Antierra Manifesto – blog post #80

(A very short blog post, the end of the “fight of the beasts” and after a pain-filled recovery, Antierra will enter a new phase in the fighter compound. Although on the surface nothing seems to have changed, yet everything has with Antierra’s win over Warmo.)

Meanwhile I’m still pulling down to break his other wrist.  Another pull and another snap.  What his hellish cross did to my wrists in his dungeon I have returned to him.  I know I have won.  Bit by bit I tear away at him, breaking bone, tearing into muscle.  I stomp on his feet with the bionic-equipped foot and break his arches, making him collapse on the sand.  I continue to beat his body to a pulp.  I aim a kick at his genitals and rip one of them off.  A few more blows and kicks and I ease off slowly, watching him convulse and bleed to death at my feet.

I stand utterly alone.  There is no crowd.  No arena, nothing.  Just empty space with colours floating around me as if I were experiencing the Shearing drive effect. 

End blog post #79

Begin Blog post #80

What have I done?  From his own mind is see.  I did what he has done to thousands of innocent victims over the years he was master of the Inquisition and all the other lives he lived to oppress and destroy: I ripped his body apart bit by bit.  As he did to the males and boys he received for the torture, I ripped his balls out.  I could have done much more to him but I made my point to the crowd above me.

I put one foot on the mangled mess that had been Warmo and raising my bloody hands above my head I let out one final shriek, loud enough to be heard by the women into the compound.  I had told Tiki to listen for my cry of victory over Warmo.  I had instructed her to let as many of the women know of it, and to pass it around to those who couldn’t hear it.  I had warned her it could mean my flogging to death later but that I was willing to chance that for the power we had gained together.

Let them flog me to death – I have won.

Two handlers approach to take me.  Suddenly every once of strength leaves me, the world around me turns black and I hear a noise as a great waterfall.  I am aware that I collapse and the handlers, instead of holding on to me let me fall into the sand.

Even in the state I’m in I can understand their reluctance to touch me.  I’m a frightful mess and the smell of Warmo is all over me and how can they know it isn’t my smell?  They cannot even know for certain I’m still alive.

End blog post #80

17 thoughts on “Antierra Manifesto – blog post #80

  1. Hyperion

    Victory! But what is gained and what is lost; something I ask myself a lot. What a poignant story of one person’s campaign for positive change. I’ve rooted for Antierra from the start but stomping Warmo to death is likely just the beginning of the fight in my mind. I am hoping we get to read of how this long battle waged in the gladiator ring plays out. You capture all the details of the suffering one goes through when they fight to the death for others. Is it a momentary inconvenience or has the seeds of change sprouted? I wait patiently to find out.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      A carefully thought out and well crafted comment, as usual, Daniel. Yes, we all must wait to read how this one-woman victory over the male superstructure of Elbre and all of Malefactus, is going to shift that power structure. Thanks for the comment!

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  2. deteremineddespitewp

    After all this effort against a very stacked deck Antierra would have collapsed, for she used every drop of her fibre to bring victory to this fight. Not just in the arena but down the ages. A victory through many levels and dimensions.
    The ending of this post is fascinating….the handlers. Are they simply scared of her. Are they worried she might be playing ‘dead’ so maddened by her victory that she will leap up and tear them apart too? Good writing makes you wonder what other characters might be thinking.
    I’m glad I waited and read #76 to #80 in in one session.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for all the fabulous comments here, Roger. That was really feel good reading. And thanks Arketre, Antierra appreciated your input. Us girls have to support one another.

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      1. deteremineddespitewp

        My pleasure Sha’ Tara, whereas I sometimes enjoy episodes and wondering what happens next, in this case the writing and the scenarios were so compelling I had to read them in one stretch otherwise I would be ‘jiggiting’ about the place waiting for the next one.
        Arketre, getting a snatch of rest, seated amongst rubble covered in the dust from a ruined town and the blood of friend, foe and herself send a weary, fatalistic grin and wave. She is in her own killing ground, The Universal ‘Shit-Faced’ grunt. I hope she’ll be able to come back out of it, this time she is in very deep. In her ‘Ah didn’t start it, but sure as Fifth Hell, Ah’ll finish it’ frame of mind.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I have a feeling Arketre is going to pull out of her tight spot, she’s a survivor. I think those who stand against her had better watch out, they’re in for a painful surprise if they think they have her cornered and beaten. Not so fast!


      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        It is undeniable that many died and the survivors who endured unimaginable conditions probably thought the dead were the lucky ones, but that defence changed the course of the war. It spelled the end of the Third Reich’s forward drive as Hitler’s war machine was not designed to fight in a defensive position. The military mindset was attack, seldom calculated retreats.

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      4. deteremineddespitewp

        The German forces were very adept at defensive warfare, but this was based on the short-term local counter-attack, which itself was not suited to attrition in a long-term war.
        The fearful logic of war.
        The more I read about the details of the Second World War, the more it seems that the Nazi war machine was never geared for the long haul.
        War never behaves as the protagonists expect it to.


      5. Sha'Tara Post author

        Counter-attacks are still attacks, not protracted, attritional tactical withdrawal with intent to secure a stable line. The battle of the bulge (Ardennes Offensive) was a desperate and pointless gambit. Even if the Wehrmacht had “won” against the mainly-US forces, what then? Their resources and manpower were depleted. The Allied forces would have just kept on pushing and the Soviet army would have eaten up Germany from north and east. Most, if not all, of Germany would have ended up in the Soviet Union camp. On the other hand, the leaders of the Third Reich well knew that suing for an “honourable” peace was impossible due to the long list of war crimes run up by Germany. Somebody had to be the scapegoats for Allied hubris and press. Hence the Nuremberg show trials. My take on it, not that I’ve spent a lot of time working out the logic and logistics… and I wasn’t there to observe.

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      6. deteremineddespitewp

        Battle of the Bulge was a pointless affair as was the 1945 attempt to ‘relieve’ Budapest. In fact it was all ‘up’ the moment the June 1941 invasion of Russia took place.


      7. Sha'Tara Post author

        Hey Roger, before we wander off WWII topics here’s a little story I want to share. During the allied advance across France, a US soldier was captured and taken to Germany. He had suffered serious injuries from shrapnel and shortly thereafter his left leg had to be amputated due to gangrene. The soldier begged the prison doctor to sent his leg to the allied command headquarters to be shipped to his family. After consultation with the Kommandant it was agreed. Then he got gangrene in his right arm; it had to be amputated also. Again the soldier made the same request and it was agreed to also. A while later his left arm had to be amputated and the soldier made the similar request. The prison hospital Kommandant came to see the soldier and said, “Nein, no more shipping of parts Lieutenant Pearce.” Perplexed, the soldier ask why not this time. “Ve belief you’re tryink to escape.”

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