Antierra Manifesto – blog post #86

If I did not understand the ‘moods’ of Malefactus I would have been horrified at his whole attitude, indecency, crassness and hate.  This is nothing to get twisted about.  A man may be kind and considerate to you one day and treat you as filth the next.  I take three ‘reverent’ steps backward, as does Tiki.  Then we turn and walk to the end of the training line.
End blog post #85
Begin blog post #86

“Antierra, you be good?” She pitches her voice craftily to be heard only by me.

“Yes Tiki” I say in a low voice also.  “I be better now, ready to train you as promised.”

“I train already.  I good with staff.”

“I hear you good.  Pleased I be with you and for you.  Now we see if true, huh?  Can you attack me as if I man?  If you do not I hurt you.  Is what must be, Tiki.  Here must hate me.  I enemy for you.  I killer of you.  You be killer of me.  Never forget basic rule.”

“I not stupid Anti.  I know.  You be careful, I be true fighter!”

Let’s just say I was warned and should have listened to the changed pitch of voice: that was a moment of revelation a fighter or challenger should always be attuned to. 

I choose two worn but serviceable staves whose extender ends have been disabled for basic training.  We move away from the others and I make her hold herself ready, staff raised.  When I nod my head it means the same as the trumpet in the arena.  She attacks and I parry easily.  Too easily.  Again and again she comes at me and each time I parry even faster.  My skills are ingrained now and I want her to realize what it feels like to attack a professional fighter.  She finds no opening and soon her white body is slick with sweat while mine is still cool.  Fifteen minutes by my count and I call a break to explain.

“You see the problem, Tiki?”

“I too slow for you.  No good.”

“No, you good but I too fast for you.  Experience, Tiki.  I cannot teach experience, so you must copy all I do until you better than me.  Try remember every move if can.  Every move.  Measure moves by sweep, distance.  Use foot stones, walls, archways, posts, to measure reach of staff.  Know where it be before it go there.  Know where it not be – attack there.  I say, you be best fighter ever, Tiki, if want to.  Just want it.  Only that.  Now drink and we begin again.”

While she goes to the drinking trough I watch the women training next to me on the right.  I know one but the other is new.  Slightly older, not a trainee.  Three lines of branding on her.  Been sold twice already.  Unusual.  I must watch this development.  Something about her I find disquieting.  She doesn’t look at me but I know she is fully aware of my presence and the exact distance between us.  She could be an attacker sent to kill me.  But by whom now?  I know I have many enemies since I killed the Prince and the Warmo.  I must be on my guard.  Tiki returns and flashes her dark eyes at me and smiles thinly.  She’s into her fighting spirit now so I change my approach.

“Now I attack you and you block.”  I strike at her block making the staff vibrate in her hands.  She is surprised at the power of the blow and almost drops it.  I stop again to explain.

“This special trick.  Not straight blow, see?”  I demonstrate by hitting her staff while rolling mine to create the vibration.  She drops it this time and winces even though I did not hit her hands, just the staff.  “See?  Roll staff while hitting target.  If arm or leg this blow hits, stuns, paralyzes, not just hurt.  Can bring man down on knees or make drop weapon, helpless.  Then can kill challenger.  Finish quick.  Is how woman win fight.  Trick.  We be not strong of muscle like man but we be knowing things Tiki.  We be mind talkers.  Talk to weapons, gain friendship, they fight with you and for you.  Some masters Tiki, they can call weapon to hand after dropping, yes.  Pull things to you, you can.  I teach basics, you practice.”

The general break is called but the two women next to us continue to fight as Tiki and I must since we began late.  Now I know.  I feel the cold shivers up my spine, as if I were fighting two challengers at once.

“Now Tiki, guard.”  She stances and parries with relative skill.  I refrain from breaking through that time and jump back, forcing her to come forward.  I go down on the stones, flip and trip her.  Just then the woman next to me, thinking I just gave her a chance to smash my head comes at me with her staff which I easily parry and send flying.  She stands there, shocked, waiting for me to jump up and kill her.  Her partner stands still also wondering what is going on. 

“You pess!”  I say to her.  “You think you kill Desert Beast in training compound?  Stupid woman, stupid.  Now I kill you, huh, yes?  You think good time to die?”

Tiki is still sitting on the ground wide-eyed at this turn of events.  I want to teach them all a new lesson.

“I no kill you woman.”  I say to my attacker.  “Here, you take my hand, help me up.”  She reaches and pulls me up.  I tower a full head and a half over her and keep a grip on her hand.  I begin to squeeze, the bionics working well.  Her face contorts in pain as she keeps her eyes in mine.  I bring her body against mine and I smell her fear.  She moves her other hand against me to push away but I grab it too, squeezing that one also.  Terror fills her face now.

“Who want me dead, pess?  Who make you kill me?  You tell, you live.”

“Court man, red robe judge, friend of Warmo.  He promise make me concubine if I kill you.  If not, he kill me.  I dead now.  You kill me, better.  You do quick, please.  He tell me how I die if no kill you.  Ahhhh, please!”  She drops to her knees and I know she had no choice in the matter, none at all.  It wasn’t something personal, just a means of surviving a bit longer.  Now I have to figure a way to save her life from the “court man.”  I know of one way.

“I Desert Beast Woman, understand?  Very old.  Very strong.  Very wise.  Know many things no one know.  Now I say to you, talk to all women you can, tell them remember Teaching.  Tell them that and I protect you from court man.  I maybe save your life, or get order to kill you myself – quick, no pain to you.  I do what can be done.  You talk to women, yes?”

“Oh, please, I talk to women, yes.” And she bows down and puts her face on my foot.  I take her arm and stand her up.  “Now I give you power.  New name, woman name, for you to know who you be.  Name you ‘Victa’ – mean many things, but for you mean from victim to victory.  This name you get from Desert Beast Woman.  Never forget.”

“I don’t forget.  Great gift I have.  Now I be person, I be someone.  Even when I killed, I remain someone real.”  When she turns I note her Hyrete brand for reference, 1341-29-03

When people don’t believe they have any worth and are shown kindness or given any bit of empowerment they can switch their subservience to the giver and this is dangerous to both.  But in this case she is old enough to realize I gave her power for her own use; that I would not make any claim against that power for it was a free gift.  She has deep intelligence if it could be developed through ideas.  Maybe the women will help her when she reminds them of the Teaching, for after all she knows nothing of it and should be eager to find out what that is all about.  Thus we are trained on Altaria and find our natural place of leadership when it is needed.   

Trainers come on the scene to find out what is the hold-up and as usual I give my made-up-on-the-spot spiel about new methods of fighting. 

“I be trying to make sound without voice to focus blows against challenger.  But it not working.  They not understand.”

I have to maintain that pidgin so the men don’t get suspicious of our ability to learn.  I have been hinting for many months now that I want to introduce ‘toning’ to our arsenal of defensive methods.  I have demonstrated its effects to them but the men are wary of my methods now – having witnessed how well they work and how much the women’s fighting skills and daring has improved.  They are hesitant to grant me new freedoms that make a mockery of their rules by demonstrating their utter stupidity.  But to allow female fighters, women, to make any kind of sound, however low, is against the law.  Screams brought on by inflicted pain, of course, are quite another matter.  That is considered a fun thing here.

“There be no new method.  Train or be punished.  You – you,”  they point at me and Tiki, “continue.  You-you,” they point to the two other women, “wash, drink, change partners.  Stop again, we flog.”  And to make their point they pull out their fibre-steel whips, making the “tails” vibrate and sing like tight wires in cold weather.  We bow to them in full submission mode – enough to convince them, not enough to forget it is all a pretense.

End blog post #86

17 thoughts on “Antierra Manifesto – blog post #86

  1. Hyperion

    The Desert beast is back! Right when you think it’s over, it ain’t over. I enjoyed the introduction of Antierra’s training of Tiki and once again establishing her Alpha status. Victa was a throw-away by the judge but once again, the Desert Beast proves to be a harder target, even for subterfuge. It seems the angst of the men is growing and the story tension once again ramps up. Brilliantly played Sha’Tara. The story is captivating chapter after chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Daniel, it’s been hectic here, slow to get back answering mail. To make matters even more interesting, I reactivated an old phone that was synched to other devices. Not thinking I cleared all emails on it after charging it for backup and of course all my emails… Gone! 🙂


  2. George F.

    “We be mind talkers.” Yes, this seems to be true of women of all world’s. That be their true strength! Great chapter, Sha! “Just want it.” Perhaps my motto for remaining years.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      It’s a good motto but”just want it” is only half of the picture. Second half: are you ready and willing to meet the price? Will Tiki figure that out in time?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Indeed George, that is the question. Sadly for so many, the only “price” they relate to is cost of survival (called the cost of living), not the cost of living a full and meaningful life.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Traduzione: Non avevo sentito parlare di Margaret Frazer, né del libro The Servant’s Tale. Abbiamo un enorme negozio di libri nuovi / usati qui, quindi andremo a cercarlo. Grazie.
      Un grande abbraccio e il meglio per te per il nuovo anno, Shera!


      1. sherazade

        Quello che ho letto del tuo episodio mi ha richiamato alla memoria questo libro per molti versi inquietante.
        Buona notte!


  3. Phil Huston

    I would tire of this if not for the true story of Bettisia Gozzadini, indeed the true story of women since the dawn of time on this planet. I do wish you wouldn’t recycle the soapbox stuff and would tell this story straight up, though. It lives and breathes and conveys on its merit without you puffing up like some political gasbag occasionally reminding us what it’s about. The story tells the story, you know? I will pull a quote from Hammett’s unfinished novel “Tulip” wherein, like Faulkner’s “Mosquitos,” what is valuable is separated from what is not. Like the telling of a story as opposed to the thinking of a story.

    “What you tell me about what went on your head at the time has got nothing to do with anything. I’m disregarding all of that.”
    He shook his head. “You’re a pip. No wonder writing hasn’t got much to do with life if that’s the way writers do.”
    “Go on and eat,” I said. “It’s your thoughts on life that haven’t got much to do with life.”

    Or in Phil-ese – I don’t care what you think about it, I want to know what happened so I can think about it for myself. Call me selfish that way. Write for an audience, or the pukpit, but not at the same time. Unless you’re as slick as Faulkner and then, well, here’s your Nobel prize.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Phil, you and I will never see eye to eye on the brevity thing. The Manifesto was (is) written as an allegorical novel and there has to be a balance between the drama or story and the philosophy or teaching that it is designed to carry. If I had intended to do strictly entertainment I could have done the deed in a short story. But from the very beginning, Antierra was going to be teaching on the subject of misogyny, not only the women of Malefactus but the possible readers here on Earth. The key is contained in what is referred to as “the Stack Worlds Theory,” something that explained how evil is spread and maintained on a particular central world, in this case, Earth. That is how the story was introduced and its purpose explained before Antierra’s self chosen “tour of duty” on T’Sing Tarleyn began. Antierra’s knowledge, awareness, belief systems and state of mind are all critical to the development of the work.
      I share this work in case some can find personal value it it, perhaps answers to vexing questions, perhaps validation, but in any case, the real reason I wrote it was for myself; a record of some of the “Teachings” received from the Teachers over a period of approximately 25 years. What matters is not the action entertainment value but the philosophy of the main protagonist who, taken from a different angle, a different timeline, happens to be myself. For me, this “story” is autobiographical. Such things are seldom understood and likely to be treated with derision in today’s world but that only illustrates how much mankind as been dummied down, mentally subdued and morally enslaved to powers it no longer seeks to understand or to stand up against. Hence why civilization is collapsing with no chance of reprieve. Mankind no longer has any purpose beyond exploitation of a dying physical word and entropy is going to ensure that such mindless exploitation ends.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. deteremineddespitewp

    I see the predator is back. The small, clever, wry, ever vigilant predator.
    There is something of the Long War going on here, reminiscent of those where one protagonist seems to have all the superiority and yet somehow still cannot land the killing blow on the small tenacious and in one form or another elusive ‘inferior’.
    This is another of the age-old themes.
    And so the war goes on eh?


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      If you mean our personal war against institutional evil, that goes on. I see no end of it for a very long time, in fact it will last as long as time does. When we finally learn how to work with power; when we end time (and all measures of space/time) then we will end this war, not before. It may seem strange to some but what we know as “evil” is linked to measurement because measurement only works with imposed limits and boundaries and life knows none of those. So when we insist on measuring, we are going anti-life. Is it any surprise I never caught on to the lure of advanced math or physics? I saw the trap long before I understood its purpose. The purpose is, of course, mind enslavement. Imposed limits are necessary to any organized system. It is well known that life will always fight against imposition of limits upon itself so if you can make people accept the concept of limits – distance, speed of this or that – you are guaranteed to have a system that will always have war within itself. A brilliant awareness on the part of the “Time Lords” to impose limits on their conquered worlds.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. deteremineddespitewp

        I have a more generous view of physics in that it is larger than we have yet to measure, so the limits are yet to be found and even then, those limits will only be part of another equation and so we will go on and on.
        There are of course those folk who will try and place constraints to suit venal purposes but in general terms as I see it exploratory science is a constant nag in the sides of folk like Trump and his fundamentalist and commercial backers as it keeps on coming up with troubling arguments.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for commenting, Roger. Personally, I understand there are two types of “science” and that includes physics. There is a holistic science, as practised by the ancient Chinese, the Moors and as re-surfaced during the Renaissance in Europe. That science was in tune with other great teachings which included philosophy as well as astrology, not just astronomy. That science was on a real quest for greater understanding of the universe, the cosmos, of life. That science depended upon awakened and open minds, like those of my Teachers who taught me the wisdom to “believe all things, believe in nothing.” That science did not need billions of dollars of infrastructure and institutional control to delve into “mysteries” and to draw open-ended conclusions. That was the science that had full respect for life.

        That science was completely destroyed by rising world-dominating European-based religion, particularly the Catholic church, in tandem with the rise of European imperialism, read fascism. Science now had to serve the needs and greed of Church and Commerce. This “new science” became the mother of invention of technocracy: single-minded extraction of natural resources, brutal exploitation of human labour and ever-more esoteric development of war materiel and weapons of mass destruction. This modern science is the utter prostitute of today’s world powers, hegemonic empires, global domination by the military-industrial-financial complex and the technology that undergirds it. This science is openly destroying the planet for notoriety, profit and power and being a prostitute, can no longer decide whether to continue or change, having sold its birthright to truth long ago. This is the science that is being taught in schools and institutions of “higher(!)” learning world-wide.

        That is why I despise ALL of modern science, even when it would seem to serve “good” ends: it is incapable of doing so because of who/what owns it and uses it. It is in the same boat as man’s institutional media, another bought and paid for whore. Both science and media lies are being instrumental in the systematic destruction of this planet’s environment as we know it and “man” along with it. The process we have bought into out of ignorance and cupidity is now irreversible and that is an observation, not a guess.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. deteremineddespitewp

        We’re gonna have to meet around the other side of the Universe. You start off your direction and I’ll go mine. (I’m packing snacks, it’ll be about 90 billion light years, bound to get peckish)


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