Re-blog: The Only Truly Civilized People are Anti-War

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The Only Truly Civilized People are Anti-War
Posted by Lou on December 5, 2019

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The Only Truly Civilized People Are Anti-War

By Gary D. Barnett   December 5, 2019

“What is left after war is silence: The silence of the death; the silence of the debris; the silence of the birds! After war even the screams of sadness are silent because the pain is in the very depths of the soul!”  ~ Mehmet Murat ildan

“What is left after war is silence: The silence of the death; the silence of the debris; the silence of the birds! After war even the screams of sadness are silent because the pain is in the very depths of the soul!”  ~ Mehmet Murat ildan

Justification for war has taken many paths. All those paths were tainted and immoral, and all those paths led only to death and destruction. There is never a need for war; there is only a want for war. This hard fact is very disturbing to those who have been manipulated through fear to not only support and accept war, but to embrace the very concept of national pride and aggression. This I believe exposes the major failing of man, as the killing of others is also the killing of the human soul.

War knows no bounds. It is indiscriminate in its brutality, in its scope, and in its torturous methods. It matters not who are the victims, whether men, women, children, entire families, communities, or the flora and fauna of nature. It breeds massive suffering, famine, death, and homelessness, and leaves only stark landscapes filled with the lifeless bodies of rotting flesh. It is literally the curse of mankind.

If war were waged in order to solve a legitimate local threat due to an active attack on our soil, it would be self-defense, not war, and would have to end immediately once that threat was squelched. Any force evident after the immediate threat subsided, would be nothing more than pure aggression, and therefore criminal and immoral. Considering that all U.S. wars since the inception of this country have never been due to any direct attack on the mainland, and therefore not self-defense, the entirety of U.S. war history has been one of only barbarous invasion. This is a difficult truth to accept, but until accepted by the masses, war will be unending, and intensely perilous to civilization.

The idea of war is not normally one of the people at large, unless that idea is planted in their psyche due to the trickery of the controlling class. This is normally accomplished by fomenting fear among the common citizenry due to the creation of false-flag strategies of terror meant to cause alarm. Heavy mainstream media propaganda is used to spread lies about alleged monsters from afar. The state can create an enemy simply by false claims and accusations about everything from unfair trade, non-existent weapons production, charges of human rights abuses, and a myriad of other reasons that can lead to regime change operations through aggressive measures. Natural human emotions are easy to stoke, and the general populace is often fooled into a false sense of rage that turns into acceptance of heinous acts carried out by the state.

Elite controllers and the puppet political class seek war in order to gain support in times of popular dissent or disapproval. They seek war to support the banking and corporate class for monetary gain. They seek war to gain territory, whether by actual possession or in order to take geopolitical control. They seek war to steal the natural resources of other countries, and in the process exploit the people for their own gain. And in all cases, mortal invasion by these warmongers is meant to expand empire. Currently, especially considering the U.S., this seems to be a primary factor, as the future of war appears to be in large part based on a global consolidation of power by a select group of oligarchs mainly outside the political arena, but in concert with them.

Many refer to this plot as the creation of a “New World Order,” including some of those responsible for orchestrating this coup. In fact, this seems to be the desired and planned agenda of the fascist oligarchs. Of course, this is almost always attributed by the mainstream to “conspiracy theory,” but then that gives credence to my assertion, as those who scream “conspiracy theory,” a term coined purposely by the CIA, are normally trying to eliminate or marginalize the truth tellers. Actually, the globalization of the politics of control is now in the advanced stage, so a conspiracy is already evident, and is not theory.

It is crucial to understand that war is always about money, power, and control. Without ever being directly threatened or having its mainland attacked, the United States has been at war 93% of its entire existence. How could this be possible since there has never been any legitimate reason to defend this country from aggression at home? This should be a stark reminder to the bourgeoisie who in the past were fooled into supporting state murder, to rethink their undying support for the criminal and murderous policies advanced by this nation-state called America.

There have been plenty of bad people and bad regimes, and countries that have a history of committing heinous acts of war in the past. There is any number of brutal dictators, tyrants, and evil politicians in this world, all with control over military might. But none have ever reached the level of death, destruction, and military presence as the U.S. Empire. This is not pleasant to hear, but it is the truth. With that knowledge, it is time for Americans to stop the terror and murderous wars committed by their own country, because this country is the world leader in violence. It is unethical to condemn the acts of those in other lands when one’s own acts are far more savage and deadly. Common ethics require correcting self before attempting to correct others.

Civilized society requires a peace-loving, anti-war stance. With war, no true civilization exists, as war brings about barbarity, depravity, and inhumanity toward mankind. That is the essence of a cold and heartless society, not one that embraces culture, intellect, art, compassion and enlightenment. Peace and harmony amongst people is the only way to create a civilized society, and one that will sustain and prosper throughout time.

The Best of Gary D. Barnett

The Only Truly Civilized People Are Anti-War

19 thoughts on “Re-blog: The Only Truly Civilized People are Anti-War

      1. sloppy buddhist

        New to me so I read this …Silent Spring is an environmental science published on September 27, 1962, documenting the adverse environmental effects caused by the indiscriminate use of pesticides…thanks for this 🤓 smiles Hedy ☺️

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Silent Spring was a paradigm-changing tour-de-force piece of writing. I am one of those who’s life’ focus was redirected by reading it. I am no scientist but I was already familiar, being raised in the world of agriculture, with the problem of both, pesticides and herbicides. After that it was nuclear power and the false dream of boundless cheap and clean energy. Scientists, paid for by their corporate masters, were promising a panacea for the future of mankind. We’re living in it – isn’t it marvellous, the global house that Science built?

  1. George F.

    He pretty much tells it like it is. And, oh, it reminds me of a quote from one of my favorite literary characters. “Life is cheap. War is profitable. ” –Lasseter.

  2. George F.

    …and it’s true: “conspiracy theory” was coined by the CIA to discredit people from discovering the truth about the Kennedy assassination. The more I learn, the more I realize we are all slaves, controlled by either the aliens or the Cabal.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Ready for this, George?😏 Because the system, as represented by institutional religion, government, money, and their servants such as the CIA and all “security” systems, is itself a massive, globally encircling and enslaving conspiracy, they had to turn it around by demonizing those attempting to expose it. There is a trick they use best of all when exposure comes too close to home: turn it into entertainment for the masses. Just one movie like “The Matrix” should have blown it wide open, but it was injected with the Hollywoodian vaccine: mindless entertainment. (Disney serves the same process) Everything is then discussed except the reason for making the movie. Same with “V for Vendetta.” So many others, semi documentary movies that had the potential to blow the lid off the matrix but did nothing. Or they use overt violence, as in bloody revolutions which also accomplish nothing on the long run. One set of oppressors is replaced by another set, often even worse (as in Soviet Russia for example). Earthians are indeed controlled. The System uses many different ways to apply that control. In poorer countries it’s oppression and overt violence. Here, it’s debt. But it all stems from a running program, an “app” which people call their soul. It’s an implant permanently connected to the programming source which, according (again) to the Teachers, is located in the Orion system for our neck of the woods under the dictatorship of the “Time Lords”. Our sector is ruled by those the Teachers call “the Jehovians” – probably where the name “Jehovah” comes from. They are a smaller branch of the alien controllers in this out of the way section of the galaxy. Our programming is done from there, from them, hence why we are always under the influence of “Zionism,” Jehovah (the false biblical god) being the main force in re-establishing Zionism on Earth after the collapse of Atlantis which was a Zionist stronghold. This is the main dictatorial force on Earth, blending, dissimulating, inventing, propagandizing. All Earth dictatorial forces source from Zionism. In the West, the “bible” is their primer to keep the races believing and pacified. That is why there is always such a push to introduce this fake document into all parts of the world under the guise of evangelization. Earthians are saddled with a great weakness: they need to believe IN something (other than themselves) all the time. The only exceptions to this are those who have identified the problem as being their soul (the TL control implant) and have either managed to remove it, or neutralized it. Mine is neutralized. Can’t be reactivated except by my wilful (conscious) choice and desire. Why not removed? I play a different game. This gives me an opening from which they hope to regain my subservience. Without the implant recognizable within myself I could never hope to, someday, function as a spy deeper within their organization. I think long term, and I do have plans within plans…

  3. Sha'Tara Post author

    Lasseter reminds me of my Teacher, Phaelon. Characters, huh? Life isn’t cheap though, it is in fact precious and sacred. It is the various man-made systems that have cheapened it to the point where it only means something if there’s power, self-pleasure or money to be extracted from it. If that means killing it, then that’s what we do. We barely even bother to justify it any longer. And we’re supposed to be frightened of an AI takeover? What a sad joke.

  4. Hyperion

    We only kill the things we love. Good article, although some of the points made are calls to emotion and lacking a bit in research. 36 of the 80 wars fought by America were on American soil as a result of aggression. We really have to clean the gene pool somehow but we need a more aesthetic and much less messy way than blowing ourselves up and splattering ourselves all over public roads. Lottery maybe? Hmmmm…131 million births a year and only 55 million deaths a year means the world’s gene pool cleaning efforts aren’t working. In another 100 years we’ll have 15.1 billion people on earth and that means trouble in paradise. All forms of life ending events are just not efficient to include war, which is less efficient than drunk driving although it cost a lot more. We need some mandatory birth control and herd culling. We can do it with the gazillions of opoid drugs produced in the US and sourced from China. That has killed 500,000 Americans in the last ten years, (but still not enough due to dispensing laws). That way, we can go peacefully and use recycling techniques to improve the flora and fauna. Of course, if there is any money to be made, we’ll have cheaters, corruption, political buggery, and messy disposal techniques but it will be worth it if we can reduce the population by an additional 70 million a year. Who wants to be first to sign up? I fear leaving the depopulation up to natural disaster means less positive control of outcomes. War will never get it and it ruins the land we need to recultivate to feed people. Life is indeed precious except when it is not.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Point: I read the comment and except for some reservations about the “36 of the 80 wars fought by America were on American soil as a result of aggression.” I think I understand your reasoning. There is a much more just and efficient way to reduce word population, but drastic: dismantle man’s civilization. Collapse the cities and city living. Let the people go free even if they don’t want to be freed. Let them fare for themselves until the entire mess equalizes and settles into a natural rhythm as presumably it once was. In the end we have to realize that “nature knows best” even if it seems to lack the so-called “milk of human kindness.” I for one have never ascribed to the belief that mankind has any kindness in it, quite the contrary. Kindness is not a natural thing and certainly not found in man’s counter to nature: predatory capitalism. (If you get the chance, watch the movie, “All the Money in the World” to get an idea of what ultimate greed does.) I used to say when I was in high school discussing social conditions, “Nothing tops man’s inhumanity to man.” (I probably read that somewhere, didn’t make it up…) The biggest problem with “man” is his reliance upon institutional living which leads to a fear and innate hatred of nature. To man, nature is to be conquered, subdued, and raped to force her to produce for man’s enrichment and pleasure.

      1. Hyperion

        I must say, I do agree completely. The devolvement of society and civilization back to natural rhythms is probably our only good course of action, but that too will come with a lot of human agony before it’s settled. We just can’t get away from the ugly parts unless we have ample supply of opoids and CBD oil to ease the transition. We need that to happen or we need to accept the sixth extinction. On the 36 wars fought on American soil as a result of aggression, they were considered wars to protect and expand the English colonies and to liberate the English colonies from the English. We fought several wars after the Revolution with England over their mistreatment of our newly free forefathers but the worst in our history was the civil war in cost of lives and property. Who was the good guy and who was the bad guy? It depends on who you ask. You can ask that same question about the Afghanistan War. Who is the bad guy here? The Afghans are unanimous in their response and we still don’t get it. Quagmire is the new victory in armed conflict. All over the world there are armed conflicts ongoing with zero progress toward peace. One Ukrainian militiaman said, we need to fight like hell to end the conflict as soon as possible so we can go back to living. That’s fairly universal with combatants. I’m not sure if it actually works but it is the thought for the day. The root cause? Humans don’t get along well. Strangely, humans get along very well in diasters when we instinctively want to survive by working as a group for a common cause, but as soon as the hotdog stand starts getting profitable, the conflict begins. So yep, if we are to save ourselves we need a disaster that binds the few survivors together with lebens raum. Or, the better alternative for earth is mass extinction, again.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Great response, Daniel. You pretty much sum it up. If only… (!!!) “we the people” had the sense to realize that civilization has caused the exact opposite of what is believed. From its very inception, it should have been noticed that the process of “civilizing” was a process of increasing control of finite resources and human/animal labour, thus automatically engaging entropy. It sowed the seeds of its own demise. Some had managed to hide from “civilization” for thousands of years but the monster sensed their existence and would either enslave them or genocide them for their labour or the resources they lived amongst which the monster needed to fatten itself and establish its growing hegemony over the earth. Now it stands out like a throbbing sore thumb severely smacked by the hammer and yet, statistically speaking, how few are the ones who actually ‘see’ it is civilization that is the cause of all man’s social and environmental problems. As easy as it is to point the finger at “the elites” they’re just the chosen operators serving the wants of the monstrosity. They exploit and oppress because the monster needs them to do those things. They make war because the monster wants to keep us entertained and off-guard with flag-waving and loud ‘boom! boom’s!’ and pitting one set of idiots against another. They focus on space exploration because that too is convenient entertainment, and profitable for the managers. When a really big problem arises, like aerosols based on dichlorodifluoromethane and related *Freons* threatening the ozone layer, a new profitable layer of technology develops. Now it’s climate change, and watch the “managers” jump on the bandwagon of pretend change and line up to profit from switching one form of energy to another. If some of those pretend changes are successful, mankind gets a lease on life for a few more years and the planet’s life-sustaining abilities are further reduced as anything “new” becomes business as usual. Eventually though, it must end. This is a finite environment. We are NOT EVER going out of our prison complex to discover, conquer and populate “new worlds and new civilizations” Earth empire style, with guns blazing. It will all be played out on this single stage and entropy is what decides the final score in the game. Entropy is more than one tough bitch: she always has the last word to give the last verdict which nothing can contradict.

      3. Hyperion

        So true, Sha’Tara. It seems many are aware but still paralyzed to act. But there will be some that do. I know my unrelenting one desire has always been to return to a natural life and my labor be to sustain myself and the flora and fauna around me. Not to change the environment to my needs but to sustain and yet leave no permanent scars. I suppose that is not impossible just improbable at this late stage of the game, but I do return to nature as often as possible and it never fails to fill my zen bucket. I have noticed along the great expanse of America’s wildlands that nature is unhealthy in most places and devasted in some. There are very few pristine areas left to us. Potable water supplied from surface based sources is contaminated across the land. It all ties back to resource conversion to feed industry, profits, and an ever growing population. The damage is real, but we can still deny it, right up to the last hacking cough.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks Daniel. Yes, some will act but in the world of the Matrix, it’s a matter of numbers and those who act (Greta Thunberg?) are too few and too powerless to make much difference… unless, as in GT’s case, they get support from alternative capitalist sources, which obviously does not even begin to engage man’s real problems. It may also be possible for some to return to nature, in some degree but only a tiny number of those are totally independent from the institutional grid. When they are discovered they are forced back into the fold. The reality of Earth under a capitalistic civilization is that its natural environment is dying at the hands of the military-industrial complex and unsustainable numbers, as you point out. Yes, Earthians are in denial and that denial is gaining ground as witness the current political reality. It’s interesting to me that when I point to the many problems haunting man’s civilization, I’m the one accused of living in denial; of being a conspiracy theorist who refuses to see how new technology is about to change everything. That’s so typical though. Throughout history, when “man” faced a seriously deadly situation, more of the old, of what did not work, of what caused the problem, is what was always proposed. Now it’s denial of climate change by the political and industrial leadership, denial of problems directly associated with over-population and global embracing of fascist politics. Hey-Ho, full speed in reverse!

      5. Hyperion

        Full speed in reverse leaving a trail of ruination. I get counseled at work all the time about telling the truth without proper lube and sugar. It’s getting old. I’m squirreling away my summer peanuts and getting ready for the long winters ahead. Go Greta. Break the idiocracy before it’s too late.

  5. George F.

    Earthians are saddled with a great weakness: they need to believe IN something (other than themselves)…this is a most profound thought. I think Lasseter is going to speak this truth. I know you won’t mind.

  6. Sha'Tara Post author

    Thanks George. I believe that the more we “borrow” terminology from each other when it fits our own understanding, the greater that understanding will become. We should encourage each other to share ideas, knowing full well that none of them are original, but already borrowed from others’ minds as they ponder life. We can be die-hard individualists but it’s important to remember that others invented many of the ideas and things we use to survive with. If I were to strike out in the wilderness with nothing but a good hunting knife, I need to remember that I did not mine the metal in that blade, nor did I temper it, nor fix it to the handle. Nor did I spend the time necessary to ensure the tool was well balanced and made to fit the average human hand. All I would need to know is how to sharpen it without losing the temper and how to handle it. We can (and should) be self empowered, but none of us are self made. I am nothing, nor possess anything that wasn’t already made and owned by another (including, and especially my body – that always belonged to my mother). The secret of life is to know how to borrow with gratitude towards the lenders. (Maybe “thanks George” would have sufficed but Wordy is probably one of my story-teller names…)


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