The Programming

[thoughts from ~burning woman~]

Are people “programmed” to act the way they do collectively? If so, what does it mean to be “programmed”?

Programming is similar to brainwashing but much more intrusive as one is born with an operating system her/his society equally uses. A brainwashed individual might stand out from the herd, but when the entire herd is programmed, nothing stands out. If something does stand out, usually because the programming failed at some point, it will be hounded to death or hailed as some kind of saviour. Either way the herd will not think of changing its own ways to match that of a deprogrammed way shower because the herd is what it is. The programming is society and society is the programming.

There, now I’ve explained, without explaining anything, why exemplary individuals are either praised or martyred but never achieve any lasting success within society. Each new birth among the sheeple herd is a reaffirmation of the programming and is not affected by the words or acts of exemplary odd-ball individuals.

Each new generation has to realize the status quo is a result of the programming, never what free-thinking individuals would choose to rule over themselves. Each new generation must challenge the status quo if it is to hope for meaningful change as opposed to religious, government or economic whitewash. To do so every programmed new born must, upon reaching some “age of reason” realize it is acting from programming and not from natural input.

Earthians, i.e., Homo Sapiens, are not now, nor have they ever been, natural creatures. They have been, and remain, “invented” and severely programmed, controlled, entities. Even if the inventors appear to no longer reside in the neighbourhood their installed operating system runs through DNA and genes and whatever other methods of control little or nothing is known about at this time.

It bears repeating the obvious, that however many times “the people” have sought to make significant changes to the status quo, it invariably all returns to square one. The board is cleared and the pieces are re-assembled in their original start of game position. The pawns (peons or pee on’s) are on the front lines, the nobility safely behind this protection. Only when most or all Pee-On’s are dead does the nobility take the field and notice that they reserve special moves for themselves not available to the pawns… unless a pawn by some miracle becomes a member of the nobility. So a new game begins in the proper order according to the rules of the program. No deviation allowed.

Any change made to the rules will be endlessly reversed because it does not affect the programming of those who are born after the changes took effect. The “next generations” do not understand the need for the changes nor comprehend or care for the sacrifices that were made to achieve it. (Try out some history on that, see if I’m in error here.)

It had been hoped that “education” would eventually ensconce the change within society’s group think; within the societal mindset, but that turned out to be a false hope. If someone has a toothache you can make them read books about people with healthy teeth but it changes nothing to that person’s reality. They have to figure out a way to overcome their own problem and that does not come from mere information. Education is information. It has no power to change society. All that can be hoped is that certain individuals will realize, as they educate themselves (in my case despite all that “academia” tried in order to change my mind) that they are mind slaves of “something” much greater than themselves or their society. Then they must challenge themselves to uncover the cause of this “malaise” within their own mind and through no small effort, eradicate the original programming by literally re-inventing their thinking patterns through changes of belief and unbelief until something new is achieved and the old program completely eliminated.

Then what? Well, then they find themselves at odds with much that their society teaches, insists upon, takes for granted or accepts as necessary, even when such beliefs, concepts or acts make absolutely no sense.The programmed and the deprogrammed no longer understand one-another; they speak a different language.

As long as Homo Sapiens programmed entities are born to take over the status quo nothing permanent can change here. Going from a bone knife to a nuclear submarine is not change: the mindset remains the same because the mindset is the programming and it’s the mindset that determines the future.

The programming or operating system I speak of was once used to benefit the “inventors” of Homo Sapiens by controlling their minds to keep them enslaved and unable to reason things for themselves. Now its elites have discovered how to use this controlling programming to their own advantage. They use it to force the programmed mind-slaves to work for peanuts; to destroy their world to extract baubles that are of little or no value and in the process find it necessary and justifiable to destroy each other.

This final destruction it would seem, was always part of the original plan. The current mess we are in and cannot get out of is a consequence of a program that was meant to run the entire survival time of what has been aptly called, ‘the slave species of god.’

Since the programming cannot be stopped, there being no intelligence capable of exposing its existence; since it controls everything an Earthian thinks and does; since no mind powerful enough to counter it exists on Earth in this time, then the species must end.

It will not be destroyed outright: where’s the fun in that? It will be forced to self-destruct, watching itself helplessly doing so: the final gift of the gods. Amen.

23 thoughts on “The Programming

  1. colettebytes

    As I stare up into mindless clouds, I wonder at the mentality of God’s that wreak destruction. What’s the point of it all? What is the point of us (programmed or not)? 😶

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Colette. The point is not always easy to grasp. For me the point is purpose. I chose long ago to give my life a purpose that would outlive me as a physical being but would remain with me as a living mind being and carry on through other lives in and out of various incarnations. I chose to become an avatar of compassion. This is an infinite and eternal process through which I will now and forever define myself. No longer do I ask, “Who am I?” for I know who I am and who I will forever become.
      To the collective though, as a species, do Earthians have a point? They began as slaves of “the gods” long ago and long ago they exceeded their purpose though they remained essentially slaves to their programmed purpose so you could say that they are still going through the motions, exploiting, extracting, mining, felling, hauling, manufacturing, buying and selling literally everything since that is all they know how to do. They are perfectly suited to the system of predatory capitalism. They are not creators but predators. So that is their purpose.
      The point then is, if one is willing to put up with the seriously difficult process of breaking free of the programming, one can change one’s intended purpose to one that is not intended and not acceptable to the system or Matrix. One can become self empowered. Then it becomes a choice to use that power for good or for evil purposes.

  2. Neelam

    It’s like in the Matrix. Now, we are the part of the grand computer simulation which we call as the reality. However, this is not a solid reality. It can be warped by those who had unplugged themselves from the system. This is what the ancient sages and yogis tried to tell us : unplug yourselves from the system before it collapses under its own weight! This kind of “reality” is called Maya(grand delusion) which enslaved us to the sensory world. So we need to shut down the whole sensory perception.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Neelam. I don’t see the sensory world as “the” problem, but rather how I mind-engage it. I have a physical body therefore a part of me is of the sensory world and to deny that would be counter-productive. I found however that the trick is to make sure I rule my “trinitarian” nature of spirit, mind and body” through a disciplined and self-empowered mind. After all, when this body dies, I return to being mind only until another incarnation sometime, somewhere. So, instead of being ruled by my emotions, I rule myself with rational mind. If my body ever got in my way, i.e., if I could not rule it; could not keep it subservient to myself as a mind being, I would find a way to separate myself from the body. That which is eternal and infinite should never be controlled by that which is finite and limited in scope. I make many serious decisions that this body/heart/feeling part disagrees with but the choice is ultimately mine (of my mind). For me it is necessary to stay aware and fully functioning within the sensory world for as long as I inhabit it. It isn’t my enemy and I’m not its enemy either: we have a temporary relationship which is easier for me as mind to accept that it is for me as sensory creature to accept. Logic has to come into it.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hi Frank, thanks for your comment. A very good question that does have an answer. There is not a lot of material that explains about man’s questionable beginnings and what there is falls outside the accepted. However, “in the beginning” Homo Sapiens was “invented” to serve as a slave species. As these things go, there soon were way too many HS for their creators to deal with. The solution was to have different categories of the creatures, one small group reserved for priesthood and leadership. Those were programmed differently than the rank and file. They had greater autonomy, help high positions of authority and trust, and were even given power of kingship. There was a serious split however when these special people demanded the right to go to the home planet, on par with their “makers.” According to some of the information I have read, and what I have been told, there was a final rebellion in which the alien masters, called the Anunnaki, were expelled from the Earth and these kings, high priests and military leaders made themselves the new ‘gods’ over the slaves. In time these ‘other than’ elites became known as the blue bloods and today they are referred to as the Illuminati. These special blood lines go way back and they still know innately who and what they are. That is how they maintain their authority over the rest regardless of how insane and psychopathic they can become. Ordinary people naturally give in to them and practically worship them. Anyone living in Britain, Japan or India particularly, should know about these people. They are the “nobility” and they don’t see the world the way ordinary people do. I watched an episode of “Lewis” last night in which serious law breaking takes place on the estate of a marquess. Sergeant Hathaway and the marquess’ daughter have a short fling which ends with he arresting her for conspiracy to commit murder. When he asks her if there short romance had been real she said, “how could you think that? You’re not one of us.” She didn’t just say that, she knew that, and so did he. The French tried to kill them off during the reign of terror but they came back from their safe hiatus in England and promptly re-established themselves with power and money if with a bit less extravagance. They are programmed to rule and rule they will until the whole species dies off.

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for commenting, Jim. I’ll “deal” with both comments at once. It does function as I have observed and wrote down here, and yes, it does reset, one could say, automatically. The “why”s are extremely difficult to engage as there is no physical proof. Everyone who has ever attempted to expose this with detailed research (for example Zeharia Sitchin) has been mocked, denigrated, made to look a fool, disappeared, bought out or killed. The greatest conspiracy of silence (and ignorance) has to do with the so-called “Illuminati” and their aim to control the planet, likely the solar system under a totalitarian new world order. Now I have to step out on the proverbial limb myself. To establish this order has been the elite’s goal since they took over from the Anunnaki. There, now I’ve said it, thus lost all credibility. Not that the existence on Earth of these space pirates isn’t verifiable by the many megalithic artifacts they left behind but specifically because it is so obvious they were here it is the easier for the programming to create a credibility gap between evidence and maya or the illusion that people live in. However ridiculous it is to believe that the great pyramid was built by man, that is what the programming dictates to believe hence that is what is believed. All the studies done are to “prove” or justify the belief that man built the great pyramid. The same goes for hundreds, perhaps thousands, or other examples of surviving artifacts that could never have been done by man, (and note!) even with today’s technology. Yet here we are, believing and “proving.” The “man” as Homo Sapiens could never be a product of natural evolution should also be obvious to all and yet we are programmed to believe in two possibilities. The first, religiously held on to is that “man” was created by God. The second, equally religiously held on to by religion haters, is that “man” is a naturally evolved creature. The number of reasons why such a belief is utter nonsense defies any rational thought. In fact the creation scenario makes much more sense
        However, if we were “invented” for the specific purpose of providing slave labour and entertainment for a species of highly evolved alien entities and we were programmed through our DNA and genes to perform accordingly, then suddenly “we” make sense.
        Well, that’s all the time I have to spend on this for now, Jim. Do yourself a huge favour: read Sitchin’s Earth Chronicles, beginning with “The 12th Planet.” Some of it is shaky but overall I doubt anyone ever put together a better piece of research on our dark beginnings.

  3. katharineotto

    While I can accept your ideas about programming, I also believe in free will. I would also agree that many conventional beliefs are imposed on us before we learn how to think for ourselves, and that some people (many people) never learn to do that. I have spent a great amount of effort consciously unlearning concepts generally accepted as truth.

    The hero or martyr who goes against the mass-mind paradigm does make a difference, although it may not be appreciated or recognized at the time. To use your word, there is much more compassion in evidence today than there was in the past. For better or worse, people around the world are being forced to see the consequences of individual and collective abuses of power, brutality, and other “inhumane” actions.

    In the past, you’ve said patience doesn’t work. I have to ask, at what point does one run out of patience? For me, the time will come when humankind completely self-destructs. That time hasn’t come.

  4. Sha'Tara Post author

    Thanks for your comment, Katharine. Your mention of patience reminds me of a story I heard when I was a kid, still in France. There was a “bistro” my dad used to meet his “Resistance” buddies at. One of them had a donkey that was tied to a post outside the pub. The donkey would bray to be fed and it was skin and bones. The owner would say, “You’ll get fed, have patience” and carry on drinking. One day, no donkey at the post so dad asked, “Where’s the donkey?” to which the owner replied, “He died of an overdose of patience.” Apparently a true story. So you see, patience is another of those “virtues” that can get you killed!
    The final demise of Homo Sapiens is not for several hundred years yet, it has just begun, the current malaise giving us a taste of what’s to come. No need for patience or impatience any longer. It’s “do what you do, do well…” and let it go where it must… IMO!

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Certainly that is another way of looking at it. However personally I would call that a “surface observation”. I like mine to delve deeper because I know hidden depths contain much less dis, and mis, information.

    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      I have to disagree, in part. If it was that simple, you would see much more variation, and you would not experience the ever-predictable spinning of the wheel. When we refuse to learn, refuse to change, repeat the same mistakes over and over despite the historical evidence that such has never worked however many times it’s been done, we cannot blame “the victors” for those fails. If there really was free will the species has the intelligence to change its ways, to adapt to changing conditions. That it doesn’t points to programming.

      1. Phil Huston

        Or lack of. Read a short story one time where humans were the randomly unpredictable biological ingredients of an alien reality show. Like the exclusionary behaviors universal in shows like Survivor and Bachelorette.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for the comment Phil. If I watched TV and knew anything about the shows you mentioned, I might have an intelligent response. I’ll just say thanks…

  5. deteremineddespitewp

    I’ll have to go against the flow here.
    As I see it we’ve evolved at a faster rate than most species and although we have the intelligence to perceive this, we still have not shaken of the basic instincts of other species, which suits them fine because they only concern themselves with survival and propagation, while not making up fears that reside ‘On the other side of the hill’.
    We therefore have to make the evolutionary step to adapt and shake off this irrationality. If we don’t….
    We die out.
    Smear on the fossil records.
    And the world carries on, with new life forms.
    That’s how I see it anyway

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      There are many scenarios available when we look into our past since it is quite hidden from most. Personally, after many years and much reading looking into the concept I totally reject evolution as a legitimate explanation for… anything to do with this world! I do accept adaptation, and changes that come as a result of that, but that’s as far as I will go. Evolution is just too convenient without having to go through exacting tests. It’s still a totally unproven theory, not even a concept. Let me put it this way: where are those evolving species that are turning into Homo Sapiens? Where are the intermediate species that should so obviously stand out from the rest? Where the water people (humans) with gills? It’s easy to claim that a defunct species was the ancestor of, say, a horse, but where’s the proof? The other thing is, left to its own devices nature, by itself, would have never – not EVER! – allowed something as unnatural as Homo Sapiens to ever become that which it has become. Logic and rational thinking have to be allowed to play a part in this! Once upon a time I believed “in” God and that was resolved in that I no longer believe “in” said God. Later on, I believed “in” evolution and that was also resolved when all the so-called proofs of such a process fell flat on their silly faces. Yes, there is “God” for those inclined to believe in that, and yes, there is evolution for those also inclined to believe in such a thing but I choose to exercise my own mind in such matters, concluding with: show me, don’t tell me. As an alien, I’d say, “Take me to your leader!”

      1. deteremineddespitewp

        Oooh that’s a complex question and I could drone on about the line between the creatures who first made it to the land, the possible reasons why they did and the whole process with ‘dead ends’ and ‘failed’ species. And how we are part of one branch of creature which began to adapt and currently reach where we are.
        But since we are in a Vastness of Space and Time (“A VAST SIMILITUDE interlocks all, All spheres, grown, ungrown, small, large, suns, moons, planets, comets, asteroids, All the substances of the same, and all that is spiritual upon the same, All distances of place, however wide”,…..extract On the Beach At Night Alone..Walt Whitman)
        And I am but the smallest of microcosmic specks making a very,very,very tiny speck upon a minute piece of Creation.
        Then I will live within my own perception and as long as others do not promote Hate no Intolerance will be content for others to work within their own.
        And meet some ‘time’ on the other side of Existence.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        To be satisfied living in one’s own perception of “all that is” without the need to challenge others on their perception, or to proselytize and attempt to bring others into one’s private sense of rightness is the way to global peace. So many “things” we could do without, save ourselves the trouble of maintaining, such as religious performance, such as governments and their ubiquitous corruption of justice and truth, a global “economy” designed strictly to fleece the poor and fatten the rich, national borders without which any military would be redundant. We could have the peace many have prayer and hoped for over the millennia but first we need to stop foisting our beliefs and attendant exploitative systems upon others. We can adapt, make do with what we have or if we want something “they” have, we can offer a fair trade, value for value based on what we need and don’t have and what they have but don’t need. Fair trade, without capitalism and banksterism.

      3. deteremineddespitewp

        This would be a stage on our evolution or adaptation to the environment. And we can make the effort.
        The trouble is we are running out of time and options. The Planet’s systems will not tolerate our excesses much longer (I am using geological terms here where a Million years is a small unit).

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes, a million years is a very short “time” when looked at from a timeless sense. “Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more: it is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.” (McBeth, Shakespeare) I think he might as well have been speaking of Homo Sapiens’ passage upon Earth. What positive mark has man left here? How much adaptation would it take for man to learn to live a natural life as a natural species of Earth? Not adaptation but a miracle, pure and simple. Can’t happen, no one understands the necessity of utterly ditching all aspects of the current uncivilized civilization to adopt a lifestyle based on nature.

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