Stars in the Night Sky

(remembrances from   ~burning woman~ )

Have you ever wondered what “listening to the voices of the dead” and “hearing the music of the spheres” have in common?

When you look in the night sky, what do you see?  Stars?  Yes, mostly stars for only stars emit enough light to travel those quasi-unfathomable distances of space to twinkle in our little firmament.

What does that twinkling represent?  A sort of Morse code, yes?  The “spheres” talking to us, perhaps calling some of us back; reminding us that we are not utterly lost as we walk in weak finiteness on a dark non-star matter world that can only reflect a sun’s light.  For we are the star dancers, beings of eternal combustion, burning to give light, as did our ancient worlds of origin.

If you know yourself to be a star dancer, do you know the language; the music, from your starry worlds?  Do you remember any of it?  Do you know why you are here on this cold world in semi-darkness, the closest thing resembling your ancient home that tiny ball of fusion in this world’s sky?

Look back through your great remembrances and see the waves of migrations as your home worlds burned themselves out, leaving you orphaned, refugees scattering in the endless immensity of space.  Remember how you closed yourselves up and “died” to become seeds that would find homes – or not – here and there in the great vagaries of worlds in collision.  Remember.  Remember the unthinkable.

Eons later, through millions of transformations and mutations you find yourselves here, looking into the night sky.  It is filled with pin-pricks of light from your star worlds.  Do you hear them, their voices?  Their sad songs?  Do you realize now that what you are hearing is the voices of the dead?  Those lights, so many, are but the remnants of what were once our living worlds.  We were star beings living within our star worlds.  Then they burned out.  We did not.

We are the cast out.

We scattered, as seeds from a dandelion head, blown away in the fiery winds of their demise.  But our worlds’ light kept on its path through time.  These lights we see; these voices calling us, they are the voices of the dead, star beings; voices of our dead worlds, the wind whistling through tombstones and denuded trees in man’s graveyards.  We can never go back home again.  We must accept this.

What we need not accept is that we are now permanent residents of cold material worlds.  We have seeded our wisdom and knowledge here and there throughout the universe.  We suffered more pain and loss than any language could ever reveal.  We re-created ourselves into semblances of quasi-intelligent life, not only to survive, but to teach.  We have seldom been accepted or welcomed; mostly doubted, held in suspicion, suppressed and killed.  Our role, if such it was, has cost us dearly.  Many of us to avoid martyrdom slipped into the predictable monotony of a matter-world’s life patterns.  We put our minds to sleep; we disconnected from our innate compassionate and empathetic nature.  We did not want to suffer anymore.  We wanted rest.

We found death instead.

Look in the night sky again!  We are awakening!  We have a new power now, we can make new worlds suitable for us and all our kin.  We shall make those worlds to last forever.  When our children hear the songs and music of these new worlds they will be the voices of the ever-living.

Come, let us prepare to leave this dying world and go home.

Stars, too, were time travelers. How many of those ancient points of light were the last echoes of suns now dead? How many had been born but their light not yet come this far? If all the suns but ours collapsed tonight, how many lifetimes would it take us to realize we were alone? I had always known the sky was full of mysteries — but not until now had I realized how full of them the earth was.  – Ransom Riggs

31 thoughts on “Stars in the Night Sky

  1. Hyperion

    A beautiful and Poetic Edda of our lost origins. I have felt and communed with the music of the spheres and the voices of the dead since I was a child. The child’s mind cannot put context or understanding in words to this experience. That’s the beauty of it. It can only be experienced in it’s absoluteness. Now in my final phase of this life, I have all the context and understanding I need. It was a singular experience until recently when I came to know others are connected as well. You are correct. It is in each of us if we can quiet the discordant noise and listen with the intent to hear.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      It is gratifying to read such encouraging comments. I post these things always in the hope that there will be an echo; that “another” will hear the call and also be encouraged to remember and to dare dream no matter how stridently the voices of Earthian unreason seek to destroy our dreams.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you, Carol. My best moments are when I find myself breaking out of the bounds and limiting expectations of Earth programming. Since I was a child I’ve asked myself, what’s essentially wrong with laying claim to being a free spirit of the cosmos? I owe no one here anything, and of the “wisdom” I may have received from man’s systems I likely would have been better off by far had I not received it or had I exercised the courage to refuse it. What is man’s world but a grain of sand having separated itself from all others to declare itself exceptional by the simple (ignorant) expedient of closing itself off from the rest of an intelligent, sentient, self-aware cosmos? Why should we continue to be impressed, or belittled by bullying ignorance whose greatest achievements is the destruction of life? I’m done with the mendacity of man’s ruling hegemon. Despite the thickening pollution hiding them, I know the stars are my destination and I know I won’t need any NASA or Tesla technology to reach them. I’ll see you “up there” Carol, when “time” no longer holds us in bondage to small thinking and meaningless accomplishments.

  2. deteremineddespitewp

    An evocative observation Sha’ Tara from one location in the wonderous vastness which encompasses all our small measurements of distances in both space and time (paraphrases from Walt Whitman seeping in here).
    It is a tragedy that so many folk think they are being astute by claiming to believe there is only one life, and here on this planet. So limiting.
    I don’t pretend to have anything remotely close to even the most slender comprehension of what lies beyond this mortal construct….I will find out though.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I thought you would like the concept that we (or some of us???) know ourselves to be star beings with a permanent longing to somehow return to our “normal” haunts. I like the idea of living within, on or around, a star world rather than a “dependent” world such as earth. I haven’t figured out yet why we “descended” down into cold rocky worlds instead of just migrating to other stars. There has to be a powerful motivation. Maybe it was as simple as seeking a chance to experience a different kind of living expression; maybe we were seduced somehow, or enslaved during those times when we travelled as refugees, alone and unprotected. Then we became convinced that no one can live in or around a ball of fusion. Again the questions.

      1. deteremineddespitewp

        Maybe we are just of a cycle, our components drawn by forces as yet unidentified?
        The complexities are fascinating. And maybe some are simply ‘unknowable’. So much to learn in the meantime.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I think the question, “Who am I?” has no answer. But that’s not so bad: it means we can be whatever we decide to be…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you, Earthwalking. May I assume that, like some others of us you see yourself as “just” walking through this world on your way to some private chosen destination in the cosmos?

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Source… hm, yes that too! 😏 Some day in the far future when I find the time outside my many travels and some freedom from my endless cosmic endeavours (or that could be meddlings!) I’m going to stop by Source’s cavern and have a talk.

  3. colettebytes

    I have just read this Sha’Tara, and it so resonates. I feel homesick, but for what exactly, I don’t know. Perhaps this, as you have described, is it! I often look up at stars (when they are visible) and feel a sense of calm and longing at the same time. At the beginning of January, the planet Venus was especially bright, and to me, she seemed to appear as a giant ‘V’ shape in the sky. I had never seen that before, and am still wondering what it means.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Colette. Personally I think that the Earth’s agony is forcing some of us at least to re-think our cosmology; to get serious about our future. First it is necessary to break out of the collective insomnia and realize we are experiencing a stage, passing through. Then having secured that bit of understanding, the next step is to develop a new cosmic sense of beingness. For me it meant discovering and accepting a purpose for my personal existence and claim to be a legitimate part of life’s expansion… Take responsibility, it said. So I did.

    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      For me the “homesickness” is the clarion call to get ready for the trip. Those of us who call ourselves the “WindWalkers” (I now dare rank myself as one) do not have what you would call a home but we have “places” we return to for rest and reorientation. I’ve been dreaming of “Altaria” more and more lately as my physical body is giving serious signs that it wants out of the race. As to your seeing Venus in the form of a “V” … likely that is a personal message for your mind to unravel. “V” is a powerful symbol.

      1. colettebytes

        You know, I kept looking and looking at that ‘V’ and even pointed it out to my husband… He couldn’t explain it, but I don’t really think he could see it in the same way. Maybe, I just need my eyes tested again. That ‘V’ looked clear as a bell to me… I must look up its symbology.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Of course there’s always “the other way” – not looking it up but trusting your own intuition/inspiration to tell you what the symbol means – FOR YOU, TO YOU…?

      3. colettebytes

        That ‘V’ image told me that there are forces out there watching what is happening here on Earth. I actually found the ‘V’ rather chilling… It did not feel good to me. 🙁

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        I hear you. I’ve always had “negative” energetic feelings about planets. I’m not a planet person. I think… and take this with a huge grain of salt… that planets are residential places for “demonic” forces – hence the problems we’re having with earth. It just makes sense to me. The “forces” which we refer to as “Time Lords” are planetary beings and they are patriarchal – their females are essentially slaves – and totally predatory. They exist from sucking life out of whatever worlds they conquer. I know… I KNOW… how science fiction that reads but that is what I’ve been taught and from personal observation, it really is what I see. I try not to live in denial! If you really think hard on it, there never is any LEGITIMATE reasons to engage in warfare – it’s strictly predatory behaviour and Earthians are caught up in that programming and they don’t have a clue how to break out of it because it requires discipline, deep energy and lots of courage since the entire make up of man’s collective systems is against anything that promotes free and safe life. We are here as nothing more than farm animals to satisfy the desires of the “Lords of the Universe” and they run their world with a tiny minority of elitist “managers” to keep us under control and available for food, both in the physical sense and in the mental sense. Hope this doesn’t come out as total gobbledygook but… caveat emptor.

      5. colettebytes

        I’m glad you said all that Sha’Tara. What you’ve said, I actually feel. It feels like there is an energetic war here right now. Hidden from plain sight, but raging nevertheless. I see it in the earth events… I feel it inside and I am trying to stay strong. We are in Thailand right now… And both sick with a strange virus. We are not sure if we have nCOV (the symptoms aren’t the same sequence that are reported), but for me, it is two weeks now. My husband, about 5 days. We haven’t got fevers so not much to be done. People are crowding medical facilities here and all the N95 masks are sold out. This new virus feels like something more alien than not. I have been fighting my virus with (and I know this sounds daft) a sort of energy radiation that I visualize as vibrational light that creates DNA helix formations to wipe out the invasion at the cellular level. It works, but the invasion force feels in the trillions, so I must keep doing it. Nothing else works for me. On the outside, I look normal. On the inside, I am fighting all the time. It is interesting (to me) that I saw that lit up ‘V’ of Venus just shortly before I wa infected by a strange woman who suddenly stopped to talk to us in the street. Spit from her mouth flew into mine (something that has never happened to me before). I knew she had been sick… I had seen her at our hotel talking to other people who were asking how she was feeling? She thought she recognised me in the street (she thought I was someone else, she said), but too late… I already knew I was infected now, despite hot-tailing it back to the hotel to rinse my mouth out with Listerine. I have not seen the woman since then.

        I know all this sounds very fanciful but to me I just feel that sinister things are happening. I just hope that I am strong enough to fight through.

      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quick response to your comment on being strong enough… I sense that you are plenty strong enough! The problem with so many of us is to much identifying with our bodies. We know our bodies have a severe “best before” date stamp on them. They are throw away items, meant to be used and discarded, particularly if they fail and refuse to respond to treatment. My body is my anchor to a planetary world from which I have learned much, naturally, but which I have no regrets to leave. There’s an entire, limitless cosmos out there! Should I let a belief system tie my thoughts and imagination to a failing body within a failing institution, i.e., man’s civilization? What is that to me? Yes I powerfully regret the horror and terror that is going to accompany civilization’s demise – in fact it has been doing so and getting worse for thousands of years – I would never rejoice at any loss of life but I keep reminding myself that all of us, every single Earthian, has been given choices on how to engage this one particular life. Those who choose to live a strictly physical life are making their choices, they are not mine. If those choices result in their demise or the death of their children, that has to be on their consciences, not mine. All I can do is avoid those personal acts that would contribute to their pain and losses. This has never been my world, Collette. I hope you too have at least one foot firmly standing on something other than Earth so that when the body fails it will be only a slight shock of adjustment, a sigh of relief that evokes the comment… “Alright, OK, that’s done. Now, where was I again?”

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