22 thoughts on “Super-trees and Climate Change

  1. katharineotto

    Very interesting and educational. Although these trees are fascinating and maybe exceptional in release of water vapor, carbon sequestration, and harboring other wildlife, respectively, I contend that all vegetation does its share of those things and more.

    I’m continually amazed at how efficient nature is. It wastes nothing, uses only what it needs, and is infinitely varied and creative. Human beings should be so smart.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Katherine. Nature, with all of its overt problems, which it simply ignores to carry on regardless, is the expert at environmental maintenance and balancing of forces. Man “cannot” learn from nature because as a programmed entity the species is inimical to nature. In every possible sense, man is nothing more than a violently destructive and abusive predator. What beneficial purpose does man serve on this world, I ask? The best that can be said of man in relation to nature is that in certain times he may fight rearguard actions against his own despoliation, such as some are involved in today regarding climate change.

      1. katharineotto

        I believe man may want to disassociate himself from nature, but he is a part of nature, and composed of the same elements that nature is. If he is “programmed,” the program must still make use of earthly elements.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for your comment, Katharine, and quote: “I believe man may want to disassociate himself from nature, but he is a part of nature, and composed of the same elements that nature is. If he is “programmed,” the program must still make use of earthly elements.”

        It is my observation, spread over many Earthian lives and into the future, that man has never been associated with nature. A truck may be made of materials drawn from the planet but that does not qualify it as a part of nature. Man’s physical body may well be constructed of “natural” ingredients but it’s what he does with it through the use of his non-material mind that matters.

        We must look at the result of man’s thinking and the way his civilization was arrived at and where it stands today. Is “civilized” man an increasingly natural being or is it moving in the opposite direction, i.e., towards entropy and dissolution? I see complete destruction and disaster in the immediate future; a certain end to a system that has grown from predation, exploitation, suppression and the worst possible example of consumerism to reach a point of no return when homo sapiens and nature completely part company and man loses before nature does.
        The end of civilization and of homo sapiens isn’t the end of intelligent, sentient and self aware life here or beyond – it is a transition. But because we are here dealing with a huge, planet-encompassing system, such a transition will take time and cannot happen without a great deal of pain and sorrow.

        Earth has never experienced what is about to transpire here. The scope of change now in the making remains beyond most people’s’ imagination, even were they willing to accept it and try to understand it. You can take all the greatest horrors known to historical man to date, add them all up and you would have but a small realization of what is about to happen. This is neither a good thing nor a bad thing, it is a necessary thing. Personally I am not happy, nor smug, in having been shown these things but by repeating it, it helps discharge an obligation to posterity. The voice still cries in the wilderness and it is still not heard but it thinks, well, I opened my mind and my mouth and if all I got for my effort was a mouthful of sand, so be it.

      3. katharineotto

        I’ve learned through astrology to be skeptical of predictions. Rather, i believe there are many possible futures, and different people may travel to different “future” realities.

        Until then, we can only count on the present (and presumed past) for guidance. I know from our dialogue that we share many values. I am disheartened, too, by the direction humankind seems to be going, but that shows how necessary light-bearers are at this point in time.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        True, the future belongs to endless possibilities. But so does life and we, of necessity, must choose which path, which life, then choose and follow a purpose that will get us through, and there. For this world, conditions, and times, I focus and speak of a future reality that makes the most logical sense – to me. Any other choice, if it contains anything, absolutely anything, that has already been used and has failed, I reject out of hand. If I bought a car to commute with and the next morning it refused to start, and the next and the next, would I continue to go out there every morning expecting it to start or would I, in logical fashion, decide that I needed a different car? Man’s ultimate folly is to live in denial; to refuse to deal with the major problems of his society and to work at making better and bigger bandaids. Protests against banksterism; against climate change; introduction of alternative, complex and increasingly dangerous technology (some of it passed off as “green” – and taxed accordingly!) and as always benefitting only those who can afford the transition – these are stop-gap measures.

        The problems not being addressed because society/civilization depends on their continuance are: misogyny, endemic poverty, wars, refugees, over-population, economic slavery (Amazon workers and sweatshop labourers) racism, genocides, endemic violence – these are ignored because they are the things that define mankind as a species. Civilization’s modus operandi is to ensure that every single Earthian is hopelessly enmeshed in the performance of these things. We’ve always had these evils and they form the foundation of our civilization – but we chose then and choose now, not to acknowledge that glaring truth.

        As a consequence of this, I choose to turn my back on any effort to sustain this paternalistic, parasitic, predatory oppression called civilization. I choose to let it hemorrhage and die.

        The season for man’s tenure of earth is late Autumn and I see a very long, very cold Winter coming on. Then there will be Spring but “Man” will no longer rule here. Humans, compassionate and empathetic telepaths, will have replaced “Him” and the world will begin to heal. That is my vision, my choice of one path and one future, of one reality for earth and its new life.

      5. katharineotto

        I don’t think “we” are ignoring all those things. “We” can’t avoid them, because they are in our faces every day, and some people make lots of money by exploiting and intensifying the worst-case situations.

        I choose to go within for my sustainment. The frenzy of human angst bleeds me to exhaustion. I believe, of late, that I do the most by contributing the least to the cacophany of human despair and all its demands. Ommmmm

      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        There seems to be a historical constant of individuals and “we’s” who see Earth’s reality without the system’s prescribed and mandated wearing of rose coloured glasses. The rest either exploit openly or indulge in wishful thinking and wishful wishing without ever engaging the actual work and its costs. In the States lately I see much exhortation to “vote” for anyone as long as s/he is opposed to Trump. This is the typical foolishness that guarantees the “system” will always rule. Voting for “the lesser of evils” is still voting for evil. Your Democraps are hardly an improvement over your Repugnicans.
        Quote: ” I believe, of late, that I do the most by contributing the least to the cacophony of human despair and all its demands. Ommmmm” Same here. I work to earn a bit of money above and beyond my pensions and save that for the neighbours when they run into financial difficulties, something that happens only too often these days. But I don’t participate in “the really big show.”

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Good morning (here) Roger! I was thinking on the same line – if every government contributed support funding and expertise to those countries who host such magnificent, life-promoting forests. Yeah, who are we kidding when zillions of worthless $$$ are ripped out of the hands of the poor to build war materiel of all kinds that is then turned around and unleashed on the same poor of the Earth. And people ask me if I’m depressed when I say that I’ve had enough of Earth in this life and I want out? You don’t have to be mentally unbalanced to want out of an incurably sick condition.

      1. deteremineddespitewp

        Right now I feel like hanging around and listening to the lamentations and attempts at excuses from those denying Climate Change, when The World decides to brush us up with the rest of the dust.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes I agree… to be able to stand there in the face of all the lamentations, and the blaming and be able to say… “I told you so!” (and keep the rest of what you really want to say sotto voce)

  2. earthwalking13

    A while back, at a seminar, it was discussed about how people will not unite and take action until things are “bad enough.” The question we have to ask now is if it is already too late

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      For those few of us who engage the reasoning and thinking process, the question of when, why, how, is forever on our mind. When is the time to stop perceived destruction and when to just let it go? Why do we intercept certain unacceptable processes, or why do we not? How do we effectively counter forces of destruction (repression, oppression) within a civilization that is entirely based on predatory behaviour?
      Why do “people” as a whole not join forces to oppose oppression (of workers, of women, of children, of animals, of the earth)? I used to believe that we needed more Jesus/Gandhi/Buddha/Martin Luther King Jr. types of self sacrificing way showers and teachers until I “grew up” and realized there was no point in me becoming one of them. The honestly hadn’t provided neither the answer nor the power needed to change how man’s civilization operated.
      So I looked deeper and further into the problem and discovered “programming” – that which always turns everyone of our social accomplishments back against us and in favour of the oppressors, the elites, the power holding psychopaths. It was so obvious: each one of us in internally programmed to function as our own worst enemy, and done so subtly that most never suspect why they can do the horrors they do against the poor, the weak, the suppressed, be it people, animals and the general environment within the system, the so-called normal, when as individuals they may, at times, see the error of all of it but find themselves helpless against it.
      As the saying goes, “Everybody has a mortgage to pay” and that essential debt is one of the major tools in the arsenal of the programers.
      Nothing can effectively stop what is currently happening here until enough individuals realize that they are functioning as programmed automatons and break free of that mind enslaving system. The problem with that is, it requires a total breaking with traditional beliefs and total non-violent, non-cooperative action, i.e., self sacrifice. That is not a favourite choice of Earthians. They are only too willing to sacrifice FOR something but they always expect some form of recognition from the System for doing so, even if it’s just a dirge or a flag draped on mommy’s knees.

  3. earthwalking13

    Perfectly said. It is programming. And it will require collective effort to counter the current power structure. I’m ready for that self-sacrifice and I don’t need any recognition. Finding others of like minds is hard to say the least

  4. Sha'Tara Post author

    Thanks for exchanging these thoughts. Indeed. Since I’m the ever optimist, despite my overtly apparent pessimism, in order to proceed full steam ahead and damn the torpedoes I’ve had to conclude that “change” would be a personal thing, that I could never “teach” another to do anything I was not already doing, but only demonstrate a possibility I was involved in and that I could never rely on “others” to take up the torch but that I would have to take it to the end on my own, falling before I let it fall. If I did this with detachment and persistence, win, lose or draw it would not matter to me personally. I would have done all that could be done, or at least all I had the energy or the courage to do. This may seem self-aggrandizing but I am satisfied that in the eyes of my society I remain a loser who refused the leadership role when offered at a time when it would have been relatively easy to grasp. People don’t need leaders, they need freeing from programming and no leader, never mind who s/he is, or comes from, can do that for another, hence the short lived effects even the best leaders have over society. We are programmed to live in constant fear, and are given various drugs (religion, politics, money, sports, sex, entertainment) to temporarily assuage that fear but it never goes away, not even for those who have a roof over their head, the wherewithal to buy the next meal for their family or who do not have to hide from the black police car coming down the street. I think the fear needs to be overcome individually and it is then that the mind free from fear will automatically join forces and overthrow the system – but it cannot happen the other way around. When a group/collective decides to act against oppression it becomes a mob. A mob will accept anyone as leader if s/he is loud enough and shows “gumption” and that just turns the wheel a few degrees but nothing changes. The leader collects a few mindless supporters and creates another junta. Nothing gained and much lost.


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