Man’s Last War

 – a poem by Sha’Tara

The world hasn’t changed much
Since so long ago I was born, when I happened
For no reason it would seem, without hubris.
I learned to talk, walk, listen and observe
With the sense it all had to mean something
In the end.

The world was cruel to me when I was young
Though I didn’t know that then, it’s what is
To a child life is the norm, the form.
There was much hardship, harshness
Little tenderness, and it seemed dangerous.
One could get used to tenderness
And the world I knew hated it with passion

Life is cruel they said without apology,
Why not, they’d just survived a world war
Knowing naught but blood and losses.
I thought, yes, I have to be bold, and tough,
I too must survive, there’ll be another war
And I must know how to fight it; must know
My enemy before he knows that I know
I will beat him.

No, the world hasn’t changed, not at all.
The same people lie, cheat, rob and rule,
The same people suffer and die, their blood
Lubricates the scythe blindly sweeping
To leave fodder and dying stubble in its wake
To be ploughed.

Yet something did change, has changed:
A new World War is being fought
No longer man against man but once again
Man against nature-she fighting her protracted way
She can never lose. Man in his hubris
Still believes he can win this war and it will be
As he never, ever, won any of his other wars.
Earth withdraws her bounty.

Man’s motto remains against, never with
Rashly, brashly he spreads his nets,
His barb wire, his jet trails, his towers,
His stacks, his chimneys, his warehouses
His poisons, his noise, his armaments and bombs,
All to be measured in corporate profits for
The rich to get richer.

Civilization teeters on the brink of extinction,
The skies are deeply troubled, changing colours,
Glaciers melt, calve, fires burn, smoke rises:
Death, death, death! Booms and cackles
The Lord of Greed, the God of man, terminator
Soulless and heartless

The last man stands on his funeral pyre
Proudly made of planet Earth’s skin
Sure he’d won his very last war against life.
He raises his fist to the soured heavens,
Claiming his last divine imperative thinking
I have destroyed the environment, I have killed
All that sustained life. I leave my boot print
On a weak, worthless and dying world, hah!
“I Am become Death, the Destroyer of Earth,
I will be remembered, halleluiah!”

57 thoughts on “Man’s Last War

  1. Bill Ziegler

    Every line rings true, Sha’Tara — from first to final folly do the men of war and plunder grind their heels into the skin of Earth and rip until she is fully flayed. Men of war never sated use their clever hands to fashion tools that carve her flesh and suck her marrow…

  2. katharineotto

    The Earth laughs at man’s hubris. She will outlive him and create new life forms out of the debris. Plastic mutants will tap directly into the earth for nuclear energy, breathe CO2 and methane, and glow in the dark.

    (A “what comes afterwards?” scenario.)

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Bill. That ‘poem’ is a replay of a short story I wrote decades ago entitled “The Last Hero” – so graphic I have yet to post it.

    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hi Katherine… yes, I like your “what comes afterwards” scenario. Perhaps tardigrades will discover plastic wastes to mutate and become man’s last and relentless predator…

  3. Hyperion

    Definitely a no holds barred glimpse into the future unless we see some real change take place soon. Hopefully, the Trumpulator, is finished and by some freak of hanging chads, a new leader will conquer the ruined Casa Blanca and put the brakes on our downhill slide just south of you.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      It is a good thought, Daniel. It’s not like the possibility of real change, of turning, isn’t always there on the periphery of man’s vision. I still believe that if one individual can, all can.

      1. Hyperion

        All we need is a leader we can respect and who respects the people, then those individuals that make the necessary changes can also look forward to effecting positive change on a larger scale. It has happened nany times in the past, we just haven’t found the stability and sustainability we need in this century.

      2. Hyperion

        Yes, of course. One has to make sure the spooks are well fed and well paid or they get rowdy and go off trail on their management.

      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        Poor Casper! He never left trails of blood, tortured and dead bodies. These CIA spooks are more the Hannibal Lester types.

      4. Hyperion

        Ah, I’m seeing a psyche profile evolve out of the dark world. Darth Vader whelps a child off of Cruella Deville. I can tell you many true stories you would not want to hear or believe but, I’ll leave a hint that you already know. There is always someone who will do the dirty work for a shot caller who never gets their hands dirty nor accepts responsibility and never shoulders the burden of accountability when the secrets become well known and unpopular. Himmler was such a man and his SS were the most successful warriors of the 20th century because they believed and there was initially no shortage of believers who were proficient at bringing death to those masses in their way on the battlefield and in the labor camps. Those same types of people go to ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter protests and those same people join Militia’s based on intolerance, but they rarely if ever join any movement predicated on having a positive influence on society. They are not builders, they are destroyers and terror is their name and violent destruction is their game. A terrorist fears nothing more than the terrorist staring back at them. Warmo has many followers who want to take his place.

      5. Anonymous

        Thanks for another enlightening comment, Daniel. I think “terrorists” whether in caves or in the White House are total cowards. I don’t think I need to qualify this except to say that not all those fighters called “terrorists” are such. There are true heroes, true revolutionaries who take up the struggle in the hope of crushing an oppressor and bringing forth a better world. Terrorists are those who participate in so-called “colour revolutions.”

      6. Hyperion

        Totally agree. American Revolutionaries were terrorists to the British, the French and Danish underground were terrorists to the Nazi’s and so on. My definition is reserved solely for those who enjoy the lustful surge of energy in murdering old men, women, and children in horrific ways, not to achieve a noble escape from an oppressive state but to enslave a population under a repressive regime with the sole purpose of holding power and enriching a few nefarious killers on the backs of the young men and women fooled by their false narrative. There are no well defined borders these people live in. They populate the earth in every hemisphere in every country. These are the ones to eliminate with extreme prejudice. Just my opnion. I don’t recommend anyone adopt my point of view, but at least one knows where I stand.

      7. Sha'Tara Post author

        It is fully understandable. Your comment reminds me of some of the horror stories I’ve heard in the wake of the Boko Haram drugged up looters, rapists, slavers and murderers. Lower than the lowest sort of monsters.

      8. Hyperion

        I have some first person experiences in that area and I don’t possess the language skills to describe what the BH is. But, they might make Warmo look like a choir boy. In this case, isn’t it reasonable to eliminate them from the planet in hopes they will reincarnate as a dung beetle on a pig farm? In most cases, those that could accomplish that, won’t because political correctness will not allow it.

      9. Sha'Tara Post author

        Seriously there is no doubt we as a species and a world have entered a time of ‘Troubles’ as the Irish would put it. What can one do in a world at war with itself and getting more rabid by the day? I do what I can locally; empathize with the rest and refuse to let current events eat at me. There are some who go to get themselves martyred for a cause—I don’t do causes. I recognize the selfishness of my stance, having a global consciousness but refusing to engage in a global crusade.

      10. Hyperion

        I think you are right where you need to be doing what you should be doing Sha’Tara. I’m no longer able to play in the arena even if I wanted to and I certainly don’t because my eyes have been opened. We hurt from what we feel and understand about the world. We are moving away from our divine path to a kind of murderous chaos that only those nefarious power brokers can command. Regardless, I can be kind to those that most need it. I have to be selective because I can’t take care of everything and everybody I would like to. I can be cognizant of who and what I support with my funds and labor. I choose to remain on the noble path and I choose to try everyday to ensure I’m not feeding the chaos. I feel you do the same and there is no shame or weakness in that. Again, just my geezerly dinosaur opinion. Your mileage may differ.

      11. Sha'Tara Post author

        Knowing what we know and applying what wisdom life has taught, it behooves us to live accordingly. Then it becomes strictly a matter of individual, personal, integrity.

      12. Sha'Tara Post author

        Mercenary terrorists, by whatever name they be called, are but tools serving the interests of powerful and often hidden forces or entities. Some terrorists hide in caves and jungles, or in cities; some operate boldly, wearing uniforms, insignias and badges (the SS for example, and not a few security forces) but their actions determine who they are. They operate on the promise principle, that they will be given what they want if they function as ordered. No questions, no morality, no qualms. That is why they are allowed to continue: they are useful. ISIS/Daesh/Al Queda (sp?) were useful to the CIA and US military allies, so despite all the propaganda, they were not only allowed to roam freely, they were aided and abetted. Of course they should be eliminated, but that has never happened, except perhaps once: the destruction of the Knights Templar. At the end of WWII, prominent Nazis were smuggled into the States under false identities: Operation Paperclip. The Nuremberg trials were a show trial to satisfy the Media, nothing more. Pretty soon, as in Japan, it was business as usual with all the surviving war criminals. The Israeli hunt for for Nazi holocaust butchers was equally a show. Individuals may have taken it seriously but politically it was a false flag. They had done their job; boosted the Zionist agenda for the Middle East and now Israel is an apartheid state operating against the Palestinians using the same tactics and methods of the SS. The only way things can change is after this current civilization collapses, implodes, destroys itself and a new thing rises to take its place, one that will sever and reject any connection with the old.

      13. Hyperion

        I see ancient memories of Romans venturing forth under orders from Warmo like Emperors devoid of any humanity. The word Terrorist was coined by the French led contingent of Crusaders into the Holy Land to conquer the Infidels. Specially trained men crept into the encampments and beheaded knights and left their heads and an ornamental knife that accomplished the task near the Crusaders’ alters of worship. The words Terrorist and Assassin were born. There has always been two sides to that story of martyrs and heroes, terrorists and assassins equally applied to both sides. Sadly, if Israel gave up its policy of apartied, Palistinians would slaughter Israel with the help of the entire Muslim world. Currently, Israel can only look to the cowardly and inept Great Orange Orifice (GOO) for support and his support is a condemnation of putrid idiocy and incompetence. If The Russian Bear and the Red Dragon of the east don’t step in to regulate the world in the New World Order feared by the western apologists and mongrels alike, that collapse we speak of is within our lifetimes. The power you speak of is shifting away from the western world’s empire and as a corrupt Rome disappeared, so shall we. We need to chose wisely, but in this world of despised truth, hated positive virtues, and worshiped false narrative fed to us by those with ulterior motives, there is no turning back. The train wreck will occur and the truth of pain, terror, and death cannot be denied. Spilled blood will be the new religion and there will never be a shortage of martyrs on either side. But, look at the bright side. Your vision will become a prophecy that is realized as truth because it will happen. I have zero doubt.

      14. Sha'Tara Post author

        I do not think it is hubris to say that individuals such as yourself and myself, understand that these Earthian arrangement of imperial and military forces have had their disruptive and ugly days and no “regurgitation” of old imperial dreams is going to save the day for Earthian man. People like us know that the future lies beyond a mere changing of the guard, that the days of the Matrix, status quo, or Patriarchy are seriously numbered. This civilization has no future because it is based entirely on raw exploitation of natural resources and physical labour. It is unsustainable. Therefore we need to think seriously on how to live a counter lifestyle to usher in a new way of interaction with all. That is down to me, and down to you, as individuals. The rest can choose whatever they want, we cannot let it deter us or pull us back. Wow… scary.

      15. Hyperion

        I cannot find a single word to say more than I absolutely agree and believe with all my being. I see the breaking and crumbling of those old institutions and empires. What sum of national treasures have been lost to the self imposed need to invade or defend in all aspects of life? During the era of consolidation of tribes into empires, it was a time of horrendous conflict but in the consolidation was the growth of human culture. Now I see that collapse across the world and a new consolidation occuring. It will not be easy or pleasant, quite the opposite but to shed the old ways, it must happen until we are guided by compassion and a pure humanity globally and we retract in numbers to a sustainable balance, even if only temporary to find a peace to prosper in. I suppose it could go either way and total annihilation is possible. I tend to believe as you do, that a “new species of human” will evolve, one without the traits that have led us down this path of destruction.

      16. Sha'Tara Post author

        As you put it, Daniel, “During the era of consolidation of tribes into empires, it was a time of horrendous conflict but in the consolidation was the growth of human culture.” I think that the growth of Earthian culture was ENTIRELY based on false beliefs and false principles. It was based on the predatory mindset, but not a natural one that always finds its own balance. Earthians possessed an added edge to all other life on this world: they knew how to take advantage of everything, not just what they needed to survive. There was an evil strain in them that to this day they are unwilling to admit to. To were essentially a psychopathic race and they continue to be so, with so few exceptions that such cannot make any difference to the direction man’s civilization has taken, a direction that speaks loudly of self-extermination.

      17. Hyperion

        Yes, it is true, Sha’Tara. Had we evolved from butterflies intead of predatory sasquatches we might enjoy our short lives more. We wouldn’t waste our time on nefarious things or nebulous chicanery. There would be too little precious time for that and the world would be a garden.

      18. Sha'Tara Post author

        Sorry, so slow to respond to this comment. Yes, now is the time for the wise and awakened to choose wisely indeed. A personal choice that will not change the direction this civilization has forced itself to take to be what it has been, what it is, and what it dreams of becoming but never shall. What makes us choose differently than the masses of followers, I don’t know, but perhaps knowing we are not part of it, that we choose to stand alone if needs be, perhaps that is enough… for now. The future presents itself to us in infinite possibilities; infinite number of paths, yet we who stand apart must decide on one path and follow it wherever it leads. Then it becomes possible to steer straight, passing through storm after storm because the path is the guide and it is true. Sounds melodramatic but it’s how I see it. If I stay on my chosen path I cannot fail myself.

      19. Hyperion

        I sometimes think that the troubled world we see is fully intended to be this way. All of my life, I have participated in activities meant to weed out those that are not suitable to be part of the team. There is a process to arrive at the decision that certain people are just not “worthy” of the challenge to be met. Perhaps this “test” of physical, mindful, and spiritual awareness illuminates the “worthy” and it is their path that matters and the rest was never intended to move to the next plane of universal existence. I don’t mean to come across as elitist or egotistical. I feel more of a watcher than a participant. I do see people rise above the muck on a regular basis but they are certainly in the minority. Strength of character is bandied about. True or not, some people do seem to choose a noble life and then become incorruptible.

      20. Sha'Tara Post author

        I think you’re hinting at, or hitting at, a fundamental truth relating to our current situation as a species. Some are meant to evolve, many are not. In biblical terms, many are called but few are chosen. There has to be a sorting and a culling. Irrelevant perhaps for those in increasing numbers who relegate their meaningfulness to a single physical life, but that seems not to be the case for us. Life isn’t so easily thwarted or destroyed. The “chosen” I learned long ago, are not the beneficiaries of some capricious and sometimes benevolent deity. They are self chosen. You remark that you see individuals rise out of the muck but they are few. That observation which matches mine is in keeping with the observations of our philosophers throughout previous millennia. We are not being caught with our pants down at this juncture in our civilization, it is the passengers of “spaceship” Earth that have brought it to this place. Having arrived at a completely unexpected (though certainly not un-predicted) juncture, the vast majority of the lemming mind are waiting for the followers to push them over the cliff and when they start falling in great numbers the followers will, predictably, follow. Only those who chose to question the status quo will not find themselves eagerly jumping over the edge and there will be something else in store for them.

      21. Hyperion

        Yes, by golly, that’s it! Thank you for rescuing my struggling head elves from themselves. I remember reading how the native Americans often culled heards of buffalo by running a group off a cliff. They only needed to get the alpha to go first and the rest followed. The native Americans did it for survival and the settlers did it for sport and the buffalo nearly went extinct. Turn about is fair play was a common saying. It’s politically incorrect now but the lemming run is still going on.

      22. Sha'Tara Post author

        The lemming run syndrome comes from an over-abundant number of people lacking vision beyond their insane “stay in the now” beliefs thus becoming increasingly dependent upon anyone to lead them anywhere. New Age gurus and their imitators have been denouncing those of us who look into our past and as deep as possible into the future as basically paranoid, definitely unbalanced individual. Oh the propaganda is well made; the intent is to dummy people down to the point where, if they feel a bit anxious about something they’ll blame it on thinking! Thinking implies worrying – as if one couldn’t spend time contemplating life in all of its aspects, including time, without automatically worrying about it. If you feel constrained to “stay in the now” as modern false teachers insist, how can you evolve? Blank zone contemplation is navel lint gathering. A lot of things would make sense; a lot of crap and corruption; a lot of ignorance and futility would be exposed for what it is if people knew how to think properly and dared do it.

      23. Hyperion

        I wrote a magnificent reply full of irrudite philosophy and I have no idea where it went or if it went at all. WP has whipped my bloviating bootie again. Those that would denounce those few with second sight are lemmings as well. The fall to the bottom of the cliff will be painful and the few that survive will have a small number among them that wake up and realize cliff diving hurts like hell and they’ll avoid it. I look deeper into the past than I do in the future. History does repeat itself as well it should. It’s a cyclic planet in a cyclic universe. Low kevel in the now human thought cannot change that. By mining the past, I see more clear into the future. The now for me uses only enough awareness to transit now into the future. It is the past that remains unchanged and shows us our trajectory. As fraught with false narrative as written history is, I usually treat it as anectdotal. It is the physical evidence, once correctly interpreted that validates written or spoken narratives of the past. Not an exact science and certainly a standard of error exists, yet the cycles are huge enough that fine details don’t change the understanding. You know what comes next. You can be the prophet, the wise woman, the healer, an irrefutable oracle and yet the lemmings will fall over the cliff as they always have and the natural cycles of the universe will pause for no one. So it is said and so it shall be, harrumph, harrumph. (My overcaffienated view this morning 🤪)

      24. Sha'Tara Post author

        It would take several pages to properly respond to your comment. My “wisdom” of the moment is to just let it stand and hope I’m not the only one reading it. Also, let’s face it, I’m tired… If you’d like us to discuss a particular point, go ahead and comment some more. I enjoy reading your comments and learn from them. Keep ’em coming, Daniel.

      25. Hyperion

        It’s getting harder and harder to have an original thought. Mostly, my thoughts seem to be patchwork quilts struggling to become a Linus blanket. No matter, our discussions are always one more step to understanding for me. Clarity and brevity aren’t my strong points but you manage very well in putting it together in a clear and concise way. Let us continue along this path as long as you are willing. It’s like sitting down at a table on the veranda and having a nice tea while we take in the view and discuss the virtues and foibles of humankind. Lots of interesting foibles to pass the time with, I’d say.

    2. rawgod

      It will take more than 1 new leader, it will take a world-full of new leaders. But all it will take is one old leader to defeat them all. Unless everyone fights against extinction, there is no hope in sight.
      Greta is coming to Alberta next week. I hope she can survive the hatred of people who cannot see life with fossil fuels. It is amazing how stupid some people can be.
      Go Greta!

      1. Hyperion

        I’d say the more positive leadership the merrier. We need something or someone to flush the gene pool out and breed some decent stock. Billions of tons of corn sweetner in our carbonic acid drinks has pretty much wrecked the current hurd.

      2. rawgod

        That is true, we have to start somewhere. But this time, we do not have time to trudge along like the slowpokes we generally are.
        I’m an old man now, and I could easily say I won’t be around so why should I care? But I do care, because if my next incarnation is going to be as a cockroach, a shark, or a redwood tree, that will mean we have failed to be an advanced life form. An evolutionary dead-end. And while I think that is the end we deserve right now, it doesn’t have to be that way. So we have to move, and we have to move fast. All the old leaders have moved us to the brink of genocide, not just for us but all higher life forms.
        Starting over just seems such a waste…

      3. Hyperion

        I keep telling myself not to give up, rawgod. I’m not always an idealist or pessimist and I’ve lived with some gnarly stuff as many have. I’ve witnessed first hand how disaster of any kind brings out the good people in droves while the detritus of humankind gets swept away. Nothing short of the immediate and global collapse of the ecological system with the economic system collapse close behind will have the power to convert the convertable. Everybody else will die a terrible and violent death. Hopefully, not everyone gets recycled but the general thought is you get recycled no matter what and if one wakes up a mite on a deer’s butt, they needed that perspective to improve their credit score. I hope young Greta can wake up a few folks.

      4. rawgod

        No credit scores in my philosophy, but that’s ok. until 2 years ago I was an idealist, despite what the world showed me. And I still know life will succeed in the end. I do not mean this in a human way, but as long as there is life there is hope.
        I shocked myself one day while writing a poem by writing a line I did not believe in, that there is no life anywhere in the universe except on earth. This line has bothered me ever since. If the earth is the only repositoty of physical life that puts us in an even more precarious position to succeed. There is nothing if there is no life. Not that physical life is all there is, but spiritual life requires physical life to learn about itself. Ah, it is a tangled web we weave, but we better figure it out soon or things are going to get a lot worse before they get better again, and that might be too much to overcome.
        That is my reality.

      5. Sha'Tara Post author

        Sometimes starting over is the only option. If you aim for the top of a hill and you lose it before the top, sliding all the way back down, there is but one thing to do: start climbing again (or give up, of course, but I doubt that is an Earthian trait.)

      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        I suppose the Sisyphus story is allegorical for man and his civilizations. Grind up, slide down… grind up, slide down…

  4. deteremineddespitewp

    Yes, you’ve underlined the issues perfectly Sha’ Tara.
    Our thousands of years of folly and we still have not learnt (as I have recently witnessed on Facebook…I really must stop going there). We still think violence is the only answer. And not just the leaders, the people are only to happy to follow and even encourage their leaders.
    And despite the squawks and abuse of the climate change deniers; their anger and their ignorance will not save them, as I am fond of saying (too fond maybe) a brief looking at the very long fossil record will reveal The World has the final answer.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Re Facebook or Fakebook, which I abandoned many years ago, is a good gauge of where the rank and file are at. Essentially, makes no sense, which is probably a perfect summation of Earthian life.
      Yes, the world will win. Mars did.

      1. deteremineddespitewp

        I’m hanging up my allegorical Facebook sword (once more- for good this time). I could be spending interludes on more profitable and noble exercises. After all the guilty reason was not to convert folk to my way of thinking, but just to pummel them. There’s no dignity there.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I never saw Fakebook as any kind of platform for the philosophically minded – to me it smacked of bottom of the barrel “deplorable” swill. There were some exceptions but they weren’t worth chasing.

      3. deteremineddespitewp

        The community groups can be quite nice, Sheila belongs to a few and yet even these get polluted by the misanthropes and racists, they will crawl in anywhere……My problem is, I just got to have the last word- flawed creature that I am….there is more dignity in just walking away

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        I did have to look up Misantropes. There seems to be a lot of that going on today. I’ve been there myself but by forcefully choosing to express my life in a compassionate way I got pulled in the opposite direction. I’m grateful to the Teachers for showing me a much better way.

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