Revelation, Admission, Confession

[words from   ~burning woman~  by Sha’Tara]

Revelation, Admission, Confession

[words from ~burning woman~ by Sha’Tara]

I’ve been putting this off for a long time but some comments on one of my blog posts prompted me to write this. I don’t like thinking about how this will be taken by those who read it, but that’s the name of the game.

Long ago, so long now I can’t remember the time, I began to seriously question myself, particularly my thought patterns and the endless conflicts engendered among acquaintances, fellow workers and family. I think the consensus was, “S/He’s nuts, simple.”

Was I nuts? Am I nuts? Well, you be the judge, it won’t change a thing, I know that from long experience. When I make a serious change within it’s not because of something I’ve read, or that somebody said – those always revert back to square one – it’s because of something inherent to my personality, an inward prompting or guidance that my mind follows.

That said, every piece needs an intro. The comments had to do with questions on my claim that Earthians are programmed entities who do not act from free will. It’s not difficult, or so I used to think, for anyone to reason how people are programmed. How could they endlessly return to their wallowing in the mud of degradation, corruption, hubris, gratuitous violence, loves that turn to hate, life-long commitments that end in bitter divorce, beliefs that gain them nothing but false hope and losses, emotional instability; their inability to reason out a future already solidly on record in their historical past. If you want to know what the future has in store just look to the past, it’s that simple.

Collectively people are on a treadmill, a squirrel cage they power from their own energy, inheriting little but weakness, fear, poverty, dis-empowerment, disenfranchisement, sickness and death for all their efforts. What do the greatest efforts expended by Earthians gain them, given time? Invariably to return them to their starting point or lower. How many are familiar with the game “Snakes and Ladders”?

Take organized religion with billions of faithful adherents. In between beginning and end of their term they demonstrate every evil which the entity credited for the start of the religion spent a life time preaching against. Two most glaring examples: Christianity and Islam, by far the most degenerate and violent religions on the planet today, though there are cases where Buddhism, (oh yes!) isn’t far behind. Christianity may have taken a bit of a beating and have less power of oppression than it had a couple or more hundred years ago but give it back the reins of political power and watch the results: immediate persecution of LGBTQ individuals, of women in general and certainly of every non-conforming minority. Likely a return to physical, certainly to sexual, slavery.

Man has “invented” great financial institutions, now linked globally and in positions to determine who lives, who dies with a couple of strokes on a keyboard. Who controls those? No one, they don’t even control themselves and the men who ostensibly run them have no idea what they are doing to people and the earth as a result of their unjust, greedily iniquitous policies that only serve to further inflate the hoarding of the rich.

What about politics, anything better there? Anyone can look around and realize that no, the advent of pseudo-democracies have been as effective as religion to create permanent and increasing betterment for the rank and file individuals. What pitiful gains were made are all being turned back, particularly among labour and non-white minorities in the USA.

How do people respond to all this? They accept, for the most part. Some rant and complain. A tiny minority physically demonstrates against the way the game is played. The most interesting part has to do with those, always in the majority, who defend this status quo, who adulate leaders who are gross, detestable, creepy, ignorant, selfish, lying, heartless greedy pigs. I’m sure we can all think of one, or two, or three, maybe four or more such at the moment. They lead nations and empires when they should be relegated to the bottom of the human scrap heap.

This brings me to my revelation. Allow me to take you outside the permissible thinking under the programming: to the desert where ancient things are hidden under the ever shifting sands, where such things neither rust nor erode, where they do not change; into the Matrix, that which all should naturally (key word!) know about; into a hidden world of real Earth history, not the one written under the influence of maya, or collective illusion.

What I do know. Man is not a benevolently created, nor naturally evolved species. Man was invented in various stages by “alien” entities who had a need for such a creature. The first which I am aware of eventually mutated into those called Neanderthals. Very intelligent, quite well adapted to their world and for the most part having little use for violence as they had no personal possessions, who wandered about at will, and made do with whatever they found. They had no technology apart from sticks, bone and stone implements, mostly for collecting and manipulating the foods they needed. Earth provided their food and shelter and that sufficed.

That (possibly blissful) time ended when Homo Sapiens (HS) came on the scene and proceeded to decimate all Neanderthals wherever it found them. What was this HS? It was an entirely new species of intelligent, sentient and self-aware people whose modus operandi was predation, conquest and claim of space and “stuff” for themselves even if it meant killing all competitors to gain and keep these things. These violent creatures were the result of gene tampering by an alien race known to the ancients as the Anunnaki (A’s) who landed on earth some half a million years ago, choosing it as a place to exploit. Being small in number they needed reliable slaves to labour for them so they “invented” HS, from Neanderthal and their own DNA to get a creature that could comfortably exist on Earth yet possess the greed and lust for conquest that was the hallmark of the warring and misogynist Anunnaki. They cloned this unnatural, hostile, hateful, violent creature, then gave it cloned females to serve them as their own slaves. This is HS. This is mankind, a GMO species. This is the real story. Disliking it, denying it or rejecting it changes nothing. The results speak for themselves, no need to defend it.

As their slave population expanded despite massive losses through culling events, natural cataclysms, disease and war (including nuclear wars, some which were fought in the Sinai and the Indus valley) the A’s found they could no longer cope and developed a new species of slaves, physically distinguishable from the rest by a higher stature and equipped with a programming that would automatically cause the lesser ones (the lesser slaves, the sheeple, the herd, the peons, the masses) to fear them, to obey them without question and to worship them. These programmed rulers known as elites, the nobility, the blue bloods, the Illuminati, were genetically endowed with what has been known as the “divine right of kings” for to them the A’s gave full authority over the lesser slaves, including the power of life and death. Note that this “divine right of kings” programming was never given to any HS female. A woman could ascend into the nobility by being born of a king (ruling slave) and keep that status by sufferance of her male consort. She could on occasion hold the position of “king” (queen is an embellishment, there were no such at the time) but only in an interregnum. Later “changes” made to this rule came from mutation, some females able to remain in power as “kings” over the masses but these were rare and as history amply demonstrates, these ruling females had to have “balls” – translate that as being ready to apply patriarchal power against their enemies without qualms of compassion or humaneness. These females were rare and their power always tenuous, easily abolished by murder or execution given the proper pretext. Even today in man’s pseudo democracies a woman can only hold temporary power while some male “heir” is groomed to take her place. A power-wielding woman remains but a place holder in the Patriarchy.

Over the millennia, no matter how much control was applied to the brain by the programming, some of these “rulers” or blue bloods became degenerates, or some developed empathy and sensed the horrible conditions of life experienced by their slaves. They left the inbreeding safety of the elites’ inner sanctum to mingle among the masses. The degenerates went to rape and pillage, became pirates and traders. The empathetic ones who fell in love with slave women and had children by them initiated a mutant mix of bastard blue blood children, some of whom inherited the full effect of the “leadership” or “divine right of kings” programming. These often became rebel leaders among some groups of slaves, starting new religions, new political systems, implementing some economic and social reforms but most importantly carving out nations and empires for themselves and their followers. This was the actual beginning of HS’s first great civilizations. Most of that was marked by endless wars of conquest for resource exploitation and always, for slaves and for women as war booty.

There are many more “blue blood” descendants in the world than is suspected, the real number never to be known because they are masters at hiding from each other and from those who would destroy them. Since the slave population now numbers close to eight billions, the number of slave rulers by genetics, by blood, by programming, is certainly above the one hundred million mark! The endless “hunt” for bastard “escapees” from the closed confines of the established nobility is a matter of historical record. Attempts to regain their full position among the elites by these bastards is also of historical record. More of the real story.

Now my personal admission. However distorted, however fake, man’s history carries many examples of individuals who had or have what is called charismatic properties. People are attracted to these individuals whether they be exemplary in wisdom and compassion or the exact opposite. It’s not so much what the individual says, or does, that attracts people but what that individual is, or exudes. People sense the “ruler” programming and their own programming is attracted to it, desires it, needs it. Slave masses are programmed against seeking to rule themselves, to think logically and to rebel against divinely instituted leaders. Those who apparently break free are not free, they are like bees in a beehive with two queens. One has to go and she will have a number of “followers” to establish a new hive. A slave can only go from one leader to another, forever anchoring the duopoly. A slave cannot go it alone. Those who manage to set up a new or counter power group can only be of those bastards I mentioned. They must possess some, or all of the leadership programming in order to rule. Those who do not have it cannot attract the necessary following nor overcome the henchmen they must surround themselves with when they decide it’s time for a new leader.

So how do we know who we are in the scheme of things? Can anyone be an inheritor of the leadership gene, the special programming? Yes, anyone could be but it would be impossible for such a one not to know it. It’s a question of knowing, then of acting upon that knowledge. A programmed “leader” cannot help but be a leader in some way, in some capacity. He could choose not to exercise the power offered from birth but something else will take its place. Since a genetic leader is still programmed to be a slave of the gods, whomever or wherever they are matters not, I’m now talking strictly of programming, therefore the genetic leader can choose to be a servant of the masses instead of a ruler over. It’s just a question of how, of what path of service to forge for himself and to follow through on.

My admission is rather simple and obvious: I know this “stuff” because I’ve always been one of ‘them’ and whether I like it or not at this stage I don’t think I care. It’s been an interesting time, this life. I used to wonder why I could interact with entities not of this world in a totally normal sort of way, not being psychic or having such esoteric “powers” and I could always tell when others who claimed similar “powers” were lying, both to themselves and to others. If you’re of that particular blood line, I would know, or I would have some simple tests to settle the question. One cannot simply claim to be of those programmed blue bloods, they have to have “something” that definitely sets them apart from the rank and file.

The very first “test” is naturally a question of felt need for a leader, or ruler. That need is endemic to the slave mentality of the programmed “herd” member, never of the true blue blood. To a blue blood the only entity higher than itself is a divinity. When a “god” or “ruler” fails to satisfy, or becomes too oppressive the slaves may revolt but never on their own. A member of the genetically programmed ruler blood line has to appear and stand for the masses. When he shows up, they follow, whether they actually know anything about him or not.

Again, a position of ruler is based on inheritance and programming. The “divine right of kings” programming attracts the drone programming, no need for any free will. Revolutions fought under the leadership of a legitimate blue blood are usually successful, celebrated with much fanfare but before you know it, the tables are turned upon the peons once again and they slip down to the very bottom from which they bloodily fought their way out. The leader dies, or the leader becomes corrupt and the masses give up until a new leader shows up and a new generation is ready and willing to go to war once again… and again… and again, for always, without fail, every move to bring the masses on par with the elites must and will fail. That is the most important part of the programming: built in genetic obsolescence through mental dis-empowerment.

Confession: how can I, Sha’Tara, ~burning woman~ have been born a bastard blue blood? In my case, a trick of fate. I am, as most know, a transgendered individual. I am a woman of mind and desire, but I have a male body. The programming doesn’t care what the mind thinks, or does, it applies to the physical (brain) part of the person. I can therefore be equipped with blue blood genes. With those genes I was able to connect with a power world hidden from the rank and file. I’m not saying that is a good thing, I’m not saying that is a bad thing, it just is. I was also able to call ‘the Teachers’ to myself when I needed them most, when I finally chose to turn away from two offers difficult to reject: religious and political power, both of which also offered the power of money. As I had hoped when I turned down these offers I lost my power of charismatic attraction. Not once after that was I ever accused of attempting to start a new religion or new political movement. Not once after that did I ever lack the money to do that which I chose to do either.

I didn’t want any sort of power that was historically guaranteed to fail. All the power held by my kind over the millennia benefited only that individual, or a small clique of like-minded rulers, most of whom had been, and continue to be, users, exploiters, oppressors and generally heartless murderers until they too died. I lived on a sick world that had the means to prevent the death of millions, particularly of little children and their mothers but the lion’s share of resources was used to uphold the patriarchy, to profit the already filthy rich and to create weaponry with which to make war, war that could only expand into global conflict, as indeed it is doing. I knew I could not prevent any of that, it’s not how the game is played and even the victims of this horror would turn against me if I meddled with their programming. Again, Earth history. What happens to the charismatic way showers who turn thousands against the status quo? They are killed and their followers who cannot exist without rulers, run about until they latch on to a different ruler and the game starts all over.

Conclusion. With the help and guidance of my Altarian Teachers I learned how to turn this genetic gift of “divine right” into a different sort of leadership: a self-sacrificing life of service. I chose to live and demonstrate the power of compassion by becoming an avatar of compassion. This was a “forever” choice from which I would never deviate. Combining my genetic make up with empathy I was/am able to see reality from behind the programming curtain. I can sense what is actually going on without having to guess by eliminating the blizzard of inconsequential details, always seeing where the elephant in the room is standing. Ask me if the sun is going to shine here in a week, I have no idea. But ask me what happens to mankind in some 3-400 years and that, I can tell you. In terms of making choices, which is most important?

Knowing: a wonderful and terrible place to occupy when attended by personal responsibility as a “ruler” must always have and be ready to demonstrate, even if it means martyrdom as long as it doesn’t ask for any compromise regarding my choice to be an avatar of compassion.

There you have it, tidbits and inklings of an aware and awake mind. I hope it was if not educational, at least entertaining.


69 thoughts on “Revelation, Admission, Confession

  1. Sha'Tara Post author

    WordPress messed with my fonts again. The current post is edited and much more readable than what may have shown up in your email. Sorry about that. Eventually I’ll figure out why these font problems. Probably my Linux based program…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      George Carlin once said, “It is called the American dream because you have to be asleep to see it (or, believe it).” Those business people caught in the supply chain are “living the dream” through their programming. Nothing is essentially ‘wrong’ to them and if one of them fails they see it as an individual, or personal failure, not as a political or economic problem unless, and note, the “government’ is in the hands of the wrong party. Then of course it’s all the government’s fault and that government will be blamed for every ill under the sun, from Adam to the Second Coming. They are not possessed of logical or reasoned perspective, they are emotionally possessed. They create their reality by buying it and forcing it on others. The business of America is business and that means everything, bar none, is always for sale, one way or another and if everything is for sale then it must be bought, one way or another. In the selling and buying, someone must gain while others lose. This is the accepted gospel of capitalism as preached in all the churches of capitalism. Some of us no longer accept that gospel or believe in holy Mammon; we are in essence agnostics, perhaps even atheists and it is difficult to comfortably attend church as an atheist. Believers however need to believe in the essential goodness of their god which remains blameless of anything that goes wrong with the economy. It’s just another facet of religion. Belief, and the certainty that the god will deliver great things to those who worship properly and who never doubt the “self-correcting wisdom of the marketplace.”

  2. jim-

    The only option is for the few that come to the realization, whether it happened this way you say or not is irrelevant. It is the way it is and the few that can enjoy the rawness of life and not be buried in the emotional prison of enlightenment should make the most of it. Great observations ShaTara

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you Jim. Yes, it is what it is. We’re here, we think, experience, observe, experiment, learn… or we do not and continue the rat race.

  3. katharineotto

    Seems like David Icke wrote about this in “Tales from the Time Loop,” at least about some of it. It was a mind-blowing book and made a deep impression on me, although I found some of it hard to accept. I think the hopelessness–that people can’t break out of their genetic programming, so why try?–does not sit well with me. In real life, genes turn themselves on and off all the time, and I believe they are at least partly responsive to will.

    Granted some people crave “leaders” who will show them “the way,” but as you point out, leaders can’t do it for them. Freedom does require responsibility, which is scary to some people, but “free will” lies latent in all of us (I believe) and is available to the courageous. As you’ve noted before, it’s an individual choice, and that individual must be ever vigilant to avoid being drawn back into the program.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting Katharine. From my observations and experiences, plus remembrances of past/future lives, I am aware of the programming. I also know that this programming (which on Earth is tweaked through the soul implant – mandatory for all ISSA beings) can be shut down. This requires full awareness that the process is active and full focus on holding down the “kill” switch. That means self empowerment and full reliance on one’s free will. So yes, you are correct, that there is free will but it kicks in only at the stage where one chooses to operate without the programming. Anyone who has legitimately and successfully done so will know how difficult it is to take that step. Everything changes; relationships break down, friendships terminate, associations and affiliations no longer function. In essence, the de-programmed becomes a complete stranger to her/his family, acquaintances and the run-of-the-mill normal life. For me it was like awakening from the dead and I had to rebuild everything using totally unfamiliar methods. It took years and in many ways Katharine, I’m still struggling to understand and adapt. I’m standing partway up a mountain and I can’t see the top.
      To close, yes, free will lies latent in all of us, without exception and can be set in motion by the courageous. Free will isn’t free!

      1. katharineotto

        No, there’s a tremendous cost, especially for those who want/need approval from outside. I think we are at a stage of development where there’s a tremendous sense of betrayal and resultant search for eternal values. That’s why I keep saying people are waking up, individually, but also interactively. The first stage is often shock and anger, and that’s where we are now.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        That’s a great comment and you’re giving me some serious food for thought here, thank you.

      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for commenting, Katharine. You may be right. You live “way down south” and I live in the Lower mainland of B.C, Canada (west coast and just above the 49th parallel) and this unease or awareness hasn’t reached here yet, obviously by my observations on the lifestyle choices. Money, gambling, drugs, vehicles made deliberately noisy, speeding, muggings, murders, and lots and lots of increasingly expensive advertising esp. on roadside billboards screaming what a wonderful life we’re living. You can’t ever talk to people about climate change, “no such thing” here. If a business says they can’t get your replacement parts or equipment for months when it used to take days, don’t even mention sanctions: they have NOTHING to do with any delivery problems. That’s the law because that’s the belief system. The economy is doing great, we just need to believe and DO MORE OF WHAT WE HAVE BEEN DOING to ensure it keeps doing great. That’s the local mindset; that’s the mindset of most of Western Canada and I wouldn’t be surprise if it is also the mindset of the past Quebec eastern part of the country. Those who believe in problems, or predict catastrophe are conspiracy nuts. Your orange twat would probably get standing ovations if he ran for Canadian prime minister. “Everything is normal here, always!”

      4. katharineotto

        Of course I see a lot of that, here, too, since Savannah is a military town, home to two large military bases. In my opinion, still under federal occupation, but of course no one else sees it that way.

        But those business people who deny supply-chain problems must wonder why all their customers have problems similar to yours. When individuals like you and me talk to each other, we are reassured that our observations are valid.

      5. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks again for commenting further, Katharine (Yes, I have one of my computers back at least so can formulate decent posts and comments here!)
        You say, in part, “I think we are at a stage of development where there’s a tremendous sense of betrayal and resultant search for eternal values. That’s why I keep saying people are waking up, individually, but also interactively. The first stage is often shock and anger, and that’s where we are now.”
        Replying in reverse, I think that SOME people are waking up while most aren’t able or willing to pay the corresponding price. Somewhat like that post of yours on mindfulness
        where you say mindful is what makes you uncomfortable. That is a good definition of awakening. I was thinking, does mindfulness “black out” the running mind video for a while… or does it suddenly expose one to the bigger picture? I go with the bigger picture, and that is very uncomfortable and for many it is extremely threatening. The System, the Matrix, the Programming, promises ever more of the good life as a matter of faith regardless of reality whereas awakening is “violent” exposure to the reality. Awakening means to suddenly be able to see the illusion we’ve been programmed to accept as “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God!” For a moment out of time, the life of denial crumbles.
        It is true that many more people are becoming “aware” they have been, and are being, betrayed by those they trusted to make things good and better. They can see that is not happening but their programming forces them to insist in having faith that “blue” will be better than “red” next election; that racism is not a good thing BUT it has its points; that skin colour matters; that if we can identify a real enemy we can make things great again by defeating that enemy (hence the trade wars – not deals, but wars) and the attacks on those who say we’ve identified the wrong enemy. Confusion and misdirection, half truths and outright lies: people may know they’re lied to but they have to follow the agenda: believe that white is superior to black, or vice-versa; that capitalism is better than socialism; that Christianity is the one true religion and Islam is of the Devil and so on, ad nauseam. That’s faith and people continue to search for “eternal values” through a chimera called faith only they don’t think of it that way, of course. They think of it as politics and economics; as jobs and/or survival. When their hopes are dashed, they give up or turn on each other and that’s the ultimate goal of the programming. Divide and conquer; divide and rule. Everything exists within a self-serving duopoly.

      6. katharineotto

        Thanks for your thoughtful and thought-provoking reply. I expect nothing less from you and am grateful.

        When I say people are waking up, I’m referring to personal responses to what they are told on the news, and whether they find consistency in their own lives. For instance, has this “economic recovery,” improved their lives or finances? Do they have personal evidence of racism against them or by them? Why or why not?

        Waking up means learning to challenge assumptions, to ask questions, and to compare personal experience with mass beliefs. To think for yourself.

        Question: If people believe they know the truth, are they lying when they state their belief? What is the ultimate determinant of truth?

        I’m thinking about all the contradictory information available about medicine and disease, for instance. The vaxers and anti-vaxers all make good points, and there are lots of claims made for various alternative treatments, but there are no guarantees any of them are right.

      7. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thank you for your added thoughts, Katharine. You use some powerful trigger words here which I’ll use to focus on a reply. Truth, Evolution, Slave.
        Truth: what is Truth? Obviously truth is everything that is. If it is, it cannot be false. However, what is “the Truth”? The concept is related to being set free. The biblical context is freedom from the bondage to sin (corruption of life) but for me it means breaking free from my programming in order to continually become the person/being I have chosen to be, an endless process of mental evolution. However, that is not the result of having tapped into the one and only “Truth” as that would be an absolute and absolute forces, or powers, cannot coexist with the principle of duality which is what we must exist under. There is truth, it’s everywhere, but there is no such thing as “the Truth” as some would have it.
        Evolution: what does that mean? Just about anything anyone wants it to mean, hence when using it to “measure” physical change it becomes meaningless. “Man” is not an evolved species that was once Neanderthal. We know that the DNA difference between ancient Neanderthalers and Cro-Magnon Homo Sapiens made it virtually impossible for one species to successfully interbreed with the other, end of story. Cro-Magnon or modern man simply took over the world and wiped out all of the old race or races. That “wiping out” was written in its programming (and remains active today. It’s called racism).
        When we speak of slavery we usually think of some Earthians owning, with power of life and death over, other Earthians. But that is a superficial form of slavery, however horrible it is in itself. Real slavery is mental bondage to a programming over which the non-self-empowered individual has no control. It is that which makes her/him do unthinkable things which under the influence of the running program appear perfectly normal at the time of performance. Legitimate spiritual teachers have tried ever which way to explain this and proposed ways to counteract this “sinful behaviour” or evil tendencies with little, none, or even negative effects from their teachings. They failed to grasp the simplicity of the “thing” they were up against but today, in the age of computers, programs and viruses, it becomes possible to give this problem a name and from that, to arrive at a “cure” if you will. We need to change our programming but no one anywhere is qualified to do this: we must be willing to engage this problem ourselves, as individuals. We need to kill the very thing that we have relied on to make all of our decisions and choices (some refer to it as ego, that being another of those convenient lies to hide the truth) and replace it in its entirety with what I call self empowerment.
        As long as the original program is running in the ISSA mind, the possibility of developing self empowerment remains at zero. The programmed self has to die before the empowered self can be born as a free being. If any one, or any “system” offers to do this for you, it is a lie. Only an individual can do this for her/himself. Our mythological mother, Eve, opened this possibility for all of us but her effort was incomplete as she relied on supplied expectations by someone else for the change to take place. Knowing that, in our computer terminology, we can hack into our own mind and re-program ourselves. So we do this, we gain freedom of mind, now what? We’re no longer in the squirrel cage, nor on the treadmill. We are no longer believers; we know that everything emanating from the System is a lie. We are aware that “mind” is what we are and we are faced with a whole new reality of eternal life and infinite awareness in a world that is made up of nothing but “great big, beautiful walls”… now what?
        We pay the price of freedom called endless change.

      8. wolfess

        “It is true that many more people are becoming “aware” they have been, and are being, betrayed by those they trusted to make things good and better.”
        Interesting … b/c of the life I have lived (since I first realized that I was ‘living’) I learned early not to trust or believe anything anyone said. I am an intelligent, sentient being that is fully capable of charting my own path so that I never have to feel betrayed. Many years ago my husband used to say he loved me all the time — if someone is saying it they’re counting on the words being enough — so I started telling him to “back it up with action!” He discovered that when he showed me he loved me I said it more, and he no longer felt a need to say it all the time. I told you about that experience b/c I have employed the same analogy to any elected whore I might consider voting for — b/c aren’t they some of those “they trusted to make things good and better”??? I believe if we respect and trust ourselves we are capable of seeing others as they truly are, and once we do that we no longer have a reason to feel betrayed.

        Pwr 2 SENTIENT peons!

      9. Sha'Tara Post author

        Indeed, one of the cornerstone lessons from my Teacher YLea was: “Trust no one and nothing. Trust is weakness and foolishness.” Children trust because they have no choice but once we reach the “adult” stage (which I consider to be around 12-13 in a normal, natural society) we can rely on our own observations and make our own moves. Like youSelf, I also learned early on to challenge those who would change me by saying, “Don’t say it, show me.” If someone can demonstrate the truth of some claim, I gives me some reason to consider it. If not, I can only relegate it to the garbage bin.

      10. wolfess

        It appears that the most intelligent among us have learned that actions speak louder than words!” I truly fear for young people growing up now — no one in a position of power backs up their words with action. My husband tells this story: The night Barack Obama discovered he was president he got in bed beside Michelle and said, “Yes we can!” then immediately followed that by whispering “But we’re not going to.” And that was pretty much his entire presidency in a nutshell!

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Frank, imagination is a very important part of what I am and I’ve never been ashamed to exercise it!

  4. Hyperion

    They say water, I say ocean, she said sea. We were all wrong. An excellent way of explaining a complex “system” in which humans take center stage to their world. But, we really aren’t the center of the universe though certain spatial laws will say differently. Recently, we announced that we can in fact on this day deprogram the DNA and cause a new and better ISSA to populate the planet. It is real, it is fact and believing it or not changes nothing as you said. We can imagine that it will go wrong and that only the god of the jews has the right to judge and their people only have the right to approve or disprove. But in fact, fear will make the decision, not intelligence or logic. The effort to spread a new “mutant” into the universe is real. It is a fact, it can be denied but that changes nothing. The goal is to have several exoplanets in beginning stages of terraforming within the next 200 years. We have discovered ways to to bind an atmosphere to a planet until natural processes can take over the job. In 200 years all we know we can do now will change, evolve, make possible all you have said. This is not private information that my membership in several bodies of science offer privilege and secrecy to. This information is released in the public domain through well established and respected science outlets. We are trying to prepare the world for this future because whether the fear mongers like it or not, it will be done. The greatest fear is that all of the effort and the extinction of life on the planet can happen before the great escape. War will end us, pandemics of mutated viruses we have no defenses against such as in the past, the Black Death, the Spanish Flu, Ebola or so on. The third is natural disaster as the climate changes and huge areas of the planet become uninhabitable forcing migrations and wars for limited resources, a large meteor strike on earth, the Yellowstone Cauldron erupting and so on. The threat of extinction is near and also very real. I have no fear of death and so the method of my demise is of no consequence to me. I’ll not be panicked and running amok into Horror’s arms. I just wanted to say that everything you have said is being proven as factual as our sun and moon. We can make up any handy mythology we like to help us understand or cope. No story is too bizarre and the more fanciful, the easier to calm the nerves. But, we are doing it and only a premature extinction will stop us from returning to the stars from which we came. And in that case we will be using a different approach. You are blessed with a third eye Sha’Tara. The Bard and the prophet warned the people and many chose poorly thereafter.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Daniel. I’ve struggled lately with the idea of whether people deliberately choose poorly, or because they have never known the need to fight against their programming, thus going with the flow. The programming, as I understand it, creates a flaw in the average Earthian, that s/he cannot see clearly the inevitable consequences emanating from their thoughts, words and acts (TWA’s). Nor can they see, or realize, that as their numbers grow these TWA’s create a growing wave of energy over the planet, for good or for ill. As you say, we live in an anthropocentric world and our presence in it is the determining factor for the health or sickness of the planet now. The greatest weakness of Earthianity is its insistence on BEING RULED. It refuses to individually take responsibility for its personal sphere of influence, trusting instead in others who are obviously mentally defective, arrogant fools, greedy, liars and utterly callous. Still they encourage one-another to vote for, to support, these miscreant. The only person I would personally ever vote for, or want to see in a position of ruler is… myself. I don’t trust anyone else to rule over me since all that presents itself is already compromised, thus of a mental state lesser than mine. No one, whether on a job or esp. in the military, would “vote” for another to lead knowing that other to be of a lesser mental or physical caliber – so why do we do it in politics and egg each other on to participate in this insanity? Programming, certainly not logic nor common sense. So in the next election, be it municipal, provincial or federal (this is Canada and apparently it’s not a republic but another sort of fake democracy) I’ll be voting for myself again, and I’ll “win” again because I can’t lose.

      1. Hyperion

        I like the idea of voting for you and you voting for yourself. That is one sure way to know precisely what will happen after the election. No slithery escapes or burrowing bungles the cost of which is born once again by the duped public. No, with you in charge, we know what we get and it will be a positive turn in the right direction. Finally. I honestly have great reservation about all the incredible revelations about DNA manipulations for a better bipedal hominid and populating the galaxy. It’s a noble thought, but it has a huge risk of getting mucked up by the uber rich, religious fervor, and government bungling. Not to mention public rumor mongering. But hey, we won’t have Trump around forever to focus our ire, so we need to pick another worthy subject to latch onto.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for commenting, Daniel. With “me” in charge people would have to quickly learn to take serious and complete responsibility for themselves. My rule would not be a diaper service, not for the elites and not for the “commoners.” Assuming no interference you would soon have a truly level playing field. Common sense rule through application of real justice until such time as even justice is no longer needed when personal responsibility becomes personal compassion. Well, knowing Earthians as well as I do, which is I think adequate to form an educated opinion… since what I would bring about would be good for all, over all, I know that it would meet with instant opprobrious resistance and violence… because it would run completely counter to the programming. So I rule myself and let the rest do what the rest always does: create chaos through gratuitous violence. As for DNA manipulation, we ourselves are the result of same and we can let the facts speak for themselves: you can’t make a better bipedal hominid until the creature individually chooses to make itself into a better person. As for charging off into the ether on space ships, or space arks and actually arriving anywhere soon, there remains a couple of little problems to resolve: getting through the Van Allen radiation belts and surviving raw solar radiation and then outliving light years of travel time. Oh, and feeding the dog…

      3. Hyperion

        ROTFLMAO! 😂. Those little issues become big problems when escaping the solar system. We are working hard…still, on folding space, using manmade wormholes, slingshoting off of our resident black hole, and seeing if we can make use of the other 5 dimensions we recently discovered. But dogfood and the resultant digestive processes will need serious study and

  5. deteremineddespitewp

    Message from the other side of Universal Perception.

    Hi Sha’ Tara I’m going with your perceptions and arguments in general as possible and in some respects in broad themes likely in some ways.
    Now comes the Howevers
    Whereas there has been a long history of abuse and misrepresentation of the basic belief systems of many religions, usually by self-serving opportunists or hate-mongers I would caution against a blanket attack on them. In this I would consider Marx who when he wrote Das Kapital would not have envisaged Lenin’s ruthless and cynical purges, Stalin taking the process one step further, Mao’s excesses and Pol Pot’s Year Zero (also something The French Revolution embraced). Any belief system or creed will be open to the zealots, the carpet baggers and the maniacs. I say this, not in defence of my own beliefs but because in the UK there is a great deal of low level persecution of ordinary Muslims by the ignorant, the hateful and the bigots, so it’s a bit of a raw nerve with me. Christianity is of course does not come out shining, let us be plain about that. Many adherents nit-pick and fail to understand that the Old Testament is filled with allegorical messages and poetical allusions which have been translated through at least five languages, these folk are meanwhile steering clear of Christ’s teachings in the Gospels (you never get them quoted much by those guys…funny that).
    Onto Life. To quote from John Wyndham’s ‘Chrysalis’ “Life is change. It differs from the rocks” (which is a bit unfair on rocks and the geological process, but that’s me nit-picking). Anyway Life has an inherent what we would call aggression, which is adaptation and survival. If anyone can come up with a better system, let me know. The problem with Humanity it has taken this beyond the realm of basic defence and survival into something quite industrial instead of nurturing the positive ideas. This is not helped by the likes of Nietzsche or the schism known as Darwinism (an excuse for taking Darwin’s ideas and transferring them to racism). And you know by now my opinions on what fate awaits Humanity if doesn’t learn to adapt up the next step. I also have a different view on what happened to Neanderthals which involves change in the climate and also male and females…err doing what males and females do when they come into contact with each other (on both sides)…it would appear there is some traces of Neanderthal in our ancestry.
    Regrading other races from other worlds I have yet to be convinced (emphasis on those words) that due to the strictures of physics and the size of the Universe that anyone has physically visited this world. That said it would be foolish, nay arrogant to deny the existence of a cosmic vibe which based on thought and emotions is resonating throughout the entire cosmos. So NO CONTACT, don’t hold with that. What sort; that’s another subject.
    These are a few of the perspectives from this side of The Cosmos (As a side issue ‘The Patchwork’ volumes are opening my mind in all directions to all sorts of possibilities. Fantasy, Religion and Science liberating me….heady mix)
    All the best

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for that in-depth comment, Roger. I think it safe to say I know where you’re coming from. I’ll be (I am) operating without computers for the next 3 days and doing this on the cell phone, not ideal, so I’m keeping your comment open for discussion when I get the computers back from upgrading to a Linux operating system. Meanwhile enjoy interacting with your characters in “Precipice Dominions.”

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        That was, hum, interesting, but without a computer or subtitles, I am at a complete loss. Computers back on Wednesday, so I’m told, so I’ll withhold further comment for the time being. “Be well and Prosper!”

      2. deteremineddespitewp

        It’s one of my favourite move clips for resonances of what Humanity could achieve if it caste off its shackles of Hate, Greed and Ignorance and above all the notion of the Vastness of Existence.
        Have a Happy’ Computer Back-On Day’

    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      Well, back at it here, for hopefully a short “rebuttal” to the question of human (Earthian) evolution. Acceptable or not to anyone else, I know some “stuff” that no one else (or very few) know about us. But rather than enter into another long explanation, how about a quote from Laurence Gardner’s “Genesis of the Grail Kings”… under the sub-title, “Progeny of the Nephilim” quote: “What we now know, and has been proven beyond doubt, is that there is no missing link in the way that Darwin perceived it. The Cro-Magnon homo sapiens did not descend from the Neanderthalers; they were entirely different breeds with entirely different DNA structures. It appears that we descended from the Afro-Asian Cro-Magnon types, but from what species did they evolve? Maybe this is where the Enochian records come into play — the accounts of the Nephilim who spawned an entirely new race prior to 35,000 BC, in the same era that the advanced Cro-Magnons appeared, after which the backward Neanderthalers were gradually wiped out.” (End of quote)
      I’ve been aware of this history for many decades but it was rather “cool” to get validation from a totally (new to me) source. The point made here, and to which I ascribe from previous studies, and my insistence that “man” is not a naturally evolved species but a special “creation” of “divine” (i.e, alien) intervention, is that it was virtually impossible for any successful interbreeding between Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon, or Homo Sapiens. With that said, it’s late and I must move on tonight. Take care, Roger.

      1. deteremineddespitewp

        Some would argue there are references within The Old Testament to alien species descending upon this world. This can be tenuous as they use English translations which of course were not the original words or context.
        For the current I am still holding with the evidence of cross-fertilisation between the two speicies as can happen with fellow beings on this planet eg: lions/tigers- horses/donkeys.
        We have of course, a long way to go in our uncovering of histories. The debates are many and split into sub-arguments, streching back to the actual orgins of Life on the planet.
        We still only scratch the surfaces.
        (Writing here at 9.00 am UK time)
        Sleep well Sha’ Tara.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        The sleep was good, thanks Roger. I would have more “trouble” imagining this current world with its technology and both megalithic and monolithic remnants of ages past without alien intervention or interference, than accepting the obvious (to me) fact of previous alien presence. When I first read the Old Testament, the references to Yahweh, the particular god of the Hebrews, jumped up at me screaming: Alien being! Indeed, it’s the only logical explanation there can be so why fight it? Why insist there has to be more, and more complex, explanations for what we are faced with? “When presented with competing hypotheses to solve a problem, one should select the solution with the fewest assumptions.” William of Ockham. He had the right idea. Only after it is proven beyond a shadow of doubt that this “simplest explanation” is wrong should it be rejected. If we are really interested only in building a ladder of understanding based on available evidence, why leave a gap of two, three, or more rungs in our ladder? Why not fill the gaps with the available rungs so we can climb rather than scour the countryside looking for “alternative rungs” to build our stairway to heaven? What do we stand to lose by admitting that we are a “special creation” of alien provenance? …And then, of course, I’m reminded that people are programmed to believe in certain things and to doing said things in predetermined ways. “Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is the proper definition of insanity.” (Albert Einstein) Why don’t we learn; why can’t we change, as a species? Programming. If we took this concept seriously it would then become a simple matter to discover the source of that programming and from there, to find a way to disconnect it. Are we so afraid of setting ourselves free from mental slavery to forces we are convinced either do not exist or we can never have any power over?

  6. selizabryangmailcom

    Your experience of “waking up” and having all associations, friendships, and familiarity shattered afterwards sounds exactly like the situation that happens in many cults, like Scientology or The Fellowship of Friends, the latter of which my high school/college mentor joined and tried his very hardest to get me to join during the ’80s and ’90s.
    Anyway, many of us know that once you break out of these institutions, you’re dead to them, can no longer contact them and/or friends or family who may still be inside.
    Probably more so for Fellowship than Scientology, who actively does try to *get back* those who *betray* them–probably trying very hard with anyone who has more $$.
    So it sounds like you’ve broken out of your own cult–a cult of the mind–and upended your life in doing so. Painful, but the freedom must be so sweet.
    The sad part of Fellowship is that the message is similar to what you’re saying here. I’ve mentioned this before. People are reaction machines, mainly negative, continuing throughout their lives in destructive patterns they’re unable to break out of because they’re unable to sit quietly alone in a room and observe where their thoughts are going. Like, you’ll be told to focus on a rose in a vase on a table in front of you and see how long you can do that. Most will realize their thoughts immediately begin to stray from the rose to any other topic other the sun: errands they have to run tomorrow, what time is it, will overtime happen next week at work, what was that sound–the neighbor?–oh, back to the rose, the rose….there’s dust on the table, have to wipe that up, oh, and have to change the oil in the car soon–but only if that overtime shows up at work–oh, crap, the rose, the rose, stick with the rose…….
    And it goes on and on.
    Our wandering, disorganized, mostly worried thoughts that we’re unable to corral, on top of reacting to most everything around us knee-jerk-like and unable to pause and rein in before that happens makes us robotic reaction machines that stumble through existence like brainwashed sleepwalkers. They work on alleviating that as much as possible in the Fellowship school, and I think it’s a terrible pity that it’s an out-and-out cult and can’t just be a regular place where one doesn’t feel trapped and turned into a prisoner.
    Either way, it seems that you’ve escaped. Glass half full………..! And you’ve survived.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting, ‘Seliza’ – Yes, survived and thrived! I think that the cults you mention are extreme examples of how people live their “normal” cult lives within the Matrix. Everything is based on cult group think, there is no rationale to any of it, be it organized religion, duopoly governments or economic dictatorship. It’s all a matter of programmed belief, of brainwashing, of emotionalism. Pick a side and support it, defend it, profit or die from it. It’s been my experience and on-going contention that only an individual, by deliberate choice, can truly break free of all programming and not just slide unawares from one form into another. Earthians do not believe themselves capable of self-governing, hence always hanker for some higher authority over themselves, ideally a “beloved” dictator. Democracies, as pitifully weak as they have been are losing their appeal because the programmed sheeple doesn’t even want to have to make a choice between this or that contender for a position in government. In fact their programming insists they should not have to make that choice because “it” knows that there are a number of genetically programmed (naturally qualified) individuals in the world to assume legitimate (programmed) rulership positions.
      I consistently return to the problem of the programming because as long as that runs people will continue down the path of self destruction and the end of their life-sustaining environment. Now, if a legitimate, genetically qualified programmed member of the elites was to accede to a totalitarian position over the entire species and “enforce” compassionate interaction, then the problems of Homo Sapiens’ self-destructive programming would be resolved since the elitist program is linked to, and designed to modulate the sheeple programming. As anybody can see, that has never happened and the rest of the elitist apparatus would howl in dismay, cry foul and overthrow the compassionate upstart. Their help would come from the very sheeple the compassionate one seeks to lead into a blissful future. It cannot be done through the existing programming and everything currently being attempted to curtail the self-destructive madness of both the elitist and sheeple programmed are doomed to utterly fail, despite winning little skirmishes here and there. Ultimately Earth is plunging into a dystopian age lead by madmen who respond to their genetic programming by seeking ever more power. Earth is a finite environment. Current elitist rulers are energy sucks, vampires. Any personal power they possessed they used up to get where they are and now they rely on sucking dry the programmed, blind, deaf, dumb, ever-willing to worship sheeple.
      “So I woke up on morning feeling terribly depressed. I opened my bedroom window to smell the air. On the pear tree outside the window a little bird was singing and I heard it say, “Cheer up! Cheer up! Cheer up! Things could be worse!” So I went to my day cheering up… and sure enough, things got worse!” That’s a joke by the way. The things I use to keep my life quite cheered up despite what I see and sense: self empowerment, practice of compassion and deliberately engaging both joy and sorrow. That is a chosen path, the one that destroyed the programming.

  7. selizabryangmailcom

    I don’t have a like button on my end (that I can see, at least) so….

  8. colettebytes

    Hi Sha’Tara. I didn’t know that you gave yourself the label ‘transgender.’ I think that explains to me some of your bluntness (male attribute) and your propensity to explain (female attribute). I love that I can now feel more I tune with your male/female oneness. You have a unique gift, for to encompass both male and female qualities, is surely an attribute that is superior to one or the other? N’est pa’s? You know, I think a new term should be constructed for someone with attributes that encompass so much, that doesn’t sound like a mistake of nature. I don’t know what exactly, but something like ‘multi-functional’ because there are no mistakes in nature, just as there are no mistakes in programming… If there are, the program doesn’t run at all! That nature itself is a ‘program’ seems logical to me. Programs evolve, adding in new influences and information over time. Nature does the same thing, so the two are one and the same.

    As a species, it is really only recently that most of us accept that machine programming can replicate the functions of living organisms, but I don’t think many, other than the scientists and some engineers (bioengineers especially) can make the connection that our attempts at programming are rudimentary awakenings in how life itself actually works. Human attempts are so crude, that it has put the proverbial ‘wrench’ straight into the sophisticated biological program and bashed it all to bits.

    Going back to the start of HS… We did not evolve from other hominids in a linear fashion and we did not kill other hominids (like Neanderthals) in an attempt at superiority. Current research has crushed this linear branching effect from the Great Ape Ancestor. ‘Lucy’ is no longer seen as our forbear.

    While some hominids have undoubtably died out (extinct), it is known that many lived alongside and interbreed with what we term as Homosapiens. The Denisovans, The Neanderthals, aren’t extinct, they evolved (or reprogrammed themselves into us).

    We are the result of added on bits of programming (DNA refashioning itself).

    I would liken it to us feeling that the Ancient civilisations like those of The Aztec peoples, or the Atlanteans have disappeared from the planetary record… They haven’t, the DNA lives on in modern society, just amalgamated with other races and cultures.

    While modern HS can seem to be aggressive and divided (religion, politics, racial profiling, socioeconomic difference), I do think it is unnecessary for survival, unless one is of course, a slave. Then it becomes very clear that these divisions and aggressions create a pecking order for the good of a society. The same can be seen in packs of dogs, or other carnivores. The lower members are slaves to the leader, and it is very often the pack leader offspring that takes on leadership mantle later… Being of blue-blood, stronger intellect and greater physical prowess.

    So… Are we the creation of a species from another world? Are we intermixed with an alien species from another world? I will come back to comment on that after I have gathered my thoughts. Have an almighty headache right this moment. 😔

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hi Collette, I got your comment and Katharine’s confused and I think my reply to her comment had more to do with some of your questions. Shouldn’t try to spend half the night blogging after a day’s work, huh? Anyway, another WordPress screw up, there are no “reply” or “edit” buttons after many comments and I can’t remember how to access that, I know there is a back door.
      Yes, I call myself transgendered because of my life-long mental preference. I did spend a decade of so doing the cross-dressing thing but now it seems rather pointless. I didn’t go for the surgical change because the Teachers advised against it and I respect their thoughts, plus I had better use for the funds that would have been needed. Choices, huh?
      When it comes to DNA, I think that ‘science’ puts way too much emphasis on that in its attempt to belittle, if not destroy, any belief that puts mind over matter. Scientists don’t like ideas, or concepts they can’t put under a microscope or in a test tube to screw around with. It may be that bits and pieces of “DNA” record remains of ancient races, but it would have to be of races that split from Cro-Magnon Homo Sapiens, hence still the same species as modern man. Neanderthals are a different species, quite extinct and “alive” only through fossil records now. The question always is, where did the highly advanced modern man beginning with Cro-Magnon come from? There is but one answer for that: result of intervention; a special event in the history of earth. Everything points to the fact that modern man is not a naturally evolved creature simply by how it goes about interacting with nature. Modern man is unnaturally violent with an unnatural appetite, unnatural lifestyle, unnatural aggression. It is a creature quite apart from nature. Instead of trying to adapt itself it has continuously pushed nature away, enslaved and destroyed it and established itself as the ultimate totalitarian ruler of the planet, using all of it for its own mindless end. If that is what natural selection or evolution does then evolution will spell the end of life in the cosmos.

      1. colettebytes

        Hi Sha’Tara,
        Just sent you a reply with a lot of links… It is my own explanation of why I think things are the way they are. It is not a million miles from your explanation, but different. I think we may have missed the point on how homosapiens evolve (or program) to a better state. Are we a deliberate experiment to make a monster? No, I think we are just a mistake in the programming – yes like GMO gone wrong.

      2. colettebytes

        But not a mistake that won’t come to an end, because mistakes in the program eventually require a reset, because the function of the program stops working or continues on an endless loop.

        By the way, the like button and reply function works fine on the Android Word App, but do not appear at all on the website version of your blog site. WordPress has its own programming nightmares.

      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        Hi Colette, I’m attempting to catch up to the many comments… and a quote from you: “Are we a deliberate experiment to make a monster? No, I think we are just a mistake in the programming – yes like GMO gone wrong.”
        First let me say that after over two decades of instructions from non-Earth “Teachers” I take everything Earthians have to say with a grain of salt… a very big grain of salt, whether they go on about religion, economics or in scientific matters. Everything on Earth is utterly corrupt and failing on a grand scale – and not just due to man’s ignorant intrusion: things were already bad before Homo Sapiens came on the scene. If time and space permitted I would take you back to the very beginning of planet Earth and how that actually came about as a result of a deliberate plan to change the entire make-up of this then nascent solar system. The Powers of control and destruction were already in full force and they have been active “here” to this very day. Skipping to a half million years ago, there was no mistake made in man’s programming: the creature was meant to be an obedient slave to an all-powerful elite and it was meant to be a temporary solution to a labour shortage. Man was not meant to continue; not meant to procreate like mice and take over the earth and eat it up. What happened was that unexpected events and counter-forces intervened to prevent man’s “inventors” from destroying their creation when they had to leave this world. I cannot begin to tell a history that took me decades to work through and make some sense of. I also know too well from experience that anything I have to say on the matter is persona non grata, as it is unofficial and “not backed by scientific proof” as if that meant anything. Science will “prove” anything that supports the system, the military industrial complex and a sellout academia. There are many of us with independent individual minds who know at least parts of the greater history of Earth but since we do not play at the gaming table of officialdom, our knowledge is accounted as myth, imagination or conspiracy. If “they” allowed the generic sheeple to actually begin to believe anything we have to say their Ponzi scheme of oppressive power would collapse in short order. So all I can say to anyone who interacts with me is, don’t listen to me, don’t believe anything I have to say, break down your own programming; dare become a self empowered individual and dare legitimize your own thoughts and ideas… without the links to “those that know best” because they are the product of programming also and all they are offering is half-baked theories that come and go and manufactured proofs for how they believe things should, or must, be… but aren’t.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        If I may say so, I can read your thoughts and know that you “started” this thought process a long time ago. If you had not you would not be engaging these questions and controversial arguments. Part of becoming self empowered is giving ourselves the credit for who, and what, we have caused ourselves to become. It’s not easy to go against the programming day in, day out.

      5. colettebytes

        I sound like I am contradicting myself… Perhaps I am (programs do that too). But when I say there are no mistakes in nature, I do mean in the sense that they just don’t continue… Eventually there is a ‘reset.’ And a point in time is found where the program was behaving according to the correct principles for advancement. Mistakes are corrected, often with a complete shutdown and restart for the roll back. In the Human sense, this is when a Civilisation ends and moves back to a simpler time devoid of a lot of the technology created (that is not serving the process well). Some will be ‘reinstalled’ and some will be consigned to the ‘failed program’ pile.

      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        I’m off to work today, though it’s a “long weekend” for some, and no time to respond to longish comments – maybe this evening, although I have a guest tonight… soon, anyway. This is to let you know that I’ve checked a couple of my blog posts and both, “Reblog” and “Like” buttons are there, including on the post I did last night. So nothing I can do at my end, sorry. What I do in case of no reblog button is simply “copy and paste” the post I wish to reblog into a new one on ~burning woman~ with introduction and all the pertinent links. I also usually ask permission first. If no reply, I don’t post it. Have a great day! (It’s 8:30 AM here!)

      7. Sha'Tara Post author

        Forgive me Colette but I’m wiped and out of time again. I have kept your comment “front and center” in my email file and will definitely respond. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on something I consider to be of paramount importance to us as a species..

      8. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes, that is a simpler way to look at it. But a legitimate question is, what’s behind nature? What is the source of the programming? Is there a “WHO?” behind it all or do we simply assume it’s the work of some mindless autonomous blind force? Who/what causes the ‘reset’ and who/what fixes the problem?

      9. colettebytes

        It is a question I have no answer to Sha’Tara. I do not know what, or who controls life. Is it autonomous? I don’t know. Is it a God? I don’t know. Is it another set of beings from another Universe? I don’t know.
        Speculation on my part, will not further provide any clues. I guess research needs to happen in places that we have not previously looked.

      10. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for you continued thoughts here, Colette, I like the challenges and the reminders to what I do know. It has been said that ‘he who seeks, finds’ but the things we are talking about run taboo to the programming. We should not be discussing who controls life, we should be arguing over football scores and the latest beach fashions. There are some who have delved into man’s (and Earth’s) past history and have drawn obvious conclusions which are immediately labelled as crank – predictably. It has also been said that ‘the truth will set you free’ and that is why no truth is ever allowed to persist here: this is a world of mental and physical slaves and anything that doesn’t dovetail with the slave-driving status quo has to be declared ‘fake news’ as Dumb Toxic is fond of repeating. There is little truth in any official historical record and even the fossil record lies when interpreted to suit the acceptable range of beliefs. Bottom line, and that’s serious, is if we have a problem and we cannot, or will not, identify its source that problem will only exacerbate no matter how often we redesign the band aids.

  9. colettebytes

    OK, I hear you Sha”Tara. I apologise in advance, for this long reply (a blog in itself), but I feel a need to explain (my female brain takes a long time to make it’s point).

    I mentioned dogs in my previous comment… They actually share 84% of human DNA. Orangutans 96% and Chimpanzees 98%
    We look very different to these other creatures, yet our DNA suggests more similarity than difference. Likewise, Modern ancestral lineage studies (now popular in genealogy research) follow the gene altering Mitochondrial DNA trail back through time, and show an intermix so profound, that one particular type of people that no longer exist today (Vikings for example), are in fact spread through a much wider society across many Nations.

    Mitochondrial DNA carries the main profiles of intermixing. It occurs in all life forms. And results can be fascinating as to how evolution is carried.

    I did an experiment to track back through all the mothers (rather than surname fathers) of each generation in my family as far back as 1600. I picked my Mother, and her mother (and her father ‘s mitochondrial footprint). I found a fascinating coincidence… I cannot present it as anything else as yet. My Mother started off life in her Mother’ s birth town. Her father came from an area some 100 miles away. Yet when I followed the Mitochondrial trail, the ancestral mothers for both her parents, started in the same town somewhere between the two. I was rather astounded to find this merge.
    This largely follows a similar pattern to migrations of hominids out from one area to diverse areas and then back again.
    I myself migrated from my home town in UK, to Canada, and then returned to that same home town. This was not designed, or planned by me, but rather occurred in spite of me.

    We do seem to have programming. We do seem to have preferences to places to ideas and to fates that are beyond what we learn by rote. Our programming has a basic reset… And we constantly keep hitting that reset when the program corrupts.

    The current research on our common ancestor linking primitive hominins to Man is very sketchy. Indeed, your ‘Cromagnon’ man (the first hominim to have a prominent chin) has some qualities of the Neanderthals and the Denisovans. White people have up to 2% of this DNA mix, and Black people have up to 6% of this mix. Neanderthals have been shown to be intelligent, family oriented, artistic, tool makers and bury their dead. While they, along with Cromagnon man, (a robust hominin) have died out, recent research has put them all in the catagory of early homosapiens. Heidlebergis man and such, have not been matched up. Not linked in any satisfactory way.

    The alien DNA influence, cannot be ruled out. Has it occurred many times? Probably. The Earth originated approximately 4.54 Billion years ago… A pretty long time compared to human lifespans… And the theories of how life began are as varied as they are complex and unproveable at this point. But theories suggest a multiple generator.
    If this can happen on Earth, it can happen elsewhere (in theory).

    Do alien life forms come to the Earth? I would say yes, but we don’t recognise them. Why is 2% of our DNA different from our nearest primate? The answer could lie in the migration in, out and back again of life forms within the Universe. Alien life forms with similar ability to develop tools may have developed simultaneously alongside us, but in a far off universe seeded by similar stardust.

    Cattle were found to have 25% of their DNA match that of lizards.
    The human brain has a lizard brain… We’ll that is a euphemism for it’s primitive ‘limbic’ system. Lizards only have a limbic system for a brain. It governs basic functions of life and an autonomic response system. Fight, flight, eating, defecation, sex, reproduction, a variety of emotions (happy, sad, angry, placid), and survival modes, is all that a lizard really experiences. This part of our brain does the same thing. It can be responsible for addictions, obsessions, reactive and belligerent behaviours. The Lizard brain in us, really messes up social cooperation. The guy (or gal) who cannot control themselves, becomes aggressive and murderous, let’s their sexual apparatus over-rule all logic (often in aggressive sexual assaults and rape), are operating on their ‘Lizard’ brain, not on any higher thought processing system and certainly not using their frontal lobes. These people are ruthless, and allow their higher brain to hide their basic limbic (lizard) control inside them.

    Most of us try to override our limbic lizard thoughts with the higher realms of our thought process. This kind of crosses into how religions, philosophies and life rules have occurred (to help us to stay in higher states for longer, so we can live with others peacefully). We use our hearts and our gut instinct to help us make rational decisions about a lot of things, so we give them rules.

    Unfortunately, most of these higher state systems that we created over millenia, have been infiltrated by lizard like ideas, become corrupted and reverted us to lower thinking beings again. This is actually likely responsible for the fall of civilizations.

    I do think that there is an intelligent life programming that can cross sequence all life forms, and does, as necessary, for survival of the web, or matrix that it grows.

    We are the alien, and it is us. Our ancients did have stories about other life forms (their God’s) that visited Earth (or at least their part of it). The Anunnaki fall into this catagory.
    These were a race of people’s that looked very different to homosapiens.

    One Egyptian king, Akhenaten, looked a little like the Anunnaki…
    It is likely that he had Marfans syndrome (a congenital deformity that results in elongated head, toes and fingers and affects the connective tissues of the body). If one thinks about this condition a little more, it could indicate a set of genes expressed in the DNA that developed because of a lack of gravity. In other worlds, the gravity may have been less, so a robust physical structure is unnecessary.
    Could people with Marfans, have a throwback DNA expression (a program reset) to an experiment that an alien form conducted to see if they could combine a physical form with their own intelligence for life on Earth? It is a possibility. If we try to colonise another planet, we would likely do the same thing. Unfortunately, if this is the case, the experiments failed, and only the mutations left here on earth, show up from time to time.

    Occasionally, like your own transgender, Sha’Tara, the programming resets to a set backup point where everything was following a stable principle. A corruption of a program anywhere along the line will trigger a reset. The reset also brings a greater awareness of what happened in the past. For the rest of us, we are unfortunately still in a program corrupted by the ‘lizard’ within us that has come to the fore in society once more.

    Do Lizard people walk amongst us? Yes it is possible. I haven’t seen them, but there are conditions that people suffer that are quite lizard like… Such as the shedding of dead skin. Psoriasis, and Ickthyosis come to mind as awful looking conditions that can make the skin look scaly.
    It is an interesting fact that we are more lizard like than we think.

    Life itself, is a fascinating look at how we are all connected regardless of species.
    We are not the only species that enslave other species to our whims. Think of ants and their farmed aphids, parasitic wasps, the cuckoo and the cowbird. Other animals do use each other… It is built into the lizard brain. That the snake appears in the story of Adam and Eve, is no coincidence. The snake (evolved from a legged ancestor) posses the lizard brain… It makes us do things that are not good for our higher selves. Or does it?

    Apologies again for long, long, reply. 🙏

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Took me a while to realize that, for whatever reason beyond reason, WordPress decided your comment needed “approval”… Anyway, There isn’t much I can say in response to that here, unless I wanted to write a book. Life, what can one say? It shows definite categories of things and species yet at the same time the stuff that constitutes life is deliberately and constantly mixed. I see propagation way beyond sexual reproduction. Though certain aspects appear similar, as in species so that man is man, black bear is black bear, cedar is cedar, everything possesses similar “parts” of every other thing. We eat, we breathe, we drink water, we absorb through our pores, parts of other things, other living creatures. Thus we belong to them, they belong to us and we are part of the some overall organism. When we kill to eat, we are not actually feeding ourselves but the opposite: we are destroying ourselves. That is why the Teachers emphasized that a true Human does not kill because it knows it is itself that it is killing and you cannot continue to exist if you keep eating yourself up. Plus, of course, the true Human is empathetic…
      When I think about life, or observe it in all the forms available to my senses and understanding, I think of it as “me” whether it’s a beetle or a cloud or a star. Living on this world with its devastating walls of differentiation and levels of empowerment over others is a living nightmare. You can’t turn without hurting, destroying, killing something and when I fully engage this understanding I realize why it is impossible for anything here to live forever: everything on earth eats everything else, in one way or another. When it comes to Earthians this is so ingrained in their mind that they indulge in the killing not for survival but for pleasure. They ignorantly derive pleasure from killing parts of themselves, like chewing fingernails or biting inner lips or pulling at scabs or a dog eating its own tail. They are driven beyond the predator-prey system into something even more destructive, operating with a programmed malice.
      So really it doesn’t matter what science discovers, or where “man” comes from, whether there ever was successful miscegenation between different “brands” of Earthians, the fact is that if there were species that lived in accordance with nature’s laws, they still killed and consumed and were in turn killed and consumed. Homo Sapiens Sapiens is the latest and probably will be the shortest lived, addition to the ISSA level pseudo-human. It has evolved, not in humanity, but in lust to conquer, subdue, rape, plunder and kill. That is all it can boast of, really. His entire civilization has been built on the greatest evils imaginable to a sane mind: misogyny, racism, slavery, genocide and endless war. In all of that, the “good people doing good things” are the exceptions that prove the rule. They aren’t the ones who are the focus and boasts of man’s history; they aren’t the ones in the limelight of man’s awareness.

      1. colettebytes

        There are a few among Homo Sapien, Sapiens, who are evolving into something much more compassionate. There is a glimmer of possible survival through them. The rest will be gone… thrown onto the ‘failed’ pile. Thanks for taking time to read my ponderously long comment. 🤗❤️

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        You are most welcome, Colette… There are always those exceptions that prove the rule, aren’t there. There also has to be a proper seed pool for the evolved “mutants” I foresee taking the Earth away from Homo Sapiens while this current violent, dysfunctional patriarchal civilization dies its long awaited and much deserved death. From the chaos now begun and unstoppable will emerge a relatively short time of peace on Earth. The new species will be made up of mind-free beings, independent of thought and action. They will be empaths and of course, compassionate and humane in all their interactions with fellow creatures. After destroying all remnants of the patriarchy’s technology and “accomplishments” they will then create their own kind of technology while developing a whole new scientific mindset open to all, from the youngest to the oldest. No more gender or age restrictions. If you want to do it and if you can do it, then do it. The new society’s mindset guarantees that “it” can never be destructive. Hope on my part? No, certainty as I intend to be there to participate in building it and benefit from the effort.

  10. wolfess

    I wrote something earlier but it appears to have been eaten by the dreaded wordpress monster … If it doesn’t show up by 2moro I’ll try to recreate it from my old crone memory.

  11. The Outlands Community

    Ahh, Sha’Tara! How nice to be back here!

    As you might expect, I have a very different view of the Annunaki. They came here during a pair of comet strikes to the Earth some 11,700 – 12,300 years ago, and did indeed mess with us – but their efforts were feeble. The have, however, convinced quite a number of people that their work and influence is total and inescapable.
    Any evils which humans commit are human only. Can’t blame the Annunaki for things that we do. Anyhoo, you do still know how to write very well, and this is an example.
    And we are back, this time, hopefully for good.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hello Outlands! (Used to be “We Come from Dreams” if memory serves?). Thanks for your comment. I could comment on your comment and would love to if I had the time, but for now, just a big thank you, and thanks for following.

    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      Can’t seem to connect with your blog, Roy. WP keeps turning it back to this place. Send us your URL if you can?


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