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This post expresses well the real situation on the US/Mexican border and the comparison to the rise of Nazi Germany is apt. Americans know something’s definitely wrong with their country, as did the Germans after Hitler took power but it’s easier to just bitch, complain or make a thousand excuses for authoritarian government excesses than to actually do something about it. After all, if it gets really bad, well, someone in authority is going to do something about it… just as “someone in authority” did something to stop Hitler… right.


An open Tubularsock statement to The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Edna Frieberg’s press release on Holocaust Analogies.

Tubularsock would say that EVERY holocaust survivor in the U.S should be ON THE FRONT LINES in reminding everyone that when a government starts putting people in “camps” like in Nazi Germany it is a step TOWARD a possible tragic and horrendous outcome.

And to demean people and treat them inhumanly and then blame them is exactly what the Nazi’s did to the Jews, homosexuals and Gypsies, so the analogy isn’t some far fetched idea it is an actual reality. And occurring in the United States RIGHT NOW!

The concentration camps on our Southern Boarder are not some intellectual abstract grammatical debate. They exist NOW!

And just to become clear, attempting to keep from any analogy the term “concentration camps” for fear that some people may have “painful memories” is unfortunate…

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Some posts or article come across and they have to be reblogged, their message too priceless to let die without some effort as spreading it. We spend too much time writing about and commenting on the tick-tock world and so little on what really matters, I think. Here Neelam gives us a shove off the comfortable and makes us question why we settle for so much less than what we are capable of. Enjoy “Dreamers” and if you like it, let her know, please.


The human life is marked by uncertainties, unpredictability and mortality. However, the virtual world suppresses the inevitable reality and replace it with shallow facade. We are prevented from embracing the ruthless elements of nature which would invoke our inner strength and develop the psyche. We thus become incapacitated to tap into the vast amount of energy inherent in us. Our mind become accustomed to the rule-ruts. When that happens, it’s more difficult to exercise our creative muscles. Cynicism would settle in and the thinking pattern becomes restive.

Sometimes the easy option comes with heavy price. It’s the price that one would pay to give up dreams to take whatever that the survival game would offer. To be safe and sound within the cocoon of artificial comfort without confronting the storm. To hibernate under false pretenses and throw away pride and dignity. Be predictable and avoid aberrant thinking. Don’t ever wander…

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The Police Were Created to Control Working Class and Poor People, Not ‘Serve and Protect’

A great eye opener for anyone who still naively believes the police could ever be a system to be trusted even if there are some “good apples” in the box.

The Most Revolutionary Act

In most of the liberal discussions of the recent police killings of unarmed black men, there is an underlying assumption that the police are supposed to protect and serve the population. That is, after all, what they were created to do.

If only the normal, decent relations between the police and the community could be re-established, this problem could be resolved. Poor people in general are more likely to be the victims of crime than anyone else, this reasoning goes, and in that way, they are in more need than anyone else of police protection. Maybe there are a few bad apples, but if only the police weren’t so racist, or didn’t carry out policies like stop-and-frisk, or weren’t so afraid of black people, or shot fewer unarmed men, they could function as a useful service that we all need.

This liberal way of viewing the problem rests on a…

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The End of Ice: Bearing Witness and Finding Meaning in the Path of Climate Disruption by Dahr Jamail

In an insane world, the sane are considered mad. The madness expressed by US endless resource wars; expressed in Christchurch a few days ago; expressed by children having to mass-protest against the destruction for profit of a world because adults won’t do it and their representatives are by and large bought-an-paid-for by the destroyers; expressed on the streets with noise and homelessness is IMO symptomatic of a subconscious awareness that as a species we have exceeded the limits to growth and have doomed ourselves, as the following seems to indicate. How much is man made? How much a result of natural causes? Matters not. What matters is what we could do to reverse the man-made disaster. Will we?

Three Worlds One Vision

The End of Ice: Bearing Witness and Finding Meaning in the Path of Climate Disruption is a work of investigative journalism by Dahr Jamail, conducted during the period April 2016 to July 2017 on the front lines of human-caused climate disruption. Having lived in Alaska for ten years (1996-2006), Jamail had witnessed the dramatic impact of global warming on the glaciers there.

Jamail’s original aim was to alert readers about “the urgency of our planetary crisis through firsthand accounts of what is happening to the glaciers, forest, wildlife, coral reefs, and oceans, alongside data provided by leading scientists who study them.” His reporting took him to climate disruption hot spots in Alaska, California, Florida, and Montana in the United States; Palau in the Western Pacific Ocean; Great Barrier Reef, Australia; and the Amazon Forest in Manaus, Brazil. His grief at what was happening to nature made him realize that “only…

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#BlogBattle: Dusk

This prompt should get some peoples’ creative juices flowing!



March 2019 Blog Battle

Our word this month is:


You can start writing at any time, but make sure you post your story by the 30th of the month to have your story shared here and on social media.

Once you’ve posted your story to your blog, put a link to it in the comments section, and we’ll add your story to the Battle Stories Line-up post.

Make sure to check back and read some of the stories of your fellow battlers. Leave comments to encourage these writers, and share each other’s stories!

Basic Rules:

The Prompt Word will be given the First Tuesday of Every Month.

Post your story by the 30th of the Same Month.


  1. 1000 words max (give or take a few)
  2. fictional tale (or true if you really want)
  3. Any genre that fits within PG-13 (or less) Content – let’s keep this family friendly!

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