July 1st 1867: Canada’s National Sovereignty: America’s Plan to Annex and Invade Canada

For those who believe that “America” is that friendly Big Brother to the south, the North-West, and if you add the oceans and the air, pretty much all around, read this well documented post and think again. How many Canadians know of these plans by the USA to invade Canada, including carpet bombing our Canadian cities and the use of chemical weapons? Not a popular piece of history, but history nevertheless.

Counter Information

Global Research, July 01, 2020
Global Research 30 June 2013

This article was first published on June 30, 2013

Author’s Note and Update

Canada Day, July 1st 2020. Canadians celebrate the birth of Canada. 

On July 1st 1867, Canada became a nation, a federation, under the British North America Act,  largely in response to the threat of annexation by the United States as formulated in a bill adopted by the US Congress in 1866.

Let us reflect on our history:

Our national sovereignty has been threatened by the US from the very outset.

While Canadians are familiar with the 1866 US Plan to Annex Canada, they are unaware of the fact that the US had formulated a plan in the late 1920s to bomb and invade Canada. (This is not mentioned in our history books and it is not the object of critical media reports.)

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29 thoughts on “July 1st 1867: Canada’s National Sovereignty: America’s Plan to Annex and Invade Canada

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment. Indeed, and let’s not forget that the entire globe is in an “occupant war” when you factor in the 900 US military bases, its fleets of warships and submarines, it’s air force and now its surveillance and armed satellites plus its clandestine forces, its CIA operations and illegal sanctions. Oh, and let’s not forget its aggressive allies such as the EU (NATO), Israel and Saudi Arabia.

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      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        I have to agree with you. The EU is in a dangerous position right now and if it falls apart the nations will fall one by one to one or the other imperial powers.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you. Yes indeed, fascinating. That Canada didn’t suffer the same fate Austria got from Nazi Germany remains a bit of a mystery. The US could have taken over Canada anytime, without bombs or chemical weapons. There were times when Canadians would have welcomed the take-over and though that time may be waning now, it is by no means over. When learning Canadian history I was taught that it was more profitable for the American capitalist system to just do business with Canada rather than take it over. Canadians, it seems, were better managers of the country’s natural resources and its labour than US corporations would ever be. A take over would have meant an impoverished Canada with more people depending on the welfare of an impoverished state as most profits flowed freely through Wall St and off to China and other places. Canadians made better “free” slaves than chained ones!🤨

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      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for the lesson in American bigotry. Why are you trying so hard to demonstrate your typical American ignorance of history, particularly as it relates to Canada? Sheesh Phil, do grow up; do a bit of reading beyond Fun with Dick and Jane and Superman comic. Did you know there are paved roads in Canada? Electricity and even telephones in rural areas? That the Innuit (Eskimos) use snowmobiles to get around now instead of dogsleds? That most of Canada is real land, not just snow drifts and ice floes? That Canadians do not walk around permanently shaking snow off their beaver fur hats and fur collars? On the subject of economy, that without Canadian resources such as gas, oil, lumber and of course mining, your country’s industrial output would have tanked long before Trump’s mighty regime? That Canadians by and large accept people of other than white skin shade and don’t make much of an issue of it – unless brainwashed by American media? That many of your top entertainers and best engineers came from Canada? That Canadians for all their faults do not consider themselves “exceptional”? That their country at least has a NAME, not just an acronym? That Canadians aren’t involved in foisting endless wars on the rest of the planet for the profits of a few billionaire weapons manufacturers? That Canada has exactly two official languages, French and English, both of which I am fluent in as is probably a quarter of the population and that the English queen remains as no more than a figurehead for the traditionalists but most would be happy to do without? You could also read up on the many serious contributions made by Canadian individuals in the fields of medicine, quantum physics, space science, engineering, literature. Unlike “America” Canada as a rule does not rely on bombast to engage other nations but seek common ground through diplomacy. While you’re reading, look up the war of 1812 and find out who won the part fought between the US and Canada. When it comes to unjustified aggression Americans reek of bluster but in the end, the barefoot Vietcong or camel riders win. They always win, ask some Roman emperors.
        I’m not a Canadian except by naturalization and I do not usually engage in defending this country but I consider this my way of expressing gratitude to my parents for choosing Canada instead of the USA when emigrating, post-WWII. I also thank them for explaining to me how it was the Wall Street bankers and US corporations who bankrolled and armed Hitler so he could have his Nazi war against the Soviet Union in the hope he would defeat Stalin. The few million sacrificial Jews and other undesirables were thrown in as a bonus for Hitler engaging the dirty work of fighting the “commies” which America had been too chicken to take on directly. Also incidentally (not!) the war would weaken Britain and possibly end the hegemony of the British empire so America could then sweep in and add to its roster of conquests in its ultimate goal to control the resources of the whole world. Luckily for most non-white, non-Christian denizens of the world, the US is about to take a serious nose dive and the threat of despotic regime change (currently particularly active against Venezuela and Syria) against any nation that challenges the will of Uncle Sam is going to diminish, then end. It’s late here and I’m done.

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      2. Phil Huston

        You’re welcome. I don’t doomsayers anymore. As far as bigotry I’m not the one looking down my nose with cheap superiority and arrogance at an entire country. Most of the time I agree with you, but egregious REVERSE bigotry and geographic racism is a major component of the problem so for me all y’all conspiracy theory hate spawners can go f*ck yourselves. Issues get solved tomorrow, not yesterday.


  1. Phil Huston

    Well, this begs two questions, both about a Canada. First, who the hell would want it, and second, who the hell would occupy it? Take January. It’s 40+ below. I met some clients from there in LA. It was 74. A temperature differential of of 104+ WTF? The way you know you have a car is the extension cord for the block heater running to a snowdrift? Tell ya what. Shut off that pipeline money and tell me how you’re gonna fix your roads? This is as bulshitty as selling aspartame to children and taking the paycheck. Is their no end to your justifications or were you just born to rant? ALL the systems are crooked and rigged so take a paper bag and a shovel and clean up your own back yard, empty your pockets of American $ product profits, buy a mirror and listen to yourself. The blame game is tired.


  2. deteremineddespitewp

    Big countries or empires love large pieces of land they might be able to snatch. The USA was by the mid 19th century on board with the game Britain, France, Netherlands, Russia et al had been engaged in since 16th century
    They are also twitchy about very, very long borders (Canadian/American one being pretty big and was touted as the longest undefended one.
    (Military History Nerd Warning- Force 7 possibly rising to Force 10)…..or Another Perspective….
    ‘Plan Crimson’ (or ‘Plan Red’, depends who you read) was one of 15 (I think) formulated by junior staffers. And if you were to delve into any remaining achieves of those times you will find similar plans had been drawn up by other nations (although most of France’s war plans were focused on Germany).
    Since Canada is somewhat large and a logistical nightmare for any invading army and the USA army in the inter-war years was small any attempt would have required a draft, which would have probably had a very loud WTF! response from the American population. Now everyone was content for the professional marines to go around stamping about in small ramshackled state, but aside from the Irish-American population very few would see much point in going to war with the British empire (after all Charlie Chaplain and Stan Laurel were British and ‘we’ fought alongside them in WWI…so why?).
    Poison Gas was a weapon everyone had and an earnest young staff would include its use in his plans to prove who gee-whizz he was on details. It’s what trained staffers do, particularly when they don’t have a live war with political interference to spoil their plans.
    In the War Gaming world the admittedly ethically dubious search for ‘new’ and ‘interesting’ wars to play with Plan Crimson/Red has been common knowledge for years and a few professionally marketed games have been produced, the basis being either can the USA navy defeat the Royal Navy or can the army snatch a bit of land before the Royal Navy turns up.
    Also, back to the logistics and practicalities.
    The Canadian soldiers and officer corps in common with the New Zealanders had a good reputation in WWII, the German army figuring both as ‘elite’. Thus in terms of speculation, particularly with a scenario where an unprovoked attack and gassing took place, you are looking at a national response and something of a Vietnam War situation as the invaders attempt to police their conquered area.
    Now the question of how Quebec would figure is one redolent with possibilities. If the American govt had promise Quebec ‘freedom’ (don’t read the small print guys) there could have been a very nasty inter-community side war. A lot would have depended on if France would join in, but since France was all played out after WWI and had its eyes on Germany it is unlikely Paris would have cared much .
    And I warned you about Force 10 nerd) since the USA policy was in those times always directed to Asia and Japan the chance any US government would want to get involved in a tussle up in that big northern wilderness (as Washington would have seen it) is very unlikely.
    Thus I conclude this lecture (are you guys awake at the back there?) with the proposition this plan was looked at, signed off (because you have to sign off on plans, it shows your office is doing something) and filed away with a lot of other contingencies that maybe the military may or may not have bothered to have told the civil administration of the time about.
    (I’ll have to go digging to see if there are any remaining records of what the British plans were in the event of an American invasion)


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Since America has shown time and again that it uses allies, never teams up with them, it is a known fact that US military support is most untrustworthy. Since it has also shown that it relies primarily on official lies instead of diplomacy in its international dealings, diplomacy being a term most American leadership is totally unfamiliar with, US “support” in anything is most untrustworthy. Therefore no one can trust Uncle Sam who doesn’t always speak softly but certainly always carries a big stick. The US have (not yet) invaded Canada because our leaders of every stripe have always played the game according to Washington and Wall Street rules but that could change overnight. There is no doubt that America still believes in manifest destiny. Should some megalomaniac president with the backing of the “right” people in the military decide the US needs to expand its territory, the excuse that Alaska is isolated and Russia has a common border with Canada would suffice to launch the invasion. Russia may want to come to Canada’s help but would Canada accept such an offer? Not likely. Help from Britain would certainly be a no-go now. Canada is entirely on its own and at the mercy of US warhawks. It would interest me to read on what contingency plans Britain might have had for Canada prior to WWII in the event of a US military invasion.

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      1. deteremineddespitewp

        Have to say Sha’ Tara.
        An’t gonna happen. They’ve got no reason to go logical reason into Canada. Also since amongst the anti-Trump American folk there is a growing body who are thinking of relocating to Canada such a move would be grist to the anti-government mill the outcry would be large and there would be that WTF factor.
        Then there’s the cost and that logistical nightmare. Any army trying to impose a complete and tight control over a nation that size and population is going have as the saying goes ‘Hell’s Own Job’.
        In the USA it’s the stuff of comic films like Canadian Bacon.
        I also don’t subscribe to the USA has being the original and only ‘bad guy’. It’s the USA’s time on the stage and like France, Britain, Spain, Persia, Rome and so forth has become big and aggressive because that’s what big powers do. Eventually they reach a peak and they decline. The USA has all the indications of going down the road of the Hapsburgs, ie not being able to hold it together and splitting into smaller states which nominally nod to Washington and a generally impotent president, while falling under the sway of newer international powers…it happens.
        Russia and China are of course constants but don’t work within the usual rules, because of where they are and how they have developed, the odd circumstance of being vast and isolated at the same time.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for the good laugh at the mention of the movie, “Canadian Bacon” An enjoyable farce. You make very good points in your argument. I wouldn’t say that it could never happen but at this stage of the global political game the possibility of a military invasion of Canada by the US has gone to the lowest rungs of the conquest ladder. Canada has already been totally conquered by the US, in just about every possible way but a military intervention in any case. The US control the economy, the value of the Canadian dollar, the media (directly or indirectly), education and of course Canadian politics: it’s always been toe the Washington dictated line or pay the consequences. To my knowledge the only Prime minister who ever seriously challenged the Washington/Wall Street cabal was Pierre E. Trudeau. Let’s not bring in the current lame sonny boy whom I refer to as Trudump. No, if there was a military “invasion” of Canada it would be strictly a spur of the moment egotistic idiocy by an unbalanced President, as was the “invasion” of Grenada by Reagan (Ray-Gun). (Of course there were justifications always easy to fabricate, as are those used by Trudump to hold Meng Wanzhou in house arrest in Vancouver as her lawyers fight against extradition to the US on trumped-up charges of industrial espionage when the bottom line is, Samsung doesn’t like the competition! (this comment proudly written on a Huawei tablet.) A bit off topic but it’s always wise to look at the broader picture huh?

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      3. deteremineddespitewp

        Always. The USSR had a hold of Finland after WWII, although the nation was legally independent for many decades the tacit agreement was for Finnish governments to ask Moscow, if it was ‘ok’ to do something. A new word was placed in the political lexicon for a state which was obliged by geography to do as it was ‘advised’ ‘Finlandisation’.
        Although truth be known the process is as old as when Humanity started to build communities and nations.


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        …and that brings up another question to my mind: when, how, but mostly why did the people of earth decide to adapt to such a dead-end path and force all and sundry to join in the madness or be destroyed?

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      5. deteremineddespitewp

        My observation:
        Basically Life tends to be territorial and consumes other Life to live.
        We, Humans, in our journey developed a heightened self-awareness and intellect. Flaw we have failed to realise with those gifts we can circumvent the basic territorial/predatory drives and seek out another higher level.
        Thus unless we realise and evolve…..tiny little sliver on the fossil record, that will be us.


      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        I agree with your initial observation: “Life tends to be territorial and consumes other Life to live.” The little we think we know about our universe, and the surface observations we can make of our own world seem to confirm that. However, is that “Life” (as you capitalize it in emphasis of All Life) or is that a corruption of Life? I have been shown a world in which Life exists in perfect balance with all forms of life (non-capitalized). Our perception of life comes from out insistence that life must be predatory in order to feed itself which is a blatant contradiction to my way of thinking. We limit our understanding to our programming of acceptance of “rules” we know nothing of their source or raison d’etre. If you ponder the rather clear intent stated in the first chapter of Genesis you see that predation as we know it was never the original intent of creation. What does that tell us? Using the same text, we come to a place, (Genesis 9:3) post deluvian, in which God makes it OK for people to now eat meat. Presumably until that point meat was not used for food by Earthians, but only by their “gods.” I’m adding that last point from my own research and availability of documentation, as well as my received “esoteric” teachings, not from the Bible. So, does Life need to eat itself and endlessly create fear and pain as its modus operandi? I say no. There is a much better way to proceed and it is within our own grasp should we care to investigate that possibility.

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      7. deteremineddespitewp

        I can go about half way with you Sha’ Tara and I thought on Life eating Life.
        When the broader picture there are herbivories eating plant like, it would seem that Life does always consume other Life.
        You could look at Life which lives on detritus, which is but other remains of other side. And you can look at creatures which extract their nutrients from the soil, however it would seem overall Life does consume Life, in the scheme of things.
        This I don’t have a problem with (though might not be quite so sanguine if I was on the wrong end of a pack of very hungry wolves).
        When it comes to us though and our ways. Surely we should have made the move from hunter/gather/scavenger by now.

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      8. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: “Surely we should have made the move from hunter/gather/scavenger by now.”
        Not to belabour the point (I will anyway, hah!) but I was taught that long ago (by our standards of time) we literally fell, morally speaking and in the doing, we dragged all of our own accessible areas of creation along with ourselves. Immorality and corruption replaced our former, now forgotten, way of life. I was also taught, and it was demonstrated to me, that when the superior (sic) mind sincerely quests for, then returns to its original higher perceptions of interaction with all others, sentient or non, all of creation we interact with is drawn back up out of that dark well into a new way of light and life that no longer needs to feed on itself. Thus creation is renewed. We were, of course, given this option through our religious enterprises but we failed to heed the relevant messages and our religions were corrupted to match our own corrupt nature. Thus we did not return to our first and greatest granted status. Thus we came to accept that indulging ourselves at the expense of others, sentient or non, was not only acceptable but often something to brag about – hunting, fishing, military conquest, even raping and pillaging. Thus we became the ultimate predator on this world, and would continue this pattern outside this universe if ever we were able to escape into space. Now it seems to me, and my Teachers concur, that we’ve gone too far, waited too long, lost our will to become the better managers of this world we were meant to be. Thus we and everything man has ever “accomplished” dies to be replaced with a new species and new ways that will be impeccably compassionate, fully empathetic, with unblocked intelligence and full awareness. Homo Sapiens’ future has been taken away and will not be recovered. That should come as no surprise to those who have studied history in order to understand how Life ordains itself and the consequences to intelligent species who refuse to live by oft-stated rules of order. The greatest commandment isn’t to love God, that being a rather meaningless meme as religious history demonstrates, but to express oneself as a compassionate being, however that applies in the moment. It is my understanding that if we choose to become compassionate beings in the here and now and persevere, we will be found “worthy” to morph ourselves into the new race that is even now beginning to replaced the failed Homo Sapiens species. For some, the future bodes well, for many it brings but horror and disaster. We are not without choice only the choice is no longer trying to fix the extant of man’s civilization but to turn against it and recreate ourselves from our own mind in a way that Life can accept. That is the Teaching that I live for.

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      9. deteremineddespitewp

        I can agree around the back of the universe where we tend to meet up, though I would reckon we aren’t a top predator, not while a titchy little thing described by some as one of those ‘organisms on the edge of life’ is causing Humanity a whole lot of trouble.
        Then of course there are those dynamics of the planet which we insist on calling natural disasters (if we are too close to one, that is) which can beat anything we can come up with, we just get lucky sometimes.
        Maybe sometime Humanity will get a big, big collective shock and realise our time and place here is, basically conditional.


      10. Sha'Tara Post author

        Earthians versus Earthians – these cause a lot more “trouble” to each other than any other predator, and how they go about spreading that “trouble” surpasses everything that nature, so far, has thrown at man, including the black plague. Mankind is a vile predatory plague on the earth, a visible virus, a disease. I’m not a misanthrope though I sound like one. It’s just that I know what we inflict on one another, and on other lifeforms, is absolutely without excuse. We know better and we have the means to do much, much better, we just don’t want to and choose not to. I hate that.

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      11. deteremineddespitewp

        I step back further.
        Plagues are actually Life but not the sort we can live with.
        And with that statement we meet, because Humanity is making life very difficult for a lot of other creatures.


      12. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quoting and specifying: “(Earthian) humanity is making life very difficult for a lot of other creatures.” …and each other. Always we come across the glaring lack of compassion and empathy which thins out to nothing the higher up the elitist pyramid it goes. As the “great” president would tweet: “Sad.”

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      13. deteremineddespitewp

        Who’s the great president?
        I know the USA has some guy in the Whitehouse who got less votes than his opponent and is there because of a freak of the system, but as far as I know the USA has not had anyone close to ‘A President’ since 2016.


      14. Sha'Tara Post author

        There are some folks, Americans and Canadians, that firmly believe that the Orange Twitter Twat’s Twaddle makes him a great president. So I threw that in tongue in cheek. In Americanada or Canamerica – take your pick, soon that’s all that will be left of the Empire and even that will be in tatters, being famous, infamous, rich, on top by hook or by crook, that’s what makes you great.

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      15. deteremineddespitewp

        There are always these folk who are in denial because they hate what is opposite of their beliefs.
        The game’s not finished with him yet, when the fall comes and it will come, he will pay the price just like the rest, even if it vilification and mockery upon his grave. He does get to have the last word.


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