body hits its thermal limits. Ever wider tracts of the world will come to rely on air-conditioning not only for basic comfort but also for human survival: another feedback spiral, as air-conditioning requires massive energy use. Those who cannot afford it will either move or die. Already, climate breakdown is driving more people from their homes than either poverty or conflict, while contributing to both these other factors.

A recent paper in Nature shows that we have little hope of preventing more than 1.5° of global heating unless we retire existing fossil fuel infrastructure. Even if no new gas or coal power plants, roads and airports are built, the carbon emissions from current installations are likely to push us past this threshold. Only by retiring some of this infrastructure before the end of its natural life could we secure a 50% chance of remaining within the temperature limit agreed in Paris in 2015. Yet, far from decommissioning this Earth-killing machine, almost everywhere governments and industry stoke its fires.

The oil and gas industry intends to spend $4.9 trillion over the next 10 years, exploring and developing new reserves, none of which we can afford to burn. According to the IMF, every year governments subsidise fossil fuels to the tune of $5 trillion: many times more than they spend on addressing our existential predicament. The US spends 10 times more on these mad subsidies than on its federal education budget. Last year, the world burnt more fossil fuels than ever before.

An analysis by Barry Saxifrage in Canada’s National Observer shows that half the fossil fuels ever used by humans have been burnt since 1990. While renewable and nuclear power supplies have also risen in this period, the gap between the production of fossil fuels and low carbon energy has not been narrowing, but steadily widening. What counts, in seeking to prevent runaway global heating, is not the good things we start to do, but the bad things we cease to do. Shutting down fossil infrastructure requires government intervention.

But in many nations, governments intervene not to protect humanity from the existential threat of fossil fuels, but to protect the fossil fuel industry from the existential threat of public protest. In the US, legislators in 18 states have put forward bills criminalising protests against pipelines, seeking to crush democratic dissent on behalf of the oil industry. In June, Donald Trump’s government proposed federal legislation that would jail people for up to 20 years for disrupting pipeline construction.

In several nations, led by the Philippines, Global Witness reports, governments have incited the murder of environmental protesters. The process begins with rhetoric, demonising civil protest as extremism and terrorism, then shifts to legislation, criminalising attempts to protect the living planet. Criminalisation then helps legitimise physical assaults and murder. The first stage has now begun in Britain, with the publication by a dark money-funded lobby group, Policy Exchange, of a report smearing Extinction Rebellion. Like all such publications, it was given a series of major platforms by the BBC, which preserved its customary absence of curiosity about who funded it.

Secretly-funded lobby groups – such as the TaxPayers’ Alliance, the Adam Smith Institute and the Institute of Economic Affairs – have supplied some of the key advisers to Boris Johnson’s government. He has also appointed Andrea Leadsom, an enthusiastic fracking advocate, to run the department responsible for climate policy, and Grant Schapps, who chaired the British infrastructure Group until last month – promoting the expansion of roads and airports – as Secretary of State for Transport. Last week the Guardian revealed documents suggesting that the firm run by Johnson’s funder and adviser Sir Lynton Crosby has produced unbranded Facebook ads on behalf of the coal industry.

What we see here looks like the denouement of the Pollution Paradox. Because the dirtiest industries attract the least public support, they have the greatest incentive to spend money on politics, to get the results they want and we don’t. They fund political parties, lobby groups and think tanks, fake grassroots organisations and dark ads on social media. As a result, politics comes to be dominated by the dirtiest industries.

We are told to fear the “extremists” who protest against ecocide and challenge dirty industry and the dirty governments it buys. But the extremists we should fear are those who hold office.

77 thoughts on “Something about Today and the Future

  1. Sha'Tara Post author

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    2. Sha'Tara

      Hey, that’s what I learned at corporate school, that things go better with Coke!

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I don’t know what to respond to that. Your comments are always here, and I respond to at least 99.9% of all comments made to my posts. Maybe check you settings – you may not be allowing comments to be emailed back to you. There is that option on WP.

  3. rawgod

    Idealistically, I choose to fight. I renew, reuse, recycle as best I can. But even adding up the good bits you, I, and people like us will do, realistically, we can never surpass what governments are allowing capitalists and other polluters to do to harm our planet. How many planes are in the air at any time, world-wide? The pollution one plane produces is immense. Multiply that by however many planes fly somewhere on any given day, every day of the year, and that problem alone is insurmountable. Planes are just one small factor of the amount we pollute every second of every day.
    There is no hope for our planet, let alone for us “superior beings!”

    Even if religious folk started praying 24 hours a day, their efforts could not change anything. But then, they want the world to end, to let them go see their god and take their place in heaven. Like that is going to happen!

    The war is already lost. We might as well all drink the Kool-Aid.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Those who “fight” as you indicate above aren’t the ones drinking the Kool-Aid but the majority is drinking it and loving it. Exponential resource extraction, fossil fuels, nuclear energy and the unsustainable lifestyle they make possible: that’s the Kool-Aid.

      1. rawgod

        My statement, my Kool-Aid. I’m talking about the Jones Kool-Aid he made his followers drink that killed them all.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Telus mail is down so I’m using back doors here. Reply to rawgod’s comment, quote: “My statement, my Kool-Aid. I’m talking about the Jones Kool-Aid he made his followers drink that killed them all.”
        I was shooting to hit the point you were making and i guess I missed it. I was talking about the current addiction to technology as drinking the Kool Aid: believing and consuming.

  4. franklparker

    Thanks for sharing another of George Monbiot’s excellent pieces, accompanied by your own fatalistic commentary. As another commenter said, hard to argue against. As an incurable optimist I can but hope that there will a renewal, with a large part of the population removed by assorted disasters, leaving a small number to start over.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I’m kind of in the same ballpark Frank. My “optimism” is based on totally unverifiable information that Home Sapiens will vanish from this world but a mutant species will replace the failed one and… well, things are going to take a very interesting turn. For now let’s just call it science fiction at least until we start to encounter these mutants and recognize them for who they are. Greta Thunberg and other young ones like herself may be precursors to this mutant race – too early to tell but I’ll be watching how she handles her “popularity.” The mutants, I’ve been told, make absolutely no compromises with Homo Sapiens, their beliefs, their ways, their technology. So, we’ll see how it goes but I don’t expect to see much until a vast majority of HS finally has realized it has passed the point of no return and plunges itself into its final madness of insane resource wars and genocide with military alliances changing overnight and allies turning into enemies and being attacked even before they are aware of their new status. Looking at current events we’re not that far from the final collapse, IMO.

  5. sojourner

    Just ran across this article, and your post immediately came to mind:

    Your posting and this one speak for me, since I have written many times, that we the individuals are being solely blamed for the death and destruction of this planet (“AGW”), when it is the inbred, insane filthy rich who are the main perpetrators of these crimes.

    We the individuals are, however, still responsible to a great degree, since a vast majority of us continue to enable these pigs at the top of this pile of excrement to destroy the environment: most of us support and actively take part in their heinous crimes.

    Great post, Sha’Tara!

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Sojourner. Quote: “We the individuals are, however, still responsible to a great degree, since a vast majority of us continue to enable these pigs at the top of this pile of excrement to destroy the environment: most of us support and actively take part in their heinous crimes.” After years of observation and interaction with “the deplorables” I find your observation accurate. The rich pigs, to maintain their criminal lifestyle need willing slaves and vast numbers queue up to to provide the cheers, the support and the free labour, including joining up with security forces, the police, and ubiquitous military to provide protection for that “top pile of excrement” as you aptly put it.

  6. George F.

    Have you noticed the race to colonize other planets has also accelerated? The end is near. Like Noah’s Ark. there’s an escape plan for just a few…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      That I have noticed George, and wondered about it and pondered the ramifications. If time permits, have a read here:
      Tardigrades were deliberately sent to the moon in an attempt to… get this… back up the earth in case it is completely destroyed.
      Keep writing that novel, George, because that’s the kind of mindset we are now working with.
      Did I hear anyone say… “Aw, nuts!”

      1. George F.

        Best part:
        “They genetically modified their DNA in a way that encoded the location of the Global Seed Vault, a “doomsday repository” 1,300 miles north of the Arctic Circle that contains crop seeds from around the world” …hmmmm…I wonder if our own DNA contains a coded message?

  7. deteremineddespitewp

    Harsh News flash….
    Here’s the basic point within the Long History of the World….
    Species arise. Circumstances changes.
    Species fails to adapt.
    Fossil record.
    We are supposed to have the gift on intelligence to adapt. We fail to use it…..Bye-bye Humanity.
    Smear on the fossil record.
    You can’t argue with The World History….Check out the Fossil Record.
    OK, I’m done.

  8. Hyperion

    This is an undeniable global event with far reaching consequences. While I don’t have any plans to suffer a long struggle in an untenable situation, I can only see this as hastening a great die off and the rest and reset of the planet. In all epic natural disasters, the planet is cleansed and a new era slowly emerges. Perhaps this end is the harbinger of the new beginning. The human race as a whole cannot come together on anything, not even to save ourselves from extinction. To end all of those things we dread, we need to end ourselves, and it looks like we may have found a way. All I can say is, we ain’t seen nuttin’ yet. Wait until the climate brown digestive stuff hits the galactic oscillator, we’ll see some minds getting changed then.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      We’re certainly on the fast train to nowhere, sociologically and collectively. Too few seem to want to wake up to the evidence mounting day by day that something is terribly wrong with our world, or with our responses to the growing unease. I’m taking an observation post during my remaining time here and meanwhile looking around to see whom I can help on the local scene, keeping myself occupied with that. When I die I want my hand on the tiller, even if the boat can’t be saved from the tidal wave approaching…

      1. Hyperion

        I think doing whatever we can in our own way is the most noble of acts. I’ll share all I have of me and my resources with my neighbors and take it day by day. Survival makes friends of everyone and desperation makes a murderer of the meak and the powerful.

      2. Hyperion

        Thank you Sha’Tara. I feel you in this seemingly mindless march to the edge of sanity. And those Tardigrades or water bears. We just intoduced life to the moon and those ferocious and tenacious little buggers are going to be mighty hungry when they finally wake up. 😬. Now we know how we got here and why it all went wrong. 🧐

      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        Tardigrades… When I look at a picture of a tardigrade, I keep hearing the word “nanites” in my mind. These things are either cleverly disguised machines, or not disguised at all and man’s scientists, unable to accept the ‘in their face’ evidence of alien technology, have to insist these things are legitimate lifeforms. Well, perhaps they are, but not in the classic sense. Just look at them and you know something’s not adding up, or it’s adding up to a much higher level than man can accept or comprehend. “Evolved” nanites? Or robots created by nanites? There are a few possibilities excluding biological life. Mimics, yes, but real bio lifeforms? No.
        Here’s a scenario: as the moon’s temperature passes through a midpoint, a sort of “normal”, what’s to prevent these water bears from waking up and begin to adapt to their new environment, literally taking over the moon since they presumably have no controlling predators there? There is water on the moon and as soon as they find it, well… invasion? What if they reproduce exponentially and due to a much lesser pressure than in Earth’s oceans, they grow ever bigger? Before you know it, Earthian idiotic military minds will, of course, feel a threat and will want to drop some nukes on them. …So they do and the Tards react to the radiation and heat by growing even bigger, reproducing faster and now aware of where the threat to their hegemony of the moon comes from. So they militarize, make weapons of mass destruction beyond anything the numbnuts on Earth have ever heard of, and they put in motion their plan for a counter-invasion of Earth. I can already see the title of my new book: Revenge of the Water Bears… (I know, that’s too predictable but give me a couple of minutes to think it through, will ya?)

      4. Hyperion

        You have already written a fascinating short story with all the parts needed to make Lovecraft and Steve King purple with jealousy and a green tinge of envy. The Nanite Water Bears will survive. They are probably immune to all forms of cellular destruction we know about. And with the Arctic warming up to 94 degrees this summer and melting into a fresh water ocean, those Water Bears might just proliferate enough to obliterate the plankton community and begin to grow bigger. Did you see the claws on those rascals? Now imagine them Polar Bear size and unfazed by man’s arsenal of weapons and poisons, even immune to the forces of nature. This is just too juicy a nightmare scenario to pass up. Now, let my imagination take it even further. The mutants we speak of that take over the known universe as well as the unknown universes in all dimensions is the Water Bear that mutates to an ISSA. They have no need for government or religion. They have no need to organize into civilizations and militaries to protect themselves. They don’t currently pose a threat to humans. When we accidently ingest them, they just ball up, turn into an impermeable little micro ball of natural plastic (Nanite?) and wait for us to flush the toilet. Their only drawback is they are ugly as hell. If they looked more like little hedgehogs, we might actually like them and let them live in the house as long as they play nicely. Who would have thought the Israelis, the true children of God, would kick this nefarious plan off. We thought it would be the Republican’s last hurrah before North America united into a one party Democratic society that worshiped smart phones. There it was, right in front of our face all these centuries. You have o do this story, Sha’Tara. You are the only one with the prescience, knowledge, and skill to do it. Somehow, I see this being the sequel to Malefactus. The Water Bears enslave men and the roles in the stadium change. Geez, I made myself shudder. 🧛🏻‍♂️

      5. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for all those ideas… I’m saving this comment to do some thinking about. How to spin a “redeeming” line of philosophy around a tardigrade invasion, well, that’s a whole new ballgame.

      6. Hyperion

        I think the challenge is well within your ability Sha’ Tara, and of course, you won’t get bored with any cookie cutter literary approaches. I like the idea of Water Bears being a benevolent ISSA just waiting for the right moment to hitch a ride through the galaxy.

      7. Sha'Tara Post author

        Water bears as benevolent entities… hmm, that does have a lot of appeal. Say what? The Second Coming of Christ was about mutated Tardigrades taking over the Earth and forcing Homo Sapiens creatures to get along with each other and give up their violence? Hasn’t that theme been explored by Robert Heinlein in “Stranger in a Strange Land”?

      8. Hyperion

        This is getting really fun Sha’Tara. Maybe the Water Bears will have to eat a few evil doers to get the proper attention and focus of the minions. And if the Water Bears are exceptional grokkers that teach us proper groking techniques and yoga, we might become enlightened beings or Water Bear snacks depending on the outcome. Trump’s orange spider monkey hair toupee clinging to the syphon of a giant Water Bear could be the opening scene to capture the imagination of the readers. Oh, my imagination has run away with me again. My apologies, but this is just too good to lie dormant on the moon.

      9. Sha'Tara Post author

        Well now, I like it… I like it! That image of Trump swallowed feet first with his toupee still visible in a Tardigrade’s mouth is priceless.

      10. Hyperion

        Waaaa haaa haaaaaa! And imagine trump later when he emerges out the other end of the sated Water Bear. Trump, in his final stage of existence would likely appear as a fresh cow flop with orange trimming. Flop-Art would become all the rage.

      11. Hyperion

        Waaaa haaa haaaa! Oh gods below! My toddler toilet humor is full on now and I’m wheeze laughing my naughty bootie off. I instantly received an audiovisual feed of the scene when I read this. My day is starting out well. 😂

      12. Anonymous

        Look out, solar system, next evolution of Earthians: 7 foot long and very hungry Tardigrades! After they’ve eaten the Earth, you’re next…

      13. Hyperion

        I really was secretly hoping the Water Bears are actually altruistic and empathic creatures. Otherwise, it’s going to get scary around here. 😬

      14. Anonymous

        Agree Daniel, it’s the way I live my life and those are my thoughts as well.

      15. Hyperion

        Thank you! We’re all in it together whether we know it or not and things always go better when we choose a more noble path.

      16. Sha'Tara

        Hey, that’s what I learned at corporate school, that things go better with Coke!

      17. Hyperion

        Yes! Things always go better with Coke, especially the old classic. There is enough sugar and caffiene to power an elephant. Sadly, I had to give it up years ago due to the incredibly bad side effects and have to make do with cinnamon roles and coffee.

      18. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for the comment, Daniel. I didn’t know cinnamon had roles-homonyms, ya gotta love ’em! Yes, the old Classic Coke which they “disappeared” with New Taste Coke, then pretended to “reappear” was a tasty drink. Whatever they say, the new Classic Coke, now simply called Coke again, is a fake. They gave up on the old because the formula was too expensive to produce as prices remained flat and some of the ingredients required “forays” into banana republics the CIA was keeping in constant bloody turmoil. So now it’s all chemicals… wonder not where some of that recycled plastic ends up, eh? 🙂

      19. Hyperion

        LOL 😂 my AI auto incorrect is broadening my horizons every day, every sentence. The story of Coke is a lesson in intrigue and subterfuge. Now that 1 in 4 Americans are diabetic or insulin intolerant, we opt for other more nefarious liquid chemicals to target other organs like the brain, liver, and kidneys. I did enjoy an old Coke with real sugar. The new more revenue friendly soft drinks just don’t get it for me and I drink my whiskey unadulterated and in moderation. I think this is what you call an improvement in dietary awareness. And that plastic. If we could just discover a corporate view that shows how replacing the oceans and land masses with plastic protects us from Water Bear invasions, we can all rest easier.

      20. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: “And that plastic. If we could just discover a corporate view that shows how replacing the oceans and land masses with plastic protects us from Water Bear invasions, we can all rest easier.”
        Now that’s truly funny. Thanks for the laugh!!!

      21. Hyperion

        I’m in an especially good mood today, hence the total lack of serious endeavor. Let the youngsters be productive, I’m taking a stroll and leaving my filters behind.

      22. Sha'Tara Post author

        A very good idea, Daniel. I on the other hand am involved in writing a too long essay that is a sort of “memoir” explaining, or trying to, how I see this world, particularly how it is man-managed, i.e., perpetually mismanaged. Quite the challenge. I should have it ready for posting tomorrow or on the weekend at least. Do I quit blogging after that? Not until I finish posting all the Antierra Manifesto segments anyway…

      23. Hyperion

        I’m keenly interested in your memoir Sha’Tara. I’ve never met another person so in tune with themselves, their lives, and the way of things. The greatest contribution we can offer is to awaken those that desire it and whatever can be taken from the lessons taught and blended into a better life, one with true sight. I hope you will continue to blog but that is a selfish wish for myself. What is best for you is what should come next.

      24. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks again, Daniel. I’m currently in a very serious negotiating period with myself on the blogging thing. My Asus laptop is returning from the shop Saturday, so for a while at least, I’ll be blogging if only to test the results of the repairs. I have to know if it is actually fixed and trustworthy. Blogging will put it through its paces. And I’ll be back on Windows 10 so WordPress (or should I just call it GooglePress now???) will be happy with me again.

      25. Hyperion

        Oh the challenges of maintaining a synthetic instrument of internet connectivity bewilders me beyond the logical bits of bytes that are all it boils down to be. I swear often, I prefer the time in my life where connectivity relied on conversation to another face or a dial up phone permanently affixed to the kitchen wall. Although those methods did have their issues, they were a lot more reliable and disconnecting was a non issue. I do wish you a glorious reunion.

      26. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks Daniel. Well, got one computer back in the barn, the other is still at large… determined to run away from being converted to a Linux machine. It may yet win that round as my very smart computer tech can’t (yet) figure out why Linux can’t activate the touch pad. Everything else seems to work though I forgot to ask about the touch screen. Anyway, I can respond to emails and blog comments, once again, and overdue for another Antierra post I see…

      27. Hyperion

        Welcome back to the Allthing Sha’Tara! I do love Linux. It is the ultimate computing tinkers delight. I have a desktop Dell, I bought in 2002 and converted to Linux Ubuntu. It is still going strong although even Linux has advanced beyond its capability, my Ubuntu version 9 is as robust as ever. I do think you’ll find the answer in the Linux community, it just takes a little time to ferret the right info out of the bazillion topics to get to that one miraculous tweak in the driver. Those are the challenges that keep Linux users alive and enthralled. I shall patiently wait and chew my finger nail nubs until Antierra makes the scene.

      28. Sha'Tara Post author

        Hi Daniel, you’ll be pleased to note that I’ve put up another blog post of the Manifesto tonight. Still no actual arena fight but getting very close to that classic one-on-one fight to the death between Antierra and “the” Warmo. Hope your fingernails aren’t bitten down to the quick yet! 🙂

  9. katharineotto

    While I can appreciate the unraveling of society as we know it, as the Piscean age wanes and the Age of Aquarius begins, and I can see all around the buildup of environmental toxins and the changes in the climate, I suspect the final collapse won’t happen in my lifetime. I’m already 67 and feel I’m riding a wave that has a will of its own.

    It’s not man but the Earth itself is seeking to re-balance herself, whatever it takes, even if the mutants you speak of are composed of plastic breakdown products and nuclear waste.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Katharine. From those who are so sure that climate change is anthropogenic, one would expect much more involvement and reaction against the old guard of system protectors. The fact that there is so little actually being done is telling. The fact that voters are turning more towards conservatism and consumerism is even more telling, and that means, no one really knows and few want to know. Green science and technology is all about profiting from the change, not about fixing anything although much is being promised and touted. And now, ladies and gentlemen, thanks to a crashed spacecraft we have tardigrades living on the moon if that means anything… Check out the link above in my comment to George F.

      1. katharineotto

        I read the link and think that if tardigrades can survive such extreme climates, why send them to the moon, except that even tardigrades might not be immune to wide-scale environmental toxins and plastics. Such a critter might be the only survivor in the earth upheavals, too.

        I agree with you about the slow pace of change and wonder if the large-scale denial of earth-rape’s implications is because even the “little guys” are invested in it through their 401ks and believe that “the economy” will save the day.

        If you read between the lines, though, “consumers” aren’t spending so much and “the economy” isn’t really growing. It’s all a trick of lights and mirrors to hide the fact that the government is bankrupt and living on borrowed time. Trump’s tariffs have more to do with generating revenues to pay the interest on national debt than any so-called “trade war.” Who benefits from tariffs? Governments.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        An observing, rational mind knows already that we’ve gone too far. I doubt that anything can slow us down, let alone stop and reverse. Over the centuries this world has had teachers who painstakingly explained how our type of life is meant to be lived. Most of those were martyred for their pains and to add insult to injury, were made into “saints” or national heroes later. But who followed their teachings? No one. Not-A-One. We’re in the mess we’re in because we chose to pursue a way of life that became increasingly unsustainable and which was obviously anti-life. We put ourselves in the frying pan and kept encouraging our “leaders” to turn up the heat on the burner mistaking our frantic jumping up and down for progress. Man is about to die from an overdose of free enterprise capitalism and consumerism.

      3. Sha'Tara

        And, under present rules of predatory capitalism all government “benefits” belong to the elite because governments aren’t permitted to have any money in the public purse. That’s the insanity of the system that the Muggles vote for and support.

    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      Oh, the mutants will be mostly flesh and blood though in time they will comprise of cyborgs, discorporeal living minds and androids with full human status. What they will not be is Homo Sapiens – that species will entirely disappear as it is unteachable. It cannot grasp the concept of one-on-one cooperation and rejects compassion as the only way to an evolved state of mind.

  10. sherazade

    Ammetto di avere sorvolato ma letto con attenzione il tuo pensiero che condivido nella analisi.
    Credo davvero che la questione ambientale sia arrivata a un punto di non ritorno nel senso che sarà impossibile azzerare una serie di cattive abitudini molto gravose per il pianeta.
    A Roma abbiamo avuto dei picchi di 45°
    Resi ancora più insopportabili dall’asfalto e dalle automobili. Le coltivazioni Intensive negli allevamenti intensivi nelle campagne.
    E soprattutto manca alle singole persone la cultura del bene e del rispetto della natura quando piccoli gesti personali potrebbero fare la differenza. La plastica una piaga. Lo sperpero dell acqua!
    Buona serata cara Sha ‘Tara.

  11. colettebytes

    Very perceptive post.
    The battle for Homosapiens is already lost. We are out of habitat and already functionally extinct. Its just that not many have noticed yet. Remaining life is a hospice situation… 😶

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yes, that sums it up nicely. Without healthy food, without potable water, without clean air, how fast can the species adapt?

  12. Phil Huston

    You and Monbiot get together you could start an eco friendly company inflating hot air balloons with recycled breath! However, and this is the point everyone seems to be missing, the planet has cycled many times. Hot, cold, dead, alive, wonderful. All Mother Nature has to do is sneeze and we’re gone and our pollution with us. No one knows what a civilization a million years from now will do with whatever effects heat and pressure and time have on plastic. The planet could belch it all out into space, vaporize it, send it flying toward the sun. We, and our effects, are insignificant to the planet. We’re not even a zit on prom night as far as Earth is concerned. We’ll kill ourselves off long before we make Earth itch.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting in your usual inimitable style, Phil. I agree with you but I like to play the Devil’s advocate role too. It’s always an “If” with me. “If” people CHOOSE to believe that climate change is man-made, and they believe that it is destroying their living/liveable environment then why aren’t they doing some serious, mega man-made “things” to counter it? Why just talk about it, or engage “solutions” that are only economically viable and financially remunerative. I see that as the real sickness. If your child was dying and you believed that you had the means to save its life would you be satisfied into turning it into a political football? Would you just talk about it and essentially wait for some money-hungry Elon Musk to apply the cure? I call it all hypocrisy but I will likely continue to challenge the Muggles to engage the problem if they “know” it’s a problem. Personally? I think we are going through a natural cycle, perhaps exacerbated by man-made conditions but not caused by man. Go ahead, crucify me now, bleeding heart liberals, for not playing by your instituted rules.
      Thanks Phil… again!

  13. rawgod

    If it were only that simple–a phase the Earth is going through. A Mother Nature whim of an event. Humans ARE the cause. Mother Nature is just picking up the pieces, trying to do with them what she can.

    Trumpty Dumpty wanted a wall.
    But Trumpty Dumpty lived on a ball
    Putain Putin and Prince Salman too
    Pooped in their pants when Mother Nature said BOO!

    Gibberish! The world is filled with gibberish…


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