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July 1st 1867: Canada’s National Sovereignty: America’s Plan to Annex and Invade Canada

For those who believe that “America” is that friendly Big Brother to the south, the North-West, and if you add the oceans and the air, pretty much all around, read this well documented post and think again. How many Canadians know of these plans by the USA to invade Canada, including carpet bombing our Canadian cities and the use of chemical weapons? Not a popular piece of history, but history nevertheless.

Counter Information

Global Research, July 01, 2020
Global Research 30 June 2013

This article was first published on June 30, 2013

Author’s Note and Update

Canada Day, July 1st 2020. Canadians celebrate the birth of Canada. 

On July 1st 1867, Canada became a nation, a federation, under the British North America Act,  largely in response to the threat of annexation by the United States as formulated in a bill adopted by the US Congress in 1866.

Let us reflect on our history:

Our national sovereignty has been threatened by the US from the very outset.

While Canadians are familiar with the 1866 US Plan to Annex Canada, they are unaware of the fact that the US had formulated a plan in the late 1920s to bomb and invade Canada. (This is not mentioned in our history books and it is not the object of critical media reports.)

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Rules For Thee…But Not For Me

Too busy, too tired to blog but following the many posts and comments, responding to some, leaving others alone that are way over my head. That said, I am reblogging this post primarily because of the embedded video – lots to chew on in that short 12 minute expose of the people who really make the rules, run the deal and make all the money. Oh, and why that darn COVID just has to return and with a vengeance. Guess who’s pulling the strings? Warning: if you’ve already taken your vows of faith in the Second Coming of COVID, this could put a slight damper on your new religion. For those still open minded enough to dare think this whole performance might really be a massive Monopoly Money making mockery, some food for thought. Like, how soon before we are buying soylent green from 3/4 empty supermarket shelves to feed ourselves and the children? Impossible, you say? “Oh, come on!” you say? What planet do you think this is?

Dispatches from the Asylum

As the ruins we continue to embrace increase by the day, both of minds and bodies, with food bank lines reemerging thanks to government dickheads and their ‘guidances’ of wreckage of the economy due to a virus, that unlike all other viruses, will never go away, there are those whose government positions allows them protection not necessarily afforded to you or I.

Minneapolis City Council Members Enjoy Costly Private Security Detail As Push To “Defund The Police” Continues – via

“veto-proof” majority of the Minneapolis City Council recently voted to abolish the city police department. And if it wasn’t for the opposition for the city’s Democratic mayor, Minneapolis would soon be sending social workers to investigate murder scenes.

But when it comes to their own protection, council members apparently aren’t embracing the second amendment, like many other liberals in solid-blue states, and instead are relying on the…

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Revealed: Bill Gates invests billions in fast food, private prison and oil companies

For your Sunday “entertainment” – more information on the ghoulish Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Tales from the Conspiratum 3

Why is this software engineer allowed to dictate social policy?  Why is this hypocrite glorified by the mainstream? Look at where he puts his money; he does not give a crap about your health!
Gates article


Published on August 28th, 2015 | by I Am Awake

Written by Tony Geren of

Revealed: Bill Gates invests billions in fast food, private prison and oil companies

Thirty-seven per cent of Bill Gates’ net worth would end world hunger. Instead, he invests billions of dollars into corporations blamed for many of the same health issues the Gates Foundation claims it seeks to cure.

The Los Angeles Times revealed back in 2007 that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has made millions of dollars each year from companies blamed for many of the same social and health problems the Foundation seeks to address.

The LA Times investigation revealed the Gates Foundation’s humanitarian concerns are not…

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THEATER OF THE ABSURD: A Message From The Ministry Of COVID-Compliance

Well, this certainly puts me in my place! I never realized how sneaky that COVID-19 virus was. Thank God for the Experts. (Vernacular definition of expert: an “Ex” is a has-been, and a spurt is what has given way under pressure.)


Source –

“…To avoid an increased infection rate it is critical for American citizens to only visit Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, WalMart & other large institutional retail systems with influential lobbying offices near the Covid Mitigation Ministry….Effective compliance and mitigation requires that everyone must avoid the small business operations where the virus is more prone to hide out and attack consumers”

A Message From The Ministry Of COVID-Compliance

The Ministry of Covid Compliance is reminding us this week how the virus has a genetic targeting mechanism able to differentiate between essential cans of vegetables, bottles of liquor, lottery tickets and non-essential products like sneakers and paint.

Thus the Ministry is able to help us better understand the lock-down policy.

We’ve been piling into crowded supermarkets for seven weeks buying food, and we are allowed to purchase liquor and lottery tickets. Those purchases are deemed safe by the state…

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A fascinating article which makes total sense to me. I’ve always believed that truth is the way to go and if you see something that isn’t “right” you should immediately bring it up, no matter the source of the “untruth.” That puts a person at odds with every power-seeking aspect of the system and their sycophants but it opens one’s eyes to how much BS people swallow everyday and hardly ever give it any thought. It’s a foregone conclusion that we will return to our “wallowing in the mud” of predatory capitalism as “they” gradually release the constraints on their COVID-19 psy-op; that people will accept greatly restricted personal freedoms believing that such will render them physically safer personally. The collective beast hates and fears self-sacrifice. It knows at some subconscious level that it has outgrown its sustainability yet will do anything to not have to reduce itself to a sustainable level. Who is going to say, “Let me die, I’ve had a good (or not so good) long life already and I need to make room for the younger ones.”? So those who would propose “change” must do it within an impossible framework – over population and over consumption – hence their own efforts are based in untruthfulness.

Brian's Blog

In the second chapter of The Only Planet of Choice, which I am currently re-reading, the authors refer to a book called ‘Beyond the Limits’, about things like global warming and developing a sustainable future. With this in mind, coupled with a Joe Rogan interview I watched yesterday with Aubrey de Grey, a biomedical gerontologist who thinks we can science our way out of the problems caused by over-population (just as people think we can science our way out of “Covid-19” with a vaccine), I found a section titled Truth telling to be quite relevant to our present day, even though the book was published back in 1992 (by Meadows and Randers and sequel to ‘The Limits of Growth’).

The transition to a sustainable society might be helped by the simple
use of words like [visioning, networking, truth-telling, learning, and
loving] more often, with sincerity and without apology,
in the…

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