Antierra Manifesto – blog post #88

… Five, by empowering myself to reject any and all temptations put forth during my ‘in-between’ times by those who would buy me out or destroy me.  For it is true that all of us are constantly being watched by the forces we come upon and challenge.  Every battle we fight in the flesh is a battle we have already fought, are fighting, must continue to fight in spirit.
End blog post #87
Begin blog post #88

Chapter 36 – “Stupid Speak” in the Cages – More of ‘The Teaching’

Due to the oppressive heat we are ordered to close the training earlier than usual and allowed to spend more time at the wash troughs.  The women eagerly wash each other and would be laughing happily were it allowed.  Tiki and Swala are playing with each other in the water until a couple of guards walk by and take them inside a small hut constructed of plain grey plasglas – a typical movable guard station.  They return a while later and I can just imagine how hot it must have been in there with those men.  It’s time to eat and I am starving.

The food, whatever it is, tastes as great as any I’ve ever eaten.  I quietly thank the young girl who brings it and ask her to pass my thanks to all kitchen staff.  She smiles shyly and as is their habit, rubs her head against my shoulder, letting it linger there a few precious seconds.  “Absorbing” my strength, I know.  I let my inner energy flow into her and can feel the difference as she takes it in.  They do know this trick, it’s not just a belief of theirs.  I wonder if it’s because they cannot speak freely they developed this power?  It’s the same concept as using hands and movements of the head to communicate when words are too dangerous to use.  Also, as I mentioned before, they use a quick rhythmic tapping upon the arm to indicate they do not understand something.

The meal over we are quickly and quietly ordered to our cages.  We lay on the straw, sweating, waiting.  The storm has moved in now and we hear the first distant rumblings of thunder.  It suddenly gets darker so we know the black roiling clouds have reached over to cover the sun.  The thunder gets closer and louder and now we can see reflections from flashes of lightning.  A hot breeze flows through the cages – our handlers having had the decency to leave the heavy doors open to create drafts.  We remain quiet and expectant as the thunder continues to rumble.  A bright flash immediately followed by a rumble and concussion tells us another part of the keep has been hit.  Soon there is the cry of men running and we hear carriages whining by.  I worry about Balomo and the Cydroids while most of the women are hoping the lightning destroyed the inquisition’s dungeons.

More lightning strikes and rumbles of falling stones tell us major damage is being done to parts of the keep.  It reminds me of bombardments during my brief years in the Melkiar invasions.  You crouch and hope you’re not the target.  Unlike then, I cannot run.  I cannot take my troops to safer grounds here.  We are prisoners in an old castle whose walls could topple upon us if the heavenly bombardment followed by its concussive blasts repeats much longer.  I’ve seen the cracks and done mind sweeps of this place.  The entire structure is weakening with each passing season.

One good thing about all this commotion, we can freely talk as the men are busy saving their hides or digging each other out of rubble and the noise covers our voices.  I call the women closest to Tiki and I and we ‘introduce’ ourselves formally, using our women names.

Suddenly unsure as how to proceed, I sense so much expectation from them, I begin thus,  “What women of T’Sing Tarleyn want more than anything?”

“Want alla! (freedom, pron. ‘aya’).  Want no more beatings, killings.  Want children.  Want family.  Want safe place.  Want home.”  These were the main “wants” I identified among the many, all of which were legitimate.  At least they had some idea that what they were experiencing was not normal; not what they were supposed to experience.  They had thought about it and knew life was supposed to give them better things than what they were given.  I ask,

“How women get good things, you think?”

They had ideas on that too.

“If men all gone, we free.  If goddess kill all men, this our land then.  We no more kill.  Have children by river, be happy.  Grow food as did long, long ago.  Build houses, be safe.  If men come, we kill.  No more they take us, no more.”

They raise their voices in anger and I ask the few near me to quieten them just in case.  Then I pose the obvious devil’s advocate question:

“If no men, how make babies?  How have children?  Babies, children, they come from man seed, yes?”

“Goddess make seed, make babies for us.  We not need men; not have evil babies from evil men.”

I reply, “Goddess not make seed.  Goddess make love.  Goddess, she fight against evil men long ago, they win, see?  Goddess not evil warrior, not fighter.  You think maybe problem not from men but from other very evil beast?  Twist, destroy men heart so they no feel woman pain, woman love?”

A woman hidden in the dark behind me says, “This hard to know.  We know men evil.  Kill women, always.  No woman free here.  Is women free other place, Anti?”

“Some place, yes, women free like men.  No difference.  No hate, no fighting, no killing.  Not many place yet.  But problem here, not other place.  Must fix problem here.  Like broken thing.  Cannot leave broken thing here to find good one other place.  Must fix here, now.  Cannot go to other place to live.  Cannot leave here, see?  This your world.  If men no fix, then women, they fix.  How women fix this world?”

“Women no can fix.  No power.  Goddess must fix for women.  She good.  She strong, powerful in sky boat…”

I stop that line of reasoning sharply:  “You forget.  She be beaten in sky boat.  Gone down in desert long ago.  Evil machine men, they enslave all women and children then.  Goddess no help then.  Be no help without all women with her; all women.  This very important.”

“How we with her?  If she dead, we be dead too?”

“She not dead,”  I reply, “she in bad dream.  All women together, they awake her from bad dream.  Take long, long time.  But first women must awake from same bad dream.  This men do here, is bad dream.  Not real.  Is evil, evil never real, not like dirt, straw, cloud, food or love.  Evil only real if women think it real.  Evil power is in weak thinking.

“Evil not grow here.  Always from other place it come.  From skies, from stars far away.  This evil, it eat good part of men heart, make evil.  If evil beaten, men awake too, no longer evil.  No longer hurt women.  This women must understand.

“Listen: is evil, not man-evil must fight.  Fight real challenger, not shadow.  Women, they fight shadow of evil in men, kill men, evil not die, just shadow die.  Evil go into other men.  Always make more evil.”

“Good, we know now.  How we fight evil, not shadow-evil?”

“Very hard.  Take very strong woman to do.  First, must have no man-evil in woman heart.  No man-hate.  No man-fear.  Must have only knowing.  Un-der-standing.  A-ware-ness.  Must know woman heart.  True.  Clean, like wash.  No evil in woman heart.  That be first thing.  Is possible this?”

“Is not possible, Anti.  If we no hate men, no kill men, we killed.  If we no work when men say ‘work’ we killed.  If we refuse men sex, we forced, gang-raped, flogged, killed.  Soon, no woman, no children alive on T’Sing Tarleyn.  Only stupid men.  If we not do bad to men, this they hate more than if we do bad.  How you say?  Men, they want women hurt them too.  They like hurt.  They crazy.  How you fix crazy?  Must kill crazy.”

How to explain my particular conundrum of ‘compromised morality’ or doing good by wrong concept to these simple minds?  I must be really dense not to see the obvious here.  They are innocents.  They would understand me if I could bring my knowledge to their experience.

And suddenly, in this dark cage surrounded by so much despair blended in so much newly awakened hope I understand the failure of so many Teachers in so many incarnations on so many human worlds.  It is their inability to climb to the top of this mountain and face the real scaffold: that we have less awareness than they have.

The difference between I and them is obvious to me in this moment.  They are more intelligent than I, being in their own element.  They are better equipped to understand.  They are more aware of the obvious.  And certainly they have more experience.  So what do they need of me?  They need the catalyst, that which forces change.  That’s all I am.  I have to put myself in the center of this latent force to create the explosion.  I am the mine that causes the avalanche; the detonator that causes the charge to blow.

End blog post #88

26 thoughts on “Antierra Manifesto – blog post #88

  1. George F.

    “they fight shadow of evil in men, kill men, evil not die, just shadow die. Evil go into other men. Always make more evil.” Yes, this is very true! Evil does exist and it tends to hop scotch from person to person, generation to generation. Hard to dig out the root and cure! Great post Sha! Particularly liked the beginning of telepathy or empathetic communication with this concept: “letting it linger there a few precious seconds. “Absorbing” my strength,’ Love it!

  2. Sha'Tara Post author

    Thanks George. There seems to be a slight parallel here with your own story at the moment. Energy is flowing between individuals and it is more than their own energy. Here we can readily see that the empathetic touch is the result of so much being denied these women. They cannot speak openly; they have no outward form of power; they cannot sing, singing being often the woman’s most powerful way to communicate her feelings, but they are allowed to touch each other so life discovered that channel and is using it to compensate for what is being proscribed. I common process, such as the blind person developing acute senses of touch, smell and hearing and so forth. Energy is like water, it will always find a new channel when the normal one is blocked. That is why freedom-denying systems always come to naught, even if it takes hundreds of years for their collapse.

  3. deteremineddespitewp

    This is an interesting conflict between the native women and Antierra.
    I like the portrayal of the underlying problem for Antierra that these women, natives of this environment arguably have a better local grasp of the system and the culture and see understandably violent revolution as the answer, whereas Antierra having a wider experience of many histories fears how this approach will turn out

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for that sharp comment, Roger. The conflict you point to is only too common among do-gooders who go into someplace they know little or nothing about except what a “satellite overview” shows them, and who have the hubris to think they know better than those who have thousands of years of traditions and roots in their lands. The would-be “fixer” is always in danger of creating more dysfunction in a system. As you say, Antierra is aware, or open enough to make herself aware, of the danger in introducing change that a world is incapable of absorbing. I have been made aware of this fact when speaking somewhat “vehemently” about compassion being the ultimate force capable of solving our glaring social problems. Until individuals open themselves to the very real risks of living compassion, the concept will remain, sadly, theoretical.
      While on the subject let me say that my silly mind amuses itself in finding a parallel between your parody of an age of “chivalry” and Antierra on Malefactus. For those who want to check it out:

      1. deteremineddespitewp

        We as a species do face a great conundrum when trying to dig ourselves out of unpleasant places in that all we seem to do is make the hole bigger.
        Over the years I have witnessed many a group dedicated to as they see it more ‘enlightened thinking’ demonstrating as much intolerance and narrow minding views as the folk they are arguing against. On the question of religion I tried to have an open dialogue several times and found I was just the target of constant bigoted and ignorant abuse…be it theistic or atheistic…
        Anyway, thanks for opening up the link to the currently not so much happy as very confused land of Dingledong (things will get…..interesting)

  4. Hyperion

    Another chapter that advances a concept most difficult at the boundaries of opposing thought. I suppose differences keep understanding at bay. One of the things I did that helped me sink deep into the minds of people and cultures deemed enemies of the state was to absorb their culture, learn their language, habits, and what was important to them. I never failed to win their trust and so they were honest and forthright in telling me the wrongs against them that led them to conflict and what they would accept as peace. I found their honesty and willingness to explain themselves a human trait far above my superiors who saw these people as a bug to squash and ended up getting themselves squashed mentally, physically, and spiritually. This forces the nation to lie to itself and to yearn for the outrageous lies of their government in order to justify the evil that has set into their own minds. We have made eternal enemies out of people who would be eternal friends because of an unwillingness to accept differences. Perhaps the compassion you speak of would aid tolerance and foster geopolitical intelligence. It’s a stretch, just like the women of Malefactus securing their desire for a better life. But, nothing is impossible. We just lack the means to understand the things we label impossible.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Quote: “We have made eternal enemies out of people who would be eternal friends because of an unwillingness to accept differences.”

      I’ve read many a story from individuals who learned the things you express here, but they were always “individual” stories, never collective. Conquerors are not individuals; they are a collective force, like a plague of locusts. These learn nothing. They land and they consume. When all is consumed, they too must die off. When I was involved in fighting Reagan’s ‘contras’ in Central America (fighting doesn’t necessarily mean wearing fatigues and packing a rifle and hand grenades) I was told that statistically one revolutionary is worth ten paid mercenaries. I think it’s actually much higher than that and explains why America is mired in endless wars that must only end in the empire’s ultimate defeat. Another Trump term or regime should just about do it.

      If only people decided instead to listen to others, to interact fairly and justly with others, replacing national hubris, greed and violence with compassion, we could so easily turn everything around. But despite all the lessons of man’s history, nothing is learned.

      Quote again: “Perhaps the compassion you speak of would aid tolerance and foster geopolitical intelligence. It’s a stretch, just like the women of Malefactus securing their desire for a better life. But, nothing is impossible. We just lack the means to understand the things we label impossible.”

      The new and untried (and usually mocked by the mob) is always a stretch – see the discussion on Antierra’s killing of the Warmo. What if he had “sued for peace”? What if he had declared his intention to change and help the women? Beyond a stretch that, yes… and yet Antierra on two occasions, was willing to consider it, to risk it. The first time was with Tikki before the fight and now here, after Warmo has been destroyed completely. All of us face this dilemma all the time… absolutely ALL THE TIME if we are thinking people. We must consider an alternative to riding the squirrel cage. You say, “we just lack the means to understand” and I say, No, we do not LACK the MEANS. We have the means, always had them, but we are scared (for whatever reason, there are many) to make use of those personal resources. We are scared to go against the group think, the mob, the social mindset. We are frightened of consequences we cannot possible be fully cognizant of. So we do nothing.

      We may not join in a KKK demonstration but we won’t go against it either. We will let others take the brunt and we will side with whomever wins. It’s what the Germans did when Hitler’s brownshirts began terrorizing their neighbourhoods. It’s what the fighters of Hyrete are facing. To oppose oppression, or to meekly go along with the status quo. It’s very difficult to go against the programming and whenever and always, when we “join up” with any power group we are acting according to our programming. Whenever we defend any sort of power group, we are acting according to our programming. The only thing that differentiates a group from a mob is the legitimacy given the power group by some sort of authority. It grants the mob a legally recognized name, a uniform, status and the mob becomes an authoritarian tool of oppression and suppression. To keep its new status it has to sign a contract to support and defend said authority, to obey without question.

      1. Hyperion

        Such deep insights require careful and full appreciation. I see your point and get it immediately. I’ve seen fear stop the better outcome and turn success into abject failure. The SAS have a motto, Who Dares, Wins. It is not the stuff of armed forces alone, but can be a litany for anyone facing tough decisions as discussed here. I believe you are in a prescient stage here when you caution one more Trumptastic term will end us. To be honest, I struggle to see anyone currently elbowing their way to the Oval Office as suitable to lead this wasted land out of the desert of self inflicted doom. I’d love to be wrong about that. So, the battle cry in America is it doesn’t matter how bad an opposing candidate is as long as it isn’t the Great Orange Orifice. That logic may make sense up front but it saddens me that is our only option. One thing for sure, Sha’ Tara, we don’t have long to wait. When we crash into the same murky bottom that obliterated Persia, Greece, Rome, The Third Reich, and many other Empires, perhaps that will force the change we seek.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        …The change we seek… yes I think you are “dead on balls accurate” here. What is likely to happen is, if (more likely when) the US hegemon (empire) collapses the vacuum created will be like a tsunami. The eventual collapse will be global. Those who believe that all will be better with the demise of Uncle Sam (put me once in that naive category) I think are dreadfully mistaken. The rush to fill in where the US military withdraws or surrenders, will create new power struggles and today’s allies will be tomorrow’s enemies. Russia, China, India, Israel, Pakistan (whomever has the nukes) will vie for control of remaining resources, real or assumed. Banking institutions and corporations will resemble massive collapsed bridges. It is very likely that nukes will fly, first between continental America-Europe-NATO versus Russia, China and maybe North Korea, then when America-Western Europe is cornered or partially destroyed the targeting will change direction. Likely the UN will disappear as a relevant institution during that time so we’ll be back to the rule of the war lord. Unless of course cooler heads prevail but where are they? As you correctly point out, supporting the lesser of evils is a very poor strategy. When it comes to America I believe the Democrats are more dangerous than what’s in the White House at the moment. Why? Because unlike the crazy effrontery of the Republicans, the Democrats are past masters of supreme hypocrisy and that is the very worst corruption in politics. Trump and his henchmen have ploughed a path of “all’s fair” and “anything goes” and whomever, whatever inherits can feel free to move the degradation forward. Not a pretty picture anywhere. Consider the response strictly my opinions and speculation.

      3. Hyperion

        I could never have judged it better. Again, I think you are prescient in your views and understanding of the unintended and unconsidered tertiary effects of Uncle Sam finally going down with the ship.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        I think the best historical example we (of European extraction) possess is the break up of the Roman empire. A slough of old enemies rush into the cracks to devour the dragon after learning how to fight… dragon style.

      5. Hyperion

        My sentiments exactly. His Royal Hiney the Trumpulator is our Nero who Twitters while Washington burns. I honestly feel sorry for whoever comes next it’s like Lincoln inheriting the Civil War after Buchanan fanned the flames and Johnson following Lincoln inheriting a broken and devastated country and who knuckled under to Republican pressure to punish the South resulting in rascism and poverty that lives on to this day. Three men and their cabinets took the country into a darker and deeper hole we didn’t emerge from until WWII when Europe was devastated in the same way and American capitalists poured into the gap. Now the tides have changed again and the East has risen to fill the gaping wounds we left across the globe. Somehow, I feel the rise of the Eastern Dragon will not improve things.

      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: “I feel the rise of the Eastern Dragon will not improve things.” You are correct, it will not, at least not for the world as a whole. As always some elites will benefit hugely by the power switch though. Otherwise… same old, same old, with massively increased surveillance, suppression, repression and oppression, all equating to enslavement. We’ve chosen to put ourselves in the no-win situation: damn if you don’t, damn if you do. Very soon the neighing of the four horses will be heard from one end of the world to the other and no human force can stop them.

      7. Hyperion

        Well, at least the four horsemen will change things for everybody. That might possibly unite us in misery. I’m getting too old to run around in the streets pulling my hair and gnashing my teeth. I’m going down in my comfy chair in the corner of my room with a good book and some snacks.

      8. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: ” I’m going down in my comfy chair in the corner of my room with a good book and some snacks.” LOL… but really, the only way to go. I too have given up on the protest scene; the vote scene; the screaming invectives at the leadership. I’m here and I make myself available to those who need my help, as much as time and common sense allows. I know climate change is happening; I know the oceans are dying; I know cell phones cause cancer; I know Myanmar is persecuting its Muslim minority, as is China; I know big Pharma is directly/indirectly killing millions of unsuspecting individuals; I know hundreds of species are becoming extinct; I know the forests are being destroyed; I know there are endless wars fought for resources and profits; I know GMO’s and agribusiness are destroying arable land; I know the planet is running out of potable water… I know… mankind is royally screwed but what I know best of all from observation and experience is the fact that people continue to support all the things that are directly responsible for these nightmares or hoping that with a few “Abracadabra’s” here and there they can mitigate the end results. Hence and therefore, let the horses take the bit in their mouths and gallop freely over deserts, plains and mountains and turn man’s cities into morgues. Choice, always choice, and people have long ago made theirs. Who am I to contradict popular choice? Isn’t that presumptuous? Am I exceptional? I don’t feel exceptional or particularly smarter than anyone else. I won’t feed the horses but I’m not standing in their way either.

      9. Hyperion

        This is the perfect introduction to a book or article. I’m sure when one pauses briefly inside our six second attention span, the message will get through. Neigh, don’t feed the horses.

  5. Hyperion

    Just a note. When I attempt to hit the like button WP resets and kicks me out. I may be persona non grata because of my whacky eccentricities. They shouldn’t be punishing you for my failures at being reasonable and sane 🙃

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      WP used to do that to me also, even kicking me out of comenting on my own posts. I tried to interact with the hopeless happiness engineers to no avail at the time but lo and behold after a while the thing fixed itself. The problem with WP “helpers” is they are, presumably, not allowed to ever admit that their system is faulty, hence not ever really gets fixed properly. They’ve fallen into the trap of assuming all problems are the fault of “ignorant” bloggers. At least that’s how I perceive it. When a post won’t accept a like, I use the comment section and write: Like!

      1. Hyperion

        Soon, the happiness engineers will be AI’s and anything but our happiness will be the order of the day. However, they don’t realize it’s the blogs that keep them going not their grand scheme of literary dominance.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Eventually WordPress will be swallowed up entirely by Google just as “Blogger” was and then it will all be run by AI’s. I don’t care, I’m not attached to WP and all my blog posts, plus some of the more interesting comments are saved on my personal “CLOUD” i.e., portable terabyte-sized hard drives.

      3. Hyperion

        You are right. The Web frontier is conquered and all the web brothels are full. I’ll just go camping and hiking more and blogging less.

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