Self-Whiteous Supremacism: A System

I will comment by referring to another post I received today from: and quote: “Last week, when the billionaire neo-colonialist Elon Musk was confronted on Twitter about how his company is benefiting from the Washington-perpetrated coup in Bolivia, he replied with a statement that encapsulates the ugly nakedness of current U.S. imperialism: “We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it.” I have a feeling that when the world looks back on 2020, the time when the U.S. lashed out with such great violence when faced with its imperial decline, Musk’s declaration will be seen as the moment when the mask of the empire came off.” Well, no wonder they want the rest of us to wear masks!


Yesterday, I listened to a conversation between a couple “historians” who shared great misgivings about The 1619 Project — they were not there to criticize the projects accuracy.

The podcast is not yet available, but I’ll let you know when it gets posted.

Racism is not healthy for children and other living things.


Racists thrive by disavowing accurate and unfavorable facts that go against their narrative . The validity of those disturbing historical facts is not the issue, their concern: it casts the Founding Fathers unfavorably. The myth is more important than reality. The Roman Catholic Church in the USA does not have many Black congregants, Black Lives Matter did not matter as soon as news of looting made its way through Mother Angelica’s EWTN rightwing broadcasters. I am not aware of any sizable Roman-Catholically leftwing broadcasters. Does it exist?

Unacknowledged racism is not inadvertent, it is systemic. These…

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7 thoughts on “Self-Whiteous Supremacism: A System

  1. Phil Huston

    When people stop confusing racism with colonialism, exploitation for political And financial expediency we’ll all be better off. Genocide and political upheaval is more often based on perceived caste and culture difference or pure greed than skin color. Racism is more down to common denominator fear of losing or sharing and is blatant world wide, not a white American (European) invention. Neither is colonialism, invasion for profit or territory or both. Elon wants to fund a coup and start his own country is right in line with English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Norse, Asian, blah blah blah history. Look no further than Northern Ireland or pick a warring place in the Middle East for a microcosm. But wonderful articles like this do wonders for interaction relations, eh?


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      The points you present are well taken but the focus of the article is about American racism, a blatantly undeniable problem in itself (though racism is endemic to Earthians/ homo Sapiens) and would remind all and sundry of America’s long standing and grossly hypocritical boast of moral superiority (backed by deadly military force), of caring for the world’s welfare through manifest destiny, using this heavily propagated lie to establish and maintain its imperial stranglehold upon developing countries in particular to rape and loot without apology as Musk so clearly stated. There’s no fudging and no whitewash possible, not by denial or attempts at spreading the collective American guilt for supporting their greedy predatory capitalism. If I beat and kill my neighbor and steal his car and money it won’t help me in court to claim I gave myself moral justification for my actions and also that other people do the same.


      1. Phil Huston

        Just sayin’ people and countries in glass houses, you know? Those who would point fingers rewrite history Aristotelian style are more dangerous than the wrongs they seek to right. Or more simply, lump sum branding is bullshit.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        When it comes to the utter failure of Americans to control their predatory government and corporations and live by the demands of their republic’s constitution, you and I will never see eye to eye. Americans chose to engage a history that was doomed from the start. For a short period all seemed rosy and a few lived well, too well in fact while gross injustice and war crimes became the modus operandi of the empire. Now it’s the end of the bloody party and the traditional victims who provided the spoils are getting ready for their own celebration.

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      3. Phil Huston

        As if we’re alone. There you stand, spouting geo racism and intolerance as if you were justified. walk that American CocaCola pension, get back to me. Good grief, the world’s gone mad.


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        I know what you’re saying and it’s correct: America is not alone. Granted. But using that as a defense is THE guarantee that nothing will ever change. That’s the problem. No nation, to my knowledge, has ever apologized or done a damn thing to correct the evils of its empire when that empire collapsed. What needs to be said, as a guilty collective; as a nation, and what needs to be put in a new constitution is: NEVER AGAIN.
        The thing is, Phil, if say, the US, Britain, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Germany, and any and all nations that are, or once were, empires, were to divest themselves of the illegal/immoral gains made from running these empires, civilization as we know it would collapse because all of it is built on (repeat!) oppression, extortion, looting, enslavement, rape, mass murder. Empires are the supreme corruption of nationalism. They are totally predatory and couldn’t exist if they weren’t. Knowing that, how much are we willing to invest of ourselves to put an end to a corrupt system currently responsible for the deaths of millions of innocents yearly, and doing its damndest to destroy even the world we depend on for life? Do we put a stop to it, whatever the personal costs, or do we continue to run towards the cliff, chasing the carrot or running from the whip?

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