My Dear Earth

My dear Earth, I have a confession to make.  I am weary of you and the political promises made on your behalf by those who live totally artificial lives; who watch your “nature” by sitting on a couch in front of their TV and who “love” you without having a clue as to who you really are, or rather, what you have become. 

My dear Earth, I’m tired of your bullshit. In my opinion, backed by having grown up within your actual wilderness, by lifelong observations; by involvement in “environmental” efforts and studies, I say you are either a rank hypocrite, or you simply don’t give a horse’s patootie about what goes on over, on or in your body.  I think if I could hear your response it would be using that particularly offensive current expression: “It’s all good.”

Well no, it’s not all good. In fact it’s far from being even a bit good.  My first challenge to your fans’ claim of status, that you are a goddess, has to do with predation.  Yes, you heard me correctly. You accept, support and probably believe, or at least want your supremacist, exceptional homo sapiens species to believe that predation, the killing of large numbers of totally innocent and helpless life in order to feed much smaller numbers of not so innocent and much less useful life is of paramount necessity to the promotion of a “balanced” slate on this world. 

Let me point out how utterly wrong you are on that.  Let’s take your most successful predator species to-date, “man” and see if their unchallengeable success is conducive to engendering a balance of life on this world, on your body.  What do you think? Even among these ultimate predators (ignoring for the moment any alien force equipped with planet-busting weaponry) there is a saying, “a bad predator annihilate its host.” This so-called intelligent predator is ostensibly aware that his life-sustaining system is entropic.  After man, nothing. I don’t call that balancing the slate, I call that utter irresponsibility, arrogance and injustice of universal proportion. 

Now Earth, if I actually believed in evolution I would have to state categorically that this nefarious, and may I add, absolutely useless and pointless predator called “man” is a child of your desire and invention.  It is so perfectly adapted to your modus operandi that it is in the process of destroying itself and your living environment in the bargain.  It’s all about predation.  Every system man has used (I will not say ‘invented’ because the creature is mentally incapable of such invention) is predatory in expression.  Boil the chaos instituted by man to its lowest common denominators: organized religion, government and finance, and you hold in your cauldron all the evil that man has wrought against all other forms of life and against its own species. 

Whence comes lust? Greed? Lies? Wars? From man’s civilization. What sustains that civilization? The three predatory abominations mentioned above.  Remove them and what’s left of that civilization? Nothing that would uphold man’s claimed superior tenure of earth, of you, Earth. 

Let me back off from man and look at the rest of your “creation” and assess that.  The process of creating stress, fear, fight-or-flight reactions and necessary successful killing attack modes among every creature that flies, swims, walks, crawls or tunnels is everywhere apparent. Simply put, it’s how things work here. Kill or die.  Rule or be enslaved. Where’s the middle ground? There isn’t any. You haven’t allowed for that in your twisted reasoning.  Everything must suffer, either the predator’s fear of missing a kill and going hungry, or the victims’ fear of being targeted while simply engaged in foraging, or in raising young in a burrow or hatching eggs in a nest.  Your entire system is based on raw fear.  How did you ever let it come down to that?  What made you fall so low that you would sell your surface dependent life to fear and constant depredation?

You made a very bad choice a long time ago. You became addicted to fear, hate and pain. You learned to use gratuitous violence to create your drug. Subsequently you discovered man and subverted him to your horror, addicting him to an innate need of violence, particularly by shedding innocent blood. You taught him to use violence against all life, but mostly against the smaller, the weaker, the most helpless.  You demonstrated how the prey would greatly multiply as a defense mechanism against annihilation of its species and taught that predatory killing was a defense against the prey “taking over” the territory legitimately staked out by the predator.  

You know me, Earth.  You know I’m here observing, taking notes. You know you don’t have me. You know the programming used to subvert intelligent life here doesn’t work with me.  So don’t lie to me.  That worked for a time. I believed the lies; that you were not really sentient; that you had nothing to do with what went on; that you were a victim.  Yes, I recognize that you are a victim, just like a drug addict is a victim.

In the name of all that is fair and just as Life understands it, I condemn man’s civilization and I also condemn you, Earth, to a just death.  Your anti life perversion and corruption is beyond redemption, as is man’s.  You possess a few very shaky years yet in which to change, in which to make amends, in which to prove me wrong about you. 

I suggest you get to it.  










49 thoughts on “My Dear Earth

  1. Regis Auffray

    Clearly, you are not happy with “Mother Earth” or “Mother Nature” or “Gaia.” From our many discussions over the passing of time, it seems to me you could be talking with/to God. Thank you for sharing, Sha’Tara.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      You’re welcome, Regis. No, I’m definitely not talking to “god” or “God” but to a real, living sentience with whom I am interacting at this moment in time. I will soon be exiting this place, and no regrets but before I go I want to ensure for myself, that I touch as many bases (reasons for my existence here, this time) as I possibly can. Can I sow some doubts in the minds of some people so convinced of the reliability of their religious sources, their histories, their traditional beliefs, their core values, their acceptance of questionable philosophies? Can I, without benefit of system allegiance or higher education challenge the status quo? Sure. If nothing else is accomplished, it strengthens my sense of purpose and on the other hand it may even entertain.

      Polonius: This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day,
      Thou canst not then be false to any man. (Hamlet – Shakespeare)

  2. rawgod

    You are wrong, S’T, Earth has nothing at all to do with the lifeforms that inhabit it. If you must blame someone (I’d prefer you didn’t, I don’t see anyone being to blame), I think you must blame life itself. Life comes from life, lives on life in order to exist, and then decreates itself when that life reaches its end. But, how else can life exist? It knows no other way.
    Earth has never said, “Human, you are my greatest discovery/invention/production/etc. Earth has no language. Instead it uses natural energy, like rain, heat, wind, hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, earthquakes, tidal waves, and other natural disasterlike methods to talk for it, and those things do not enhance life, but rather they try to keep control of non-human life. In many ways humans are unnatural, they only abide by instinct on very guttaral levels. It is reason that makes humans think they are superior to all else. Please don’t blame the Earth for what humankind has wrought. We are the ones who must take responsibility. Can you accept that?

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hi rawgod, I am using what I call “the Teaching method” the way I had to learn from, and learn to use, i.e., with supreme discernment, and willingness to accept logical conclusions, however unsavory. Earth is either a sentience, or it is not. We already know Life is ultimate sentience, at least as far as we can understand the concept from introspection. This is where MAN’s science and clear logic part company. If “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” then Earth (entity) is the greatest force on earth (physical world). It has the power to say “yeah” or “nay” to any global concept. Predation, as a system, is a global issue. Were it not for predation, man would have remained a natural member of earth’s menagerie. To understand this approach one has to know that “in the beginning” there was no predation of the pain inducing, bloodshed variety we have subsequently been hypnotized to accept as natural. Nothing killed anything. All sentient life interacted peacefully and without the least fear. There was no violence, certainly no gratuitous violence.

      Were there accidents that caused pain or death as in the “acts of nature” you mention? I don’t know that, but it would come under a totally different category. This is about the causing of pain for personal pleasure, satisfaction or a false sense of perceived need. This is about lust; this is about sin. Do you know the proper definition of sin? Sin is to cause fear, loss, pain or death to another for one’s personal satisfaction, pleasure or gain. It is the ultimate evil.

      I have noticed in my “travels” that people really hate to be challenged with the problem of predation. They don’t want to talk about it; they call it nature’s way; they accept it as necessary. It is none of that. It is a pain-inducing artificial process introduced to this world many millions of years ago, injected artificially into the planet’s “mind” and nurtured until the Earth itself was fully addicted to the rush of giving birth to life only to destroy it. Are you familiar with the Greek myth of the Titan Cronus, who, fearing that he would be overthrown by one of his children, ate each one upon their birth? Myths are open to interpretation but what needs to be remembered is that every one of them has some basis in fact. See the painting by Francisco Goya titled, “Saturn Devouring his Son.” Quite explicit. (

      When that is accepted, worked through and finally understood, the moves in an otherwise incomprehensible game fall logically into place.

      I allow that this next quote is a stretch for many, coming as it does from the book of Isaiah in the Hebrew writings, but it is an echo of what once was, not at all something entirely new to take place in the future:

      “The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling will feed together; and a little child will lead them.
      The cow will feed with the bear, their young will lie down together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox.
      The infant will play near the hole of the cobra, and the young child put his hand into the viper’s nest.
      They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain”

      Yes, most certainly man must take responsibility for their part in aggravating to Earthian conflict of ages, but that will only solve a part of the problem. The Earth, as a sentient entity, also has to accept responsibility for a problem that existed long before homo sapiens entered the scene. Man inherited a situation which he was perfectly engineered to take full advantage of. Anyone who doubts this only needs read some history then ask the really tough questions, like, “Where does all this s**t come from?” and “Why can’t we resolve this, once and for all?”

      1. rawgod

        I cannot say when life got to the point sunlight was no longer a viable food source, for there are plants today that still extract most of their energy from that source. But that comes from the leafy tops. When plants started using roots to hold themselves in place, they found a new source of some foods came from the living soil beneath them.That was a hint at predation.
        Later, when mobile species came into existence, food from the sun became very hard to get, and they could only get energy-inducing foods from eating other living beings–plants. As life became larger, and more mobile, more energy still was needed to maintain those being. The best source of energized food became the smaller and slower animals. Predation was now in full swing. Once primates came along with their opposable thumb, the die was cast. Yes, humanity post-dated predation, but it was not the Earth that caused it.
        What you are trying to teach, I don’t really know. But for predators to live peacefully with foragers, a new and readily available source of food will be needed, and as far as life has developed on this earth, only humanity is capable of developing it (so far!) This can and hopefully will change, but that will take time. How much time do we have? We do not know. Most likely it is not enough.

      2. colettebytes

        Actually rg, the root systems of plants feed the mycorrhizal fungi systems that provide communication networks rather than predate anything. They do take up water and nutrients that the fungi provide through their absorbative networks. I think this can be seen a little like the microbial systems living in the human body. We have to feed them (with food) so that they provide our protections. There are lots of symbiotic systems in place that are good for us and all life. Predation isn’t one of them. It is a destructor of life. However, I am struggling with Sha’Tara’s revaluation that earth itself might be aiding and abetting predation.

      3. rawgod

        I was thinking of grasses and trees and suchlike when I wrote that. The poor fungi never even crossed my mind. My bad.

      4. colettebytes

        We could be seen as predating plants as well as animals… That is why some people become fruitarians (as fruits and seeds are just propagation tools of a plant…) As long as we don’t kill the host we are not predatory. It is considered the cleanest diet in some circles. However, it is hard to be totally fruitarian.

      5. rawgod

        I have considered it, all on my own. But when you get right down to it, all life is made of cells, and each cell is a living being on its own. I always come back to my original theory: Life lives on life. And until someone finds a way to create a non-living food that will sustain other living beings, we cannot get away from that fact. So is it really predatory?
        Yes, and no. It is the way life is. Which is why I am still am omnivore.

      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        Fruitarian… hm, interesting although I think some species of primates are essentially fruitarians. I assume they live in conditions where fruits are always readily available, and as far as body energy goes, they live in reasonably constant warm zones where less body heat is lost so less energy needs to be ingested. Many people now live in areas where the original Earthians were not designed to exist at all, so that has created a need for adaptation. I do not, as yet, see a problem with growing and harvesting plants for food. I think that those who eat meat or fish and use “predation” to point the finger at vegetarians and vegans are being hypocritical. It’s just a means to justify their own lifestyle and not have to change. I became vegetarian, not for health benefits, though I have experienced many as a result, but because I no longer wanted to participate in the slaughter of innocent sentient life raised specifically for the slaughter. I don’t know that I will take the next logical step in this life – perhaps in the next one although my intent is to return as a full-fledged breatharian, equipped to be able to demonstrate how that is achieved.
        If you want to read about the dark side of breatharianism or inedia as currently practiced and understood, try this link:
        All I can say to that is, the current planetary energies and the light from our sun are unsuitable to support inedia but that is going to change radically after what I refer to as the transition. I always try to link events with events and not judge a thing impossible because it is considered, or observed, to be impossible in the here and now. We exist in a sick and dirty world; the earth’s atmosphere blocks not only dangerous solar radiation but much of the sun’s fusion light and heat energy that would create maximal health conditions leading to very long-term lifespans. We know from some writings and “remembrances” (when we grow the courage to trust our own memories of past lives) that such extended lives were common, even here, a very long time ago. These are conditions that can be achieved once again, once we free ourselves from the limits to life and bondage to death imposed by those we call “the Time Lords.” Food for thought, perhaps?

      7. Sha'Tara Post author

        The “environmental energies” on this planet are in too poor a condition to promote a healthy physical life without ingestion of solids and liquids and even with that crude method life still remains tenuous and short. As always we need to deal with those forces which corrupt the nature of a world before we can expect that world to give of its life energies freely, abundantly and in a balanced condition for all involved. As I mentioned in this post, Earth as a sentient being has serious problems which the presence of man has only exacerbated. Under current conditions breatharianism is not possible but it will become so in a distant future.

      8. Sha'Tara Post author

        The funny thing about the physical condition is, we never really leave it. We operate without it for a time but we return to the physical – it is a necessary part of how we function. So much is “hidden” to people on this world! Here we appear as babies, totally dependent upon parents, or at least adults, to make it. This isn’t so common. On more advanced worlds we appear fully grown, know who we are and engage our chosen society directly. We aren’t strangers, we are expected and our chosen purpose is known. Depending on the type of body, we can travel “space” with it, or we can dis-incarnate and re-incarnate in a different body or form to match whatever world we are visiting or working on. Yes the Earth changes I am talking about (as a plausible future) are, in earth times, many generations away but that does not matter since our current type of physical/mental life isn’t going to continue except as a mutation that will have little resemblance to what we are now – speaking mentally and spiritually. History has shown with no margin for error that “man” as the species exists at this time, is irremediably corrupt. The creature will continue to play up its fantasies of exceptionalism and will destroy itself as it destroys a greater part of the surface area of its world. The best case scenario is that it will do this quickly; the worst is that well-meaning individuals in cahoots with profit and personal pleasure seekers (essentially the type of psychopaths now running all of man’s power systems) will try to keep the current madness going, thus prolonging Earth’s agony. Despite all evidence to the contrary people still need to believe that things can and will get better. So be it.

      9. colettebytes

        For me, personal circumstances have mired me in a place I don’t want to be, in a world I don’t like. Fear is stultifying my right course of action /development, and on the wheel turns. I and most of humanity is stuck, and losing energy every day.

      10. Sha'Tara Post author

        The only force I know of that counters the fear you speak of, is to become an avatar of compassion. Compassion, not (not EVER) love. Anyone who insists on becoming a compassionate being, that is, developing the higher mind, the one that defeats the “Time Lord” agenda will discover s/he has to become self empowered. No more reliance on systems, rulers, leaders, way showers, teachers, partners. “I decide what I am thinking about; how I interpret all the signs and messages around me. I not only decide which path I walk today but in my dreams and visions I have already defined that path for myself and no one has ever walked on it. I walk alone. I fully accept the downside of it: rejection by society and loneliness as a constant companion, but my willingness to serve those in need around me more than makes up for my small losses.” Thus thinks and speaks the empowered and compassionate ONE.

      11. Sha'Tara Post author

        I am not ignoring you guys comments but in process of extricating myself from a too time consuming job and it’s happening. I’ll respond ASAP… thanks for your patience! F

      12. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thank you rawgod. This particular discussion requires me to tread carefully in response. I feel that the snow is soft and deep and my snowshoes are inadequate…

      13. Sha'Tara Post author

        This isn’t an impossible conundrum, rawgod. You just have to go much, much deeper and much further back to get the full picture. As to food, have you not heard of breatharianism? Of course it doesn’t work on worlds such as Earth – again, because of well established beliefs about how physical life is maintained. People here are only given one side of the coin to look at, so they play with alternatives to solid ingestion: meat, fish, plants, even chemical supplements. What I “recommend” is to start working with possibilities. From meat to vegetarianism, then veganism. Push the envelope and you will know when you are becoming dangerous to the set-up: your body will become sick. It won’t be because of what you eat, or don’t eat, it will be because of the programming; because of your belief system about the need to ingest living substances in order to maintain your own living system. This is so ingrained and so well and constantly propagandized that hardly anyone dares consider the ultimate alternative: “feeding” of the air; off the emanations of this world and it’s surrounding environment. I’ve only gotten as far as vegetarianism and that was a huge step up for me but the key is that I am legitimizing breatharianism for myself, i.e., I choose to consider that as my ultimate goal to achieve, if not in this incarnation then certainly in the next one. I already know that my next foray on this world will be near the tail end of this civilization and starvation will be endemic. What better gift to bring back than breatharianism for those willing to open themselves to its possibility? My Teacher YLea left me a great parting gift of wisdom decades ago: “Nothing is impossible; you only believe it is.” The supporting system – predation – is leading us into terminal entropy (as well as ensuring that we remain non-empathetic and grossly violent) so why play the safe, conservative, “I believe!” game? My life’s motto comes into play here: Believe all things, believe in nothing.

      14. rawgod

        No, I’ve never heard of breatharianism, but that doesn’t scare me. However, when you teach your body to survive on air alone, please let me know. Then you can teach me.

      15. Sha'Tara Post author

        Exactly, hence why I do not teach. All I can say is that the possibility exists therefore I will make it part of my reality eventually. Baby steps. So far I am comfortably vegetarian. I wasn’t aiming for anything more esoteric,food wise, in this incarnation. Thanks for your sharp comments.

  3. jim-

    I know we don’t exactly see eye to eye on evolution, but the outcome seems it will make no difference. We have advanced technologically faster than our evolution, and faster than our rememberable history. What we need now are minds that can perceive and plan for long term, slow motion calamity, or we may just find the greatest threat to ever face earth is the proliferation of homo-sapiens

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment Jim. Rather than belabour this, can I point you to the couple or responses a gave to rawgod and Regis? As to homo sapiens, who knows if it will be the “perfectly designed” instrument to put an end to earth’s predatory problem? We can destroy everything or we can change our nature to become the angels of mercy who bring sanity and health back to this world. All I can say is, I “know” this isn’t the end of the story. It has a beautiful ending and a fascinating re-beginning… in time. But in keeping with the mathematics of energy, we, as a species, will pay for all the evil we have deliberately caused or allowed to be done on this world. We are entering the crucible that leads to change. Though this is good news it will not be understood as such for a very long and terrible time, until we finally realize and accept that we set that time in motion.

  4. colettebytes

    I don’t really know what to make of this post Sha’Tara. I feel it is almost satirical and yet that sentence ( that you will soon leave this place) has me hoping that you are not depressed and wishing to leave before your time. You have much to share with people who cannot understand other realities, but you seem to be annoyed with everyone and everything for its fallibility. I may be wrong, but are you just having a bad day?
    I was about to launch into a theme of blogs that look at our shortsighted disconnection with our Earth as being the primary cause of most of the current ecological destruction of the earth and her balancing energies. What you are saying here, throws that to the wind, suggesting that the Earth is responsible for disconnecting herself from us and throwing us ‘to the wolves.’

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting Colette. First let me assure you and anyone else that I am not suffering from any sort of depression. I have never done depression! As for leaving, oh yes, I am ready but again, I don’t know what “my time” really is, I’m not in charge of that. As for my address to Earth – the sentient entity that is the mind of this particular ball of molten iron called a planet – that is a “message” I did not expect many people to understand due to its provenance. This is another of those “alien” revelations I received over the years and one I have spent a great deal of time contemplating. Being very familiar with the planet’s nature and how it functions I was able to “do the math” and arrive at a place of agreement with the Teachers. How many people are able to see their world from before its inception? How many people know how this planet was formed, or came into being? Most simply accept one of two scenarios: a) earth was created by God. b) earth just came into being, just like everything else came into being, as a distant result of the “big bang” (which is just about the most idiotic and hilarious “theory” of universal happenings anyone could ever invent… but that’s the religion of Science we may not question…) Earth, such as it is, came about as a result of the violent murder of her “mother” – the giant planet Tiamat that used to rule the skies of this solar system. Tiamat was the ruling female entity here, and even the sun had to submit to her, something that a powerful male entity strongly resented. All around Tiamat, the fires of war burned as the misogynist “Time Lords” established their rule by conquest. Tiamat was targeted for destruction and the Sun, however these things work, was in collusion with the Time Lords in Tiamat’s demise. The shattering of Tiamat produced two things: the asteroid belt and a broken piece that became the earth planet. This is too long a story to put in a comment, but the point I wish to make here is that Earth is a product of the violence of rape, undeclared war and murder of galactic proportions. She is an illegitimate entity and what life she inherited from Tiamat was subverted and twisted by her TL rulers, one of which is mentioned in the book of Genesis: the Lord God. YHWH, or Yahweh or Jehovah/Allah is a pawn of the Time Lord Hierarchy and shares the rule of this world with Secular Rule and Mammon or Money.
      That said, is it any wonder that Earth is twisted? Addicted to the violence from which she sprung and by which she has been, and is being, ruled? How is that violence endlessly manifested? Any intelligent person can see how but most intelligent persons choose not to. The conclusion is too devastating, and violates the many beliefs that claim Earth is the victim of man or earth “jusst is, as a non-sentient dirt ball. Not that man isn’t grossly to blame for many problems here, but there is no way man could have accomplished the degree of destruction or performed the level of violence he did if he was not getting serious help. As an addict of gratuitous violence, the planet is in cahoots with man’s worst acts of depredation: the more horror he produces, the more she feeds her lusts.
      I have seen into the far future and in order for a new species of mutant humans to develop their new civilization without violence, they have to leave this world and find, or create, a new one. To the time I have seen, Earth remains the “prostitute” of the old gods, a willing slave of the Time Lords. The new breed of humanity is an implacable enemy of the TL’s and part of its mission or mandate is to join with other ISSA beings, human and non and expand the rebel alliance (Star Wars anyone?) whose goal is the final overthrow of the TL’s: the end of time and of measurement, i.e., space, i.e, imposed limits to life.
      So this is seriously at odds with what people here believe, or what they are being taught. Why should it not be? Earth life exists within a web of lies so all-encompassing no truth is possible or available here unless it comes from an outside source totally inimical to the TL rule in space/time.
      So why do a share such information? Simple enough: it’s my duty. Do you know the parable of the talents? Matthew 25… If you need a bible, maybe you can steal a Gideon one from a hotel room… 😈

      1. colettebytes

        OK… I don’t struggle with your concept of our earth existence, but do struggle with the earth itself being somehow evil or controlling?
        If this is the case, was the ecosystem (oxygen, trees, biodiversity of life, water and life giving systems) an antidote placed here by benevolent Lords within this warring time post Tiamat? I ask because I see nothing terrible in those things, only the destruction of them.
        Gregg Baden (I am sure that you have heard of him) intimates that homosapiens are not evolutionary beings, but rather somehow genetically engineered by something (my words, not his). He says that Chromosome 2 on the DNA expression for humans is fused, telemere to telemere… Something that does not happen in all other life on this planet. He says that our current form has only been here for around 250,000 years, but while we have elements of other hominids, we are different (engineered).

        Yes, I do know the biblical story of the talents, and yes, I always thought it a strange parable with the ultimate message of ‘you must work for your master!’

        Sha’Tara, may I ask why you do not channel more regular messages to us? If you have the gift of a connection beyond our world, then perhaps that is something you should do (maybe via YouTube? or Vimeo)? As it is, I do like your messages, but they leave little room for the scope of moving out beyond the consequences of war… Here or beyond in the Universe. I think I, and a lot of people know that this world is doomed and so are all its life forms, but why? Why does it have to be this way? Why can we not take back and preserve the beautiful lifeforms on this planet? Or are we being naive? We’re we always prisoners here? I ask, because it seems that all humans want to do is imprison everything in nature and exploit it for wealth… Wealth for whom exactly, and why? You can’t eat money!

      2. colettebytes

        Or is this really about the Time Lords being energy eaters and getting their food from the energy of destruction worlds (parasitical beings)?

      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        Have I covered that question to your satisfaction, at least, so you know exactly how I interpret universal “history” and our times in it?

      4. colettebytes

        Yes, I think so Sha’ Tara. Your insights are thoughtful and understandable. I do find that we are influenced by outside forces (most of us can’t interpret them or put them down to coincidence or fate). You have interpreted those forces as you have witnessed them and that is a step further that most of us need to take yet. I don’t know what preferred greeting of peace that Altireans prefer to use… But I wish you peace always in this mad world of ours. 🤗

      5. Sha'Tara Post author

        That’s funny! Altarians come from all over so they are very ecclectic in language and greetings. For my part I use the Vulcan “Live long and Prosper” salute. I feel like I have some affinity with the way the Vulcans are portrayed as experiencing their lives.😏

      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        OK… Trying out the snowshoes… Between you and rawgod, these are the “toughest” comments I’ve had yet to field about my out of the box cosmology. Where to start? I’ll try point by point, see where that goes. This is going to be lengthy, I’m afraid.

        From my perspective, the Earth (capitalized name to indicate a sentient entity, “earth” being the body) is not actually evil or controlling, no more than a drug addict would be. Earth is sick, period. But let’s stop blaming man – that gets us nowhere. The programming that controls Earth’s responses to stimuli is the same as controls man and all sentient life on this world (and a greater part of this universe – that is the hard one to accept.) The Teachers made it clear to me that to understand what goes on “here” is to understand what goes on in the entire universe. The “great war” between “God” and “Lucifer” is still going on but what should be clearly understood is that Lucifer is the original “goddess” who sought to free sentient life from the life-sucking Time Lords, of whom Earth’s “God” is a member of their ruling hierarchy. By inventing time and the concept of space as distance the TL’s invented death. With time and awareness of limited space, the TL’s could control how long, and where, a sentient could live. Thus came the fear of termination, and that fear became pain through the sense of loss and the sorrow accompanying such. Like predation, none of this is natural. That too must be grasped if a concentrated effort at de-throning the TL’s is ever to succeed.
        [Do you see how difficult it is to talk about these things without delving into the greater history and accepting things unknown to us living in the hypnosis of TL programming? The gut instinct is to reject this kind of information as product of delusion – and that’s the point]

        So Earth is an orphan under the tutelage of a cruel godfather who also doubles as pimp. Earth has been “loaned out” many times to psychopathic exploiters who extorted wealth from this world as payment for supporting the mandate of the TL’s. That’s the legacy of God, Yahweh, Allah, the Great Spirit or whatever else Earthians want to call him. Yes, make no mistake, it’s HIM.

        Earth’s biodiversity is a chaotic continuation of what she “inherited” from the dead Tiamat. Tiamat was an evolved world with enormous seas and oceans that supported the ecosphere. (Not incidentally, when Earthians set out to discover Lemuria, Atlantis, or the source or much underwater massive constructions found here, they come to a dead end because these remembrances and constructs come from Tiamat, not this planet.

        Earth kept some of the waters and the life in them. So there is a grain of truth in the belief that life on earth emanated from the seas. The surface had been seared during the destruction of Tiamat. What you now find on this world is a form of twisted life that has no concept of how to exist except though predation. That is the system now ruling Earth and Earth as a sentient is a party to this horror.

        There is a great deal of written material on this ‘airbrushed out” history of earth or Earth.

        Yes, I know about Gregg. I read one of his (too) many books, not incidentally, “Walking Between the Worlds : The Science of Compassion” We parted company after that. He is correct about the time that homo sapiens appeared on this world, that we were engineered to be slaves for TL rulers; to exploit the world to enrich said rulers (blue bloods). We were also programmed to destroy any life that would stand in the way of our predatory advances. Evolutionists who have become as closed minded are religionists cannot accept this as it punctures their shaky theories. So be it. Our written history cannot prove how long we’ve existed here but it certainly proves how well we performed based on our programming.

        Parables, myths, fables, symbols, can be interpreted many ways. To me the parable of the talents means that we are ultimately responsible for the gifts that “Life” bestowed upon us. I, for one, speak of unspeakable things because I was given the insight into time and unrecorded history. I see people struggling with existential questions to which their programmed system gives no answer. When that happens I want to share what I know if I can, without causing too much confusion or distress.

        You close your comment thus:
        Sha’Tara, may I ask why you do not channel more regular messages to us? If you have the gift of a connection beyond our world, then perhaps that is something you should do (maybe via YouTube? or Vimeo)? As it is, I do like your messages, but they leave little room for the scope of moving out beyond the consequences of war… Here or beyond in the Universe. I think I, and a lot of people know that this world is doomed and so are all its life forms, but why? Why does it have to be this way? Why can we not take back and preserve the beautiful lifeforms on this planet? Or are we being naive? We’re we always prisoners here? I ask, because it seems that all humans want to do is imprison everything in nature and exploit it for wealth… Wealth for whom exactly, and why? You can’t eat money!

        This is the hardest part to answer. I could “channel stuff” but it’s not how proper teaching is done, nor how people learn. I’ve had many discussions with people who hang on to the revelations of well-known, published, successful individuals who channel non-world entities. They are just as brainwashed as church goers, trading one type of belief for another. To the serious existential questions of “man” they still have no answer. Why? Because their teachers do not, will not, cannot, take them to the source of our biggest problems and the “solutions” provided are no better than those of organized religions. It’s all a dead end.

        I won’t become one of those. I won’t sell what I know or what I have. I am giving it away to the few who want to listen and aren’t afraid of a challenge. But the main point is, I’m not a guru or teacher – I’m a way shower. That way is self empowerment and that is never found with one’s nose in someone else’s “revelations” or channeling. It is found in honest introspection and in striking a spark to the wick of change that is waiting within every ISSA being anywhere. All any preaching or writing can do is cry out: “What if, huh?” There is no spark there. A fire may burn within me but it is not, EVER, transferable to another! If you hear, “What if?” and you respond, “Why not, why not for me?” then you will create your own spark and set your own wick burning. Enlightenment comes from within, and it requires a great deal of courage to maintain.

        The truth as I know it is, our civilization is irredeemably corrupt. It has to be destroyed, or destroy itself utterly, even to the last vestige of any accomplishment. Not even one single book must survive the purge. The horrors we are entering into are inescapable, so why pretend? Why sugar coat the terror? Man, as we know ourselves, as the species homo sapiens, is doomed. It has chosen evil over good, to put it simply. Sin over virtue. Hypocrisy over honesty. Lies over truth. It can’t live with its evil – it is entropic – but it won’t change its nature so it exonerates the greatest criminals among society in order to be able to live with its own personal evil. We know this.

        Now to your “why does it have to be this way?” Evil is entropic. If it isn’t fought tooth and nail, in every way, in every form it presents itself, however it presents itself, it will spread like an unchecked brush fire. The end result is entropy: the end of any useful energy within one’s body, a planet’s body or even a universe. The greatest evils among mankind remain essentially unchecked: misogyny, racism, exploitation and war at the top of my list. Mankind is ABSOLUTELY unwilling to end these terrors therefore there can be only one conclusion drawn to the ultimate state of man and his world: destruction through violence leading to final entropy.

        There have been many who have made glowing predictions of a new age, a new order, a new earth, a new whatever while blithely or ignorantly leaving out the times of the crucible; the crushing out of evil along with everything that supports and maintains its presence here. I will not do that. What we need most of at this time is raw honesty. We have made our choices. We will condone evil, if at times in “modest” quantities to make it more palatable, but evil it will be nevertheless. Our rulers, religious leaders, corporate and bank managers are evil people and we have chosen to accept that as our way. Very well, if that is the kind of shoes we choose to wear let’s not argue that the destructive tracks they are leaving are not our doing.

        From my personal perspective, there is no longer any redeeming qualities to life on earth. We have chosen to go along with the TL agenda of total consumerism in the form of predation. We are enjoying the last hurrahs of irresponsibility towards the destruction of non-man life, the weak, the oppressed, the refugees fleeing our violence and cupidity. What other results should we expect from our behaviour? And why be surprised when some of us express their disgust and want out?

        The wealth question. Wealth has many forms. To the masters of the universe, the TL’s, wealth is the promotion of fear, bloodshed, terror and slow death. Pain is their food, their wealth. They “farm” their worlds to psychopaths to create the maximum amount of violence and pain. The food of the gods is pain. This is what The LORD God said:
        Ge. 3:16 To the woman he said, “I will greatly increase your pains in
        childbearing; with pain you will give birth to children. Your
        desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.”
        Ge. 3:17 To Adam he said, “Because you listened to your wife and ate
        from the tree about which I commanded you, ‘You must not
        eat of it,’ “Cursed is the ground because of you; through
        painful toil you will eat of it all the days of your life.
        Ge. 3:18 It will produce thorns and thistles for you, and you will eat
        the plants of the field.
        Ge. 3:19 By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you
        return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust
        you are and to dust you will return.”

        Are these not the words of a psychopath in love with inflicting pain?

        On earth wealth is a bauble used by the psychopaths to control the suffering masses. They call it “money” and they give it arbitrary value and they make the masses work and fight for it, or suffer and die for lack of it. In reality no one needs money; it has no relation to any reality. It’s an imposed concept. Working for money is no different than playing Monopoly and the money received has no more value except that someone in authority declares it to have official value. Maybe you can’t eat money but under capitalism you can’t eat without money so it’s the same thing, isn’t it?

      7. colettebytes

        I need time to absorb all that you have said, but it does make sense. Thank you for your comprehensive answer. I have not read the Bible for a long time, but it is filled with pain and punishment… But also the promised (but elusive) riches of heaven for the devoted (enslaved?). You are correct.
        On the Talents parable, the servant who buried the masters gold (to be sure he didn’t lose it), was punished as lazy and unworthy of his masters gift… But you will notice that the master wanted his gold and any profits, returned to him. Not a gift, but a loan with expected interest.

      8. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for commenting, Colette. Quote:”But you will notice that the master wanted his gold and any profits, returned to him. Not a gift, but a loan with expected interest.”
        I just chose to see “the master” as my higher self. I have very high expectations of the performance of my lesser selves when sent to interact on specific worlds. I do not expect them to fall asleep but to work hard at finding understanding. Self-sacrifice is de-rigueur in discovery.

    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      Even if Earth is complicit in the whole predation issue, that certainly does not exclude what you intend to teach. As a species man is also responsible, to a point, in exacerbating the problem. If man decided to break free of his violence-instigating programming, it could go a long way to ease the pressure on planetary systems. Predation has many forms. Food is only a small part of it. War for example is a major form of predation and it isn’t done for food – the hungry cannot wage war, they do not have the energy or the means due to their condition, so let’s get past that lie. What the US/Europe/Russia and the Zionists are doing in the Middle East and Africa is overt predatory behaviour for various ‘things’ that have monetary value within a predatory capitalist system. That is man’s part and wherever our Earth stands, man’s part needs addressing. Go with what you intend, Colette, by all means.

  5. mizan

    Awesome expected post you shared here, I will require it many times, and here the outstanding selection of topic also makes me more jolly, please hope more blog post we get from you. Thanks advances!!!

  6. Hyperion

    Very interesting post and it pulled a lot of comments too. I will admit I saw the natural earth as a victim more than a perpetrator. Nature’s power is unexcelled and merciless. It may be intentional. The rule of thumb when growing up was not to tempt fate by thinking you could outwit and outlast Mme. Nature. Nature giveth and nature stompith your naughty ass. Seriously, my next life needs to start on one of the exo planets in Alpha Centauri. That way I’ll know if this is a universal problem instead of unique to earth.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Prepare yourself for a weird response here. It’s all a matter of focus, awareness, understanding. There is a symbiotic relationship between Earthians, particularly the rulers and controllers, movers and shakers, and this world’s “soul.” It is difficult, if not impossible, for the normal Earthian to even suspect that his world could be artificial, somewhat in the same category as an Earthian. Earth, as a piece of a much greater whole (Tiamat) has no status as a world unless it is granted to her. Yes, she is a victim of the ruling patriarchy but not exactly unwillingly. As you point out, she could kick some major ass, so we think, from our point of view. But imagine her horror when looking back in her memories to see herself being ripped out of the dying Tiamat and flung out into space without an orbit, that is without “belonging” anywhere, thus a slave world, free for the possessing or killing. She possessed many of the attributes of Tiamat if in greatly diminished quantities and she dealt what hand she had to be given an orbit and not destroyed. She would rear up a type of life suited to the demands of the ruling patriarchy and she would be given the mighty Kingu as her own moon. So yes, she could kick ass, about the same as any one of us could kick ass, and many of us have tried and we’ve all failed. Earth’s intelligence is way higher than ours and she has learned from observing: you can’t oppose the Time Lords, the “masters” who ordered the destruction of her “mother” just to prove a point. Earth is a slave world and all of us are slaves within that energy. Earth has the same victim status as any prostitute for Earth is a prostituted world, if not entirely by choice. If we want to see that change it is us who must bring the change about. Our world will never have the power or courage to do it alone.

      1. Hyperion

        I can easily testify to the fact I have learned amazing things here. I was/am totally programmed but with this tiny flaw that questioned everything and saw the cracks in certain places and now the cracks are everywhere. I think it was us conversing about the end of humans and I said we need a pandemic to thin us out. I sensed one was on the horizon and inevitable. I don’t think it prescience just a matter of time and here we are. The panic is far more dangerous than the virus but the panic helps compound the effect of the virus in an order of magnitude at least. Using this current world scenario and seeing the huge global impact on commerce, transportation, and harsh defenses put in place, not to mention Iran’s attempts at hiding the true impact and scope of their infection teaches us how fast civilizations will collapse when a truly voracious challenge strikes. Now we can take a glimpse at how unprepared the world is for even the slightest challenge much less a world ending challenge.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        This little “pandemic” isn’t the end. There have been many worse ones in the past. This is just one or those “things” that pop up to annoy and confuse, and also warn. People, riding on the wave of advertised consumerism, chose some decades back to begin “touristing” all over the planet, targeting the more exotic places for pictures and something to boast about. I chose to go the other way, hiding in my plains, rivers and mountains, even eschewing much socializing. It’s not that I don’t like people, it’s just that, well, I don’t like people! And I don’t trust them because of their silliness, their ignorance, their brute stupidity, even when academicised. So without being poor or rich I’ve avoided much of the turmoil that pushes the masses this way and that, wishin’ and a prayin’ and a hopin’ and a spendin’ – always a believin’ in whomever dangled the closest or the fattest carrot. No understanding of cause and effect; no discernment; no effort made to think for oneself. A pattern of personal selfishness resulting in societal corruption has been set in place. As soon as the “virus” scare is over there will be a huge attempt at bringing everything back as it was, only it will never be quite back. The 3 steps backward will result in perhaps 2 new steps forward but the media will focus on that and declare a new wave of optimism and growth – mustn’t forget that growth. Meanwhile that growth is a cancer. And that is what will irreversibly bring society to its knees: a cancer of corruption that is called entropy. Year after year more and more ground in every civilization’s gains will be lost to the encroaching cancer but according to the pundits it will always be either beaten, or in remission and no one will be the wiser. Like the frog in the pan of water on the stove, society will fry… bit by bit, layer by layer. On that note, have a lovely day!

      3. Hyperion

        LOL 😂 I thank you for the well wishes for a lovely day but work did try to interfere. I won. I went home. Entropy, yes. There are many paths but only one will be chosen. It will be the wrong one. We won’t know it because we’ll claim it is the right one even after we know it is not. So speaking of entropy, who will take the reigns come November? sleepy Joe Biden, Beelzebub Bernie, or the Great Orange Orifice, Trumptastic? Which of these old patrons of the paternal order will hasten us to our rightful doom the quickest? I need to know how much toilet paper to stock up on.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Ah, well, my suggestion is to stock up the same amount for each; no “election” can actually make any difference, long run. A Bernie “win” is your worse case scenario because then “we the people” (no such thing but it’s an interesting concept) will accept the unexpected meagre winfall and promptly waste it on drugs, booze, sports, gambling then when it all comes crashing, call the Bern a Commie and a traitor because that will be the programmed line to take and he’ll have a heart attack and conveniently die… but not to worry, the Great Orange Orifice is already bought and paid for and his crown already fitted. Who could do a better job of siphoning what little money remains afloat among the ranks of the deplorables to buy bigger yachts for the new wave of centi-billionaires that will soon arise? Who will look after you if you don’t look after your friends? Oh, and watch the pardon machine go into full swing.

      5. Hyperion

        If this was a SNL skit I would be snort laughing at the comedic genius of the plot and players. Bolshevik Bernie plans to make AOC his VP with the full knowledge he is going to conveniently croak and then our first female president will be a leftist guerrilla fighting the Congressional Paternal order of the Whoville Hooters and the Senate Sons of Malarkey to implement martian law, which of course is a mistake for martial law but a law is a law and we’ll all be speaking martian soon. It’s funny how the most devious plots can go horribly wrong because of a small technicality.

      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        Guess I’d better brush up on my “John Carter of Mars” series! They have funny rules on Mars.

      7. Hyperion

        It was a different culture on Mars. But, they too didn’t listen to the nature activists and that last drought has lasted a while.

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