Rules For Thee…But Not For Me

Too busy, too tired to blog but following the many posts and comments, responding to some, leaving others alone that are way over my head. That said, I am reblogging this post primarily because of the embedded video – lots to chew on in that short 12 minute expose of the people who really make the rules, run the deal and make all the money. Oh, and why that darn COVID just has to return and with a vengeance. Guess who’s pulling the strings? Warning: if you’ve already taken your vows of faith in the Second Coming of COVID, this could put a slight damper on your new religion. For those still open minded enough to dare think this whole performance might really be a massive Monopoly Money making mockery, some food for thought. Like, how soon before we are buying soylent green from 3/4 empty supermarket shelves to feed ourselves and the children? Impossible, you say? “Oh, come on!” you say? What planet do you think this is?

Dispatches from the Asylum

As the ruins we continue to embrace increase by the day, both of minds and bodies, with food bank lines reemerging thanks to government dickheads and their ‘guidances’ of wreckage of the economy due to a virus, that unlike all other viruses, will never go away, there are those whose government positions allows them protection not necessarily afforded to you or I.

Minneapolis City Council Members Enjoy Costly Private Security Detail As Push To “Defund The Police” Continues – via

“veto-proof” majority of the Minneapolis City Council recently voted to abolish the city police department. And if it wasn’t for the opposition for the city’s Democratic mayor, Minneapolis would soon be sending social workers to investigate murder scenes.

But when it comes to their own protection, council members apparently aren’t embracing the second amendment, like many other liberals in solid-blue states, and instead are relying on the…

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8 thoughts on “Rules For Thee…But Not For Me

    1. Hyperion

      This looks more like a playbook of actual events Frank, so it could be a conspiracy but not a theory. Once a theory becomes factual we can call it a constant, like Planck’s Constant. No matter what values are assigned to the variables, we get a quantifiable result. I wonder if there is anyone that doesn’t know the result of putting the Great Orange Orifice (GOO) in the top executive position for four more years. And Sleepy Joe Butt Pincher Biden is our only hope. God help us. We fired Caligula and Hired the Marquis de Sade on Prozac. At least it will be different. Sometimes different feels new for a short time. Just my usual sarcastic humor. Don’t mind me, I’m jaded.


      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        I don’t mind your shade of jade, Daniel. Your point explaining how we go from theory to constant is well taken. When it’s predictable and repetitive it’s no longer theory. We have historical precedent, predictability and repetition. Only the firm believers can reject this on faith. Yes, politically America is on the horns of a dilemma with the problem being that neither horn can possibly produce a different result, only how it will be achieved. The globalists’ goal is to destroy local economies and localized political control to impose their longed-for “1894” scenario. But these psychopathic billionaires will be the biggest losers when their “Big Brother” establishes himself a la Stalin/Mao style and casts about for the really big fish to swallow. Now that is a theory… at the moment.


    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for throwing in your side of the argument! I don’t know which is the most likely conspiracy, never mind theories, pro or con COVID rules implementation by utterly corrupt leadership but in my view, the biggest liars and those who make the most mullah from their lies are the conspirators. As H. L. Mencken observed so accurately: “The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.” But it isn’t just Americans, unfortunately. For me, and as Hype points out, it’s way past “theory” now. So closing with another well worn quote fondly quoted by my fave history teacher lo those many years ago, “There are none so blind as those who will not see.” COVID scare mongering will follow the same path as that very lucrative WWI led to the much more lucrative WWII and then to even more lucrative endless war, all of those pushed forth by massive propaganda and propping up the proper dictators and/or backing up the proper “rebels”, insurrectionists, anarchists to justify increased surveillance and control. What that control means in the hands of psychopaths, well the video gave a hearty example and there’s much more to come. We have Brave New World and 1984 in the making, can Soylent Green be far behind?


  1. Hyperion

    Just a thought here Sha’Tara, great vids. I like the presentation of the facts and a gentle push toward a conclusion. Add Frank’s link as an appendix and we should all get a good picture of what’s going on. I’m even more convinced of a pending implosion than ever before. I can see what comes next but, I think I’ll just ignore it and continue to color. My plan for the future may not survive but it gives me something to waste my spare time on.



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