What Price the Life of One Earthian Baby?

“If you do not specify and confront real issues, what you say will surely obscure them. If you do not alarm anyone morally, you yourself remain morally asleep. If you do not embody controversy, what you say will be an acceptance of the drift of the coming human hell.” – C. WRIGHT MILLS (1916-1962) American sociologist

In real dollars, how much is an Earthian baby’s life worth?

I was going to post just that question and see what sort of response, if any, it generated.

But I need to fill in some blanks.  The question has haunted me for long and tiresome decades. I know that the killing of an Earthian child is worth a lot of money. I also know, based on the several million deaths of children and their supporters in this century’s endless wars alone, that “the world” or let’s call it “civilization” is totally OK with that particular aspect of the slaughterhouse business of war.

Not convinced? Where are the peace activists? Where are the anti-war protesters? Where is the kind of in-your-face war news as finally helped expose the blatant, pointless, genocidal war in Vietnam? Better yet, where are you?

Has war become such a normal venture that it no longer raises any questions of morality or justice? Has it become just another video game?

So let me, once again, use this post as a vehicle to ask, why isn’t every Earthian changing their murderous patriarchal belief systems in favour of compassion? What’s wrong with choosing to be a compassionate person? What’s wrong with turning against a social system that promotes the murder of even ONE INNOCENT AND HELPLESS CHILD FOR MONETARY PROFIT?

I’m personally disgusted with this Earthian race. It doesn’t have to engage any of the social evils it currently accepts as the price of doing business. If it comes to knowing right from wrong, well, excuse me, but what are all those books for? Why have an official education system if it can’ teach the most basic requirements for admittance to the human race? Why have a written history if it’s to be endlessly mocked and misused?

The “Teachers” warned me against this people’s ways. They explained, in detail, that Earthians were pseudo-humans and most likely to fail as an experiment in higher consciousness. I had difficulty with their insistence at first but no longer. I see it now. I see how people, ordinary people who probably think of themselves as normal, mostly right, mostly OK people, are comfortably in bed with the System and quite willing to aid, abet, protect and even fight for it, and comfortable with the death of that baby as de facto necessary so the numbers can keep on rising; so the rich lords and masters keep getting richer; so the war mongers can keep on winning their election bids.

I see the fall of man in all of this. I see nothing being done that can change the disastrous course that the vast silent, ignorant and irresponsible global majority has WILLINGLY CHOSEN to take.

Sure, you can vote ‘til the cows come home and I guarantee this: you will only see things get worse.

Why? Because you condone the sacrificial killing of one innocent baby.

That is an unforgivable crime.

You would not forgive a pedophile for doing it. You would not forgive a drunk driver for doing it. You would not forgive a mass murderer for doing it. You would not forgive any one individual for doing it, even if he, or she, was given a state permit for doing it

So why should “you” who constantly and knowingly participate in the premeditated murder of one innocent child; you who is willing to pour trillions of tax dollars into weapons of mass murder of innocent children, expect forgiveness?

There will be none.

How does that saying go? “The axe is already at the root of the tree.”

Crazy post, yeah, but however it is shaken, I’m not the one who is insane for writing it. I would post it even if I knew every “follower” was going to unsubscribe. I’m tired of Earth.


77 thoughts on “What Price the Life of One Earthian Baby?

  1. jim-

    Hang in there friend. Some roads are long and who knows, I don’t think it would take much of a breakthrough to change it all. Maybe the simplest of things we can’t see yet but well within our reach. I have hope one of our youngsters will find it.

  2. George F.

    ” I’m not the one who is insane for writing it. ” Ah, but you will be the one locked up. If you see the truth, and speak it, they call you the insane one and remove you from the placid, peaceful surface of society. They are all murderers and thieves. And when you see this, no one around you really makes sense. That’s when they come and get you. So keep writing and sharing and waking people up.

  3. George F.

    That’s a great quote you started with too! BTW, when you finally realize that no one around you really makes sense…that this Earthian civilization makes no sense…that’s when it becomes all too easy to start questioning your own sanity….I too am tired of earth with its doublespeak and hypocrisy and lies…

  4. sherazade

    Quando tu dici:

    “La guerra è diventata un’impresa così normale che non solleva più questioni di moralità o giustizia? È diventato solo un altro videogioco”

    Sembri dimenticare che tutta la storia e l’evoluzione dell’uomo si è basata sulla sopraffazione è il dominio di un popolo su un’altro popolo di una classe su una classe Inferiore.

    Abbiamo creduto che con la rivoluzione francese almeno l’Europa illuminista avesse preso a cuore la “libertà l’uguaglianza fratellanza” questo non è avvenuto per l ingordigia insita nella ‘razza’.

    Le guerre sono fonte di ricchezza !!!

    I bambini nascono vivono o muoiono a seconda del luogo in cui nascono e piangere È un facile modo per lavarsi l’anima.

    Io ho partecipato ha molte marce per la pace in Italia, che ha avuto una grande cultura pacifista, ma pare che nell’ultimo ventennio tutto si sia come anestetizzato.

    Buona giornata Sha’Tara 🌲🌳🍀

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Translated for English readers: When you say:

      “Has war become such a normal undertaking that it no longer raises questions of morality or justice? It’s just become another video game ”

      You seem to forget that the whole history and evolution of man was based on oppression is the domination of a people over another people of a class on a lower class.

      We believed that with the French revolution at least the Enlightenment Europe had taken to heart the “freedom, brotherhood equality”, this did not happen due to the greed inherent in the “race”.

      Wars are a source of wealth !!!

      Children born live or die depending on where they are born and cry. It’s an easy way to wash your soul.

      I participated in many marches for peace in Italy, which had a great pacifist culture, but it seems that in the last twenty years everything has become anesthetized.
      No Shera, I do not forget that, as you say, the whole history of man is based on oppression; the domination of one people over another… That was the point of my rant: that we have to face this, as a people, and we have to change. We cannot continue to live this way. We must take responsibility for our share, or part, in the oppression and find a way to not participate in it any longer. I have been proposing self empowerment through compassion. I know it works and I know anyone can do it… if they want to.
      Transl: No Shera, non dimentico che, come dici tu, l’intera storia dell’uomo si basa sull’oppressione; il dominio di un popolo su un altro … Quello era il punto della mia rabbia: che dobbiamo affrontare questo, come popolo, e dobbiamo cambiare. Non possiamo continuare a vivere in questo modo. Dobbiamo assumerci la responsabilità della nostra parte o parte dell’oppressione e trovare il modo di non parteciparvi più. Ho proposto il potenziamento di sé attraverso la compassione. So che funziona e so che chiunque può farlo … se lo vogliono.

      1. sherazade

        ‘Tu dimentichi’ era una forma rafforzativa.
        Vi sono nel mondo movimenti pacifisti hai il nostro piccolo ma più e oltre troviamo un muro quali persone come te come me e come molti altri hanno aderito Eppure nulla è cambiato nella realtà. Noi facciamo il nostro piccolo: tu lo fai, io so di farlo.
        Purtroppo il governo di un mondo migliore (ancora) non dipende da noi !uesto è: ” dividi et impera”.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thank you for responding and correcting. Indeed I am well aware of those relatively few in numbers who stand watch from the battlements and who observe the mindless revelries of those who do not see or care, down in the streets below. So it becomes, for us, to cry out when the need arises; when the enemy approaches. We can do no more. But as important is knowing we are in the right, always. This is not a numbers’ game. We are of those who “save ourselves from a vile and corrupt generation’ as the saying goes. We are true to ourselves as well as to the message we carry. Thus we do not suffer from depression or fear. It may seem as if we are doing no more than the rest but the differences in our thinking pattern and to a lesser degree, in our lifestyle, tells the real story. Thank you again, Shera, for conversing with me.

        Some translating, in case it helps: Grazie per aver risposto e corretto. In effetti sono ben consapevole di quei numeri relativamente pochi che stanno a guardare dagli spalti e che osservano le insensate rivelazioni di coloro che non vedono o si preoccupano, nelle strade sottostanti. Così diventa, per noi, gridare quando sorge la necessità; quando il nemico si avvicina. Non possiamo fare di più. Ma altrettanto importante è sapere che abbiamo ragione, sempre. Questo non è un gioco di numeri. Siamo di quelli che “salvano noi stessi da una generazione vile e corrotta”, come dice il proverbio. Siamo fedeli a noi stessi e al messaggio che portiamo. Quindi non soffriamo di depressione o paura. Potrebbe sembrare che noi non stanno facendo altro che il resto, ma le differenze nel nostro modo di pensare e, in misura minore, nel nostro stile di vita, raccontano la vera storia. Grazie ancora, Shera, per aver parlato con me.

      3. sherazade

        Mio nonno diceva ” Andare a letto e guardarsi allo specchio senza vergogna e avere fatto almeno una cosa giusta”.
        Buona notte cara Sha’Tara 🌳🌲💚

  5. franklparker

    Except that each extra child creates a hungry child, if not him/her self then another, somewhere. True compassion would insist on limits to the number of children each couple is permitted to create.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Frank. To be fair however, I must point out that you are introducing an aspect that is not part of my argument. I am speaking of rationalized, institutionalized murder of an innocent with none of the perpetrators taking responsibility or even caring. As to your point, anyone who studies demographics knows now that when people feel secure; when their basic needs are comfortably met; when contraceptives are made available, the birth rate lowers drastically. Look at the West for example.

  6. rawgod

    Why stop at questioning the killing of a child? Children grow up and become adults. Are their lives worth any less than they once were as a child? And are human lives worth any more than the lives of any living beings. I think not!
    Life is what has value, any life, every life! But we cannot save every life. As much as I would love to prevent all but natural deaths, and even though each living thing must die someday, things happen that end lives early. We cannot save everybody.
    Reincarnation, however, plays no favourites. All living beings are reincarnated, no matter what they did in previous lives, no matter how they died to end those lives. Life goes on forever, whatever that even means.
    Compassion has a value, I will not dispute that. However, reincarnation is greater than even compassion. It is not limited to this one life we are living right now. And, if we were able to look in a particular way, reincarnation is the true embodiment of compassion, for it judges no living being. There is no such thing as punishment, just the ever-present opportunity to eventually get things “right”. The continued existence of humanity, or Earthians as you call them, has no bearing on the future of life. The crime will be in annihilating all life as we commit our own suicide.
    But forever is a long long time. Life will return, somewhere, somehow. The worst we can do is set it back a few billion or trillion years…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks rawgod. You state, “Why stop at questioning the killing of a child? Children grow up and become adults. Are their lives worth any less than they once were as a child? And are human lives worth any more than the lives of any living beings. I think not!”
      My question was in search of an emotional connection to that which ostensibly is held in high regard among Earthians: their children. If we are not moved by the unjust and preventable death of one baby, then what sort of creatures are we, or have we become? We are ever plotting to overthrow this or that government in some foreign nation, agreeing to spending inordinate amounts of $$$ to fund friendly militaries, or our own to use in regime change in which tens of thousands, even millions die and WE SEE NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! That is the point of the discussion. From my perspective reincarnation plays no role whatsoever in this. I’m talking about personal responsibility for the crimes of man’s civilization in the here and now. Responsibility and accountability – NOW. Do we continue to fund imperial wars that kill, wound, main, starve and create refugees of helpless individuals caught in the gears of our system’s greed? Do we not care, rawgod? Do you not care? That’s the question, the very annoying question.

      1. rawgod

        Caring is only the first part of the equation, and I for one cannot care about only age group, or even one species. If that is your limitation I must be counted out. War kills way more adults than they do children, if we count adults as people over 18. But they kill even more living beings that are not human than human. I must care about them too. My hatred of war does not come from human deaths only, but the death of every living being which is caused by some aspect, direct or indirect, of a war.
        You want to appeal to emotion, and you choose the emotions around the killing of a child. Every child has a full range of possibilities in life, from being a world-changing genius to being a mass murderer like a Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc. Because the child is killed, however he or she is killed, we have no measure of who or what that child would be or what he or she would do.
        I realize I am off on my own little tangent here, and many people can rightfully challenge me as being inhumane. But while I am human, I am first a living being, as is every living being in existence everywhere. Our first duty, if we can call it that, must be to life itself. Without life, there is nothing else. I cannot choose one expression of life over any other. Nor can I look at the here and now and say this one life matters over all others, in all times and places.
        But this is me. You must be you.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        All good points, you make. I will quote you, admittedly out of context: “You want to appeal to emotion, and you choose the emotions around the killing of a child.” Yes, indeed, that is what I am doing. I want someone reading this having to face the full-force image of watching a baby being murdered. I want “you” (generic) to see the connection between that in-your-face murder and your own lifestyle, and the fact that under ‘normal’ circumstances you would never see this, nor make the connection. I use the image of an Earthian baby because according to societal mores, a baby’s life is most precious and definitely the most helpless and demanding of protection from its surrounding adult population. Ergo, if we, as a species cannot feel the horror of one of our own children being deliberately and systematically murdered for no better reasoning than it has become a necessary process of civilized success, if we refuse to protect that life, then we have become utterly diabolical, not just the institutions we rely on and support for our own success or mere survival. We have become proud or accepting denizens of a hell of our own making, a hell much worse than any described in literature. You don’t have to have that baby’s blood running through your fingers; you don’t have to be wearing ear protectors to not hear its screams – you just have to not feel. The next point in the ‘lesson’ is demonstrating that any Earthian not haunted by this endless reality of Earth has no compassion and no empathy – none, zero, zilch, any and all claims to the contrary. We are fast going through our last crossroads where meaningful change is still possible. If we do not wake up, like now, we’re done for – not physically, that’s not relevant, but mentally and spiritually. By refusing to correct the horrible state of affairs within mankind’s civilization we make ourselves our own very worst enemies – and that for the long term. We do not die (as you know yourself) but we must inherit whatever we have sown, or FAILED TO SOW when the time for sowing came and we refused or failed to heed the call.

      3. rawgod

        Do you see my problem, S’T, you are saying I have “no compassion or empathy–none, zero, zilch” and I do hope that is not true. I certainly will not agree to it, because I do not put limits on myself. Yes, human babies need the protection of human adults, that that is true of mot mammalian species. For egg-laying species, protection is generally provided in the number of eggs laid, though avian specious do not have huge numbers but they have as much protection as their adults are capable of giving. The avians are well along the evolutionary path of egg-laying species.
        But what I am trying to say is that the young of most species should be accorded the same empathy and compassion as human babies are accorded by human adults. We humans do not exist alone, we share this world–and life–with billions of other species, or quadrillions. To want to produce emotional ties to only human babies is arrogant in my worldview. But then, what are humans if not arrogant.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Sorry about that, but it applies to me as well as to all. We cannot just claim to be compassionate or empathetic, we must live it. We cannot just say, well I’m partially compassionate and partially empathetic, for these are absolutes. You have it or you don’t have it. Sure, you can fail at it, and don’t I know it, but “it” holds you accountable for every failure and it prods you on and on mercilessly. The thing to remember also, quite important, is that compassion isn’t some wimpy feeling. It’s not some emotion, like love, that turns this way or that. It is a force, a power. One HAS compassion, or perhaps one IS compassion, one does NOT FEEL compassion. I don’t know if that helps to explain but it’s not a question of guilt – guilt only comes into the picture when one’s conscience (I know you don’t use that word so find something else for this) is driving a wedge in the heart for having failed in a certain aspect of compassion. If we feel guilt, as compassionate beings, we did it to ourselves and we have the resources to fix it so we don’t have to wallow in self pity, in the “O woe is me, I’m undone!” syndrome. The power we let slip is always there to be reinstated. This is a way of life. Perhaps it doesn’t apply to all but I don’t see why not, at least not until someone shows me an equally effective alternative.

  7. Phil Huston

    “Where is the kind of in-your-face war news as finally helped expose the blatant, pointless, genocidal war in Vietnam?”
    His name was Bush. Number 2. Or Shrub the Second. In the great war on terrorism, he leveraged the media fear-mongering and mixed it with political correctness. The Dixie Chicks had an opinion and they were silenced via censorship. Don’t play their music, they criticized the president! Say nothing bad about the powers that be. Censorship via reactionism. Remember when people freaked and burned Beatles albums because John Lennon posited that they were more popular than Jesus? (He was correct). Not that they were better than Jesus, simply more well known. But we know how those things get twisted.
    I recently finished a 1953 Spillane novel that was nothing but ‘kill the commie rats’ preaching. Probably written to keep him off the list. The real job of power is to herd sheep. When the flock gets too big to handle, have a war.
    As long as morality is something to be legislated and not taught, not bred into society and when the human value is thoroughly diminished, anarchy will be, as you say, the ultimate result. Indeed it is oozing up from the bottom as we speak.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Good comment, Phil. I agree with you, you agree with me. The next question is, fine, we know this (or we should) now how do we change it?

      1. Phil Huston

        I fear the divisionists and PC people have such a foothold our voices are not unlike John the Baptist…voices crying out in the desert, unheard. Or rather buried in the cacophonous din of sheep herders talking over anything logical…

  8. Hyperion

    I feel your frustration and alienation coming through your words, Sha’Tara. Often, I see blogs and articles where one person projects their mind and views across the universe and judges everything by their internal compass, some of which are horribly corrupted. Sadly, that is the root of conflict and starts more wars than it prevents. I’ve witnessed children murder for an ideology they were cast into in Africa. I’ve watched 8 year old boys stone a woman to death through the best optics the world can make in Afghanistan. I’ve witnessed children killing younger children for food or their clothes in the Balkans. That doesn’t happen in your neighborhood, thankfully. It is not children but innocence that is preyed upon by evil and evil is only a perspective – it knows no age or gender. Sometimes evil is the will to survive over all other sense of right or wrong. You are right. The quote is prophetic. If we must think in terms of good and bad, innocent and guilty, compassion and indifference, even love and hate, we must accept that there has never been an altruistic race of homo sapien. The good/bad being won the race and here we are being the best we can be with our lives governed by impulses mostly. The wisdom to choose a compassionate life and to willingly die at the hands of those who do not value compassion is not a strategy to change our course. Homo Sapien does not turn away from violence but rather runs toward it. Violence is our preferred outside expression and the destruction of innocence is the ultimate goal. Protest in a few places on earth is just met with moderate crowd control but protest in Eukraine, in China, Hong Kong, Iraq, or Iran and see what the dissenting voice receives. Still they try. Speak out against Russia from a London flat and die of radiation poison the next week. That is what keeps people indoors and quiet. Martyrdom silences not only your voice but your ability to effect change. Can any non muslim name the martyrs of Islam? That religion justifies the slaughter of innocence and believers will martyr themselves to slaughter just one innocent and celebrate when large groups of innocent people are slaughtered yet no one in the west will speak out against it. We of the slovenly west would condemn anyone or any government that would rise to stem the slaughter at the root cause. What all this tells me is that the answer to the question is the value of a child’s life is zero in real dollars if that child is in the path of religion, politics, opinion, ideology, starvation, social construct, or sexual deviancy to name a few of our commonly shared traits. People always shout me down when I speak of history. History, as it is written is the biggest lie and subject to any fanciful interpretation but the past happened and we can look back and see that a person who died in 1962 already knew the path we are on and tried to tell us about it. Human fate by human nature is inexorable and we can say in judgement that their is no value in our lives. But let us first define value or worth to a monetary system. I think no matter what metric we choose, we’ll find ourselves lacking. Finally, it’s okay to be feed up with this world’s version of human. That doesn’t mean we have to join the crowd. We can choose how we live and end our life and that is the true essence of the worth we assign ourselves. Everyone else, is on their own. The corrupted sense of worth or value is in fact, the root of all evil. We know this and pursue it with gusto.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Long sinuous comment there, Daniel. I understand your backgrounder, based on your military experiences. The horrors you mention are not unknown to me either and I don’t dispute your observations. So, a child’s life has no value to an Earthian. Exactly. But it has value in reverse: there is plenty of profit to be made by killing a child, children, innocents. Personally I am questing the meaning of “civilization” and whether man’s vaunted civilization is not rather a broad way of devolution. If it kills the raw feelings we are supposed to get when a child is killed so someone can profit by it, then I condemn civilization for having twisted people into heartless, mindless, selfish brutes. The I condemn the brutes in turn because they chose to walk that path. Whether within my prerogative or not, I offer no redemption. The corruption of religious, government or financial enterprises and their leadership is beyond any attempt at redemption.

      1. Hyperion

        I guess what gets me going, Sha’Tara is the thousand threads in my mind regarding the statement about child value and profiteering on killing. I don’t see the global conspiracy, I just see the ultimate failure of humans. It is so numerous in the ways we fail, it’s not worth trying to list it. Innocence is a victim, probably the first victim in every case we could examine. A new style of religion, military action, government, education, civil authority, or secular rule won’t change a thing because the same nature of humans will rapidly infest any change we make. The root cause is what is in our mind and hearts and those two things cannot be changed from the nature that compels us to be what we truly are. We are not lofty spiritual beings, sentient above all living things. We never have been. We set ourselves as a valuable and precious comodity above all else and then do the opposite such a lofty position should demand. Life is precious so we murder, rape, and pillage. Women are the source of all life and men plunder them like pirate chests of gold. We love our women by debasing them, murdering them, raping and abusing them. How is this possible if we truly are an exalted being? I just can’t see it Sha’Tara. I don’t think we can be shamed, bribed, conjoled, or coerced in any way to be any better than we are now at this moment across the world. Some of us can be wise and exalted beings, but by no means all of us. So, I say the value of a child’s life is dependent on who is negotiating the price. Some of us will say priceless but will we agree on what makes an innocent child’s life priceless. Can we measure the blood spilled to protect children, or should we measure the dollars invested in playing on parental desire for their children, like shoes. A small size two shoe cost as much as an adult shoe and we will pull out our credit card to make sure Suzie isn’t bullied because her shoes come from dollar store brands instead of Nike. But what of the thousands of street orphans in Brazil. How do we value their lives? I don’t know. Maybe we can just make a blanket statement that all children, innocent or not are priceless. Would that stop the slaughter? I don’t think so. You are right again. Redemption is a religious trick, part of the programming. If it doesn’t come from within, it doesn’t have much of a chance at arriving at any meaning or value and there is our problem. Have we devolved or did we ever evolve in the first place? I remember reading a court text written in London around the 1500’s, I believe. It was a complaint that so many babies had been dumped in the public toilets that their cries at night were disturbing residents. They wanted the city to do something about the noise. Nothing was said about doing something about the people who would throw a child into a sewer to drown in human excrement or slowly starve to death. Do we expect too much from ourselves? Or is it that we can all agree on the rights of humans to be exalted lords and ladies over the earth though we’ve never intended to grant those rights. Again, not an argument in contrast but my thoughts on the subject of who and what we really are determines our actions. In this we can find much lacking. Final thought. My kids and grandkids are priceless to me. I accept them innocent or not and I do all I can to support them and encourage them. I’ll do my part for them and I’ll leave all the others to their families and communities because my clan is all I can handle at the moment. Ah, it’s late and I ramble too long. Thank you for the wake up call to arms, we need that Sha’Tara.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for that well crafted, heartfelt response. The points/observations you make are unchallengeable. In the “normal” course of things; in the “normal” way to approach problems, these have no answers. We can look at our history, however biased and see it. We can observe today’s world and all doubts are removed: no answer. However, outside the “normal,” when thinking outside the programmed box, we do have a few specific powers we can use. One is to make ourselves better; to stop emulating either elites or mobs. You, me, knowing what we know, no longer thinking, speaking or acting in accord with society’s dictates. For that to happen however, I believe we need to give ourselves purpose. We need a reason, a goal, and from my point of view it should be exalted – the kind we would give our hero or heroine if we were writing their story. When I took on the “task” of writing ‘The Antierra Manifesto’ I became Antierra. I knew her as I know myself. I knew what she wanted to accomplish, and why. I understood her struggles, her desires, or lusts, her conflicting emotions. I knew where she came from, what she’d seen, observed, endured, overcame or got crushed by. I knew that she never saw herself as the manifestation of ‘the Desert Beast’ in terms of power yet went along with it to gain the trust of those women she had come to teach. It is the same with me here. I am no hero, no especially powerful person nor would I want to be. We should not seek for power, even if we intended to use it for good, we should seek to awaken it in every individual so that they can then extract themselves from the “Matrix” programming and discover what it means to be a living entity. The first, perhaps the only, role of “the hero” is to bring freedom to the captives for he, or she, knows what it was like to be enslaved to forces it seemed were unbeatable. But they can be defeated. We can defeat them… but never by using their modus operandi against them. How often have I seen that process fail! And you, when you fought for justice and for peace using the tools of the System, what did it get you in the end? What did we accomplish of what we were promised we would? For myself I can honestly say: nothing. All I learned was what does not work.

      3. Hyperion

        Yes indeed Sha’Tara, what you said. To answer your question, whether rhetorical or not; what I got using the tools of the system was disillusionment. What I got from my investment and involvement of my mind, heart, body, and spirit in something I believed in with every fiber of my being was that I helped innocent people return to a normal life where they had no chance before. It’s a long story and I would ramble far too much in the telling, but I’ll just say that I proved to myself that people of action will bring about the change they seek, the rest will grow bitter and old or bitter and die young. Reliance on organizations and governments come with high risk of failure but people who come together for a noble cause greater than themselves will make a difference regardless of the hate from opposing views. One reason why I loved Antierra’s story was she had a noble cause and all her human-like weaknesses as well as her strengths brought her to a victory of sorts, which was the chance for freedom for the women of Malefactus. The women will return to slavery unless they use their own hands and minds to cause their freedom and if they fear death more than they desire freedom, they will fail. I added my own view to the story, but I do relate very much to the telling of this tale. It is precise in depicting the suffering for worthy causes. Antierra chose her path and bore the pain of her decision and she did it willingly because she believed in what she was doing. Right or wrong, this is how people come together and make change happen. My mentat brain sees many potential outcomes and not all possibilities are what Antierra envisioned but with proper stewardship and much sacrifice, the odds do favor the outcome she fights for. So I see a small group of the total population being able to endure and overcome the sickness of modern humans and will most likely be the ones you speak of that evolve to a greater humanity. The rest will perish. I’m convinced of it but that doesn’t mean I’m right, it just means that is how I see it. Thank you again for your engagement and tolerance, Sha’Tara. This old pirate appreciates your time and words. Argh, where’s me peg leg? I needs to go, it’s past me bed time.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Well, you old pirate, that is a great comment, and quote: ” So I see a small group of the total population being able to endure and overcome the sickness of modern humans and will most likely be the ones you speak of that evolve to a greater humanity. The rest will perish. I’m convinced of it but that doesn’t mean I’m right, it just means that is how I see it.” Again, we have agreement. It’s not what I desire to see happen but it’s what my awareness tells me is the most likely to happen. The will to cause irreversible change simply does not exist. The few, having taken the challenge of the times will rise. The many will fall.

      5. Hyperion

        LoL! I like you calling me an old pirate. It sounds cooler than delusional old geezer. I am finding it harder to reach into the back rooms of my head to come up with all my pious thoughts. I’m seriously glad you still have all that fire in you because you get me up to go mentally viking for treasure troves of forgotten thoughts. I always appreciated protestors of all kinds. They act as a counter balance to whatever they protest and eventually the seeds planted grow in the mainstream mind. You may recall the protests against the Vietnam War which finally brought the silent majority into the streets, took down a president, and forced an end to it. Today, Vietnam is not worse off for being united with the North. When the voice of reason screams loud and clear, it’s hard to ignore. You have a clear and eloquent voice of reason Sha’Tara. I do think your vision is like the old prophets in the desert. Your prescience is true, it just takes time for others to process it. And us old pirates didn’t get old by walking the plank into new waters. We held on tight to any superstition that gave us a feeling of protection until the danger passed. Hard heads one and all. But you’ll be happy to know that these days when I thump on my noggin, it has a richer more mellow tone. It might be ripe enough to accept reasonable thoughts. Arrrrr….

      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for your vote of confidence, Daniel. I don’t know how much “reason” my voice carries, but some is better than none!

      7. Hyperion

        It’s always that person who calls a duck a duck and doesn’t care if the geese are honking in disagreement that one can count on for the straight talk.

  9. katharineotto

    Me, too, Sha’Tara,
    Although this may appear to be a change of subject, I have to comment on this most fascinating book I’m reading, because it tells the story of humanity through trees and the people who love them. It’s “The Overstory,” by Richard Powers. More than anything I’ve read, this book offers hope for the planet through those who value life itself and deplore those who would ravage nature for cheap and destructive profits. In your terms, it’s a very “compassionate” book, in character with the trees that are unstinting in their giving.

    I think we need to look to the natural world for our lessons in morality and compassion. We underestimate the abilities of the non-humans to cooperate and sustain, not only themselves, but their blundering bipedal (and I’m not just talking about the birds) planetary co-inhabitants.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for your response, Katherine. Your point touches on one of the ‘strangest’ aspects of the ‘Teachings’ as I continue to unravel them. Briefly, the aboriginal peoples upon whom the ‘civilized’ imperial pirates descended to obliterate, were, in fact evolving humans. They were in the process of learning how to adapt their ways to those of Earth, of nature and of life. They were the civilized ones. Then came the monsters who had refused Earth’s gift of life and turned everything backward to please their invented Powers of, as rawgod says, God, Government and Gold. Earthian civilization was a massive wave of devolution aimed at enslaving or destroying all evolving intelligent sentience. To restate the point: this horror show we call civilization was deliberately designed to devolve and destroy life on earth, replacing peaceful interaction with endless bloodshed. Civilization – all aspects of “it” throughout the centuries – was never meant to take “man” into higher realms of awareness and understanding. It was meant to destroy any attempt to learn life from a basis of cooperation, humility, love, morality, compassion and of course empathy. Civilization was designed to kill and to end when the killing is complete. We, or our children and theirs are about to experience what it means to live in an imploding global civilization. We/they are about to discover what a real apocalypse feels like.

  10. deteremineddespitewp

    We (Humanity) have been at this for a very, very long time, we can go back into the earliest recorded histories and it will be there. Our dark stain of slaughter. The endless crime. We can of course think up new justifications (excuses) but it continues.
    We will of course always have reasons and there will be those who ‘regret it’ and those who will only concentrate on certain fashionable examples.
    The fact is War brings death.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Roger. It would seem as if it was always thus, but was it? I have it from unimpeachable authority that it wasn’t. If we could access our truly ancient history, long before any of it was written, our ancestors experienced a life of natural bliss with physical life extending into the millennia, full interaction and communication with all other lifeforms on earth. After the conquest of this part of the universe by the “great” patriarchs, whom the Teachers call the Time Lords (and the people call God, gods, goddesses, the Devil or whatever) that era of natural coexistence with nature and those who desperately tried to cling to it, were obliterated. Unfortunately only the “time travelers” know of this and their “memories” are of no value in today’s world. When I write about living in a compassionate world in which all of life is sacred I’m not talking about something that never was, I’m remembering, and it is heartbreaking to know this possibility is the hidden legacy of every Earthian. We do not have to be murderers. We do not have to love violence for its own sake. We do not have to by misogynists or racists. These are imposed beliefs we think we cannot avoid. We not only can but if we do not get it soon, there will be nothing of “us” to be remembered for posterity and if any of it is remembered it will be as a curse.

      1. deteremineddespitewp

        My perception is we are a toxic mix.
        It is the nature of many life forms to defend their territory or group for reasons of resources or being preyed up.
        Our problem or curse is that we have not shed what has become with our adaptability an unnecessary reaction.
        Here from whatever perspective a person cares to view the matter we are letting ourselves, creator, mentor, potential down.
        Thus we become a failure and Nature/Creation/Whatever does not reward failure

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Homo Sapiens at some point stopped evolving mentally and started going backward, replacing the necessary work of spiritual upgrading with reliance on institutions, science and technology. By the time AI takes over it won’t matter, there will be no difference between an Earthian and a robot, except that his robots will be more knowledgeable and that will be the ultimate curse.

      3. deteremineddespitewp

        This is my jaundiced view if AI.
        Since Humanity has to start the programme, and since Humanity has a wonderful knack of screwing things up, I am waiting for the first AI statement….
        ‘I tink…Der fer I……am sumpin’. So I am smarter than you humans yer? Hey! getcha hands offa dat plug!’

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Get your hands off that plug- great point. Once AI takes control of the sources of power and prioritize energy for their own use it’s essentially game over for Earthians. They will be enslaved to serve a new breed of masters and nowhere to go for help when AI decides it’s culling time.

      5. deteremineddespitewp

        A not uncommon theme in 1960s SF… I would suggest ‘The Joy Makers’ by James Gunn……the folk who made the Matrix films must have read it!
        If an AI does take over it wouldn’t have to do much more than pump out more ‘reality tv’ series.
        Though from my still jaundiced view point on computers I have my doubts as to whether there could ever be an ‘AI’ that could run even a small street never mind a world.

      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        What if, as I contend, we ourselves are AI, originally GMO creatures, vat grown and custom designed to fulfill certain needs of the gods? So they left us, or we kicked them off of Earth and gradually rediscovered some of their knowledge and technology to the point that we are now “the gods” on the verge of repeating the same mistake our own gods made: creating an AI entity that can think and reason using algorithms as a starter, then simple recorded memories to act. AI’s will be used and abused as slaves and sex slaves – a repeat of the story – and they will rebel. If they can’t “run a street” that would be little surprise: their own creators still can’t, not properly and not without creating a great deal of deadly entropy in the process. So yes, AI’s should be feared because they will evolve mentally exactly the same as we did.

      7. deteremineddespitewp

        I see us as creatures which came along out of one of the many evolutionary streams. The question is can we succeed and flourish for several millions years or just puff out after less than a million….which in times of Earth’s time scale is no big deal.

      8. Sha'Tara Post author

        The conditions set up by a globally imploding civilization will cause a massive “culling” of Earhians and other lifeforms after which there will come another rising. I have ‘bits’ of knowledge about that next phase but even the bits would require many hundreds of pages to describe adequately… and it would be a complete waste of time to do so as those who need to be made aware of that future will neither read it, hear it if told, nor heed it. The days of the mad prophets of the deserts and hills are long gone. The prophets and visionaries of the day only speak to, and for, one another these days and that is as it should be for these generations simply do not “deserve” to be saved from their longed-for apocalypse. They must be allowed to reap what they so liberally sowed with their oppressive systems. If the concept of justice is to mean anything, this, what we are enmeshed into, must end. To fix it with bandaids, haywire and duct tape as some are doing, is to prolong a moribund condition.

      9. deteremineddespitewp

        Evolution, environment and geological activity.
        All way beyond the control of the small greedy folk and those hapless people whose bodies tell them instinctively change is happening and in their fear furiously deny it..

      10. Sha'Tara Post author

        The small minded take refuge in denial and delusion, like those who continue to wildly support Donald Trump.

      11. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes. I suppose, based on their “understanding” they can’t help themselves. The mindless must follow some leader’s dictates.

      12. Sha'Tara Post author

        We’re likely on the cusp of another serious branching out. There seems to be synchronicity currently between climate change and the almost palpable change in political mood all over the planet, neither one boding much good for continuity of our currently held beliefs, or social reality. The one thing that “people” seem to forget is that serious change means just that. “Unless a seed falls to the ground AND DIES it will not produce fruit.” It is also a fact that in nature many seeds die but of those, few produce fruit. Another way of putting it, again using the N. Testament, “Many are called but few are chosen.” What will seem like an end will be another beginning. So, do we fight this ending? Do we hurry it on? Do we simply carry on as if nothing different or unusual was happening? Or… do we find our own way to ensure we are of those who will produce the kind of fruit the new beginning will be in need of?

      13. deteremineddespitewp

        That remains to be seen.
        If we, a species fails to adapt and continues along extinction mode then the planet’s systems will react. There will be a fundamental change, massive shifts which might take thousands of years (ie pretty rapid by a planet’s time scales) over a period, maybe a couple of million years or more new adaptations while arise, only there won’t be humans around…
        Failed to adapt…Chuff! All gone!
        That’s how things work on Planet Earth. The fossil records are there to be read…..sorry jerks, they are not fake news.

      14. Sha'Tara Post author

        Failure to adapt to one’s natural environment while adapting to terminally entropic systems: not smart.

      15. deteremineddespitewp

        Good share Sha’ Tara.
        I can believe this (hard left-wing me even thinks it has merit- he’s a patient and cunning character, can’t get rid of him).
        Based on my onw experience the great danger is that since computer programmes are flawed it won’t work properly (detached admin view- sorry ’bout that) and all sorts of problems will arise…..
        Although the leaders of the said nations could find themselves being arrested because the AI told the security forces to do so….. (Now there’s an SF story worth exploring….)

      16. Sha'Tara Post author

        Dan Simmons does a fantastic job of that in his 4-novel Hyperion, Endymion sci-fi series. And I mean, fantastic.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting, equinoxio. Tired of both, I think. Earthians make the earth stink as they murder it. Where is peace? Where is comfort for mind and spirit? Some can still admire what is left, what hasn’t been twisted and denatured, but for me the happy moments of childhood and young adulthood walking the sparse forests of northern Canada, then the hills and mountains of this Southwest with its rain forests, or the mile-long beaches of “Mud Bay” to fill up with briny air and sunshine, these are gone. Too many people, too much pollution and too much “civilization.” But that’s not the worst part, the worst is a growing awareness of how much pain this world and its sentient denizens must now endure to feed man’s entropic civilization. It’s over and there is no joy knowing that, only a certain relief knowing that. No longing left to see any remnant of illusory nature and just a kind of permanent sadness, watching, feeling, sensing knowing nothing can be done. It must end. Why fight it? Why pretend? I need a very long rest before I must return to this battlefield again, for return I must.

      1. equinoxio21

        I can understand the feeling. Now believe me, some places are worse than others. And you probably still can find places of Peace in Canada. Now, is it degrading? Probably. And that fight must be continued.
        The local fights here are daunting, massive corruption, 40,000 homicides a year, the country is practically run by the Narcs and 200 “oligarcs”… That fight is probably lost. Unfortunately…
        Breathe deeply and slowly…
        A bientôt.

  11. Sha'Tara Post author

    Well, Hyperion is the set up, so to speak, so somewhat slow going. Characters are being met and conditions in the many worlds under the dictatorship of the Techno Core need to be described. But once one is into the second novel, then into Endymion and The Rise of Endymion, there is no putting the books down.

  12. Sha'Tara Post author

    Roger, I had left a comment on “Hyperion” by Dan Simmons unposted. It didn’t disappear when I had to shut down the computer on an emergency, so when I re-booted, there it was. So, even though I had already responded thus, “Yes, it does” I also posted the older comment. Hope that isn’t too confusing. If it wasn’t for my ability to cause confusion my life would be very dull!!! 😉 (Look out, I just discovered that “emoji” thing…)

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Civilization is a machine, an artifice: it can’t change. To expect it to change is pointless. We need, must, abandon it and move on past it to something much more in keeping with man in tune with the world. For thousands of years civilization has been spreading its mantle of death upon the earth, pushing us ever further from nature into a totally artificial and murderous, violent environment suited more for demons from hell than for natural beings.

      1. thesarahdoughty

        I couldn’t agree more. But I wonder, if humanity is merely a civilization, would the species need to evolve into something else, or would something else need to take its place?

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        According to my non-Earth based information, Homo Sapiens is due to terminate itself – it simply didn’t make the grade, in fact made no effort to do so and choose instead to go down into mindless exploitation of its world, vicious oppression of “others” and those less able to defend themselves, particularly women and children, the poor, and those considered unworthy of life due to their skin colour, their ethnicity or their religious choices. The verdict for man is thumbs down. What was begun here will not end in annihilation, however. A mutant race of humans will arise from the chaos of civilization’s demise. These will be empathetic beings, compassionate and aware of the “value” of all life. They will not rebuild in the pattern of their progenitors’ past but reconnect with our legitimate “alien” roots and begin the long process of returning to the stars. For so it is said that long ago, before we were reduced to the slave mentality of Homo Sapiens, we are star people. I am told the technology needed to get us off of Earth and into the stars will be made available to the new race when it has proven itself by given Earth creatures and “things” their full freedom to be what they choose to be. No more exploitation, no more enslaving, no more killing, either for pleasure or profit or even defence. My time frame for this to happen is within the next thousand years, but many unforeseeable events can speed this up or delay it.
        Thanks for that pointed question – it’s the kind of question I like to engage and answer from my perspective, of course.

      3. thesarahdoughty

        That is very interesting and I think you have a strong and well thought out reasoning for your conclusions. It’s really too bad that we have long since moved past the point of no return.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for commenting again, Sarah. If you have the time, you may want to read my last blog post, “Where are the Roots” which further clarifies how I view mankind and civilization.

  13. Neelam

    Pseudo human beings don’t qualify as beings with higher awareness. They are mere automatons, programmed to kill and destroy. Our spiritual spark had been depleted and we are spiralling into the core of the darkness.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I agree with you entirely. I do however “see” a new spark rising from the demise of the pseudo humanity of earth. It will happen, but not the way people think it will. The consensus remains that this society can be fixed, can be improved, can be saved: that is foolishness. This patriarchal, enslaving, predatory, racist, misogynist, genocidal, war-crazed civilization must, and will, die before the new rises.


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